Ambrose Sparks Standoff With Mia and Police – But Teen Escapes Forced Return to His Home

The devil always takes a step too far.

The ruling of CT Family Court Judge Thomas J. O’Neill took three happy teens out of their mother’s home – to accommodate the interests of Chris Ambrose and his attorney Alexander Cuda.

It was a step of heartless injustice.

Judge O’Neill’s removal of the mother from the teens’ life via restraining order is unique. The teens wanted the father restrained from abusing them, but O’Neill, without permitting the teens to tell their side, restrained the mother – making them homeless.

Judge Thomas ‘Steal’ O”Neill…

He ordered the mother to stay 100 yards away from the teens.

Tonight, the homeless children may not be with their mother, Karen Riordan, but they are not with their alleged abuser-father, Chris Ambrose.

Slick as the day is long: Attorney Alexander Cuda knows how to get judges to do what he wants them to do.Only attorney Alexander Cuda is happy tonight. He got paid handsomely to remove the mother from the lives of the teen children.

Three days ago, on the eve of Judge O’Neill’s ruling, Mia knew he might remove her from her mother.


Three days ago, Mia was hospitalized. Her stress level from her father’s attempts to take her from her mother was so high that she spent two days in the hospital.

On the first night, nurses noticed the half-unconscious Mia breathing calmly when her mother entered her hospital room.

Then when Ambrose came in, she began to breathe irregularly and fast and started to cry and move fitfully – a telltale sign of traumatic abuse. The nurses asked him to leave the room.

Mia calmed down. So terrified was the teen of him that even half-conscious she was upset in his presence.

Today, DCF came to the hospital room to force Mia to go home to her father. DCF officials threatened Mia that if she did not go with her affluent dad, they would lock her in a juvenile facility in Middletown.

Mia left the hospital with Ambrose, who had Westport police on hand to intimidate her into thinking she had to go home with her abuser.

Ambrose with police.

Mia refused to get in his car. She would not go home alone with the man she claims sexually abused her – especially with her two brothers gone.

Chris Ambrose fought for the arrest of the mother of his children but failed, so he got Judge O”Neill to take the teens out of their mother’s home and make them homeless…

Mia escaped from Ambrose in April and lived with her mother. She lived happily with her mom for three blissful months – until Judge O’Neill intervened and broke up their home.

Earlier today, on the streets, the nearly 17-year-old Mia had a standoff with Ambrose and Westbrook police. Ambrose urged the police to force her into the car. Mia’s terror of being molested was greater than her fear of arrest.

Police declined to use their stun guns or handcuff the teen.

Mia filmed some of the encounter and distributed it to friends. Finally, police let Mia go to a friend’s house.

Judge Has Next Move

All eyes are now on Judge O’Neill.

Mia is at a friend’s home. Matthew and Sawyer’s whereabouts are unknown, but none live at their Madison home with their mother.

The prime objective of Judge O’Neill’s restraining order was to force the teens living happily with their mother to return to their unhappy life with their father.

While Judge O’Neill was able to take the teens out of their happy home, can he force them to live in unhappiness with their father?

Ambrose wants the teens back in his isolated rural home.



Chris Ambrose could set up 24-hour security to keep his teens caged inside his home. The photo above is a screenshot from a film by investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino.

The teens reached out to Dolcefino during their captivity, and Dolcefino attempted to interview Ambrose.

Ambrose called the police and headed back to the home. He held the children in isolation from their family for three years. They escaped this year.

Ambrose wants the teens back in his isolated rural home.

Will Attorney Cuda ask Judge O’Neill to order the teens’ arrest and bring them in handcuffs back to their father?

The problem is they will run again after the handcuffs are removed. Could they be handcuffed to the bed at night?

But what about during the day?

Even if Ambrose installed electric fences with high voltage shocks – like they do to keep cattle in bounds – it may not work because the teens could run as soon as they left the house for school or any outing – unless they are kept home 24/7.

Matthew, at nearly 17, is too strong physically for Ambrose to prevent him from leaving any time he wants.

Judge O’Neill might consider a permit for Ambrose to carry a stun gun or mace to keep Matthew and the other two teens in line, to be used if they try to leave his loving care.

Judge O’Neill might also authorize 24-hour security to guard the home to ensure the teens stay home, using necessary force to keep them with their loving father.

But how can Judge O’Neill force them to stay short of violence?

The police were stymied today when Mia refused to return to the man she claims abused her. Now only Judge O’Neill can serve Cuda and Ambrose and deliver necessary -and though he may wish to avoid it – lethal -force.

In his myopic desire to serve the money interests, O’Neill may be courting a more dangerous result than even he may imagine.

Ah, but the devil always takes a step too far. And that’s how he gets caught.

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  • This is going to be exposed and the people behind it will all be shocked at what is going to brought to the public. Has anyone ever wondered where and from whom Paul Boyne, although his blogs are offensive, gets all of his information? The Judges, Lawyers and GALs involved in this child trafficking should be aware only a piece of this pie has been exposed

  • Connecticut Family Court punished Karen Riordan and her children in the same way — and much worse. says:

    “… Nicole Solas is a stay-at-home mom of two children from Rhode Island. The teachers union sued her for submitting public records requests about Critical Race Theory after her school district told her to submit the requests and then publicly threatened to sue her for submitting too many. …”

        • Department of education and head start. Partners in the state wide fatherhood initiative. There’s pretty much no agencies that aren’t. All attacked by the MOU. Father’s over mother’s and best interest. The entire state is pretty much attached to it.

  • Every time I look at this horrible situation, someone makes it worse. O’Neill should be disbarred for willfully ignoring what the children have to say and ruling arbitrarily for Chris Ambrose. How can the children’s wishes possibly be ignored? Especially when they have made such credible claims of physical and emotional abuse by him? And O’Neill’s answer is to forcibly throw them back with him? Absolute travesty of justice.

  • JD

    Chris Ambrose is probably the worst excuse of a Father than any suburban parent could be. He has made the past few years a living hell for his children and their Mother. He is a spoiled and disturbed man that has mentally tortured his children in an attempt to hurt his ex-wife. What he does not realize is that these children will soon be adults and will never have anything to do with him as soon as their time runs out of court appointed singular custody. The fact that any court would side with a selfish and vindictive man continuing to cause harm to his children is an inditement of all that is wrong with our judicial system. He has paid off people in the higher court and child care services to aid him in dividing his family and injuring his children. Unfortunately for Chris, time and Karma are not on his side and soon the children will be able to choose which parent makes them feel safe and is most nurturing. In my opinion, Chris is a very sad example of how a Father and Man should act and care for his family.

  • See Zilkha v. Zilkha. The kids did not want to go with their father because of abuse. Additionally, the court did find that the mother “influenced” the children, but the children were so strongly “programed” that the court ordered no visitation for the father and left it to the children to see their father if they want. This is what should happen in the Ambrose case. The kids’ behavior in this matter should be taken into consideration by O’Neill. Hopefully with a new Chief Administrative Family Court Judge (Diana) coming on board (Albis is stepping down), maybe things will start to change. [Despite everything me and my children have experienced, I still hold out hope for the children and their mothers.]

    Karen, my thoughts and love go out to you.

    • Color me court house crazy and negative. 😧. There have been many of women who have gone before a judge with imperfection. Yet they are treated differently. We have problems. Judge Albis is only a fraction of the problem. He solely and individually not to blame for the system dysfunction. Judge Diana has also turned a blind eye to court house improprieties. A group of people can start singing the praises of the judges sitting on the bench.
      We’re all Human. We don’t always have people hoping to effect change for the system. We have people who have an agenda. Women who have turned on the women who tried to help them. Thank God for Karen Riordan and the many men and women who have attempted to reach the public in the last few years . Stay clear of the darvo people who want to be relivent in family court matters. There is an entire group of people who have had years of court abuse who have tried to help you. Too bad there’s so many who think they have accomplished it all on their own. With people who have always known what was happening but didn’t tell anybody.

    • Diana likes kids. In all the wrong ways. Don’t get your hopes up, you just haven’t been around long enough to understand how deep this goes.

  • This is just unbelievable. I cannot believe that the judge is getting away with this. Really glad I don’t live in Connecticut. Glad I wasn’t brought up in Connecticut Delaware is bad enough. I feel bad for the children which pretty much are adults now if not, by age by the abuse, they’ve been through that sick SOB needs to go to jail. What is it about power? Does he just want to win give it up Chris! !!! The judge should go to jail. Also she he or she is sick as he is.!

  • Anonymous DV report suggester- CT Dv is the same money that is funding Ambrose, who doesn’t pay a dime for this gruesome service- why else do you think Jennifer’s law is impotent, why else would DV rates and fatal violence grew exponentially? It’s set up that way by CT judicial starting with Munro almost 40 years ago.

    • Fatherhood funding. Federal welfare reform. Paying for a probable pediphia. The DV money is running through the fatherhood initiative. Too bad it’s being used to fund what looks like an abuser. This is how we reform our country?!

  • I see, so Karen has kidnapped the other two children. This is exactly why she was ordered to have no contact with them. thanks for proving the judges right Karen.

    the abuse allegations were investigated by DCF doctors and police and determined to be unfounded and coached/coerced. I can’t believe evil Karen is going so far as she is now going and torturing these kids like this. The woman is truly sick and you have been enabling her Frank. This is so wrong to do to these children. It is also shocking that you can’t understand why they should not testify in court.

    • How does she kidnap her own children who desperately want to be with her and away from Ambrose. There is something truly evil in denying the children’s wishes. Why don’t they count?

      • The responsible thing for Karen to do would have been to show that she could have visits with the children without kidnapping them. She could have explained the legalities to the kids instead of enlisting them as her little soldiers and staging (yet another) kidnapping. It appears that the daughter was visiting and possibly the older son and Chris was willing to look the other way even though it was against court orders. That is, until it evolved into kidnapping. again.

        People wonder why she lost custody? It is exactly because of this. She is the adult she could have shown the children how to handle this in a legal and effective way. Not torture them by forcing them to do these dramatic acts. It’s really sad. Clearly, the father loves these children and wants them in his life. I’m sure he would be happy to let them be with the mother with shared custody. If only she didn’t pull this kidnapping crap.

        • The little ones are not all that little. They are young adults and they have made their choice. They want to be with their mother.

          • These kids are too old for Chris to keep playing games. You can not force a relationship on people who don’t want to have one. They say you are abusive. Everyone needs to move on.

          • The youngest is only 13. And so were the older ones when Karen started her terror campaign.

        • Gee whiz, 1:30 pm. Alcohol, drugs and sleepover parties with 23-year-old young men isn’t a responsible thing to do. It’s not legal. There’s no explaining it. The parent in that house shouldn’t have looked the other way. Drugs, alcohol and pushing sex on children evolve in the worst kinds of ways.

          Showing the children how to handle life in legal and effective ways and not torturing them with drama or acts wouldn’t be a sad thing. It would have been the responsible thing to do for any parent regardless of who they love. Chris should have been happy to let them be with their mother right along and he shouldn’t have written those “parental alienation” notes in preparation for the steal.

        • She lost custody because your sick perverted ass paid off everybody… Chris! Use your name. It’s sad that you are the only one defending.. you!! Notice how when people comment on Karen and the children’s behalf, 90% of them leave their name.. now take a glance at “everyone” that comments on your behalf.. always anonymous.. hmmmm.????? Dumb ass! It doesn’t take a college grad to figure that one out! Geez.. you could at least use fake names or something!! Maybe to try and make it look like you have a few friends and are not completely desperate!! 🤣😂🤣😂

    • Why do you child fuckers all use the same boilerplate rhetoric every time for decades now. Update your list of approved defamation, please. It’s so boring after literally decades of the same lines.

    • Hey.. anonymous..”I see ,so Karen has kidnapped the other two children)..You FU$&ING idiot.. you are kidding right? Or maybe you just haven’t read the whole story.. did you happen to read the part where the youngest child is being interviewed by a private investigator and he’s telling about how the father has touched his penis? Or the part where Mia (the daughter) talks about the father using vaginal penetration for punishment? Or the part where the Oldest son Matthew speaks about how his fathers mental abuse has driven him to use drugs ,so he can try and forget it, even if it’s only for a little while..?? I can’t even believe Frank posted your dumb ass comment. Sit down and STFU you piece of shit. Why don’t you go move in with Chris Ambrose since you are so “Team Chris”..??? He has plenty of fucking room now! Unless he’s rented the extra bedrooms out to a few of his pedophile buddies so they can have Perverted pedophile parties where they round up young Latino boys to molest.. ?? I’ll be waiting for your answer..!! You Fucking child molester ..

  • Re The Police:

    The police have an incredible amount of discretion. Clearly the ‘right’ police officers showed up.

    I’m sure the cops thought,
    “she’s 17 and scared shitless of the father. Let her go where she wants.”

    Maybe the cops were stymied, but they made the call to let her go.

    They ignored a legal guardian.

    My point – most police officers are good people who only want to help.

  • We all need to place a call and file complaints with the CT Center Against Domestic Violence’s 24-hour hotline.

    To report the willful and deliberate exposure of children to risk of injury and abuse at the hands of the good Judge O’Neil and Attorney Cuda.

    Not joking.

    The Chief State’s Attorney should be called as well.

    Our taxpayer dollars are paying for this crap.

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