Psychiatrist’s Response Raises Questions About Catherine Kassenoff’s Reported Suicide

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It has been three weeks since Catherine Kassenoff announced on Facebook she planned to die that day – May 27. 

Frank Report wrote to Colin Brewer, the psychiatrist who did three mental competency evaluations for Catherine for her planned assisted suicide, the last of which was dated April 9, 2023.

FR asked Dr. Brewer if he had “any evidence to support that [Catherine] went through with the procedure.” 

Dr. Brewer replied today:

“This is an unexpected question! I wasn’t there at the time but I have absolutely no reason to think that Mrs. Kassenoff is not dead and is actually hiding out in a remote Alpine hut, making plans for a dramatic reappearance or making a new life for herself under an assumed name. Nor can I imagine that Pegasos would risk its reputation and perhaps even its continued existence by facilitating such a deception.”


Pegasos Clinic

Photo from Pegasos website

Dr. Brewer’s mention of Pegasos suggests Catherine had arranged an assisted suicide with the Pegasos Clinic in Basel, Switzerland.

Pegasos, established in 2019 as a Swiss voluntary assisted dying (VAD) association, provides dying services for “approved adults of sound mind” regardless of their country of origin or where they live.

Pegasos uses intravenous transfusion. A doctor inserts the cannula into the person’s arm, but the person seeking death must activate the drip delivering the drug.

Pegasos posts about the law in Switzerland.

Swiss Law & Requirements

The Swiss Penal Code requires the person seeking suicide assistance to have “decision-making capacity” and “ownership of the action” over their death (‘Tatherrschaft’ in German).

Pegasos says: “If a neurological or mental health diagnosis is present, a consultation with the Pegasos psychiatrist will be required.

“The…person, themselves… must push the button… This is what makes a death at Pegasos a Voluntary Assisted Death (VAD), rather than doctor-administered ‘euthanasia’.”

Dr. Brewer

Dr. Brewer made two earlier reports in September 2022 and January 2023.  He said Catherine‘s Medically Assisted Suicide (MAS) in Switzerland was originally scheduled for October but was postponed twice for administrative reasons. Based on his first examination of her, Catherine contemplated assisted suicide at least as early as September 2022.

Dr. Brewer wrote Catherine had an April 2023 appointment for assisted suicide, which she did not attend. 

Dr. Brewer’s April 9, 2023, report does not mention cancer as a contributing cause of Catherine’s desire to die.

He examined her by Zoom for more than half an hour on April 6 and concluded that her lack of “access to her children… is one of the major factors in her request for MAS.”

Dr. Brewer also wrote in his April 9 report: As before, there was no sign of guilt, low self-esteem, retardation, delusions or other classic features of a severe depressive illness… “Mrs. Kassenoff is not suffering from a psychiatric illness and continues to understand the nature and purpose of MAS. She has considered alternative ways of dealing with her situation and continues to have full Mental Capacity….”

Catherine told Dr. Brewer about an email from Allan Kassenoff, the father of her children, that revealed he would fight to the death to keep her from the children. At Dr. Brewer’s request, Catherine sent the email to him.

Catherine’s psychiatrist for the last two years is Stephanie Brandt, M.D. of New York City. Dr. Brandt wrote to Judge Susan Capaci on May 9, 2023 – 18 days before Catherine’s alleged suicide.

Dr. Brandt made no mention that Catherine had a terminal illness and contemplated suicide for eight months before her letter.

Catherine bought a house in Larchmont, a mile from her children’s home on April 18, 2023, for $897,000.00, in cash – nine days after her evaluation with Dr. Brewer and 39 days before her purported suicide.


Some news reports claim they have confirmation of her death, but have not provided details. Two of her attorneys said they have no confirmation yet, but “believe” she is dead.

According to one source, “it may take up to a year” to get proof. 

FR is awaiting return calls from friends, a family member, and her executor, attorney Wayne Baker, who earlier told media that confirmation takes up to six weeks.

FR will continue to update its reporting on this matter as more information becomes available.

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  • MK10 captures current events through her beautiful watercolors. She captures history through art and I think it’s wonderful. Her expressions are spot on. Thank you for sharing your talents MK.

  • The thought of “replacing the Mom” with a Sweet, loving, caring girlfriend did it for me. ( roll my eyes) What does this world have come to? Evil and sickening. Growing up, ( I am 65 years old now) my mom always told me that even when a woman is a prostitute, she will and always be the mom. Food for thought

  • Do not marry. Casual sex and sperm banks only.

    Avoid men from traditionally closed misogynist communities who will never see you as an equal and who will always treat you as an outsider.

  • … “I hadn’t expected that I would write on this subject and have been working in courts for 25 years,” she said, “but what I have stumbled upon is so alarming, so egregious and so dangerous to women and children that I can’t remain silent about it.”

    It’s also personal. “If this could happen to Catherine Kassenoff and to my sister, who could escape this destructive machine?” Lee asked. “Family courts have abdicated their duties to bring justice and to curb violence—and have actually promoted it. This is a structural violence that goes way beyond individuals and has widespread social and cultural consequences.” …

  • Yeah sure a US citizen goes to Switzerland to kill herself, it gets tons of publicity but somehow no one can confirm. She is obviously alive.

  • Catherine has so many support because the courts are currupt. Almost anyone who has been divorced knows it. Even if the divorce was not labeled high conflict.

    • Still alive or not, millions care because hundreds of millions endured family court nightmares all over the world.

  • The following is from the Dignitas website setting forth their prerequisites for MAS. Frank, have you tried to get this documentation?

    “1. A personal, signed and dated letter to DIGNITAS, preferably typed, in which the member asks for an accompanied suicide with the help of DIGNITAS. The letter must state the reason(s) for making the request and must describe the member’s present physical condition and how it affects him/her.
    2. A biographical sketch describing the member’s childhood, school life, family situation and the most important events in life. Furthermore it should inform about who is supporting the wish for a self-determined end of life and who would probably travel with the member to Switzerland. This biographical sketch will help the doctors assessing the request.
    3. One or more up-to-date medical reports together with two or three older ones. These reports must provide substantial information on the case history, diagnosis, and – if possible – actual and suggested treatment /measures as well as prognosis. The most recent report must not be more than three to four months old, and all reports must be clearly legible.”

    • Clearly not. Dr Feel Good says she went to Pegasos not Dignitas (which was the point of the story too btw)

  • If any women in the untitled states is considering marriage DON’T do it. If you want to have children get a sperm donor. The government has placed millions of dollars in the fatherhood initiative. If you are abused in anyway or want to divorce. They will take your children away from you.

    • Just be more careful who you marry. That will take care of that problem. And water does rise to its own level. Birds of a feather flock together.

  • According to the UK’s “Daily Mail” reporting, Dr, Colin Brewer lost his medical license in 2006 – but that he still maintains ties with “Dignatas” a MAS facility in Switzerland. Have you tries to contact Dignatas –

    contact information from their website is:

    DIGNITAS in Switzerland

    P.O. Box 17
    8127 Forch

    Telephone international: +41 43 366 10 70
    Telephone within Switzerland: 043 366 10 70
    (Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 12:00 / 13:30 – 16:30 hours)

    Fax international: +41 43 366 10 79
    Fax within Switzerland: 043 366 10 79


    Please report your findings.

  • “… In the weeks following a VAD, your family or other nominated person will receive two letters by mail.

    Pegasos will send the death certificate by mail

    The Canton of Basel Land will send an ‘order to dismiss’ letter that confirms that no crime was committed. This second letter is a formality only and has no other purpose. …”

  • Thank you for the update, Frank. I hope Catherine decided to stay with us if she’s able.

    If she’s with us and strong enough, she will probably try again for justice in Westchester County family court when justice is available there. Justice isn’t available there, yet.

    If the feds investigate the crimes committed in the family courts there and then provide oversight for the next few years, that will make justice available for all children and families in White Plains, Yonkers and New Rochelle family courts.

    How many other parents and children are victims of that same corruption in those courts? It looks like they need constant federal oversight in Westchester County family courts for the next few few years — or maybe few decades.

    The feds babysat the Connecticut Department of Children and families for three decades. A federal civil rights class action lawsuit was filed in 1989 after someone noted, “structural failures in Connecticut’s child welfare system”. There are structural failures in West Chester family courts, too. Does a federal class action lawsuit need to be filed to fix it?

    If Catherine is still with us and the feds will arrest — or have already arrested 🙏 — those who committed crimes in her children’s case, maybe Catherine, her colleagues and others would be willing and able to help reform family courts in Westchester County. After Westchester County, maybe they would be willing to teach others throughout the nation how to secure safe, healthy and quick justice for all children and families in family courts.

  • According to the Pegasos Clinic website its facility is located in Basel.

    They state on their site:

    “After your VAD, Pegasos will call the authorities who will attend our clinic. These officials will be friendly and very sensitive to the fact that you have just lost someone you loved very much. Once the authorities are satisfied that your death was voluntary and was initiated by you, Pegasos will call the funeral home who will come and collect your body. Your ashes will be available five days later. Your ashes can be either mailed home to your family or collected by your designated contact person.”

    It has now been more than 3 weeks since her alleged VAD. Have you tried to contact Pegasos – their email address is:

    As an “investigative journalist” do you not think it your obligation to your readers to dig deeper into this to find the truth? It should not be this hard to know the truth.

  • You mentioned in a post last week that you were going to do a deep dive into this case. When can we expect that? Thanks

  • She is an American citizen, If she was truly dead it wouldnt be this difficult to confirm.
    It seems obvious she is still alive. However she is probably in no hurry to come forward as for sure she would be subject to blistering public criticism, disbarment, contempt of court charges, civil suits, possible criminal charges (depending), and obviously she’d basically have no chance of reversing any custody decisions.

  • She was a person of faith, I believe, so she may be alive…. Those against her will see it as a manipulation on her part if it turns out she is alive, but I don’t care and I don’t agree with that moral assessment AT ALL. At this point, with what has happened to her, she should be exhausted, fully spent. So if she needed to get away, I am glad she did.

    This is a protective mother who lost her 3 children after years of fighting a system set up to profit from conflict, rather than endeavor with all its power to reduce and resolve conflict and to protect parenting time with 2 parents! If courts and experts had told the stronger party, in no uncertain terms, to get along with the mother of his kids, or else, all would have been solved. Instead, a loving mother lost her kids. Outrageous. She lost because she fought back with all she had, this is so shameful.

    This drift in family courts toward reunification therapies in which children can cut off their parents by stonewalling therapy, this needs to end. Just as kids are two young to know what gender to be for the rest of their lives, they are too young to cut off a parent, except in the most extreme cases. These two sets of circumstances, gender and custody, go hand and hand as part of a movement to hurt families.

    May this dear mother be at peace wherever she may be, she did fight a very good fight. And may the attention brought to this case serve to help make big change! In the meantime, parents fix your problems and stay out of family court!

    • I totally agree with you, 2:54 and send a hug. So sorry you’re going through the nightmare too.

      It’s horrible and has to be deliberate. The same criminal playbook allowed in several nations for the past forty years doesn’t happen by chance.

    • Look what she is doing to her children with this so called death. On the same level as the chocolate bar melt down. Poor kids. Poor husband. Poor extended family. Who does this to her children? Dead or alive she is the worse kind of mother.

    • These two sets of circumstances, gender and custody, go hand and hand as part of a movement to hurt families. Oh boy. Somehow I knew all these crazies with this Cathy lady were part of the anti trans folks. Next Frank Report is going to be supporting banning books and abortion rights. How did this crap ever even get traction. But I suppose you have a woman who nothing to do all day but post hateful things about her husband saying a lie enough times gullible people will believe it.

      • Nobody is anti trans. This country is sexualizing children. You can not have a say in which parent you live with but you can change your gender? Get a clue. Any thing for money. The husband abused the wife and wouldn’t let her see her kids. Anything to twist the narrative.

    • “At this point, with what has happened to her, she should be exhausted, fully spent. So if she needed to get away, I am glad she did.”

      No one would have stopped her from taking a vacation.

      If she lied about the new cancer diagnosis and about being in Switzerland, that explains a lot about why she lost custody.

  • LMAO. “Up to a year to get proof” what an absurd farce it is to even print that utter BS. How desperate is the FR to keep milking this baloney.

    Allan, or Crazy Cathy’s family, will be able to request a consular report that she did not die in Switzerland. Just imagine Crazy Cathy publishing her fake suicide note to the media but not even putting her lawyer, mother or brothers on the notification list after her death. We know she had alienated everyone in her life, but she was so eager to blame her death on Allen she would have ensured Allen (and a list of 75 media outlets) would have been immediately notified along with another “I’m the ultimate victim” screeching press release.

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