Allan Kassenoff’s Lawyer Releases Statement: Catherine May Be Alive; is Mentally Ill

Gus Dimopoulus

By Marie White

Allan Kassenoff‘s attorney Gus Dimopoulous issued a nearly 400-word statement to the media in response to inquiries about Catherine Kassenoff, who announced her medically assisted suicide in Switzerland and blamed Allan and the reoccurrence of cancer.

Catherine Kassenoff
It is clear that Allan and Gus are not convinced Catherine is dead, and that she is mentally ill.’
Here is his statement.

By Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulous, Esq.

We are deeply troubled by the claims that Ms. Kassenoff has pursued assisted suicide and that various media outlets have reported on these claims without confirming their accuracy.
It’s important to note that in this very challenging custody dispute, there are three young children involved. Our client has complied with the instructions of various courts to keep the details of this dispute out of the media and off of social media.
Ms. Kassenoff has repeatedly taken steps to publicize the details of this custody dispute, generating a large following of individuals who believe her side of the story and advocate on her behalf without fully understanding all of the facts of this case.
At every stage of this four-year custody dispute, the court system has acted responsibly and thoroughly. Following a neutral forensic evaluator’s assessment, the court ordered an immediate order granting their father sole legal and physical custody. The court also issued an urgent order of protection against Ms. Kassenoff eliminating unsupervised interactions with the children based on what they observed when they were with their mother.
Ms. Kassenoff violated that order, was arrested, and her access to the children was further limited. While it is always difficult limiting a parent’s access to their children, given the circumstances of this case, it was found to be in the best interest of the children to take these steps urgently. The children have been in our client’s care for 3 ½ years and they are safe and healthy.
Throughout this process, there have been many attempts made by Ms. Kassenoff to disparage our client. Attempts have been made by Ms. Kassenoff to hurt him personally and professionally, including a variety of absurd and baseless allegations and edited videos from more than 4 years ago to portray him in a bad light. Mr. Kassenoff continues to put his children first and their well-being is his primary concern.
Navigating mental illness is very challenging, especially on a public stage. We encourage individuals and news outlets to withhold forming opinions or reporting salacious details about this case without understanding the facts and to consider the further potential damage that this type of attention could have on all involved.”
Neutral Custody Evaluator Marc Abrams determined the children should never be alone with Catherine unsupervised, though she was their primary caretaker since infancy.

A Simple Rewrite

Let’s reduce Gus’ statement to a few succinct words and catch the essence of his message. Here we go – 132 words:

The media reported Catherine’s suicide without confirming she’s dead. Reckless.

While Allan tries to follow the court’s order and keeps his custody dispute quiet, Catherine posts on Facebook for an ignorant group who believes her story without realizing SHE IS the problem!

Family Court did the right thing by protecting the children from her. This was confirmed by a neutral forensic expert. The judge rightfully placed an urgent order of protection to keep Catherine away from the children.

But Catherine stalked the kids, was arrested, and the court forced her to stay even farther away.

Allan has had the children for 3 ½ years, so they are safe.

But Catherine tries to embarrass Allan in public. She lies and edits old videos to make him look bad because she is mentally ill.

But Allan always puts the children first.

People shouldn’t jump to conclusions. There are four innocent people here: Allan and his kids. And Catherine is insane, and that’s always hard to navigate.


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  • Don’t you just love an attorney that graduated from law school using his skills to allegedly plot to destroy a childs mother making a determination of mental illness….I think he believes that’s what you call being a victim of a big ugly bully with a law degree with a sick sense of entitlement.

  • I’m not sure why Allan Kassenoff, his lawyer, and other “experts” Allan has paid to support his custody dispute are not being charged with libel and slander. From what I understand, there is no record of Catherine Youssef Kassenoff having been diagnosed with mental illness. In fact, my understanding of assisted suicide is that Catherine would have to prove that she is of sound mind, which directly contradicts Kassenoff’s accusations.

    • Who’s going to fight for CATHERINE!? OR THE CHILDREN? And I’m sure Gus is getting d…h threats……ALL LIES!!!! She went all the way to Switzerland to expose Allan, HOW ABSURD!!!🤣

    • Um, I hate to tell you this, but most people with evidence of a life-ending, virulent, fast-acting terminal cancer will be approved for Swiss assisted suicide even if they have have bipolar disorder, sociopathy, borderline personality disorder, depresson, etc.

      • You really think the Swiss clinic is going to say “well, you will definitely be dead within six weeks and nothing can be done by science to save you. we can give you an option to avoid the unimaginable physical pain and suffering you would undoubtedly endure, but I see here you have narcissistic personality disorder. So, no dice. You’ll just have to suffer through it. Bye.

        Not gonna happen.

      • The paperwork she posted for the approval didn’t include that as a reason though. Her inability to legally access the children was the reason listed. It’s ❤️ breaking as many New Yorkers know. As a child of a parent who committed suicide after intense suffering, I can say, it definitely still hurts. Forever. And I was an adult when he did it. It’s all so very sad. She let her revenge supercede anything else. Very, very sad for her children. This is forever, if she’s not alive, it’s still forever.

        • I’m so sorry for what you went through.

          The first thing I thought, when I read her “letter” was the horrible guilt she has put on her children, blaming the custody dispute over them for her decision, including details like how they called her Catherine and she can see how it hurts them to see her . Great guilt trip to lay on those kids for the rest of their lives.

    • One, you have no idea if there is no record of her having a mental illness. You only know what she has chosen to show you. Two, you have no actual evidence that Catherine has undergone assisted suicide.

  • It was confirmed on Nation News that Catherine indeed passed. Gus you are disgusting to write your piece that Catherine Kassenoff had mental illness. Get your story straight.

      • @Frank they didn’t provide a single bit of proof. It was very strange/frustrating that they just said it was confirmed, but did not say how it was confirmed. Not a single word or even syllable about how they confirmed it.

        • Nation News should be held accountable for this false information. How can a news outlet be reliable when they just copy and paste a story without fact checking?

  • These Attorneys diagnosing people. Gus you do not have a license to diagnose people. The mentality ill label is slapped on way to many women in family court. Judges GALs and psychologist. The damage that is happening as a result of the system is massive. Put the parents in counseling. You target the children who are victims. Force the parents to get services!!!!

  • Really Gus? How is fraudulently getting Catherine arrested – to publicly defame her, “keeping things quiet”?

    How is Allen calling her employers to immediately inform them of Catherine’s wrongful arrest based on his lies, keeping things quiet?

    How is screaming and berating her on the ice at their daughters practice, keeping things quiet?

    What’s kept quiet is the racketeering of family court- to conceal all that scumbags like you do to make a living.

  • Gus- please release all financial payments made to you and court appointed “experts” paid by Allen. Why was a mother forced to pay nearly $3,000 per week to see her children for supervised visits?

    It’s a scam. NYS holds no interest in any case against Catherine.

    The ones who hold interest and are determined to maintain no contact are those being paid to isolate the children and deliver them to the abuser.


  • Fair, neutral? The family courts? Who does this guy think he is fooling. Unfortunately too many people put their faith in “experts” who are really just materialistic and sometimes morally depraved assholes. This guy has aided in so much damage to this family.

  • Norm Pattis’ “Gone Girl” Theory?


    She’s sort of an important person in a few of your cases. Have you tried to find her?

    • Well Gus, so what if she did just disappear. You literally tortured her by stealing her children, her home and her dignity. Perhaps you now believe the web you’ve spun about Catherine’s supposed mental illness and bad parenting. Can you really in all honesty look at the videos of Allan with an easy conscience? Do you have one? Do you sleep well at night? And how much exactly did you make in the process? You had Allan so wrapped around your finger that you were his go to when his young daughter got her period prematurely and he didn’t know what to do – rather than her mother. How much did you charge for that call? Shame on you.

      • “You had Allan so wrapped around your finger that you were his go to when his young daughter got her period prematurely and he didn’t know what to do – rather than her mother. How much did you charge for that call? Shame on you.”

        And, shame on those who designed “family courts” in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s to destroy American children and families today for profit, kicks and politics.

        • Please leave these girls with some dignity and stop exposing their entire lives online. This is wayyy too private to be shared.

    • ‘Gone Girl’, good call. I wonder if this was Catherine’s inspiration? You guys should look at this book, there is definitely similarities

      • The Gone Girl “call” as you refer to it isn’t a “call”.

        It’s a tactic to distract good people from finding out how corrupt “family courts” are across America.

        Go away.

  • Oh Gussy boy – really what gives you the right to determine that Catherine was mentally ill? I wouldn’t use you as a lawyer if my life depended on it

  • Through all of this back and forth, one thing remains the same. The court facilitates parental alienation.

  • Here’s what could have happened instead. The judge says how much time did the kids spend with each of you prior to separation? 50/50? 30/70? That’s how much time they will spend with each of you after divorce, done. Who had the final word in decisions on education, religion and medical care? Good, divide it up like that after. Done. No custody litigation, give the children peace and stability, give each parent what they’ve invested in, and MOVE ON.

    This is the custody solution proposed and advocated for by the preeminent, non-political legal organization in the US– the “Approximation Rule,” by the American Law Institute. If applied, it could cut custody litigation from two plus years down to two months.

    But that doesn’t make lawyers money, and lawyers write the law and the judicial procedure in the US. And if applied, parents who prioritized their careers and are reaping the benefits of higher incomes might have to help financially support their children until they are grown.

    This isn’t a hard problem to solve, there’s just zero political will to do it. Too easy to say- well it’s her fault, it’s his fault. No. It’s 100% the fault of legislators and court administrators who submit to the control of lobbyists for the legal industry.

    • I could not agree more. Perhaps in this case, the court could have also ordered some therapy all around. The real issue here is what the courts did to this family for profit.

    • Those solutions make sense. Why is there “zero political will to do it”? That lack of political will means something’s very wrong somewhere. What kind of politics would purposely destroy millions of children and families for decades?

      As soon as possible, we need whistleblowers to tell us who decided families in crisis would be thrown into that wide-awake nightmare of America’s purposely adversarial for-profit “family courts”.

      “… In 2011, Chicago Review Press published a 25th anniversary edition of Chesler’s 1986 book Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody, in which she argues that the American legal system is biased and overworked and continues to fail the needs of mothers and children, especially those whose husbands and fathers are violent and vindictive. She discusses topics such as prolonged litigation, joint custody, court enabled incest, brainwashing, kidnapping, gay and lesbian custody, fathers’ rights groups, and international child custody laws …”

      • Fatherhood initiative. Funding every aspect of family court. Billions of dollars. The AFCC and the alienation industry. Attorneys with connections. There is your answer.

    • AMEN!!! You just said what I’ve been preaching for years!! I’ve been battling custody for the past NINE years and my child is 9 1/2.

      But you hit the nail on the head- there’s wayyy too much money involved to resolve this whole insanity and spare children the pain and tragic consequences that have been proven by the CDC (ACES study) among others. Not to mention the trauma of having your children suddenly ripped out of your life, seeing them suffer, and having to fight lengthy court battles. It’s so much more lucrative to trap you in the legal system, especially when you’re in a super wealthy county like Westchester where they can court order you to use every expert in their corrupt circle: High priced attorneys for the children (each child gets their own), forensic evaluators, Parent Coordinators, Educational Experts, etc. It never ends.

      They’re not shutting down such an incredibly lucrative business just to do what’s right. Even if it’s destroying so many lives. Children’s lives.

  • An attorney with money streams flowing from Allen and zero expertise in mental health and no medical degree claims a mother is mentally ill.

    There’s a shocker. And because an attorney with financial motive says it, it must be true.

    He ignores the highly credentialed psychiatrists who advocated for Catherine. Instead he- with zero expertise – will make this determination. He’s a sick prick. God help his own children.

    • Thank you! Each of the “neutral” evaluators that said Catherine should be kept from her children were PAID FOR by the father! And at least 2 main ones were removed from the case eventually. I have read the letters from her medical providers written as recently as a month prior to her death: SHE WAS NOT MENTALLY ILL! Every possible legal maneuver FOR YEARS was used to punish Catherine and therefore her children were also punished. As a child of divorce, I am shocked by the cruelty displayed against a mother who clearly loved her children and I am heartbroken for the girls whose lives are forever affected.

  • Both parents yell at the children, calling them 🤥 liars. Why do both parents agree? Because children 🤥 lie. Why do dogs pee on the floor? Because, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

  • I’m wondering what state a person would be in if? Your spouse called you fat and old. I wonder what state you would be in if you had cancer and your spouse was sleeping around . I wonder what state you would be in if your character was attached and a legal team was trying to made out to be a bad mother. I wonder what state you would be in if you were recovering from cancer treatment and your children father refused to get them to school. I wonder if your x husband had you arrested and tossed out of your house. I wonder the messages you are sending your children when you move your girlfriend in while you are married. The girlfriend is wearing their mother’s clothing. I wonder how you would feel if you’re husband tryed to bankrupt you and took your children away. I’m sure the video was during a time when she was not in the best fame of mind. She is not slurring her words. She doesn’t appear drunk. Maybe Allen left the empty bottle and glass on the table. Does this video trump all the ones of Allan? One video doesn’t solve the entire case. What about the court filing? People suffering from NPD always try to allude to the victim as crazy and the real problem. Anger is often a symptom of PTSD. The video doesn’t disprove Catherine story. I’m still thinking Allen and the fucked up court system is the guilty party. I definitely think she has died. I’m sure there is a private investigator looking. May she rest in peace.

    • I’m sure Catherine never said mean terrible things to Allen! She saved that for her children only I guess? Nothing Allen has ever said will compare to Catherine faking suicide and sell the scam to the media to try and ruin. Luckily he will be vindicated in the end, and Catherine ruined.

  • I love how the legal community always frames it as the litigants’ fault when things go so very horribly wrong. Families turn to courts for help when they are broken beyond repair. In response, incentivized and rewarded by current law and judicial process, courts turn the screws on desperate litigants tighter and tighter until they break– endlessly prolonging litigation for the sake of illegitimate “settlements” produced under unbearable duress, because that absolves judges of accountability and vastly enriched the system of lawyers and court appointees, at the expense of American families. Legislators and judges depend on the legal community for their party nominations and elections- and its this community that drafts and lobbies for the law and entirely controls the judicial procedure. What’s that saying– you take the law and I’ll take procedure and I’ll beat you every time. Children and parents are utterly destroyed while legislators and judges look the other way and pretend they haven’t grotesquely abused their power and betrayed their constituents at their most vulnerable and helpless.

    • John,

      If you can, please write a book expanding on those valuable insights to share them with the world. The general public still has no idea what “family courts” are — and most good parents have no idea what “family courts” so often do, until it’s too late.

  • Wow Gus – you must be hard up for more of that hourly rate you get. Pathetic on your part.

    Pathetic of both Catherine and Allan to act like the children in this divorce – shame on you both – you should be parenting – so what you do not like each other anymore, he cheated, the marriage dissolved.

    To chase Allan around with a phone and egging him on for comments on video in front of the kids – shame on you C – and Allan shame on you as well to state in front of your children I can’t deal with you I’m leaving, I’m never doing anything for you unless you pick up your room – I mean both of you are acting like idiots.

    These poor kids are going to be so screwed up, their personal information is out for all to see – including doctor and lawyer info that should be confidential, their names and intimate details of their friends names, address all of it is sick.

    And what mother who sees her kids supervised once in awhile would waste the visit arguing over who sent an email – ask about their lives, their friends, sports, teachers –

    Both parents are awful –

    • I agree with you 100% – who cares if you despise each other – to do these things to 3 young children is horrific in any sense. Its difficult enough knowing your mommy & daddy are not going to be married/live together etc anymore but for both mom and dad to call their daughters liars and accuse them of horrible things is just insane – these are children.

    • Totally 1000000 agree. This is horrifying for these little girls and that their lives are all over social media NOT in a good way. They will never live this down.

  • Good afternoon. This response from Gus and Allan is not surprising. However, EVERYONE should know that Gus has lied and asserted misrepresentations in the past. Gus has choreographed stories and plans to implement to garner an advantage for his clients. Gus has recruited his friends to present false stories and claims to judges to create a false narrative. Gus has done it once again.
    I personally have experienced Gus Dimopoulos and Atty Bruggermann’s misrepresentations and (in my opinion) lies to the Court. Gus will go to all extremes if his client pays him (or he is paid by a relative).
    Catherine was NOT mentally ill. Catherine established that there were reports from experts submitted to the court in Catherine’s case that stated she was not mentally ill.
    The children are not safe, rather they have been brainwashed.
    Allan traveled around the world on work trips and extended them so he could vacation without Catherine and the children. Guess who stayed home with the children, CATHERINE!
    Allan had sex in his home with the door hopen and one of his daughters walked in, as reported by Catherine from statements made by her daughter(s).
    Yes, Catherine was arrested, and what happened with that case? Well, for one, the charges were dismissed. I believe the officers admitted that Catherine was arrested based on false information. The prosecutor who prosecuted the case went to work for the attorney for the childrten (AFC) Carol Most. Ask Carol Most what happned to her appointment as the AFC, it was revoked and she was FIRED! Carol Most had $130,000 or so of legal fees she charged disallowed. Ask Carol Most why she was fired?
    Gus relies on the rulings from judges and forensic evaluators, his friends.
    First, Lewis Lubell and Nancy Quinn Koba were two of the most relevant judges in Catherine’s case. Koba and Lubell campaigned together in 2019. Lubell did not tell the litigants that appeared before him. Then, in 2020, Koba became the judge in Catherine’s case (as well as in my case) and she did not disclose that Gus was a signifcant contributor to the campaigns and actively solicited and fundraised for Lubell (and in essence Koba also). I am told that Gus (in part) hosted an election party for Koba. At no time did Koba disclose such to the litigants that appeared before her.
    Second, Marc Abrams was a court appointed independent forensic examiner who issued a report in Catherine’s case. Abrams was removed as a court appointed examiner in 2021 AFTER he issued his report in Catherine’s case and the court relied on this. Abrams was removed based on the complaints filed against him by NUMEROUS women, who alleged sexual harassment among other claims. Catherine also complained. Abrams was an expert that GUS DIMOPOULOS used in his client’s cases. Abrams is a good friend of Lubell, and in fact Lubell officiated Abrams’s second wedding at Abrams’ home DURING the time that Lubell and Abrams were invovled in CATHERINE’s case.
    Third, Most is good friends with Dr. Adler, the children’s therapist who has a pending lawsuit against her by Catherine. The tapes speak for themselves. With that said, neither Dr. Adler nor Carol Most reported the truthful words of Catherine’s daughters, all three of whom (before they were brainwashed) complained about their father (ALLAN) and desired to live and be raised by their now dead mom (CATHERINE).
    Gus, what is your evidence to support your contention that Catherine is alive, or even may be alive. You have NONE, ZERO!!! Another misrepresentation to the world.
    Lets talk about Gus, he makes up stories, uses friends to support his fabricated stories, and then uses the stories to try and ruin the spouses of his clients. This is not just Catherine’s story, it is mine and many many others.
    If you let Gus represent you, you may end up jobless, homeless, or childless because Gus will take any family down a very dark and sad road. I hope one day Gus gets taken down that road, maybe his wife and children should know what a horrible person and dirty lawyer he is! Gus, your dad is not loooking down and smiling at you, he is probably sitting with Catherine and telling her that he is so sorry for raising such a pathetic and disgusting son!

  • The court system was not fair and neutral and was bought as a weapon of war for sociopaths like Allan and Gus. If it was fair, why did the judge recuse himself? Why was Dr Abrams allowed to act like a a sexual predator towards catherine? Why was Carol w most removed for ethical reasons? It’s just total BS to say the court did Great job and we should ignore the real evidence of Allan’s abuse and go home.

    • Catherine was threatening suicide and claiming terminal cancer to try and manipulate everyone, but Allan and Gus are psycho? You need a long stay in a psych ward Catherine, and Allen and the kids need a permanent restraining order against you.

      • “Ellen”,

        There you go again, throwing around toxic comments trying to poison the well.

        People with cancer, crushed by an impossible situation don’t “threaten” with suicide. They inform while hoping to explain in the best way possible, a very difficult situation. You know that. Shame on you.

      • This right here is Asshole Alan. Just remember this you paid $3 million dollars to gut your whole family and kill your career. Hey Shira, who is the real loser!

  • Quite frankly, even if she was alive and mentally ill, we all saw the videos. We’ve all watched Allan abuse his children with our own eyes. All this would mean is at most that neither parent should have the kids, if Catherine were alive. It’s like this frat bro-looking lawyer is saying “who are you going to believe, us, or your lying eyes??”

    The potential of her being mentally ill doesn’t erase the fact that Allan is blatantly abusive and psychotic, and that those girls should be removed from him before he commits familicide.

  • Catherine is going to be very grumpy today. I wonder if she thought about how she would show her face in Larchmont after pulling this stunt? Should have bought a house in New Mexico.

  • I’m not sure why Allan’s attorney decided to issue a public statement on behalf of his client. In fact, given that the statement serves no legal purpose, I would guess that it was something that Gus Dimopoulous was instructed to do by Allan for PR purposes.

    • Because the only proof she’s “dead” is one mentally Ill woman’s FB post. Media reporting a story based entirely on “trust me bro” FB post and it’s absurd. Not hard to confirm a death, yet here we are on week 3, zero proof, with Catherine manically posting in comments pretending she’s dead.

      • The misogyny leaps out of that statement.

        – she was crazy
        – she was found unfit (for reasons that appear to remain forever unspecified because chiefly it is about Allan cheating)
        – maybe she’s not dead (she’s a woman, she lies!)
        – Allan is a great dad (the videos you have seen lie!)
        – he’s a man and so silent, dependable, reliable, she is a weak, lying, hysterical woman (who is still alive!)

        Etc etc ad nauseum. Just gaslighting and misogyny. Is Gus worth the fee, Allan, or is he now working for free? Great husbands gotta stick together

        • “ she was found unfit (for reasons that appear to remain forever unspecified because chiefly it is about Allan cheating“

          The reasons are unspecified, because Allan, while imperfect, is a grown up who didn’t release private damaging info about her on Facebook. Maybe because unlike Catherine, he actually has some sense, and a heart.

  • Catherine finally feeling the heat of her insane stunt. BPD women always take advantage of the person trying to be responsible and adult, while they continue to be a whirling dervish of drama and destruction hurting all in their orbit.

    Look for her in the comments on this story if she hasn’t already been contacted by authorities or a PI.

    • Awww yeah, poor Allan, the shrieking harpy who he all watched scream and yell and stomp around like a toddler towards his children. Even if Catherine were alive, that wouldn’t magically erase his actions that we have all witnessed.

      But I suppose if you’re also a narcissistic abuser like him, you feel that those actions can be justified if his wife and kids weren’t acting obedient enough.

    • Yep. She probably knew he would never stoop as low as her and release the extremely private and damaging info about her that is under seal at the court. Also, it seems he actually respects the law. Go figure!

  • OK , so let us assume she is mentally ill for arguments sake – why would Allan and the judge not allow her to remove her personal items from her home after being evicted and having only 20 minutes to leave ? A time at a later date could have been scheduled with an officer for her to retrieve her personal items and clothing . Why such a lack of compassion for this “mentally iil ” person . Why was this “neutral ” Marc Abrams sanctioned for gross misconduct after she filed a complaint against him. After being evicted she rented an apartment in Larchmont and the judge said she could not live within one square mile of the the kids and Larchmont is 1 square mile -this happened I believe after she filed a complaint against the judge . So now she had to leave and pay for the apartment she could not occupy and find another place to live . Such a lack compassionate treatment of this “mentally ill “woman who was fighting cancer . Not a great way to treat the mother of your kids . I forgot Allan emailing someone in her new layers firm saying he did not know he did matrimonial law and that Catherine did not pay her lawyers . What was the point of that ? Take a guess

    • “After being evicted she rented an apartment in Larchmont and the judge said she could not live within one square mile of the the kids and Larchmont is 1 square mile”

      Did someone put a curse on katherine where she will turn to dust if she resides an inch outside the border of Larchmont? You are cuckoo.

      • She rented an apartment in Larchmont AFTER being evicted from the family home . She rented a 3 bedroom apartment to be near her kids and in her community . AFTER renting the apartment the judge issued an order saying she could not live within 1 square mile of the family so she had to move out and pay rent on the rental apartment she could not live in .My point was not that she would ‘turn to dust if she resides outside the border of Larchmont ” as you point out .My point was she was forced out of the family home with 20 minutes to leave and then forced out of her new living arrangement . Perhaps you should read more carefully before calling me cuckoo. Your reading comprehension is lacking

  • You are a very sad man. To put this out is beyond distasteful. Hopefully the general public sees you for the very bad attorney that you are. I trust the public will see you for why you truly are. Shame on you.

  • “The children have been in our client’s care for 3 1/2 years and they are safe and healthy” Uhmmm does he really thinks so? I don’t think so. The damage this divorce has caused to those children is irreparable. In years to come we will see the outcome. They will need years of therapy. In all those videos( including the last ones posted here ) I didn’t hear Ms Kassenoof expressing herself with hatred like her husband did. I believe she was very frustrated at the whole ordeal and being push against the wall with no way out. Also, this man is an immoral..who sleeps with a girlfriend…making noises in the room with the door close ( emails) while the children are right there??? Get a cheap motel. Thank you

      • Listen to her daughter’s anger at Catherine for forging suicide threatening was heartbreaking. Catherine is incredibly cruel, what a terrible thing to do to your daughter and try to guilt her into backing up her lies and manipulation.

        Not ironic that a woman unhinged enough to fake suicide threat emails from her child would then try to fake her own suicide to ruin her ex.

        The only positive in all of this is that Allan and the kids will easily be granted restraining orders now and never have to see or hear from her again, if she tries they will throw her in jail. (Jail is where she belongs after pulling this stunt. There is no therapy that can fix a woman this unhinged and evil.)

        • Ohhh poor him, he is an angel ….you must be mom. Lol. Oh well… if that is how you think I am happy for you. Roll my 👀. Someone should take the whole bunch of crooks to court with a jury, take the kids away,( they deserve better) and put them with a loving and caring family. Then the public will be able to see the truth and nothing but the truth 👏👏👏👏

  • Marc Abrams is all forehead and no neck. That picture of his profile looks like a victim from a hospital burn unit.

  • The pushing and labeling of mothers is a pattern. The focus should be on eithics and the violations of the law in family court procedures. As well as the abuse of judicial discretion. The labeling of mental illnesses and parental alienation are an excuse in the majority of cases. Domestic violence is not a public health crisis it’s a crime. The trauma the family court system is causing is the public health crisis.

  • The funny thing is on this blog alone there’s been at least four people who have stayed at their names have come forward and said that they actually knew Kathryn they were either friends with her breast, cancer journey French, American school, neighbors and each and everyone of them has said what a wonderful mother she was I have yet to see anybody testifying on what a great father Alan is besides his attorney of course he probably made a pretty penny for making that statement. What does he get about 1000 bucks an hour again he’s paying for things to try & win – classic manipulation.

    If the guy had any kind of a heart, the statement would read that they’re devastated at the loss of their mother something to that affect he can hate her all he wants she is still the mother of his children.

    • they do all the time you just people are just so unwell that you think its him grow up and stop destroying the kids lives to make you all feel better about how terrible your own lives are

    • Maybe the children aren’t devastated. Maybe they’re relieved she’s dead. U don’t even know how to spell Catherine which means u don’t know this family at all. She was manipulative and abusive. And you’re a bunch of idiots who want to believe the narrative initially set forth because it can’t be that after 4 years and 3000 filings and multiple evaluators that she was just a bad person.

      • Okay Sh*** – don’t you have a class to teach or a JCC fundraiser to attend? Once Allan has limited funds and moves on to his new woman while you watch his children you will be in flat out menopause and no one will want you – get out while you can – go find a tennis instructor or something.

        • This is hysterical, poor woman thinks she is getting the family she never had and a rich dude, big house in Westchester – welcome to the shit show.

    • Right, because those are definitely “real people” and you get an ID check before posting comments on this site. It’s more likely Catherine is pulling names of people she vaguely knew from social circles and posting comments. Catherine alienated everyone, even her very patient employers. She was very lonely, isolated and angry and it was her own fault. Catherine can only blame everyone, never look in the mirror.

      • Your name is Ellen Allen and you are her best friend? Wow a very supportive BFF I see. Why don’t you stop getting your nails done and going to soul cycle like a true Larchmont mom and get a job – from the looks of it you have WAYYY to much time on your hands ELLEN.

      • Um. 1:22? You’re following the case, right? Did you see any reason she might have felt “very lonely, isolated and angry”? Look again.

  • This article now has me convinced she is alive and it wasn’t because of the attorney’s statement. Frank, I think it’s time to unhitch your horse from this wagon.

  • This website is disgusting for publishing such trash. The woman is dead and that man helped in killing her by abusing her and using the law to take her children away!!! Shame on you!!!!

    • Trash is what she did. Post on Facebook to destroy him without a care about what happens to the kids. Wtf is wrong with u. Only she is responsible for her actions no one else

      • No no my friend. Asshole Allan paid $3 million dollars to gut and destroy his family and kill his career. Hey Shira, who is the loser now???

    • Where’s your proof she’s alive? She’s supposedly been dead for 3 weeks and all we have is a FB post. Catherine is alive, but a very mentally sick woman.

    • FR helped the feds take down a politically-influential sex cult that brainwashed its victims, conducted “fright studies” and controlled nursery schools in America, Mexico and Canada — were they in the UK, too?

      May FR help the feds take down “family court” criminal networks around the world.

      We love you, Frank. Thank you for all your good and great work!!!

  • Wow Marie White you ugly troll, your an imbecile you look like one too clearly you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Arrested ? BASED ON FALSE ALLEGATIONS WHICH WAS DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICIE, clearly you don’t have the facts straight and is a ugly troll supporting abusers like Allan Kassenoff, Catherine Kassenoff backed up all her claims with evidence and lying, unscrupulous Gus here just uses the court words which identifying to a single specific allegation of any wrongdoing whatsoever by Catherine, he is a liar, he was paid 3 million to lie, and to have Catherine Kassenoff falsely lose custody, you troll you are an imbecile!! I’m attaching Catherine Kassenoff DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE IN HER FAVOR FROM Allan Kassenoff’s FALSE CRIMINAL CHARGES. NYPL 160.50 Order upon termination of criminal action in favor of the accused.

  • Of course the lying, attorneys smear Catherine Kassenoff with ” she has severe mental illness”, No she is as coherent as can be. Bullsh*t Testimony for sale is worthless to the public opinion.

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