Ambrose Continues to Terrorize His Teenage Children — His Crimes and Lies Exposed Part #1

Chris Ambrose fought for the arrest of the mother of his children but failed so far....

A brutal man, Christopher Ambrose of Madison, CT, wants to physically force his teenage children – Mia, 16, Mathew, 16, and Sawyer, 13, to live with him.

They accuse him of sexual abuse and assault.

The three children do not want to live with him. They want to live with their mother, Karen Riordan. They live with their mother now.

But Ambrose is trying to use the CT courts to force them away. This will be a national story.

The three teenagers wrote a letter to my judge, the Hon. Richard J. Arcara in my case, and it was placed on the docket.

All three teens wrote to the judge: “Contrary to what our father would like you to believe, we are happy and safe with our mother, Ms. Karen Riordan. Our mother validates our experiences and supports our efforts to bring the truth to light.”

The reference to bringing “the truth to light” refers to their father, Chris Ambrose.

Ambrose tells everyone that the his teenage children should not have a voice in where they wish to live because he has legal custody. He wants the CT courts to force the teens to live with him – much against their wishes – even if it means arresting their mother and arresting them – taking them in handcuffs and forcing them back to his house.

The reason the three Ambrose teenagers wrote a letter to my judge in my case – which is not related to them or their father – is because their father wrote five letters to Judge Arcara to persuade him to imprison me.

Judge Arcara chose not to imprison me, and Ambrose has stepped up his efforts to imprison his children back at his isolated rural house.

But it was not for lack of effort. Ambrose’s five letters to the judge were dated November 14, 2022, March 14, 2023, May 26, 2023, July 1, 2023 and July 25, 2023.

In this series, of which this is part #1, I will take excerpts from Ambrose’s five letters which you can read here and here and the teenage children’s letter, which you can read here.

In his letters to the judge, Ambrose blames me for his problems with his children and in his life instead of his own behavior.

Chris Ambrose has fought in court for the arrest of the mother of his children and his children but failed so far….

Ambrose wrote:

Frank Parlato, Jr…  has terrorized my family by publishing over 75 viciously defamatory articles about me… His online publications have caused us emotional harm and financial ruin and incited readers to threaten me; more concerning still because he’s also published my home address where I live with my kids.


Let’s start with analyzing Ambrose’s ability to tell the truth.

Lie #1

‘Published My Home Address’

Ambrose said, Parlato “published my home address where I live with my kids.”

I never published his home address.

Lie #2

‘Where I live with my kids’

Ambrose wrote that Parlato published “my home address where I live with my kids.”

When he wrote this letter in July 2023, none of his kids lived with him. All three ran away from his home to escape from his abuse, they said.

Matthew, Mia and Sawyer wrote to Judge Arcara:

“Chris Ambrose’s narrative, which places blame on Frank Parlato for the problems we’ve experienced is a smokescreen to mask his own actions. We would like to make it clear that Mr. Parlato has been our hope. He has been a beacon of support through our journey of torment at the hands of Chris Ambrose, and not a source of problems as our father insists….

“He wants Frank Parlato in prison to discredit our truth, and to make Frank an evil person when it’s just the opposite. He wants to silence Frank Parlato as he has managed to silence his own children for four years. Please don’t allow this to happen. Our father’s claims against Mr. Parlato and our mother are baseless and are designed to shift blame from himself. We implore you to consider our experience and our desire for safety and justice.”

The teenagers went so far as to send signed statements to the US Attorney and the FBI outlining the crimes they say their father committed against them. The teenagers provided me with these letters to law enforcement, which I will publish in a subsequent post.

Lie #3

Parlato Ended My Career as a TV Writer/Producer

Ambrose wrote:

I have never met or spoken with Mr. Parlato and hadn’t even heard of him until October 3, 2021, when he began publishing life-destroying lies about me and confidential information about my children on… The Frank Report (…

Note well the date — October 3, 2021 — which Ambrose admits is the first time he heard about me and the date I first published a story about him.

Ambrose wrote:

Parlato has … decimated my professional life and is even preventing me from making a living. For 20 years, I earned a substantial income as a writer/producer of television series, including Law & Order, NCIS, and Bones. My agent gets me work in network television. He has to explain the dozens of defamatory articles Parlato has posted…

Network/studio execs are afraid that Parlato will come after the network, the show, or the lead actor if they hire me. Who would take that risk?… So Parlato has effectively ended a career I’ve been building diligently for 20 years.

Ambrose tells the truth that for years he was gainfully employed as a network TV producer and writer.

IMDb, [Internet Movie Database], an online database that contains information related to films, television programs, and streaming content, is probably the most authoritative source of information about films and television on the internet.

Chris Ambrose has his own IMDb page.

He admits I published my first article about him on October 3, 2021 and he claims I ended his TV career.

Yet, according to IMDb, his last job in TV was 2018 – three years before I published my first story about him.

While he is certain I ruined his TV writing career, I am pretty sure he did it to himself.

Over two years, 2006-2008, he wrote four episodes of Bones, a Fox TV show that aired for 12 years- from 2005 to 2017. After he left Bones, he went on to work for other TV shows.

In 2018, ten years after he left Bones, Ambrose went to work for CBS’s Instinct.

He “wrote” the show’s third episode “Secrets and Lies,” which aired on April 1, 2018.

An estimated 6.6 million people viewed the show and some of them took to social media to accuse Ambrose of stealing the plot from an October 2009, episode of Bones, “The Plain in the Prodigy” (Season 5, Episode 3).

Two days later – on April 3, 2018, Plagiarism Today (PT) reported Did Instinct Plagiarize Bones?

The the industry publications reported.

CinemaBlend wrote: CBS’ Instinct Accused Of Ripping Off Plotline From Fox’s Bones

The Wrap wrote: CBS crime drama has been accused of ripping off long-running Fox procedural

Quartz wrote: An unspeakable crime has been committed in the world of TV police procedurals

Quartz reported: The person credited in IMDb with writing the Instinct episode is Christopher Ambrose, who was a writer and producer on Bones from 2006 to 2008. The Bones episode that Instinct clearly lifts from, however, is credited to Bones producer Karine Rosenthal and didn’t air until October 2009—a year after Ambrose’s last Bones credit.

Even TV Guide had to report it, which shows how seriously the TV industry considers plagiarism. CBS owns TV Guide, and Instinct was a CBS show.

TV Guide reported  The Video Evidence That Instinct Ripped Off Bones Is Damning

Ambrose was fired and he has not worked a day in TV or movies since 2018.

Yet he blames his career loss to me, going so far as to say network executives are afraid to hire him because I might attack them. Ambrose’s last credit on IMDb was Secrets and Lies.

Lie #4

His false allegations that Riordan is mentally ill

Ambrose has accused his ex-wife, Riordan of being mentally ill. There is no known diagnosis of this. And Ambrose is not competent to make a mental health diagnosis.

Riordan was diagnosed by her own therapist, Dr. Margaret Coffey, a psychiatrist.

Dr. Margaret Coffey….

Dr. Coffey wrote  “It is my professional medical opinion that Ms. Riordan is not mentally ill. Furthermore, she does not meet the DSM V diagnostic criteria for any Major Personality Disorders.

“When I met Ms. Riordan, she was in the middle of a divorce which was extremely difficult. She was anxious, stressed and concerned for her safety and the safety of her three children. She was worried because her husband (a lawyer and screenwriter of crime shows-a master storyteller) ‘is a pathological liar’. She was observing him to spin tales and lie about her and her emotional and mental instability.

“This mischaracterization threatened Ms. Riordan because this complete falsehood posed an existential threat to her and her children. Ms. Riordan has unequivocally shown no evidence of emotional or mental instability nor signs or symptoms consistent with a personality disorder.

“My initial assessment of Ms. Riordan was that of a high functioning woman who was anxious and afraid due to the ongoing turmoil with her husband. In spite of this upheaval, she was taking care of her children: they were attending school, therapy appointments and doing their homework….  she was an exemplary mother. At no time did I ever question Ms. Riordan’s ability to parent.

“When the court went in favor of Mr. Ambrose for custody, Ms. Riordan was devastated. Yet she continued to function at a high level, doing whatever she could to regain custody of her kids. She wrote letters, marshaled friends and family for support all the while enduring the agonizing loss of all contact with her children.

“Over the past nine months I have gotten to know Ms. Riordan very well. Her strength and fortitude during this time is remarkable. I have watched her in real time deal with stress that would annihilate most people. She soldiers on in the face of adversity. Over the course of my continued close observation of Ms. Riordan, I have not seen sign or symptoms that would lend credence to any experienced practitioner to consider an Axis 1 or Axis 2 diagnosis.”

On the other hand, one of the premier psychiatrists in custody and divorce cases, Dr. Bandy X. Lee, had a view of Ambrose that warrants our fullest attention if we value the safety of the three teenage children who are the targets of Ambrose.

Dr. Bandy X. Lee…

Dr. Lee wrote in a letter addressed to Karen Riordan and submitted to law enforcement that the mentally ill person is not Riordan, but very likely Ambrose.

Dr. Lee wrote:

On April 23, 2023, while interviewing you at your home, I came to witness the interaction between you and your sixteen-year-old daughter, who had just run away from Mr. Ambrose’s house, where she felt unsafe and under emotional and physical assault, in order to return to your care. It was the first time you had seen her in three years, but your words for each other and physical embrace were full of warmth and affection….

I believe I have enough information to make a preliminary assessment of your ex-husband’s personality configuration—with an emphasis on the extent to which he may manifest characteristics of psychopathic personality….

Dr. Lee went on to explain her process and especially how to evaluate a person “afflicted with Psychopathy” who “are prone to lying, deceiving, and beguiling whoever is in their presence.”

Mia, 16 was sexually abused and assaulted by her father for three years when she was isolated from her mother. She ran away from him when she turned 16. Ambrose is trying to arrest her and force her back to his home.   

Dr. Lee explains it is “a common characteristic of psychopathic individuals to mislead, cheat, or otherwise violate the rights of other people. They, through a superficially-charming presentation, are often capable of eliciting exceptional levels of sympathy from others as an effective means of escaping accountability for their violence.”

She pointed out what Ambrose had done to his children and their mother: “Separating growing children from their mother and primary caregiver is one of the worst forms of abuse, which can have lifelong ramifications as well as decades of loss of life for each child—and can be a sign of this dangerous personality disorder.”

Dr Lee wrote:

“Psychopathy occurs on a spectrum, and therefore persons scoring in the slightly lower range of 25 to 29 are still considered at risk of being, if not already, dangerous. A ‘full’ diagnosis of psychopathy—a score above 30—raises many alarms and could be a contraindication to parenting….

“Mr. Ambrose’s score adds up to 32. This is strongly suggestive that a diagnosis of psychopathy is present and justified—or, at the very least, that disturbing levels of psychopathic features are present.

“To develop greater certainty about his diagnosis, there should be an attempt to interview Mr. Ambrose, as well as additional collateral interviews. An arrangement through criminal, domestic violence, or juvenile court to this end would best help protect you as well as the evaluator. Although I have the necessary qualifications through my twenty-five years of practice of forensic psychiatry, requisite training in the administration of the PCL-R, as well as specialization in dangerous personality disorders, a local forensic psychiatrist or forensic psychologist may more effectively be engaged in making a definitive diagnosis of your ex-husband.

“Whatever you decide, this potential for Mr. Ambrose’s dangerousness, especially where children are involved, should not be overlooked.“

The teenage children of Chris Ambrose have asked to be heard. They recount tales of Ambrose’s danger, his lies and his criminal conduct.

There is so much evidence and it is almost certain that law enforcement will take an interest in Ambrose’s arrest and conviction.

As a small example, look at this short interview of Sawyer, now 13, when he was 10 explaining to famed private investigator Manual Gomez what his father was doing to him.

Within hours Ambrose got the police to force his children then 13, 13 and 10 back to his home. How they suffered over the next three years they have told FR.

Ambrose himself is pushing for his own arrest, forcing the children to tell all that he has done to them.

Ambrose’s latest tactic, which he will present in CT Superior Court tomorrow at 9:30am is to get a judge to issue, on the teenagers’ behalf, a restraining order against their own mother – by claiming she is mentally ill. Ambrose, totally against his children’s wishes, will try to persuade a judge to require the children’s mother to stay 100 yards away from them via a restraining order.

He filed a restraining order once before, on Mia’s behalf, and CT Superior Court Judge Eddie Rodriguez denied the motion, clearly taking into consideration the fact that Mia wanted to live with her mother. All three children have their own attorneys in CT juvenile court, where they are attempting to prevent their father from abusing them further. Ambrose seeks to circumvent juvenile court by taking the matter to CT Superior Court. Ambrose lied by omission on his application to Superior Court, claiming that he knew of no other legal actions that would affect his application to remove the mother from the children’s lives.

Whether the Court will charge him with perjury for this blatant lie remains to be seen.

Sawyer’s Own Words

Listen to Sawyer here and decide for yourself.  This is the tip of the iceberg.

Sawyer Ambrose: He was touching me in my private parts.

Manuel Gomez: Can you demonstrate to me what he was doing to you?

Sawyer Ambrose: He was like touching me right here.

Manuel Gomez: All right, and how often was he doing that? Did you tell him to stop? And what did he say when you told him to stop?

Sawyer Ambrose: He didn’t say anything. He just kept on doing it.

Manuel Gomez: Did he ever show himself naked to you?

Sawyer Ambrose: Sometimes when he was in the shower, sometimes, well, like not on purpose, but sometimes there weren’t any towels, and then he had to go get his clothes naked.

Manuel Gomez: But did he let – in front of you, he did that?

Sawyer Ambrose: Um, sometimes.

Photos, videos, and audios back Sawyer’s claims and are in FR’s possession.

To save themselves from abuse, Ambrose’s own children – kept captive in his house by order of CT Family Court took to filming and recording their father’s abuse because, they said, their father was such a clever liar that no on would believe them otherwise.

The teens have provided FR with hundreds of photos, videos and audios or Ambrose abusing his children. Some of them are obscene and we cannot publish them. But many are not and will document the abuse these children have undergone for three years and why they ran from him.

Ambrose, instead of letting his children live in peace and safety with their mother, is pushing as hard as he can to force them back. Perhaps he believes that if he can force them back he can silence them and avoided arrest and prison. Foolish Ambrose. Very likely if he left them in peace, they might try to heal and avoid his menace.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Matthew, athletic and wiry, fled from Ambrose’s abuse when he turned 16. A budding writer and quiet intellectual, Matthew has vowed not to let his sister and brother be forced to return to his father’s home of abuse. He has stood up to police threats and his father’s intimidation – saying he is safe with his mother and he will not permit his siblings to be abused any more. His bravery in the face of his dangerous father’s threats we hope will be a inspiration to all lost children everywhere.

Please stand by and help FR protect these children from the dangerous Chris Ambrose.

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  • What used to be “crimes” aren’t crimes anymore and what wasn’t a crime is now. 🤡 says:

    “… Ambrose’s latest tactic, which he will present in CT Superior Court tomorrow at 9:30am is to get a judge to issue, on the teenagers’ behalf, a restraining order against their own mother – by claiming she is mentally ill. Ambrose, totally against his children’s wishes, will try to persuade a judge to require the children’s mother to stay 100 yards away from them via a restraining order. …”

    If Mr. Ambrose and his attorneys are claiming it’s a criminal matter, why isn’t the case in criminal court? 🤔

    “Glossary of Terms
    Protective / Restraining Order Glossary

    Family Violence Protective Order (section 46b-38c of the Connecticut General Statutes) is an order that is issued at the time of arraignment during a criminal proceeding. Usually these orders are recommended by either the family relations office or in some cases the state’s attorney’s office. These orders are usually in effect from the date they are issued until the criminal case is sentenced and/or disposed of. In some cases a protective order can be removed prior to the underlying case being settled.

    Standing Criminal Restraining Order (section 53a-40e of the Connecticut General Statutes is an order that is issued usually at the end of a criminal case. These are lifetime orders and remain in effect until further order of the court. This order type is generally issued when it is a more severe criminal case.

    Restraining Order Application (section 46b-15 of the Connecticut General Statutes) is an application for a restraining order ex parte (immediate). It is given out at the clerk’s office to people who come in for relief from abuse in family cases. A Judge reviews the application and affidavit, and decides whether or not to issue a restraining order relief from abuse. If one is issued, the application is then updated to an ex parte restraining order. The Judge can also deny the ex parte relief and issue an Order for Hearing and Notice Summons.

    Ex Parte Restraining Order (section 46b-15 of the Connecticut General Statutes) is an order issued by the family court when someone has completed the restraining order application. The Judge has reviewed the application and affidavit, and issues a temporary ex parte restraining order. A hearing date is scheduled, and the respondent must be notified. Generally speaking, this order is good for for 14 days, or until the date of the hearing. (Hearings can be scheduled before the 14-day time limit).

    Restraining Order After Hearing (section 46b-15 of the Connecticut General Statutes) is issued after a hearing on an ex parte restraining order, or an Order for Hearing and Notice Summons. Again, this order type is issued out of the family court. Generally speaking, it is effective for 6 months from the date of the hearing. A victim/applicant can request that the restraining order after the hearing be extended when the 6 months is about to run out. They must file a motion to extend and the respondent must again get notice. “

    • “… *recommended by either the family relations office or in some cases the state’s attorney’s office ..”

  • These children are begging and pleading to be left alone by Chris Ambrose . That alone should be enough evidence for ANYONE and EVERYONE to see… they are terrified of being placed back into his custody and forced to move back into his home… wake up!! Children have voices too. And feelings!!

  • You all didn’t think Catherine Kassenoff was “brutal” for wanting her children in her life. The hypocrisy here is astounding.

      • Why the need to lie? I don’t see it documented anywhere that anyone asked to see anyone in the shower. If this is all about corrupt courts, why do you need to tell heinous lies about the private individuals involved? maybe because you are full of 💩 and the mom lost custody for sound reasons. Like not showing up to the custody hearings??!?

    • Just curious, when you typed “you all”, did you picture a specific type of people?

      Did they all look the same?

      • @2:53: no, unlike bigots like you and your evil racist hero Boyne, I did not picture any specific type of people. Imagine that!

        • My comment:


          August 5, 2023 at 2:53 pm
          Just curious, when you typed “you all”, did you picture a specific type of people?

          Did they all look the same?”


          Your comment:


          August 6, 2023 at 1:49 pm
          @2:53: no, unlike bigots like you and your evil racist hero Boyne, I did not picture any specific type of people. Imagine that!”


          My new comment:

          I’m not a bigot. I don’t think Paul Boyne is evil or racist. I think he wrote those absurdly over-the-top words on his blog to prove a point and to get the attention of those who truly don’t know how corrupted Connecticut family courts are.

          Have we heard Paul’s reasons for using that obviously offensive vocabulary?

          • Um, his disgusting words don’t attract people to his blog, they repel them. Get real. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you were attracted to his blog by the virulent antisemitism and racism on show there? You wouldn’t read it unless he was calling people the N-word and every other slur? And harassing stalking and attempting to intimidate people? That’s a draw for you?

            Robbie Harvey is next on the chopping block. I can’t wait to see him locked up and bankrupted for his evil actions.

          • I had to ignore the vulgarities to see the useful information there. That seems to have been Paul’s goal — to tell people: Look at all this corruption. Pay attention to it and do something about it. I don’t think he meant to offend as much as he tried to get the state’s attention. He finally did. I hope they allow him to present his case.

      • “Brutal bc he wants to be able to use them as sex toys.”

        @11:10am Tell us more about your sick fantasies, pedo. How much time do you spend thinking of minors as “sex toys”? You are sick.

  • He needs a hobby outside of filing lawsuits against those who expose his criminal conduct. Jail time.

  • Looks like Atty Chris Goulden had enough of his insanity.

    But Alex Cuda was happy to step in and collect thousands for a bullshit TRO hearing 🤣

    Filing TROs to separate children from the mother they ran to is another pathetic move by Sissy Chrissy Ambrose.

    You can’t force kids to love you asshole.

    • If Mr. Cuda filed an appearance, maybe he filed an appearance to collect thousands AND to share information information with Mr. Nusbaum? 🤔

      “… Westport Family Law Attorneys Address Your Urgent Concerns

      At Needle | Cuda, we know when you come to see us that you may be going through the most difficult time of your life. That is why we style ourselves a “high touch” law firm with a premium on client service. In the comfort of our welcoming Westport office — or remotely as may be necessary or appropriate — we discuss your situation thoroughly and provide information and guidance to help you make a well-informed decision about how you would like to proceed. We focus on family law and limit the number of cases we take, so we can provide the personal attention you deserve while building a positive working relationship that inspires confidence. Over decades of practice, our cases throughout Fairfield County have involved couples with high-conflict custody matters, significant net worth and complex legal issues. You can trust our ability to manage your case …”

      “… Riordan sent the following email to 33 family law attorneys in Fairfield County. It will be interesting how many respond to her email.

      1. Melissa Needle
      2. Alexander J, Cuda … “

      • If Mr. Cuda of Westport
        Mr. Nusbaum of Westport

        those attorneys are piranhas circling fresh meat.

    • If Mr. Goulden withdrew from the case, is it because he now knows that several individuals involved in that case committed crimes?

      If Mr. Goulden happened to witness evidence of frauds and swindles, as “a past President of the Milford Bar Association” who “served on the Statewide Grievance Committee for a period of six years” and who also “serves as a Special Master for the jurisdictions of Fairfield, Ansonia/Milford, and Middletown” and is also “an Attorney Trial Referee for the Bridgeport Superior Court” who “has presided over civil matters”:

      Is Mr. Goulden now required to use those secret gestures under the threat of the penalty of death as Mr. Adelman and Mr. Grant seem to have done?

      Or, can Mr. Goulden report the ridiculously obvious family court corruption to trustworthy state and federal law enforcement officials?

      If Mr. Goulden files a report, can he mention the horrible harm done to that family since 2019?!

      That’s four years of hell. If Mr. Golden doesn’t tell the authorities about the crimes committed:

      1. He’s complicit.

      2. Mr. Goulden refusing to tell good people in authority everything he’s learned about the crimes committed by those managing that “family court” case will speak volumes about Connecticut “family courts”.

      If Mr. Goulden needs help staying silent, Norm Pattis can tell him how he can more openly and officially keep all kinds of secrets for the next forty years. For example:

      “A probate judge approved a settlement with the estate of Fotis Dulos Tuesday that would require his former criminal defense attorneys Norm Pattis and Kevin Smith to not discuss the case surrounding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos for 40 years …”

  • Keep speaking out! You will save your lives and expose your father and court corruption.

    He’ll come at you hard- push back harder. No one wants to be near him.

  • And typical DARVO

    Ambrose has flipped the script on his wife in family court. Role reversal by a loser and pedo.

  • Hi this is Sawyer Ambrose I am staying with my mom this is where we want to be and I am scared as hell because he keeps trying to force my siblings and i away from her and we all think for ourselves and we have all the evidence. I even had a nightmare about him taking me and bringing me back to his house. If you can, please help us

    • Everything is going to be okay, Sawyer!

      You are a wise teenager.

      Pray, listen for God’s voice and stay strong.

      • I am so sorry you were caught in the middle of this Sawyer. Please tell your mother to actually show up to court this time. Maybe things will work out better for you when she is actually present at custody hearings for a change. Believe it or not, the court is not out to get her.

      • The are the federal government that is funding access and visitation grants to Daddies in the state of Connecticut. Paying for all kinds of stuff. Friends of the court is a government agency that works to influence the court. It’s weaponization of the war on women in the state of Connecticut family court. There influencing custody flips in the state of Connecticut. There name is at the top of the paperwork they fill out to access the grant. The access and visitation grant is attached to the gender bias agreements between state agencies. The MOU. . The access and visitation is appearing only for for dads only through the fatherhood initiative a federally funded program through the welfare reform. Is being run from child support services in CT. It’ appears to be illegal but the state of Connecticut is rolling that way. Using gender specific funding and allowing access to only dads. Using alienation claims. It appears to be using funding to pay for these AFCC psychologist. Cherry picked psychologist by the gals and judges. If you are considered dangerous you can’t access it. Maybe that’s why these GALs and Judges are working so hard to discredit mothers. Gatekeepers and alienators. Gold digger, hysterical, mentally unstable. Discruntaled litigants. Allowing father’s like Ambrose to get custody.

        • Senitor Richmond Blumenthal, you were the attorney general for the state of Connecticut during the welfare reform act and fatherhood funding. You are aware of the complaints in Connecticut family court. You are aware of the billions of dollars of funding supporting fathers. Laws passed priority for fathers over mothers and the best interest of children. You are aware that the access and visitation grant is for fathers over only. You have turned a blind eye to the discrimination going on in the family court. You are aware of the Ambrose case and the many others like it. You sit on the federal judiciary committee. You ignore constituents reaching out to you and the other senitors in the state. I think the woman and men in your state have the right to ask you questions and demand answers as to the running of our state. The use of federal funding. As ask questions about well as PPP loans to you and Chris Murphy. We have the right to transparency. We have the right to know what the state is up to so we can vote appropriately. The state government is spending a lot of money defending judges and people involved in family court. Judicial ammunty is not an excuse for placing children with abusers and pedophile. Women and men don’t have to continue to tolerate legal emotional and financial abuse until their children turn 18. You appear to be turning a blind eye to what appears to be fraud in your courts. For federal funding.

      • Friends of the court appears to be in Michigan. The chief judge is Honorable Mable Mayfield. Apparently the woman in Michigan are having the same problem as the woman in Connecticut. There is a petition to remove Judge Marbles Johnson Mayfield from the bench. The woman in Michigan also are reporting discrimination and civil rights violations in her court room. Apparently attorneys are hesitant to defend their female clients. Sounds just like what is happening in Connecticut. The petition to remove the judge gos on to discuss abuse. There is mention of unfair marital assets especially for stay at home mom’s. As well as child support issues. The last thing Connecticut needs is friends of the court that have the same discrimination and bias. It’s concerning the chief judge from Michigan could be reaching beyond her court room all the way to Connecticut. What is really going on in Connecticut surrounding family court. What is happening around the country.

        • Giovanni Rodriguez v Ashaire Gorham. Gorham a young unwed mother applies for financial assistance. The court system files for support for Gorham. As a result Rodriguez files for custody when support is granted. Gorham is the targeted female for welfare reform. Minority and unwed. What the state of Connecticut consider a burden. Did the access and visitation grant have anything to do with the custody flip. The young scared minority mom with no representation was highlighted on the news for not imidetly turning over custody. Several father’s have not followed visitation and custody orders. Police department discretion. What is happening in this case? Will the state do to this young minority mother who has no counsel? Judge Erika Tindell is presiding over the case. A case that started in a different court house. Why was it transferred?

          • This is exactly what is happening in Connecticut. Women are entering into the family court with absolutely no working knowledge of how the system works. As we have organized several agencies to provide fathers with information and knowledge. This young mother applied for financial assistance and the child support office went after the father. As the support was granted, the father filed for custody. Without her presence, a hearing was held and custody granted to the father. Without knowledge and any legal representation, she didn’t turn over the child. At the descension of the police department, they enforced the court orders. Senators placing people on the commission for women children and seniors who have intimate knowledge of the lack of education and legal assistance. Yet the agency designed to help and address women’s issues ignore these things. Supporting gender bias legislation. People with intimate knowledge of the billions of dollars in gender specific funding being received by the state of Connecticut. Women complaining about the issue and problems such as these are meet with resistance. Labeled delusional, crazy and alienators absolutely no effort to fix such problems. This is beyond filing restraining orders. Women of all colors, religion and socioeconomic status have very little knowledge of family court before they enter it. Often not educated by their attorneys. Very few resources to understand it. The commission on women and girls have been made well aware of the complaints and problems, yet still no education or organization like the motherhood initiative or reorganization to parenthood initiative. To promote responsible parenting across the board. The information to understand the type of representation they should be seeking. The system and the entire state is designed towards the promotion of fathers. Oppression of women. Making the leader of the welfare reform fatherhood initiative as a success. When it’s been instrumental in having a financial insensitive to fuel custody battle. The attorneys, GALs, judges and political leaders are all aware of it. Contributing to the alarming rate of mothers losing custody and the perception mothers are dangerous and mentally unstable. With out adequate representation due to limited or no financial resources.

          • P-01
            This appearance was filed 11 days ago. 270 N. MAIN STREET
            ANSONIA, CT 06401 File Date: 07/27/2023

            ASHAIRE N. GORHAM

            This appearance was filed 5 days ago. Appearance was E-Filed KATHRYN MARY CARO (443774)
            165 CAPITOL AVE 4TH FLR
            HARTFORD, CT 06106
            Appearance For: Both (Family Superior Court & IV-D Child Support) File Date: 08/02/2023


          • P-01
            ASHAIRE GORHAM
            Self-Rep: 14 CHRISTY STREET
            NORWALK, CT 06850 File Date: 01/19/2022

            This appearance was filed 5 days ago. APT.# 2
            270 N. MAIN ST
            ANSONIA, CT 06401 File Date: 08/02/2023

            Office of Child Support Services
            Attorney: OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES A (104019)
            925 HOUSATONIC AVENUE
            BRIDGEPORT, CT 06606 File Date: 11/09/2021
            Y DSS (Family)

            Attorney General (Family) 46b-55(a)
            Attorney: AAG AMY S GUIDO (085184)
            165 CAPITOL AVE 4TH FLR
            HARTFORD, CT 06106
            Appearance For: IV-D Child Support Only


    • Law should influence courts. Nothing else.

      True friends of the court impeach lawless judges.

      When was the last time a lawless judge was impeached?

      • They are friends of the court. Not the litigants or children. Money to pay for court system services. In the form of grants.

  • Family Courts need JURIES!!!!!

    PEDOPHILE Judges sex-traffic children to abusers every day in the U.S. It NEEDS to END!!

  • Frank – Wasn’t it the case that Karen’ and Chris’ marriage was never consummated? What would this mean for the divorce? I wish Karen and the children the best of luck in court.

  • Please let these children live happily with their chosen parent…the mother!! He is a controlling narcissist and belongs in jail!

  • 3.5 million in PPP loans for religious organizations. 2020 Murphy and Blumenthal Senate Democrats call for urgently needed improvement to streamline and simplify current onerous process for small business applying for PPP loan forgiveness. 2021 12,000 PPP loans in Connecticut flagged for questioning. Is Nicola Cunha court house crazy? I’m going to say absolutely not. There are billions of reasons why cases like Ambrose v Riordan get to where they are in the state of Connecticut. Region is definitely involved in what is happening in the state of Connecticut. I’m not sure this is what Nancy Johnson had in mind when she wanted to involve church in the welfare reform through the fatherhood initiative. A federally funded program.

    • The MOU everyone is talking about is actually the access and visitation grant program. Using federal funding for the welfare reform for father’s only. Discrimination and gender bias. Access and visitation money can be used to pay dad’s portion of the reunification therapy as well as the supervised visit. Karen Riordan was not able to get money from visitation grant because she is a woman and labeled with some type of unspesified mental situation that made her an alienatior. . I’m pretty sure the AFCC players are well aware of the access and visitation grant money. I’m sure this has a lot to do with what is happening in Connecticut family court. Maybe the federal government should check into it.

  • “You have not gotten away with anything. I’ve simply heard enough and this trial needs to go on. That’s the basis of my ruling. Take it to heart; listen to it; digest it and believe it. You come before this Court again with similar type charges, you’re likely to find yourself incarcerated without your children. Without your children. Without your children. Let’s resume the case.”

  • Uh you know, there’s a bunch of articles that were written by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison and the framers of the Constitution called The Federalist Papers where they talk about different aspects. And in reality, the reason they wanted judges to have lifetime appointment was so they would not be, you know, prone to public opinion.

    You know, they can’t lose their job unless they’re impeached. And you know, that’s a hard concept. You know, I could talk to you about the dog, you know. The abusing animals etc.

    You know, I’ll tell ya: I had a judge come to me the other day who was getting ready to do a hearing where she might have to incarcerate this woman who was just absolutely refusing to give the father his access to the children.

    And she said to me “Well, you know I’m up for reappointment in two years. I’m not sure I’d want to have that kind of controversial case.”

    So she, I mean, she was really concerned about the public opinion.

    To her credit, I said, ‘Well I’ll do it for you.” She said, “Would you?” I said, “Yeah.”

    So then she called me about a half hour later and said, “You know, no, no. That’s not right. I’m gonna do it myself. I can’t be a judge and worry about what people think.”

    So she did the right thing. But you know, public opinion is strong.

  • Ambrose should be locked up, or at a bare minimum, have a restraining order placed against him for Ms. Riordan and all 3 children. He should then be forced to pay Ms. Riordan and the children, pain and suffering costs, along with funds he commandeered, that did not belong to him! I pray that the judge and CT Courts come to their senses, after 4 years of supporting such ludicrous actions! Thank you Frank!

  • He stalks Mia by the shower then rubs his son’s genitals then takes a shower to cool down but forgets his towel so he has to streak past the kids. Sounds legit.

      • Yes she has been brainwashing them using this website and other means of communication to trash their father.

  • He’s dangerous. Someone get these kids the hell out of there. Far far away from his insanity and the toxicity of all they’re lived through.

    Fresh start… new adventures… love, support, healing.

  • Frank, You’re obviously quite a threat to this clown of a wanna be father.

    All the time and effort on those five letters! Quite a screenplay. But that he’d play a victim to steal your liberty. And exploit his kids to get you in prison. That’s one sick bastard.

    Happy your judge saw through his bullshit. Do you think any CT judge will see it?

    • Ambrose is a convincing liar but he has told so many lies that sooner or later he will be exposed.

  • Disbelief that someone can actually file motions like this! And that they are taken seriously and heard?? End their suffering. Give the mother custody and let them live. They’ll be 18 soon. Is he going to carry on for two more years?

  • “They, through a superficially-charming presentation, are often capable of eliciting exceptional levels of sympathy from others as an effective means of escaping accountability for their violence”

    This seems to fit what he’s been able to do. God help those kids and thank God for you Frank Parlato.

    • I’m sorry, but this sounds exactly like what KAREN has been doing. For example, who posted videos of themselves sobbing hysterically online? Karen. Not Chris.

      97% of you noncustodial parents live in a Twilight Zone of your own creation, where you perceive the exact opposite of the truth as reality.

      • How many judges and court vendors created that Twilight Zone?
        Where did all the money go?
        Of all the families involved, which families got richer and which one got poorer?

        Give all the money back to the one family that was left devastated.
        Then, watch what kind of dimension happens next.

        The entire family should file several lawsuits against the state of Connecticut.

      • Ok really? These people are nasty ( court people) there is no where to go to get help. Except to appeal to the public. I think cases should be unsealed. There are some cases where the right decision is made. There are a whole lot of others that are carefully orchestrated. There is blatant curruption going on because no one is willing to stop it. There are billions of dollars in the court industry. There is absolutely curruption going on.

        • All legislators who write, sponsor and vote in favor of the bill to put a camera in EVERY courtroom to stream hearings LIVE online every Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm get to be legislators to serve the public.

          Please show the others the door.

  • 3,5 million in PPP loans to religious organizations for fatherhood initiative. I wonder if that is what Nancy Johnson though was little churches? What has been happening with PPP loans in Connecticut for the last few years? Who is keeping an eye on them?

  • 350_ 1 million in PPP loan to the Jewish federation of greater Hartford. Fatherhood funding. Could be a billion reasons the Ambrose v Riordan case got this far.

  • PPP loans passionate father’s of West Hartford. $570701. Religious organizations Roman Catholic Church. Funding exclusively for father’s in Connecticut. There appears to be a billion reasons the Ambrose v Riordan case got where it did.

  • No ethical psychiatrist would diagnose someone they’ve never met.

    And by the way, psychopathy isn’t even in the DSM.

    Something isn’t adding up here with this supposed psychiatrist.

  • Wow, so he’s a legitimate psychopath. Koodos to you fine young adults. I just want to hug you guys. My dad was very similar to Chris. Their litteral monsters. They actually become so violent they’ll kill. I was around your age Mia when my abuser went to jail. Mine became interested in little boys too. Thank God he’s not actually your father. I see absolutely no resemblance between you and that pasty freak.

    • All parents are people with different histories. Different potentials, too. Chris seems to be able to do the next best and honorable thing, but he let the Connecticut family court tie him and his family in knots.

      It’s more helpful to hope he’ll eventually step back from what’s probably a nightmare for him, too. As soon as he sees how much damage the lawyers, evaluators and judges did to him he’ll see: Four years in, they’re all richer and he has nothing to show after four years of trying to “win”.

      Everyone changes and most people eventually change our understanding of what it means “to win”. Those who understand sooner rather than later are those who always win the most.

  • Ambrose is a typical Hollywood pervert. All Hollywood producers are either pedos or pedo-enablers.

    Ambrose haiku:

    Chris is a dickhead
    Horrible husband is he
    His lawyer sucks balls

    • My name is Gerard I. Adelman. I was born and — and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but I did my graduate work at Ohio State University, graduating in 1970. After graduating from college, I married and — and my wife and I moved to Wallingford, Connecticut. We resided in Connecticut for almost 39 years and in Meriden for 37. My first career after college was a — as an eighth grade teacher at Dodd Junior High School in Cheshire, Connecticut. I attended Southern Connecticut State College then, now University, working on my master’s degree in history. When I finished that work in 1977, I decided to go to law school and attended UCONN’s night program from the fall of 1978 to the spring of 1982. I resigned my teaching position at the end of October of that year and was admitted to the Connecticut Bar on November 1, 1982.

      Starting as a research clerk with the Meriden firm of Weigand and Mahon during law school, I became an associate upon my admission to the Bar and a partner on January 1, 1985. We changed the name of the firm to Weigand, Mahon & Adelman, and I’ve been there to this day.

      Our firm is a general practice firm, and as the newest member I took all types of cases. I did criminal defense, Workers’ Comp, personal injury, small business development, tax appeal, foreclosures, bankruptcies, Social Security disability claims, and family law. Over the years, I became the primary family law practitioner in our firm. And since that time, the vast majority of my practice has developed in the family law area.

      I’ve not only represented divorcing parents; it was very early in my career I took on the role as Attorney for the Minor Child or Guardian ad litem. Back then, having an Attorney for the Minor Child was the exception, but today it’s very common, and I believe it’s a very important improvement in our family law system.

      I’ve been — excuse me — I’ve been extremely active as a special master is a variety of different courts. I was among the earliest lawyers to be recruited by Judge Steinberg for the Regional Family Trial Docket and have continued in that program to the present day. I have also voluntary participated in the limited contested cases in the Judicial Districts of New Haven and Middlesex, and I organized a special master program in my own Judicial District of Meriden.

      My interest in developing alternatives to litigation in the family law area has led me to seek special training in — in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce. I’ve been very active in both of those areas. My ethical obligation to serve the public good has been an important part of my professional life. I’ve handled numerous pro bono divorces. I’ve been active in the CBA and served as a director and legal advisor for many nonprofit organizations over the year — over the years.

      As a family law practitioner, I’ve had a great deal of courtroom experience, both at trial and short calendar docket. I believe I have a very good working knowledge about rules of evidence, courtroom decorum, and the necessary interpersonal skills to perform well as a Superior Court Judge.

      As a member of a small firm, I know firsthand the problems that attorneys face in scheduling matters in different courts on the same day. I also understand the problems court face in making sure that matters are processed in a timely manner, while still understanding the realities of conflicts, family emergencies, and the like.

      I maintain good working relationships, not only with my clients but also with court staff, from the marshals to the judges. And I am pleased that several staff members have referred their family and friends to me for representation over the years.

      On the personal side, I’m married to the former Georgia Brannan, who is with me this morning, for almost 39 years. We have one daughter, Jessica Adelman Kogut, and my wife and I are now very fortunate to be grandparents of Nicholas and Emily Kogut, three-year-old twins. We’re active and involved grandparents.

      I’m — I’m truly humbled to have been given this opportunity by Governor Rell, and I have personally assured her that she will not be disappointed by my work if confirmed. I give the same pledge to you. I look forward to the opportunity of performing the duties of a Superior Court Judge with the humility of one who has been before many of our finest judges, the competence of an experienced legal practitioner, the integrity of a believer in our judicial system, and a proud citizen of this great state.

      I am honored to have this opportunity to answer your questions.

      • “served as a director and legal advisor for many nonprofit organizations over the year — over the years”

      • Gerald Adelman are you a friend of the court? Influencing the court system? Are your rulings based on profit from grant programs? Punishing the gatekeeper for closing the gate on pedophiles and abusers?

        • “a friend of the court” ✅
          Admitted to the Connecticut Bar, November 1, 1982.
          Admitted to the Federal District Court (Connecticut), December, 1982.

          “influencing the court system” ✅
          • Education Committee, Judicial Branch 2013 to 2016.
          • Multiple presentations to Connecticut judges on a variety of family law related issues at the
          Connecticut Judges Institute, June 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
          • Presentations to Judicial Branch GAL training class, spring 2013 and spring 2018.
          • Principal author of library of proposed orders for family law judges to be used in the Connecticut Judicial Branch efiling system, 2011-2012.
          • Panel member-New GAL legislation, Quinnipiac Law School, March 2015.
          • Panel member of seminar “What Judges Want To Know In Family Cases”, Hartford, CT, 2011, 2013
          and 2015.
          • Panel member at CBA seminar: The Ins and Outs of Custody Evaluation Reports, October 29, 2013.
          • Panel member on child custody issues, AAML-CT Chapter seminar, spring 2012.
          • Adjunct professor, Quinnipiac Law School 2014 to the present.
          • Supervising judge for Quinnipiac Law School Externs 2011 to the present.
          • Multiple public speaking events on behalf of the Judicial Branch, 2010 to the present.

          “rulings based on profit from grant programs” ✅
          (as above, so below)

          “punishing the gatekeeper for closing the gate on pedophiles and abusers” ✅
          Gerard Adelman threatens, punishes and destroys parents who protect their children.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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