More on Raniere and His Mega High IQ — Be as Smart as He!!

Younh Keith Raniere, too smart for his own good?

Keith Raniere is indubitably the smartest prisoners in Tucson and a source has told FR that he is out of the SHU. We are trying to confirm it. But if he, is it just shows how damn smart he is.

Now a few more words on his genius.

‘My Two Cents’ asked about the Mega Test that catapulted Keith Raniere to an obscure little genius to the Guinness Book of Records Australian edition in 1989.

My question was more to do with these puzzles. Some don’t look too hard, but others do and some appear like they possibly involve some kind of advanced math (the cheese and the butter problems, especially).

I guess I was just wondering … whether 10 hours would be enough time to work through all the problems? I mean, it would be an average of 13 minutes per question which doesn’t seem like enough time to even put pencil to paper unless you already had a clue greater than what the question was suggesting.

Anyway, I did a little more research and learned that I’m probably right! Here’s the title of a great post from a redditor that explains:

The Mega Test and bullshit–Christopher Langan, Marilyn Vos Savant, and the Mega Society.

I also learned that the biggest weakness, even admitted by Ronald Hoeflin himself, was that people cheated. A lot. Using pseudonyms to make multiple entries and teams of multiple people to compete.

Hoeflin claims he was able to detect many of these by similarity in the quality of responses. The biggest killer, though? Was the introduction of the internet in 1990’s. People were apparently using search engines and sharing answers on chat boards. This is why these tests are now considered to be corrupted.

At any rate, I also found an article in which some longstanding members of the mega society discuss Keith Raniere. Interestingly? They don’t seem to criticize his reported score. But? They also sure don’t seem to think too highly of him!

I don’t know why I find this topic so interesting, except that I’ve always wondered why Keith was never a member of Mensa and only accepted to Mega?

Shouldn’t Mega require you to be a card carrying member of Mensa as a prerequisite?

Something like this should make sense to everyone. Why are prior scores just self reported, Mega?

Kinda makes me feel bad for Keith.

So many people enabled that guy in his delusions of grandeur. Claiming to love, revere and adore him. And just look what happened? I’m not sure that guy has ever had a real friend in his entire life. It’s pretty sad.

Also telling that he wasn’t able to heal Toni Fly. Was the NXIVM tech really that good? Or was he just surrounded by a bunch of irresponsible people?


To give readers some perspective on what it means to be a genius, here is an article from the Times Union in 1988, before the big guy got named in Guinness.

FR added a few photos to liven up an already lively story….


Irene Gardner Keeney Staff writer Section: LIVING TODAY, Page: G1

Date: Sunday, June 26, 1988

You might say that Keith Raniere is one in a million.

He’s a member of Mega, a high-IQ society with a minimum requirement at the one-in-a-million level. Actually, the 27-year-old Troy resident is in an even more exclusive category. By answering correctly all but two questions on a 48-question, self- administered test, Raniere moved up to the rarefied one-in-10-million level. To qualify for membership in the Mega Society, aspirants must answer correctly at least 45 questions. According to the society, that corresponds to an IQ of 176 or more. People of average intelligence, by contrast, have IQs that cluster around a score of 100.

Keith Raniere iq

A number of IQ societies go beyond Mensa, the well-known organization limited to the top 2 percent of the population, or those who score higher than 132 on a standard Stanford-Binet intelligence test. Each of these little-publicized societies is more selective than the next.

The mastermind behind many of them is Ronald K. Hoeflin, philosopher and librarian, who has made an avocation of forming increasingly more elite clubs for geniuses such as himself (he has an IQ of 150).

He is both a genius but an inspiration. Why because he shows us compassion and teaches us the way to live nobly.

Keith Raniere

Hoeflin says curiosity about his own IQ led him in 1969 to join the Mensa Society. Six years ago the New York City resident founded Mega. After it grew to include 26 members – and lost some of its exclusivity – he restructured it to include only two persons, Eric Hart of Long Island and Marilyn vos Savant of Missouri. Raniere is the most recent member. All three will be listed in the next issue of the Guinness Book of World Records.

(vos Savant, who writes the “Ask Marilyn” column for Parade Magazine, is listed in the record book as the woman with the highest IQ. Last August, Savant, whose surname means “learned person,” married Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the Jarvik 7 artificial heart.)

Geniuses, apparently, are born, not made. Raniere says he was identified early as a bright child. By age 2 he could spell the word “homogenized” from seeing it on the milk carton. He was precocious in math development and says he had an understanding of subjects such as quantum physics and computers by age 4.

Keith Raniere claims that at age four [1964] he understood computers,

He said by age 13, [1973] he became a computer programmer….
By the time he was 16, the Brooklyn-born genius says he had exhausted the curriculum at his high school. He dropped out of school and entered RPI where he simultaneously earned undergraduate degrees in math, physics and biology.

To do that he had to take 60 credits in addition to the 124 credits required for a single major. RPI spokesman Matt McGuire termed Raniere’s three degrees “an extremely rare accomplishment.”

At present, Raniere works for the state and is an independent educational consultant.

He’s not your stereotypical genius. Watchful blue eyes look out from behind aviator glasses. His brown hair is parted stylishly in the middle. He has the physique of an athlete, which he is.

He was East Coast Judo champion at age 12, tied with the state record for the 100 yard-dash, is an avid skier, swimmer and wind surfer. He says he plays seven musical instruments and also sings “high tenor” in local musical productions.

Keith training in his dojo.
Keith Raniere [left] said he won the East Coast Judo Championship when he was 11.
Keith Raniere was a judo champion at age 11.

Keith Raniere said he tied for New York State record for the 100 yard dash….

He also rides a unicycle and likes to juggle – not necessarily at the same time – but one gets the impression that this amazing young man, who requires only two to four hours of sleep, could do both – if he put his mind to it.

He plays seven musical instruments, but his favorite is the lyre.

The questions aspiring members of the Mega Society have to answer are real brain busters. Raniere says they took him two weeks.

“There’s no enforceable time limit. Some people take up to a year to answer the questions. It’s suggested you limit yourself to no more than one month,” he explains.

Unlike with some tests, applicants are encouraged to use such reference aids as dictionaries, thesauri and pocket calculators, he says. Guessing is permitted. There is no penalty for wrong answers or guesses so guessing is advantageous.

Assistance from others, however, is prohibited. “But,” says the young genius, “who could give you assistance?”

Who, indeed.


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  • If Keith Raniere had practiced what he preached and had his own EM, it would have brought him back to that one moment that lit the fuse, the one and only only time his father was proud of him, when Keith had taken a generic IQ test at school and had supposedly scored in a high percentile. I say supposedly, because Keith was better at faking good scores than achieving them.

    But believing Keith’s score, his father showered him with praise, which lit the fuse and triggered an obsession with IQ tests, and trying to figure out how to score highly on them. Not how to legitimately earn a high score, but how to “get” a high score–by hook or by crook.

    Everyone knows the story of how he used bogus means to score high on a take home IQ test, which, due to a failure on a worldwide publication’s part to do due diligence on the test and its methods, his name got printed in ONE single edition, listing him as one of the smartest men in the world, all due to his results on this particular test.

    There are many other articles detailing how and why the test itself and Keith’s methods of obtaining his score should never have passed the smell test, so I won’t repeat that here. Nevertheless, when the publication discovered the (I’ll call it a) sham, it was too late. His name had already been printed in the Australian edition. And though they removed his name (and the entire category due to its subjectiveness) from all other editions, having his name in print just once (legitimately or not) was all it took to turn Keith into a megalomaniac. Being the “smartest man in the world” became his entire identity from that moment on.

    And because megalomaniacs can never get enough praise, he was soon no longer a mere mortal. He was so intelligent, he became a God. And he ordered his “disciples” to idolize and obey him as one.

    Everything after that was using, abusing, scamming, and scheming, to get the two things he desperately wanted and needed: to be idolized by obedient disciples, and sex.

    As the God Vanturd’s influence grew, so did his sadistic appetites. He demanded complete obedience and loyalty, and he required it from more and more people. Vanturd made his followers feel like they were mere mortals, and he was their God saviour, the only one who could save them from their human frailties.

    He literally created a world where he was God. He unleashed wrath upon his disciples so he could watch them quiver in his presence. He made them to beg for just a slice, a moment of his time, and feel like they’ve won the lottery if he spent 5 minutes with them.

    He destroyed his disciples’ lives so he could show them how powerful he was. And he demanded a lifetime vow of obedience because true disciples must sacrifice their lives for their God.

    He may have used the terms master and slave, but in actuality, Keith saw himself more as a God with disciples than a master with owned slaves. The slave label and blackmail (collateral) was just to ensure that none of his disciples would leave if they came to their senses and realized he was merely a man. A lazy, fat, stupid one at that.

    I wonder how Godly he feels now? I can so picture him on the toilet, squeezing so hard his forehead bends his glasses, trying to turn that toilet water into wine. (MK10Art, please paint that one for me!)

  • I don’t believe that Keith ever was or could be an intellectual genius.
    He was however, a cunning manipulative little cunt.
    Also a trafficker, paedophile, predator.
    And is exactly where he needs to be. In jail. Forever.

  • Off-Topic!!!!!
    Hey ShadowState1958-

    I finally read “Keep the Aspidistra Flying”,
    by George Orwell.

    Excellent book!

    If you ever watch the show “You” on Netflix, you’ll notice that the first episode opening scene was completely borrowed/stolen, and paraphrased from the first chapters of “Aspidistra”.

    I’m guessing you’re busy on
    ‘Trump Social’. or Taxiderming.

    Thanks again for the book recommendation. Great read for any avid reader.

    I hope all is well!

  • Long-time ago in the Animal Kingdom, a sheep was passing and saw a lion crying inside a cage trap and the lion begged the sheep to save him with a promise not to kill and eat it but the sheep refused. After much persuasion and for the sheep’s gullibility it opened the cage for the lion.

    Now the lion was very hungry having stayed in the cage for days without food. It quickly grabbed the sheep to kill and eat but the sheep reminded him of his promise. They were still there arguing when other animals came passing and they sought to know what happened. Both the lion and the sheep narrated their own side of the story but because of fear and in trying to gain Favour in the sight of the lion, all the animals took side with the lion except the Tortoise who claim not to understand the whole scenario.

    Now the Tortoise asked the lion to show them where he was before the sheep rescued him, he pointed at the cage. He asked again, “were you inside or outside when the sheep arrived”? The lion said he was inside. The tortoise again said, “ok, enter let’s see how difficult it could be inside”. The lion entered and the tortoise locked him back inside.

    In amazement, the other animals asked tortoise “why” and he replied “if we allow him to eat the sheep today, he will still go hungry tomorrow and we don’t know the next amongst us to be eaten tomorrow.

    The Moral of this tale
    *Don’t support evil today because it doesn’t affect you directly, tomorrow it could be your turn*

  • Couldn’t be happier for you Frank! On the other hand,, Toni Baloney and Chris Hamnose will probably spontaneously combust in 3-2-1.

      • Right. I feel lke Suneel’s letter on Clare’s behalf actually hurt her in her sentencing. What judge wants to hear that someone is so spoiled, they have a personal ass-wiper.

    • Why are you concerned with Frank’s ass? Come to think of it Pilgrim, you’re always talking about ass. Clare’s ass, Keith’s ass and now Frank’s. Suneel is always the main one wiping ass.

  • Hey Frank, the LIVING TODAY article is a great find!

    While I actually do believe it’s possible that Keith could spell homogenized by age 2 (really, not that rare) I do not believe that he was understanding computers or quantum mechanics by the age of 4. The first home computers weren’t even available until, like, 1977. If Keith was 4 in 1964, he’d have been closer to 17 when the very first home computers hit the market. Four year olds today can easily operate an iPad but I see no way a child of his generation could have even envisioned such a thing as a computer without some exposure to one.

    It also appears the author didn’t really do any fact checking, otherwise she would have known he had zero degrees, not three. This is a perfect example of the type of irresponsibility I was talking about. The author took this 27 year old man and fluffed him up. I think it’s a bit of a mean thing to do. But? Maybe it’s just part and parcel in this world of high IQ mental masturbators?

    Sorry to Dr. Hoeflin, but I believe situations like this could be avoided. It’s not a perfect solution because some people will always cheat but, at least you could request proof of a mensa compatible score from a licensed professional plus official transcripts before you allow someone to be lauded as more accomplished and intelligent than millions of other people.

    I think it would be nice to see Dr. Hoeflin apologize to Keith. I believe he set the guy up to develop into an absolute megalomanic. Doubt that will ever happen, though.

    I’d also love to see Keith take a real and proper IQ test. IQ isn’t a perfect measurement of intelligence but I think he deserves to know the truth. It seems to have been such a big deal to him.

    • Clare are Sara are – by far – the DUMBEST fucks in NXIVM history. Allison, Nicki and Lauren are all runners up, but the Bronfman are #’s 1 and 2. Clare edges out Sara at #1 spot because she STILL supports Vanturd.

    • What a relief to read this! Thank God Frank is safe and I hope, having the best nights sleep in a long time. Acara’s judgement and Frank’s words made me think of the poem by George Herbert


      AH my deare angrie Lord,
      Since thou dost love, yet strike;
      Cast down, yet help afford;
      Sure I will do the like.

      I will complain, yet praise;
      I will bewail, approve:
      And all my sowre-sweet dayes
      I will lament, and love.

  • Let’s Go Brandon!
    Joe Bidenn has declared that he had cured Cancer!
    Joe Biden is a genius on the same scale as Keith Raniere!

  • United States v. Raniere (1:18-cr-00204)
    District Court, E.D. New York

    Jul 24, 2023:
    Order: The court is in receipt of the Government’s 1213 consolidated response in opposition to Defendant Raniere’s motions. Defendant Raniere is directed to submit his reply, if any, on or before Friday, September 1, 2023. So
    Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 7/24/2023. (HA)

  • It is not difficult to be smarter than Keith. When you start your sex cult, do not collect physical evidence, such as recordings, photos, and commit extortion. And do not carve you initials into another human being.

  • Those who funded Raniere probably associate with the kind of people who assist young men to kill other young men.

    “… His weapons at the time of the mortal chapter were his dreams of having electricity for everyone. He was armed with three white clubs, some juggling balls, and a unicycle that rode strongly between rural trails. Ben Linder, the utopian juggler and engineer was inspired to work for the good of the community, without distinctions of nationality, social strata, or race …”

  • Didn’t the Fernandez brother record his naked sisters?

  • Clown world stuff in this article, absolute clown world. Most brilliant man hopefully being passed around by the inmates at BOP Tucson.

    • His ass-pipe is likely getting reamed on the reg. He is considered a chomo because of the child-pornography conviction. The inmates will punish his ass and throat for it.

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