Mia, Matthew and Sawyer Comment on Judge O’Neill’s Theft of Their Happiness

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill ruled that Mia, 16, Matthew, 16, and Sawyer, 13, can’t live with their mother.

The all-knowing judge – nicknamed ‘Steal’ – for how he began his judicial career by stealing the happiness of three children in the name of money, made his decision without hearing the voices or seeing the faces of the children whose happiness he had just destroyed.

Anyone can comment on Frank Report. They need internet access, which the three teens have. Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer have responded to Judge Steal O’Neill’s ruling about them.


The way my brothers and I never got a say about who we want to live with is absolutely ridiculous.
We did not want to be separated from our mother, and he [Chris Ambrose] somehow just gets away with anything he wants, regardless of who it hurts.

I was stuck in a hospital and threatened with foster care. No word on what’s happening, because DCF doesn’t give a fuck. The system’s messed up, and Chris needs to be put in prison for his crimes against us.

Mia’s friend told FR:

I personally know one of the children, Mia Ambrose. I am a close friend of hers and was even in the car when the father chased us to a different town. When she was living at her father’s house, she was always put in dangerous situations and feared going home.

Mia has always been scared of her father and now that she’s in the hospital, she would rather be in a foster system than see her father. For the few months at her mother’s house she tried to help her brothers out of her dad’s house which was briefly successful.

He formed the restraining order against Mia’s consent. She should be able to live with her mother. Justice for the three kids.

Sawyer commented:

My siblings and I can not be put back with Chris. He is abusive to us and he molested my sister and I.

He let my sister become dependent on alcohol and my brother dependent on drugs. Chris filed a restraining order against my mom on my behalf which I did not ask for and do not want. He has gotten away with abuse for years and must be stopped.

OK, this 13-year-old teen claims on the pages of Frank Report that Chris Ambrose molested him and his sister. And no one cares?

Judge O’Neill wants them back with Ambrose and not with their mother. This omniscient judge never agreed to allow the children to testify. Maybe he was wise, for anyone would see they were telling the truth, and that would sink the money interests behind the mother’s removal.

Matthew said

Chris is an abuser. He does not care for the wellbeing of his children. Since I ran away from him on May 22, my family has gotten constant threats from him, DCF and the police. By the time I was at my mother’s house, I had felt my depression go away, only for Chris to file a bullshit restraining order and have us not allowed near her, to see her, or even talk to her.

He needs to understand that we are not objects that can be tossed around. We do not wish to be in a house where we are constantly in fear. He claims we are being “brainwashed” by our mother, but in reality we are being treated with care and compassion.

Our mother has always been caring for us, while Chris brings us down, going as far as to calling his daughter “the mean girl” while blood drips down her nose, needles in her arms.

Chris is an abuser and we cannot go back to his house.

He is a failure of a father, a man, and a human.

Of course, Ambrose, Cuda, and Judge ‘Steal’ O’Neill will say this is Riordan’s coercive control and that she brainwashed them.

Yeah, all three of them – at their ages, after three years away from their mother.

Well, guess what? Maybe you can brainwash someone, but you cannot heart-wash them. The human heart knows.

The three teens know their mother loves them, and their father does not. Their mother loves them more than attorney Alexander Cuda loves money or Judge ‘Steal’ O’Neill loves power.

At what age do teenagers get a say in their happiness?

When the money runs out?

Ask Steal O’Neill.

Fab Martin’s sketch of Thomas ‘Steal’ O’Neill taking his oath of office.



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  • I wanted to write a little something to Mia, Matthew and Sawyer.

    Hey guys! I realize your life is being splayed out on these pages. So I feel bad for not wanting to share the details of mine. This might make it hard for you to believe that I’ve been through some equally and similarly bad situations. I realize most kids don’t go through this super heavy stuff, but some do. You’re mostly alone. But not completely alone.

    I can’t even really find the words to tell you how sorry am about everything. And that I don’t think you really need to hear my words of wisdom. But as I hear your story and think about it more? I was hoping I could share a couple of thoughts? With your permission if you’re open?

    First of all? I just wanted to tell you that life is weird. And it actually never really stops having points that totally suck. So? If you can get good at managing a situation like this, right now? You will be set for life. You might feel different from others for a very long time. But that will be because you had to be so strong at such a young age. As you get older, you’ll see other people starting to have problems, too. I promise if you wait long enough to see this? You will feel less alone. It’s just super lonely right now because it’s hard to explain and nobody understands. I get it.

    But you know what you guys also have? Is each other.

    It’s my prayer for the three of you that you always have each other and that your bond is strong.

    I know you are facing incredible oppression. But that’s also why you can understand each other. So, please don’t stop calling each other, even if the authorities are threatening you! I really hope you guys can stay in touch and maintain your connection. Do not let them scare you.

  • What evidence is there that the mother brainwashed the children? Is it merely that the children fear the father? Is there no consideration for the fact that it’s perfectly normal to fear an abuser? By analogy, If Ambrose was a daycare worker, and the daycare kids were complaining to their parents about abuse from Ambrose, would every parent be accused of brainwashing their kids because they brought forward complaints? No, the daycare would be sued for hiring an abuser, ambrose would be fired, and the parents would be supported by the community.

  • Well, guess what? Maybe you can brainwash someone, but you cannot heart-wash them. The human heart knows.
    Best quote ever!

  • Chris Ambrose and his mind controlled minions are little paranoid parasites. Brotherhood extravaganza! Miss Chris prob had to take a school of goldfish up his twatty, pasty arse for this one.

  • Judge and Ambrose just took on a millennium of very long, hard and shitty karma. The universe balances this shite out. And folks, this is just one story that’s being exposed. These kids, believe it or are the lucky ones because at least they know that someone threw down for them.
    Kids will be tough as nails and god willing, they’ll help save other kids and help change the world.

  • CT Center Against Domestic Violence’s 24-hour hotline.

    Voices matter! Unite for these teens. Are we waiting for another suicide???

    To report the willful and deliberate exposure of children to risk of injury and abuse at the hands of Chris Ambrose (the good Judge O’Neil and Attorney Cuda.). But Chris Ambrose is a predator! Enough!!!

    The Chief State’s Attorney should be called as well.

    Our taxpayer dollars are paying for this crap.


  • Biggest political scandal is Hunter Biden dead beat dad. Mississippi. Politicians and administration looted Mississippi TANF program because they had soo much discretion over the funds. Did it so easily. 1.25 million dollar fraud in Philadelphia for the fatherhood initiative. Is it so hard to believe that the state of Connecticut could be doing something?

  • “The overall intent of this study was to examine nursing students’ knowledge of and exposure to HT (human trafficking) content in prelicensure undergraduate RN curricula. Due to the minimal amount of literature and research on this topic and with this population, this study has increased the depth and breadth of understanding regarding exposure to HT content in undergraduate nursing curricula.

    This study fully illuminates the lack of HT content being taught in undergraduate RN studies. Student nurses are leaving the academic setting ill-prepared to treat this population once licensed, as over 90 % of respondents reported minimal to no HT content being taught, and over 80 % are reporting merely some to no knowledge of HT.

    With approximately 90 % of this population intersecting with healthcare (Lederer and Wetzel, 2014; Long and Dowdell, 2018), these missed opportunities to identify and treat this population further exacerbates the victims’ complex trauma, cause worsening physical and mental conditions, and ultimately is deemed as negligence on the part of HCPs, as they are missing these victims and failing as mandated reporters of minors.“

    Nursing students’ knowledge of and exposure to human trafficking content in undergraduate curricula, Nurses United Against Human Trafficking, P.A., Jacksonville, FL, United States https://www.nuaht.org/

  • Turning the hearts of fathers. National responsible fatherhood clearing house. Fatherhood initiative. Judo -Christian based approach. Religion in the welfare reform act. Bringing religion into the family courts. Separation of church and state. There is a whole lot that the federally funded fatherhood welfare reform act has been doing with TANF and funding that appears to be biasing and bringing religion into the family court.

  • A full account of the state funding and cost should be looked at. There is got to be some financial insensitive beyond attorneys. There is no way this carefully orchestrated Coda/O’Neil situation came down. The state would not allow these cases to continue. The legislators, Attorney general, governors and senitors would allow this and fight so hard to keep it going. Why was the 2014 investigation shut down. It’s the TANF funds. They keep going after more. Looking like the welfare reform act is working. Father’s should be wondering why a man like Chris Ambrose is getting so much assistance from the court, when they were raped and dragged over the coals. If there is a pedophile ring it needs to be shut down.

  • All the PEDOPHILES in the CT will be exposed. Frank Report is the the first, yet not the last who will investigate this. Vinnie Politan from Court TV is FEARLESS, just like Frank. Someone get him this story!

  • “James O’Keefe is told to stop recording school board meeting in Livingston, NJ …”

  • Is it possible for the 17 year old to become an emancipated minor – or
    something similar . A 17 year old should have a say which parent she
    lives with .

  • 2023 The year of the difference. Father’s and families coalition of America. Dr. James Rodriguez MSW Carson California. AN INTERNATIONAL conference. In 1996 the father’s and families coalition of America worked with fathers and families ( absence of mothers mentioned) who’s needs were not being met in Arizona. Our collective partnership struggled to go beyond the needs of young fathers. ( young mothers needs not mentioned) other TANF funded services awarded for statewide programs. Mission: Funding, oops I mean finding a bigger cause than our selves. To support opportunities that increase children protective factors ( gatekeeping) with focus on the impact of father’s providing . professional development for those who work with parents and caregivers skilled access to resources they need to support children development restorative justice, social justice early childhood education, criminal and more to help children and their families thrive. This event is international and will be hosting people from around the globe 🌎.

  • These Parmesan cheese its up here calling me the welfare queen 👑. I’m up here working at McDonald’s and they shut off the food stamps to go to the beach?

  • Ahh- see people are finally putting it together about welfare reform and fatherhood abuse funds- Ambrose is not paying a dime for this- the batches of attorneys and judges know this- why do you think Bozzuto had 37 properties? People are forced to sign over homes, college funds, retirement and various assets everyday. In abuse cases like Ambrose, they pay nothing from their pockets- federal funding available for pigs like him – under Martinez Statues

      • It’s all over the internet. The health and human services department for the fatherhood initiative. Federal grants for only father’s involved in family court system battle. The head of Michigan’s health and human services attended the US Arabic economics conference according to another persons research. Why would the department of health and human services fatherhood initiative be in a economic conference? What does this have to do with responsible parenting? There are intertwine health and human services fatherhood initiative through out the country. There is so much money invested. There is intertwined private funding. Like large donations to Connecticut colleges like Yale and Uconn with men and family court. Women have written books on it. The money for welfare is just being changed to the fatherhood initiative. Our court system are a mess. Marriage rates and divorce are not favorable to the system working. It’s lead to a significant amount of mothers loosing custody to pedophiles and abusers. Yet no one in the government is phased by it. It’s why the Connecticut courts are so currupt. The leader in welfare reform. Women have been writing books and reporting it. No one is listening.

        • It’s all over the internet: Where?

          The Health and Human Services Department for the Fatherhood Initiative:

          Starting when? Where are the documents to prove federal grants are only for fathers involved in family court cases?

          Where are the documents showing what the head of Michigan’s Health and Human Services did at the US-Arabic Economics Conference?

          Is he/ was he there as The Department of Health and Human Services to discuss The Fatherhood Initiative at that economic conference?

          Who keeps track of the large donations to Connecticut colleges like Yale and UCONN?
          How much of those donations have gone to fund only men in family court cases?

          Which money for welfare is just being changed to The Fatherhood Initiative.

          Everyone will listen when we offer solid evidence to good people in positions of authority.

          • Three federal programs: One for mothers, one for fathers, one for children.

            1. The Fatherhood Initiative to persuade fathers to be involved in family life.
            2. The Office of Violence Against Women to protect women from violence.
            3. CPS/Departments of Children and Families to rescue abused/neglected children.

          • Where could such information be dropped off? Safely. Mother’s have been collecting data for a while. Women from around the country have been collecting this information for a few years. Where are such women to go safely to drop off?

          • Check out the Washington times article. Connecticut employees face tough questions over conflict of interest. The MOU and access and visitation grant. It’s run through the child support office.

          • When you are labeled an alienatior and other such things you are considered dangerous. That’s why Karen would have to pay. So all these women labeled alienators are disqualified.

    • Yes, you can take out retirements funds to pay for legal fees! This is what I was told from my attorney! As I had to fight a contentious spouse that was lead on by a greedy attorney. He set all high and made my spouse believe they would get it and I had to fight! Cost money, time and leaves you thinking that marriage led to at least 50% divorce rate, and many are there to catch the dollars! You get threatened and abused by the judges and judicial system! Its a racket or racketeering!

        • No, it was her ex husband who was the shark mortgage guy causing the housing bubble in CT. They were up to all kinds of dirty real estate that had nothing to do with her family business. They don’t even like her.

          Her divorce was sealed to protect them from public scrutiny of all the properties they had collected in the financial bust that he helped cause with his subprime mortgage hustle.


  • TANF benefits have dropped 20 percent in most states. Connecticut has dropped by 28 percent since 1996. TANF benefits families who are unable to meet basic needs. These benefits are less than 5 percent. Filling holes for state budget. Could this be why divorcing Stay at home divorcing moms and unwed mothers are having so much trouble in family court in Connecticut? Could this be why Karen and her children are being placed in an abusive situation? Could this be why women are being punished for reporting in the family court system? Is the state of Connecticut sacrificing assisting victims of abuse to fill budget holes? Are we looking at the department of health and human services. Among the highest paid in the state budget. What is being spent by Connecticut state agencies? Anyone woke yet?

    • Connecticut department of health and human services fatherhood initiative. Budget. Fatherhood initiative conference in Newport. One of the most expensive places to be in New England. Mandatory for DCF workers. In one of the most expensive hotels in Newport. Wonder what the experience report looks like? Mrs. Ditunno

    • June 1, 2023 comptroller Sean Scanlon CT fatherhood initiative conference at the Mystic Marriott. Understanding what Connecticut families needs today. Do you understand the access and visitation grant program? Do you understand the issue single mother families like Ashaire Gorham is facing? A working mother who’s custody was taken in a hearing she was not at. A woman who doesn’t have legal counsel.

  • I am so very sorry you have to endure so much. I and every normal adult with a brain are sending you prayers of love and healing and strength. I can only imagine the agonizing frustration you are all feeling. You are not alone. We will do whatever we can to help you. We love you! ❤️🙏

  • In 2021 the state of Connecticut spent $476 million in state and federal funds on TANF about 6 percent went towards cash assistance far bellow national average by 23 percent. I wonder 🤔 how this relates to custody matters. Regarding to stay at home divorcing moms and unwed mothers. What is happening with welfare reform and fatherhood initiative in relation to family court? Is Karen and her children possible victims of the welfare reform act and the relationship it has to family? The desire of the state to fail to protect women and children from domestic abuse because it’s financially beneficial to the state in the long run?

  • Bear up Mia, Matthew and Sawyer, sounds dumb to say you’ll be alright at this moment when things clearly are not. But its these times – when there’s a force really doing its best to break your spirit and your will – that you must, must, must, bring all your courage to bear, know you have right on your side, that many many people are rooting for you. Ambrose is waning, declining, he is mostly of the past, its an age thing, nothing personal. Whereas you have it all before you – you are of the future, do not allow his twisted low mentality to blight you, you are all too good, too bright, too strong for that . Guard your excellence.
    ‘Wait….Time…..A landing field..’

  • Obey the law. But wait there were mothers before there were laws. That an older law – the law of love and happiness. A brute like ONeil would not know anything about this. He has all the instincts of a trained criminal. What kind of deviant would take kids away from their mother. This pig orders kids away from their mother. Is he insane or just corrupt ?

  • Ambrose is literally trying to arrest and keep his daughter on lockdown. Plenty of friends offered to take the kids. I know. I was one of them and I’m approved by the state to take in kids!
    And no call to take them. Awful.
    Praying for them. Please keep writing. This needs to be told nationally.

    • 1. Which mental health care providers(s) are conducting that nightmare?
      2. Who is advising DCF? What are their names?
      3. Which state and federal offices do we call to find out?

  • Cuda is a pig. He charges what- 700/hr. Paycheck for three days of abuse to Karen 6300/day.

    Pockets at least 25,000 for the steal.
    And tortured children. Well done Cuda. Ambrose is one psychopath

    • And what’s wrong with that ? Somebody has to pay. So let he who can pay take what he pays for. What’s wrong with you people ?

      • Help us accept that even today, it’s a widespread and accepted practice among literally billions of people. says:

        … wine-making, orchards and fruit, vegetation, fertility, festivity, insanity, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre …

      • Some one has to pay for fees. There is no regulations on fees. These people bill 💵 for grabbing you a napkin. That’s the problem. Just ask attorney Nausbalm.

  • “You can maybe brainwash someone but you cannot heart-wash them”

    I beg to differ. “Heart washing” describes a term that used to be called Stockholm syndrome. It’s now called trauma bonding.

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