Allison Mack Is Free; Left Dublin FCI July 3, According to BOP

Allison Mack used 'brainwashing' as one of her primary arguments for leniency.

Allison Mack, 40, is free from FCI Dublin, the low security prison where she served her sentence, and likely back at her parents’ home in Costa Mesa, California, where she lived on house arrest for three years before sentencing.

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) updated Allison Mack’s status to “Released” as of July 3, 2023.


The FBI arrested Mack in April 2018

The DOJ accused Mack of recruiting young women into a “women’s sorority,” DOS, which was actually a one-way ticket into Raniere’s harem.

Mack recruited four women who became “DOS slaves” – India Oxenberg, Nicole, Danielle Roberts and Michele Hatchette.

India had three slaves, and Michele had one. Danielle and Nicole had none.

One year after her arrest, in April 2019, Mack pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering and one count of racketeering conspiracy, predicated on conduct that included forced labor, extortion, sex trafficking, and wire fraud.

The statutory maximum sentence for her crimes is 20 years on each count.

One of Mack’s four slaves, Nicole, testified at Keith Raniere’s trial, along with one of Oxenberg’s slaves, Jessica Joan.

Two of Mack’s slaves, Michele Hatchette and Danielle Roberts, publicly denied Mack victimized them and defend DOS as a women’s empowerment group.

On June 30, 2021, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Mack to 36 months in federal prison. She started her sentence on September 13, 2021, and served 21 months.

She was also sentenced to three years probation, and ordered to pay a fine of $20,000, and a $200 special assessment fee at the time of her sentencing.

Allison Mack leaving court with her attorney Sean Buckley
FCI Dublin, where Mack spent 21 months

Special Conditions of Supervised Release

At sentencing, Judge Garaufis outlined the following stipulations of Mack’s probation:

  • Defendant shall not attempt to contact in person or communicate with by letter, telephone, electronic means or through third-party any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, NXIVM, DOS, or any other NXIVM-affiliated organizations unless granted permission in advance by the Probation Office or by this Court, nor shall defendant frequent any establishment or the locales where these groups may meet, pursuant but not limited to a permission list provided by the U.S. Probation Department unless granted permission in advance by the Probation Office or by this Court.
  • Defendant shall undergo a mental health evaluation and if deemed necessary, participate in an outpatient mental health treatment program as provided by the Probation Department. The defendant shall contribute to the cost of such services rendered and any psychotropic medications prescribed to the degree she is reasonably able and shall cooperate in securing any applicable third-party payment.
  • Defendant shall disclose all financial information and documents to the Probation Department to assess her ability to pay.
  • Defendant shall complete 1000 hours of community service.

If she fails to abide by the restrictions of probation, Mack could return to prison for up to 18 months.

She will have to check regularly with her probation officer, get special permission to travel, and follow other protocols.

Mack is now free to start back up on social media. She has not appeared on social media since her arrest. She had more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

She can return to acting or perhaps choose to finish her Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley, and pursue a new career.

Allison Mack as Smallville’s Chloe

At Mack’s sentencing hearing, the Probation Department calculated sentencing guidelines of 14 to 17 years.

AUSA Tanya Hajjar spoke for the prosecution and recommended Judge Garaufis sentence Mack below the guidelines because of her “cooperation and the value of that cooperation.”

AUSA Tanya HajjarMack’s attorneys asked for probation.

One of Mack’s DOS “slaves” had a different opinion.

At her sentencing, Mack’s “grandslave” Jessica Joan described Mack as an “evil sociopath, a menace to society and a danger to innocent beings.”

Jessica Joan AKA Jaye

Joan said, “So, when she was on house arrest hanging with her family, taking Berkeley Women’s Studies courses online, and enjoying the Orange County sunshine and sipping lattes and putting on lip gloss with her friends, her victims were left hiding in the dark corners of their homes, reliving the fear, silence and horror that Allison put us through…

“I truly believe there aren’t enough years in the rest of her lifetime to even begin to undo the harm, pain and suffering she has caused myself and the rest of her victims.

“If I would have gone through with her attempt to sex traffic me, I know I wouldn’t be able to stand here in front of you today.”

Mack also spoke.

Allison Mack at her sentencing

Mack said, “…Thank you to you, Judge Garaufis, for supporting my process of rehabilitation, because you allowed me to go to school and to share in important events with my family. I’ve been able to create a path forward for myself and develop the tools I need to continue to right the wrongs I committed.

“I am grateful for the patience and humanity you have demonstrated towards me over these past three years.

“I have complete faith that your fair and compassionate deliberation regarding my sentence will be a huge part of righting this wrong and helping me progress beyond this horrific chapter of my life with integrity.”

Before he pronounced sentence, Judge Garaufis spoke of the harm he believed Mack caused, the steps she had taken towards rehabilitation, and her cooperation with the Government.

He said he factored these into his decision, including the fact that Mack, herself, was a victim of Raniere.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Judge Garaufis said, “The seriousness of your conduct and the harm that you wrought dovetails with the need for your sentence to serve as a forceful deterrent – both for you, over the next many decades of your life, and for others who might be tempted to use their privileges and authority to inflict harm and exert control over the vulnerable and impressionable. For all of these reasons, I think that a serious sentence is appropriate.”

Since she surrendered to FCI Dublin, nothing has been heard from Mack or her family.

Mack will be 41 on July 29.

Most recent public photos of Allison Mack  (with an unknown friend) shortly before she surrendered to Dublin.


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  • “June 27, 2021, 12:21 PM EDT / Source: Reuters
    By Variety

    … To those who have been harmed by my actions,

    To this date, it has been over three years since I last communicated with most of you. This period of isolation has been the most devastating, but transformative time of my life. Because of the court’s decision to allow me to remain on home-confinement, I have had the opportunity to be alone with my thoughts in the most supportive and loving environment.

    Such an opportunity has offered me the time and strength I needed to confront the darkest parts of myself and come to terms with the pain my actions have inflicted on so many people I love, which is the reason for this letter. It is now of paramount importance to me to say, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry. I threw myself into the teachings of Keith Raniere with everything I had. I believed, whole-heartedly, that his mentorship was leading me to a better, more enlightened version of myself. I devoted my loyalty, my resources, and, ultimately, my life to him. This was the biggest mistake and greatest regret of my life.

    I am sorry to those of you that I brought into Nxivm. I am sorry I ever exposed you to the nefarious and emotionally abusive schemes of a twisted man. I am sorry that I encouraged you to use your resources to participate in something that was ultimately so ugly. I do not take lightly the responsibility I have in the lives of those I love and I feel a heavy weight of guilt for having misused your trust, leading you down a negative path. I am sorry to those of you whom I spoke to in a harsh or hurtful way. At the time, I believed I was helping. I believed in tough love and thought it was the path to personal empowerment. I was so confused. I never want to be someone who is considered mean, but those aspects of my humanity have been revealed in all of this; it has been devastating to reconcile.

    I have experienced overwhelming shame as I have worked to accept and understand all that went on and all that I chose. There were times I was not sure I would make it through this alive, the pain was so crippling. That said, I know that coming out the other side, I am a better, kinder woman because of this. I know I cannot heal the pain my betrayal has caused to you and your loved ones, but I can promise you that your hurt has not gone unseen and acknowledging this has changed me to my core.

    I also want to apologize to all the friends and loved ones I have hurt throughout this process who were not involved in Nxivm. I know many of you fought hard to show me the truth about Nxivm and Keith, but I didn’t listen. I pushed you away and silenced myself toward you when you were trying to save my life. I am sorry I was so stubborn. I am sorry I was blind to your care and deaf to your pleas. I wish with everything in me that I had chosen differently, but I cannot change the past. I lied to you, again and again, in order to protect the delusion I was so deeply committed to believing. I know that the sacred trust I broke cannot be reinstated without forgiveness and a significant passage of time. While I desperately miss my friends, I understand if you choose not to invest in a future that includes me. However, I hope you will accept this sincere apology and know that I will hold all of you close to my heart for the rest of my life, even if we never speak again.

    The list of those harmed by the collateral damage of my destructive choices continues to grow as I become more and more aware of how my choices have affected those around me. I am grateful that I have made it through this process alive and that I was stopped when I was. I have the court, my family, my therapist, and a few amazing friends to thank for this. Please know that I am dedicated to spending my life working to mend the hearts I broke and continuing to transform myself into a more loving and compassionate woman. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope it offers at least a little bit of peace and closure as this horrific chapter comes to an end.

    Allison …”

  • Allison Mack reminds me of Karla Homolka. There is NOTHING she was not willing to do to please Keith (her Paul Bernardo). Her crimes were his wishes. I truly believe that had Keith wished for someone to be stabbed to death, that Allison would have done it. Just as the young women following Charles Manson did.

    There is a certain type of woman who exists, who are so extreeeeeemeley desperate to get attention and approval from the person they romantically desire, that there are no boundaries they won’t cross to please that person. The crimes they do or do not commit depend entirely on what their beloved asks of them.

    I have zero doubt–and I’m totally serious about this–that if Keith had asked Allison to torture or murder someone, or keep a young girl locked in a cage for him, she would have happily done it. So my fear is, whoever becomes Allison’s next romantic desire, what will THEY want her to do to prove her love to him? Because women like her are incapable of knowing right from wrong. They only know how to idolize and to do whatever it takes to please their idol. It’s sad to say, but Allison’s future will not be dependent on HER choices, but on the wishes of her next idol.

    • Very true. The Karla Homolka comparison is spot on.

      Actors are pleasers by nature. They live to please the Director. In Taxi Driver, pedophile Martin Scorsese directed Harvey Keitel to sexually assault a 12 year old school on set. Harvey gleefully sexually assaulted the girl to please pedophile Scorsese. Neither went to jail, or were even arrested because of their power.

      Allison was successful in Smallville because she pleased the Directors. When her acting career went down the drain, Raniere became her Director. I agree, she would have murdered, raped or done anything to please him. Allison is a very deranged, damaged person. She is flawed in ways we cannot ever understand. If Keith and her were not stopped when they were, she may have engaged in snuff, child-porn, etc. if Keith directed her to. Allison should be on supervised probation for life. She is capable of evil, like very few people are.

      • Pilgrim, I think Allison’s comment, “I am grateful… that I was stopped when I was,” is quite telling. I believe Allison knows there were plans to do even more harmful acts, and/or she is aware of how far she was willing to go. Knowing how much more heinous her crimes would have become is a very scary thought. I hope and pray that that thought is as scary to her as it is to us.

  • ‘There’s a level of forgiveness’: Ex-NXIVM member on Allison Mack’s early release | Banfield

    Actress Allison Mack was released early from prison in California this week after serving time on charges related to the NXIVM sex cult, The Associated Press reported. Actress and cult survivor Sarah Edmondson exclusively discusses the sentence reduction during an appearance on “Banfield.” “Generally, people feel that she (Mack) was a victim, too,” Edmondson said.

  • Rolling Stone
    Allison Mack, Former NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Leader, Released From Prison After Two Years
    The former Smallville star was sentenced to three years after pleading guilty to racketeering charges


    [ … ]

    One NXIVM victim, the actress Jessica Joan, notably read a statement at Mack’s sentencing in 2021. She called Mack “a demon of a woman,” who had groomed her to be a “sex slave.” She added, “Allison Mack and Keith Rainiere are the most evil monsters I’ve ever met. She sought me out like a predator stalking their prey.”

    [ … ]

    • Yes, those women typically have issues or they’re immature. They should be partnered with likewise men.

        • As long as she was honest with herself about having issues and/or being immature.

          Oh look…she was according to what was related on Wikipedia: she decided not to have children because she thought they were a full-time commitment.

          Look what popped up first when I googled “commitment immaturity”:

          They have commitment issues. Talking about the future can feel intimidating to someone who is emotionally immature. They’ll avoid planning things together because they’re afraid of limiting their freedom.

          • Because she was honest about herself, if she had a sick child and a movie commitment, she didn’t want to feel resentful towards her child and since she was career oriented, she made a commitment to that!
            Let’s be honest, most women are primary caregivers, or discriminated in the career arena during child bearing years, then when they’re partner/ husband decides he’s not interested ot devoted enough to the responsibilities and leave / divorce, its the woman’s career/ social security , pension that takes the hit.
            I don’t see it as a maturity issue, but more as a know thyself issue.

          • Oh please. These women can easily get a nanny. They can even write into their contract if they want. Most normal woman who have to work get maternity leave and that’s it, then it’s back to the daily grind for most of the year. If there is a woman who has it much easier compared to other women when it comes to having and raising children, it’s an already established actress.

  • Age 40, female, no children. I would try to have one or two babies in her position now she’s free. Last chance.

      • Kristen Kreuk having a child will cause Sultan of Six to have a monumental tantrum.

        When the Ravens lost their 2022 Wild Card Spot Sultan, enraged, crapped himself out of spite.

        Who knows what will happen!

        • I haven’t seen Sultan in a long time, either here or on Twitter where he deactivated his account a while ago. It looks like he simply does not care about Kristin anymore. Maybe he took Frank’s advice and found another girl to move on with.

      • When people say bad DNA is usually assumes the person has racist blood is it this and other things?

  • Allison Pimp Mack has no sense of shame.
    She is already on the new Mark Zuckerberg site “Threads.”
    NXIVM Recruiter Released

    Former “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, who was convicted in 2021 for her role in a cultlike sex-trafficking group known as NXIVM, has been released early from a federal California prison after serving two years of her three-year sentence. The 40-year-old, who was charged with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges, was released on good behavior Monday, according to reports yesterday.
    Mack had been a high-ranking recruiter for the NXIVM (pronounced nex-e-um) group, led by Keith Raniere, which operated behind the facade of a multilevel marketing scheme selling executive development seminars. Mack—along with others, including Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, who was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison in 2020—had helped Raniere operate a “master-slave” structure that branded women with his initials and attempted to control them via blackmail.
    Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2020 on charges of sex trafficking, racketeering, and other crimes (see timeline). Mack received a lesser prison sentence for assisting prosecutors in their case against Raniere.

  • Allison Pimp Mack is already on Facebook’s new social media site “Threads”
    She is not ashamed of being a Pimp.

    In partnership with

    Good morning. It’s Thursday, July 6, and we’re covering a Silicon Valley clash, an update in a Hollywood cult case, and much more. First time reading? Sign up here.

    You share. We listen. As always, send us feedback at

    NXIVM Recruiter Released

    Former “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, who was convicted in 2021 for her role in a cultlike sex-trafficking group known as NXIVM, has been released early from a federal California prison after serving two years of her three-year sentence. The 40-year-old, who was charged with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges, was released on good behavior Monday, according to reports yesterday.
    Mack had been a high-ranking recruiter for the NXIVM (pronounced nex-e-um) group, led by Keith Raniere, which operated behind the facade of a multilevel marketing scheme selling executive development seminars. Mack—along with others, including Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, who was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison in 2020—had helped Raniere operate a “master-slave” structure that branded women with his initials and attempted to control them via blackmail.
    Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2020 on charges of sex trafficking, racketeering, and other crimes (see timeline). Mack received a lesser prison sentence for assisting prosecutors in their case against Raniere.

  • I was a big fan of Smallville and Allison on the show. Still hard to be so forgiving of her for what she did. Manipulated or not, she has a mind. All actresses have a sense of self. Have an understanding of how to control. No sympathy for her. But at least Allison served her time. She deserved what she got. Not like Lauren, who was just as dangerous as Allison, but got never spent a second in prison. Oh Lauren had her fairy godmother Sarah give her the get out of jail free card. Yes, the same Sarah that Lauren manipulated, coerced, and recruited into a sex cult.

  • Allison was so young, so beautiful, so fooled … then … so brainwashed. If anyone asked her that first day if she would give her life, her dreams, her art, her heart and her soul to a man who would blackmail an brand her friends, she would have run out that gymnasium door.

    The Bronfmans wooed her with a plane ride. Nancy and Keith brainwashed her with body language and neurolingistic programming. The feds who were supposed to protect her and everyone in New York let that happen.

    I hope she sues the feds who looked the other way and those who were accomplices in that stealing of the best years of her life.

    The feds should have rescued all of them. Such a crime.

      • So, those feds in New York really had no idea what a cult was — for twenty years? 🤔

        No clue about what a typical cult victim looks like? No clue about typical strategies cults use to look for, gain and keep recruits? Come on, guys. This isn’t rocket science.

        Were those poor feds up near the Canadian border so brainwashed and so blackmailed, too?

        • What do state attorney general offices do, exactly? Aren’t attorney generals and assistant AGs supposed to protect consumers from harm?

          Harmful cults are somehow off limits for AG investigations and prosecutions. Why?

          Smart people join cults. They’re as fooled as everyone else AG offices protect from harm.

          Good people — just like Allison Mack and the Mexican president’s son get fooled and brainwashed — unless the Mexican president’s son was a scoundrel and in on some deal.

    • Well, the Alison Mack that I knew that lived next to me was a very confident woman. She looked very happy every day.

      • The people who knew the actual Allison Mack seem to have a very different impression of her than do the fans who only knew the character she played on TV.

        Interesting… sweet and vulnerable and with a heart of gold? Or manipulative, headstrong, and kind of mean? Tabitha Chapman, who knew her for years, found her cruel. Jaye, her “grandslave”, said Mack is a sociopath.

        I wonder which is the true Allison Mack, the one on camera, or the one off camera? Such a mystery.

        • I’d like to hear from Alison, not gossipers.

          It looks very much like she was brainwashed. Her 23-year old pre-frontal cortex told her what to do when she got there and the neurolinguistic programming, peer pressure and sophisticated social engineering took it from there,

          Look at the first day she met that pervert. Watch her cry on stage singing to him. She wasn’t cruel. She was captured, brainwashed and blackmailed.

    • Blame the brainwashed and blackmailed instead of the brainwashers and blackmailers?

      Blame all of Epstein’s victims, too?

      If Keith played 😗 Epstein, Nancy played 😏Ghislaine and Clare played 🤓Bill Barr and Sara played 😎Les Wexner.

      Where’s Epstein’s data from all the “science” and blackmail projects? Brandon Porter’s brainwave data?

      In how many ways did “The Ethical Science Foundation”, Nancy’s Nerolinguistic Programming and Keith’s Scientology techniques brainwash all those young, beautiful people — and how many were blackmailed, brainwashed and killed during those 20 years?

  • She has two options.

    An attempt at anonymity for life. To disappear and accept the occasional pap shots and recognition.


    Hit the interview circuit. Face what she did. Admit it. And work publicly to attempt to help people who end up like her.

    My fear is she has been in receipts of kites from Raniere for some time. With his, “my life is in your hands” bullshit he is so fond of flourishing.

  • Allison Mack is a Muslims who owns sex slaves!
    What does Islam Really Teaches About Sex Slaves || Muslim Experts Unpacks it

  • America has two tiers of justice!

    White House Evacuated After Hunter’s Cocaine Stash Found on Premises
    Joe and Hunter Biden have turned the White House into a Crack House
    White House Evacuated After Hunter’s Cocaine Stash Found on Premises

  • I think Allison and Nicki need a good comeback story. Allison messed up. She did some time. Poor thing, I feel for her. Allison please don’t hide in the shadows. Make sure your headlights and taillights work, violations are easy to come by. I want good pictures of you happy and free.

  • There is still a matter to clarify.
    About a year ago The Frank Report ran a story claiming that someone, perhaps Allison Pimp Mack herself, was using a cell phone and Craigslist to advertise a non-existent apartment in Pittsburg California.

    If true, That is a clear case of wire fraud and it occurred while she was incarcerated.
    Craigslist warns us not to trust Allison Mack if she tries to rent you a place in Pittsburgh. Why? Because of an ad on © craigslist. It reads as follows:

    OBR/shared ba available now
    no laundry on site
    no parking
    rent period: daily

    Here is Craigslist’s announcement warning people against Allison Mack:

    “Do not bother to apply to any properties with the contact number 5 1 0 – 3 5 9 – 5 3 0 1 or email under the name ALLISON MACK. The properties do not exist, and they will run you in an endless circle of paying for application fees

    The ad itself has been taken off of Craigslist but it might appear elsewhere in the internet/

  • A thousand hours of community service, that’s like half a year’s work at a full-time job, unpaid.

    What do ex-cons do for employment, anyway? She can forget about acting, she will be about as popular in Hollywood as Harvey Weinstein. Just google her and Oh My God.

    She even got run off campus (so to speak, classes were virtual). Liberals won’t tolerate a sex trafficker.

    No work experience. She can only sponge off her parents for so long. And she’s got that civil suit to deal with.

    Sure sucks to be her.

    • She’s still worth ~$5M. That’s enough for her to live till she’s dead if she manages it right.

      • Mack probably had a few million from acting, but that was before Raniere bled her dry. In March 2016 she was emailing him begging for the pay she was owed from running The Source, as she was “struggling with income”.

        Everyone lost money in Nxivm. It was like the worst Executive Success scheme ever.

    • —Sure sucks to be her.

      How much does it “suck” to be you?

      I bet you do a lot of sucking. 🙂

    • Ari’s,
      Mack got off so lightly. She should have been made to go through every second of pain she inflicted on her victims, cumulatively. She’s only got a very light slap on her ankles. Very lucky half-spent pure trash.

  • Mack is genuinely physically ugly, based on the above photo. The same cannot be said about Janine Morrison, based on any photos.

    • Alex-

      Your just noticing her beauty? Get in line behind the other perverted male readership.

      Nows the time to purchase a firearm and alarm system or hide at Frank’s place in Florida.

      • @ Anonymouse
        That’s it! I would buy some machine guns, dig a circular trench and design a nuclear grade underground retreat. I might rape you as well, after all the ‘perverted male readership’ fill your body (literally).
        Get some hand grenades next to your bed, just in case we bust your bedroom door…
        Love your insights!

        P.S. Ah, yeah, we don’t care about your sex or age. We’ll all do yah, “anonymouse”!

    • I had assumed Janine was a trans woman. Idk what filters are being applied to the profile photo but it gives her a Giant Adam’s apple so if she’s not trans she should tweak that profile shot. The photo makes Abe Lincoln’s adam’s apple look demure in comparison.

  • Now her 1000 hrs community service begins. That’s 25 weeks 40 hr/week. She’s not out of the woods yet.

  • Oh for fucks sake. She’gonna be at U.C. Berkely now, taking Gender Studies courses!?!? What a fucking dipshit. Plus, U.C. Berkely accepted a convicted felon who sex-trafficked women? Wtf!?!??

  • Well hated to be believe it been 3 years I still think she lucky she didn’t get more time it just back memories of her being my neighbor hate to believe that was going on right next to me

  • Mail Online

    ‘Smallville’ actor Allison Mack is quietly released from prison a year early after being jailed for three years for brainwashing and recruiting sex slaves for NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere who is serving 120 years

    • Allison Mack, 40, was released from federal prison near San Francisco this week
    • Mack had been serving a three year sentence for sex trafficking charges in 2021
    • Smallville actress avoided a longer prison term by cooperating with authorities


    PUBLISHED: 06:55 BST, 5 July 2023 | UPDATED: 08:15 BST, 5 July 2023

  • Times Union
    Allison Mack, actress convicted in NXIVM case, released from prison
    Former Halfmoon woman served two years in prison for racketeering crimes in NXIVM and Raniere-led “master/slave” group

    Robert Gavin, July 4, 2023, Updated: July 4, 2023 3:07 p.m.

  • Judge Nicolas Garaufis has forgotten his own words, which were “For all of these reasons, I think that a serious sentence is appropriate.” Judge Garaufis’ words do not reflect his actions in relation to Mack’s sentence. Mack’s punishment is a joke that no one can not laugh at except Allison Mack herself. The leniency in the sentence surely surprised Mack himself, and smiled in the courtroom. I think she even put her hand in front of her mouth so it wouldn’t be obvious how she duped the judge and everyone else.

    • Or, the judge is a wise and decent man who understands a few things about brainwashing, coercion, corruption and blackmail in upstate New York.

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