Ambrose Seeks Forced Return of Teens in Rhode Island

Attorney Alexander Cuda, billing at $700 per hour, has made a motion to try to force three teenagers into the home of Chris Ambrose. What he has not explained is how he intends to force three very determined teenagers to be held captive there.

Chris Ambrose has moved CT Superior Court to have an expedited hearing on motions for contempt against the mother of his three teenage children, Karen Riordan.

He claims Riordan is violating Judge Thomas O’Neill’s August 8th Orders of Protection concerning their three teenagers — Sawyer, 13, Matthew, 16, and Mia, 16.

Judge O’Neill’s restraining orders bar the mother from coming within 100 yards of her children and making any phone or email contact with them.

This required the teens to move out of the home they were living in with their mother.

Judge O”Neill never met or saw the children, but determined that Riordan engaged in a pattern of coercive control of the teenagers.

Earlier – on July 21, 2023, Judge Eddie Rodriguez denied Ambrose’s request to restrain the mother from seeing Mia. Then Rodriquez recused himself from the case.

That same day, Judge Gladys Nieves denied Ambrose’s motion for a restraining order on behalf of Mia (against her mother), and also denied Ambrose’s urgent request for the arrest of Riordan.

Judge Nieves

The case was then transferred to Judge Thomas O’Neill, who issued the restraining orders against the mother.

The teenage children claim Ambrose abuses them.

Ambrose claims he does not, but that the mother has such coercive control over the children that they lie about him, saying whatever she tells them to say.

At the two-day coercive control hearing before Judge O’Neill, Ambrose testified at length – often breaking down into tears – over his loss of his children and loneliness.

Chris Ambrose

The mother, Riordan, also testified, claiming Ambrose tried to coercively control the children and that they do not want to live with him.

The judge declined Riordan’s request to hear from the children.

All three teens have court-appointed attorneys, but Judge O’Neill declared their claims of abuse were the result of Riordan’s brainwashing.

Judge Thomas O’Neill ruled that three teenage children do not need to voices their concerns about their father to his court.

Up until last week, the three teenagers lived with their mother.

Upon issuance of the restraining order, they moved out of their Madison home.

Based on the restraining order, the juvenile court dismissed the teens’ cases despite their attorneys’ arguments to have the children heard.

The teens continue to claim they want to live with their mother.

Ambrose, through his attorney Alexander Cuda, alleges that Matthew and Sawyer, after being barred from their mother, were required to come back to his home.

Matthew Ambrose, 16, with his mother, Karen Riordan. His father Chris Ambrose claims the teen is under her coercive control and cannot think for himself. Therefore, Matthew fails to realize that he is better off with his father than with his mother. 

Nothing in the order so requires that.

Neither teen chose to live with Ambrose, and he alleges the only reason they could escape the desire to be in his care is that Riordan exerted coercive control.

Cuda alleges Matthew, 16, and Sawyer, 13, went to stay with their maternal grandfather in Narragansett, Rhode Island – about 70 miles from their home in Madison.

Ambrose blames Riordan for coercively controlling Mia, who also declined to live with Ambrose.

On August 9, 2023, Mia was discharged from the hospital. Before leaving, CT DCF gave her the option of being released to her father or going to a juvenile detention center in Middletown, where she would become part of the foster care system under lockdown.

Mia left the hospital with her father. He had the Westbrook police there to attempt to force her to go home with him.

Mia refused. Police declined to subdue and handcuff the 16-year-old. She left to go to the home of a friend.

Ambrose alleges he expected Mia “would then return to [his] care.”

Instead, as Ambrose alleges, “Mia then disappeared from that [friend’s house] by the morning of August 10, 2023, and is now confirmed to be in Rhode Island with her siblings at Mr. Riordan’s residence.”

Ambrose calls the teenagers’ desire to be apart from him Riordan’s sole doing.

Attorney Cuda writes, “The Defendant has continued her pattern of coercive control – which is domestic violence under Connecticut statutes.”

Cuda, without evidence, adds that it was Riordan and not the teens themselves who found a way to get to their grandfather’s house.

Cuda states that “by [Riordan] sending the children to Rhode Island in an attempt to avoid the authority of the Court and frustrate implementation of its orders…  the Defendant is [continuing her]  abuse and interference with the children… so that the children do not return to the lawful care of the Plaintiff.”

Ambrose wants Riordan to “be found in willful contempt of the Court orders” and seeks:

  1. That the minor children be returned immediately to the care of the Plaintiff.
  2. That the Defendant be held in contempt.
  3. Such ancillary and/or clarification orders as may be necessary related to the Orders of Protection to ensure the orderly return of the minor children to the care of the Plaintiff.
  4. That the Defendant be sanctioned for her conduct.
  5. That if the Defendant will still not comply, then the Plaintiff requests incarceration be considered by the Court as a sanction.

What Ambrose has not explained in his motion, and perhaps will explain in court, is how he can force three teens, who are determined not to live with him – whether coercively controlled or not – back into his home – whether he gets Riordan incarcerated or not.

The three have run away already, and if somehow they could be forced to return, nothing other than force can restrain them from leaving again.

Also complicating matters is that Judge Gladys Nieves on July 21, denied Amrbose’s application restraining Riordan from being with Mia. Based on the legal concept of res judicata, the restraining order against Mia is null and void as a matter of law. In fact the entire proceeding may be held invalid and all three restraining orders may be invalid based on material misrepresentations made to the court by attorney Cunha.

Riordan raised this issue with Judge O’Neill but Ambrose’s attorney, Cuda, misinformed the court and said the motion was never decided by Judge Nieves. This is a factual error, which records on file with the CT court demonstrate.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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  • Truth is stranger than fiction describes this story. I hope netflix makes a movie out of it so people can understand how psychological people manipulate the court. Ambrose is driven to destroy his ex wife and children. Nothing will satisfy him until they are all dead or psychologically tortured. These kids must sue the state of Connecticut for not protecting their civil right to protection.

  • The entire CT Family Court system seems to be replete with cases dealing with mental illness; Chris Ambrose, Geoff Herzog and others. The Frank Reports could not be clearer in the uncovering of this and child trafficking going on in CT. Absolutely abhorrent. May they all be exposed as the national media begins to watch and report on this to cover up what the Deep State is doing.

  • Frank, I live about 30 minutes from Narragansett. I am an avid surfer and frequently visit Narragansett to surf several surf breaks in Pt. Judith and South Pier.

    If these kids or Karen need ANYTHING, I will email you my contact info. I like my anonymity on Frank Report, but I will break that if these kids or mother need any support.

    I give friends and family free use of my surfboards and free lessons how to surf. It’s a wonderful hobby and for many, a form of mental therapy. Everyone who’ve I have taught to surf loved it and said it was one of the best things things they have ever done.

    Please let them know they have at least one friend and supporter in Rhode Island. I will ALWAYS stand up for good people and lend my support and resources. Especially if they find themselves in a difficult situation. No one should ever feel alone in this world.

  • Lard ass Chris-co! Lard ass Chris-co! Your heart is made of play dough and you ain’t nothing but a mosquito!

    You think you’re so slick, but we all know you Sucked someones Dick, to « legally » kidnap those children, ain’t nothing but a villain!

    Lard ass Chris-co! Lard ass Chris-co! Your heart is made of play Dough and you ain’t nothing but a mosquito!


      Ambrose salad with marshmallows..
      Marshmallow man..

      « Marshmallow, Marshmallow, Marshmallow » 🥺😳😱

      Either Chris is on acid, or they all ‘dosed’ us, because these stories about different Hollywood pedo-pop writers aren’t logical, they are completely surreal and disturbing, (exactly like this video.)

      Seriously, the effect this dumb video has on the senses is what it feels like to be dealing with these hedonistic circus characters.

      I’d say Parental guidance is required to watch this video, but all these pedo «  parents » aren’t even fit to parent a plastic plant! So just watch at your own risk! Very disturbing. Watch and you’ll see what it feels like to go to family court trying to protect your children but instead of protecting your children, they legally kidnap your children and force them back with their abuser!

      And that’s EXACTLY how these pedo-pops treat their children, like « plastic plants » inanimate property that’s meant to serve them, and are disposable unless they obey.

      Praying for all the Children exposed to these horrific atrocities in different family courts .

      One day you will have your day.

  • So- Ambrose cut off mom for three years- yet she brainwashed them. Brain washing by ESP? Connecticut is a shit show, Amrbose is a pedo abuser and the kids are the only sane people here. Not that mom isn’t, but she’s going through hell

    • He did not cut them off. As you can see from this latest incident, Karen does not respect any court orders. She was in constant contact with the kids. And Chris did not pursue any contempt charges until it escalated to kidnapping. Again.

  • Please call the CT Center Against Domestic Violence’s 24-hour hotline.

    To report the willful and deliberate exposure of children to risk of injury and abuse at the hands of the good Judge O’Neil and Attorney Cuda.

    Not joking.

    The Chief State’s Attorney should be called as well.

    Our taxpayer dollars are paying for this crap.

    Call or text – can be anonymous:

    • O’Neil and Cuda are possibly pedophiles. They BOTH need to be investigated and if they have children, they need to be interviewed to understand if they have been sexually abused. PEDOPHILIA is part of the CT Family Court culture.

      • If they are, how would people know? There’s obviously close to zero oversight for Connecticut family courts.

  • Chis Ambrose:

    1. You do not own these teens; it’s 2023 the emancipation proclamation was signed in 1863

    2. It’s so strange you are so obsessed on possessing them, it’s disturbing. They do not wish to be in your care nor are they yours to incarcerate in your home and basement. See point 1

    3. They claim abuse which they have documented on their own citing your uncanny ability to lie to and manipulate the courts. Doesn’t that strike you as ironic that it turns out to be the case here. How DCF or police sex crime investigators can ignore their claims (and the evidence) under the guise of the theory of coercive control shocks the conscience and is nonsensical. Please point me to a case other than this one where children or teens (or adults for that matter) claim physical and sexual abuse and are given no voice in the investigative or court hearings /testimony/record on the matters and the claim wholesale dismissed.

    4. Your legal Tom Fuckery of late relative to the entirety bogus TRO based on Jennifer’s Law (I’m sure Jennifer Farber is rolling over in her grave that you’ve essentially continued the abuse she suffered by invoking the law that was brought about in her memory to stop crazy’s like you from perpetuating sadistic behavior like this against their families) to further your utter insanity

    5. Read the room. These teens you adopted DO NOT want to be with you so much so that at least one of them is willing to be a ward of the state. See point 3 The older two being reunited with their blood grandparents would be something to be happy for them not something you throw a tantrum to try and destroy. Talk about coercive control threatening their mother and them with arrest and incarceration just to satisfy your ego and whatever strange fetish or obsession you have with them. No reasonable person could conclude that your ex is the one engaging in coercive control giveb your recent hysteronics. See point 4

    6. Yours and Cudas hubris of misinforming the Court on the disposition of the matter previously by Nieves does make one wonder what else you might be lying about and should call into question the integrity and reliability of your entire testimony. Cuda should very well know better and I am sure is familiar with the legal concept of res judicata. Why is why he lied. If anybody should be sanctioned and worse it’s you too. I highly doubt this will go unnoticed nor Oneils bogus ruling stand

    7. Give it a rest already. Move on. Find a new obsession beyond these teens and exacting narcissistic revenge punishment against your ex wife. It’s a terrible look.

    8. The thing about the truth is it always comes to light eventually. This is a universal truth. You can count on this being the case and when it does i think you’ll find you’re gonna reap in spades what you’ve sewn and that should really worry you

    and those that love them (and that doesn’t seem to include you Ambrose evidence by your behavior)

    Be of good cheer and for a happy vibe, It occurs to me that the Beatles captured well the very likely trajectory of this all with their hit (and likely applicable to the soundtrack of your lives right now)

    I’d wager you’ll be reunited sooner than you think

    As for you Ambrose, go f*uck yourself

    • zero self respect. no self awareness. Just hog tie those kidz and dump them in his house so they can absolutely despise him ? What a frogging moron of a man.

      Have you heard the latest man? They hate you? !
      What self respecting man has to force people to stay ? It’s like a prison sentence, not a home coming , ya bloody gone mad Chris?

        • His new attorney seems mad, too. Or, Mr. Cuda — DV attorney extraordinaire— had no idea what the two good judges did right before he arrived on the Adelman crime scene.

          Or, Mr. Cuda knew exactly what the two good judges did right before he arrived on Adelman’s crime scene.

          If Mr. Cuda has known Mr. Nusbaum — billing lawyer extraordinaire— for a while, did he explain any personal and professional conflicts to all parties and the Court before or after he filed his appearance?

  • If it was already denied how come Ambrose gets to file the same motion again?

    Sounds like judge shopping to me.

    • From what I have seen Rodriguez doesnt like to work hard! He lands in Family! Only takes “the orders”! And Grossman has some goods on him to be in that much control of her past cases!!! What can it be???? Shakespeare = Denmark?

  • “The three have run away already, and if somehow they could be forced to return, nothing other than force can restrain them from leaving again.”

    Um, I think that if Karen acts like a grownup and stops forcing the children to act out this drama, the kids might stay where they are legally meant to stay. Karen is the one making this an “either/or” “choose between us” drama. Pathetic.

      • “But what if they don’t want to stay with their father?”

        in the words of Mick Jagger, You can’t always get what you want.

        • The three have run away already, and if somehow they could be forced to return, nothing other than force can restrain them from leaving again. 👈 That’s true.

          Regarding your choice of words: “if Karen acts like a grownup” … “to act out this drama” … “where they are legally meant to stay” …

          1. Karen is the great mother of those three teenagers. This isn’t a screenplay.

          2. Whenever Mr. Adelman and his friends commit crimes, his orders aren’t actual law. There’s no legality in fake Law and Order and those currently vulnerable teens are apparently “meant to stay” with their grandfather for now. Thank goodness. He loves them all very much. Many hope they will soon start to look and act the way they did before they went to live with the guy who threw sex, drugs and alcohol parties at one of their many homes. Teenagers and all children need to grow up in one home with a healthy family — without sex, drugs and alcohol parties.

          This isn’t an “… ‘either/or’ ‘choose between us’ drama …” and Chris should stop making it one.

          Definitely pathetic.

          • Karen Riordan is a “great” mother who couldn’t be bothered to show up to her children’s custody hearing and chose to visit Parlato in Florida instead of showing up to visitation with her kids. She is also a “great” mother who coached her children to lie about abuse.

            As for drinking, smoking and sex welcome to the world of teenagers, so what if these kids move in with Karen you think they’re never gonna toke, drink alcohol or have sex ever again? get real.

            I guess you also blame Ambrose for the wildfires in Canada.

          • So you’re a mean guy? Why so mean?

  • By making this request, I think Needle Cuda just took this matter Federal. Christopher Ambrose is reaching across state lines to seize his children. All the FEDS have to show is a history or previous pattern of sexual abuse and they can get a conviction.
    The Federal Pedophile laws are very different from Connecticut, which carries a 9 month mandatory minimum.
    Federal laws for CHOMOs (Child Molesters) have ten year (120 month+) plus mandatory minimums in some cases, and lifetime post release supervision. It’s the new crack.
    And those folks don’t have a fun time in prison, if they make it out at all.
    Hey Pilgrim, I’m already delivering on prison rape stories for you!

    • Richard, thanks for getting ahead of this prison-rape waiting to happen!

      Ambrose will not like being at the receiving end if sexual abuse..nor will O’Neil or Cuda if it turns out they are engaged in child sex-trafficking. Their asses will look like ground hamburg. They may think they are big shots now, but in prison CHOMO’S are at the bottom of the food-chain. Their fancy law degrees will mean nothing.

      Brace for impact, boys. If a Republican is elected president in 2024, your sphere of protection by Garland will no longer exist. You have time to reverse this.

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