Part 1: The Great Escape: Ambrose’s Kids Leave His Home, Cite Abuse; Ambrose seeks Mother’s Arrest

Judge Eddie Rodriguez Jr. will decide whether Karen Riordan should be arrested and three teenagers forced from her home.

MADISON CT — The teenagers came home. But they may be forced back out again.

Mia (16), Matthew (16), and Sawyer (13) reunited with their mother, Karen Riordan, after living three years with their father, Christopher Ambrose.

The CT divorce and custody case, Ambrose v Riordan, was Frank Report’s entree into Family Court. FR published a series of stories detailing how Chris Ambrose secured the removal of  the three children from their home with their mother and got the Court to force them to live with him – much against the children’s wishes.

Three years later, the children fled.

Mia left his home on April 22. Matthew left on May 22 and Sawyer on July 4 – Independence Day.

Christopher Ambrose wants his three teenagers arrested and returned to him, despite their disclosures of his abuse and their clearly expressed desire to remain with their mother, Karen Riordan.

Ambrose wants CT Family Court to force all three children back, prevent the mother from seeing them, and preferably have the mother arrested for custodial interference.

The teens cite their father’s abuse – sexual and psychological – as the reason for leaving. The two eldest went so far as to detail their allegations to law enforcement authorities in writing, including US Attorney Trini Ross, AUSA Charles Kruly, and FBI Special Agent Brian Burns.

On April 24, 2020 – more than three years ago – CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman ordered a flip of custody, overturning Judge Eddie Rodriguez’s initial ruling that the mother should have primary custody.

She was their primary caretaker all their lives.

Karen with her children, Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, before they were taken from her

The father was a well-known Hollywood screenwriter who was away most of the time, but returned to CT after his career imploded in 2018 when media reports emerged about his suspected plagiarizing of an episode of Instinct.

Ambrose reentered the children’s lives, transferred the joint marital money into his name, and then filed for divorce.

CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman
CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman….   

Judge Grossman’s flip of custody came on the heels of a custody evaluation report by Jessica Biren-Caverly, who decided the reason the children preferred their mother and feared their father was the mother’s fault.

Judge Grossman, ignoring evidence that the children wanted to offer about their father’s abuse, took the custody report at total face value – she never met the children – and altered their lives.

At ages 13, 13, and 9, they had a happy life with their mother, rich with extended family and friends and healthy extra-curricular activities. Without regard to their wishes, Judge Grossman, calling it “parental alienation”, decreed that the children must leave home that day and go with their father. She also added that the mother could not contact her children by phone, text,or in person.

Judge Grossman ignored Matthew’s treating therapist, Dorothy Stubbe, MD, who wrote, “There is no scientific evidence base that separating a child, even from an alienating parent, is in the child’s best interest if that parent is caring and the child has a strong attachment. It would be seriously detrimental, and I believe would result in higher levels of anxiety, frustration, anger, and ultimately depression for Matthew, if he is forced to become estranged from a beloved parent.”

But it is common in Family Courts in America to take mothers out of children’s lives – often based on a single report of a custody evaluator – frequently paid by the father – as was the case in the Ambrose matter.

When the family court finds parental alienation, it often evicts mothers from homes and hands children to a father who never took care of them before – and plunges the children into sudden change and usually grief and mourning.

It is then up to the father to alienate the children from the mother, so they won’t miss her as much.

Curiously, in family court, the father’s alienation after the Court removes the mother is rarely considered relevant.

The Court does not consider the children’s wishes.

Dr. Bandy Lee, a psychiatrist, who studied the Ambrose case, said, “Separating growing children from their mother and primary caregiver is one of the worst forms of abuse, which can have lifelong ramifications, as well as decades of loss of life for each child.”

In this case, even after three years, the father was unsuccessful in alienating the children from their mother. As soon as they were old enough – and when things hit new lows with what they claim was the father’s abuse – they left.

They went to their mother, who took them in.

Now, the father seeks the mother’s arrest and forcible return of the teens who wish to be with their mother.

The Family Court hearing is tomorrow. Judge Eddie Rodriquez, Jr. will preside.

Ambrose will be there with his attorneys. The mother will be there alone, representing herself. The Court will not permit teenage children to testify.

Based on his contempt papers, Ambrose’s attorneys will argue the judge should put the mother in handcuffs, and order the Madison Police to go to the mother’s house, break down the door if necessary, and take the kids – handcuff and shackle them if necessary – and force their return to the father.

Ambrose did not disclose in his contempt motion how he intends to guard the teens 24/7 if the judge grants his request to arrest his teen children to forcibly return them.

Ambrose has addressed one matter with the Court.

He demands the court rule that if the children even talk to their mother, let alone return to her, the Madison Police must put the mother in jail.

Matthew, 16, studies papers his father filed to force him to leave his happy home with his mother and return to his home, against his wishes.

Matthew vows not to go voluntarily to his abusive father and in a recent email to Ambrose, which Matthew forwarded to Frank Report, he wrote:

From: Matt Ambrose
Date: Fri, Jul 14, 2023 at 9:41 PM
Subject: Chris Ambrose
The level of torment you have subjected us to for three years is unfathomable. You knew it would come to this. We are finally in a safe environment, but you are trying to send us back, but for what reason? So you can tell my sister to kill herself more, to call her fat, and that she should be ashamed of herself? So you can tell Sawyer that mom has done “some messed up things” and you’re trying “not to get her arrested,” while sending a flurry of cops whenever you feel like, just to threaten us?

You do not care for the wellbeing of your children, or else Mia and Sawyer would have never cut themselves, I would’t have to get high all the time, just to escape the evil reality that you put us through. You can’t rewire us into believing that our mother, who has never made me feel anything but joy and happiness, is someone who needs help. Why you feel the need to lie about irrelevant events is something I still cannot wrap my head around.

You say that Mia got “jumped” because of the Frank Report, even though it was because she had an argument with her friend. You say that I have a bad relationship with my mother and that’s why Im depressed, even though the only reason (I) WAS depressed is because you ripped us from the only person who cared for us.

I tried rebuilding our relationship back in 2017, when I would try to tell you to stop mocking me and calling me names, only for you to continue doing it for 6 more years. You robbed all of us of three years, of my childhood, and we are never getting that time back. You lost any form of relationship with us when you took us from our mother on April 24, 2020.

You are a failure of a “father”, an abuser, a liar, and a sick person. If it weren’t for the courage we had of getting out, one of us would have wound up DEAD because of all of the lies and toxicity that you have put us though. You should be ashamed.

Here is an audio of Matthew reading the email which he sent to FR. This young man is serious. He does not want to be forced back to a father he claims has abused him for years.

You can hear from Matthew’s voice that he is a young adult, not a child, and he ought to have say in where he wishes to live.

This is Part 1 of a new series we will be featuring today and in the next few days. A major national publication is expected to report on the story in the coming days. On the heels of Catherine Kassenoff’s shocking story, the interest in family court reform is enormous.

FR will have a reporter on hand to film and live feed to social media the arrest and forcible removal of the children from their mother’s home by police if Ambrose succeeds in family court.

Stay tuned for Part 2 later today.

Readers are about to witness a breaking national news story. Imagine, if it happens, the gripping emotional scene as police take three teenage children by force in handcuffs, drag them out to police cars as if they were criminals, and force them to return to their father.

Short of handcuffs and dragging their bodies to police cars and into their father’s home, these teenagers are not going.

As the nation watches, this video is almost certain to go viral.


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  • Judge Grossman ignoring therapist recommendations and ignoring abuse evidence? For what reason? Where is the validity behind these decisions? How did this person EVER get to be a part of CT family court? Add to that the children’s father asking to have their mother, who THEY all chose to go to, arrested? What kind of warped individual does such things? Sounds like the Ambrose is the one trying to create alienation!!! There has NEVER been any evidence of ANYTHING negative against the relationship between the Riordan and her children…and the exact opposite is true regarding Ambrose! Send the children, who have been subject to 3 years of emotional abuse (there words, not mine), back to their mother, over-rule Ambrose’s requests, return the finances to the mother, and close this case…one that should NEVER have been opened!

  • Frank Parlato, I would really be grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed about the atrocities and how they’ve impacted out 16 year old adult son since the age of 3 in the Connecticut Family Court System. 1 GAL withdrawn, 1 Judge recused not taking notice of restraining order file and DV, 1 Judge overturned 11 years worth of court orders and custody not taking judicial notice of restraining order file, history of Dv or didn’t take judicial notice of well renowned ct psychologist written evaluation recommendations or testimony on the stand which was zero changes to Fathers access. Only to turn over custody to son in another state who withheld physical and phone access for 85 days, triggered appeal. Appellate decision stated no substantial change of circumstances. Appeal triggered kerackenstean doctoring that the prosiding Judge could never rule over case again. Appeal restored maternal access. Case got held up during covid. Judge who turned over custody died. Issues with physical and phone access continued. Since son was 3 had had several interviews with family services division clearly stating desire to return. Received notification from school 51a report filed by high school. Son had to defend himself with baseball bat. Filed emergency exparte. Asked for judicial notice to be taken of restraining file,, History of DV and Jennifer’s Law. Was told no on record. Judge ruled son was always to have his phone and during hearing said the only thing that mattered was sons voice and choice about his safety. Ordered interviews with family services.. Day after that hearing school had to make emergency medical referral. Waited 3 months for next hearing she rotated out because a Judge died of Covid. Asked next Judge to take Judicial Notice of restraining file, dv, Jennifer’s Law and prior Judges ruling. Wasnt acknowledged on record. Judge heard partial feedback from family services ruled that prior judge was correct but added his age should matter. Case closed court day While waited for next hearing that Judge rotated out due to retirement. They rotated it up to regional. Unorthodox hearing. 45 minutes 1st party, 45 minutes 2nd party, 1st party wasn’t allowed to cross 2nd parties undisclosed witness, or have opportunity for closing arguments. Self representation. Asked judicial at onset to take notice of restraining file, history of dv, Jennifer’s law coercive control, 51a report and emergency medical referral by school, family services interviews and feedback from son and both prior judges recommendations about only his voice choice about his safety and age should matter as well as best interest of children doctrine in CT. Ruling was prior to last summer visit, son as we’ve been exchanging in police departments since 2015, asserted at 15 to officer that he wanted to stay in Connecticut and didn’t want to return. Officer said he didn’t have to. Yet that action precipitated ruling wherein that if son wasn’t returned to father, mother would lose custody. 3 page motion also had regional Judge referring to son by 2 separate names one of which wasn’t his. Stated that mothers motions were frivolous reporting the mandated reported actions done by a school in a different state made in the best interest of our son. Stated incident with baseball bat was normal father son friction, that while the need for an emergency evaluation for son was a concern not enough of concern. Father claims owed past medical support. His attorney was allowed to produce and turn in evidence day of hearing not in accordance with the practice book. While child support and access are separate and child support is regulated by magistrate court. Judge ordered that all back child support and medical needed to be paid by a certain date or father could withhold access. He then accessed attorney fees and if they weren’t paid Father could withhold access. Judge full well knowing that a previous appeal was necessary as Father withheld access for 85 days. Father pulled son out of court ordered therapy last July. Therapist made recommendations that haven’t been followed. Son now 16 asked school to get him help to get therapy 1st week of school. Father holds insurance and in writing to school refused consent for therapy and refused to provide insurance card. Last week prior to school so went to ask for help in school to sro who told him he couldn’t be helped. Then he was met by another school professional and principal who made referral to their outside counseling referral company to get services. The outside company tried to contact Father, didn’t return phone calls, they sent him am email. He has yet to follow directive from school for psychological services from high school. Son hasn’t had therapy since 7/2022. Yet since November he has been withheld from physical court ordered access for a total of ~150 days for presumed unpaid child support which Father told him. Only Father failed to report 2 direct payments from 11/22 and 6/23 to DOR. Which in turn showing Police officials statements reflecting an unpaid balance manipulating the data. He kept our son from coming to scheduled Thanksgiving and July 4th access. Its been 47 days since last physical access. Mother had to show proof of these payments which took forever to get applied. Currently have a month paid in advance for Child Support. Fathers actions have impacted my credit report, threatened my license and caused a systemic levy on Mothers Bank account. Mother was in a car accident in January, Father withheld access initially then told son I could keep you from your Mother but won’t because you want to see her. Mother needed surgery, impacted employment. Allowed son to have access through 6/4. Only to none since despite being paid in full. Psychologist had said Father takes perverse enjoyment in not following court orders. He literally picks and chooses which ones to follow. Takes payments in hand. Refuses payments in hand. Allows scheduled court ordered access. Doesn’t allow scheduled court ordered access but not communicating causing Mother on more than one occasion to make round trips from CT to ma and back empty handed. He had a documented history of interfering with court ordered phone access. Son is 16 and despite a court order for son to have phone which Mother pays for, Father takes it away and turns off wifi. This is and has been coercive control for years. Legal abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse. Father doesn’t inform Mother, despite having joint legal custody to be a fully participating parent to attend medical appointments, school functions or sporting events due to continuous zero communication. Connecticut needs to get rid of the diversionary program for 1st time offenders. The felony charges of DV should never be nulled. Connecticut should develop a family services division in the criminal court. From the onset of DV or charges regardless of the children’s ages these family cases are always dubbed high conflict for a reason. As such they should be overseen by the criminal judicial branch and removed from the regional family docket to expedite motions in a more timely fashion as they get lost in the quagmire of regular family court. Hearings for these cases should have oversight by those in the Judiciary trained on the dynamics of Domestic as well as all out States Domestic Violence laws. All children for the duration of these cases should be mandated to obtain individual therapy. The DV perpetrators should be mandated to attend ongoing therapy for anger management, communication and parenting. There should be specific and clear ways ie through our family wizard for parents to communicate to eliminate he said/she said. Connecticut needs to change the law regarding the age at which a child/minors voice can be considered or allowed to testify in chambers or on their own behalf instead of through a GAL. In Juvenile court they have more rights than in Family Court. The current system needs to be reformed. The entire Judiciary and our Government officials need to take judicial notice of how the statistics of Domestic Violence Cases have risen in Connecticut. How many Parents, Children and Family Members are dying and or will die if necessary attention isn’t given to this matter. Also, they need to fix the caveat that states once a Judge approves a restraining order it must be served in hand. It should become immediately enforced upon signature. The rationale is because perpetrators evade being served. The 1st 72 hours after a restraining order is signed is the most dangerous times for victims and children as matters escalate. This has been proven. I’ve become devoted as a Domestic Violence Advocate and have been active in speaking out for necessary family court reform. Its also unfortunate that most Families impacted by Domestic Violence have been stuck in the Connecticut Family Court System spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to advocate for the best interest of their and their childrens safety, medical educational and psychological well-being only to feel further victimized by a system that doesn’t enforce their States own laws relative to the best interest of the children standards or both the older evoked as well as the newly evoked Domestic Violence Laws. The courts need to recognize that in the cases involving Dosmestic Violence and how the dynamics impact the children. Stripping away their children, feel like a knot in the middle of a tug of war rope or a pawn, object or possession. Which are a means to an end and a the current family court system is used as a mechanism to exert control or used as ransom being withhold from being able as their born legal right to continue to establish a permanent loving bond with both parents in accordance with the best interest of the child standard in the State of Connecticut.

    • He’s not. He’s a decent judge. He was put in a bad spot and handed a pile of shit from attorneys and judges with dirty hands.

      He navigated as best he could without doing further harm and without crossing the Adelmonster.

  • I look forward to the day that Private Investigator Manuel Gomez shows the evidence of the molestation and abuse these children have endured. He has fought for this Mother and her children for 3 years. Mia, Matthew and Sawyer deserve to be with their Mother, they deserve peace, trust, and love that only their Mother can give them. Chris Ambrose is an abuser and a child molester, he is a MONSTER. I know where he would be if he were in WV! He’d be taken to the woods. God bless Karen and her children. Chris should be in prison, and we all know what happens to child molesters in prison. Chris, there is a special place for you in hell.

      • Chris, You already know that’s not true. Manuel Gomez had no criminal record. He’s committed no crime He’s waited three years to see you’re behind bars.

        No statute of limitations on sexual abuse and sexual assault of minors.

        This is who you are. One sick MF.

        • Similarly, Chris has no criminal record. Why attack an innocent man? You are a flying monkey, that’s why.

          • All true. Stop throwing your kids under the bus when you should be there.

            Sexual abuse and sexual assault. The only one with a history of lying is you Chris Ambrose.

            Pathological liar. Closeted homosexual. You lied to Karen from the start. You used her and used your children as a cover for your sexual deviancy.

            You’re a predator.
            Your hair fettishes and little boy head shaved are known.

            All the evidence will be released. You’re done. You’re a sick abuser.

            Old, white, rich, angry, and alone.

  • I heard there’s a new movie coming out where an illegal immigrant turns vigilante and battles a child molester…

  • The situation in Connecticut is worse than people realize. It’s absolutely political agenda. You have women running organizations that are labeling other women because they are coming forward with evidence beyond the court house. Passing laws mean nothing if you have curruption. Temporary protection for initial onset of the case. In two years substation goes away. It is back to the court for more torture and abuse. Laws and family court is driven by funding. Anyone who dares point it out is being labeled by the very people you are trying to help. There are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing. This goes way beyond the court system. The entire state system needs investigation.

  • Mia, Mathew and Sawyer – Free at last!!!! You’ve been so strong and determined, you never let that Father-thing corrupt your thinking or harden your hearts – I feel sure you will have full successful lives and be the strong and beautiful people your Moms and loving family knew you would be. I wish every good thing for you all, so much love and your courage?!! I admire you all for that – greatly xxx

  • The tide has turned.

    Ambrose had every advantage and nearly destroyed his ex wife.

    His arrogance has brought him down.

    The teens have spoken.

    Respect them. They’ve been through enough.

    Regardless of a court ruling the parents have the right to compromise and end litigation at any time.

    No sane father would do this to three kids and a wife of 15+ years.

    It’s madness that needed to end long ago.

    Rodriguez earned a great reputation outside of family court.

    Now he’s been tossed a tortured case and needs to stand up to the system and do what the kids want and need.

    Anything short of that – ordering them back, isolating them from their mother, or forcing them to a third party is child abuse.

    Stop the abuse. End the travesty.

    Let them heal.

  • Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer are old enough to choose which parent they want to live with. Chris Ambrose needs to kick rocks.

  • This is extremely important. This exact same thing is happening all the time. There needs to be justice for this situation so it inspires more people to cover these stories

    • Yes! These teens managed to endure years of abuse and “reprogramming” but managed to hold onto their truth.

      They are incredible and their journey serves to inform the public of what is done to the children by court paid actors and their financiers.

      Support these teens. They need their legal freedom from their abuser and the money they need and deserve to get resources necessary to heal.

  • SO glad for these brave kids being out of the hands of the notorious lettuce barber 🥬

    In all seriousness this is a tragic story that didn’t have to be that way but for corrupt family court system

    Hopefully the silver lining in this for these kids, their mom is that their story is bringing a much needed awareness to the family court criminal enterprise and may very well be that their story is the catalyst for desperately needed change.

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let my voice be heard. And to anyone who noticed the comment that said, “Because he took the high road and didn’t trash her to the kids, I’m guessing,” it is very evident this is Chris writing, I say this because this is a lie. He has trashed my mother since before we were taken, calling her sick, evil, and much more. Our mother hasn’t “brainwashed” us, because everything we say is what we have experienced. “One day the children might realize just how wrong their mother was in the way she went about the divorce and turning them against their father.” We turned against him when he told my sister to kill herself, when he let my brother cut himself, and when he ripped us away from all of our family and friends who supported us. We have given Frank and other news outlets all of the evidence to prove his lies and prove our truth.

    • Mathew my thoughts and meditation will be with you and your loved ones tomorrow. You’re not alone. A bunch of us here have been abused. We survived and so will you.

    • Thing is, he didn’t rip you away from everyone. Your mother did that when she repeatedly broke the law and didn’t show up for court or visitation. When she tried to kidnap you at the hotel. When she published your private medical info online. Your father didn’t make her do any of that.
      It’s like if a friend punched someone and the person she punched tells the police and the puncher gets arrested. Would you say it’s the fault of the person she punched that she is in jail? They shouldn’t have told the police? No, it’s the punchers fault for doing the illegal assault.

      • Thing is, the Biren-Caverly report was a bogus report based on Dr. Richard Gardner’s junk science — and Dr. Richard Gardner was a dangerous quack.

        Jessica Caverly, Psychologist wrote: “I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in forensic assessment and issues pertaining to divorce and custody. I perform custody evaluations, sexual offender evaluations, sexual abuse evaluations, bonding assessments, fire setting evaluations, and juvenile offender evaluations. I am also a mediator for matters of divorce …”

        Ms. Biren-Caverly didn’t mind the lettuce and barber fantasies. And, did you see the transcripts from the court hearing involving a father who made a habit of pretending to be a hyper-sexual teenage girl online?

        He was also cleared for parenting in Connecticut. Was that also in Mr. Adelman’s court?

        In the real world, corrupting the morals of minors is called, “breaking the law”. In real parenting, real parents don’t show up to participate in corrupting the morals of minors.

        You used the term “kidnap”. “Kidnap” is a term used to label a crime. When good parents show up to protect children from harm, the real world doesn’t call that “kidnapping”.

        When Gerard Adelman refused to protect those three good children, that good mother did what she could to protect her children from harm. Her children are now safe.

        Sharing the details of the case to show the public exactly how Gerard Adelman’s criminal cabal endangered those three beautiful children wasn’t “publishing private medical info online”. Sharing details of the case online was begging the public to protect those three beautiful children from Gerard Adelman’s criminal cabal.

        “… a friend punched someone and the person she punched tells the police and the puncher gets arrested. Would you say it’s the fault of the person she punched that she is in jail? They shouldn’t have told the police? No, it’s the punchers fault for doing the illegal assault.” 👈 looks like something a disturbed adult would write — in teenage terms — to try to groom teenagers to eventually believe a made-up story that has nothing to do with reality. Offering that example in that way for children to read is yet another twisted act.

        Breaking news: According to good judges, the idea of right vs. wrong isn’t just a fantasy.

        • Um, no, if that was aimed at teens I would have used the example of skipping school, not handing in homework, and viciously bullying another student.

          The fact you call it a cabal shows how biased and out of touch with reality you are. Grow up.

      • anon @ 1:19 you sound like you are trying to make your disinformation intelligible to a bunch of half-wits, using a truly risible analogy.

        Evidently, the Riorden siblings are smarter than that, so clearly, smarter than you!

        Why not qualify as a GAL? make a career out of your ignorant condescension. Oh hang on , you don’t even have to qualify for that position – wow, a dream job well within your grasp!

        • NFW: Have fun viciously trashing a parent to a trio of children’s faces. Your attempt at claiming a moral high ground is truly pathetic.

          • The way things stand, high-horse anon,

            A snake, a clod of earth – would have the moral high ground on Mr. Christopher Ambrose.

    • Matthew,
      You are a strong and wise young man. Thank you for standing up against a predator and for fighting for your life and for your siblings.

      You live once. Happy you have taken your power back. There will be hard days but you three are fierce because the truth is in your side.

      There is nothing you can’t do and you’re a fine writer.

  • Let’s hope Rodriguez has the strength to stand up to the bad acts of Grossman that started this whole thing. Rodriguez could be the leader and a warrior for three children. He can shut this down and allow it to stay in juvenile court where it belongs.

    The divorce is over. Ambrose cannot let it go. He misses his pals and the power he bought in the family court. He thrives on dragging his ex through the mud, instilling fear in his kids, and dominating her publicly. Shame.

    • Maybe someone can fly those three teenagers (First Class) to California to ask them there what they want to do with their lives. They can tell the Connecticut judicial branch from California to leave them alone. They can say they don’t want major surgeries to alter major organs, they just want to plan their own futures.

      They’re all old enough to decide all kinds of things, apparently and whatever California does, Connecticut government usually fawns all over that.

      Maybe California can make the Connecticut judicial branch listen to those teenagers. Then those three teens can fly back to Connecticut (First Class) to live happily ever after, free from Adelman’s fraudulent orders.

    • What do you call a folder on FBI’s servers that contains all the intel on known child molesters?

  • This self centered , sociopathic narcissist, even with just mentioning a few of his outstanding traits, will soon get to take these awe inspiring human characteristics and add them to an array of even more attractive qualities that are locked up for now and anticipating the upcoming day when he’ll finally get to share them freely amongst his new and upcoming Prison I nmates. Maybe the warden will give some “cliff-notes” out in the yard ,just to give the fellas a heads up on Ambrose’s latest “family'” activities with his adopted children….Chris could share just one fine family private parts, show & tell game; And his new Big Boy Friends could show ole Ambrose the last game he’ll Ever play on Mother Earth…. “Simon ( or DeBo) says, ” Bunk the -uc- OVER!!!!”….
    Later Doggett 🖕…..

  • To everyone involved in this case, everyone who knows the people involved in this case and the internet at large.
    Public forums like this are not the place to discuss the intimate details of family court cases. It doesn’t matter if the father is evil or the mother is the devil or if one or both are saints.
    The proprietor of this website (and others like it) are either directly exploiting peoples pain for clicks or are so deluded that they think that airing people’s misery to a bunch of internet strangers actually is beneficial (it is isn’t).
    All that will come from this “transparency” of personal family matters is more pain, embarrassment and confusion.
    Don’t feed the parasites like Frank Parlato who seemingly has lost all sense of decency and is willing to sacrifice families and children in some crusade to make himself a hero for his upcoming federal sentencing.
    Don’t post, don’t engage. If you have an opinion that you must express, go to the courthouse or work with the mom or the dad. Or petition politicians for the court reform you want.
    But just know that all your involvement in this case or others like it on sites like this will bring no “justice” no “reform” just more pain and problems for the real people involved

    • The teenagers in this case have specifically requested this be publicly documented for their sake, and to protect others from the type of abuse they’ve experienced. We are honoring their request.

    • Shut up.. ! There has been silence for too long!! The children have spoken!!! Chris is done!! It’s OVA!! ROVA!!!

    • You are ignorant. Please research family court issues throughout our country and beyond.

      They are not courts but a for-profit operation where custody of children goes to the highest bidder.

    • There is no one who will do anything about it. The bar association. The judges or political leaders. We have tried. Department of justice and the FBI attorney generals office. It’s a giant circle leading to no where. Frank and a few others are the only place to go.

    • The burnt marshmallow man has now spoken. Now crawl back into your little worm hole Chris. The gig is up. You are criminal. If you insist on forcing these children back into your lair, knowing that they absolutely despise you, then you have no self respect. What a pathetic joke of a father.

    • Whooohooo! Squirm! You can’t stand that all the dirty laundry is out can you?
      This is a miracle that these kids have come out & spoken their truth! I’m so proud of these kids !

    • Family courts in America are public forums.

      The above case is now in juvenile court. Unfortunately, Mr. Goulden decided to file his recent motions in the family court. Connecticut family courts have published judges’ opinions about children and families for decades. In the case above, Mr. Adelman’s opinions, Ms. Grossman’s opinions, Attorney Jocelyn B. Hurwitz, of Cohen and Wolf, P.C.’s opinions, Mr. Nussbaum’s opinions, Ms. Aldrich’s opinions and Ms. Biren – Caverly’s opinions have been the only opinions allowed. Their opinions about the case — and opinions about their opinions — are published on the Connecticut Judicial Branch website, websites serving the legal profession and mainstream news outlets.

      Opinions — and opinions about opinions — about children and parents in Connecticut family courts have been published for decades. People all over the world read about the Dulos case.

      The information about fraud on the court in that case was never published. Why not? Everyone paying attention should wonder why corruption in family courts hasn’t ever made headline news. Courts are important. Families and children are important.

      Newspapers all over the nation did report the disbarment of the Connecticut attorney who had opinions about corruption in Connecticut family courts. Somehow, the only opinions published about that attorney’s opinions about corruption in the family courts were the opinions of employees of the Connecticut Judicial Branch … those working in and for the state family courts … and those who agree with the state. Some people would call that “Stalinism”.

      Governing with only certain opinions while excluding all other opinions is a totalitarian way of governing. If “Stalinism” sounds like something we don’t need to worry, ask yourself whose opinions can be published about families in America. Take a look at public-private partnerships monopolizing agriculture in America. Notice the intensification of identity politics and the purposeful division, lately. Wherever any government office purges some opinions and not others, pay attention. Those who beg for investigations of corruption in America’s family courts aren’t “enemies of the people”, “revolutionaries” or “counter-revolutionaries”.

      Purposely adversarial for-profit family courts in America have repressed tens of millions of children and families since the 1980s. Have you read about that trillion-dollar public-private industry in headlines, yet?

      The arrests, show trials and imprisonment in American family courts have already happened. Militant atheism, anti-religious persecution and ethnic cleansing takes many forms, now. Some say sometime soon, we are to “own nothing and be happy”. Have you heard about that, yet?

    • I’m still awaiting ” justice” after all the complaints I filled. Using my daughter for profit. Legal campaign contributions. Department of labor partnership with the fatherhood initiative. Suppression of evidence. Violating Connecticut general statues. Failure to file reports. No filing of billable hours. Major conflict of interest. Prior business relationship. All ignored. I stop filing complaints because you become a target 🎯. Even with hundreds of documents supporting your complaints. Going public is last resort. Cause there is no accountability in the state of Connecticut.

      • Dear Your Honor sitting on the bench in Hartford. I am also wondering why you did nothing about the failure to report third party payer and the misuse of funds to be used in the best interest of the child. I was never given a list of gals. This has also happened to another mother in your court room. Same gal and psychologist. All focus on parental alienation. When I was allowed in your court room you didn’t even bother to lift your head up when addressing me. I had the fundamental right to be treated as a human being. So did my daughter. People coming through your court room have the fundamental right to not be railroaded through your court room.

  • This is beyond disgusting. These kids need to be left alone with Karen and allowed to heal. The state of Connecticut should be up in arms over this.

  • 1.6 to 2.8 million teenagers run away each year. Usually due to abuse. Physical, sexual and emotional. These judges and court players should be ashamed of themselves and criminally charged. Judges if these children can’t stay with their mother they are likely to take to the streets. Possibly prostitued and on drugs cause they have to hide. Is this what the judges in Connecticut are aiming for? . family court needs to be shut down!

  • I’m looking for Mr. Chris Ambrose. He is my #1 fan, even though he swore he had never been to my site. But the only LatinBoiz he knows are over the age of 18. 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • This is absurd. I heard about this case from a friend, and I started following it. What is going on in Connecticut? I can’t believe that this sick man is still freely walking around, and that everyone seems to think it’s ok.. ? Wtf? Christopher Ambrose.. Come show your face down here in the south boy, lol .. I guarantee your ass wouldn’t be walking around so freely boy!

  • This has been a 3 year nightmare for Karen and the kids. I hope the judge makes a decision that will finally let these kids be where they belong.

  • Thank you Frank. This is such a corrupt situation. I can’t believe it. And all who are involved with keeping these children from their mother should be arrested. Judges, lawyers. DCF, counselors, all of them! These children are where they need to be. In the loving arms of each other and of thee mother, Karen Riordan.. Christopher Ambrose is a phony, & he is a sexual predator who deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life.

    • This is my birth mom I am Sawyer Ambrose and I am very proud of my two moms who love me more than anything in the world. I’m thankful to Frank report for making sure we are heard. Please help us stay safe with our mother and stop Chris from using the police and the court system to abuse us. He is a really good liar. We’ve always told the truth.

        • I know nothing about that, but a quick Google search says the age of consent in Connecticut is 16. So if Mia had a 23 year old boyfriend, there is nothing illegal about that. And it certainly does not make the father a “sexual predator.”

          • If he’s condoning drugs, alcohol and sex in his home, he’s influencing the morals of minors and he’s putting minors at risk.

            But thanks for pointing out that if she was 16, all would be well. Really grasping now, Chris.

  • Family Courts are child-trafficking operations. I say this all the time, but its true. There should be JURIES in family court!

  • I hope Mia, Matthew and Sawyer are all returned to their mother. Father is a pedophile and needs to be in jail, his self friggin psycho.

  • The kids must stay with Karen. I have seen first hand what Chris’ behavior has done to Karen and her children. We cannot let what happened to Catherine Kassenoff happen to Karen Ambrose. Please judge, if you look at the evidence, you will see Chris Ambrose is a sexual predator. He is a known liar. You must stop him from any further harm to the Ambrose children.

    • Aw, you saw first hand crazy Karen tantruming bc she faced repercussions for breaking the law? You don’t get custody just because you cry a lot. You get custody for demonstrating that you can be a responsible, sane, and law-abiding person.

      • What are the operational definitions of the following three terms in America, in 2023?

        law-abiding person

        • responsible: showing up to custody hearings and visitation
          law abiding: not breaking laws
          sane: able to think in a rational, logical way that does not harm oneself or others

          • showing up to custody hearings and visitation to do what, exactly?

            not breaking what kinds of laws?

            able to think what kinds of thoughts in a rational, logical way that does not harm oneself or others?

          • Unlike Karen, I don’t have training in teaching special ed. Use the two brain cells you have left to answer your own moronic questions, dear 2:39pm..

    • @MarieWhite: and how did you see firsthand what it did to the kids? So much for the big lie that Karen wasn’t in continual contact with them to manipulate and brainwash them to turn against their father. Where is Karen’s Pinocchio nose picture?

      • So many requests lately of the artist Marie White to paint particular pictures:

        Catherine Kassenof as “a wicked witch”
        A “peach with Pilgrim flying to Bancock”
        and now “karen with a pinocchio nose”.

        whoever you are – demanding punter with a penchant for degrading women who have been targeted by corrupt Family courts – I hope you have deeeep pockets, artists, after all, deserve to make the largest sums of money from unsolicited commissions.

        • I didn’t request the witch or peach portrait. More than one person sees through this biased b.s., believe it or not.

  • Thank you Frank for exposing what is happening to these children and their mother. The corruption in this court system is criminal. These children are where they belong and where they want to be. The time they have been forced to spend with this monster is time that could damage them for life. As the biological grandmother of Sawyer, the thirteen year old I am so proud of him for planning and executing his escape from this pedophilic monster and getting back to his mother. I only pray that Matthew, Mia and Sawyer are able to get over this trauma without permanent damage to their future. Thank you again.

  • Chris, Please leave the kids with their mother. I don’t think you have any idea the damage you are doing. If you love the kids set them free. Karen and the kids (almost adults) has endured so much. May her story lead to the freeing of many children held hostage through family court!

    • He’s sick 🤢 literally disgusting 🤮 beyond imagination.
      All these pathetic pedo dads are absolutely repulsive beyond imagination

  • Dear children,

    You are not alone. Unqualified people in state offices have allowed fraud in family court cases for decades. Many thousands of children have suffered in horrible ways because of Connecticut family courts. 😐

    Keep detailed records of what was done to you and what is being done to you and your family. For example, “Date: … who… what… when… where … why … and how …”. Document what bothers you most so when you are all 18-years-old, you all can refer to your “contemporaneous notes” when you file your lawsuits against the State of Connecticut to appropriately address all the damage done.

    While the hundreds of millions of dollars you should receive won’t give you back your childhoods, you all will at least be able to more easily move on from Mr. Adelman’s “family court” nightmare. Also, your note-taking might come in handy in case one, two or all three of you decide to be among our good police officers, lawyers and/or judges some day. 🙂

    Good Connecticut state authorities must review Mr. Adelman’s fraud on the court now and not wait until you are all 18-years-old. Some good state legislators are probably already aware of what’s been happening in your case because many have been aware of the fraud and corruption in the family courts for the past several years.

    I’m glad you are all with your mom. She loves you all very much. Please be good to each other and help each other as much as possible. This is a very stressful time for all of you. Stay strong and happy and as often as possible: Pretend your lives are normal, happy and healthy lives. Your lives will be normal happy and healthy soon — when the most horrible people in the “family court” finally stop ruining your normal, happy healthy lives. So sorry the “family court” took so much joy and money from your family.

    Stay strong. Everything will be okay.

    • These teens have evidence of years of abuse by Chris Ambrose. Videos, photos, journals and audio recordings have been provided by the children directly to Frank Report and national media as a result of Franks reporting for two years.

      Chris’s millions paid for custody will do him no good. Most in his position make life at least tolerable. Chris did not. He chose abuse, control, isolation and sexual exploitation.

      Chris has kept them locked up for they are the victims and witnesses to his crimes.

      While others may have turned a blind eye, none of this would be possible without the evil spirit and abusive nature of Chris Ambrose.

      His goose is cooked no matter what.
      The evidence has been delivered by the children to reliable investigators.

      It won’t be wasted on the family court cabal of actors.

      • It’s the same playbook used in New York family courts. Hundreds of thousands of witnesses must have watched the same players destroying families since the 1990s – 2000s. That destruction of children and families serves some political purpose. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been allowed for so long.

        Now’s a great time for whistleblowers working in and around “family courts” to step forward — anonymously or in a press conference of many — to tell the public what the mainstream news has kept hidden for so long.

      • So did he keep them locked up and isolated or did he welcome their friends to sleepovers? Ya’ll can’t keep your stories straight.

  • I just can’t imagine the judge being bullied by the court actors to arrest Karen. CHRIS AMBROSE is a sexual deviant. He’s been caught by the FR abusing, stealing and killing their dog.

  • “In this case, even after three years, the father was unsuccessful in alienating the children from their mother.”

    Because he took the high road and didn’t trash her to the kids, I’m guessing.

    I see this as Karen successfully brainwashing these children and coaching them to lie about abuse in a silver bullet attempt at flipping custody. Karen could have had 50/50 custody if she didn’t go ballistic on day 1.

    When Karen was barred from communicating with the kids, she took her alienation campaign online and continued to trash the father on a website (the FR) that she knows the children read. She never stopped her brainwashing efforts. And it looks like she succeeded. One day the children might realize just how wrong their mother was in the way she went about the divorce and turning them against their father..

    However, Frank, I don’t expect you will publish this, since it goes against Karen’s narrative.

    • What kind of man would want their children arrested and drug back to the misery he was causing them to endure? You must be as much of a pedophilic monster as he is. One of these children is my biological grandson and I know what he’s been through, do you?

    • “Because he took the high road and didn’t trash her to the kids, I’m guessing.”

      You don’t have to guess: He took her “kids” away from her.

      • Um, no he did not “take” her kids from her. Karen skipped out on custody court, skipped out on visitation, and showed the world how far she would go to trash the dad in his children’s eyes with her ugly online smear campaign. Who could blame the kids for not liking dad when they are being fed vicious lies about him online, lies planted by their mother?

        She is also wrong for contacting a (clearly unstable) birth mother in a closed adoption and feeding her lies.

        And she is wrong for encouraging her children to read this website that has lots of very sick adult content, such as uncensored snuff films.

        The list could go on and on.

        Sorry kids, but your mother is the one in the wrong here.

        • Chris you’ve been saying this for years. And see what it did for you. Your teenage kids don’t want to be with you. You won’t be able to force them. Take a deep breath. Settle down. And maybe if you don’t use anger, intimidation and force you can have a relationship with them if that’s what you want.

          If not then back down. You lost this one as you must have known you would.

        • Hey Idiot.. ! The only unstable thing that I ever did was trust an adoption agency to pick a good “father” for my unborn child. And once again.. CHRIS..! it was **NOT** a closed adoption. It **WAS** an **OPEN** adoption. I have the papers. The papers that you signed. You , Karen, and I (Tara)..all signed them. You might as well stop posting things under the name “ anonymous “., bc I’m sure that everyone knows it’s you! Who else would even bring up the open/closed adoption issue?…. ( you would)..

          • I’m not Chris. I just read the court filing published at the circus blog that mentions the adoption.

    • What kind of a sick person are you? The only way anyone would agree with Chris, and stand by his side in this twisted , corrupt case, means that they are just as screwed up in the head as he is. And obviously has no problem with children being sexually abused.. you need to go to prison with him. You all can play out your sick fantasies in a prison cell together. And get a little taste of your own medicine.. from some of the big boys!! I bet you would change your mind after about a week!

  • Finally – a major national publication will report on this disgraceful situation and the need for family court reform. It’s about time.

    Let them cover probate court next.

    The country needs major reform in these courts. These “major national publications” should never have remained silent.

    Thank you, Mr. Parlato, for shining a bright light on this and writing about this case.

    Thank goodness for the Frank Report.

  • Judge Rodriguez has no power to seize the kids, he knows it, everyone knows it. The kids stay with mom. The AG/DCF have walked away from this madness, the children are in safe haven, the state has no interest, game over.

  • Bless you, Frank, for being the Guardian Angel of the abused children across America!! You have an excellent grasp of the issue of family court induced abuse and the bald faced arrogance of the judiciary! God has sent you to help the mothers and children across the world who are victims of the family courts. Soldier on and keep going! My prayers are with the Ambrose children and all others in the same predicament!

  • I’m going to cry if anything happens to Karen and her children. I’m so sorry this is happening. What can we do to help?

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