Allan Kassenoff and Attorney File $150 Million Lawsuit Against TikTok Influencer Robert Harvey for Defamation and Emotional Distress

Pensacola, Florida – The assisted suicide of Catherine Kassenoff on May 27 over her divorce and custody battle in Westchester Family Court gained national attention after the Frank Report broke the story, detailing her Facebook post, which blamed both the courts and her husband.

The stakes have now escalated.

Her husband, Allan Kassenoff, a former patent litigator at the law firm Greenberg Traurig, along with their minor children A.K., 14, C.K., 12, and J.K., 10, and his attorney Constantine Gus Dimopoulos, have filed a $150 million lawsuit against Robert Harvey, a TikTok influencer with millions of followers. 

The lawsuit, filed on September 5 in Florida’s Northern District, where Harvey resides, accuses him of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, tortious interference with a business relationship, cyberstalking, and harassment.

The Allegations

The lawsuit claims Harvey initiated a malicious campaign against Kassenoff on May 31, 2023, focusing on the couple’s contentious divorce and custody dispute over their three children. Kassenoff alleges Harvey shared misleading videos of him, and made false commentary that portrayed him as an abusive husband and father.

Kassenoff alleges these false TikTok posts led to his job loss at the law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP, where he had been earning around $1 million per year as a partner. 

According to TikTok, Harvey has 3.1 million followers and focuses on sharing stories of women in abusive relationships.

Concerning Kassenoff, Harvey said, “This case is personal. I don’t like him, I don’t like him at all. A woman is dead. So I don’t give two [expletive] what any of you think.”

Kassenoff claims Harvey’s 25 videos about him have garnered over 39 million views, nearly 5 million likes, and over 150,000 comments.

Greenberg Traurig announced Kassenoff’s resignation on June 11, but declined to cite the reason. According to the lawsuit, Kassenoff claims Greenberg Traurig forced him to resign after Harvey’s followers began a call-in campaign targeting the law firm and one of its major clients, Samsung, leading to harassing calls and emails.

Co-plaintiff Constantine Gus Dimopoulos, who represented Kassenoff in his family court case, also accuses Harvey of defamation and harassment, claiming he received 2,700 harassing phone calls to his law office in a single day.

Kassenoff further states Harvey’s videos jeopardize the emotional well-being of his three children, whose “identities will forever be associated with a bitter and ugly divorce and the suicide of their mother.”

The lawsuit accuses Harvey of acting solely for profit, with “negligence, actual malice, and reckless disregard for the truth.”

Accuses Harvey of Conspiring With Catherine Kassenoff

In a startling claim without definitive evidence, Kassenoff suggests Harvey and his late wife conspired to fabricate her suicide story.

The lawsuit states, “Upon information and belief, prior to making her final Facebook post, Ms. Kassenoff reached out to Defendant Harvey in order to conspire with him to finally fulfill her goal of ‘annihilat[ing]’ Mr. Kassenoff.

“Upon information and belief, Ms. Kassenoff and Defendant Harvey concocted the lie that Ms. Kassenoff had been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer in order to make Ms. Kassenoff’s ‘story’ more appealing and sympathetic to the public.”

The complaint cites a violation of Section 748.048 of the Florida Statutes on cyberstalking and harassment. Kassenoff and Dimopoulos seek an injunction against Harvey in addition to over $150 million in damages.

Allan Kassenoff is suing TikTok influencer Robbie Harvey….    

Allan Kassenoff Tells His Side of the Marriage Story

In the lawsuit, Kassenoff details his relationship with Catherine, portraying her as a scheming, unstable, and vengeful woman. He argues that the family court was justified in terminating her parental rights for the children’s safety.

While Catherine Kassenoff had made many public statements about their relationship, this lawsuit serves as Kassenoff’s first in-depth, publicly available response to her abuse allegations.

The lawsuit includes transcripts of Harvey’s TikTok videos and Kassenoff’s rebuttals.  Frank Report contacted Harvey through his social media, but there was no immediate response.


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  • You guys are officers of the court. Fair game for reporting on. Lawyers are not private citizens. You are fair game to report on. Harvey is reporting on public Internet. Karma is calling

  • RH created a GFM with a 100k goal.
    He doesn’t have the money to fight prominent attorneys, or a leg to stand on, he’s going to lose.

  • Where is the proof that she is dead? THERE IS NONE. Why even print something that may not be true. I hope this Allan husband get every cent this Harvey con man, grifter has. I think this maybe just the beginning of these lawsuits. Everyone that has printed all this unsupported sh** about this family should be on alert. I may not be team Allan, but I am team TRUTH. Hope this Harvey guy is shaking in his boots. I hope it ruins him financially. Never mess with a smart lawyer unless you are telling the truth, it will come back and bite you in the a**. Are all these people flying monkeys next? Better hind your monies. I am doing a happy dance right now.

    • Of course you gold digger. Payday 💰. You are an absolute poster child of the very image of what women fighting against. You can not help yourself but to smeer the image of the deceased mother of your boyfriend children. You are a downward dog. Flying monkey 🐒 in support of a payout. You engaged in cousidial interference. Engaging in the custody battle. Where is the legal action? There needs to be a clear example made of these truely toxic feminist encouraging the war in court. You are a gold digger to the core. Allen, enjoy the emusment ride. You should have left it at the park. She is greatly added to your troubles and fueled the hatred of the mother of your children. Seek help you are in another toxic relationship. Protect your children.

    • Is “K P” code for homewrecker?

      Wikipedia: … A homewrecker (sometimes styled as home wrecker or home-wrecker) is a person, object or activity that causes or comes close to causing the breakup of a marriage (or similar partnership). The homewrecker is said to have taken one of the spouses away from the marriage, thus “wrecking” the marital home.

      Most commonly, the label “homewrecker” is applied to a person having an affair with someone else’s spouse or domestic partner; it can also refer to other forces that are destructive to a marital relationship and tied only to one party to that relationship. …

  • He made it a bitter and ugly divorce. This is what affluent men use family court to do. Allen, like Ambrose and the vendors of family court, just don’t like being exposed.

    That accountability is problematic for them.

    Cameras needed in family court. Then this abuse would stop. Too profitable.

  • It’s ridiculous of Allan to pursue these kinds of litigious tactics. The videos were real (they weren’t AI generated, or manufactured with the sole purpose of causing him harm), and if they precipitated Allan losing his job, that reflects on him, not on the person who happened to make them public. Robbie Harvey expressed opinions that were reasonable given the information that he had. We live in a society that values “free speech”. People have the right to express opinions, and if those opinions happen to criticize someone else, the affected party may tell their side of the story. But it should be extremely rare that people get to push back against negative opinions via libel suits — which, even when they lose, unjustly affect whomever has to spend time and money in court defending themselves against frivolous litigation.

    Allan Kassenoff might fairly critique Robbie Harvey for presenting a one-sided picture and leaving out contextual details. Those of us who read FR got a chance to hear Allan’s version of events. These were appropriate responses by Allan or his supporters, although they didn’t really change the fact that Allan still comes across as violent and quick-tempered. But even if Robbie Harvey’s narrative was incomplete, it was based on real facts and on things that really did happen. It’s OK to try and present a different perspective; it’s not OK to try invalidating one legitimate perspective by financially bludgeoning the other side in a court of law.

    I also find it disturbing that the children are listed as co-plaintiffs. How does that help them any? Either Allan and his lawyers chose to do so without consulting with them at all, which doesn’t really seem appropriate, or he discussed the lawsuit idea with them somehow, which doesn’t seem right either — wouldn’t that only traumatize them further? The decision to go ahead with this suit makes Allan seem hot-tempered and vindictive, which is exactly the opposite of the aura he should be projecting if he wants people to believe that Harvey’s videos were just a few bad moments and didn’t accurately portray how he behaves most of the time.

    • I find it disturbing that this crack pot mother posted this crap first. I hope these children get every cent this grifter Harvey has.These kids need the truth. Keep talking this nonsense and you all will be next. GO ALLAN!!!

    • With a face like that, can we expect anything less? It looks like hes a side birth. As he was coming out into the world, his head was coming out sideways and his mother, instead of opening her legs wide, tried to shut them tight because she really didn’t want him to come into the world. That’s why people get faces like Alan. The doctor, instead of pulling his head, pulled on his nose (mother still clenching her thighs)

  • What an absolute loser! Filing another legal case – a true father would have focused on his children rather than trying to make another dime at their expense. You are a disgrace Allen!

  • Child abusers are hard to feel want to feel badly for..
    $ should go to the kids


    Children should just be safe and have therapy and security and Al should be monitored

  • No one wants their dirt on display. Sucks to be Schalan. He should not have abused the kids. Neither should have his X procreater.

  • Since truth is always a defense for defamation; seems like Allan’s 1st wife might be able to provide Robbie Harvey some useful truth. I mean the woman even briefly mentioned him in her book despite being divorced from him for many years. Allan has some history with women!

    ” After a rocky start in my early 20s culminating in an unpleasant divorce (sans kids) to a person who I’d foolishly stayed with for five years,”

  • Allan is going suck Robbie dry, he has wealth and friends in high places. Robbie doesn’t stand a chance against this true blue American father. Robbie shouldn’t be airing out Allan’s private life, only Catherine. Even though Allan knew the cameras were rolling its just not fare to him.

  • “… Hildebrandt is the founder and creator of ConneXions Classroom, which, according to its website, ‘is a different modality of healing that psychotherapy cannot offer you,’ with Hildebrandt developing courses and treatments focused on helping with ‘ravenous additions, feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy, conflicts in relationships, intimacy problems, communication breakdowns, and frankly any block that prevents having and creating peace and joy.’ …”

    • Praying for Russell, Eve, Mia, Matthew, Sawyer and all victims of “licensed therapists” who use junk science.

    • Praying for Catherine’s three children too. If the “therapists” in that case are still practicing, which state/federal offices are responsible for investigating therapists in New York?

      • Catherine’s kids r just fine now that their abusive mother abandoned them. Even Catherine knew they were safe. If she didn’t y would she live them in the care of their “abusive” father. Except for Catherine’s bogus CPS reports no adult who saw these kids on a regular basis ever reported that they felt he posed a threat to the children. No teachers, no guidance counselors, no parents of any of their friends. NO ONE. stop fighting her vendetta.
        It’s just a (social media) murder-suicide

        • ‘It’s just a (social media) murder-suicide’

          You sound stable. Brushing off a tragedy like its ‘just’ a piece of fluff on your sweater.

        • Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

          • … By June 1937, the political situation had deteriorated and Orwell and Eileen were under threat and had to lie low, although they broke cover to try to help Kopp. After getting their passports in order, they escaped from Spain by train, diverting to Banyuls-sur-Mer for a short stay before returning to England.

            At the start of World War II, Eileen began working in the Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information in London, staying during the week with her family in Greenwich. Her brother, Laurence, was killed by a bomb during the evacuation from Dunkirk, after which, according to Elizaveta Fen, “her grip on life, which had never been very firm, loosened considerably”.

            In spring 1942, she changed jobs to work at the Ministry of Food. In June 1944 she and Eric adopted a three-week-old boy they named Richard Horatio. In one of her last letters to Blair, Eileen wrote of arrangements for renting and decorating Barnhill, Jura, the house where Orwell would write most of Nineteen Eighty-Four – but she died before she ever saw Barnhill. … — Wikipedia

          • Oh, yes, you should really read this book.
            My family are long time Labour Party members – dating back to the ILP. We always knew who Eileen was. Doubt there’s an English Eng. Lit scholar that doesn’t know who Eric Blair was, by now.

  • Also …

    ‘‘The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest possible limits. … and [when] the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.’’

  • “PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 6, 2023 — Students entering college this fall can expect new friendships, all-night study sessions, dining hall food — and a culture of conformity and censorship. A new survey of more than 55,000 students across the country shows that most attend colleges that don’t value free expression. …”

  • Family court didn’t terminate her parental rights! Thanks for putting that in writing Allen.

    This is the scam of family court and the promotion of false narratives by psychopaths like Ambrose and narcissists like Kassenoff!

    Family court vendors violate the rights of women and children – to have meaningful parental relationships and the right of parents to raise their children.

    Dcf/CPS need to be involved to remove parental rights. They rarely are in these “high conflict- high-profit” cases in family court.

    There’s NO reason at all to separate moms from their kids and their parental rights remain intact. The family courts abuse their “discretion” to torture and destroy the targeted parent as the children suffer.

    • People are so gullible. My guess, law firm and Allan parted ways. This garbage blows over. Time passes. Allan get job back. He maybe working all along with the same firm. They may have just taken him off the web site to stop all the harassment his firm was getting.

  • Very Johnny Depp abuser strategy. When those abusive soiciopaths have their images attacked, they get soo defensive because image is all they are as humans-

  • Rob Harvey seems like one of the sleaziest most loathsome persons on the internet, so I guess it is fate that he found what probably are the two most loathsome parents in modern history.
    What these two have done to, through and around their children is unfathomable to any normal person.

    Congratulations Frank Report I now. ultimately have more respect for the people in our family courts because there is no good solution when dealing with this kind of crazy.

    • You sound too capricious, too fickle to be rational. You also sound like you live in a mole-set with no internet connection.

      So you’ve thrown your pouty stompy tantrum and we now know you don’t like X anymore, as they are stinky – you now prefer Y. – And congrats to Frank because – ‘he made you do it’ ?

      OK fool.

    • At least one person on this form that has a functioning brain. Agree, these family court people have to deal with these mentally ill parents. Worse job to have.

  • This case boils down to freedom of speech:

    1.) Is Allan Kassenoff now regarded as a public person hence he can’t sue .

    2.) CanTikTok Influencer Robert Harvey claim to be press. (Unlikely)

    3.) Did Harvey make sure to use the words allegedly, or sources say to cover his ass legally.
    Will Claviger bow out once again refusing to share is vast legal knowledge?!?

    • A public figure can sue. The bar is much higher. Robbie can claim to be press. Even words like “allegedly” don’t completely insulate you from a lawsuit. Almost nothing of what you said is accurate. Kassenoff’s lawsuit is online, it’s over one hundred pages, so it takes some time to read, but still

      • —A public figure can sue.


        Anyone can sue. It doe not mean they will win.

        Sorry if my phrasing of the law was not to your satisfaction.

        I can sue Frank for not replacing Claviger with a suitable “legal expert”. It’ll be thrown out of court.

        Hire a new legal expert!
        OR your readership will be moving to: “NOT THE FRANK REPORT”.

        Damon may be batshit crazy – at least he responds to comments albeit with death threats.

        Have a great weekend don’t eat like a pig—keep your cholesterol low!!!!

      • Once again, Mr. Volpe, you have no idea what you are talking about. Oh, I forgot you are an investigative report. How is Allan a public figure? Please do some “investigative reporting” of what the heck you are saying before you do so. Madonna is a public figure. The Rolling Stones are public figures. Allan is a man,whose name and his children’s names were blasted all over the internet by a bunch of grifters, including yourself and Rob Harvey. Mr Volpe, please check your mail. Your made up claim to be a “reporter” hence claiming freedom of the press, is not going to get you anywhere in court. I am going to check out, NOT YOUR FRANK REPORT, hope it is real. Maybe they believe in the truth.

    • Niceguys. Your legal analysis is totally off, sorry. Gus and Allen may have viable claims but both may have opened themselves up to a can of worms given they are now both subject to discovery, and the media can now cover the back and forth allegations in the motions freely without fear of defamation claims.

      I hope Harvey finds himself a great first amendment lawyer. These issues are important to shine a light on.

      Also, 150m?? Snort. Allan thinks he’s Johnny Depp

      • Since Catherine already put the “back and forth” out there on social media, public appearances, in public court records and eventually in her suicide note and public google drive (with videos), the media already was pretty free to cover the back and forth well before this lawsuit. Which is why Allan has an almost impossible case. Robbie Harvey had 3m followers and a history of covering these type of matters. So while he is obviously biased and histrionic, the 1A covers such “reporting”. Note most of what Allan alleges in the complaint he classifies as “misleading”, Sorry pal but that is subjective. Unless he can prove that Harvey said things that he knew (or should have known) were false, Allan has almost no chance.
        Allan’s strongest part is the claims that he “paid off” the various evaluators; but even there, Allan did pay (the bulk) of the fees (so he did “pay”) and Catherine had repeatedly made the claim that through conflicts and the power of relationships and $, Allan and Gus had effectively bought their testimony. Was Harvey being a sleazy sensationalist by running with that that one sided narrative, for sure but its going to be very hard for a court to allow this as defamation under the law.

    • Read the complaint. Robbie Harvey said these are facts. He never used the word allegedly. Allan is not a public figure. He was interjected into that domain by RH.
      RH is not press he’s considered a creator or influencer.

      • Allan was involved in a public controversy long before RH got involved. Harvey can comment on public controversies and the people involved. Nor is the word “allegedly” magic, its nice to use as an extra legal buffer but it isn’t some switch. Look Harvey was definetly pushing the envelope but defamation is hard to win and unless RH said something knowingly false Allan loses. Problem is everything RH said, Catherine said first and publicly.

    • Oh he doesn’t “allege” and while I have no regard for Mr. Kassenoff you can tell he takes things entirely out of context and makes some pretty hefty accusations. Again, Alan is no saint but this guy is an opportunistic disingenuous tool. He’s spread minsinformation about other instances as well.

  • “Time for Justice

    Jun 26, 2023
    It’s not time for justice in the Allan Kassenoff case. There’s too much evidence to prove a collusion between Kassenoff, Demopolis, Abrams, Most, and Judge Lubell.

    Now it’s up to us so Catherine Kassenoff doesn’t die in vain. ….”

  • Catherine was found guilty before a court of law, Allen was found guilty by women who believed the one sided info fed to them by FR and this tik tok guy. Free speech was allowed to morph into full blow defamation by influencing public opinion so much as to to ruin a citizen’s ability to earn a living and support their dependents. There’s no proof CK died but there is proof Allen lost his job and may never again be able to practice law and support the needs of his daughters.
    You may believe everything Catherine said but it is still only one side of the case and you have not only made your final judgement but have also took it upon yourselves to publicly defame the silent party.
    It should have never escalated to this point.

  • Allan, I hope Robbie turns you into a cooked goose. How stupid to sue the one man who only cared for cathrine? You alone sang the dead duck song to your children. Your pants are down dude.

  • Allen Kassonff is seeking revenge for the exposure. He thinks he is Johnny Depp. Was Catherine mentally ill? Battered traumatized and severe CPTSD. The psychologist was a quack. The law suit probably encouraged to silence people. Allen, your making more publicity for your self. What do you want to say to the Catherine supporters?

    • The psychologist advertising his services with the possessed-by-demons photo who asked a patient to lay on top of him might run in the same circles as the father in the Liberti case.

  • The Allegations:

    Presidential candidate A claims presidential candidate B initiated a malicious campaign against Presidential candidate A on May 31, 2023, focusing on the party’s contentious campaigns and financial disputes over their PACs. Candidate A alleges candidate B shared misleading videos of him, and made false commentary that portrayed him as an abusive husband, father, businessman and presidential candidate.

    Candidate A alleges these false TikTok posts led to poll number losses at the Party Headquarters, LLP, where he had been earning around 1 million votes per year as a 2024 presidential candidate.

    According to TikTok, Candidate B has lost 1 million voters and focuses on sharing funny memes and videos of constituents in rapidly deteriorating American cities.

    Concerning candidate A , candidate B said, “This case is personal. I don’t like him, I don’t like him at all. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead. So I don’t give two [expletive] what any of you think.”

  • Another tactic that abusive fathers, abusive ex-husbands or ex-partners, all abusive men utilize to try to discredit everyone else, or to blame everyone else for their own actions. The only reason why Allan is in this predicament is because of the choices that he himself made and the behavior that he chose to display.
    Like all abusers there is no accountability with Allan, because just like all narcissistic abusive ex husbands, he has no ability to look inside himself and hold accountability and try to change.

    Terrorizing Catherine was “funny to him”, he never let up, not for a second

    Any opportunity to paint Catherine in a false light, he did with all his energy.

    He got what he wanted, Catherine is gone and she is never coming back, and he promised that he was going to fight her until he died.

    Well she’s dead and now he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore, but now because he’s broke he’s got to sue somebody to be able to feed his kids… and of course he moves to Florida, who else would accept his corrupt ass?

    Praying for Harvey and grateful he shared the truth.

  • Thank God! What Harvey did was WRONG. Organizing a hate mob against a private citizen, based on a disinformation campaign, and falsely claiming to care about the children while destroying their lives, is nothing short of evil.

    I hope Harvey pays for this for the rest of his life, and that other “influencers” with no conscience learn from this.

    Regardless of what went on in the marriage, what Harvey did was horrifically wrong. He purposefully lied about things to make Allan look worse. And incited his “followers” to participate in the attack. Evil. I hope Allan and Gus mop the floor with him.

          • I think Catherine was mentally ill unfortunately, and lost custody for very good reasons.

            it is proven that she lied about having terminal cancer when she decided to end her life. She ended her life because she was seriously mentally ill and refused to admit it and seek help.

            The fact she lied to the world about having terminal cancer tells you she would lie about anything else to make herself look like a victim and to make her ex husband look like the bad guy.

            It is sad that everyone fell for her and Robbie Harvey’s lies. The children are the ones who are going to suffer from this for the rest of their lives.

          • Mentally ill? How so?

            Did Catherine not have cancer?

            Did her husband care for her?

            Did the Westchester family court process make the children suffer?

            What parts of that nightmare could have been different? 🤔

          • @4:56 am: no, she did not have cancer when she ended her life.

            Mentally ill? A physically healthy person choosing suicide is not a person with a healthy mind.

            The parts of the nightmare that could have been different is Catherine could have gotten psychiatric help.

          • Catherine accomplished quite a bit for someone with a mental defect. Taking her children away from her was literal torture and it’s probably what upset her so much. Are you a mother 10:45 am? And how do you know so much about her medical condition?

        • @8:41pm I know about her medical condition because it is in multiple documents, including the lawsuit against Harvey. At her last doctor checkup on November 22, 2022. She did not have cancer. Let alone terminal cancer. There is no record of her going to any other oncologist. She was cancer-free. She lied about having cancer reoccurrence and about it being terminal. Would you trust someone who lies about that?

          I have no doubt that losing custody was torture for her. But unfortunately, she lost custody for good reasons, and would not seek help for herself.

    • Allen and the girlfriend. Go crawl back under the rock. You two are cray, cray. God help the Kassonff girls. 💕 the keyboard cowboys and cowgirls. 🐴

  • This lawsuit really exposes what horrible horrible people BOTH these parents are/were.
    The videos, the nannies and the court personel all demonstrate that Catherine was severely mentally ill and likely not a fit parent. And if there was any doubt she goes to Switzerland to off herself without telling her kids or saying goodbye.
    But then just when you think those videos and endless CPS reports against Allan might have been overblown or reflective of a man in a troubled marriage, he goes ahead and files this lawsuit. Re-exposing all the ugly charges out in the open AND insuring that his (motherless) minor children will have to participate in an ugly lawsuit where they will undoubtedly be deposed and forced to relive it all again (multiple times). Robbie Harvey doesn’t have any money and he won’t lose his house (Fla) so there isn’t even money involved., it’s just about revenge!? What kind of monster would subject his traumatized kids to this?
    Wow, just wow.

    • She was prevented from saying goodbye, by Allan.
      For someone who does not know a thing about this case and just wants to point the finger at Catherine, I think you should really stop commenting and start researching the case and learning the truth.

      If this is you Allan, or your non -critical thinking new girlfriend, go p*** off the both of you.

      You, Allan deserve all the horrible luck you’re going to experience the rest of your days here on this earth.

      • Haha! You believe she was prevented from saying goodbye? She didn’t bother to show up for the approved unsupervised Mother’s Day visit!!! You obviously swallowed Harvey’s lies, hook, line, and sinker. You are gullible and a hypocrite.

        • We watched how the supervised visits were going. They were more harmful than good. Does anyone notice the endless amount of money and effort for the abusers to have access and visitation. How much the children are coached to have a relationship? They seem to have the kids fighting with Catherine. I don’t. think her head was on straight but Jesus. I probably would not have gone to the supervised visit more harmful than good.

          • You missed the part where it was an UNsupervised visit. No supervision. UNsupervised, as in, NOT supervised

    • I think Allan should do this lawsuit even if he won’t get any money from it to teach other wannabe “influencers” they can’t get away with this kind of evil shit. And rather than being further trauma for the children, it can be healing for them when they see a jury rule that what Harvey did to their family was 100% wrong.

  • Three kids are now motherless and all Alan and Gus can obsess about is $$$. These are truly demonic hellions. What is the bottom of the barrel to these two?

    • Read what you wrote, but pretend you have 1/4 of a brain when doing so. Harvey and his harem of twits like you won’t allow them to live their lives. You all don’t care that these girls were horribly abused by their mother. It’s not about $$$ to them, but if $$$ is what it takes to get Harvey and his rabid followers to stop re-traumatizing his children, then so be it.

    • Al is a greedy person looking to cash in from his misery his ex wife was a creep too videos of both of these weirdos shows it

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