Family Court-Appointed Experts Profited Taking Catherine Kassenoff’s Kids Away; Now Allan Will Pay

By Laura Monti

In 2019, Judge David Everett issued an ex-parte order of no contact between three girls and their mother, Catherine Kassenoff. He took Allan Kassenoff’s word that Catherine was dangerous and insane.

He did not bother to hear her side of it.

In Family Court, judges can do anything, and why not help a top dog lawyer from Greenberg Traurig? That can be beneficial down the road.

Judge David Everett 

The girls pleaded to stay with their mother. But what does that matter? There was money involved and Allan had it.

Their oldest daughter ran away twice to be with her. Why were the children’s wishes dismissed? Because kids know nothing. Experts like Dr. Marc ‘lay on me baby’ Abrams knew.

Kids are better off with the parent who pays him the most.

Dr. Marc Abrams

After the girls were isolated from Catherine, subject to brainwashing by court-appointed therapists, and their father successfully alienated them from their mother – then their voices mattered.

The entire cabal of court-appointed professionals conspired to destroy Catherine – and endorse a false narrative of her being a crazy alienator, despite medical professionals attesting to her mental fitness and history of being a good parent.

Thieves latch on, and court-appointed experts drag on. The financier, wealthy Allan, loved the experts and was willing to pay to destroy his spouse with money she should have received.


  1.  These court-appointed expert psychologists never reported abuse by Catherine to Child Protective Services.
  2. These “experts” hold licenses that require them to be mandated reporters.
  3.  Mandated reporters must report suspected child neglect or abuse within 12 hours.
  4. In this case, no mandated reporter/court-appointed reported Catherine to CPS.
  5. Why is there no report? Because the children would be found safe in Catherine’s care. There was never any risk of physical or psychological harm.
  6. The goal (on paper) of CPS is to “keep families united” and build strong bonds with both parents. No-contact order flies in the face of CPS guidelines.
  7. No court-appointed expert made a report—no allegations of neglect or abuse against Catherine.
  8. The girls never complained of mistreatment.

Allan paid for the removal of Catherine from his children’s life, and got his money’s worth from his lawyer Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulus.

Family court attorneys are bottom-of-the-barrel attorneys who can’t practice real law. Instead, they steal and abuse in family court where there is no law – just whatever the judge says.

It’s good to know a guy like Gus who knows the judges and what they want.

Judge Koba ensured the children were alienated from their mother – for that was the paid-for plan.

Forty days before she died, Catherine bought a home in her girls’ neighborhood, because it appeared she might win some battles and get her kids back. After all, she got rid of one court-appointed professional after another, like Dr. Abrams, and the children’s attorney Carol Most. Even Judge Lubell recused himself. And Catherine was suing Dr. Susan Adler.

She was hopeful.

Then came the report of the second custody evaluator, Dr. Kathleen McKay, who rubber-stamped the fraud of the first custody evaluator – Dr. Marc Abrams.

A no-contact order was recommended for the second time, which put Catherine back to square one.

For three years, Catherine endured abuse and trauma by wrongly having her girls taken.

A group of court-appointed criminals stole her children, reputation, and job by arranging a contrived false arrest for violating an invalid restraining order.

Judge Lubell followed the directions of the money-players and separated mother and children.

Even when Catherine proved the egregious wrongs of court criminals – when she had repeated psychiatric evaluations – when she subjected herself to supervised visitation (no basis given, no criteria, no end in sight – as long as Catherine paid thousands each week to see the children), even when she discredited a judge, a custody evaluator, an attorney for the children – none of this mattered.

Dr. Kathleen McKay knew what she had to do… before she began her custody evaluation 

Dr. McKay, following the orders of the court actors she depends on for referrals, determined there should be no contact between mother and her children.

The reach of these criminals is significant, and few know about this criminal enterprise because the media does not report it. They use the excuse it’s in the children’s best interest to keep it out of the press. It’s not in the children’s best interest to conceal this lucrative criminal enterprise, but in the attorneys’ best interest.

Family court attorneys

Catherine wanted to be a mother to her girls in a home she purchased for them. It was a mile from Allan’s house.

On April 18, 2023 – a month and nine days before she announced she would end her life in Switzerland – Catherine bought this home in Larchmont, New York.

Had he not been a brute, a quadruped who ought to walk on all fours, Allan could have easily shared custody with Catherine. How much better off he would be today had he the brains do that.

The kids could take turns seeing both of them – just a mile away. He’d have his job and reputation today. But his stupid hatred got the best of him. He wanted to destroy Catherine more than doing what was best for his children.

But he knew he had the upper hand.

Shallow little man, he knew that family courts never restore shared custody once the court appointed actors flip custody to children. They did it for him, and he paid for it.

Now he pays again and again. And Allan Kassenoff proves that family court destroys everyone—even the financiers of their children’s abduction.

The sins Allan committed against Catherine two by two he is paying for one by one…

Whatever abusive traits or tendencies Allan Kassenoff had were compounded when family court actors empowered, encouraged, and participated in the isolation of the children from their mother.

Court actors exploited the abuser – it’s a for-profit relationship – they stand by him only until the abuser runs out of money. Or until FR shines the light on them. Then they scatter like vermin.

Dr. Susan Adlerr

Watch how long Gus Dimopoulus sticks. Or Dr. Susan Adler. They’ll make a statement then fade fast away onto the following wallet. No court expert will remain in defense of Allan as he sinks further. This is not over yet. There will be a serious inquiry, possibly an investigation by the FBI – the charge RICO.

So for now, the court-appointed experts got paid. They think only Allan is going down.

They delivered the cargo. Catherine’s dead. Kids traumatized. Allen’s fired and exposed.

Too bad, they said on the way to the bank.

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  • Mr. Grasso is a vendor in a “family court” case in Connecticut.

    Because of this ruling, are “family court” vendors now accountable for wanton, reckless or malicious conduct in cases?

    “… Defendant Grasso maintains that he has statutory immunity pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 4-165. Said statute provides in pertinent part: “No state officer or employee shall be personally liable for damage or injury, not wanton, reckless or malicious, caused in the discharge of his or her duties or within the scope of his or her employment.” Conn. Gen. Stat. § 4-165 (a). “In other words, state employees may not be held personally liable for their negligent actions performed within the scope of their employment. . . . State employees do not, however, have statutory immunity for wanton, reckless or malicious actions, or for actions not performed within the scope of their employment. For those actions, they may be held personally liable, and a plaintiff who has been injured by such actions is free to bring an action against the individual employee. . . .” Gilman v. Shames, 189 Conn. App. 736, 743-744 (2019); see also Miller v. Egan, 265 Conn. 301, 319 (2003).

    As in Gilman, the question before the court is whether the plaintiff has alleged facts, when viewed in the light most favorable to sustaining his claims, sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss filed on the grounds of statutory immunity. In other words, did the defendant’s actions fall within the exception to statutory immunity afforded under §4-165. Defendant Grasso maintains that all counts brought against him should be dismissed as the plaintiff has merely asserted conclusory allegations of wanton, reckless or malicious conduct on the part of defendant Grasso.

    The court disagrees. 👈 🙂

    Construing the allegations of each count, with the exception of count five sounding in negligent infliction of emotional distress, the plaintiff has sufficiently pled facts that if proven may support his claims that defendant Grasso acted wantonly, recklessly or maliciously. Specifically, in counts one, seven and eight the plaintiff has set forth alleges of fraud indicating that the defendant acted purposefully. These actions, if true, are more than negligent conduct. Rather, they amount to a knowing or reckless disregard. In count two the plaintiff has alleged that defendant Grasso engaged in psychological manipulation of and made slanderous comments to plaintiff’s minor child. Again, actions that are demonstrative of intentional as opposed to negligent conduct. In count three the plaintiff has set forth allegations of malicious prosecution. Likewise, knowingly subjecting someone to false charges constitutes conduct that goes beyond negligence. See, Shay v. Rossi, 253 Conn. 134, 749 A.2d 1147 (2000). In count four the plaintiff incorporates the first 25 paragraphs of count three and sets forth a claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    Thus, plaintiff has alleged purposeful action on the part of defendant Grasso that once again goes beyond allegations of simple negligence. Count five sets forth a claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress. As the factual allegations are based in negligence, the motion is granted as to count five. In count six, the plaintiff seeks to hold the defendant responsible for the tort of scienter. The court has found no authority supporting a claim for scienter under Connecticut law. Accordingly, the motion to dismiss is also granted as to count six. Lastly, count nine, sounding in CUTPA incorporates paragraphs 1-25 of the prior counts which set forth allegations of the defendant Grasso’s purposeful as opposed to negligent actions.

    Construing the pleadings in favor of finding jurisdiction as the court must do, See, Keller, supra 305 Conn. at 531, the court grants the motion only as to counts five and six, and denies it as to the remaining counts finding the plaintiff has sufficiently plead facts that defendant Grasso acted purposefully or with reckless disregard so as to overcome the motion to dismiss.

    Judicial Notice (JDNO) was sent regarding this order. 431194


  • Anyone noticing a strong defensive responses to that pig imagery up there might want to consider how lived experiences can sometimes shape our emotional comfort zones.

    Life on earth teaches all kinds of biases. For example, a chair is for sitting … doors can be opened … wealth will always bring happiness.

    As our religious, racial, cultural, political and gender specific stereotypical conceptions can serve to help us navigate our world, those differences can also be used to divide and conquer all of us in every group. Everyone commenting here shouldn’t comment as enemies. We are not each other’s enemies.

    When we notice differences, let’s ask more questions. Becoming aware of our biases and religious stereotypes are an important step toward competency in our ability to communicate with all kinds of people.

    Also, please be aware: there’s something called “flaming”. It can waste hours of precious time — and it can destroy much-needed momentum in political movements, such as this movement to investigate and reform family courts.

    Trolls show up in social forums for all kinds of reasons. A few troll these pages. Please don’t feed the trolls.

    Please do extinguish all sparks of every flame war here. As you read this, children are still trafficked in family courts. $3,000,000 paid to the vendors in the Kassenoff case was a tiny drop in an vast ocean of the past four decades of blatant family court corruption in about twenty countries all over the world.

    From Wikipedia: “Flaming, also known as roasting, is the act of posting insults, often including profanity or other offensive language, on the internet. This term should not be confused with the term trolling, which is the act of someone causing discord online or in person. Flaming emerged from the anonymity that Internet forums provide cover for users to act more aggressively. Anonymity can lead to disinhibition, which results in the swearing, offensive, and hostile language characteristic of flaming. Lack of social cues, less accountability of face-to-face communications, textual mediation and deindividualization are also likely factors. Deliberate flaming is carried out by individuals known as flamers, which are specifically motivated to incite flaming. These users specialize in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation.

    While these behaviors may be typical or expected in certain types of forums, they can have dramatic, adverse effects in others. Flame wars can have a lasting impact on some internet communities where even once a flame war has concluded a division or even dissolution may occur. …”

  • Kathleen McKay should lose her license just as Abrams did before her.

    But even when the first custody evaluator was completely discredited as the fraud that he is, the court REFUSED to throw out his findings and insisted on the draconian orders which are designed to sever bonds and eliminate one parent from children’s lives forever.

    Once these “temporary” orders of no contact are put in place, you will never get your custody restored. Custody was purchased. The goal is not to remedy or repair.

    They sever bonds, induce trauma and discord, and then spend years demanding the participation in court run therapy if you are ever to see your child again. And the targeted parent pays full fare. But only gets punished and maligned further.

    These parents are in a state of shock and trauma yet persevere. And they are forced to endure the pain and abuse their children are subjected to bc of the determination of lawyers and judges. Courts are to use medical doctors. NOT psychologists or social workers to make any such ruling against a mother.

    Why did the court not formally move to find Catherine unfit?
    Because she was not and they could not prove it. There was zero evidence of anything wrong with Catherine and nothing that would warrant a termination of parental rights which is essentially what the family courts are selling.

    Kathleen McKay is an animal. She’s a hired gun. A “court appointed” expert who, like all the rest trained by the AFCC playbook- do not accept medical insurance and cannot be sued bc of court immunity or some other loophole.

    McKays “no contact” order was the nail in Catherine’s coffin.

    She considered suicide because of the harsh reality she faced – that family court is nothing more than a criminal enterprise where there is no due process and constitutional rights are irrelevant.

    She yearned for the children she birthed and raised – the girls that never complained of her neglect or abuse – no contact orders are akin to the death of relationships.

    For McCay I’d like to know- why, if the girls were at imminent risk of physical or psychological harm- why did she not call in CPS or an assessment?

    Why did the court wholly adopt the report of one “custody evaluator” who failed to fulfill the requirements of her license?

    Family courts engage in criminal kidnapping. Moving children for money is child trafficking. This is what occurred.

    Her children were kidnapped and stolen. Yet there is no empathy for Catherine. Only contempt by those paid to run the scam.

    The public cannot fathom this reality. In death, Catherine has forced the dirty secrets of family court into the media. The public is finally getting a look at what is unknown yet is a silent epidemic in our country.

    • There is a red flag here. There seems to be connection of these AFCC court appointed therapist who doesn’t except insurance. They charge unfair hourly rates and don’t have to provide proof of therapeutic intervention. They just do what they want. They are don’t follow eithical guidelines. The court system protects them. The AFCC has careful created a system for no real oversight. Charging extremely large amounts of money.

      • How many lawyers and vendors in K v K were AFCC members? For how long were they members of New York AFCC? How many were affiliated with the “Soft Split” company?

        Did AFCC members fund and/or facilitate what was eventually criminal collusion of its members?

  • “In 2019, Judge David Everett issued an ex-parte order of no contact between three girls and their mother, Catherine Kassenoff. He took Allan Kassenoff’s word that Catherine was dangerous and insane.

    He did not bother to hear her side of it. …”

    • 3:11,

      Are you saying all of this is about religion instead of corruption in family courts?

      • I’m saying you risk derailing any message you are trying to get out about corrupt courts by using (even if unintentionally) anti-Semitic imagery. If everyone thinks you’re just a bunch of antisemites, no one will listen to your message

        PS. I don’t think Catherine lost custody because of corruption. I think she lost custody because of her own egregious behavior.

        • 6:54 pm,

          If someone thinks “That’s anti-Semitic!!!”, every time they see a pig, that’s a problem. Also, if you really and truly haven’t noticed all the blatant fraud and corruption that steered Catherine’s case into the ground in Westchester County family court, I gotta bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you.

    • Frank, use a Hippo. Hungry hungry hippo 🦛. Greedy court system players. Devouring everything in sight

  • This is so well written, articulate. Smart people already know this intuitively, but now we see it for our own eyes. Wow, just wow. Money comes and money goes but to rid of a lovely human being…

  • “… the meaning of this creature is often reduced to just gluttony, for which it is universally known, but if you look closely at its characteristics and if you are able to understand it’s symbolic meaning, we realize there are many other meanings hidden in the character of this animal. Let’s see what this creature means and what pig symbolism and spiritual meaning represents.

    Pigs have a somewhat conflicted symbolism; while in some cultures, they are treated as dirt due to their filthiness and the diseases that spread from them, other cultures consider them sacred and sacrifice to their gods and this was done because the pig embodied many good qualities. In some ancient mythologies, these animals are believed to be symbolic of fertility, abundance, and good fortune …“

    Are the pig photos used because the Westchester family court lawyers and vendors charged excessive fees?

    • Pigs are used because of the greed, gluttony and ill will of criminal court actors.

      GALs are making hundreds of thousands per case to guard her wards from the healthy parent and subject children to isolation, shock and abuse as a false narrative is presented to them.

      They are pigs, snakes, sharks and the most vile creatures. The pigs are appropriate to the situation. Thankful FR took the time to represent the truth.

      Hope all readers will remember the hogs of family court and stay away.

  • Frank Report continues to expose the rich, powerful, wealthy, perverted and even pedophiliac people in our society. Like a guardian angel with a punishing axe.

  • … California parents who refuse to affirm their child’s gender identity could find themselves losing custody disputes under a bill advancing in the state legislature, prompting one Republican lawmaker to urge families to escape before it’s too late.

    Assembly Bill 957 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on an 8-1 vote late Tuesday despite a growing backlash against the legislation, which would require judges in family custody cases to take into account whether the parents support a child’s gender identity.

    Democratic lawmakers voted unanimously to move the bill to the Senate floor despite raising concerns about its ambiguous language, but Republican state Sen. Scott Wilk had bigger worries, as well as some advice for California parents: Get out.

    “In the past when we’ve had these discussions and I’ve seen parental rights atrophy, I’ve encouraged people to keep fighting. I’ve changed my mind on that,” said Mr. Wilk, an 11-year legislator. “If you love your children, you need to flee California. You need to flee.”
    Hundreds of parents turned out in opposition to the bill, which comes as part of what family-rights groups describe as a push to weaken parental authority in the name of advancing the gender ideology movement.

    “AB 957 is the first bill in the nation to codify into law that a parent who does not affirm the gender identity of the child is abusive,” said Our Duty leader Erin Friday.

    “There is no nuance in this bill. It matters not the age of the child, the absurdity of the identity adopted, co-morbid mental health issues, or persistence. Family court judges will be compelled to favor the parent who affirm the child’s delusion,” she said. …

    • Up next …

      Parents who refuse to affirm their child’s gender identity as: a furry, a penguin or a moon (true story, apparently) could find themselves losing custody disputes under bills advancing in the state legislatures across the nation:

      “… Today, repression operates through the desublimation of desire, wherein no desires are forced underground, therein eliminating forms of critical distance from society. For examples, see the acceptance of pornography, sex work, drug culture, BDSM, furries, gay culture, lavish living, trans culture, and the like, which are no longer seen by society as negative or pernicious lifestyles. The pursuit of these is now sanctioned and celebrated, meaning being a member of these types of forms of life is no longer a subversive action or lifestyle, but in fact, has been commodified and now perpetuates capital society via the value-form. A negative has been turned into a positive – only operating here at the level of desire-production …“

    • To the people who pass such a ridiculous bill; When your little boy starts his menstrual cycle please make sure his tampon fits inside him properly. Tampons come in different sizes depending on his “flow”. He needs to understand that if he has unprotected sex he’ll get pregnant.

      • 1917:
        Wall Street and the Bolshevik Coup in Russia

        Degeneration, Sexual Freedom, and the Politics of the Weimar Republic. 👈 You are here.

        Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

        1945-2022 “The Long March Through the Institutions”

        Public schools, corporations and healthcare institutions MUST promote degeneration and “sexual freedom”.

        “… ESG is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how an organization is managing risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance criteria (sometimes called ESG factors). ESG takes the holistic view that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues …“

        Central bank owners now openly demand degeneration and “sexual freedom”. For example, if a girl says she’s a flamingo 🦩 all must agree, or else. If a boy says he’s an alligator 🐊 everyone must say he is.

        Finally, here’s some poetry from Karl Marx, the BLM guy:

        Ha! In nerve and spirit I was stricken
        To the bottom of my soul,
        As a demon, when the high magician
        Strikes with lightning bolt and spell.
        With magic power and word
        I cast what spells I knew,
        But forth the waves still roared,
        Till they were gone from view. […]

        My spirits then and there
        Soared, jubilant and gay,
        And, like a sorcerer,
        Their courses did I sway. […]

        The Fiddler saws the strings,
        His light brown hair he tosses and flings.
        He carries a sabre at his side,
        He wears a pleated habit wide.

        “Fiddler, why that frantic sound?
        Why do you gaze so wildly round?
        Why leaps your blood, like the surging sea?
        What drives your bow so desperately?”

        “Why do I fiddle? Or the wild waves roar?
        That they might pound the rocky shore,
        That eye be blinded, that bosom swell,
        That Soul’s cry carry down to Hell.”

        “Fiddler, with scorn you rend your heart.
        A radiant God lent you your art,
        To dazzle with waves of melody,
        To soar to the star-dance in the sky.”

        “How so! I plunge, plunge without fail
        My blood-black sabre into your soul.
        That art God neither wants nor wists,
        It leaps to the brain from Hell’s black mists.

        “Till heart’s bewitched, till senses reel:
        With Satan I have struck my deal.
        He chalks the signs, beats time for me,
        I play the death march fast and free.”

        Who allowed “family courts” to destroy families for the past forty (40) years?

        Who allowed “Marxist” gangs, “Antifa” gangs and “Satanists” to knock down statues and burn cities?

        Who allowed open borders in Western nations to move millions of people into once-sovereign nations?

        Mandatory central bank digital currency will soon be linked to “social credit scores” … a retina scan … an implantable chip …

        If Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is controlled by the same kind of people controlling “family courts”, those who survived “family court” hell can predict the future.

  • “… First, people need to understand that, for two centuries, the far left — from communists to socialists to various self-styled ‘progressives’ — have sought to reorder the natural-traditional-biblical understanding of family and marriage.

    From the likes of Marx and Engels to Herbert Marcuse, Kate Millett, Betty Friedan, the Bolsheviks, the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxists, to a host of 1960s radicals and many others still, they created their own definitions of marriage, family, parenting, education, sexuality, even gender. They spoke openly and candidly of what some called ‘abolition of the family.’

    In fact, those are the exact words of Marx and Engels in the ‘Communist Manifesto.’ Marx once wrote to Engels, ‘Blessed is he who has no family.’ …”

  • These anti semitic pigs faces are just horrible. Please google, anti semitism and use of pigs. The article is not journalism, just ranting of an unhinged person.

    • Pigs represent gluttony and greed. If the animal fits…

      Where’s the antisemitic link exactly?

    • There is much deflection going on. There is an ongoing theme of people being accused of antisemitism, white privilege, and a whole host of other things. Alienators toxic feminist. The states benefit from finding to protect minorities. A noble cause and after all the years of fighting it’s tough to believe people country remains ignorant. All that being said. Minority funding, gender based funding are extremely beneficial to funding states. . Pigs resemble different things to different people. Should people be attacked every time they post a pig 🐷? This is out of control. You can be suited and painted as something you are not. Alienators, abusers, see the theme here. Manipulation. Flame 🔥 tossers and dumpster fire. Trolling and agenda is real. Excuses to stop Frank and label him. That’s what these people do. We are labeled for excuses to reach an agenda that suits them.

  • The misogyny of the old people in the comments here is wow. Thank God for the younger generation on Tiktok!

  • Instead of gaining sympathy, Catherine’s attempt to paint herself as the victim only backfired, and she ended up hiding behind a mask of victimhood.

  • Obviously Catherine wore the cloak of innocence, making herself out to be the wounded bird, but those around her knew the truth.

    • Oh please. Did you know her? If you did were you being paid? Were you married to her? Have you every been involved with family court? Have you ever been paid by family court? So many questions. No one is innocent but she’s not here to defend herself. Keep it real and maybe not be so judgmental.

    • She didn’t get a fucking voice until she died. God your scum just pure trash. The difference between you and Catherine is when you die peiple in your life will CELEBRATE because your such a worthless piece of shit. Fuck off and die, do the world a favor.

  • Excellent article. Name and shame the grifters, the profiteers who had no care and no shame for the children who wanted to stay with their mother. Enjoy the fame, all of you!

  • This story is so one sided. Catherine, you cannot people by manipulating the truth and play like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • She mastered the art of playing the victim, but sorry, it didn’t work on us. We weren’t falling for her sob story

      • Who is “us” anonymous? Or are you a “they/them” creature who also demands the plural “us”?

        Or maybe you’re a weak little person who cannot stand alone – even in your anonymity you must build yourself up by suggesting you are part of something – anything more than yourself.

  • These pig pictures have an antisemitic feeling to them, especially given that all of them directly or indirectly criticize Allen, who is Jewish. They do not enhance the story or make it more persuasive; they come across as potentially bigoted and certainly unprofessional.

  • Amber: I caused the biggest Hollywood actor to lose the highest grossing movie franchise just through my testimony alone
    Catherine: Hold my beer

    • Amber lost a civil court judgement, this women, is going to lose her law license, her kids and family forever.

      • That’s right, what kind of woman drags her own children into this public humiliation? Absolutely appalling

        • She’s dead..I don’t think she’ll be speaking to anyone. Try being a human. She lost everything her kids her life her job.

          • Thanks randy. Some people commenting here show such deep hatred for her. If they’re strangers, they’re strangely obsessed with the case in a sort of nefarious way. If they’re mean and personally involved, it seems a few insulting her might have vested interests in the outcome of the cases.

            Some posting the meanest comments might be afraid of criminal investigations.The meanest comments insult her and then directly or indirectly try to convince her children that she’s horrible. Those comments never mention the corruption and crimes committed against her and her children. They don’t mention the extreme pressure she was under or the fact that the attorney/evaluator/judges took her children, her job, her health etc.

            A few commenting are probably trying to hide crimes committed in the divorce/custody case — and other cases having to do with the divorce/custody case: wiretapping, the evaluators’ medical fraud, the children’s attorney’s collusion etc. so there’s all of that, too. 😐

  • Hi Catherine good to know
    Your still put there. You should take some writing courses though with all the free time you have after faking your death and all. Try babel

  • This article would be far more appropriate without the photoshopped pictures. It’s just proving the opposition that’s being heard from Allan’s supporters. I truly want to support Catherine, but the petty tone of this article makes me doubt her.

    • @ 7:33- go check out Family Court Circus- Frank’s partner in crime. It is vile and disgusting. Exactly where Frank’s blog is headed.

      • 10:05 pm,

        I don’t speak for the guy at the “Family Court Circus” website. He obviously speaks for himself. I’ve heard he goes over the top with vile rhetoric because someone tried to limit his freedom of speech and he’s continued to make the point that no one can limit his freedom of speech. I’d give him credit for that, but the vile words he uses cancels any credit I’d give him.

        Unfortunately, he and his family were victims of extortion and fraud etc. in family courts and no one in the state was willing/able to appropriately address the crimes committed against his family. At some point, he was told he couldn’t speak freely about the crimes committed so he pushed back with the over-the-top insults to flaunt his right to freedom of speech.

        The information he shares on his website is useful information, but his approach is so offensive, it’s impossible for most to read the awful words he adds to almost every sentence.

        Unfortunately, as freedom of speech is weakened in America, everyone’s options are now more and more limited. When so many government employees can now force so many people to say things we don’t believe, we’re all on the same slippery slope, no matter what we think, say or write.

        • We want Frank to write his story but I think the state of Connecticut got Frank on lockdown for now. God forbid he let the world know what is really happening Connecticut family court.

        • We could do with out the name calling. The facts are usually within the constant. If you can read beyond the smearing predudice and threats it provides a window into the family courts. Alarming what is happening in the family courts. The state in general.

  • How could he have shared custody when Catherine had a proven plot to abduct the children? Secretly obtaining Canadian passports for two of them and lying to the court about having the passports etc.

    If Allan shared them, it would’ve meant never seeing them again.

    Frank, we all know you side with these mentally ill women because they are your primary dating pool.

    • Frank is one of the few people who seeing past the bs. His dating pool holds some pretty bad ass women. Cause he knows quality. Over two holes and a heart beat.

    • Way to twist a story and of course she must be the mentally ill one not the one abusing the wife and kids. An absolute piece of shit you are, eat shit and die alone.

  • A fake author of a slanderous article attacking all the prime players in this whole saga. Authors nom de plume a small obscure town in Switzerland! Looks like Cathy is back…….

    • I noticed it’s also an anagram for “mount a liar.” But maybe I’m too far down the rabbit hole on this one.

    • … blatant family court corruption was set loose to target all easy prey — male and female. Allan lost as much as Catherine did and the children lost their happy childhoods.

      The main political objective seems to have been: to use the profit motive ($3,000,000 in four years, for example) to purposely destroy families in order to eventually weaken the nations. Carol Quigley wrote a few books about it.

      • I never said it wasn’t. I’m saying that a lot of men are saying this happens a lot so maybe they should make it more public. Also I don’t need anyone coaching me on family court unfortunately I am familiar with the corruption

        • … those without a conscience in positions of control, selfishness, deceit, dishonesty, ignorance … pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth and more than that — all having nothing to do with gender.

          Sorry to hear you were targeted, too. Did you or other parents targeted in your state ever considered investigating the most corrupt in family courts in your state in Project Veritas-style investigations?

          When the feds have been too busy to clean up the family courts for the past four decades. This has been happening to fathers and mothers since the 1980s. We should help the feds instead of waiting around for them to come and save us.

    • It does happen to men as well. It seems less frequently bc men often take full control of the assets prior to the divorce abs then dominate over the stay at home mom.

      See FR’s articles on Luigi DiRubba. He was a family man with six children. CT courts- under the hideous Judge Jane Grossman, took his life savings, alienated him from all six children and ignored all wrong doing when the mother moved the six kids to Florida.

      This was a father, a husband, a tax-payer, who CT stripped of everything and left him with nothing.

      See Gus Zucco.

      Rory Doyle is another victim of custody evaluator Jessica Biren Caverly. Money drives it. Whoever pays caverly takes all! Racketeering.

      • Rory Doyle actually paid Jessica Biren Caverly himself. I know for a fact that the cost of the evaluation was split between he and his ex wife. Try again.

      • I guarantee men are targetted more with r/os here in CA and in most states. In all the cases I have watched, most have no evidence, and even one with a police report was denied to a male. We don’t have equal protections in court. We have no protections in court, no means of relief, and no escape. File for divorce and the court owns you. The first thing they do is find any reason, even illegal ones, for DCSS liening your home. Boom. This is after giving them all your finances, people who benefit financially from knowing these numbers and how much you are willing to lose to pay for nothing but more trauma and harm to the family.

  • Frank, you call yourself an “investigative reporter”. What investigations have you made? Or, do you merely republish defamatory, unverified, and unreliable misinformation?

    For example: Did you note that one of Catherine’s own dropbox documents was a one page letter from Dr. Colin Brewer who represented himself as a psychiatrist in London who interviewed Catherine on THREE occasions. However she only included the report dated April 9, 2023 although he said he wrote reports in September 2022 and January 2023. Did you contact Dr. Brewer: 49 Bankside, London SE1 9JE – email:

    Clearly, Catherine was contemplating MAS as early as September 2022, Yet nobody was made aware of it or of her allegedly terminal diagnosis.

    Did you try to verify Catherine’s medical records to determine if there really was such a diagnosis?

    Did you try to contact her New York psychiatrist of the last 2 years, Stephanie Brandt, M.D., 350 Central Park West, Apt 13I, New York, New York 10025, tel (212) 996-0698; fax (917) 591-5165; email

    Catherine, published both these professionals contact information in her dropbox documents.

    Did you note that Dr. Brandt wrote to Judge Capaci on May 9, 2023, a mere 18 days before Catherine’s alleged suicide? Did you not think it odd that a psychiatrist who said she had been treating Catherine for the ;last 2 years made no mention of the fact that her patient had a terminal illness and had been contemplating suicide for at least 8 months prior to the letter?

    Did you contact her attorney, Evan Wiederkehr, 1 North Lexington Ave,, White Plains, New York 10601; tel. (914) 297-1100; fax (914) 297-1199; email, whom she praises in her suicide letter, and who wrote to Judge Capeci on May 9 forwarding the Brandt letter? He makes no mention of the fact that his client is terminally ill, and seeking MAS. Wouldn’t you think that an attorney who was seeking to persuade a judge to allow his client to spend time with her children, knowing that his client had a limited time to live, would have brought that to the court’s attention?

    Mr. Wiederkehr’s letter is included in Catherine’s dropbox documents.

    Have you tried to contact the Swiss authorities to obtain a copy of a death certificate? As an “investigative reporter” do you not think that is your job?

    Hove you asked yourself: Why would a woman who says she is terminally ill; who has been contemplating suicide since, at least, September 2022, would buy a house on April 12, 2023 for $897,000.00, all cash (no mortgage)?

    Frank, live up to your own bio! Do some real investigative journalism.

    • It’s Catherine. I don’t even think the typical content churner on the FR would turn out something this badly written and absurd, only the disturbed mind of the very mentally ill Catherine Kasenoff. Sad she’s still clinging to her husband’s surname, but a great relief to her ashamed brothers and mother.

    • Video depositions of eye-witnesses Judge Lubell, Carol Most and Gus Dimopolous would be most interesting 🧐

  • What’s with all the anti semitic pigs photos in this article. Frank, this is just below this website.

        • So nice the religions are gathering here
          What’s right is right and what’s fair is fair.
          Corruption, collusion, racketeering and crimes
          All up for discussion, as well as the swines.

          • Corruption, collusion, racketeering and crimes;
            So many faces and dates; and, all of those times!
            “Can they all get away it?” one question might be;
            While a few feds investigate, we could all wait and see.
            Or, we could get up off of our fat rear ends
            And actually do something to help the feds.
            Wake up, people. Enough with the gossip.
            Time for team work and primary sources of information.
            Credible and actionable evidence is most helpful.

      • Please do some research on this. PIGS have been used forever as an anti semitic dog whistles. Under the radar, somewhat, but it is historically well documented . Just do a google search of “Anti semitic pigs”. Tells you all you need to know. I have a strong, strong feeling this was intentional. Oh the craziness of this whole thing.

        • 1. The focus of these articles is on: Crimes committed in Westchester County family courts.

          2. Some comments posted about “pigs” and “Nazis” etc. are a predictable distraction.

          3. Unlike some theories about What Pigs Might Mean! trolls posting too many comments are real.

  • Lots of anger dad’s mad because the truth about the family courts are getting out. Not all women are created equal. Not men a created equal. The courts are currupt and based off money. Johnny is encouraged to become Jan . What is the world becoming?

    • Captain caveman doesn’t realize it is past the stone age. Women and children are not properly .

  • And the shallow little women that abuse restraining orders are worse. No proof, no evidence, just a court employed lawyer is all it takes to ruin your life. Then they make you pay the legal fees with your house. As a male, with a restraining order, you can NOT get meaningful employment in 2023. This means you can’t afford a lawyer, not that it would matter, the lawyer would just collude to rip you off or drop you when the court employed attorney like CARLA HARMS in sacramento will repeatedly tell your lawyers to drop you “the decision has already been made.” Was something this scum said to me as she abused my family and helped a woman who abused me the entirety of a 14 month marriage, triangulated friends asking for letters against me, spent all her time making excuses for me not to talk, not to come to functions, spoke with utter content to me if she wasn’t the center of attention and then took it, surveilled me, threw feces all over my couch, overflowed the toilet with feces 3 times while running out the front door when I was caring for our infant, swapped my medications out with antihistamines that looked like my meds, poisoned me twice the week she was supposed to move out, withdrew $800 and 3 days later parentally abducted our son, claiming full ownership with orders initially denied for lack of evidence, and then bribed for from a commissioner. As I appeared for that hearing, CARLA HARMS, was given a private office and a court printer scanner. The bailiff made all other litigants and attorneys wait in the hall. The printer was used to falsify evidence, and a statement from a family member who was around us for under a minute was a page long, even though all I did was ask that person to call someone so I could obtain my records. My still wife (over 3 years since I petitioned for divorce) has embezzled, forged my signature on child support disclosures, whoch DCSS will not fix, to steal my social security. In the past 3 years I have barely seen my son 48 hours despite orders to see him three times a week. Judges in Sacramento feed these attorneys lives. Her intent is to obtain attorney fees via my separately owned home she paid 0 bills in the entire time we were married, while having over 100k in assets from enriching herself while I paid all the bills and after filing. She committed tax fraud in obtaining all of my covid relief funds in 2020, which marks about the 10th felony my still wife has committed against me. If that wasn’t enough, she withheld proof of payment of child support (DCSS paid her over 10 grand in SURPLUS support as they called it) so I could not refinance my home. Carla Harms refused to cooperate on a disclosure signature. This signature is ONLY a notification that I was refinancing my own home. That does not require her consent or credit, and again the home is not hers. This caused me to be unable to obtain a lawyer. All these complaints went to Judge UEDA, JUDGE AWONIYI, JUDGE WINN AND JUDGE MIZE. JUDGE MYRLYS, who has worked with CARLA HARMS FOR OVER 16 YEARS GRANTED ILLEGAL (permanent)orders when the max is 5 years. These orders were based off me reporting CARLA HARMS FOR CRIMES AND DEMANDING SHE COOPERATE WITH ORDERS AND ATROS. No evidence was accepted, counsel and I were not present, no evidence was accepted and CARLA HARMS asked for a court reporter only to cancel them, because she didn’t want me getting them. No evidence in my entire case file. My still wife’s story has changed 10 times. At my trial they discussed the illegal deal my colluding lawyer ANNE BONFIGLIO, JUDGE JAMES MIZE (CARLA HARMS DIRECT SUPERVISOR FOR THE TEMPORARY JUDGE PROGRAM) RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME WITH THE JUDGE. I could tell the entire time this was not a trial as the judge did not obey a single court rule, and when I looked visibly distraught by the constant violations of my rights during that one day trial, such as my one witness, several statements, a DEPOSITION OF MY WIFE, CONTENTIONS, and a complaint of spousal battery which she admits to in her initial complaint were not filed and in fact ignored by Judge Mize. JAMES MIZE then threatened to have the bailiff take me in another room and beat me. 3 weeks later JUDGE GARY of the same court had a bailiff beat an indigent female litigant who was also in pro per. You all think you have the worst court. Nope. This court breeds Catherine Kassenoffs every day of the week. They do it for money. Your money, my money.

    Media knows and refuses to report. Legislators KNOW and continue to write legislation to protect corruption and give family and probate courts more ways to rip you off. Mental health court is just another way to monetize our freedoms here, and the SAME corrupt judges staff it. None of these judges know the law, and often refer to bottom of the barrel lawyers for Masters that don’t even apply to civil or family law and are often bullshit interpretations or flagrant misinterpretations of the law, which the judges gladly accept. The attorney then writes the orders in her judge office at the court, to “save Judge Ueda time” and hands herself illegal sanctions based on perversion of the law or flat out overreach that has no place in that court.

    There is no justice for males here. The entire “support” staff of a dv group directly across the street ONLY serves females dv orders. The same for WEAVE and all the other organizations claiming to protect families. All they do is feed the abusive females who want to rip off fathers so they can shop more and neglect their children by placing them in crappy care facilities rather than letting a loving father care for and nurture the child.

    Nobody, not even FRANK PARLATO, in his bravery talking about the court, dares to talk about the “silver bullet” bullshit r/os that ruin mens lives and have 0 evidenciary standards. $170,000 in debt into this I haven’t seen my son, named after me, in over a year. The court “lost” my file, the orders for visitation aren’t on file and Judges and Commissioners, like Com GUNN are corrupt as fuck and backdating orders trying to cover their ass.

    A simple tech review of their system would reveal a HUGE amount of case fixing. Nobody will do their job regulating. The DoJ claims they don’t deal with court corruption, even on their voice mail. You can’t even get to a human under @AGROBBONTA and his nepotistic wife @miabonta are lazy pocket politicians. Rob is so bad at his job, he is looking to run for mayor of Sacramento. This is after almost a decade of incredible decline under dimebag Darrel the current mayor and his introduction of open air drug markets and homeless payouts.

    NONE of the documents in my case file, save for those I filed in person are signed by a clerk or dated or stamped into record. None. Carla Harms has access to the filing systems, all the clerks and her own clerk, all the court considers her a coworker. Tell me again how women have it so hard and only women are abused by family court. I have some beachfront land in Idaho for sale if you really believe that crock.

    • I am really sorry about your case and I believe you. Changes to the system need to include clear checks against bias against fathers, among judges and experts. I pray your case turns around and you get the parenting time with your children that you deserve.

      • I am being forced to hire a forensic handwriting and document specialist out of state, out of money I need to eat, because my own money is paying $900 child support. I am disabled and on VA pension with social security. Half my liquid income goes to her. The other half goes to a car loan I took against my vehicle I paid cash for at 7.5%, $750 a month for a 2017 Jeep Cherokee. I spent $27,000 of that on attorney fees with zero work product, didn’t even get a copy of my visitation orders and then was told I did it to myself by the attorney, immediately after contacting CARLA HARMS, and then was illegally dropped mid appeal by WADE LAW GROUP, which I now know is run by a former judge. They ripped me off after promising to handle an appeal that was a procedural slam dunk of a case. Now I can’t appeal because CARLA HARMS chased off two attorneys. NOT ONE ex parte communication with the judge has been shared. None of my documents were returned by WADE LAW GROUP, who also kept complaint response letters from Judge Awoniyi admitting she didn’t know how to handle a complaint, that they protect each other and do not self police. Signed by hand, on court stationary.


        • I have sat through a lot of cases here. The discrimination here is based on who hires the right lawyer, not the gender. I hired one to avoid conflicts, and she colluded anyway. And cost me exactly my entire bank account. Then gave me 0 documents and emails back I needed.

          So many women try so hard to make it about men. Nope, women were getting DV orders like they were picking up mcdonalds with no evidence, only their statement and talking to a judge for 5 to 10 minutes.

          They literally tell women by the dozens some days at the front desk they might see a judge before 2pm the same day. The judge makes the decision, and this can happen without even notifying the male, until after the orders are granted. Once those are obtained, I only saw one case in which the orders were not upheld. Evidence and due process don’t even pretend to exist. I saw no men getting restraining orders, and no orders of mutual restraint issued. None. I watched a clerk help one woman fill out some of the forms, even.

          So, there are many nasty tactics in family court. But, women don’t take the brunt of everything. Men have feelings, we are told to respect and protect women, so even when they act abusive we don’t react correctly. We endure, we bottle it up. Father’s day is literally used by feminists to hate on men in social media and it is applauded. Like thanks to the moms who are moms AND dads. What? You already got a day and now you want ours too? What else is new.

          I love women. I love everyone. I am just soooo sick and tired of people who try to disguise abusive sexism or any -ism as an excuse to be an asshole to people. They aren’t an activist, or a cute agitator. They are assholes. I am an asshole, because I love to tell my truth and call out bull. People hate you if you tell the truth too much. If you don’t believe me, ask Frank.

    • This Laura Monti doesn’t exist—the image posted of her is pretty clearly AI generated and nothing comes up in a Google image search. I don’t understand why a piece would be published under a false name/image? Wouldn’t it be more ethical to publish it as an anonymous work?

      • “Wouldn’t it be more ethical to publish it as an anonymous work?”

        Yes. I have posted comments here in the past that the AI generated author images undermine credibility. A pen name is one thing, but a fake image that’s meant to look real is another. It breeds distrust.

      • Leah,

        How would that be more ethical — and, why discuss the ethics of authors’ anonymity when ethics are so totally absent in Westchester family court proceedings? The reason so many authors need to remain so anonymous when writing about family court corruption is a the more pressing issue, right?

          • Why discuss authors’ anonymity when they choose to identify as anonymous or with pen names? Isn’t pressing them on that issue a little pushy? Would you pressure them to change their pronouns, too?

            Ethics are so totally absent in Westchester family court proceedings. 👈 the issue
            Please focus on that.

            So many authors writing about family law need to remain anonymous when writing about family court corruption because some involved in the family court corruption are scary people without the photo enhancement. That’s the problem. Focus, people.

          • 😩 wait what!?! I thought I was at the circus! I stood in this long line to see the flying Jews.

        • Are you saying because Westchester County has no ethics that the author shouldn’t have any ethics either? 🥴

          @Also Anonymous

          • The author has lots of good ethics.

            Westchester County family court proceedings somehow evolved with a very different kind of ethics.

            This explains a few things, thingness, hidden gods, dialectics, private property, wills of nature, the order of the world, magic practices, the Marquis de Sade book on Jeffrey Epstein’s desk and maybe the corruption in Westchester County family courts.

          • Wrightwood. Cal.

            21 October, 1949

            Dear Mr. Orwell,

            It was very kind of you to tell your publishers to send me a copy of your book. It arrived as I was in the midst of a piece of work that required much reading and consulting of references; and since poor sight makes it necessary for me to ration my reading, I had to wait a long time before being able to embark on Nineteen Eighty-Four.

            Agreeing with all that the critics have written of it, I need not tell you, yet once more, how fine and how profoundly important the book is. May I speak instead of the thing with which the book deals — the ultimate revolution? The first hints of a philosophy of the ultimate revolution — the revolution which lies beyond politics and economics, and which aims at total subversion of the individual’s psychology and physiology — are to be found in the Marquis de Sade, who regarded himself as the continuator, the consummator, of Robespierre and Babeuf. The philosophy of the ruling minority in Nineteen Eighty-Four is a sadism which has been carried to its logical conclusion by going beyond sex and denying it. Whether in actual fact the policy of the boot-on-the-face can go on indefinitely seems doubtful. My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World. I have had occasion recently to look into the history of animal magnetism and hypnotism, and have been greatly struck by the way in which, for a hundred and fifty years, the world has refused to take serious cognizance of the discoveries of Mesmer, Braid, Esdaile, and the rest.

            Partly because of the prevailing materialism and partly because of prevailing respectability, nineteenth-century philosophers and men of science were not willing to investigate the odder facts of psychology for practical men, such as politicians, soldiers and policemen, to apply in the field of government. Thanks to the voluntary ignorance of our fathers, the advent of the ultimate revolution was delayed for five or six generations. Another lucky accident was Freud’s inability to hypnotize successfully and his consequent disparagement of hypnotism. This delayed the general application of hypnotism to psychiatry for at least forty years. But now psycho-analysis is being combined with hypnosis; and hypnosis has been made easy and indefinitely extensible through the use of barbiturates, which induce a hypnoid and suggestible state in even the most recalcitrant subjects.

            Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World. The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need for increased efficiency. Meanwhile, of course, there may be a large scale biological and atomic war — in which case we shall have nightmares of other and scarcely imaginable kinds.

            Thank you once again for the book.

            Yours sincerely,

            Aldous Huxley

        • A pen name is fine. But a fake image makes it seem like you are trying to fool us into thinking Laura Monti is a real person using her real name.

    • Maybe the attention brought by the supposed death of this woman will wind up fixing injustice in all cases, including cases like yours. I feel for you, and the middle of the shitstorm you are in/were in, I was in one too, I am praying for your right now, John Cortesi.

  • Is the FR debasing itself with dumb, mean girl Jr High type posts to keep the Crazy Cathys happy? The standards here are pretty low but this is just embarrassing all around.

    I know Frank is worried about his federal sentencing but has he just given up on this site entirely now?

    • I agree completely. I am done with FR. All this nonsense. What standards? Just crazy women blaming their chaotic lives on the courts and men. Read everything here very carefully. There is no real documentation about any of their claims. I feel stupid and duped even wasting my time on this website.

      • Sometimes FR reminds me of those two awesome cops in the 2016 movie, “War on Everyone”.

        May this bad-boy Good Team win as soon as possible before the Evil Team pushes the world over a cliff.

        • I wonder how many law suits will be filed for profit and performance of gender reassignment surgery before 18. How many lawsuits will come out for gals and judges for pushing this.

      • Can you explain why none of the mandated reporters in all of these no-contact/eliminate mothers from the lives of children fail to uphold their duty and their license as mandated reporters?

        Why is it that gals are not required to be mandated reporters?

        In all of the CT cases not one time have mandated reporters who endorsed no contact made a report to DCF/CPS. Most “providers” don’t even speak in court. They let the gal lie to the court and her word is accepted as fact.

        The scam is clear. FR is exposing it all. Robert Horwitz, Bruce Freedman, Jessica biren caverly, Linda Smith, Lisa Kerin, Sue coussineau, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Lisa Knopf, Janice Laliberte, Philip Horwitz, Tom Esposito, and the rest of the racketeers who have made millions trafficking kids through ct family court- are being exposed. And they are angry.

        And legislatures are tired of family court mob criminals destroying the integrity of CT.

        The AFCC ran a for profit operation through the CT judiciary.

    • A few years ago, Mr. Parlato stepped forward with courage to address the international NXIVM criminal enterprise.

      This year, it looks like he might be stepping forward with that same courage to expose the family court crisis.

      With reference to the crazy photos in the articles, may the shock of those photos wake up all who have been too busy to care about the damage “family courts” have done. Millions of parents and millions of children around the world don’t mind crazy photos if those crazy photos will prompt investigations and prosecutions of family court crimes.

      Talk around the water cooler should be about the family court crisis, just like when headlines about the Catholic Church scandal broke and so much talk was about the need for investigations and reform. If a few crazy photos can prompt more conversations about the family court crisis, all the more power to those 😜 photos!

      What’s “pathetic“ is anyone telling Mr. Parlato to be more formal and less funny in this insane and covert war against children and families. “C.B.” and “S.B.”, in their original court filing against Frank, started that case against him when they started the cases against others who exposed “NXIVM” for what it was. That pending case was to try to silence him. Sara Edmondson and her husband were considering a witness protection program at one point. That’s how scary all of this is. Good people need to support as many good teams on as many fields as possible at this crucial point in world history.

      Family courts around the world must be investigated and reformed as soon as possible. Anyone trying to stop Frank from finding the truth is on the wrong side of a very old fight called, “Good vs Evil”.

      The battles in that old fight take different forms and so do the weapons used. Some people wage constant and malicious “law fare”. Others post a few crazy photos to encourage open and honest discussion about hidden dangers in family courts — and elsewhere. Pick your side.

  • Is it just coincidence that the author of this article shares her name first and last name with a town in Switzerland?

  • I’m the executive director at JMACforFamilies (Just Making A Change). I have a mom in NYC experiencing this exact same thing right now. She is desperate for help.

    • Do you have any males, or are you a gender biased, gender prejudiced org like all the others?

      • Here’s another question, do you ILLEGALLY collect public funds while denying males support? That is illegal, in case you missed it. Feloniously.

        • This is the problem. Gender specific. Everyone should be receiving help. There has been a picture of women painted that we only want the system to be for women. This is an in accurate discription. The courts should working for everyone.

  • This is the final devastating TRUTH, that greedy people in family court RUIN PEOPLE’s lives! Allan doesn’t get all the blame, no NO, he never could have gotten started if not for these scumbags.

    I remember my divorce, my attorney prodded and cajoled me to get a forensic analysis of family money, and I said NO, I know exactly what we own. That shark and thief so-called “family” attorney wanted me to put oil on a fire and turn it into a full-on conflagration! That attorney, which I got rid of as soon as I could, spoke to me by phone at 1 mph, just to make maximum money per 7 minute increment. When I called her on it, she flew off the handle and accused me of being difficult, LMAO.

    I wound up representing myself in court, there was no trial, all was settled in conference, custody schedule about 60-40, allowing each parent ample parenting time. If we had gone to trial, my ex would have burned down every asset, just not to lose against me, and he is a respected specialist in the community, who makes a lot of money. Fortunately, I can smell sharks in the water, no problem. Kids are now grown, things are not perfect, but they are good, and hopefully even better. Thanks be to God.

    • Instead of two lawyers trying to work together, they continue to egg each client on so as to rack up the hourly billing. There is no reason 2 lawyers can’t work things out b4 court. If it’s not a contested fight…lawyers can’t profit.

      • Family court administrators who don’t see a reason to take the profit motive out of all family court cases shouldn’t be family court administrators.

        Note the few who will most actively try to stop an investigation of that Westchester family court case.

  • I would love to hear your legal argument on who
    You think the RICO act could be used to prosecute them

    • I got two complaints of reco against the same GaL. One dad One Mom. We just need one more. You need three. Connecticut cases.

          • Can you post the process step-by-step, please?

            Can three victims successfully file a RICO claim? So, three victims of the same criminal all it takes to ask the DOJ to investigate a guardian ad litem / family law attorney/ custody evaluator?

            Can the three victims of the same criminal write statements and have those statements notarized — and then submit them to the local DOJ office? How does it work, exactly?

            Do we submit notarized affidavits with actionable evidence in the form of copies of original documents?

            Millions of victims of family court corruption would like to know.

            How many victims of Carol Most, Marc Abrams and Susan Adler are still standing?

    • Read the Rico statues in your state. You must have proof of all that you are claiming. Outline your case with times dates. All documents proving your claims. You need to go to the police department in which the crime was committed ( court house) or state police. They will present it to the states prosecutors office to charge the individual or individuals. You must have three people with all the evidence. Laws broken purjury and fraud committed. Ultimately the prosecutors office will decide if they are going to proceed.

  • When you have to resort to dumb pictures making people look like pigs, you’ve kinda lost your credibility.

    • With shameless people, you have to work a little bit harder to bring them some shame, thus the animal analogies. It may have no effect on them, such is the way of the world, but more sensitive people may begin to understand.

      • “With shameless people, you have to work a little bit harder to bring them some shame”

        They are probably happy this post contains those ridiculous images. All it does is undermine the credibility of your argument against them because it shows a childish vindictiveness against them as people. Ad hominem attack if I’ve ever seen one.

        • Ad hominem is precisely what is called, for, didn’t they explain to you that exception in logic class? It is people, greedy people, (and the system that creates and supports them) that did this, thus the shame goes to men (and women), ad hominem.

        • You obviously weren’t around when Frank Report was ridiculing Keith Reniere in post after post. There was a reason for it, empowered the victims to speak out and now look where he is. I look forward to the day hese criminals are tried and sharing a cell with Keith Reniere where they can discuss the Rico act for 120 years. They are utter scum. Carry on Frank

    • Agreed. It’s like schoolyard bullying and shows the childish mindset of these non-custodial parents who prefer to throw tantrums online instead of actually doing what they need to do in court to get custody. Grow up!

      • You know Jack and Shit about the family court. Save your ignorant trash anonymous cowardly comments to yourself, troll.

      • Coustodal parent. Complaining. I know others. Cash is king. This is a rediculous messed up court system.

    • Dear 1:37 pm,

      If dumb pictures generate interest (like rubber-necking on a highway in rush hour traffic) and if the extra interest leads to more productive conversations about a given topic, and those productive conversations lead to more good and proper actions which eventually help resolve long-standing problems (twenty years in the NXIVM case and 40 years in the case of the national family court crisis) would the dumb pictures cause a fact-finder to lose or gain credibility?

    • People are killing themselves yet you’re worried about pictures of pigs? Fun fact- humans and pigs have the exact sme digestive systems.

  • The only investigation that is going to happen is whether or not Catherine will be charged for faking her death. The FBI will NEVER be involved and this isn’t RICO.

    • 10:36

      How is the Westchester family court corruption in that case not absolutely criminal in so many ways?

      • “5 judges and she went through 17 attorneys. Are they all part of the patriarchy conspiracy?
        Numerous judges, doctors and others who didn’t agree with her stories, she retaliated against each person. Each claim was found to be baseless. Numerous visits from CPS, all dismissed. I don’t think he was without blame, but there is no way all of these people sworn to uphold their individual professional standards were all in some sort of fix to have it out for Katherine. Doesn’t add up.”

        Neither of them are important enough to warrant this grand conspiracy theory. Every time Catherine lost, she attacked the system and defied the same court orders she swore to uphold as an attorney. I am sure there was a personal biased against her because of her actions and I seriously doubt Allan holds any weight with the Westchester family courts.
        Ask yourself “where are the major news outlets in this case?” Why aren’t ANY of the national news organizations covering this? Because it’s all BS until there is proof of death.

    • The FBI will not investigate because of the federal funding through the fatherhood initiative. The implications are involving government officials. We are not stupid. We know what is going on.

      • “The FBI will not investigate because of the federal funding through the fatherhood initiative. The implications are involving government officials.”

    • Don’t try again, 10:36 am. Your comments do nothing to stop these crazy people who still believe in the American system of justice.

  • “Even when Catherine proved the egregious wrongs of court criminals – when she had repeated psychiatric evaluations – when she subjected herself to supervised visitation (no basis given, no criteria, no end in sight – as long as Catherine paid thousands each week to see the children), even when she discredited a judge, a custody evaluator, an attorney for the children – none of this mattered.”

    It looks like Gus orchestrated the case and the players played their parts.

    One court transcript shows him badgering Catherine, accusing her of discrediting the judge, the custody evaluator and the attorney for the minor chid — exactly what she did for all the right reasons. Gus gaslit Catherine. The judge played along with the skit. Did they laugh about it after the show?

    Did ANY state or federal offices appropriately address that fraud on the court?

    Who will be held accountable for the same crimes committed against so many parents and children across the nation?

  • Wow.. I can’t get past the immaturity of your post to even listen to your arguments and you have a lot of them, which is a red flag in itself. It’s easier for you to believe that so many people were cheating the system and then the possibly that she might be the problem too?

    Don’t get me wrong I’m a woman who’s struggling with family court and an abusive ex husband too, BUT when the court issues orders – I follow them. Family court wants to see that the kids are put first and that the parents are trying to work together. It’s their practice that if the parents can’t follow orders they restrict time so the offending parent can stop putting the kids in the middle. When they show progress the courts give it back. If you read the court transcripts, the judges told Catherine many times what she needed to do to get her time back and she refused to comply. She was refusing to work with anyone who wasn’t doing what she wanted them to do. She refused to admit that anything she did was wrong and was refusing to do this on all different levels – including the accounts, the houses, information, and schools. A lot of it wasn’t even about the girls. Why? Because she couldn’t stand to lose on any front – which shows that she has control issues. I also can’t imagine any lawyer approving of her to keep breaking all of the court orders as well which is most likely why she went through so many of them.

    Divorce sucks when both parents can’t get over themselves to help the kids and often it feels like nobody wins. I’m sorry she had cancer and committed suicide. However I do question her behavior and how she also skewed what’s going on. Right now there are lots of women and men who have lost visitation with their kids from abusive partners. However they really don’t get to communicate with their kids and the courts at all. Catherine alluded that she didn’t either but she was able to attend their zoom meetings, she had daily FaceTime meetings with her kids and supervised visits. Allen seemed to be allowing her do do the visits – which a lot of the other cases I mentioned the other parent will refuse to allow access to the kids even when it’s court-ordered. I am worried that people are using her as a poster child for the problems with family court when she was also the problem and if more information comes out she could destroy that for us just as Amber Heard did for domestic violence.

    Finally people need to stop projecting their own feelings onto the case and a system that many people don’t understand. There is a lot more to this whole thing than edited videos and that’s the behavior of both parents during the whole process. What’s important is the girls and BOTH parents put them in the middle which is not ok. And again your pig pictures… grow up.

    • Wrong. The court is to blame. You know nothing about how family courts operate. If you aren’t being abused or plundered, you are a minority. Pray for thanks.

    • It is this meek mindset that prevents change, people need to fight back against rotten systems. This woman is a martyred mother, it seems, and will be remembered in this fight to make family law more humane.

  • What is the deal with this site? Slanderous accusations with no backup, personal insults and now demeaning visuals. Wtf Frank.

    If there is evidence of “pay to play” or “criminality”? If there is, no one has offered it.

    It’s bad enough you let this stuff into the comments but now you are actively publishing this stuff with no evidence whatsoever.

    Frank, you seem like a genuine guy but beyond being dangerous and unfair to these private individuals you are opening yourself up to potential problems. Comments are probably protected under DMCA but I do not believe that these editorially published posts would be. Without evidence these statements and accusations are libel. And separate from law, it’s just beneath ethics and morality to destroy people like this without solid documented evidence, and not sure pictures with pig faces are ever appropriate.

    • Says one of the people mentioned here because they don’t want to be outed for being scum for their entire career.

    • “Mark Geragos:

      My father used to call the family law courts, the battle of the perjuries.

      There is a very insular, incestuous system. One of the problems is in family court, you don’t get a jury. The judge decides everything.

      You have a system. I always say they’ve only got about 10 moves. And the 10 moves involve basically liquidating your assets, everybody who’s there, until you have no more assets, and then you get to a settlement that you probably could have gotten to in a mediated setting to begin with.

      If you add in custody issues, the case goes on forever. It just escalates to a point where you can’t see straight.”

  • Good morning! Kudos to you, Frank and Laura, for connecting the dots!!! I am sure a federal investigation will find out WHO fixed this case, sending a criminally dysfunctional system careening out of control, causing so much misery to a mother and her children. There is a confidential memorandum written by Maryland author Michelle Etlin which shows how such conspiracies take the lives of innocent children. It might be valuable to an FBI investigation. There is also a federal lawsuit from early 2000, involving a protective mother who is a lawyer, that spells out this family court criminal conspiracy–dubbed by a former prosecutor as “The Brooklyn Playbook” — whose origins are from Brooklyn. Unfortunately this malady has spread to Westchester and throughout the country. I know its origins and would be happy to assist with an FBI investigation.
    Amy Neustein, Ph.D.

    • Hey, thank you for putting yourself out here! Thank you. Change needs to happen, family courts need a tighter code of behavior, and gate checks along the process, with an overall credo that says co parenting is the very strong default. There is such a presumption in some states, maybe in NY too, but experts are paid to get around it. So experts definitely need exposure to sunlight. And attitudes changed. The idea that protective parents like this one, even ones who yell at their kids for good reasons, or make mistakes in the process of loving their children, the idea that such protective parents should wind up with zero custody, is unconscionable.

    • Do you work in California cases? The capitol city here is a dv order churning machine. If you sat in the courthouse near the entrance you would see a line of women sometimes back all the way to the elevators so they can get that child support and custody secured for free with DV orders. They run a program where they let attorneys working in the same court take judge appearances as “volunteers” give them full access to everything, rubber stamp their orders and chase off any lawyer by telling them straight up you are black balled. This has been my life for over 3 years.

      I was primary caregiver before this and haven’t seen my son more than 48 hours total despite there being orders, which Judge Ueda is hiding, and also blocking me from subsituting out my lawyer so I can use court resources and file in pro per. She is doing this, because I appealed. Then my lawyers were chased off twice during appeal by CARLA HARMS.

      The entire staff there is corrupt. A hired doc gave me a psych evaluation while admitting she had only a few minutes with me and not having consent. Very rude female doctor that CARLA HARMS PAID AND HIRED. She was not ordered to conduct an evaluation either. Regardless, my custody which I was still granted, was taken by Judge Mize, because I called CARLA HARMS an unethical criminal. I never consented in any way to private mediation.

    • That would be awesome, Dr. Neustein. When many of the same individuals who still torture mothers in family courts in our state were torturing me in the same ways years ago, your book was one of a few things that saved my life. The “family court” players were absolutely sadistic. Lying in court, and laughing at me as they gaslit me, etc. It was a wide-awake nightmare. They started a corporation. One was the director, one was the treasurer, one was the secretary. They’re still passing cases to and from each other and they are still absolutely destroying families. It is pure evil. There’s no other word to describe it.

      Before reading your book I couldn’t understand why what was happening was happening. None of it made sense. I found your book, starting looking through it and thought, “Okay. I’m not crazy. This is happening to other mothers in other family courts in the EXACT same way it’s happening to me.“ Your book was a life-saver. Thank you. ❤️


      From Madness to Mutiny . . . is an emotionally tough but intellectually satisfying read; it is a volume that belongs on the bookshelf of every professional who deals with child custody and child abuse, from lawyers and judges to psychologists and social workers.—Journal of Child Custody

      “There is extraordinary merit in the claims the authors make… [and] many of the reforms, suggested in the concluding three chapters, are worth consideration.”—Law and Politics Book Review …”

  • Lmao. Did Catherine write and do the bad photoshops for this? Is the FR this hard up for content? I think this is a real low point for the Frank Report. Article written at the level of a middle school bully.

    Reminder, it’s Day 27 of zero proof Catherine is dead besides an angry FB post. This charade will end shortly with a consular report.

    • Another day Kalian child can go
      To bed at peace knowing it’s heart is not being filled with fate and instead love

      • Totally agreeed that woman carry’s so much anger in her heart it’s prob a good thing she doesn’t have her kid would grow up to be school shooter prob

        • Does anyone consider what it’s like to be unjustly treated by a system that is supposed to protect you? Protect children? It’s an important issue that has been going on for a years.

        • I’m so sick of ignorance. Have you seen the study on school shootings. It’s mental illness. Read the psychological reports and watch the documentary. Taken the information and using inappropriately. One dumb judge on the bench in Connecticut made this comment. These father’s rights groups are spreading misinformation. The judges are eating it up. Money is running the courts and the federal funding through the fatherhood initiative is biasing family court. Just look at the structure of Connecticut. If you look beyond the smearing between people in family court. Look at how the system works and what it’s based on. The answer and the problems starts and ends in the state of Connecticut.

          • The answer and the problems starts and ends in Family Court across the United States and Especially for parties with $$$ and are highly contentious.

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