It’s Never Pedophilia in CT Family Court – It’s Always Parental Alienation

Frank Report released evidence of Chris Ambrose’s “reign of terror” over his children, who remain in fear of his abuse.

None of this finds its way into Connecticut Family Court.

Whether Ambrose molested his children has never been investigated for the Family Court record.

It isn’t good for business. Overlooking allegations of pedophilia is part of CT Family Court.

An affluent pedophile will pay a fortune to keep the kids and remove a mother. He has a handy tool in CT – parental alienation.

An experienced GAL knows how to determine Parental Alienation.


The inventor of parental alienation, Dr. Richard Gardner, said incest is natural. Society’s condemnation of pedophiles is like the witch trials of early Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In CT, they found a way to protect pedophile fathers — the Gardner way – by removing the mother, spinning her protective outcry into finding she is alienating the children.


Dr. Gardner – the father of parental alienation – said:

“There are millions of people in the United States who… are reacting in an extremely exaggerated fashion to situations in which bona fide sex abuse has occurred.”

In his book True and False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse (1992), Gardner said.

There is a whole continuum that must be considered here, from those children who were coerced and who gained no pleasure (and might even be considered to have been raped) to those who enjoyed immensely (with orgastic responses) the sexual activities.” Ibid. p.548

“Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be reprehensible act. The child might be told about other societies in which such behavior was and is considered normal…. In such discussions the child has to be helped to appreciate that we have in our society an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters.” Ibid. p.549

“If the mother has reacted to the abuse in a hysterical fashion, or used it as an excuse for a campaign of denigration of the father, then the therapist does well to try and ‘sober her up’… Her hysterics… will contribute to the child’s feeling that a heinous crime has been committed and will thereby lessen the likelihood of any kind of rapproachment with the father. One has to do everything possible to help her put the ‘crime’ in proper perspective. She has to be helped to appreciate that in most societies in the history of the world, such behavior was ubiquitous, and this is still the case.”

Whether his teenage children tell the truth about Ambrose’s sexual abuse remains to be proven. For sure, the CT Family Court does not care to disturb business by investigating it.

Judge Thomas O”Neill believes in Parental Alienation.

Whether judges like Thomas O’Neill, Gerard Adelman, Jane Grossman, and Thomas Moukawsher and their kith embrace protecting pedophilia because they agree with Dr. Gardner, or whether they just know that pedophiles buy custody of their children for damn good prices, and look the other way, is something FR intends to investigate.

Undoubtedly, the judges are thankful to Dr. Gardner.  The courts use parental alienation to protect affluent fathers whose spouses and children accuse them of pedophilia.

The judges simply remove mothers.   

Judge Adelman’s court attracts family law practitioners.
Judge Adelman

Judges O’Neill, Adelman, Grossman, and Moukwasher understand Gardner taught children not to condemn and if possible even enjoy pedophile fathers.

The judges who follow Gardner believe children must appreciate that sexual encounters between them and their fathers are not reprehensible, but normal.

But our society – except in CT Family Court – has an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters. We don’t like it.

The judges know that mothers react hysterically and use the father’s pedophilia as an excuse to keep them away from their father, who loves and lusts for them. 

The mother’s hysterics are proof of parental alienation, which the judges believe hurt the child.

The judges believe, as Garnder believed, this will contribute to the child’s feeling that pedophilia is a heinous crime. One has to remove the mother, so the kids can put the ‘crime’ in proper perspective. 

She can only see the kids with an expensive supervised visitation monitor, and with the judge’s order that she must not even ask the children about the sexual abuse of their father, or she cannot see her children again.

The entire operations of Family Court – all the professionals involved – make money this way. But none of this finds its way on the record. 

The judges have to pretend the kids are lying, the mother is lying, and the poor father is an innocent victim. This is why the judges cannot condone anyone investigating the allegations.

The business depends on pedophiles paying money to oust mothers.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher


The courts of O’Neill, Moukawsher, Grossman, and Adelman obscure, hide, and deny pedophilia by calling it parental alienation.

Remove the mother when pedophilia occurs, collect from the father. It’s a winning formula, so long as you never place on the record that you sold custody of the children into the hell of abuse or that pedophilia ever existed.


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  • Alienating parents typically will create a villain-victim dynamic to rationalize their behavior. By casting the target parent as the villain of the story, they absolve themselves of responsibility and maintain a sense of moral superiority despite their manipulative, abusive actions. This also reinforces their own image as hero/victim. Various psychological and interpersonal factors can contribute, but there’s a connection between the behavior of alienating parents and certain delusional disorders, particularly those involving fixed false beliefs or paranoid idealization, and they may construct and maintain a distorted narrative about the target parent based on unfounded suspicions, misconceptions, or exaggerated negative interpretations.

  • We can all agree that the current court system is uninformed, and inappropriate in its involvement in family matters OR a worse they are all in due to the lucrative and incentivized financial profiting.
    It’s simply not the right tool as it invokes further conflict and rewards parents who treat their children as property and voluntarily, or involuntarily cast a big black cloud on the other. As correct as that statement is, neither is “mental health” an appropriate remedy. There is too much gender and politicization of the child Victims in these cases. There is one clear and inarguable fact about “PA” regardless of one’s acceptance of the pathology, or rejection of its concept: PA is a catchall phrase that describes a set of behaviors designed to train a child to reject another parent. Nowhere in 5 million years of human evolution does this type of behavior exist other than the past 50 years inside of our legal family court system.
    To argue the virtues for or against is divisive and adds to the controversy. To simply address it as what it is: behaviors is the only way out. You cannot explain away, rationalize, or validate the child’s behaviors in that context. Except to say that the child is being systematically trained by someone, somewhere and it’s child abuse aka brainwashing . But of course there’s no money to be had in that is there? Mudslinging and controversy is the perfect fodder for all involved: the courts, lawyers, GALS, pro PA, Anti PA, women’s rights DV advocates, men’s rights groups, social services, political leaders and yes, even media celebrities who pen hit pieces pretending to advocate for “the children”. They all feed off of the corpses. In the meantime, children and parents are severed.

  • Teaching children to hate their other normal parent is teaching them to hate half of themselves.

    Only deranged pathological monsters in human form can do this to their own child.

  • Dr. Childress had offered to debate parental alienation in Connecticut. I spent a lot of time researching parental alienation and reunification therapy. The older information has information to discredit as well as prove. The older information states that the other parent should not be left out of the childs life. The alienated parent is supposed to take responsibility for their behavior. Work on the issue that lead to the children feelings. There is no effort to establish estrangement for alienation. Once I child discloses any abuse or probable cause it’s labeled alienation. At least Dr. Childress acknowledge false claims. The AFCC has given him the boot. I watched a video from AFCC psychologist presentation. One did say that alienation is worse than the sexual abuse. Everyone at the conference was cheering. This is what is being taught at AFCC conferences.

  • Your article above serves no purpose to humanity. Society even though it moves at a snails pace in its understandings, is well beyond what Richard Gardner put on the map, e.g. naming the heinous abuse of Parental Alienation. May I introduce you to Dr Craig Childress. Dont tell me otherwise as I am a direct victim of the sick thinking you have presented as gospel. Do you want to help or do you want to further destroy?

    • In Connecticut family courts, when children disclose sexual abuse, court employees, private vendors, judges and attorneys consider “parental alienation” to be more harmful to children than sexual abuse. That was Mr. Richard Gardner’s theory. It’s also Joan Kloth Zanard’s theory, it might be Ms. Zanard’s business partner’s theory and is apparently the Needle & Cuda theory of child psychology in the Ambrose case.

      Your other comment August 28, 2023 at 3:50 pm says:
      “This story makes a mockery out of a very real form of child abuse.Familiarize yourselves with the understandings of Dr Craig Childress.“

      Did Mr. Childress help you with a child custody case involving disclosures or allegations of child sexual abuse in Connecticut or in a different state?

  • Can jim Jordan help? Can Connecticut residents get together and present the evidence to him? We need help from outside the state of Connecticut.

  • Why is Betsy Keller and her mothers protesting? Why are they not defending Jennifer’s law? Why is Betsy not calling the department of justice? Where is Danielle Pollock? Is Connecticut protective Mothers still a thing? All these women from Connecticut on the frank report and Mike Volpe. Have any of these women gotten their children back? After all this exposure what is happening? Have these mother’s gotten anywhere with the state government? It would seem like these women as a group could get the attention of someone.

    • The state government is part of the problem. The laws are designed to allow for the abuse.

      Adelman had GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz sit through a 30 day trial against the mothers wishes. As mother had no access to marital funds, Ambrose paid the GAL, cistidy evaluator and court vendors for their services in delivering kids against their will and best interest to Ambrose.

      There are laws put in place to limit such larceny, but judges don’t follow the laws in family court and there is zero oversight. Our judges are appointed, not elected. It’s a win-win for the court cabal.

      And CT has hearsay rules where hearsay is permitted by the GALs! The laws encourage lying and corruption. And then these GALs and court vendors get immunity! It’s a sick joke. A set up for abuse and theft.

      CT courts are a dangerous place where innocent parents are stripped of everything and then criminalized by the corrupt judges.

      • You are absolutely right. It’s a sick joke. Legalizing fraud and scamming the public out of unlimited amounts of money.

  • Truly hard to believe this Is the guidance the CT Courts rely on

    What is the status of the Ambrose matter? The teens? Their mom ? An update would be fab

    • Teens fled after ONeill, Ambrose and Cuda put a restraining order against her on behalf of the kids! Their attorneys never notified and they were denied the right to testify. Totally illegal and will likely be overturned but O’Neill is determined to lock mom up before he looks at her motion to vacate RO.

      Hearing for contempt of his illegal RO is a Friday at 9:30 in Bridgeport where O’Neill has threatened her with 30 days incarceration because the kids are runaways and moms voo-doo is to blame.

      Kids are happily away from Ambrose but he’s hunting them down, demanding the return of his chattel, and wants court ordered return from O’Neill to demonstrate teenagers are property and must be subject to his abuse and control.

      Alex Cuda is a sick bastard who received an awards for Jennifer’s law! As he violates the hall out of three innocent teen victims and their mother.

      Ambrose is using O’Neill- who appears to be in his pocket- to ruin moms life until kids are back. But they’re not coming back. That’s what Ambrose us too delusional to see. He’s blown it. He paid for them but couldn’t maintain a toxic-free him because he’s the madman of Madison and everyone knows it.

      Even Madison cops have had enough of his lies, manipulation and insanity.

      • Mr. Adelman wrote a court opinion without hearing Karen‘s side of the case. State authorities should have noticed that corruption. Attorney Cunha told the court about the corruption in the case. State authorities should have investigated the corruption in the case. Why was there no investigation? Mr. O’Neill has no experience or training in cases involving sexual deviance and trauma. State authorities should notice. Why haven’t they?

    Ashish Joshi
    The author is a senior editor of Litigation and a contributing author to the book Parental Alienation: Science and Law (Lorandos & Bernet eds., Charles C. Thomas 2020).
    American family courts have exposed the myth of the much-dreaded Woozles––the honey-stealing villains living in cold, snowy places that Winnie-the-Pooh has long warned us about. The myth that the phenomenon of parental alienation doesn’t exist or has no underpinning in science or is simply an ideology masquerading as science in the gender war over the children has so often been repeated that people assume it to be true. No more. A review of recent legal opinions from the family courts around the country, together with the professional, scientific literature, debunks this myth. Family court judges have held not only that “there is no doubt that parental alienation exists” but that it is “not a new phenomenon” and that “[a]nybody old enough to drink coffee knows that embittered parties to divorce can and do manipulate their children.” J.F. v. D.F., 61 Misc. 3d 1226(A), 2018 N.Y. Slip Op. 51829(U), at *8 (2018).

    • These parental alienation people should be screaming about false cases . Just like false alligations of DV should not be supported. True victims should be discussed on both sides for the mess our family court system has become whimsical non existent situation. No proff needed just a check.

  • What Is Parental Alienation?

    At its most basic level, parental alienation refers to the process by which a child unjustifiably aligns himself/herself with one parent, and expresses hatred or rejection of the other, during a separation or custody battle. This is typically driven by behaviors exhibited by the aligned-to parent that are designed to manipulate the child’s beliefs and perceptions about the alienated parent, and the distortion or erasure of any positive memories that they might have about them.

    According to one representative survey published in 2019, more than one-third of parents feel somewhat alienated from their children in this way, with 22 million Americans (equating to around 7 percent of the population) reporting having a non-reciprocated alienated relationship with their offspring. Members of this latter group suggest that they are being alienated from their children without enacting any alienating behaviors. Around four million children are said to be alienated from one of their parents. Thus, parental alienation is viewed by many as an important social issue to explore and resolve.

    Dr. Jennifer Harman—an associate professor in psychology at Colorado State University, and world expert on parental alienation—recently published an overview of current research and theories underlying parental alienation in the journal Current Opinion in Psychology. When I asked Dr. Harman about the current science on this topic, she highlighted why it was important for her to conduct a review:

    The goal of this review paper was to review all publications with empirical evidence on parental alienation to get a clear understanding of what we do know on the topic, and how people around the world have been studying the problem. This is important, because there are advocates around the world who are pushing legislation and policies claiming there is no scientific support for parental alienation. That is false information, and should not serve as a basis for laws that affect millions of children and families affected by this form of family violence.

    From recent work, it is unclear whether mothers or fathers are more likely to be the targets of parental alienation, though anecdotal evidence and some older research suggest that fathers are more likely to be alienated by mothers than vice versa in the course of a separation.

    However, the effects of alienation on targeted parents seem to be consistent irrespective of sex. Effects include the experience of grief over the loss of a relationship with the child(ren). Poor mental health outcomes are frequently reported, as are feelings of isolation and frustration. Alienation may also involve justice-related contexts, too, with those experiencing alienation often reporting dissatisfaction with how legal remedies to issues such as access and child custody are reached.

  • Who assigned Robert Horwitz, Treasurer of Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. to the Ambrose case?

    Mr. Robert Horwitz understands Gardner taught children to enjoy pedophile fathers; and, Mr. Robert Horwitz has worked in the Connecticut family court system for the past several decades, teaching children to enjoy pedophile fathers involved in family court cases.

    Do owners, editors and investigative journalists at The Hartford Courant understand Gardner taught children to enjoy pedophile fathers?

    Do owners, editors and investigative journalists at The Hartford Courant understand Mr. Robert Horwitz has been teaching children in Connecticut family courts to enjoy pedophile fathers for the past several decades?

    If owners, editors and investigative journalists at The Hartford Courant don’t research and report the harm Connecticut family courts have done to children and families since the 1980s: Owners, editors and investigative journalists at The Hartford Courant should leave the state.

    • The state of Connecticut is reported to be dangerous to people who publicly speak out about the state. People slip and fall. Have accidents. Commit suicide, some with self defense wounds. Fear. The inside investigator so far is the only one who has come forward and they even held back.

      • Inside Investigator wrote just one article about the family court crisis so far, right?

        The topic deserves a series of articles. Why do no mainstream news outlets, none of the more visible DV-focused family court reform groups and so few legislators open the public discussion to corruption in family courts?

  • This could be one reason O’Neill, Moukawsher, Grossman, and Adelman obscure, hide, and deny pedophilia by calling it parental alienation:

  • Jocelyn, Jessica and Jane are bull dykes and will be fully transitioning using your children’s college funds.

    • Think that because a whole bunch of maggots passed the BAR it’s puts them on a pedestal-
      To the lawyer judge experts :
      None of this has any decency or logic. You are all a bunch of blimey bastards. Pains in the arsenal’s you are!

  • Children have a constitual right to a relationship with their mother. They can sue Connecticut when they are 18. Children have a fundamental right to a relationship with their parents. It’s been completely twisted by judges. . Why is the fundamental right to a relationship only enforced when children don’t want a relationship? When abuse is occuring? The Ambrose children are getting close to aging out. Law suits by aged out children are now surfacing. This sick twisted situation may unfortunately addressed by the children the system has harmed. When the state of Connecticut is overwhelming with law suits and paying damages maybe we will see a change.

  • It’s just so hard to fathom. How we ad a society have gotten here. Parental alienation and cousidial interference, now coursive control. Labels to combat labels. I miss a place and time where society was honest. People had morals and values. A crime was a crime. Our society has always had problems . It seems like now a days it cheeper to ignore crimes and punish people reporting it. You are not allowed to express opinions. Standing up for someone is punished.

    • Mr. Cuda and Mr. O’Neill got the same memo. Why is Mr. O’Neill so comfortable being so biased? Day One on the case, his mind was already made up — like he had a mission to accomplish. So much about the case seems like one big cover-up. Was the cover-up about the barber shops? Scary thought that someone somewhere in state government could be compromised.

  • Grossman and Adelman were the worst… but Oneill might be the newbie bright in to takeover Adelmans decades long reign of terror.

  • Correct – the allegations were never pursued by dcf or the police.

    The forensic interview found kids credible and legal and physical custody were to be taken from Ambrose- immediately!

    This should have been game over after three medical facilities found the kids claims of sexual abuse abs psychological abuse credible.

    Instead, the finding of kids being unsafe with Ambrose did not result in “substantiation” of abuse- Detective DeGoursey buried it, lost the alleged post interview with Ambrose, gave him a pat on the back for a few extra thousand, and with the help of dcf Stacy Falk and dcf Jaime Isaacs, they forced the kids home to their abuser.

    Lifetime criminal Dr Robert Horwitz and Debra Gruen – child abusers with no brains but happy to accept Ambrose paycheck- endorsed this abuse.

    All evidence has been provided. Ambrose will be exposed no matter how long he gets mom in jail. His reign of terror is coming to an end. Ambrose did this. It’s all on him.

  • Children’s court said my child was “fanciful” because of child sex abuse allegations. The court did not help . Tortured me with legal abuse for trying to protect. No one can understand the pain of having ones own child, who came through you to be protected, abused and then sent back to the abuser. They aim to completely silence all. Nothing familial about these courts. It’s all about revenue, commodities, what is to be gained for the legalese who work for the court; lawyers, judges, so called experts. Not a minute goes by I’m not in pain from this. And the business of making lots of money and prestige off of families misery gets off on that. Which is why people like us do not have the luxury of taking it personally.
    They are rabid rats.
    Once we understand that their avarice is a cancer in their souls, we understand who truly has power.

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