Catherine Kassenoff Is Dead: US Consulate Confirms She Died in Switzerland, May 27, Her Lawyer Tells Federal Judge

This letter tells it all.

Catherine Kassenoff is dead.

In a letter dated July 6, 2023, filed in the federal case of Catherine Kassenoff v. Allan Kassenoff, attorney Harold R. Burke tells Judge Kenneth Karas that he received confirmation from the US Consulate that Catherine Kassenoff is deceased.

He sent copies of the letter to Judge Karas – and to Catherine’s widower, Allan Kassenoff, his attorney, Lisa Lynn Shrewsberry, and her executor, Wayne Baker.

Attorney Harold Burke informed a federal judge that he received a letter from the US Consulate indicating that Catherine Kassenoff died in Switzerland, just as she said she would, on May 27, 2023.


It appears Frank Report was right: the Pegasos Clinic arranged for her voluntary assisted death in Liestal, near Basel, in Switzerland.

Catherine posted on Facebook and sent an email to a group of supporters on May 27, that she was in Switzerland and about to die, at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.

How sure are we that this is the case? A lawyer admitted to the bar in two states, New York and Connecticut, would not lie to a federal court. He said he saw the letter.

FR interviewed Burke. This development will abate her family court matter as if it never happened. Kassenoff will be a widower, not a divorcee.

Here is Burke’s letter:

July 6, 2023
Hon. Kenneth M. Karas
United States District Court

300 Quarropas Street, Chambers 533
White Plains, New York 106001-4150

Dear Judge Karas:

This letter is a follow up to my letter dated June 5th with respect to the status of my client who reportedly died on May 27, 2023.

I received a notification from the United States Consulate dated June 21 , 2023 that my client died on May 27, 2023 in Liestal, Switzerland.

I am at present researching the effect of this development on further proceedings in this matter, as well as the pending appeal, given that all matrimonial proceedings abated upon her death including the interlocutory decision and order at issue.

Kindly advise how the Court would like to proceed.

cc. Allan Kassenoff (
Lisa Lynn Shrewsberry (
Wayne Baker \



Yes, Catherine Kassenoff is dead, and the memory of a gaunt and sorrow-laden woman who gave her life to fighting the monstrosity known as the jury-less, utterly for-sale, family court, shall not be forgotten.

Unbidden shall she call in the night, so that they who sell children in family court may wake and gaze upon themselves.  And we shall extract our punishment on the hearts of the guilty and take back our rights to our children everywhere.


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  • If Marc Abrams follows the philosophy of someone such as Aubrey Marcus, that could explain the evaluation “Dr.” Marc Abrams wrote and submitted to the New York “family court”.

    Kathy Hochl is supposed to be Christian. Is that the lifestyle she pushes?

    Anyone with a copy of those bogus reports to the court should send them to state and federal authorities so the authorities can prosecute the horrible people who control and ruin so many children and families.

    “The journey starts for me with the book Sex at Dawn by Chris Ryan. Without this book, I wouldn’t understand the biological imperatives that underpin the sexuality of the process. But this is just background research. The real work happens in the heart.

    The most comprehensive podcast I’ve done on the subject to date was with Ari Shaffir. It’s two hours of real talk on what it’s like to be in an open relationship. I also recorded a podcast with Whitney, though I feel that we are due to update the topic sometime fairly soon, as every month in an open relationship feels like a year of growth and challenge.

    Galore magazine has done two features on us being in an open relationship. The first of which was a very comprehensive overview. The second of which covers some more of the brass tacks and specifics of how it works.

    Lastly, I recently wrote a piece on how to handle the jealousy that arises in an open relationship.

    I am not an advocate for anyone being in an open relationship. It is a challenging way to learn about Love, learn about the self, and it is not for everyone. But the rewards have been immense for me. I just try to speak as honestly as I can about the subject and hopefully that helps some people out.“

  • If you have stage 4 breast cancer, you are terminally ill. Barring an accident or suicide, you will die of breast cancer. That said, depending on where the metastases pop up, and the type of breast cancer (there are enough you’d run out of fingers counting them), you can live for years.

    On bones, especially, you can zap and drug metastases away for over a decade. Soft organs? Errr. Not so much. But you may try, if you like, for however long you choose. However it is painful; and chemo and radiation have side effects. You’re sick; you’re tired; you need help with transport.

    So, surprise, FR Readers! You can have a cancer death sentence without a known (or even a soon) expiration date. It’s a thing.

    Whether she was a stage 4 breast cancer patient or not, I don’t know. I don’t particularly care. To this outsider, every adult involved sounds bonkers. The poor oldest daughter sounds bonkers. Albeit who wouldn’t be, raised in an environment like that? Poor kid. Poor multiple kids. Glad I didn’t grow up in a garbage-fire household like that. No kid deserves that. Too late for these three though. The damage is done.

    This post is to clear up how terminal, aka stage 4, breast cancer works. Some commenters seem confused.

    • Did Catherine even specify that it was breast cancer? It could’ve been a different kind of cancer.

    • She didn’t put a diagnosis in her Dropbox. She only violated Hippa with her children’s medical records she never showed what type of cancer if any she had. She only claimed she had it yet not one single person knew of her terminal illness including her psychiatrist, lawyers, family members or friends. Allan and the girls were never told of her terminal illness if it even existed.
      Facts are facts and what she wrote has never been confirmed

      • You would think that living with Catherine after her first breast cancer diagnosis and the treatment she had, Allan could verify that she did indeed have breast cancer, and that she had a later reoccurrence. He may not have known about the third terminal diagnosis but I’m sure he would believe it more than credible.

      • Because none of any of this has to do with purposeful harm done to her health, her children, her future and her entire life — with help from obviously corrupted individuals in Westchester County family courts?

    • It’s easy to judge when you have not been faced with the situation. Everyone responds differently to treatment. The is no way of knowing. She exercised her own personal choice. She apparently had little family support. Appeared to have deep regret for the situation that occurred for her children. She was unable to rebuild a relationship with the children. One in which was tanted in the middle of a toxic marriage. One she wasn’t able to legally get out of. Years of court litigation. Anyones mental health would be affected from years of fighting in court with no resolve. The focus has been to blame. Not how the system it’s self makes the entire situation even worse.

    • At 10:38 am – are you a Dr . An oncologist, a therapist? I hope not because calling people bonkers including innocent children sounds bonkers to me ! The oldest daughter graduated elementary school & has entire future ahead of her ! The school reports the girls as thriving !
      Sounds like they are doing better than many other kids! They have a devoted supportive father and family support on their paternal side ! They are not damaged beyond repair if everyone would back off using them for their own cause

      • Omg! The oldest graduated elementary school?! Amazing! I’ve never heard of such a thing! A glorious future awaits indeed!

  • Have not been here catching up on this case for a few weeks. After reading through all these new posts, I find it very interesting that the commenters are, at a slow steady pace becoming more and more pro Allan and the girls. I cannot believe no death certificate yet. Just a letter, which has no legal standing, the letter is legal proof of nothing. It has been a long and wild ride for all of us Frank Report junkies. Thanks, Mr. Frank, for presenting this to the people. Your readers are very smart. Frank and his readers will get to the bottom of this Shakespearian tragedy. I hope she is still alive and gets some mental health help. Girls need their mother. unfortunately, I hate to say it, but these young ladies may be better off with her in hiding. When they are adults, they can choose to have a relationship or not. Kathryn, if you are alive, please, at the VERY least, let your children know. PLEASE help to lessen the pain they are feeling right now.

  • Allen was never going to stop. He said as much. Catherine could not bear the stress and fear in her girls eyes.

    Allen gave them no choice. If they did not reject Catherine home life would be more tense and punitive.

    Her departure took away Allen’s wrath. He’s having a ball. He got what he wanted.

    The girls will get a reprieve from the court induced trauma.

    She wanted them to be kids. To live without fear. The courts and these draconian orders are child abuse.

    Catherine did not want her children abused for years to come and there was no end in sight. She did everything possible. Even after disqualifying the custody evaluator his findings stood. Then they got another court quack to endorse the original no contact order. To seal the girls fate of a motherless life.

    Let that cruelty sink in. The courts are literally killing off a parent. Children are left in fear, trauma and profound grief. Nothing makes sense. It is a world of evil they are thrown into. When this comes to light. And the public absorbs what has gone on for decades. God help these court actors.

    • “Catherine did not want her children abused for years to come and there was no end in sight.”

      Why do so many people conveniently ignore the part where Catherine wrote that she had virulent terminal cancer?

      • No one is ignoring it. So far there is zero proof of her having terminal cancer, no records, no drs notes, no medical bills, and in the letter Dr. Colin wrote he doesn’t mention cancer at all.

        • It seems that her supporters are ignoring it, wanting to blame her choice to end her life on the family courts and her ex-husband, not the grim cancer diagnosis. Catherine wrote that she was terminally ill. If she lied about it, why? Was it to try to cover up the fact that she actually was seriously mentally ill? Because let’s face it, committing suicide when you are physically healthy is not the act of a mentally well person. Her daughters were still very young and could’ve come around. Maybe once they turned 18 they would choose to have their mom in their lives. Catherine could’ve had a whole lifetime of a relationship with her daughters and grandchildren etc. But she couldn’t get her way right now at this minute, so she had to take drastic action of suicide? That is not a mentally well person, and she clearly should not have had custody of those children. The court made the right decision.

          • I’m starting to believe it @1:22 pm – I see all of the speculation of this woman being a martyr. Maybe a victim of emotional abuse and a cheating husband but no martyr. She’s has narcissistic behavior and now there’s no consular letter. I read somewhere she stole her cousin’s identity. People are sensationalizing this woman and making up a narrative to absolve this woman of also playing manipulation and therefore saying she is smart and sane but didn’t leave her husband. I’m confused. I don’t even understand it.

          • @1:22pm and Sensationalism- EXACTLY. Since when do we applaud the act of suicide?! Terminally ill or not it is a selfish choice. Her death hurt her children more than anything else ever could. She’s not a Martyr! My God was she a broken women that fought with what she had until she had no more. Of course she was slighted by the courts, and so was Allan! He lost his job! His wife killed herself very publicly and one day, his kids will know it! Those girls will be lucky to live healthy and productive lives, even with intense lifelong therapy! I too and growing tired of the lynch mob for Allan and the heroes send off for Catherine. For those suggesting that Allan doesn’t deserve his daughters, you might as well say they don’t deserve him. And what kind of monster would say three motherless children don’t deserve a father because he yelled at them and mommy and mommy yelled back? I really wish the attack would go to where it belongs, the family court system that enabled this atrocity to begin with. Leave these people alone.

          • I wish you or any of you loved ones to face a similar situation to Katherine. Only then you would understand the cruelty she endure.

            Your words show no empathy what so ever. What an insensitive, person you must be.

      • “Allen was never going to stop”

        Yeah, he said he was never going to stop protecting his children. Sounds like he was doing the right thing.

        • Posted on Facebook The Robbie Harvey Show

          Joshua Fox
          Valerie Grace Aaronson
          Dilg Are you so dense
          as to not realize she
          wouldn’t provide the
          evidence to her
          wrongdoing, and he
          isn’t petty enough to
          share his evidence on
          the internet publicly?

        • Unfortunately I have in a different type of court – religious court! situationTalk about corruption. Took 27 years to be made whole . Lost millions of dollars cost millions of dollars . My mother was diagnosed with a debilitating cancer passed away in the interim , had to take care of my paternal grandmother & father while still fighting the reg courts bec we sued the religious court . All very complicated bec of laws regarding Separation of Church & State . Each day was another hurdle that seemed like no end was insight, we could not show my father that we were becoming depressed .During the 27 years my dad lost a lot of precious time , he was scraping the bottom of the barrel financially- Then when you least expect it a ray of hope peaks out & things began to change. And thank gd he can at least enjoy his later years (sadly my mom didn’t) ! I wish Catherine with all her followers instead of echoing her would have encouraged her to seek help & give her hope ! My daughter works in a tough industry people have no loyalty , I let her cry it out ,bang on the wall , when she’s calm I tell her the quote “Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!”

        • To Anonimo – yes Catherine faced tumultuous times , then cancer hit her unfortunately twice , but that doesn’t excuse the path of destruction she laid down. It seems to me you did things Catherine’s way or you saw the highway . She had no problem wanting to set up her lover to be exposed so his wife would leave him to the point she had no shame to ask her husband for his help . As the judge stated some stuff we bring upon ourselves. Catherine’s position does not take away that many people men women face worse times or easier times , it’s not a contest ! I’ve seen friends get slaughtered in court one lost custody of her 7 children (she breast fed each one , worked, was carpool mom, class mom) . Her husband was a dr made millions of dollars was able to stay in their home . She was left penniless (living above someone’s garage barely any heat no A/C) without selling the home she had no equity ! She of course was ordered to pay child support (does anyone know if Catherine paid child support) – her kids living w/ their father deserted her . One day a child reached out to her! Of course she had trust issues but took a leap of faith & it paid off . When I see pictures of her with her kids I get goosebumps ! At the time she had no family nearby but she had faith in gd ! Too bad Catherine & Allan lost their faith in gd & played on their own terms ! I would empathize more w/ Catherine if she held true to her cause to beat Court Corruption ! After destroying Allan, defaming him , judging him now you say put yourselves in her shoes & stop attacking an unalive person , it’s not about their actions rather court corruption ! Now that she’s exposed everyone wants to change the playing field , once again releasing Catherine of taking responsibility of her actions which affected many court decisions! The courts main objective was to protect the adopted daughter whom she manipulated . They couldn’t take a chance leaving Catherine alone w/ her! I empathize for the child & her two sisters ! I hope Catherine found the peace she was looking for& that her kids , even Allan are left alone to finally have the peace they’re entitled to ! Aren’t we all ?!?

      • I think it’s irrelevant if she had a new diagnosis of cancer or not.

        She was not living. She was being tortured by illegal rulings in family court- constitutional rights to bring up our own children are being violated in family courts throughout the country. The public needs to understand the abuse that is occurring.

        And it is a result of family court appointed actors- custody evaluators- psychologists. Not medical doctors. This in itself violates the law.

        Kids are being kidnapped and the targeted parent vilified to justify it.

        Catherine spent four years fighting to have the court see the truth- it’s clear the judges know the truth but don’t care. The fix is in.

        Catherine moved into the new home and was awaiting the judges decision.

        Surely after Abrams was fired and his evaluation eliminated change would occur- for he was the only person who found against Catherine.

        She had psychiatrists advocate for her. There was no history of abuse or being unfit.

        In anticipation of joint custody, Catherine moved close to Allen’s home. This would make it easy for the girls.

        Then the judge slammed Catherine with another illegal no contact order based on the fraud of another court appointed psychologist.

        Why does the court get to control the evaluators? Why does the gal and custody evaluator get immunity? To hide their crimes.

        Cancer diagnosis is irrelevant. She had endured four years and even if she could start all over and fight for four more, her girls would be subjected to a life run by court strangers for that is how the racket is run.

        She wanted to spare her children that pain and conflict.

    • That disqualification of the custody evaluator should have prompted a thorough investigation and then criminal charges.

      Why didn’t it?

  • Watch the family court docket. See how many more billable hours the scavengers will justify even after death.

  • Her death was an act of love for her kids. She knew they were in the permanent grip of him and his family, at least she could release her assets and let them move on.

    Her death was a fierce and final act of defiance of the corrupt family court system, it sealed her fate, but also served to call much needed attention, may change come!

    • Her death was her last FU to her husband and kids. She didn’t care about her kids or she would’ve done this gracefully with no impact to them. Causing their sole provider to lose his job is her payback to her children who told her they want nothing to do with her

      • Catherine’s children know she cared about them. They know she loved them very much.

        If you’re the girlfriend or sister of the girlfriend writing those comments to mislead Catherine’s children, what you’re doing is child abuse. Whoever you are, your comments are poison. Stop posting your same harmful comments again and again. Hoping you can somehow eventually understand that such a toxic worldview doesn’t help you, either.

    • The youngest was 9 years old. How could she predict she was in “the permanent grip” of anyone? Was Catherine psychic?

      • Try surviving the torture she endured, then tell us your opinion about her thoughts, feelings and motives.

      • How dare you say it’s the most selfish thing a person can do!!!
        I have Chronic Deppression. Do you even have it??
        Do you even know what it’s like to get so low, the pain, the suffering, you can’t get away!!!
        You can’t control it!!
        You have no fkn idea, so I suggest you keep that big trap of yours shut!!
        Unbelievable you are!!
        If you have children, maybe you might lose one of them one day.
        Or a grandchild. Might just want to hold your mouth.

    • @10:06 pm This is sad story that she felt she had to kill herself but it’s like everyone is writing their own fairy tale narrative or it’s gone to a Hollywood script and they wanted to “imagine” that’s why she killed herself. No one knows! Except a very descriptive letter who sensationalizes the way she wanted to die in an “idyllic” setting? She says she’s virulent but no one knows. It’s sounds like you want to believe a fiction novel that leaves our volumes of information than the truth people have yet to read.

      • A decent documentary would be far more helpful than Hollywood.

        Maybe Angel Studios is interested. Our children are not for sale.

    • … and, why are all 50 comments from that same person so horribly toxic?

  • Your friendly reminder that it’s now been 42 days and we still have no death certificate or any evidence whatsoever Cathy expired at a Swiss death spa in May. However, Cathy is in the comments writing heart wrenching tributes and eulogies to herself, which is a special type of absurd black comedy that keeps me coming back to the Frank Report. Comedy this dark and absurd is hard to find.

  • Such a sad ending to this tragic story. I am sure the child-traffickers in W.C. Family Court are proud of themselves. Pure scum.

  • I’d like to point out in Switzerland all the VAD (vol assisted dying) orgs legal requirements for anyone who wants to use their service.

    “For legal reasons, everyone who comes for a VAD at Pegasos must have someone known to them who is able to confirm the patient’s identity after VAD (by co-signing a paper together with the MD) for the Swiss authorities.

    If you do not have a family member or friend willing or able to come with you to Pegasos, we can suggest alternate arrangements after your VAD application has been approved”

    This is so the death certificate and remains can be taken care of immediately after death. Cathy is somehow the only human on earth to ever use Swiss VAD and not have her identity legally certified, death certificate issued immediately and I guess the Swiss are just keeping her remains to be nice? Where was her accompanying person required to legally verify Catherine’s identity? What a joke

      • Doesn’t her attorney, Baxter, have her remains? I wonder how they were shipped & what kind of paperwork comes with them.

        • No, apparently the Swiss govt is totally cool with keeping dead bodies for months without trying to contact a deceased person’s husband, lawyer, mother, or brothers after their death.

          I’m sure Cathy will ship a canister with some ashes with her name on it to Wayne soon, and he will write another dumb letter to the court as if someone’s last BBQ remnants count as proof. The court requiring a death certificate really puts a wrench in Crazee Cathy’s stunt. People that aren’t dead have a really hard time obtaining death certificates. Just not fair that real dead people get them issued so easily and quickly.

          • I thought a death certificate was sent over to submit to the courts
            What you write is scary . If I was the family I would want the ashes tested for her DNA !
            This whole process orchestrated by Catherine & Wayne Baxter has taken so long & is starting to look like she did everything to torture those girls by holding off notifying when she passed & not having a way to prepare her girls to lessen the trauma

          • Zero evidence of her being crazy. Another court criminal trolling for self serving purposes. They’ll all be exposed.

          • This Hi Allan bs is so boring already … we should all mind our own business ! Let’s see how you like everyone poking there noses in your business … holier than though

          • Good make those kids homeless and hungry they are just as evil and as responsible as there father for living with him or even talking to him. Those kids have blood on there hands I don’t care how young they are. This is why we need to get rid of family courts so that people that actually care can just take his kids away. So that We can start to undo his brainwashing.

          • I doubt her children will get anything from her assets . Her estate will continue to fight , bill the estate , & the attorneys once again walk away laughing all the way to the bank !

  • All those words and still no death certificate, not even the supposed notification from a mysteriously unnamed consulate official. It’s hard to keep playing dead when people and courts want actual proof, not empty lawyer assurances.

    • The irony is her death would have actually been a gift to her children, far better than dealing with an apex narc mom with severe cluster B traits until they can legally refuse visits.

      Instead the kids get to deal with a woman who faked her own death to punish and try to ruin their dad. I can only imagine the relief of the oldest child who can at least console herself with the fact she has no genetic connection to Catherine. Maybe the other two will find they had an ovum donor and get the same joyful relief.

    • That’s nice to hear bec most people say it but don’t really mean it and keep perpetuating an already king divorce that consumed these girls lives ! Can’t people mind their own business & let them heal , have peace & yes even privacy

      • Allan we are going to continue to expose you. Healing is for people who Care. You are a sociopath. You are incapable of caring for others. It’s really difficult to come to terms with one’s self. You don’t possess the skills to make that happen. Get counseling you are in need of redemption. The Jewish marriage contracts are not going to help you now. God sees you. So does Jesus

        • To all those who like to expose people watch this video bec karma is a bitch ! What you want to do upon others will come back & be done onto you

          • Given the need to cover for crimes in those family courts and the characters and accomplices who committed those crimes, that might have been a “honey pot”.

      • Hi Allen. You are absolutely welcome. People Care about the kids. Why are you so anxious to retrieve death certificate? Cashing in?

        • I thought she was broke. What monies is Allen going to get? Until a legit death certificate is produced, she is very much alive. A fourth grader with a computer and word can construct a letter that announces Micky Mouse is dead. It would send every grade school child into a frenzy, with massive outpouring of condolences to Minnie, that is, until we all find out,” just kidding”. The lawyer’s letter means nothing.

      • The children have been abused by both parents and now the press and social media are using the children to garner ratings and clicks.

        So yes my heart goes out to the children.

  • This headline is misleading and dangerous. Until we see the letter which is clearly stated by the courts this is still it proof. They have until July 20th to show the official letter. Also Frank report you should change the headline and report factually – This is not correct journalism.
    If we could just write a letter without proof our judicial system and world would be that much more screwed up.

    • The attorney’s letter is a joke. I do look forward to what the new delay tactic will be for July 20. Death certificates are incredibly simple to obtain when someone is dead, but a real challenge when they aren’t. Catherine is furiously studying German and Swiss govt seals as I type. Catherine needs to hire John Myatt as a consultant.

  • Allan and the gang are just looking to claim her assets. They don’t care if she is dead. Any decent human being is often devastated that the entire situation happened. Allan has never taken responsibility for himself. The yoga crazy is a flying monkey. Guilty of custodial interference in the first degree. Will they step up and charge her? She is responsible for getting herself involved in the battle. She has no legal rights to these children. Will they not charge the flying monkey 🐒 partner? Because it will further demonstrate the incompetent actions of the judges to stop abuse. The intentional tossing gasoline on the case.

  • Color me surprised there is still zero proof of Catherine’s demise other than hot air and empty words. Cathy better be brushing up on her on German to dummy up that Totenschein to send to this lawyer. Then again His hot air and claims have to be really be trying patience of the court at this point but lies and fraud is all she’s got to try and keep the scam going.

  • Yawn. All this tells me is Cathy isn’t actually dead. Death certificates aren’t that difficult to obtain if you are actually dead, but if you aren’t they pose a real challenge.

    The Swiss Govt poses an extraordinary challenge for fraudsters like Cathy because their banking industry makes them very careful of forgeries and fake deaths. They are extremely swift and officious at issuing legitimate death certificates, except of course, for some very strange reason in Cathy’s case. Sadly for Catherine the Swiss just don’t seem to want to issue death certificates for living people who didn’t die there. Weird

  • I see over and over again the supporters of Alan Kassenoff spewing total ignorance about the procedure in Switzerland wherein the consulate confirms a death. It is not like the US where one needs a death certificate to start probate or void a divorce as in Allan’s case. Catherine’s attorney would not risk disbarment by issuing a false statement to the courts.

    Those who see lies all over the place are projecting their own ugly and dishonest nature. Seeing the horrible way that Allan’s supporters are talking about the mother of Allan’s children makes my skin crawl. It gives me a window into the torture that Catherine endured from Allan (who beat her, abused one of the children according the CPS report that was aborted by the corrupt Westchester court, evicted her, caused her to be jailed, and took her three daughters from her) in her lifetime. Catherine was crucified and the world will know who did it. And the world will see justice.

    Life meted out a severe punishment to Catherine. All loving people, men and women alike, must take up her cause. I propose we have an “I am Catherine” fast day around the world to pay homage to this precious soul who sacrificed her life so that all mothers will be reunited with their children. The cruelty in the messages coming from Allan’s coterie of supporters is a disgrace. BDE (baruch dayan emes –Hebrew for God will judge in a truthful manner). In this case God won’t judge Catherine; He will judge her tormentors! Catherine is now with God. But her tormentors are not!

    The Frank Report because of its relentless reporting will see change to this horrid court system. He is Moses leading his people to the Promised Land. I suggest we all call the federal prosecutors to ask WHY Allan Kassenoff, if he was innocent, would be expelled from his law firm so quickly? Does the firm know something? The family wants to be “left alone” but yet they are viciously attacking Catherine, a martyr.

    Frank, keep up the good work! I know you will get to the bottom of the unsavory courts!! And many mothers and children will have their children back in their arms once again!! Please Catherine pray for us as we are praying for you. Help us from the other side! And please see to it that judgement reigns down on all your tormentors. We will continue your message of selfless love for your children!!

    • Wow! Unnamed consulate officials contacting a lawyer with “trust me bro” is all that’s needed to confirm a death! Amazing. Those fancy Swiss death spas don’t issue something as pedestrian as legal death certificates! They just phone it into the consulate and it’s all cool. Lol.

      A consulate will try to notify family of a citizen’s death overseas almost immediately, particularly because arrangements for the body need to be made asap, but a death certificate is also quickly forthcoming along with someone taking ownership of the remains.

      I’m surprised Cathy hasn’t mailed a canister of cigarette ashes engraved with “Cathy Kassenoff, The Ultimate Victim” to that weird tiktoker to squirt some dramatic tears over.

    • Allan wasn’t expelled from his law firm. Trolls like you started harassing his clients who forced him to resign. And what good did that do?! Since you like to use Hebrew sayings or words, what did it accomplish by taking away his Parnasa (livelihood)?! This wasn’t a man who lived a rich life. As court papers show, he paid 100% of the children’s expenses while Catherine was a deadbeat. She was able to purchase a home a month before she chose to commit suicide for $900K cash. Hardly someone who the courts deprived a fair share to financially. To the contrary the courts decimated Allan financially even though they knew he was the sole provider for these children.

      So, again, I ask you as I’ve asked many times before: can you make one good thing that came out of her deciding to end her life and the subsequent backlash to Allan that benefited the children? I’ll answer that for you. NOTHING. All you trolls know nothing. You only know what was presented before you. The courts saw the totality and put the girls in the hands of Allan because Catherine was dangerous.

      There shouldn’t be a fast day. The fast of Esther was because Queen Esther risked her own life to go to the king out of turn to save the Jewish people. What did Catherine allegedly do, kill herself because she knew the courts weren’t giving her custody because the last forensic said her desire to annihilate Allan was greater than her love for her children?

      Case in point: look at how she contrived this suicide and backlash.

      Help the girls by encouraging people to move on and let’s get this man a job so he can provide for the girls as he has their entire lives.

      • You’ve got to be kidding me. If Catherine was so dangerous, why no reports to CPS/ACS? If Allan was such a saint, why couldn’t he have the grace to have the mother of his children involved in their children’s lives? Why the ‘dead duck’ song?

        We’ve all seen the disordered postings of the mental health professional, Marc Abrams, who sealed Catherine’s fate. That man should be nowhere near families.

      • He was a ruthless abuser. He paid for the court cabal to eradicate Catherine from the girls lives. It’s clear.

        Total bs eval by court quack psychologist. No medical diagnosis. Judge ignores conclusions of medical professionals.

        No call to child protective services. She was so dangerous and crazy that the mandated reporters never reported. Instead they kidnapped her children.

        Telling children their healthy mother needs supervised visitation is cruel. Welcome to the family court criminal enterprise.

        • Unfortunately it wasn’t safe for her oldest daughter (who was adopted) to be left alone w/ her . She abused the child physically verbally ,& mentally The Nanny had attested to that ! In one of the videos you will notice the girls hair is very short . It’s growing in from Catherine wanting to punish her cut it like a boys & made her go to school that way 🙁

    • Catherine’s lawayer wayne baker was also arrested for domateic violence after his wife finally escaped and called the police and what he do use all his power as an attorney to crush and Simon r that woman and get his case dismissed. He’s an actual abuser of women and it’s disgusting that you think he is after anything other then money. My bet is on he killed her took her phone and made the post. He has hurt women before why wouldn’t he agian

  • Some of the comments on this thread are unreal. The victims here are the three minor children that no longer have a mom, and a father that has to figure out how to tell them she took her own life. Catherine’s suicide is no better than Allan’s abuse. The kids lose. Some of you commenters are truly heartless. Prayers to those three girls for what they will have to learn to live with, and prayers for Allan who has to live with the outcome of this. There are no winners here except for the appointed family court representatives, attorneys and judges that lined their coffers with the inheritance of three beautiful children at the expense of their mothers life and their fathers career. Well done Westchester county, thank you for setting the example on how to tear a family apart at the expense of their children. Excellent.

    • Saying that a terminally ill and abused women’s suicide, who wasn’t even able to see her kids, is as bad as the man who abused this terminally ill woman and took her kids away is absolutely the most vile thing. You obviously have no idea how anything works, including mental health. Families

      I wish you everything you deserve–which is obviously a hellish life. And I hope this unhappiness in you that makes you think this way follows you forever. Shame on you.

      • Where’s the proof she was terminally ill?! All the documents in her Dropbox yet no evidence of her illness. Who says she was abused?! U have a guy yelling in frustration yet when she yells equally as loud u justify it. 8 CPS investigations all unfounded. You know why?! Because there was no abuse. Just a vengeful woman seeking to destroy a man who as someone said needs to care for these girls and the trauma that their mother (not father) inflicted on them.
        Get your facts straight and see the damage that Robbie Harvey inflicted on this family and if you truly want to see justice let’s figure out a way to not only reform Westerfeld county court system but TikTok and other media outlets for allowing the Robbie Harveys of the world to profit to the tune of $20k in one month from this family.
        I highly doubt he even gave a dollar to the go fund me page that was a bust

      • Shame on me? I speak from a point of experience, while you sit behind your computer screen and type things you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. This situation is tragic. The kids lose. I deserve the joy and peace and love and humanity this family deserved, so thank you. You get back what you put out. I am not the hateful one here. My heart breaks for everyone involved in this horrific situation. Thank you for your opinion. Have the day you deserve.

    • Finally, @1:36 pm a comment that is spot on. The girls should be the focus as there are no winners. I said this before in another thread. So, all these people that have strong opinions online would step up and take care of the girls emotionally and financially or send them to a foster home? It’s a joke to see how many opinions there are but everyone knows it’s Not REALLY their problem. I’ll say it again: if Catherine were trying to protect them, she would have left with the children a while ago if she was mentally sound and capable. Which I don’t believe. She had her selfish motives to stay and I don’t think other than providing the children with a roof over their head and financially. That’s the only thing those kids got it seems. The home has an extremely unstable environment, and the outcome is that they are with the dad. The foster system or with a total stranger is not the answer but mental health care, parental coaching for the dad, time and healing is what they need.

  • Tsk tsk Cathy posing as a consulate official will get you in trouble but I guess you are in so deep at this what’s a few more frauds, eh?

    Amazing the attorney didn’t even attach this totally real consular letter to the court or name the official that sent it. No doubt he will be “researching further”. Lmao

    • Yes of course this attorney put his license on the line and fraudulently submitted a letter to the glad you caught it Anonymous Consular Official! They must have forgotten to cc you, an anonymous poster on an investigative journalists blog, for proofs. Tsk tsk

      • Lol. How is Wayne putting his license on the line? All that letter says is an unnamed consular official “notified him” Cathy was really dead. He provided no proof of this. It could have been yours truly calling him up or texting him and saying “FYI I’m from the American consulate and Cathy is dead”. Wayne could then tell state in a letter that a consular official notified him. It’s just an unverifiable statement in a meaningless letter stalling for time. Typical lawyer BS, skirting on the edge of ethics but not across the line that could cause him any trouble.

        It would be funny if the judge asked him to pony up the name and contact info for this mysterious consulate official because Wayne doesn’t have it.

        I’m sure Wayne wishes she was dead because then he might actually get paid out of her estate if she was. Cathy stiffed a good portion of the 15 different attorneys that represented her. I have a feeling Wayne isn’t getting paid either. Too bad Wayne.

        • In contrast to a US death certificate I don’t see any time written , does a letter count as a death certificate , was there any official raised seal that usually must be in such documents

  • All those words and still no death certificate or anything more than more “trust me bro.” Cathy running on fumes to keep this going.

      • I’m very curious how asking for a death certificate to verify someone’s death, MONTHS after it supposedly happened, shows ignorance or a religious education? I’d say you might be very religious if you are willing to take the claims about Cathy’s death on faith alone. Most educated people, irregardless of their religion or lack of one, understand proof of death is a very simple matter accomplished by producing a death certificate. Unfortunately for Cathy, courts are particularly firm on this “proof” matter and all the drama, stall tactics and bullshit won’t sway them.

  • This is what, like the third “we think she’s dead but have no proof for the court” pointless letter? Why bother with this letter unless you have a death certificate? Just more hot air to resolve what should be an extremely simple matter. The court requires a death certificate so until it’s provided this is all just more stalling and BS.

    I’m going to guess Allan’s attorneys have been pushing for a death certificate but instead get this nonsense in response. Sad.

  • Crazy Cathy still hoping “trust me bro” from a lawyer will somehow work. Death certificates are all the court will accept as proof and the lawyer obviously doesn’t have it. Just “vague notification” from a suspiciously unnamed “consulate official” What a joke. Crazy Cath writing tributes to herself in the comments at a furious clip. It’s real a black comedy at this point.

  • LMAO. More nonsense with no proof. Where is the actual death certificate? What “notification from consulate” did he receive and why didn’t he provide this to the court with his letter? Death certificates are simple, which make confirming deaths very straight forward, so why is only this complicated and taking months for Crazy Cathy. So big story is, still no death certificate or any proof beyond more unverified claims in emails from whatever lawyer still has to represent her?

    Crazy Cathy paying someone with a fake German accent (or to contact this idiot lawyer to notify him she’s really really dead, just trust us. Death certificates take a year to issue!

    Where is the death certificate???!!!! More empty lawyer emails with unverified claims won’t mean shit to the court.

  • It is a monstrosity. The targeted parent is utterly alone – standing up against:
    Court appointed therapist
    Custody evaluator

    Whatever relationships pre-existed, no matter how strong – is forever changed. Those who align with the targeted parent are dismissed and silenced.

    Those who advocate are told to stay out if it and are also silenced.

    These cabals of the AFCC have tentacles everywhere- in every public entity whose purpose is to protect children.

    The same cops and dcf workers are tapped to eviscerate the targeted parent. It is daily oppression, threat and humiliation.

    Thank you FR and others who continue to fearlessly report on what mainstream media ignores. This is a silent epidemic going on throughout our country.

    Time to take our children back.

  • Such a beautiful tribute to a loving, devoted mother:

    “Catherine Kassenoff is dead, and the memory of a gaunt and sorrow-laden woman who gave her life to fighting the monstrosity known as the jury-less, utterly for-sale, family court, shall not be forgotten.

    Unbidden shall she call in the night, so that they who sell children in family court may wake and gaze upon themselves. And we shall extract our punishment on the hearts of the guilty and take back our rights to our children everywhere.”

    We all have to stand up to the family court cabals.
    Refuse custody evaluations
    Refuse supervised visitation!!
    Refuse psych evals!

    You entered family court as a healthy citizen; as a parent with kids you thought would be protected. You sought a no-fault divorce.

    The court dragged out litigation to steal your money and your children.

    In every case where custody is taken and no-contact put into place, it’s never restored.

    Moreover, after all the court appointments of reunification therapists, parenting supervisors, gals, and amc’s— our families are far worse off they they had ever been.

    Our children are tortured by the experts and court orders. Make no mistake. These are crimes. The lawyers who may be your friends are indeed criminals.

  • Tears in my eyes. I read this out loud
    Yes, Catherine Kassenoff is dead, and the memory of a gaunt and sorrow-laden woman who gave her life to fighting the monstrosity known as the jury-less, utterly for sale, family court, shall not be forgotten.

    Unbidden shall she call in the night, so that they who sell children in family court may wake and gaze upon themselves. And we shall extract our punishment on the hearts of the guilty and take back our rights to our children everywhere.
    🍑 R.I.P Catherine may all the people come together in one mind and one love to remove all the people from power who took hers.

  • Wayne Baker had the death certificate since June 23rd and only waited until July 6th to notify the court which is how the family found out. What suck person doesn’t notify Allan or her family so the kids could have closure. I’m sure your Robbie Harvey and crew will attack Allan who continues to remain silent as the one parent who actually cares about the kids. I’m sure Catherine set it up that way not caring about the impact on her kids but you all keep calling her a saint it’s sickening. Her own mother wasn’t even notified
    Think about that

    • Notify Allan? Lol. The guy who killed her? You’ve got some crazy gaslighting approach you sicko

      • He didn’t kill her. She chose to die. If she truly believed he was abusive then y would she kill herself and leave them with an abusive man and not continue to fight. She is a master manipulator who realized she would never gain custody because the court knew her for what she was. An unloving mother who only cared about her own self interests even if she hurt her children in the process. Look no further than this whole suicide fiasco. One person tell me please the positive impact on her children.
        Catherine knew Allan wasn’t abusive it was a tactic she tried and failed at so let me kill myself and the idiots like u will blame Allan when really I had no choice after all I don’t really love or care about my kids. If I did would I want them to have nothing

        • “the court knew her for what she was”?

          The court receives facts and evidence. Who presented which facts and evidence to inform the court about “what she was”?

          “what she was”? 👈

          Not, “who she was”?

          If you’re the girlfriend, the sister of the girlfriend or a friend of the girlfriend, did you think of Catherine as a thing and not a person?

          If you plan to blame Catherine for all of your mistakes and problems from now on, please reconsider.

      • You are a sicko Allan is still their father & should be able to decide who and what to tell them
        You’re a herd mentality if you think he killed her
        She killed herself or should I say the dr who authorized her assisted suicide instead of giving her hope & helping her to get help !

    • If Allan really cared about his children, why was he so often seen screaming at them or saying hateful things to their Mommy in front of them, teaching them to disrespect Catherine by singing songs wishing she were dead? That is not a caring parent in most people’s eyes.

      • Omg those videos are spliced and meant to show one side
        They are 4 years plus old at a time the relationship was breaking down
        Watch the videos closely she’s following him around taping him from her phone
        She eggs her daughter to say that mommy is a dead duck I don’t hear him saying it in the video … she set the kid up
        There’s a video he’s cleaning up I think it’s a mess in the girls room
        She is walking around in her underwear & he asks her to please put some clothes on she refuses
        If it were reverse everyone would be up in arms
        If you pay attention in one of the videos he apologizes to his kid

        Look on the FR and see some of her videos and audios that were leaked . Allan was adamant that he was not going to fight back by posting his tapes because he felt it wasn’t fair to the kids even though they were begging him to !

        You never saw Allan with his girls they adore him , they are well mannered , smart & Allan who people know as a calm quiet guy said something really bad must have been going on for him to snap!

        Btw where is her mother & 2 brother’s why do they not reach out to their granddaughters & nieces .
        They are sick of her antics & want nothing to do with this latest stunt

        • Having followed this story from afar, have gained a lot of respect for how Allan handled the frenzy around this case. By remaining silent he undoubtedly took additional flack but also contributed to providing less fodder for the internet. That is exactly what someone looking to protect his kids would do.

          • Perhaps you haven’t seen Kassenoff facts. And read the Shira trolls on here

          • He’s hiding in his millions. No decent father would ever eliminate a mother from the lives of children.

            They use the courts to destroy and abuse.

            And there are very recent videos. Allan tried to have Catherine falsely arrested for the second time at the ice rink.

            There a no excuse for this outcome!

            It doesn’t matter what’s recommended by the court! Parents can decide. Alls. Refused bc he paid for custody! Wake up. This is custody for sale.

      • He isn’t shown often screaming at his kids. The videos are over 6 years old. Robbie Harvey keeps playing the same ones over and over and over again. You know why?! Because there weren’t more videos and there were no current videos. But you know what?! There are equally as many videos of Catherine yelling at her kids at that same time. There are testimonies from nannies claiming Catherine was abusive to the kids especially the oldest child who was adopted. And there’s a recording from less than a year ago that one of the girls took if Catherine calling her disgusting and a liar because she challenged Catherine for writing emails on her behalf.
        Again. You all are not seeing the entirety of the situation. Your opinions are based on a self proclaimed money hungry TokToker not on reality.

        Oh and stop the sanctimonious bullshit. We’ve all yelled at our kids and spouses like this just without cameras and Robbie Harvey’s bullshit narrative

    • Allen is done. The scam is exposed. It is indeed a scam- stealing childhoods for money.

      Torturing mother and children for profit.

      Criminal conspiracy and racketeering.

      All court actors will be exposed and their licenses revoked.

      There was NO reason to eliminate Catherine from the lives of her children. Custody evaluators, attorneys and therapists are criminals. Allen paid for it but all were complicit.

  • As someone who was in a similar coercive control situation with children used as weapons during divorce, I sincerely hope that Catherine’s death is not in vain. Please do not let powerful men and dubious family courts do this to others. Without doubt her health suffered as a result of the stress she was put under, it seems Allan even convinced Catherine’s own family that she was the evil party as part of his coercive control and they weren’t there when she most needed them.

    I hope Catherine is at peace now, and her children are not further brainwashed into hating their Mom.

    • Who told you that Allan told Catherine’s family she was crazy! They knew she was unstable from way before Allan came into the picture . They barely were in her life they never were told of any cancer reoccurring. The shut her out bec they couldn’t deal & still can’t to the point they don’t care to be in touch with their granddaughter & nieces, (Allan has asked them to reach out) knowing the impact this was having on them !
      Please people stop disseminating misinformation & know there is so much you don’t know so let Catherine have peace & let these girls heal ! STOP EXPLOITING THEM WITH YOUR NONSENSE

      • The focus is on the courts and children. Catherine will rest in peace when something is done about the court. Let the courts charge the girlfriend with custodial interference for getting herself involved in the case.

      • Believe it or not, there are other people on here who knew them both. Neither of them were perfect parents. They were certainly toxic to each other. Unfortunately you are entirely missing the point in all of this. Regardless of whether you hated Catherine or thought she was a she-devil, she deserved to parent her children. Allan was a cheater and unstable and played dirty in court. He likely also deserves to parent his children. Instead he tortured her to death through 4 years of a court battle… You do not get to decide when the story is over.

        • There is no proof of Allan cheating but there is proof of Catherine cheating. He didn’t play dirty and as someone who knew the both of them, the way she treated her children is what landed her in the situation she was in. Even the stupid #isncatherine campaign where they put different heads on these stick figures saying I’m a protective mom.

          And I did nothing wrong…That’s the problem. All the Catherines of the world like her keep claiming they did nothing wrong instead of recognizing the problem and correcting what they’re doing wrong. Trying to manipulate your children against their father is wrong. Encouraging your daughters to run away and when one listens to you and does it, thereby putting herself in danger, is wrong. Calling your daughter a liar and disgusting when she calls you out for writing emails from her account is wrong. I could go on but most likely you wouldn’t get it because like Catherine, you believe she did nothing wrong. Maybe if she got help and listened to her girls and their desires, she would be alive and have a meaningful relationship with her girls. Instead, she chose as she always has her social media world over them. Congrats

          • I saw proof with my own 2 eyes when she was pregnant with Charlotte. In any case, the cheating is insignificant. Neither were model parents – they treated each other badly – and the children as well. Allan was not a more worthy parent of full custody. Full stop. They should have shared custody, BOTH gotten treatment from mental health professionals, saved millions of dollars and both been on their merry ways with separate lives. Your comments continually call Catherine out for her “bad” behavior yet you are failing to acknowledge Allans. Yes, he played dirty – he was in no way an innocent bystander as you seem to believe…

    • They can’t because somehow they profit from it & also it distracts the attention of their own problems in the news . They shift gears from the focus being on them! They don’t want their dirty deeds known but they’re comfortable splashing other peoples personal lives – and on top of it they only post one side – the side that they will profit more from !

    • No! It’s fighting time. Let this family be the beacon of light for change.

  • Ding dong, the witch is dead. Just because she chose to kill herself because she knew she wasn’t getting custody and her last FU to her ex and children was these past 6 weeks. Hopefully, her death will bring reform to the family court system as I believe both parties were victims of. Catherine for the courts not getting her the proper mental help she needed so she could recognize what she needed to do so she could rebuild her relationship with her girls and for Allan who the court virtually bankrupted by awarding Catherine so much money to ease their conscience for her not being able to gain more access.

    Her death should bring closure for this family, and I beg of Frank and everyone else to move on

    • Beg away honey, the toothpaste is out of the bottle. I’m sending love to the girls and their father. Time will heal things but the law should protect the weak not the rich.

      • Catherine was far from poor
        Also the court kept ordering her ex to give her over $500,000 so that they could be on a more even playing field

        I’m sure the girls and their father will appreciate the love you send their way

  • May she rest in peace. This is such a tragic thing. It’s too bad a life had to end to get the attention of the family court system. Thanks Frank for your diligent efforts to help people across the United States and beyond.

    • I’m confused ! What did Frank do to help the people ! Has he been volunteering at domestic abuse centers , has he set up rally’s for court reform ? I hope so because otherwise he destroyed a family and didn’t care at what cost !

      • If you were to represent “We the People”, you’d need to practice what you preach. says:

        8:53 am,

        You want Frank to volunteer at domestic abuse centers and set up “rally’s for court reform”? 🤔

        Um, when would you expect him to do all of that?

  • You have no class ! Did you incur whether the children were informed yet or once again you play judge & jury and think they should find out first via social media .
    Being that Catherine is Jewish , when a person passes away we say,
    “Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet” which translates “ Blessed are you, Lord, the true righteous judge”
    Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet Catherine 🦋

    • No class? I sure hope the father is keeping the kids off social media. Your opinion is not high on the list.

      • These people attacking anyone who is outing what is really happening. Apparently you are classless for hoping she rest in peace and thanking Frank for letting everyone know what the courts are doing.

      • He can keep his kids off like he did with her original post , but he can’t keep other parents & children off and they called last time
        And btw you’re opinion is at the bottom of the Barrel

      • You can’t keep kids off social media. U must not have kids. They are savy. They grew up with technology and they’re not 5 years old. U put on controls they change browsers. And you know what else?! Their friends have phones. Instead of saying stupidity just mind your businesses and let everyone heal

        • I highly doubt that parents are encouraging their children to call and talk to the kids. I’m sincerely sorry for what they have been through. I hope they heal. My purpose for commenting is to stop the family courts from continuing. The ramping up of family court cases to this extent for financial gain. You can attack me all you like it’s not going to stop me from complaining and bringing to light what really goes on. I don’t think the kids are trolling the frank report I’m commenting on. I can’t imagine parents are discussing the frank report with their children.

          • Do you think anyone thinks parents are encouraging their children to read the Frank Report, I highly doubt it! However, I do believe that parents in their neighborhood – just like parents not from the neighborhood – ARE reading the FR. I also believe when having acquired information often parents talk about situations without realizing their kids are in earshot of hearing them or maybe a parent informs their child telling them their mom is gon,e be more sensitive to their friend (because most of the world doesn’t seem to be)! When posted on Facebook, kids in their innocence did call 2 of the girls asking them what the story was and asking if it was true! One family invited the oldest over to see if she wanted to talk. She politely said no!

            Social Media will always be a double edge sword !

        • Warning: if you don’t agree with Allan and the gang of bullies you will be attacked. Allan, is this what you did to Catherine? Told her she doesn’t know anything? She is classless? Did you also bend her fingers back and torment her when she didn’t agree with you? I think we can get a picture of who you really are. Thanks for sharing yourself without the mask.

          • This couldn’t be further from the truth ! I don’t people who post defending Allan & they also post for Catherine ex stating the divorce took too long, there needs to be family court reform !
            The antics you described is how the herd mentality behaves against anyone who disparages Catherine & says something (which mostly come from the evidence) not according to their narrative gets bullied attacked & even has their life splashed on Facebook , or their place if work is called ordering that person to be fired , they post vile messages on companies people work in hopes of getting them fired ! The post on peoples friends Facebook page disgusting comments ! They don’t care who they attack even receptionists who pick up these calls get attacked & viral slurs shouted at them . These women are owed an apology ! I myself have been a recipient of these calls – I was shouted at Being a CUNT another time a BITCH or watch out KARMA IS A BITCH ! My messenger box full of disgusting texts . I know many others received death threats ! You question Allan who hasn’t done anything since this story broke . He doesn’t dictate to people to call riot against anyone supporting Catherine . He had stayed quiet because his main concern is protecting his girls & being there for them ! Like I stated you question & make your obnoxious comment – you have just removed your mask to show that it’s ok for “Team Catherine” to play dirty & destroy peoples lives but it’s not ok for someone to argue their point regarding Allan ! You all are no better than the courts are seeking to reform ! Who sends death threats to people & their kids , who calls a place of business like an animal – you know who Team Catherine They attempt to pull peoples nails back until they get their way ! You people can hang up on Allan but there’s one thing you can’t take away from him and even more so now are his 3 girls who adore him & know that he will forever protect them no matter the consequences to himself !

            So thank you for removing your mask & letting us see there’s another one spewing hate & distorts truth , and spreads lies !

          • What a crock of shit. It’s if u don’t agree with Catherine you get shot down. Who said he bent back her fingers. She stubbed her toe. Cut the bs

      • That could have been what mattered most, Sjparker04. Seems like they destroyed her because of that.

  • Kailin Wang #IamCatherineKassenoff 💰=⚖️
    RIP Catherine #Kassenoff, you will be missed….we won’t forget u….😰🤧🙏

  • This is a beautiful tribute to a brave woman who was criminalized, disparaged, threatened and then vilified — all for money. As the tortured her three children and denied them love, affection and attention from their mother.
    This is child abuse.
    Court ordered child abuse.
    If jury nullification applied, there would never be such an outcome.

    Catherine is dead because of family court.

    There are many who have gone before under similar circumstances. I thankful Catherine took the time to document everything and fearlessly shared it with the public.

    Public scrutiny is warranted. The courts silence the targeted parent.
    It’s part of the formula for child trafficking through family courts.

    • She is dead because she chose to kill herself! Its not right that the courts do this stuff to people..
      But killing yourself is not the mark of a hero!
      It’s sooooo much to dump on her children..
      She had cancer
      He treated her badly
      He was very shitty to the kids
      She also treated the children badly
      All the videos speak volumes

      At this point I just pray these children rise above their parents mistakes and define themselves by having successful happy joyful lives

  • Catherine shall “achieve in death what she could not in life”.

    Her death will not be in vain. She was loving, compassionate, strong and determined to bring the truth to light.

    The public humiliation these courts and court actors/frauds subject innocent mothers to, is impossible to imagine. But within seconds they take your legs out by stealing your children.

    Functioning without your children is nearly impossible.

    If her three girls were kidnapped or abducted the world would empathize and support her. This is exactly what family court does but the public is fed nonsense about high conflict divorce and blames the family for the destruction they willfully cause.

    Her children were “illegally” kidnapped by the courts in violation of all unalienable rights, and without a medical doctor finding any mental illness. Crimes of family court actors.

    The custody evaluators and gal in this case should lose their licenses.

    • Functioning without your children is nearly impossible — for all with a conscience. says:

      Mainstream news outlet owners have been complicit since the 1980s. The New York Times could have thoroughly investigated and reported blatant family court corruption to inform the public for the purpose of informing and to reform family courts. The New York Times didn’t do that.

      An informed public would have pressured legislators to reform family courts decades ago. So many at the top of government and industry are complicit in Catherine’s death, not just Westchester County family court.

      “… within seconds they take your legs out by stealing your children.

      Functioning without your children is nearly impossible.

      If her three girls were kidnapped or abducted the world would empathize and support her. This is exactly what family court does but the public is fed nonsense about high conflict divorce and blames the family for the destruction they willfully cause. …”

    • Stop disseminating your personal narrative of what occurred here !
      THANK GD the courts took her kids & required her to have supervised visits . She admired to lying about getting govt issued Canadian passports for her two biological daughter . She had to fess up to it ! Then she tried to convince the oldest to let her apply one for her as well ! That child said no knowing she was being manipulated into something bad ! The courts see sometimes what the average person doesn’t – her many lies & actions convinced them the children weren’t safe ! Her aim at always seeking revenge against her ex . It was always about revenge at not the girls!!! OMG could you imagine if she had all the girls have Canadian passports she clearly was in a frame of someone comfortable with suicide & the courts knew she was capable of anything & these children were saved from a possible TRIPLE HOMICIDE ALONG WITH A/HER OWN SUICIDE

      • These children were sentenced to a life time of trauma. Increased by the family court players. Apparently there is no hoax. What happened is real.

        • “In her goodbye letter before taking her own life Catherine wrote, “The abuser who claimed he was alienated has repeatedly been empowered by the Courts of New York State to alienate me, the protective parent, from my own children. He now seeks to cut off all contact again.”

          Sadly, Catherine did not live to see it, but now the United Nations is taking up the fight to end unfair treatment of abuse victims in family court. Stay tuned.”

          • People who don’t know this family but rips the dad apart and wants to see him fail, does not want to see the kids win either. They are minors that are with their father, that’s a fact. Mother gave up on life and any future with her children. People are blind to see this and are illogical. They are very much in the moment of burning him at the stake. Truth is I don’t know the guy but I know that his children are with him and everyone has now hung up all of their failed court cases, hatred toward their spouse, trauma on this one family and limited evidence we have on the father and now mother. Question is still out there, what have you guys done to change the numerous families including your case with your attacks, weigh-ins and comments on digital newspaper sites, FB, TikTok, YouTube IG and wherever else.. I will tell you — simple. NO WHERE. I have a feeling that we will never know the full story. But you all know this doesn’t end but you want it too along with the kids. They will never live this down and guess what with the mother displaying all of her family business to the internet, it is has become a disaster and let’s hope that the girls will be able to live with this as her friends, strangers are talking about them, contributing to further mental anguish for them; not even thinking that they could also be suicidal. No one thinks that far do they what are you guys like? No there’s a reason that there is limited comment from the court because as I read it is sealed and closed FOR A REASON.

          • People who don’t know this family but rips the dad apart and wants to see him fail, does not want to see the kids win either. They are minors that are with their father, that’s a fact. Mother gave up on life and any future with her children. People are blind to see this and are illogical. They are very much in the moment of burning him at the stake. Truth is I don’t know the guy but I know that his children are with him and everyone has now hung up all of their failed court cases, hatred toward their spouse, trauma on this one family and limited evidence we have on the father and now mother. Question is still out there, what have you guys done to change the numerous families including your case with your attacks, weigh-ins and comments on digital newspaper sites, FB, TikTok, YouTube IG and wherever else.. I will tell you — simple. NO WHERE. I have a feeling that we will never know the full story. But you all know this doesn’t end but you want it too along with the kids. They will never live this down and guess what with the mother displaying all of her family business to the internet, it is has become a disaster and let’s hope that the girls will be able to live with this as her friends, strangers are talking about them, contributing to further mental anguish for them; not even thinking that they could also be suicidal. No one thinks that far do they? No there’s a reason that there is limited comment from the court because as I read it is sealed and closed FOR A REASON.

          • This discussion isn’t about personal details — although some commenters keep trying to steer the conversations toward personal details. For example, your comments focus on personal details instead of the crimes committed.

            The broader conversation here is about specific crimes committed in Westchester County family courts and the horrendous corruption in general in family courts all over the country and all over the world. Please look into what’s been happening.

            Comments about the corruption and crimes committed in Westchester family courts help more than comments about personal details and responses to comments about personal details. A few commenters here try to distract readers away from the subject of the court crimes with ad hominem attacks on Catherine.

            Catherine asked the public to appropriately address the crimes committed in family courts. Let’s do that, okay?

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