Bronfman Sisters’ Crucial Role: The Financial Backbone of Yellow NXIVM at the Heart of the Lawsuit

Clare and Sara Bronfman supported Keith Raniere and helped him continue his NXIVM enterprise. In fact, they became the enterprise.

Among the seven remaining defendants, the federal civil lawsuit, Edmondson v Raniere continues mainly against Seagram’s heiresses, NXIVM leaders Clare and Sara Bronfman, and NXIVM founder Keith Raniere.

Clare Bronfman and Raniere are currently serving time in federal prison.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere and his angel Clare Bronfman

Also remaining as defendants in the civil lawsuit are Allison Mack and Kathy Russell, who took plea deals in the federal criminal case against NXIVM leaders.

Mack recently left prison after serving 21 months in connection with NXIVM-related racketeering and conspiracy crimes. She is on probation.

Allison Mack returns home from prison on July 3, 2023.

The former NXIVM bookkeeper, Kathy Russell, is on probation for NXIVM-related immigration fraud. Russell never served time in prison.

Kathy Russell got probation.

Defendants Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts, both physicians, lost their medical licenses because of NXIVM-related allegations but were not charged criminally.

Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts…

Regardless of the different plaintiffs’ varied claims and tales of victimization against the other defendants, the Bronfman sisters are the only defendants of importance in this civil suit.

But for their funding Raniere, there would have been no NXIVM, no DOS, and likely only mostly penny-ante crimes, such as those Toni Natalie and Raniere conspired to do in the 1990s.

Authorities would have prosecuted Raniere and swatted him down, like the small-time grifter he was. The Bronfman wealth was the game changer.

It took the Eastern District of NY prosecutors to tackle the behemoth Bronfmans and the millions they provided for defense.

Sara Smiles

Sara Bronfman by Marie White…

Sara Bronfman, one of the highest-ranked NXIVM members, fled the US in 2018 before her sister’s arrest and lives in Portugal.

A prominent investment manager in New York, whose clients are some of the wealthiest in the world, manages her portfolio. FR estimates her net worth at $500 million.

Clare’s Net Worth Increases

Clare Bronfman by MK10 ART

Clare Bronfman disclosed her net worth at $200 million to the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York when she sought bail after her 2018 arrest.

FR uncovered she failed to disclose more than $100 million in assets to the court, failing to list her ownership of 80 percent of Wakaya Island in Fiji and its principal resort, Wakaya Club and Spa, and her scattered Los Angeles real estate holdings, which the author recovered for her and which she has titled in various corporate names.

Clare Bronfman forgot to mention that she owned Wakaya Island.

Clare’s net worth has likely grown since 2018 since she no longer funds the NXIVM enterprise or Raniere’s investments.

She continues to fund Raniere’s legal efforts to get out of prison and her own failed attempts to get placed in a lower security facility.

Still, her net worth is growing thanks to prison and its limitations on her tomfoolery.  Bronfman is currently at the maximum security Philadelphia Detention Center.

Clare’s Fruitless Prison Fight

MK10ART’s Clare Bronfman

After significant legal expenditure and maneuvering, Clare got the BOP to assign her to the low-security Danbury prison.

She wanted more. She sued the BOP in the US District Court for the District of Connecticut for not placing her in the lowest security camp at Danbury.

FCI Danbury

She offered many legal arguments through her attorneys, each exquisitely presented by her legal team at great expense.

With a tone often found in Bronfman’s other litigation conducted on behalf of Raniere, her lawyers saturated her pleadings with righteousness and haughty indignation.

The filings exposed the BOP’s many misdeeds concerning the heiress’ ill-treatment. The tone of her filings assumed that a trembling BOP would effectuate her transfer to the Danbury Camp without delay.

The lawyers overlooked one small point. The BOP has custody of the heiress.

Instead of rebutting the arguments made to persuade a federal judge to force her to move to the nicer camp, the BOP removed her from the jurisdiction, transferring her from the low-security facility in Danbury back to the maximum-security Philadelphia Detention Center where she started.

Key Points to Ponder

Painting of Clare Bronfman by MK10ART.
MK10Art’s portrait of Sara Bronfman

The key to the NXIVM civil lawsuit is tying the Bronfman sisters to the innumerable harms NXIVM and Raniere did to his followers by their funding, recruiting, intimidating, enabling, and knowingly promoting reckless and illegal acts in which both sisters were often active participants.

Always arrogant and self-assured that their wealth and status exempt them from all the ordinary decencies all other humans are called to account to obey, they wrecked many lives.

This time the tide may change, the worm may turn and the wreckers wrecked.  And the beasts are called to the slaughter at the end of the hunt.

Vicious Clare Bronfman and the crafty and heartless Keith Raniere Painting by Marie White….

Both sisters excel in wasting money and stupidity, and none can ever offer them good advice. I will venture mine, since I served them well in the past – only to have them turn again and rend me.

They tried to serve me up for a lifetime in prison.

Settle Stupids

They should settle the lawsuit, especially Sara, if the judge does not dismiss the case.


For one thing, they can settle for not much more than they will spend in lawyers’ fees, and not risk losing much more if the jury goes against them.

A trial will also garner a lot of bad publicity. 

But that is not the reason. The reason is goodwill – and money.

These two women should realize that all their contacts, everyone who gets anywhere near to them does so with an adverse impression for their roles of harm in NXIVM, whether they speak of it openly or not.

Most do not speak of it, and the foolish heiresses might think it is not in the minds of those they meet and does not guide their conduct in dealing with these two – as untrustworthy, unreliable and reckless.

Good people will stay away, and only scoundrels will venture to do business with them.

MK10ART, Keith Raniere, Clare and Sara Bronfman and below Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel Chakravorty

Settle Sara

If they, or at least Sara, used a fraction of the money they used to destroy others to help their victims, their reputation would make a sharp uptick, and that would attract opportunities, including financial.

People would not hold their noses when dealing with them. 

Instead of being a force for evil, selfishness, idleness, and moral rot, they might work oppositely and be known for charity and kindness.

Many wealthy people give millions, and their enhanced reputation brings them goodwill, which brings financial advantages as a direct result of their charities. They make more money directly from their well-publicized charity than the amount they donate.  

For purely greed-driven reasons, Sara should at least settle. It will make her millions.

MK10ARt’s painting of Sara Bronfman.

Clare too Stupid

Marie White’s painting of Clare Bronfman, loyal stooge of Raniere, wearing a jock strap because Raniere told her to do so….

Clare is probably thinking as she mops excrement off the floor from the backed-up sewers at the Philadelphia Detention Center that no price is too high to support a man the rest of the world knows as a villain—unconscious of the harm she has done to so many, including herself.

I wish she could wake up. But I know better.

Bumble on fool.

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  • Regarding “The Evil Clare Bronfman and the Deceitful and Heartless Keith Raniere Painted by Marie White…”
    I particularly like this painting. It is the successful and appropriate style and composition of the picture that makes it particularly successful and worth seeing.

  • Rule #1 Follow the Money!
    Rule # 2
    Follow the Money!
    Rule #3 Follow the Money!
    Rule #4 There are no more rules!

      • What good are rules if no one follows them? Anonymous

        Ask the FBI since it can not figure out that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real!

  • Poor Clare. It took being thrown back to the detention center to know what’s it’s like to be truly owned.

    None of the Raniere slave ownership can compare with the BOP owning you.

  • Via ECJF

    The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
    United States District Court
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    Re: United States v. Keith Raniere
    Case No.: 18-Cr-00204-NGG

    Dear Judge Garaufis:

    We represent Keith Raniere, the defendant in the above-referenced action. On July 24,
    2023, the Court ordered the defendant’s response to be filed on or before September 1, 2023.
    The defendant respectfully requests a 14 day extension, from September 1, 2023 to September
    15, 2023.

    Mr. Raniere’s incarceration poses certain logistical challenges, and we respectfully
    request this extension to ensure that Mr. Raniere is fully able to participate in his defense and
    assist in the filing of his response.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Arthur L. Aidala
    Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, P.C.
    546 5th A venue, 6th Floor
    New York, New York 10036
    Attorneys for Keith Raniere

    cc: AUSA Tanya Hajjar

  • Comes a point with that much wealth that it totally erases not only your personality and character. But any semblance of who you might have potentially been as a human being in this incarnation on Earth.
    What a fucking waste. Could have cued a disease with that cash. Created homes for homeless. Filled a hospital with machines, medications and staff. Ran an orphanage and educated girls in countries where their options are as limited, as your are now.
    But no.
    Because you lack a character and social experience you wasted decades on a vile human being, and funded him to do harm.
    Yes you did.
    Claire, join a nunnery, give your money away, it’s done nothing but harm in your hands.
    Sarah, there is no statute of limitations on many cases. You’ll get that knock on the door at an inconvenient hour. The FBI haven’t forgotten about you
    Stop fucking with people.

  • Sara’s decisions to flee to France and then to Portugal seem flawed – the U.S. has extradition treaties with both countries. But then again, it’s somewhat of a mystery why the Eastern District of New York declined to prosecute her. Her hands may not be as dirty as Clare’s, but Sara knowingly funded a criminal enterprise, and that falls squarely within the ambit of RICO.

  • Why do you folks think I constantly asked the questions about who was funding Allison Mack’s lavish lifestyle????
    Relentless questioning!
    Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman were partners in crime.
    DOS was the perfect set up for Bronfman to fund a prostitution ring in NYC as well as Albany!

    Allison Mack’s DOS advanced female emancipation by creating new levels of criminal conduct for women.
    Pimping and money launderiing.
    Any investigation of NXIVM that fails to uncover all aspects of the crimes is only half complete.

  • It’s been said there is a sucker born every minute and if that’s true then Clare and Sara qualify as suckers. Both literally and figuratively. In 60 years I have never see two more foolish and reckless spendthrifts.

    Ugly as sin but rich. Sad that we see so many with no common sense blessed with so much wealth. Edgar had no idea but he facilitated the creation of two monsters who would bring the family name crashing down.

    I’m hoping they lose everything.

  • But for their funding Raniere, there would have been no NXIVM, no DOS, and likely only mostly penny-ante crimes, such as those Toni Natalie and Raniere conspired to do in the 1990s.

  • The early 20th Century horror writer H.P. Lovecraft wrote about ancient, timeless Evil. Evil which predated the existence of life. Evil which predated the Big Bang. These Evil forces sometimes aligned with physical locations and or entities.

    Lovecraft wrote fictional stories. However, I do believe forces of Evil do exist.

    The Bronfman Family Fortune is an entity which is aligned with this type of Evil. Selling hard liquor to millions of people was the source of the riches. Liquor which caused cancer, liver disease, mental impairment. Millions of unnecessary painful deaths. Car crashes, domestic abuse, suicides, etc. You get the picture…

    Clare and Sara took their Evil money and knowingly funded a cruel, sadistic cult leader, Keith “Squarefoot” Raniere.

    Clare helped funnel young, vulnerable women into the U.S. to have sex with Squarefoot. She did horribly sadistic things to them. She gave Squarefoot and Nancy millions of dollars to do their Evil deeds.

    Sara played dumb, but trust me, she knew about all of it.

    Plaintiffs, please, do NOT keep any of the filthy Bronfman money when you sue their pants off. IMMEDIATELY donate it to charity. If you keep any Bronfman money, it will poison your life.

    But please do sue them for everything they have.

    • Pilgrim I think you are spot on. The best argument for the lawsuit is that Bronfmans knew what Raniere was with other women but they recruited women from foreign countries to come to the USA knowing what Raniere was. That was not willfully blind it is eyes wide open. They promised the women one wage then cut them down or didn’t pay them or made them take classes and took it out of their pay. They cut their pay not because they could not afford to pay them but because that would keep the women dependent so they could please Raniere by providing those young bodies to Raniere. That’s trafficking. That’s racketeering.

      • Thanks, 10:39 AM.

        I somewhat recall a victim saying Clare, or someone, confiscated their work and or passport documentation and would not return it.

        The irony here is Clare could have simply hired personal assistants to do WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE NEEDED! She did NOT have to victimize these poor women. She could have just given Squarefoot money and he could have hired prostitutes to do whatever he needed to fulfill his kinks.

        Bottom line is, this was a pleasure experiment. They wanted to push the boundaries. They got a fix off of having control and dominance over another human.

        The scary thing is, when Clare is release from prison, what and who is next? She may just move to a corrupt third-world country where she can bribe the officials and get away with whatever she wants.

        Lord have Mercy…

    • Pilgrim.
      I read this quote, don’t recall who originally wrote it. I think it applies to the Bronfman sisters perfectly.
      ‘Some people are so poor, that all they have is money.’

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