Cartoon Linking Judge Adelman to Beloved Comic Curly Howard Condemned

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Yesterday, Frank Report published a painting of Curly Adelman, Larry O’Neill, and Moe Grossman – The Three Stooge Judges.

It prompted a letter from Daniel P. Rosenberg.

By Daniel P. Rosenberg

I am the president of Nyuk Nyuk Nation, a group dedicated to preserving the legacy of Jerome Lester Horwitz, better known as Curly Howard, the legendary Jewish comedian and one-third of the Jewish comedy team, The Three Stooges.

Jerome Lester Curly Howard Horwitz

Jerome, whose Hebrew name was Yehudah Leib bar Shlomo Natan HaLevi, was an Ashkenazi Jew, like myself and his brothers, Moses ‘Moe’ Horwitz and Samuel ‘Shemp’ Horwitz, and also their wonderful partner Louis Feinberg, better known as Larry Fine.

Nyuk Nyuk Nation strives to ensure that Curly Howard’s memory and contributions to comedy are never forgotten.

So you can imagine our surprise when it was brought to our attention that you published a caricature cartoon comparing Curly with the notorious Connecticut Superior Court Judge Trial Referee of the Regional Family Trial Docket, Gerard I. Adelman, also an Ashkenazi Jew.

It was a shock, because I happened to know Gerard back in the days of the Meriden Connecticut Rotary Club. We nicknamed him “Triple G” then, short for Gazlen Gonif Gerard – the most rapacious guardian ad litem and advocate of another Ashkenazi Jew, Dr. Richard Gardner, founder of the profitable parental alienation syndrome – used to steal children from mothers for decades.

Young Gerard Adelman

To compare Gerry Adelman to Curly Howard serves to defeat everything Nyuk Nyuk Nation stands for. Inspired by Curly’s fondness for children and animals, our group works with charitable organizations to support causes that reflect his compassionate spirit, which includes the protection of children, not their bargain and sale.

Curly loved children and would never do anything to take children from their loving mothers.

As I said, Curly and his brothers, Moses ‘Moe’ and Samuel ‘Shemp’, were of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

Jennie and Solomon Horwitz

Their parents, Solomon Horwitz and Jennie Gorovitz Horwitz, were part of a vibrant working-class Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Ironically, Curly’s parents separated in the mid-1920s – when Curly was about the same age as Mia and Matthew, who you wrote about in your story.

But there was no Judge Adelman to force Curly away from his mother. It was a good thing too. His mother was the parent who supported Curly’s comedic pursuits, encouraged his talents, and helped him start in the entertainment business.

During his life, Curly adored his mother and often quoted Proverbs 31:26-28: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed.”

As you know, Curly passed away on January 18, 1952, at the age of 48 years, two months, and 27 days.

Before he died, he had two children. He never dreamed of separating his girls from their mothers. Curly married Elaine Ackerman in 1937, and had a daughter, Marilyn in 1938, and divorced in 1940.

He never tried to steal the child from her mother.

Comparing Curly Howard, a man who brought happiness to children, to Gerard Adelman, a goniff who steals happiness from children, is cruel.


Curly would sometimes play the role of a child.

I realize that lampooning Adelman by comparing him to Curly is protected speech. I am not threatening you with legal action. I ask only that you consider that millions of children and people who used to be children love Curly Howard, and he loved them in return.

No one can think of Curly, young or old, without a smile emerging on their face.

On the other hand, Adelman brought thousands of children tears and sorrow. Driven by greed, power, and hatred of women, he leaves a legacy of human trauma on children and adults alike.

There are no smiles in Gerard Adelman’s courtroom, except for the smiles on the beaks of the wake of vultures who make their living in reliance on his profit-driven rulings.

Judge Adelman’s court attracts the finest family law practitioners.

How many adults suffer from the torment Adelman inflicted on them as children is unknown.

On the other hand, Curly was known for his fun, zany antics, and slapstick comedy, and phrases like “I am a victim of Soi-cumstances.”

There is nothing funny about Adelman making children victims of his greed-driven rulings.

Please remove this image comparing Judge Gerald Adelman to the late great Jerome Curly Howard.

Join us at Nyuk Nyuk Nation as we pay tribute to Curly Howard, keeping his laughter alive and inspiring new generations to embrace the joy he brought to the world.

Maybe by thinking of comic Curly and not the gonif Gerard, we will work to rid ourselves of the cruel power-driven authoritarianism of such as he, and embrace the joy of healing and laughter and gentle loving comedy for our children and ourselves, and not the terrorizing of them by taking them out of their happy homes to satisfy the money-driven beasts like the Gazlen Gonif, and master of sorrows for children, Gerard Adelman.

Let Us Prey —-Lawyers, guardians ad litem and custody evaluators line up for feeding in Judge Adelman’s courtroom.

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  • Connecticut State Representative Gonzalez is among the best of the best fighting the worst of the worst. says:

    … Proposed Bill No. 5505 Introduced by: REP. GONZALEZ, 3rd Distric. on January 16 2015:

    2015-03-06 House Public Hearing 03/11
    2015-03-05 House Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary
    2015-03-04 House Drafted by Committee
    2015-02-11 House Vote to Draft
    2015-01-16 House Referred to Joint Committee on Judiciary

    Referred to Committee on JUDICIARY – 25% progression, died in committee because of Robert Horwitz, Douglas I. Fishman and others:

    “… HARTFORD MEDIATION AND LAW, LLC Mediation and Legal Counsel for Individuals, Families and Businesses

    Douglas I. Fishman Member

    From: Attorney Douglas I. Fishman
    To: Judicial Committee Members
    Regarding: Committee Bill No. 5505, An Act Concerning Family Court Proceedings

    This bill is bad 👿 for the children of divorcing parents, bad 👿 for divorcing spouses, bad 👿 for health care professionals, and bad 👿 for the state of Connecticut.

    Section 1: This section unwisely restricts judges from acting to protect children during high-conflict divorce matters.🤔

    One might say that this section is exactly backwards, and that it should require that judges order supervised parenting time when: 1) DCF substantiates abuse or neglect; 2) a parent does not have an established relationship with the child; 3) a parent engages in criminal conduct that presents a potential risk to the health, safety and well-being of a child or 4) suffers from a severe mental disability that presents a potential risk to the health, safety and well-being of a child.

    Beyond that error in logic, the stated requirement that “supervised visitation” must be based upon a finding of “neglect or abuse that has been substantiated by the Department of Children and Families” will result the terrible unintended consequence of a massive increase in the number of calls to DCF by feuding, divorcing, parents. This will, in turn, result in an enormous backlog of investigations by DCF and/or necessitate the hiring many more investigative workers to handle this upsurge in allegations, all at great expense to the taxpayers of Connecticut. I further believe that this requirement will actually be an incentive to litigants in highly contested divorce actions to make abuse and neglect allegations as a way to harass and intimidate their soon-to-be-former spouses.

    Section 2: Stripping GALs and AMCs of judicial immunity will remove this tool from the court’s toolbox.🤔 If an “aggrieved” litigant is allowed to sue the GAL or AMC, private attorneys and mental health professionals will simply not accept such assignments. No professional will expose himself or herself to the possibility of litigation at the hands of disgruntled divorce litigants, because of a) the financial exposure; b) the potential loss of time involved in defending such actions; and, c) the inevitable skyrocketing of professional liability insurance premiums which will accompany this exposure.

    Without being able to enlist the help of GALs or AMCs, the only recourse for judges will be to refer cases to Family Relations, which will experience an even deeper backlog of cases than currently exists, and/or the necessity of hiring many more Family Relations Officers at great expense to the taxpayers of Connecticut.

    Section 3: Allowing litigants to choose their own psychological evaluators will result in a lack of objectivity in those reports.🤔 The reports would come from multiple sources in a single case, thereby depriving the court the professionally objective feedback it needs in order to provide for the best interest of the children. Requiring judges to defer to high-conflict litigants’ preferences of health care providers for custody evaluations is akin to giving the fox the keys to the henhouse. Further, as written, there is no requirement that the “licensed health care provided” be trained or certified in areas of practice related to the types of services needed in these matters. At a minimum there must be an approved list of providers for this important and necessary services.

    Section 4: Disallowing GALs from testifying as to the diagnoses or conclusions of health care professionals regarding the minor child will also inevitably decrease the amount of information available to the court and increase the cost of litigation.🤔 Health care professional, understanding that they face an increased likelihood of being called to testify, will refuse to take cases involving the parents and children involved in high-conflict custody matters. For those who choose to continue working with families involved in such cases, there will be substantial fees associated with preparing for and testifying at trial. Removing the GAL’s authority to testify about the diagnoses and conclusions of health care professionals may also result in high-conflict litigants’ refusing to authorize contact between the GAL and the health care professional, further depriving the courts of important and necessary information in these cases. It will also have a chilling effect on ongoing mental health treatment since it increases the likelihood that the privilege of therapeutic care could be breached by an adverse party.

    In summary, Committee Bill 5505 will result in more expensive divorce litigation and less information for the courts pertaining to the vulnerable children of high-conflict divorcing parents.🤔 The Bill will result in tremendous increases in calls to DCF alleging abuse or neglect, which in turn will result in greater workloads for caseworkers, more backlog, and/or the necessity of hiring more investigative workers, at great expense to the taxpayers of Connecticut. The Bill will also result in an increase of referrals to Family Relations, which will also result in greater workloads for Family Relations Officers, more backlog, and/or the necessity of hiring more Officers, also at great expense to the taxpayers of Connecticut. The Bill will effectively remove GALs and AMCs from the court’s toolbox, and will deny judges the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the children of divorce.

    For all these reasons and more, I urge you to vote NO on Committee Bill 5505.

    With concern,🤔
    Douglas I. Fishman Attorney/Mediator

    Mr. Fishman’s Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce is a “non-profit organization” — just as Mr. Horwitz’s Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. was said to be.

    Mr. Fishman and Mr. Horwitz are pleased to announce their “Fall 2023 Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training, with esteemed trainers, Elizabeth S. Thayer Ph.D. Attorney Kim Duell and James Russell! Save the dates, November 9, 10, 13 & 14! Registration will be opening this week, check their website for more information, coming soon!

    • “Section 4: Disallowing GALs from testifying as to the diagnoses or conclusions of health care professionals …“

      How many GALs are qualified to testify “as to the diagnoses or conclusions of health care professionals”?

      How many millions of dollars have parents paid GALs to testify “as to the diagnoses or conclusions of health care professionals”?

      For how many years have parents paid GALs to testify “as to the diagnoses or conclusions of health care professionals”?

      • I got one better for you. How is a gal qualified to render mental health services to a minor child? Engaging in reunification therapy sessions. Have the receipt to prove it.

        • Years ago, Attorney Gerard Adelman and Attorney Christopher Goulden both provided “reunification services” aka “grooming” for an identified perpetrator.

          Is it interesting or predictable that they both managed the Ambrose case years later? What should the public think of state family courts that punish protective parents? And, what should the public think when those same state family courts reward criminals who mismanage cases involving disclosures of sexual abuse?

          Mr. Adelman is now a judge. Mr. Goulden still as his law license. Attorney Cunha lost her law license for noticing the criminals and their crimes.

    JULY 18, 2019

    … Lethality/Supplemental Risk Indicator Project

    In addition to the DVSI-R, the Judicial Branch has been collaborating with two leaders in the field of risk assessment to expand and further refine the assessment of risk in estimating the potential for life- threatening intimate partner violence. The introduction of Supplemental Risk Indicators (SRI) was developed after working with Dr. Kirk Williams and Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell. Dr. Campbell has done extensive research and is the foremost expert in determining dangerousness in domestic violence situations.

    Five specific questions have been formulated and drawn from the Danger Assessment developed by Dr. Campbell that have the highest predictability of identifying those domestic violence situations that are at greatest risk of potentially escalating to intense violence. These questions will be incorporated into the Family Services Arraignment Assessment Report and recommendations, alerting the court to the potential danger within a case. Dr. Williams has just completed the initial validation study on the SRI with the promising results regarding the predictive validity of the tool to be published in the near future. …”

    Jennifer Dulos went missing on May 24, 2019. She was probably killed in a violent attack at her home in New Canaan, Connecticut in the middle of Connecticut family court divorce and child-custody proceedings.

    The public isn’t allowed to know which risk assessments Connecticut family courts used in the Dulos case. The public isn’t allowed to know anything about the Dulos case for the next forty years from the day of that court order.

    Stamford Advocate: “Defense attorney Norm Pattis has offered to pay back more than half of the $250,000 retainer he received from Fotis Dulos in the days before he died. An attorney representing her mother, Gloria Farber, plans to contest an agreement the administrator for Fotis Dulos’ estate has reached with Pattis to reimburse $137,500 of the retainer he received in January. …”

    Fotis Dulos took money from Jennifer’s family to pay Norm Pattis.
    Chris Ambrose took money from Karen’s family to pay Alex Cuda, DV Expert Extraordinaire.

    • How many thousands of dollars did Chris Ambrose and Edward “Ed” Nusbaum take from Karen Riordan?

      Do Connecticut family court administrators know about that theft? If Connecticut family court administrators know about the theft, what’s been done to protect that mother’s right to competent counsel in all that lawfare waged against her and her children?

      Does Elizabeth Bozzuto have an interest in righting wrongs in the Ambrose case? Does Ms. Bozzuto know how Mr. Cuda used Jennifers Law against those three teenagers?

      Is Ms. Bozzuto protecting the three teenagers?

      Or, is Ms. Bozzuto’s lack of oversight in the case designed to protect the three family court judges in their silencing of Paul Boyne?

      Elizabeth Bozzuto was the judge presiding over Ted Taupier’s divorce and child custody case. Before Mr. Taupier’s arrest, he was conducting a forensic study of the finances of those most involved in Connecticut family court corruption.

      In the middle of that forensic investigation, Mr. Taupier was arrested and jailed for writing an email some found to be objectionable.

      Did state and federal offices focus on those objectionable words, terms and phrases or did they focus on Mr. Taupier’s forensic review of Connecticut family court finances?

      Where’s the focus and who has the data to show us what happened, Connecticut?

  • The University of Denver:

    “Peter Salem, M.A., is executive director of the Association of Family of Conciliation Courts (AFCC) an interdisciplinary and international association of more than 5,000 members worldwide. He served as AFCC associate director from 1994-2002. He was a Distinguished Fellow of the William T. Grant Foundation (2009-2012), working with the Arizona State University Prevention Research Center to better integrate research into practice and policy in family law and dispute resolution. He has served as an adjunct professor of law at Marquette University (1998-2008) and director and mediator for Mediation and Family Court Services in Rock County, Wisconsin (1989-1994).

    Salem is co-editor of Divorce Mediation: Models Techniques and Applications (Guilford, 2004), author of numerous journal articles, and he has written and produced several training and educational videotapes. His work has been recognized with awards including the John M. Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award (Association of Conflict Resolution) the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts President’s Award the Wisconsin Association of Mediators Distinguished Service Award and an Award of Excellence (team award) for AFCC’s Domestic Violence and Family Courts Project.

    Salem’s recent work has focused on organizational collaborations to improve family law and dispute resolution processes and systems addressing controversial issues including shared parenting and young children, differentiation and intimate partner violence, family law education reform, and differentiated case management in family courts.

    Salem has a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University and a master’s in media and communication management from Emerson College.”

    • Adelman is too low down on the totem pole. A few geniuses at Yale, McGill and comrades in New Haven probably did at some point after setting up AFCC, Inc. in 1984.

      “We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them.”

  • The parental alienation bench is now being replaced by coercive control!

    Taking laws to protect and using those laws to target victims!

    PA 21-78 – now used against the children and women it was designed to protect.

    Used by the biggest fem of all Chris Ambrose.

    • Laws are massaged to be use of the benefit of those who are in power. Ultimately the balance of power needs to be addressed. The state needs to give the power back to the people. Elect the judges.

    • Case #1


      189.01 08/04/2023 C ORDER HEARING AND NOTICE
      190.00 08/04/2023 P NOTICE

      08/17/23 Jennifer #3 found at the bottom of her basement stairs

      1 08/31/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Off
      2 09/01/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Off
      3 09/15/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Proceeding
      4 09/15/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Proceeding …”


      Case #2

      Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed NEEDLE & CUDA (439351) 👈 🤔
      830 POST ROAD EAST
      SUITE 301
      WESTPORT, CT 06880
      Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/20/2021 👈

      Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed BRODER 👈 🤔 ORLAND MURRAY & DEMATTIE LLC (424014)
      WESTPORT, CT 06880
      Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/21/2021

      Self-Rep: 2 NORFIELD ROAD
      WESTON, CT 06883 File Date: 02/06/2023
      GAL for Minor Child

      “… Connecticut Attorney Melissa Needle…In or around 2009, CT Family Court appointed Needle to act as the attorney for two children, working alongside the guardian ad litem (GAL) Eric Broder, in the high conflict, high net worth divorce action: Paul Greenan vs. Suzanne Greenan …”

      Did Broder and Needle collude to throw the Greenan case?

      “… Needle and GAL Broder did not recommend joint custody. Instead, they recommended to the judge that the mother get sole custody. For all we know, the mother, who had far more money than the husband at the time, paid Needle the money she sought. Greenan could not have unsupervised access to his children for over 15 months. …”

      Did Broder, Needle and Cuda throw the Lindstrom case — one way or another — before Jennifer #3 was found at the bottom of her basement stairs? 🤔

      Who/what prompted Ms. Ehinger’s involvement in Jennifer #3’s case? Did Ms. Ehinger advise Needle, Cuda and/or Broder in the use of Jennifer’s Law? What was Ms. Ehinger’s opinion regarding “coercive control” in Jennifer #3’s case?

      If there was a disclosure/several disclosures of sexual abuse in the first case: DBD-FA15-6018285-S – LINDSTROM, JENNIFER v. LINDSTROM, MARC : In what ways did Ms. Ehinger’s advice about “coercive control” lead to successes and/or failures in Jennifer #3’s case?

      Ms. Ehinger was involved in some way as GAL in the second case beginning February 6, 2023. That was about six months ago. What was done in Jennifer #3’s case after February 6, 2023?

      How did Jennifer #3 end up at the bottom of her basement stairs?

      Was it financial stress having to do with an upcoming child support hearing? Or, were Dr. Richard Gardner’s theories and practices the straw that broke a camel’s back?

      Ms. Ehinger and Ms. Kloth-Zanard are proponents of Dr. Richard Gardner’s theories and practices.

      A few examples of Dr. Richard Gardner’s “expert advice” which destroyed millions of children and families in “family courts” in states and nations around the world since the 1980s:

      “At the present time, the sexually abused child is generally considered to be the victim,” though the child may initiate sexual encounters by ‘seducing’ the adult.”
Gardner, Richard A., Child Custody Litigation (1986), p.93

      “Sexualizing children can have procreative purposes, because a sexualized child is more likely to reproduce at an earlier age. “The younger the survival machine at the time sexual urges appear, the longer will be the span of procreative capacity, and the greater the likelihood the individual will create more survival machines in the next generation.” 
Gardner, Richard A., True and False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse (1992), pp.24-25

      “It is extremely important for therapists to appreciate that the child who has been genuinely abused may not need psychotherapeutic intervention.”
Ibid. p.535

      “There is a whole continuum that must be considered here, from those children who were coerced and who gained no pleasure (and might even be considered to have been raped) to those who enjoyed immensely (with orgastic responses) the sexual activities.”
Ibid. p.548

    • That public hearing was in March, 2014.

      What happened next?

      By DAVE COLLINS – Associated Press – Wednesday, February 4, 2015

      NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) – Federal authorities in Connecticut announced a new task force Wednesday to investigate corruption by public officials, saying the problem remains persistent despite numerous prosecutions in the state.

      The task force comprises officials from several federal agencies who have worked together in the past on prominent cases, including the corruption prosecutions of former Gov. John G. Rowland.

      “This is a persistently present problem,” said Deirdre Daly, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut. “It’s somewhat discouraging and troubling because over the last decade plus there have been a number of high-profile public corruption prosecutions in Connecticut and yet corruption persists on a number of different levels.”

      The large number of cases has earned the state the dubious nickname “Corrupticut,” with two corruption cases against Rowland putting the state in the national spotlight. …

      … The new task force, which has been operating for a few months, includes officials with the FBI, IRS, Postal Inspection Service and the departments of Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development. Daly said five officials with those agencies will work together at the FBI office in Meriden, in the first task force of its kind in the state.

      “Public servants are entrusted by all of us to act in the best interests of the public they serve,” said Patricia Ferrick, the top FBI agent in Connecticut. “It is important for the United States to bring justice to those who betray that trust. Public corruption at all levels of local, state and federal government must not be tolerated.”

      Officials also urged government employees to report corruption and said criminal acts can be reported anonymously to a hotline, 800-CALL-FBI, which is staffed by FBI agents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. …”

      Many parents who were victims of blatant corruption in Connecticut family courts called that hotline. Some gave the evidence over the phone. Some went to FBI offices to offer the evidence in person.

      It’s now almost ten years since then.

      Ted Taupier was arrested and jailed for complaining about the corruption in an email.

      Paul Boyne was arrested and jailed for complaining about the blatant family court corruption on a blog (in the most extremely vile ways possible) to prove the point about how important free speech is in a free society.

      In Canada, some family courts are as corrupted as Connecticut family courts.

      January 3, 2023: Dr. Jordan B Peterson wrote on Twitter …

      “BREAKING: the Ontario College of Psychologists @CPOntario has demanded that I submit myself to mandatory social-media communication retraining with their experts for, among other crimes, retweeting @PierrePoilievre and criticizing @JustinTrudeau and his political allies.”

      Now the Ontario government’s case against Dr. Peterson is done and the old-time Connecticut establishment’s case against Paul Boyne is next.

      It suddenly seems all of North America is longer what it used to be or, we’ve all been frogs on a stove in a pot of warm water for a very long time.

      • How much does Peter know about the fatherhood funding? Peter is also promoting the fatherhood initiative welfare reform act. Peter is no dummy. He’s leaves no stone inturned when it comes to the court system. He’s not mentioned the MOU and access and visitation grant program. How much does he know about Joanie’s PAS business. How has he missed the entire family court system is financially run on the fatherhood initiative federal funding? Perhaps the well educated Peter watch dog for family court matters can respond? I’m sure he did not just leave it to calling the number for Connecticut fatherhood initiative. We know that is not your style.

    • These are complaints several mothers in CPM have. They are not being supported to have these complaints brought to the state. Because in the past judges have targeted DV victims in CPM. Punishing them with removing their children. It’s time to break the silence. Vindictive judges punishing people for outing the lawlessness of their court house. Continued abuse of power.

  • Human trafficking conviction for Glastonbury business man overturned by Connecticut supreme court. 2021 Hartford CT. 7-0 judges ruled that the prosecutor did not prove Bruce Bemer know the young men he was paying for sex actors were human trafficking victims.

  • Some of my happiest memories from childhood involve watching The Tree Stooges re-runs. Gerard’s photo replacing Curly’s sweet face taints Jerome’s memory as much as Adelman’s partner in crime taints the legacy of the Horwitz name. Gerard and Robert, with Bruce, Lynda, Sidney and others, formed a sinister network in the state’s family courts that destroyed thousands of childhoods for the past several decades.

    All those childhoods they destroyed can’t be replaced. And, everyone professing any religion, philosophy or lifestyle who enabled and ignored the crimes that group committed are as guilty as they are for enabling and allowing thousands of childhoods to be destroyed.

    Curly didn’t operate in a vacuum. Adelman didn’t either. Both had accomplices.

    The Tree Stooges spread joy. Adelman and his team spread destruction, often thinking what they did was funny. Sidney Horowitz was on the Boyne case. He joked with friends on Facebook about “Angry Birds” being his “Favorite Game”.

    Lynda Munro was part of that skit, paying Sidney for his services in the Boone case. The damage they left in their wake will be in the headlines as millions of taxpayer dollars will pay for the Boyne proceedings.

    If Gerard’s accomplices don’t have Paul killed before the jury trial, the discovery should be as informative as it is entertaining — prompting many arrests and prosecutions — for duty and humanity.

    • Exactly on point. Had authorities dealt with these criminals in 2013 this would have been over and done with.

      Instead they took their pay and enabled this criminal enterprise to flourish.

  • National crime justice reference. George Washington University. September 2021. Document #302141. The author shows the use of federal funding provided by the US department of justice to prepare the following resources. It’s an overview of family court study. It’s a study of the family court system and the failure to believe credible evidence from protective parents reporting abuse. Mental physical and sexual. The use of parental alienation in family law cases. It’s a good read. Recommend for the judges, judiciary committee. Legislators specifically in Connecticut.

  • Master of sorrows for children, Gerard Adelman—

    This is the perfect description for this ruthless being.

    Thank you for reporting on him. He should have been stopped so many years ago. End his torment. Judges like ONeill need to stop following in his path.

    There are great judges out there. Let them shine and get rid of the toxic beings that destroy lives.

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