Virginia Blogger Paul Boyne Arrested: Faces Extradition to CT for Alleged Anti-Semitic Website Stalking

FAIRFAX COUNTY VA — Virginia authorities took blogger Paul Boyne into custody for extradition to Connecticut to face online stalking charges, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The case may pit racial/religious divisive, and allegedly threatening online speech against the US First Amendment.

Boyne reputedly publishes The Family Court Circus, an anti-Semitic website that attacks Connecticut family court and sometimes promotes Second Amendment solutions to government wrongdoing.

The Family Court Circus claims a “Jewish cabal” of judges, attorneys, and therapists “rape childhoods and plunder family savings” as they conspire to control CT family courts for profit at the cost of the best interest of children.

Two States Involved

More than a year ago – in late June 2022 – Virginia Circuit Court Judge Tania M.L. Saylor authorized Virginia State Police to raid the Springfield, Virginia, home Boyne shares with his 87-year-old parents.

The Virginia raid was based on a sealed complaint by CT State Trooper Detective Samantha McCord alleging “probable cause” that Boyne published articles on the Family Court Circus website that communicated a threat of bodily harm to certain judges in CT who preside over family law matters.

On June 30, Virginia State Police raided and seized Boyne’s cell phone and two laptop computers. CT Detective McCord was at the raid, and Virginia released seized devices to her custody.

Yesterday, Boyne appeared at a hearing in Virginia State Court, seeking the return of his laptops and phone. As he left, Virginia authorities served him with a Connecticut warrant and arrested him, holding him for extradition.

According to sources, Virginia State Police did not provide Boyne with details of the CT charges.

Inciting Violence Based on Religion

Frank Report learned that the charges likely stem from alleged violations of CT law concerning the felony version of online stalking [53a 181c(a)(4).]

According to, Sec. 53a-181c(a)(4) is “stalking in the first degree,” a class D felony. To get a conviction the state must prove to a jury that a defendant did ‘incite or threaten violence.. because of the actual or perceived race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression of such other person.”

The Family Court Circus describes itself on its home page as providing “nasty criticism and rants of THE WORST KIND, against the most evil court in the land and the monsters who control it.” 

FR is in the process of obtaining more details and will follow up on this breaking story.

Ed. Note: Frank Report condemns anti-Semitism and all species of hatred. However, this condemnation does not include restricting all speech expressing that hatred. FR never condones using speech to incite violence against anyone, which is exactly the legal issue at the heart of CT v Paul Boyne. Did Boyne’s expression of hatred cross the boundary into inciting violence against individuals? This is a challenging slope to navigate. Stay tuned.


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  • The Hartford Courant couldn’t — or wouldn’t — investigate and report what happened ten years ago? says:

    “Connecticut court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest
    Monday, May 20, 2013
    Speaking of Family
    by Anne Stevenson

    … Paul Boyne, a Connecticut father of four, says the CJE’s ruling comes too late for his children, who he says have not been allowed to visit him in years. Boyne says that since his divorce case opened in 2007, the custody case has remained open due to the fact that the judges who currently serve as 🚨corporate directors🚨 for the vendor refuse
    to establish a custody or visitation schedule.

    These same judges have ordered his family to patronize various vendor affiliated services from Dr. Sidney Horowitz, who does not have a State contract to provide therapeutic services on behalf of the Judicial Branch. Court transcripts show that in July 2012, Judge Holly Abery Wetstone recused herself from hearing the Boyne matter, then authorized payments from the Judicial Branch to an unnamed vendor, despite the fact that there were no motions for fees pending before her to rule on at that time.

    Judicial Branch billing records are kept separately from the court case filed in the Court’s administrative offices, and parties who wish to see the invoices submitted by professionals appointed to their cases are required to request them under the State’s open records laws. The heavily redacted records Boyne obtained from the Judicial Branch show that Horowitz had billed over $4,200 to the state on the Boyne case, however, Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney confirm that Horowitz did not provide them with copies, nor did the Judicial Branch seek their approval for the charges Horowitz submitted.

    Boyne says that Horowitz failed to provide all the services and reports outlined in the court order, then recused himself from his appointment to the Boyne case in May 2012. Yet in fall 2012, Judge Lynda B. Munro and Judicial Branch Manager Mary Kay West administratively authorized payments to Horowitz at 🚨more than twice the state rate🚨, even though no court order on record had approved the payments. …”

  • What was “CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC, INC.” before 2/5/2013 and after 5/13/2015? 🧐 says:


    👉 DISSOLVED during the New Haven DOJ Public Corruption Investigation …

    Name Reservation – Reservation of Name
    Filing date: 2/5/2013

    Business Formation – Certificate of Incorporation
    Filing date: 3/26/2013

    First Report – Organization and First Report
    Filing date: 3/26/2013

    Annual Report(2014)
    Filing date: 5/6/2015

    Dissolution – Certificate of Dissolution
    Filing date: 5/13/2015

    • What was “CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC, INC.” before 2/5/2013 and after 5/13/2015? 🧐

      If someone has time, a quick Certified Letter asking the New Haven State’s Attorney Office that question might or might not receive answers. If the New Haven State’s Attorney Office doesn’t answer that simple question openly and honestly, what would that tell us?

      US Attorney’s Office
      New Haven Office
      Connecticut Financial Center
      157 Church Street
      Floor 25
      New Haven, CT 06510
      (203) 821-3700
      Fax: (203) 773- 5376

      • Reported two weeks ago:

        “Paul Boyne, 62, of Springfield, Virginia, was charged with 18 counts of felony stalking and electronically stalking three sitting Connecticut Superior Court Judges. According to officials, Boyne previously resided in Connecticut.”

  • … 7/6/1984 CT Dept. of Revenue Services notifies the AFCC that they must file their Application for Withdrawal with a statement that the AFCC has made arrangements to pay the Department all unpaid taxes

    12/10/1984 CT Judicial Branch Manager and AFCC President Anthony Salius and Milne file an Application of Withdrawal of Foreign Corporation for the AFCC with the CT Sec. of State …

    • “… The AFCC is currently not registered with the CT Sec. of State’s office. In 1984, Judicial Branch Director and then AFCC President withdrew the AFCC’s application from the Secretary of State’s Office …”

      Did the DOJ not prosecute those who committed crimes after the 2015 public corruption task force investigation because CT AFCC operated in the state without registration as all other business must do?

      More details here — many, many more details:

      The DOJ must address every crime committed in Connecticut family courts since 1984.


        Total Revenue: $10,692
        Expenses: $5,824

        Total Revenue $16,185
        Expenses $17,226

        Total Revenue $28,415
        Expenses $8,993

        2015: Total number of other employees paid over $50,000………………. 0

        “Five highest-paid independent contractors for professional services (see instructions).
        If none, enter “NONE”.”

        Robert Horwitz, PhD answered: NONE

        • How much money did Mr. Horwitz receive to torture children in Connecticut “family court cases?

          • Treasurer Horwitz was the groomer and “reunification therapist” in the Ambrose case.

            Did Director Adelman pass that lucrative case his way? 🤔

  • This self proclaimed legal genius got too cocky and thought he was in the clear after no action in one year. The mighty legal beagle seems to have overlooked the fact that Parlato was investigated for 4 years before his arrest.

    Dear parents in a custody fight: I hope this drives home the point that you should NOT be going to Boyne for legal advice. The guy is as clueless as he is hateful.

    • A member of the public commenting publicly about people and events in a public forum!!! What a monster!! I’m literally shaking right now. 🙄

      • I’m literally shaking right now, too. We just need one more to be very afraid to shut down whatever speech we want to shut down. It’s probably that easy, now. 🥳

    • What do you suggest? The legal system in Connecticut for custody dispute is rigged. The lawyers are bankrupting parents and providing poor service. Charging almost one hundred thousand dollars for emails and telephone calls. The bar association won’t do anything. Children are being abused and abusive parents are getting custody. The people have been complaining for years. Boyne probably not a good idea for legal advice. Neither are most of the attorneys. Can the state fix their system? Does look like an attempt is being made. Looks like a cover up. For the AFCC destroying and monopolizing the system. The public is desperately seeking answers and assistance.

  • This system is outdated and needs to be rectified! Why don’t we have a new law in CT that proposes that prior to marriage a couple must complete a prenup! Or have soon to be married couples prior to marriage visit a local courthouse and see what happens in the day in the life at family court hearings and trials! I suggest that to couples I meet that are engaged. Don’t get me wrong sometimes one of the parents isn’t in the right mind or position to help with the children and we need to work on that part of the separation that is destroying CT families! We need to address the current failed system and look for solutions. This is why government should not be in your homes! Does not work!

    • Many good ideas. Thank you, 8:22. Which legislators care enough to consider those good ideas for good legislation?

      • Unfortunately, i have been thru the circus and its ugly. I had the experience of 2 judges that were mentioned in the Ambrose case that gave grave decisions to the children! I didn’t have my children involved otherwise it would have been a lot worse outcome. Going to through divorce-family court should not be a punishment or life sentence for anyone! It’s bad for our society and future!

    • You wanna make a new law that forbids running a pedophile child trafficking operation through official state branches and offices?

        • Our government is allowing it every day in the 100’s with the border crossings! Our own government!

          • I have really mixed feeling about this interview because I’m very glad that Nick Bryant is talking about the continuation of the pedophile trafficking networks he exposed and where they operate now, but Keith sounds like he needs a vacation. He’s all over the place, rambling, forgetting, and down right not getting things correct from his own book. At least Nick is prepared and doing his best to keep on-topic. I see from the youtube comments that Keith has done another interview recently as well, so it sounds like the story is getting some new attention.

      • Unfortunately, I had first-hand experience with 2 of the judges with detrimental outcomes for the children! They are not human! This is why they went to be lawyers and then judges???? SAD!

    • Under the current system women have no autonomy. They are being stripped of the ability to financially care for themselves and their children. The children are being placed with abusive parents such as Ambrose. The Ambrose case is one of many. The judges who were on the case will likely not be punished for failing the best interest of the children. The family court circus blog was highlighting what is happening but took a dramatic turn.

      • Don’t you know that the boys down at city hall are doing everything they can to convince you of that? How effectively can you oppose anything if you feel your opposition is futile? Giving your opponent the idea that defending himself is futile is as old as warfare itself. In about 500 B. C. the Chinese war lord-philosopher Sun Tsu stated, “Supreme excellence in warfare lies in the destruction of your enemy’s will to resist in advance of perceptible hostilities.” We call it “psy war” or psychological warfare today. In poker, it is called “running a good bluff.” The principle is the same.

        • Have you ever been followed by the state police? Have you had the FBI in your driveway? Have you ever been called by other women who you realize are being followed and watched by the same people. Are you afraid they will find a bogus charge to arrest you. Cause a year ago right before they took Paul’s computer that was what was happening.

    High Conflict: Is Connecticut’s family court system ignoring abuse?

    by Marc E. Fitch May 28, 2023

    Every week a group of a dozen or so women gathers online to share information, support each other and help strategize for upcoming court hearings.

    They’re all divorcees. Some are in the midst of an ongoing court battle with their ex-husbands over child custody and child support payments; others have already been through the system and have come out on the other side with experience and knowledge to share. They’re an off-shoot of a much larger group of women who number in the hundreds and meet for the same purpose.

    These women – and other groups like them – were brought together following the murder of Jennifer Dulos by her husband, Fotis, during a bitter battle in Connecticut’s family court system, which saw more than 500 court filings in just two years.

    The Dulos case, which garnered national attention when Jennifer went missing four years ago, was seen by these women as emblematic of the dangers women face when going through a divorce, particularly when their husbands have been abusive.

    And, they say, Connecticut’s family court system is not only ignoring those abuse allegations – some substantiated by police and social workers, others not – but enabling it. They claim their exes use the court system to exert control over them and their children through its web of judges, attorneys, and guardians ad litem (GAL) who dismiss their safety concerns in a concerted push to side with fathers, even in cases when there is abuse against both the children and mother. …”

  • “Connecticut Inside Investigator” might investigate CT AFCC history in the state, the crimes and corruption and report what the judges, attorneys and vendors did in the Boyne “family court” case. They published an article about Connecticut mothers who were victims of that same corruption — mostly the same crimes and perpetrators.

    I looked for that article on their site yesterday and can’t find it. Did they remove that article for some reason?

    • It’s spotlighted what is really happening in Connecticut. There was another GAL to be spotlighted other than Adam Teller. It’s rumored that the AFCC GAL threatened legal action if her conduct in a former case was exposed in the article. Refused comment. . She has been appointed to many cases by judges with no choice. All under the parental alienation claims . She was involved in the 2014 investigation. Disciplinary action discussed but disappeared and never addressed. Leading to her engaging in the same conduct. The judges continue to promote her and force her on cases. All headed towards the same outcome. It’s not shocking that after Marks interview with Lisa Wexler the article disappeared. Connecticut doesn’t want anyone to know about their family court system.

      • Which “AFCC GAL threatened legal action if her conduct in a former case was exposed in the article”? 🤔

  • Now that the Frank Report has taken a stance on Anti-Semitism –
    will it address the elephant in the room?!?

    The love between an alien named [redacted] and a horse faced heiress.

    Their love revolves around a taboo [redacted] wiping.

    Can’t two beings from different worlds find love?

    Please note:
    [redacted] doesn’t show up on [redacted] skin—it’s the same color!

  • This is the loon – who posted on the Frank Report some time ago.

    Glad this tool is on his way to the

    As of late I’ve been watching old movies from the 30s.
    Hoosegow is slang for prison.

  • Configuring bits and bytes on a server somewhere such that you have to type a url or click a link to seek out words you don’t like in order to offend yourself is not *communicating* anything and by definition cannot be a threat. This is well-trod, well-detailed territory in US caselaw.

      • Clickie da linkie… readie readie!

        Reading is hard, I know, but I have faith in you. You can do it!

        • “Clickie da linkie… readie readie!

          Reading is hard, I know, but I have faith in you. You can do it!”

          Do you talk to strangers that way? 🤔

          • The ones who want other people to spoon feed them, yes. If you don’t want to click the link, don’t. But don’t demand other people make everything convenient for you either.

  • Paul Boyne seems to be most upset about:

    385 ORANGE ST
    NEW HAVEN, CT 06511

    Employer Identification Number: 46-2716503”

  • CT Divorce Court equals $$$$$$! If you absolutely agree with the CT courts, you are either a state employee or someone that has not yet faced or seen in person the 50 billion $ industry in action!! Judge is the only jury in divorce court! No Jury trials! I would suggest visiting the courthouse and seeing first-hand how it works before making statements. Pray that you never have to enter the arena and lose your children, life, house, or livelihood! Do the research on suicides, children without parents, and families losing it all! How can a judge really understand your 20-to-30-year marriage! They were not living with you! Law schools like QU are a threat to society as they produce more lawyers than we need and are the low hanging fruit practicing lawyers! Black robes can fix it if they want! After witnessing the deception, I do not know how anyone in law is happy with what they do! Lawyers making $500 per hour and with divorce rate at probably 80% and many of these are controversial and costly! Family practice supports many of the law firms. CT should be a friendly family state where people should feel safe and not feel threatened by our lawmakers! Make family important again!

    • At what point would Bolsheviks, Brownshirts, Red Guards and New Haven, Connecticut law enforcement offices have too much in common? 🤔

  • “... she felt unsafe, unwanted, intimidated and threatened because of her sexuality ...” says:

    “I am told that Regina Sullivan has seen fit to dye her hair in Pride colors for graduation. I didn’t say a word last year. I’m telling you right now, if I see her dragging her personal politics and sexual preferences into this event, there is going to be hell to pay. As a teacher, by law, she will be crossing the line, and so will the school by not shutting this down.”

    • Good, strong and helpful men
      are good, strong and helpful men
      for many good, strong and helpful reasons.

  • “… Paul Boyne, a Connecticut father of four, says the CJE’s ruling comes too
    late for his children, who he says have not been allowed to visit him in
    years. Boyne says that since his divorce case opened in 2007, the
    custody case has remained open due to the fact that the judges who
    currently serve as corporate directors for the vendor refuse to establish a
    custody or visitation schedule.

    These same judges have ordered his family to patronize various vendor
    affiliated services from Dr. Sidney Horowitz, who does not have a
    State contract to provide therapeutic services on behalf of the Judicial Branch.

    Court transcripts show that in July 2012, Judge Holly Abery Wetstone
    recused herself from hearing the Boyne matter, then authorized
    payments from the Judicial Branch to an unnamed vendor, despite the
    fact that there were no motions for fees pending before her to rule on at
    that time.

    Judicial Branch billing records are kept separately from the court case
    filed in the Court’s administrative offices, and parties who wish to see the
    invoices submitted by professionals appointed to their cases are required
    to request them under the State’s open records laws. The heavily redacted
    records Boyne obtained from the Judicial Branch show that
    Horowitz had billed over $4,200 to the state on the Boyne case, however,
    Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney confirm that Horowitz did not provide
    them with copies, nor did the Judicial Branch seek their approval for the
    charges Horowitz submitted.

    Boyne says that Horowitz failed to provide all the services and reports
    outlined in the court order, then recused himself from his appointment to
    the Boyne case in May 2012. Yet in fall 2012, Judge Lynda B. Munro and
    Judicial Branch Manager Mary Kay West administratively authorized
    payments to Horowitz at more than twice the state rate, even though no
    court order on record had approved the payments.

    Through an open records request, the Judicial Branch provided the same billing records on the Boyne case which were less redacted than the records the state provided to Boyne himself. The copy showed that Horowitz made calls to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families the day before he recused himself from the Boyne case.

    Both Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney, Daniel Kennedy, confirmed in emails that prior to being contacted, they were unaware of any communications Horowitz may have had with DCF about the Boyne case. Boyne says that his correspondence with DCF show Horowitz had billed the State for a report the doctor made against his ex-wife, which was rejected by DCF because Horowitz had never met the Boyne children.

    Is this really the best deal for the taxpayers?

    Judicial Branch employees go into business with court employees nationwide Established 1975, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) is now a Wisconsin based international trade organization for family court industry professionals founded by judges, court administrators, and the family court professionals who may appear before them. Documents obtained from the State and the AFCC show that the AFCC has been a vendor for the Connecticut Judicial Branch for over 30 years, and at one point even had a corporate office within the Hartford Superior Court.

    The articles of incorporation list Judicial Branch Manager Anthony Salius as a founding director. …”

  • First, Can someone clarify what violence he incited? Second, should bloggers be aware they can get picked up from an out of state warrant for expressing themselves through story telling? Thank you

    • Only when the out of state warrant is from Corrupticut.

      It is understood that warrants issued from Corrupticut come with unique caveats. Among them:

      1 All rights of the recipient can and will be violated.

      2. The recipient will not be provided a copy of the warrant.

      3. The charges will remain under seal from the alleged perpetrator and the public.

      4. “Receipt. The officer executing the warrant must give a copy of the warrant and a receipt for the property taken to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken or leave a copy of the warrant and receipt at the place where the officer took the property”. — This law is void when acting on behalf of Corrupticut.

      5. “The judge must, on request, give a copy of the inventory to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken.”
      – Much like requests made by targeted parents in family court, ask away… no one is listening.

      6. Self expression, like free association, is obsolete in Corrupticut. Having the expectation of such rights in the tyrannical state of Corrupticut will result in severe sanctions, public shunning, loss of livelihood, home, and children.

      7. There is no redress.

      8. All forms of storytelling are unwelcome in Corrupticut unless the storyteller is a GAL, attorney, or a judge. These coveted positions of power enjoys the hearsay rule (anything GAL says, goes and is accepted as verified fact), and/or are licensed and encouraged to lie; to support the storytellers full range of capability, they are cloaked with unlimited immunity. Hence they are the untouchables of Corrupticut.

      9. The narrow scope of those permitted spin tales reveals the widely accepted bias of Corrupticut. But this bias doesn’t matter because Corrupticut eliminated any hint of oversight – Sheriffs and prosecutors were sent packing and are Gone baby gone— making Corrupticut a state like no other.

      10. Storytelling in divorce decrees, stipulation “agreements” (loosely interpreted), ex-parte hearings, no contact orders based on no hearings, illegal search and seizures (aka court ordered fishing expeditions by special masters), are stories of threat, intimidation, stalking, and invasion of privacy. The social dynamic within the court is one of coordinated bullying.

      These stories rewrite history. They target and stalk innocent parents and incite hostility, dominate, instill fear, demand submission and coercively control a particular group- that being protective parents – for years to come. This storytelling is perfected and acted out daily in family court.

      Storytellers outside of the club of gals, attorneys and judges, are shunned, threatened and silenced.

      Should bloggers be so bold as to question and report on the veracity of public information, or make a mockery of family court, they will be hunted and captured by Corrupticut.

      Satire is no excuse. Tyranny rules Corrupticut. And that’s the way they like it.

  • Most people don’t think the corruption in family courts is caused by all Jews, all Freemasons, all Northern Baptists, all Anglo-Saxons, all Democrats, all Republicans, all women or all men.

    However, many people do think hidden groups of powerful people meet behind closed doors to push the political and religious agendas we see everywhere today. What should we think when we see a man sitting at the desk in the New Haven, Connecticut DOJ office wearing a silver ring with what looked like the kind of cross on the royal crown King Charles III wears?

    Could it be that the City of London controls American DOJ offices — and so controls family courts — in some way?

    How far-fetched would it be to wonder about that? If you’re an American, you probably already know that King Charles III is King of Canada. And what about the role of the Tavistok Institute throughout America?

    What political and religious groups are pushing the obvious agendas in family courts?

    The late Judith Reisman was Jewish. She documented the Rockefeller family’s contributions to the degradation of America’s family courts and John D. Rockefeller was a Northern Baptist.

    Paul Boyne wrote the following essay about AFCC. He has the general history right, but he seems to be way off in the major world religion he blames for so many crimes and so much corruption in family courts. Here’s what he wrote:

    “State courts are of criminal and civil distinction. 

    The concept of a separate ‘family’ court was put forth by the AFCC long ago. 

    The AFCC is a jewish operation designed to attack the fundamental building block of Christian society….the family. 

    Western civilization has been built upon Christian values which embody the teachings of the Catholic Church and its spin-off protestants, episcopal, Anglican, Lutheran, etc.  The whole purpose of the Fourth Commandment to honor thy mother and father is to uphold the family as the bedrock of society.

    Voltaire even warned that the jew will destroy humanity.  That is the goal of the jewish creation of the AFCC, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. 

    What article of the Constitution requires that state courts make ‘association’??  Why do state courts use federal money to act in ‘association’ with each other?  Why do state courts use federal money to act in ‘association’ with each other? 

    The answer is simple, it is a jewish racket.

    The AFCC is the work of jews which created the ‘no fault’ divorce concept.  There is nothing in christian teaching which eliminates the sacrament of marriage based on nobody’s fault.  The jews took aim at the marriage sacrament and destroyed it through the political process.  Yes, the people who started AFCC in Los Angeles were all jews, attorneys and judges.  The power of jewish money produced the first no fault divorce law, signed by Governor Ronald Reagan in 1969, just six years after AFCC creation.

    The jews first enacted no fault divorce in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  The jews hated Russia as it was a devout christian society.  All the Czars viewed the Jews as a ‘problem’, even as far back as 960, when Sviatoslav I, Prince of Kyiv Rus destroyed the Khazarian empire.  It was a military solution to the chosen ones.  Catherine the Great had no need for jews.  Czar Alexander II was assassinated by jews in 1881, his son and successor Alexander III immediately expelled over twenty thousand jews from Moscow…..they ended up in New York; creating the American Jewish Problem. 

    Czar Nicholas II, a devout Orthodox Christian was the target of rich Wall Street jews who financed his downfall and the destruction of a Christian society.  Jews ordered the killing of the entire Romanov family, then the jewish assassins raped the corpses of the royal goy.  The jewish takeover of Russia brought the Zionistic agenda to the civil law of Russia and the rabbinical overlords upended christian values by installing ‘no fault’ divorce as law for the goy, not for the jews, as the chosen ones are not divorced in civil courts but in rabbinical courts….it is called a ‘get’. 

    The jews went on to destroy thousands of christian churches across Russia where marriage ceremonies took place.

    The jews have been a menace to western Christians for over a millennia.  They have been expelled from eighty five countries in the past twelve hundred years by order of Christian rulers.  They are truly a pain in the ass.

    So, jewish activity creates AFCC, installs ‘no fault’ divorce against the teachings of the Catholic Church, takes over family court, replaces the rule of law with judicial discretion and creates a $50 billion a year industry in trafficking child flesh for profit.  When you get confused on how some lawyers and judges just rape your family, steal all your money and leave parents and children emotionally destroyed, just thank the Jews; such is the Talmud agenda for you and your four-legged family.  You are animals to the chosen ones, your society, religion, culture and moral values will be ignored in pursuit of the goal of Zionism.

    In every state, there will be a powerful jew in the judiciary, wielding ultimate power to shape the family court to the needs of the jewish masters.  Children will be trafficked, children will be raped, pedophiles protected, money stolen, critics will be hunted and jailed, governors will be held hostage, legislators will be muzzled, people will be herded, the Constitution burned. 

    The jews run family court across the nation. …”

    We the People didn’t design family courts in America to be a billion-dollar industry without ethics, without oversight and without accountability. So, who did?

    • Paul Boyne is evil. He would happily be the second coming of Hitler if he had a chance. Thank god his children were protected from him.

    • We the People have allowed family courts in America to be a billion-dollar industry without ethics, without oversight and without accountability.

      “There was a time when we dared not rustle a whisper. But now we write and read samizdat and, congregating in the smoking rooms of research institutes, heartily complain to each other of all they are muddling up, of all they are dragging us into! There’s that unnecessary bravado around our ventures into space, against the backdrop of ruin and poverty at home; and the buttressing of distant savage regimes; and the kindling of civil wars; and the ill-thought-out cultivation of Mao Zedong (at our expense to boot)—in the end we’ll be the ones sent out against him, and we’ll have to go, what other option will there be? And they put whomever they want on trial, and brand the healthy as mentally ill—and it is always “they,” while we are—helpless.

      We are approaching the brink; already a universal spiritual demise is upon us; a physical one is about to flare up and engulf us and our children, while we continue to smile sheepishly and babble:

      “But what can we do to stop it? We haven’t the strength.”

      We have so hopelessly ceded our humanity that for the modest handouts of today we are ready to surrender up all principles, our soul, all the labors of our ancestors, all the prospects of our descendants—anything to avoid disrupting our meager existence. We have lost our strength, our pride, our passion. We do not even fear a common nuclear death, do not fear a third world war (perhaps we’ll hide away in some crevice), but fear only to take a civic stance! We hope only not to stray from the herd, not to set out on our own, and risk suddenly having to make do without the white bread, the hot water heater, a Moscow residency permit.

      We have internalized well the lessons drummed into us by the state; we are forever content and comfortable with its premise: we cannot escape the environment, the social conditions; they shape us, “being determines consciousness.” What have we to do with this? We can do nothing.

      But we can do — everything! — even if we comfort and lie to ourselves that this is not so. It is not “they” who are guilty of everything, but we ourselves, only we! …”

      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
      February 12, 1974

    • The child trafficking operation is literally Mossad. An inconvenient detail that makes the spin job blaming “Rockefellers” pretty ridiculous. Maybe look up what a limited hangout is.

          • You wrote: “The child trafficking operation is literally Mossad. An inconvenient detail that makes the spin job blaming “Rockefellers” pretty ridiculous. Maybe look up what a limited hangout is.”

            I wrote: “Will you please explain that to me like I’m a five-year-old and cite your sources?“ Here’s what I meant by that: If you think corruption in family courts is a “child trafficking operation” (I agree with that part), do you actually think The Israeli Mossad literally operates family courts? If so, how does that work, exactly?

            The late Dr. Judith Reisman researched the causes of corruption in family courts for years. She cited primary sources of information. Norman Dodd also shared primary sources of information about wealthy individuals who decided years ago that they should control your world today. Carroll Quigley cited primary sources, too.

            Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping and Keith Raniere probably wake up every day thinking they should control the world. Five do, one doesn’t any more. A few of them probably work with Israeli and other intelligence agencies. The state of Connecticut officials signed contracts with Microsoft and other organizations associated with the MITRE corporation. MITRE corporation is associated with military intelligence, but they probably don’t control family courts.

            We the People still control family courts (for now, at least) and we’re not doing a very good job.

            If you think Mossad runs the world, please consider when Mossad was formed. Carnegie, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Warburgs were on earth long before The Israeli Declaration of Independence terminated the British mandate and established the State of Israel in 1948.

            The label on the video seems to say a few folks at YouTube think Norman Dodd was a conspiracy theorist. He wasn’t. In that interview, he shared what he witnessed. The information he shared is “primary source” information. Have you met a Mossad agent, 1:27 am?

            Intelligence agents and spies are everywhere, but pay attention mostly to the elected and unelected officials. They’re usually more dangerous than intelligence agents and spies.

      • “literally Mossad” didn’t work with the Nazis in the 1940s experimenting on captured children.

        Alfred Kinsey did that.

        Do you think Alfred Kinsey was “literally Mossad”, 5:11 pm?

        Kinsey had perverted “researchers” chart child sexual assault data for his books. Those books then somehow circulated around the world to eventually inform new and official Model Penal Codes in the 1950s and 60s. Those new and official Model Penal Codes eventually reduced criminal sexual offenses in most states in America to categories of common behaviors — to be addressed with “therapeutic jurisprudence” wherever anyone objects to the criminal sexual offenses.

        That’s one way the father in Connecticut who pretended to be a hyper-sexualized teen online got full custody of his children in the “family courts”. It’s how another Connecticut father who pretended to be a barber online for sexual gratification got full custody of his children. It’s also how a male shop teacher in King Charles’ Canada interacts with and “teach” teenagers in Canada Monday through Friday during the school year while wearing two very large artificial breasts on his chest.

        That’s right. “A male shop teacher”.

        Not “cis male” or “biological male” Both terms are redundant. The man in Canada wearing artificial breasts to teach teenagers in a shop class is as male as 99.999% of all men. (Note to the editor of this site: please remove these comments if authorities threaten to censor this entire website as a result of this free speech.)

        Ask any Connecticut child custody evaluator what they are to do when children report criminal sexual offenses. Apparently, “family court” evaluators aren’t mandatory reporters anymore.

        Here’s the “custody primer” the state of Connecticut’s Office of Child Protection distributed for training and certification in their Guardian ad Litem and Attorney for Minor Child Training and Certification Program around the time Sidney Horowitz engaged in illegal billing practices in the Boyne case.

        In Connecticut, when children disclose having been sexually abused by a parent, the “family court” evaluators are to report the disclosures to the guardians ad litem in the cases, not the police. Connecticut family courts are a free-for-all in The Wild West where this document identifies as a Connecticut “child custody primer”:

        • Show proof that the Nazis experimented on children. I’ll save you time, you can’t, but for some fanciful “testimony” that has already been discredited and retracted. “It was real in their minds” and some such.

          The Germans forbid what the perverts in Weimar were doing to children and burned all their research, which even jewish publications admit was jewish and that the Germans set the pervert agenda back 70 years. So no, “Nazis” were not the ones who were doing the atrocities to children that they actually banned and stopped. Please don’t tell me you’re so smooth brained that you believe the cartoon villain Mengele was literally everywhere and did every evil thing to every child who was anywhere in Europe in WW2… Man, he was really amazing at being omnipresent!

          What did Hirshfield, Kinsey, Money, Underwager, and for that matter Rothschild and Warburg, have in common?? 🤔🤔🤔 Besides being pervs…

          There is only one category of people who have a stated agenda to traffic out-group children for their purposes. They believe their activities will bring their messiah, and they have been at it for at least a thousand years that we have records. Mossad and its client agencies are just some of their current vehicles for carrying out their objectives. The “deception through warfare” motto includes convincing their targets that they are friends, that they are victims, and that they don’t have the power that they do.

          They have endless tactics for convincing their best friends not to believe our lying eyes. Agreeing, sympathizing, and then diverting away from the culprit and the objectives is not even a very sophisticated one.

          • “… According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (1968), Kinsey ‘began his sex research, unassisted, in 1938 … Support first came from the National Research Council and the Medical Division of The Rockefeller Foundation.’
            Writing in ‘Twenty-Five Years of Sex Research, History of the National Research Council Committee for Research in Problems of Sex, 1922-1947’, Sophie D. Aberle and George W. Corner report that the Foundation helped organize and fund the American Social Hygiene Association in 1913 ‘for reconsideration of public attitudes toward prostitution,’ and to work for birth control and other social reforms. European and English sex studies were fashionable, and a number of major treatises had been published by men (and a few by women) between 1885 and 1912.The Scientific Humanitarian Committee, established in the United States in 1897, focused on ‘scientific’ sex and held annual conferences for some years. The Institute for Sexual Science, formed in Berlin in 1911, was well known throughout Europe, where ‘investigations of this type had begun to attain respectability in the eyes of European medicine and jurisprudence.’ …”

          • “… James Jones writes in his doctoral dissertation that Kinsey selected young, insecure students as his assistants, but only after they had given him their own personal sexual histories. Even his coauthors had to agree to be filmed in intimate sexual situations on the Indiana campus and in Kinsey’s attic.

            Jones stated in his Yorkshire interview that ‘Kinsey wants [his staff] to understand that as scientists they are not bound, okay, by bourgeois morality… [H]e builds a staff where there is some wife-swapping… gay contacts… [for] both professional and private [needs].’ …”

          • “… how did this bow-tied, Midwestern biology professor become a savvy public relations wizard capable of conducting a book promotion rivaling that of a Madison Avenue ad agency? An indication of the answer is found in the record of the Rockefeller Foundation’s extensive influence on mass communication. During the late 1930s, writes Christopher Simpson in ‘Science of Coercion’, the Foundation ‘believed mass media… constituted a uniquely powerful force in modern society” for imposing the will of the elite ‘on the masses.’

            According to Simpson, ‘secret psychological war projects’ to control public opinion were supported by America’s tax-exempt foundations. For example, campaigns were developed to induce Americans to support U.S. entry into World War II. The Rockefeller Foundation funded communications experts from the field of social science to shape pre- and postwar public attitudes. …”

          • The Nazis knew and gave him the opportunity to practice his abnormal tendencies in occupied Poland on Polish children, who had to chose between Balluseck and the gas ovens. After the war, the children were dead, but Balluseck lived. [National-Zeitung, May 15, 1957]

            Balluseck’s career catapulted because he was a fanatical member of the Nazi party… he was a Nazi Occupational officer in Poland and he abused 10-12 year old girls. [Neues Deust-schland, May 17, 1957]

            Balluseck… corresponded with the American Kinsey Institute for some time, and had also got books from them which dealt with child sexuality [Tagespiegel, October 1, 1957]

            [N]ot only did he commit his crimes in Germany, but also during the war as an occupation officer, he committed numerous sexual crimes against Polish girls of between 10 & 14 years old. [Der Morgen, May 15, 1957]

            Dr. Balluseck… [recorded measurements] of his crimes committed against children between 9 and 14 years old… in four thick diaries… of a pseudo-scientific character… while in correspondence with the American sexual researcher Kinsey… about his research results which as he said himself, took place over three decades. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, May 22, 1957]

            Judge Berger: “I had the impression that you got to the children in order to impress Kinsey and to deliver him material.”

            Balluseck: “Kinsey himself asked me for that [asked me to do so]”

        • “That’s one way the father in Connecticut who pretended to be a hyper-sexualized teen online got full custody of his children in the “family courts”. It’s how another Connecticut father who pretended to be a barber online for sexual gratification got full custody of his children.”

          Um, they got custody because those alleged behaviors had nothing to do with any children whatsoever. I guess you think an author of erotica should lose her children for thinking impure thoughts.

          • “What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without restraint. Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites …. Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

            Edmund Burke, “Letter to a Member of the National Assembly,” 1791

    • Separation of church and state. Nancy Johnson brought religion into the family courts in the welfare reform act. Faith based services receiving federal funding through the fatherhood initiative. Supposed by many Jewish community organizations. If you want to know how we got here you have to look at the past. These people had no idea the big mess they were making . Women were never considered.

      • Go back and listen to the caution that a representative from Hawaii brought up. Family court is directly linked to the welfare reform act. The federal funding is designed to promote men through fatherhood. There is no equity in the government welfare reform act. It an epic failure at working towards a society where woman are there own person. Allowing women to be recognized as a parent. There is no provisions for assisting women intentionally to promote marriage. The divorce rates are through the roof. Second time marriage even more likely to fail. If the nation wants to become economicly sound it should recognize single parent households. Focus on women as well as men to promote education and assistance. Instead it’s putting children with fathers because they are less likely to have to provide financial assistance. The failure to comply with child support and alimony. To assist women and mothers out of poverty. Inability for women to become educated and into the workforce. Women staying home to raise children are discarded. Stripped of the ability to care for themselves. Have their children taken away so the father’s don’t have to provide financial means. Children support and alimony complaints are what started the fatherhood rights. Women with out financial means to get reasonable and adequate represention in divorce court. Our nation is oppressing women and is failing them. Using gender bias funding to the state surrounding family court.

  • Did Connecticut Judge Gerard Adelman ask the New Haven DOJ office to question or to silence Paul Boyne? 🤔

    “… The problem according to attorneys from the Secretary of State’s office, was that neither the AFCC nor the Connecticut AFCC was registered to do business in the state at the time. The Connecticut AFCC’s incorporation documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office on March 26 show that founding board members include Judge Munro, Judge Wetstone, Judge Gerard Adelman, as well as Judicial Branch managers Kulak, Giovannucci, and Phyllis Cummings-Texiera.

    The addresses listed on the application as the Connecticut AFCC’s business offices matched the addresses of law firms affiliated with incorporator Robert Zaslow and Thomas Esposito, two attorneys who also serve as guardian ad litems in family court cases.

    According to Martin Libbin, attorney for the Connecticut Judicial Branch, states that Chief Administrative Judge Barbara Quinn and other Judicial Branch managers approved paid education days for employees to attend the conference, and federal funds from a Court Improvement Grant were used to cover their cost of attendance. The AFCC’s website shows those fees ranged from $120-$170 per person.

    Regardless of the Court’s actual reasons for withholding Paul Boyne’s access to his children, surely the entire family deserves a fair hearing on the matter before an impartial tribunal not affiliated with questionable Judicial Branch employee owned corporations. When contacted for comment, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office did not respond to inquires as to whether they had opened an investigation into either corporation’s activities in the state …”

    • Committee on Judicial Ethics Teleconference: April 19, 2013

      Anne Stevenson Washington Times article: May 20, 2013

      DOJ Public Corruption Task Force, February 4, 2015:

      “… United States Attorney Deirdre M. Daly and representatives from five federal law enforcement agencies today announced the formation of the Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force to investigate corrupt public officials, the misuse of public funds and related criminal activity.

      The Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force includes representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Postal Inspection Service, Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation Division, and the Inspector General’s Offices of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

      ‘For the first time in Connecticut, we have brought together in a single investigative unit, agents and inspectors from the federal agencies that have primary responsibility for investigating public corruption,’ said U.S. Attorney Daly. ‘Although each of these agencies has a history of working together, bringing some of the best agents in the state into one unit with a singular purpose of investigating all manner of corruption is an optimal way to address the complex and varied threats posed by corrupt activity.’

      U.S. Attorney Daly explained that the Task Force is focused on rooting out not only corrupt elected officials, but also federal, state and municipal employees who use their position for personal gain at the expense of the public good. The Task Force also will investigate corruption that threatens public resources, the electoral process, and fair economic opportunities for citizens and businesses. In addition, the Task Force is charged with uncovering corruption within both public and private institutions that receive and misuse taxpayer dollars.Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher M. Mattei, who is Chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Financial Fraud and Public Corruption Unit, is coordinating the Task Force. The FBI has committed resources to support all Task Force investigations and serves as the lead investigative agency.

      ‘The New Haven Division of the FBI is joining forces with our federal agency partners to combat public corruption throughout the State of Connecticut,’ said FBI Special Agent in Charge Patricia M. Ferrick. ‘With the assistance and cooperation of these partners, the Connecticut Public Corruption Task force is well positioned to successfully root out and put an end to public corruption within our area. Public servants are entrusted by all of us to act in the best interests of the public they serve. It is important for the United States to bring to justice those who betray that trust. Public corruption at all levels of local, state, and federal government must not be tolerated, and this task force will leverage the best assets of the task force partner agencies to address the threat posed by corrupt public officials.’ …”

    • “When contacted for comment, the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office did not respond to inquires as to whether they had opened an investigation into either corporation’s activities in the state.”

      Which Connecticut investigative journalists from which Connecticut news outlets have asked the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office whether they had opened an investigation into either corporation’s activities in the state?

    • The Hartford Courant ignored Paul’s valid complaints ten years ago and they still ignore his valid complaints.

      That’s one good reason he’s so mad.

      Courant articles about the Gerard Adelman/Sidney Horowitz/CT AFCC, Inc. case in Connecticut will be about “vile free speech” — just as the articles about Ted Taupier and Alex Jones were about “free speech”. The Hartford Courant won’t ever mention or investigate any of the valid concerns and complaints raised by those three men.

      Did The Hartford Courant ever investigate and report ANY crimes and corruption in Connecticut “family courts”?

      They didn’t report what caused the Dulos case. Jennifer Dulos complained about the guardian ad litem and evaluator in that case. One of her last motions to the court through her attorney asked the family court to notice the criminal/corrupt behaviors of the guardian ad litem and the evaluator in the case.

      The Courant won’t report any of the corruption in the Ambrose case, either. There must be some reason for that.

    • If you read the case information they were very concerned about Paul giving his child information on parental alienation. That’s the biggest joke. Unbelievable. They have built the entire Connecticut family court system and probably New York on it.

  • Many believe that the courts are against women– and in large part they are. However, the overriding concern is money. If there is no way to get the money through the wife, then they’ll align with the husband.

    But there are hundreds–thousands of fathers who have had their life destroyed by family courts. Where their life savings is taken, where they’ve been incarcerated, and their children taken– never to see them again. These circumstances are ABNORMAL, CRIMINAL and have BECOME THE NORM in family court.

    Paul Boyne is one of so many parents who lived a lawful, peaceful existence in CT until he entered family court.
    There, he was dragged through years of litigation abuse and tormented by the judges. He stood up for his rights–which is always greeted with power and domination.

    They took his children, his life savings and he persisted and challenged every illegal order which earned him the wrath of the judges— they head of all evil– Gerard Adelman was outraged because Paul Boyne “called him out” on all of the lies and violations of law.

    The case moved to NY and Paul persevered. He used law and judge after judge recused themselves from the case. But per CT family courts, months, then years passed. It’s an exercise in futility, as Susan Skipp’s case demonstrates.

    Ultimately, they silence you and remove your right to file motions with the court. This is a CT crisis and a NATIONAL CRISIS.

    This has nothing to do with stalking. The victims of CT family court have suffered– children, targeted parent and extended family.

    The Boyne’s children have not seen their grandparents in decades. This is the sole result of CT FAMILY COURTS.

    He then watched the courts do this to other families day after day, month after month, year after year. Everyone lives in fear– this is what the court wants. FEAR immobilizes you. FEAR instills confusion. FEAR is what they count on — so you will not speak or challenge. The attorney fuel this fear– attorneys work together with the GAL to run the scam. To drag out litigation until the money is gone.

    Why are the CT papers not reporting his arrest? Are they waiting until Monday morning when they have known this was in the works for months?

    Why do CT papers refuse to report on the wrongdoing of any Family court judge? Of the prolonged litigation for no-fault divorces in the state of CT?

    Why are GALs allowed to become permanent members of families who entered family court for a no-fault divorce?

    Why are GALs hanging on to cases for SIX YEARS POST JUDGEMENT? Because Jane Grossman doesn’t “fire” GALs? Are we told GALs will drain our life savings and yield power over our lives indefinitely? SICK SICK System.

    Paul Boyne is a human being. Family court has made him the boogie man– his name never to be spoken or the wrath in full measure of family court will come down upon you.

  • Has anyone looked into the Haidon/Couloute case which he just recently wrote about? This arrest is eerily similar to that case, right b4 the cop who arrested mom on fake warrant stands trial. Cop happens to be son of judge John Danaher…I suggest googling judge Danaher and his background. People don’t want to believe what really goes on in these courts. It’s not a justice system. It’s pay to play. Favors exchanged. Kids trafficked through the system. Wake up people. Unless you’ve gone through it, it’s not believable. But the gag orders on certain cases, why? What needs to be hidden? Kids being taken from their mothers on a regular basis. Cases with substantiated abuse go ignored or dismissed. The system is a racket. This isn’t about what words he used, this is about the fact that he exposes what goes on behind those closed doors and gag orders. Certain players abusing the system or using it to torture mothers and children. This is the world we live in, and those involved make $$$ off of these cases. They don’t want anyone exposing what really goes on. Paul was a naval submarine engineer…takes certain intelligence level for that. Had connections everywhere. He called the cases out in real time and people didn’t like that. No one wants the dark, ugly truth of family court being revealed. Words are words. But the actions happening in family court are causing people to commit suicide, become homeless, end up repeatedly subjected to their abuser. Words vs actions. Big difference. And the actions are being done by the lawyers and judges, not Paul Boyne. let’s not get distracted by words. Pay attention to actions in these courts and what is allowed to go on. It’s definitely not part of the law, nor is it a court that protects children or women. It’s a well organized racket that the players want hidden from the public. Period.

  • According to Wikipedia, “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is an American politician and attorney who served as the 84th United States attorney general from 2017 to 2018.”

    The motion isn’t dated, and the website is no longer active. Did Paul Boyne file this motion in 2017 or 2018?

    What’s been happening in Connecticut for the past six years?

    Why did they arrest him this year? Will mainstream news outlets investigate and report about the case?


    PAUL A. BOYNE v.

    Case Nos. Under Seal?

    3:16MC183 SALM
    3:16MC184 SALM
    3:16MC290 SALM
    3:16MC172 SALM
    3:16MC127 SALM

    USMJ Sarah A.L. Merriman


    42 USC §1983

    The undersigned is forced by court order to senselessly kill trees and herewith files this [redacted] motion to unseal evidence of terrorist activity by an unscrupulous FBI agent, operating under pseudonym Lisa Tutty, (real name Kline), who acts in defiance of the [redacted] Constitution and all its pesky amendments. The public, being an interested party along with the undersigned hereby complies with the stupid [redacted] order of idiot pretend judge, Magistrate Sarah A.L. Merriman who in an effort to harass and obstruct public scrutiny did order that the public must file papers in every [redacted] sealed case that is not known to the public in order to scrutinize the unconstitutional conduct of batshit crazy nuts like Merriman,

    Margolis, Tutty and the prosecutorial challenged legal beagle AUSA Anastasia King, being the constitutionally infirm idiot doing the dirty work of Fourth Amendment violations for queen nut job USA Deirdre Daly who should have been tossed out with the trash from last administration, but hangs around to embarrass Attorney General Jeff Session in government sponsored terrorism. MJ S.A.L. Merriman’s ludicrous incompetent order states:

    To the extent movant seeks to unseal other matters, he must file appropriate motions in those other cases. See 3:16MC185(SALM) #8.

    The movant moved the court of terrorism to unseal all other [redacted] matters related to the Connecticut Intelligence (sic) Center’s gestapo investigation into free political speech; #9E-NH-7274619. Only problem is that [redacted] subversive federal magistrates Merriman and Margolis, in conspiracy to deprive the people’s rights by criminal conduct under 18 USC §241, sealed all the god damn cases so the public can’t tell who is the [redacted] target of the state gestapo’s witch hunt. A [redacted] crime is underway in the courthouse and all the lame judges can do is play stupid and throw citizens under the bus of tyranny driven by a vindictive dyke in a public forum, who doesn’t like to be called a vindictive dyke. Really? This is what the federal court does all day? [redacted] around and [redacted] on people’s rights, then seal it to conceal the mess? No wonder the rogues wear robes.

    [… vulgarities … statements of facts … citing of actual law … history … politics … insults … swear words …]

    … Requested specifics:

    1. Assign request to a real federal judge capable of upholding the Constitution.
    2. Unseal, make public ALL cases/filings related to FBI case #9E-NH-7274619.
    3. Disclose all related cases and apply this request to unseal.
    4. Displacement of AUSA King for violations of Fourth Amendment.
    5. Notice by court to all persons targeted by gestapo speech police.
    6. Subpoena and make public all files related to FBI/Fusion Center Case #9E-NH-7274619.”

    • Did Judge Gerard Adelman try to conceal his involvement with the Connecticut AFCC Inc. network, by asking a “Fusion Center” to investigate Paul Boyne? What’s going on?


      CTIC is the designated fusion center for the State of Connecticut and is one of 80 fusion centers in the country. Fusion centers were developed after September 11, 2001 in an effort to increase collaboration and information sharing between all levels of government. Fusion centers serve as the focal point for the receipt, analysis, and sharing of threat-related information between State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT), federal, and private sector entities. CTIC currently has representatives from the following organizations assigned to the unit which include, however, is not limited to:

      Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
      Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
      Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
      High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program (HIDTA)
      Connecticut National Guard
      Connecticut Department of Correction
      Connecticut Judicial Branch
      Connecticut State Police
      Several Local Law Enforcement Agencies
      Fire/EMS …”

  • The disbarred Connecticut attorney witnessed pro-pedophile leanings in Ms. Grossman’s court when a father testified about pretending to be a hyper-sexual teenaged girl online. Ms. Grossman took the children from the mother who tried to protect her children from the father in that case – – and Ms. Grossman gave the children to the father.

    Were Ms. Grossman and Mr. Adelman the only judges who joined forces to prosecute Paul Boyne? 🤔

    • Grossman and Adelman are the only two judges on what was a “sealed” affidavit. Paul Boyne followed the law, stood up for his rights and thankfully a decent judge honored his request and the “sealed” affidavit– used to steal his computers and all electronics– was unsealed.

      Contained therein was a statement from Jane Grossman– child abuser and criminal herself, stating that she feared for her life because the model of her car was posted online and the layout of her home was known. This is public information, easily gathered online through legal sources. Googleearth can show the layout of a house. Not likely Jane is too in fear of anything since she continues to abuse children on a daily basis.

      Grossman was the judge who put a child abuse ORDER OF THE COURT for Riordan to abuse her children. No contact for no specified reason, without a hearing, and MOTHER COULD NOT RESPOND TO CRIES OF CHILDREN!

      She granted three kids custody to a pedo in more than one case.

      Adelman also stated he was in fear for his life! But continued to rule on cases Paul Boyne reported on. Adelman fears nothing. He is protected. He took away Paige Styvan’s daughter without cause and saw to it she would NEVER see her child again– and she has not. He is a child abuser. He has left the targeted parent in so many cases, childless, homeless, and traumatized.

      But YES. Only Grossman and Adelman made statements to steal his electronics.

      • Grossman screeching that Paul had to have been to her house to know so much about its surroundings and layout was one of the funnier blog moments, because he was obviously quoting the infamous Taupier email, which was supposedly info gathered from google about Bozzuto’s house which not even accurate about her house either. 😂

        These demons are not scared. They’re paranoid, but not scared. They’d prefer if we stopped talking about what they do but not so strongly that they stop doing it.

    • Oh please. Cunha didn’t witness any propedophile leanings. You are seriously misinformed or deluded.

  • “08-14-2018

    PAUL A. BOYNE, Plaintiff, v. RICHARD BLAIR MEYER, Family Court Judge of Essex County; and ADAM D. MICHELINI, Family Court Judge of Washington County, Defendants.

    APPEARANCES: PAUL A. BOYNE Plaintiff, Pro Se

    HON. BARBARA UNDERWOOD Attorney General for the State of New York Counsel for Defendants The Capitol Albany, New York 12224 OF COUNSEL: KYLE W. STURGESS, ESQ. Assistant Attorney General

    … Seventh, Plaintiff argues that, when compared to other courts, the Washington County Family Court (through Defendants) created a situation of unequal treatment of children and parents and thereby violated his equal protection rights; in support of this argument, Plaintiff points to a case in which a different federal court ruled that “children must be expeditiously reunited with fit parents” as the point of comparison. (Id. at ¶ 7.)

    Eighth, Plaintiff argues that Defendants’ allegation that Plaintiff has exhibited anti-Semitism against Defendant Meyer is a deprivation of his freedom of expression and “in affront to zealous advocacy within an adversarial system.” (Id. at ¶ 8.) Plaintiff additionally argues that he is being unfairly treated because other cases have applied “Catholic Church doctrine” and other Christian authority to preserve parent-child rights, while he has been subjected to “Talmudic doctrine” that is less favorable to him. (Id.)”

  • Hmmm….a CT extradition warrant right before a federal trial over another CT extradition warrant that put a mother in jail, losing custody of her kid for like over a year, and the cop that wrote that warrant is the son of a CT family court judge. Judge Danaher ran family court. Connect the dots. I think maybe the problem is Matthew Couloute and everyone that enables him. He is abusing the system cuz he thinks he can and did a lot of favors for clients that “donated” money to Governor Dan Malloy and those clients were all Albanian who ran the drug ring down in Stamford. Just go to and all Connecticut cases are open file and online so people should do their homework. It’s kids 4 cash in family court. Matthew is the next Ted Bundy. One of his baby mama’s is gonna end up dead and my money is on the one that has the federal case. Pay attention. No one protects mothers or children, especially not family court. The money exchanged across the table for custody evaluations to favor the father, or this one knows the judge or coaches his kid, it is a circus. People get to say what they want we live in America. The person below made good points by saying I think he did that to get attention. It’s not about being racist or anti semetic it’s about what is really going on and how sick and twisted it is but the people involved like lawyers, judges, GALs, evaluators- they all make $$$$$ so why would they stop.

    Couloute has been in the headlines for over a decade and it’s not for anything I’d be proud of. He’s an abuser plain and simple. I know one of his ex gfs who is also an attorney in Connecticut. Scary stories. I’m glad the ones that made it out are alive but he will try to have this mother “disappear” and take that kid away again. I’d put money on it. The filings from Connecticut against his kids mothers were nuts. The guy hates women and his ego is so fragile. He needs help. I pray the mother he put in jail and that kid stay alive through this because he called in big favors. Everyone in Connecticut knows Matt’s game, that’s why he’s in Georgia hiding. Only an abuser does what he has done to his kids mothers.

  • He made serious threats to people and their families. I’m so glad he’s been arrested. And Now he can’t warp the minds and destroy the custody cases of any more vulnerable parents. At least for the few minutes while he is locked up.

          • You wrote, “Who cares what made him angry? You can’t threaten people‘s lives.”

            Should police officers threaten lives? How about the US military?

            Let’s say five police cars arrive at a beautiful home in a small town. The front door is open and gunshots are heard toward the back of the house. Eight out of the ten police officers rush into the home, guns drawn. Looking through the front hall to the kitchen, they see two large pools of blood surrounding two deceased victims on the kitchen floor.

            The back door is open. Looking into the back yard, three officers can see two suspects running in the backyard. One of the suspects carries a Glock 21SF with a Picatinny rail and ambidextrous magazine release. The other suspect carries a large kitchen knife. Both suspects run toward a twenty-foot stone wall. It looks like they’re both going to try to climb the wall to escape. What should the police officers do?

            Should they say something to those two murder suspects? 🤔

          • @12:09 please tell me you aren’t serious with this question. So I guess you think it’s okay for someone to shoot and kill you in front of your house since soldiers can kill the enemy during war? Get real.

          • You wrote, “Who cares what made him angry? You can’t threaten people‘s lives.“

            That looks like you don’t care to know what provoked his anger and you think he threatened lives. Did Paul Boyne actually threaten any lives?

            What harm did he actually do?

            The police at the murder scene scenario shows how good people often threaten lives for reasonable reasons. Police officers in that scenario would have shouted something like, “Stop!!! Or, we’ll shoot.”

            Throughout history, good soldiers fighting just wars around the world in defense of entire nations threatened hundreds of millions of enemy lives.

            It looks like a family court evaluator purposely provoked Paul Boyne’s anger years ago. That evaluator’s friend was the judge who took Paul’s four children from him. That same judge also ruined Paul’s finances.

            I only know of a few actual facts and details and it looks like that’s what happened.

            Paul’s posts online are vile. They’re extreme. I’ve heard he wrote in such over-the-top ways on purpose to draw as much attention to the blog as possible to expose the crimes Gerard Adelman, Sidney Horowitz and others committed in his case.

            1. that was his strategy
            2. the DOJ finally investigates the crimes committed in Connecticut family courts, and
            3. his vile and extreme posts hurt no one

            Paul’s posts might actually eventually save millions of lives.

            Crimes and corruption in Connecticut family courts have harmed, destroyed and taken tens of thousands of lives.

            Maybe now that Paul has been arrested, discovery in his case will serve to prompt the DOJ to complete the “pubic corruption investigation” they started in 2014 … and prosecute all who have committed horrible crimes in Connecticut family courts.

            In 2015, the rumor circulating was that the DOJ investigated the family courts, found actionable evidence of crimes committed, but didn’t prosecute because so many crimes were committed and the Connecticut family courts were “too big to fail”.

    • He doesn’t destroy custody cases. What a joke. The lawyers and judges destroy custody cases.
      They profit by dragging out litigation for years… but let’s distract from the truth by pointing to a blog.

      A blog that no one needs to read. They read by choice.

      • “He doesn’t destroy custody cases. What a joke”

        It seems you don’t know that Boyne often takes over the court filings of the parents he writes on behalf of at his blog. And destroys their chances of ever getting custody due to his ineptitude and insanity.

        • Collusion, corruption and crimes in family courts destroy chances of ever getting custody.

          That’s what it’s all about, 10:05 pm.

      • “a few minutes?”

        Yes. If it’s indeed a class d felony, you don’t get locked up for very long.

        • Connecticut can keep him in jail there for thirty days before the extradition.

          Who in Connecticut wanted him jailed? Why now? 🤔

          • Why now? Because his most recent blogs cover a case where a Connecticut cop, the son of a judge, is to stand trial this September for doing a favor for a Connecticut attorney- hunting down the mother of his child and putting her in jail and turning the child over to said attorney. But attorney was a resident of Georgia at the time, no longer Connecticut because he had been suspended for stealing from his clients. That’s why it’s now. Said “attorney” also has that mother back in family court yet again. Anything to detail federal trial. Just connect the dots. Oh, and the Judge (John Danaher) was head judge in family court, most recently retired from criminal court after lawsuit was filed. In a nutshell.

          • Oh, yay! I hope they really do hold him for the full 30 days. It’s not like he’d be missing work, and it really is about time he moved out of his parents’ basement.

          • Connecticut is much less sophisticated and much more corrupt than most people think.

    • Please cite the threats. No disputing the ugly language he uses, but threats? None. I look for them

    • Can you provide the direct threats he made? I don’t follow the site and haven’t seen what he allegedly wrote.

  • I see a bunch of horrible things in the blog- by the blogger- but no direct threats. I think the point missed is that the state is focused on a person who allegedly writes the blog, but not the appalling crimes done by judges, attorneys, clerks, etc. why aren’t the actual crimes against women and children addressed or the extortion men point out?

    • Exactly. They’ve searched for cause to silence the blog because it exposes family court corruption and proves the police are used as arms of the court to involve themselves in civil issues.

  • I think the nasty remarks in this blog are so people it’s about read it.
    I have accepted ct defrauded me out of 1.3 million dollars
    Extorted my ct teachers pension from me telling me I would go to jail if I sudnt liquidate it to pay a gal I never had a contract with or was appointed to the post judgment mess that CT does.
    Took my children without cause and subjected them to years of ongoing abuse
    Allowed my children to leave the state with out the required hearing I tried to get,
    Refused to deal with the insurance fraud I documented
    And the disgusting pedophiles they allow access to children, and abject abuse to mothers who were in situations of domestic and family violence while instead of helping – subjected them all further to it
    I am just trying to have an Connecticut stole everything that makes a life a life- and my psychological and emotional well being, financial security, my retirement, my home, my assets, and my beautiful innocent children who are likely monsters now- at least one is sure to be the way they were raised after taken
    This is likely his experience too. I don’t think he will make it out alive- this is the MO of ct family court: best people literally and/or figuratively into submission. They are skilled and unaccountable

    • That’s the truth.
      A harsh reality that a criminal enterprise works in lockstep to cover up.
      They didn’t even show him the warrant! They broke down his door and stole his property over a year ago. None of it’s legal but the child trafficking, custody for profit network doesn’t care.
      They’re out to destroy him. No one is in fear of him. They fear he’ll shut down their operation and they’ll be exposed for the criminals they are.

  • The blog has been going for years now. They are now arresting him? Is it because the state of Connecticut is being exposed for it’s curruption? Why is no one arresting the players in the game of curruption. I think it should be obvious there is a big problem in the state of Connecticut.

    • Exactly right.
      Spotlight is on Connecticut. Adelmonster and others have gone too far. The greed and the game of attorneys snd gals has gone on for too long with gals pocketing millions and dining nothing right for their “wards”.

      It’s a playbook. The heat is on because of writers like Frank and others.

      The recent movie release, suicide of Catherine Kassrnoff, abuse of teens now public on One moms Battle, exposure on Tick Tock- all of this is adding to the exposure of family court criminals.

      The blog has the facts entirely correct. It lays out how police and dcf players abuse kids for profit and how kids are pawns- bought and sold.

      Funny how CT hadn’t reported on this yet. Everyone behind the scenes planned for this. Where’s Joette Katz?

      • “The legal professionals in question have yet to respond to a request for comment.“ says:

        James O’Keefe, too …

        “The O’Keefe Media Group is telling a story similar to what millions of Americans have endured: attorneys who seem to wield the legal system not as a tool for justice, but as a benefit for them and their clients’ advantage.

        In the footage, Audrey Lee Anderson in Nashville, TN tells a disguised James O’Keefe that if he doesn’t want his text messages being seen in the discovery process, that he “better start deleting crap.” James O’Keefe continues to press her about deleting stuff and whether he’d have to say “I deleted it” before she then advises him to get “separate legal advice on that.”

        The footage also shows a paralegal by the name of Charles Grissom who works under Mark T. Freeman at Freeman? Grissom tells another OMG Journalist that an order of protection, an order only to be issued in the case of threats of abuse, could be used as a “bargaining chip” because it prevents the other parent from seeing the children.

        For decades many have opined that shady lawyers are a leading root cause of divisive behaviors between families, clients and victims. As with all corruption that is outlying within our society, the O’Keefe Media Group intends to expose and publicize all of it.

        Citizen Journalists are encouraged to use tactics similar to what OMG practices in order to best display what really happens behind closed doors, and before a case goes before a judge. Contact to submit a story or a tip in regards to the fractured legal system in our country.

        The legal professionals in question have yet to respond to a request for comment.

        OMG continues to urge individuals to contact to submit a story or a tip in regards to the fractured legal system in our country. …”

  • Now would be a good time for Hartford Courant reporters to ask Mr. Adelman what he knows about the organization he, Mr. Freedman, Mr. Horwitz and others established. Their corporation was a for-profit public-private partnership doing business in Connecticut’s judicial branch. Good deal, right?

    Private corporations acting with judicial authority for profit in family court cases is known as criminal activity

    A state ethics committee eventually made Mr. Adelman step down as “Director” of Connecticut AFCC, Inc. but he was still allowed to work as a judge in the state’s family courts. He and his colleagues were never arrested for racketeering and they were never arrested for acting with judicial authority for profit.

    His small private group has some kind of hold on the state.

    Their family courts are purposely adversarial. They create conflict in families on purpose to keep those cases going for years — often until the children “age out of the system”.

    Passing children and parents to and from each other, they probably took millions, tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars from children and families. Many were paid more than brain surgeons and the most dangerous cases involving wealthy families are the most lucrative.

    Jennifer Dulos was killed in one of those purposely adversarial, for-profit family court cases in Connecticut in the same way Catherine Kassenoff eventually lost her life a few months ago in a New York “family court” case.

    One of Jennifer’s attorney’s last motions to the court asked the judge to investigate the guardian ad litem and the evaluator in her case and then Jennifer disappeared.

    Did any federal or state office ever investigate the GAL and evaluator in that case? And, how many years has it been?

    “Reporters and journalists” at the Hartford Courant could figure out how long it’s been, but why bother? They know they can only ask certain kinds questions and some questions can’t be asked.

    They probably know they’re not allowed to ask anyone anything about corruption in Connecticut family courts and probably know even attorneys get disbarred for asking questions about the corruption.

    It will be interesting to see what kinds of questions reporters ask about Connecticut family courts from now on.

    • “Their family courts are purposely adversarial.“

      Were the judges, attorneys and evaluators in Connecticut and New York unfair to Paul Boyne?

      Is that why he’s so angry?

      Did the Connecticut and New York courts place heavy financial burdens on him and push him close to the breaking point? Did family court judges/attorneys destroy him on purpose to push him over the edge? 🤔

      How many attorneys in family courts try to destroy opposing parties?

      • They destroyed him like the courts destroy so many families– It’s not a small group of disgruntled litigants as they’d like you to believe. Petitions with over a thousand CT family signatures were provided to the Judicial Committee. They don’t care. It’s about MONEY. They are thieves. It is a RACKET! With no recourse because even when you try to sue, the judges protect the illegal acts of the attorneys. The Bar protects their own so reporting to the Bar is a waste of time and money as well.

        • Paul is not broken or destroyed. He knows exactly how to bait pedophiles and they can’t help themselves but take the bait every time. The capacity to carry out psychological warfare is not the hallmark of a destroyed man.

          • To sane people, he looks completely unhinged. Tell me, when was the last time he held down a job?

          • I typed the wrong time there. The “11:52 am” note is for you to read and answer if you will. If you have children, did “family courts” ever arrange to take them from your family to make a profit for a few “family court” vendors?

            That does seem to be what happened in Paul’s case. Mr. Adelman and Mr. Horowitz are old friends. The goal of some small groups working in the family courts has been to create chaos, not peace or justice.

            Don’t you think it should be easy for smart people to NOT destroy so many families for a profit? Wouldn’t you think it should be easy to NOT take millions of dollars from so many families?

            11:52 am already knows about the “family court” racket that destroyed “so many families”. That’s probably hundreds of thousands of families — and extended families — in Connecticut since 1984 to varying degrees. The for-profit family court industry has extracted hundreds of millions of dollars and billions in actual damages from families for the past several decades.

            If you’re reading this note, please read 11:52’s note again. Would you happen to know what “The Bar” is?

            “It’s not a small group of disgruntled litigants as they’d like you to believe. Petitions with over a thousand CT family signatures were provided to the Judicial Committee. They don’t care. It’s about MONEY. They are thieves. It is a RACKET! With no recourse because even when you try to sue, the judges protect the illegal acts of the attorneys. The Bar protects their own so reporting to the Bar is a waste of time and money as well.“

    • Gerard is old friends with Sidney.

      If they ganged up on Paul, that might explain in part why Paul was so mad.

      Gerard and Sidney ganged up on me, too — and Gerard and Sidney definitely do have different morals than most.

        • They have in common two more old friendships with Lynda Munro and Bruce Freedman.

          Gerard and Bob take credit for starting Connecticut AFCC in 2013, even though that for-profit network was established in Connecticut decades ago. Bruce was Treasurer when Gerard was Director. Lynda was at Sidney’s dad’s birthday party with Maureen … and Lynda and Sidney flew out to a few AFCC gatherings together.

          Of course, Lynda, Bruce, Bob and Gerard would also all enthusiastically agree with the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Guidelines for the Use of Social Science Research in Family Law where it says they should all:

          “Identify and disclose potential conflicts of interest that may influence or bias research claims in support of specific interventions, services, or child custody policies. Family justice practitioners should reflect on and be open about motivations that might impair their ability to objectively and accurately appraise research claims. For example, a person who conducts research on a program they developed, or in which they have an advocacy or financial interest, should disclose this information along with any steps taken to ensure that the study has been conducted, and the findings reported, in an objective manner. Conflicts of interest should be avoided when possible and disclosed when present. Consumers of research should remain vigilant for research reports that espouse a particular interpretation of existing data but are less than reliable due to conflicting interests impacting the expert presenting them.”

  • It’s to bad Paul engaged in such speech. His blog provided insight into injustice in family court system throughout Connecticut. Frank, I hope you will continue the non threatening and unbias of religion and color truth about the Connecticut family court. Maybe he can pay a family court therapist to declare temporary insanity during typing. There is a ton of questionable evaluators running around Connecticut.

  • It’s to bad Paul engaged in such speech. His blog provided insight into injustice in family court system throughout Connecticut. Frank I hope you will continue the non threatening and unbias of religion and color truth about the Connecticut family court.

      • We have been hoping Frank would tell his story. It’s hard to become aware of the court system and its dealings. It’s a shock to know about the case. How will we know the truth about cases? Children are being held hostage, custody is being held over peoples heads to remain silent.

        • Do you know what happened in Paul’s family court case?

          Was Sidney Horowitz in Waterbury involved in Paul’s case? Was the custody/divorce case around the time “Dr.” Horowitz posted a note on his Facebook page to say his Favorite Game was “Angry Birds”?

          If that was around the same time, how many state officials and legislators might wonder if Mr. Horowitz’s Angry Birds comment was to signal some kind of inside joke to his distinguished colleagues? How many in law enforcement might wonder if that was to taunt Mr. Boyne?

          Would anyone in any state or federal office ask Mr. Horowitz about that to determine what role he played in the case?

          Connecticut family court administrators don’t screen their family court evaluators. Most any kind of individual with any kind of ethics can be a Connecticut family court evaluator. The same standards apply in Westchester County, New York where the evaluator in the Kassenoff case posts vulgar posts on Facebook — using the word “whore” in many of his Facebook posts.

          “Dr.” Logan Green is an evaluator working for the courts who made up his own diagnostic code. There were no scientific peer-reviewed studies involved. He literally made it up his own diagnostic code and then bragged about it while testifying about a custody case in the juvenile court in New Haven.

          Connecticut Judge Bernadette Conway in the juvenile court presided over that case. Did she report that to the New Haven DOJ office? Which state or federal agency should have provided oversight in that case and didn’t?

  • I have a feeling the speech on FCC is protected, as vile and evil as it is. Unfortunately, I have read some content. Have not seen threats, but maybe they are there.

    Anti Semitism is evil. But so is the entire mainstream media covering up for Jeffrey Epstein and other pedophile rings. Lets understand, this whole thing could be to cover up for the child sex-trafficking operation known as CT Family Court.

  • As much as I hate bigots, they have a point. The family courts in this country have been given full autonomy to rape families entire lives for money, including and always children. I have had law enforcement sent to my house over twitter protests with no violence, though. This feels more like family court overreach well beyond the wording of the law. I think for this law to apply, or extradition to be warranted, there would have to provably be violence or an actual provable plan of violence.

    Family courts do this to ANYONE who protests them. Not just the bigots. So don’t assume they had it coming. I mean bigots suck, but family court judges are like a cross between vampires and Hitler, so I don’t disagree with the hate.

    The real solution would be to flush these judges like the bowel impacting turds they are and replace them with volunteers under heavy scrutiny until we can get a real democratic court back. The way things are, there is zero law and 11 men kill themselves a week due to abuses perpetrated or perpetuated by these courts. Ignoring this corruption is not a solution, and allowing even an anti semite to be arrested for online protest is the way they make case law to arrest ANYONE WHO PROTESTS THEM. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

    • Excellent Point. This is exactly what they’re doing. Parents who communicate with Paul Boyne are tortured in family court. They have their children taken literally because they shared court documents– public documents of court rulings with Paul Boyne! They are shredding our constitution.

      They violate the 14th amendment EVERY DAY by taking our children and severing parent-child bonds. Federal law is above bullshit state law of “best interest” from an attorney GAL who charges astronomical amounts of money to be in charge of the family court scam.


      They cannot stand Paul Boyne because he is one of the few who knows the game and the players better than anyone and is smart enough to get ahead of all of them. He has contacts in every CT clerk office and the players are realizing that. They are scared and cannot afford to be exposed any further.

      • Hoping someone rots in hell is a bit different than someone telling you that you will get a specific caliber bullet between your eyes, stating your home address and showing you a photo of your children.

      • Correct. I don’t care for the vile, bigoted language used either, so I choose not to read his blog.
        I’m unclear as to the direct threats that have been made and I’m not clear on the charges. CT judges have violated our constitutional rights so many times, I think part of the platform is to demonstrate free speech under the First Amendment. I don’t see inciting violence due to race, bias etc. The issues he has are with the illegal actions of judges and the criminal conduct of gals and attorneys.

    • This is already the hell of your making, pedo. We have nothing to lose in taking down your mafia. 😘

      • @anonymous: I’m sorry if you were molested as a child, but the truth is that not everyone who disagrees with you is a “pedo.” I guess you must be a “rapist” and a “murderer.”

        • Nah, y’all are easy to spot in the wild. You’re not nearly as slick as you think. Deep down you know that, which is why you obsess in this comment section and your ip addresses are all over Paul’s blog like impotent little rats sitting in your kitchen hitting the refresh button over and over. 😂

          • “IP logs don’t lie. 💅🏻”

            ? You are bananas. Are you saying everyone who visited boyne’s blog is a pedophile? Please get psych help.

            PS. Using a VPN conceals your IP address 😗

          • 4:41 pm:

            Did you try to fit those six personal attacks against total strangers in three sentences?

  • This isn’t about hate speech. The racist, vile comments detract from the articles posted on the site, but the content regarding the cases, the illegality of actions and orders which abuse children are accurate and on target. This is the reason CT is determined to “get” Paul Boyne.

    No one is in fear of harm to their persons. They are concerned with harm to their corrupt actions which abuse children, plunder family savings, and target and criminalize innocent parents.

    • No, it’s not about hate speech. It’s about threatening the lives of people and their families. He thinks he found a workaround to defy common sense by cherry-picking his threatening words from past cases. It’s as if he thinks clipping and pasting the words of your threat from a newspaper means you can claim the words weren’t yours and aren’t real threats.

      Newsflash Paul: You aren’t nearly as smart as your psychopathic brain has deluded you into believing.

        • You’re right, I don’t even know what 1A caselaw refers to, but I do know common sense. Maybe a once or twice mention of the threats would get a pass. But repeating them again and Again toward specific targets and giving home locations and vehicle descriptions etc obsessively and repeatedly is understandably very alarming and likely very emotionally distressing for his victims, meeting the standards for stalking.

          • How many times exactly are we allowed to speak about public information in public before it is illegal?

  • Connecticut will murder Paul Boyne. My prediction is he will “commit suicide” or (allegedly) attack someone and his death will have been in self defense.

    Connecticut broke down his door, took his computers (without a warrant) and sent them to Connecticut. A year later, he appears in VA court to ask again for the return of his belongings, and they serve him with a warrant and extradite him to Connecticut.

    He knows too much. He exposes too much.

    • He does know too much — and he investigates and reports actionable evidence of corruption.

      Vulgar for sure, though.

      Since when does vulgarity stop good law enforcement from following up on leads? Since when do vulgar informants not get to talk to someone who investigates actionable evidence and prosecutes reported crimes?

      Paul was a Navy guy. That’s law enforcement. Years ago, good officers of the law would have reached out to him to say, “Hey brother, settle down. What do you know? What can you tell us?”

      Did anyone ask him those kinds of questions, yet?

        • Paul was a Navy Guy … and his online posts ask for:

          1. attention (in the wrong way, obviously)
          2. oversight, accountability and law enforcement in Connecticut

          That free association up there was swayed by what kind of politics?
          Just wondering.

        • “… An organization sent a letter Nov. 5 to the secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, with the ‘request that the United States Navy officially reopen an investigation of USS Scorpion … an expedition team … former naval officer Paul Boyne proposed to the U.S. Navy Heritage both History Rule in Washington … The Scorpion was lost May 22, 1968, killing 99 men, about 400 miles south of the Azores Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. … and they want to know what happened,” says former U.S. naval officer Paul Boyne, who presented a new mechanical explanation …”

          Maybe a few of Paul’s relatives saved a few of your relatives’ lives?

          • That’s the same Paul. He wants justice for every illegal government coverup.

  • Guaranteed he had people and their families truly afraid for their lives. I’m so glad he was arrested.

    Everyone should know this man was Karen Riordan’s best buddy.

    • He lending a listen ear and an avenue for Karen to have her case exposed. That’s the rumor any way. I actually think the man was trying to help the people of Connecticut. He went over the top. The state of Connecticut doesn’t want anyone complaining publicly. They want to continue to allow all of it.

      • If a parent in family court notices corruption, what should they do?

        Which office is available to investigate?

    • He tried to help Karen. As he did with many people’s cases but mothers had their kids taken from them or were punished with psych evals, supervised visitations, etc., if anyone found out they spoke to Paul. Why do you think Karen’s ex hates Paul so much? Because they were “best buddies”? No, because he helped her. Paul wasn’t afraid to stand up to the corruption. He lost all 4 of his kids and his career and his life because of Connecticut and family court. People have blogs all over the world that no one reads with horrible language. The only people that read his are the ones who had cases he wrote about, or who wanted him in jail because they exposed the truth. And anyone who’s been through family court knows you will be punished if you talk about what they do to you. Why do you think so many gag orders are issued.

      • “He lost all 4 of his kids and his career and his life because of Connecticut and family court”

        Not exactly a track record of success in court. It boggles my mind that parents would let this lunatic take over their filings and destroy their chances of getting custody.

        Personally, I suspect he hates women just as much as he hates Jewish people, and he takes sick delight in pretending to help them with their custody cases while actually destroying those he claims to help.

        He hasn’t helped one single person ever get custody. Quite the opposite.

        I believe Connecticut is doing a much needed service for protective moms by keeping Paul off the Internet and away from them.

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