Nebraska Bans Birth-Gender Deniers Amputations for Children; Sterilization Options for Children May Suffer Scrutiny

Warning: This article contains some discussion and images of the lucrative children’s pro-choice birth-gender-denying sterilization industry, which includes breast, vaginal, penis, and testicle amputation on children.

The Nebraska legislature passed a ban on birth gender-denying breast, vagina and penis amputation for minors.  Artificial penis and breast implants recipients must also wait until age 19.

Treatments, including drugs to block normal puberty and cross-sex hormones, which often sterilize the patient, will still be available for children in the Cornhusker State, but with added oversight.

A person in Nebraska will have to wait for their 19th birthday to amputate their breasts and add an artificial penis, or amputate their penis, testicles and scrotum and add an artificial vagina.

In Nebraska, the age of consent for sex is 16. Voting is 18. Drinking and smoking is 21.

These activities are age-prohibited in Nebraska and every state, because lawmakers consider children’s minds not developed enough to make decisions that might harm them.

The one exception in many states is that children can consent to sterilize themselves and change their appearance for life at 13 or younger.

Ironically, in Nebraska, the age of majority is 19, and anyone under 18 cannot legally be held to a contract. The reason for that is that children do not know what they are signing, and can be easily manipulated by adults who are out to profit off them.

So how do children have such wisdom about their gender before they can consent to a single sexual experience?

Sen. Kathleen Kauth (R), one of the Nebraska bill’s authors, is not convinced children have sufficient wisdom to know enough to sterilize or amputate, and might regret the decision later.

“This bill is and always has been about protecting children. It does not discriminate,” Kauth said, insisting the measure was meant to delay “irreversible, experimental medications and surgeries.”

“This bill is simply about protecting innocent life,” Sen. Tom Briese (R) said.

Female to male “gender affirming” surgery takes skin from the arm and/or leg to craft an artificial penis.
Before and after of a female to male “bottom” surgery.

Nebraska Democrats say the law preventing children from choosing life-altering birth gender denial treatment is dangerous, since if a child believes he or she can change their gender by taking drugs that sterilize them, and amputate body parts, and adults don’t let them, the child’s mental health will take a turn for the worse and violate the most fundamental principle of medical ethics: “First, do no harm.”

“This place is morally bankrupt. You are playing political games with the lives of children and parents,” Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh (D) a strong supporter of birth gender denial medical treatments and amputation for children.


The face of birth gender denial, Neb. Senator Machaela Cavanaugh

Gov. Jim Pillen (R), who does not support the for-profit birth-gender denial industry and expects to get none of their votes, said he will sign the bill and released a statement applauding its passage.

“All children deserve a chance to grow and live happy, fruitful lives. This includes… children struggling with their gender identity,” Pillen said. “These kids deserve the opportunity to grow and explore who they are and want to be, and they can do so without making irreversible decisions.”

The restrictions will begin Oct. 1.

The measure bans child amputation, known also as gender reassignment surgery, for those under 19, Nebraska’s age of majority. It gives the state’s chief medical officer — an ear, nose and throat doctor appointed by the Republican governor — authority over the use of birth gender denial treatments for minors as of October.

An earlier bill on medical treatment for birth-denier children would have barred them from not only amputations, but from sterilization from puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

But Republicans faced stiff Democrat opposition and scaled back their goals to win the support needed to pass the anti-child amputation bill. Children can still get sterilized in Nebraska, but physicians might find unfriendly oversight.

More than a dozen states passed restrictions on children making irreversible decisions about taking hormones and amputation, lopping off or adding fake body parts, before they are legally allowed to consent to sex or drink alcohol, including Florida and North Carolina.

Texas’ Republican-controlled legislature approved a bill banning sterilization of children through hormone and puberty-blocking treatments, as well as mutilation surgeries for minors.

The bill permits the Texas medical board to revoke physician licenses for those who violate the ban and irreversibly alter children’s bodies.

The Texas bill also prohibits taxpayer funds from going to any person or entity that “provides or facilitates” the mutilation or irreversible body – altering sterilization of children.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has said he will sign the measure.

In Nebraska, the pro-sterilization and birth gender denial treatment forces are mad as hell, and they aren’t gonna take it anymore.

They are supported by physicians who perform the amputation and artificial implant surgeries, medical facilities that provide the amputation of children’s breasts, vaginas, penises and testicles  and offer robust sterilization services, and therapists who stand ready to provide lifetime mental health services for amputees and sterilized children well into adulthood and can stand by to assist with “detransition” mental health treatment for adults who chose too early and not too wise.

Laws in places like Florida, Texas and Nebraska have hit the “trans gender” industry hard in the pocketbook. These draconian laws threaten their entire industry by banning children from making choices that will change their adult lives well before they could work or support themselves, before they could marry, or even hope to pay for the treatment they are persuaded to choose.

Trans industry experts know that, like tobacco smoking, if you don’t get children to use their products or services, they are unlikely to do so when they become adults.

If children are not ushered into the birth-gender denial sterilization treatment, they are likely to outgrow their caprice – one often supported by adults, costing the industry millions.

Denying confused children the right to believe they changed their gender, when they became dependent on hormones for life, and amputation and adding artificial sex organs is baffling to those who know the ruination of the industry is at hand, if this legislation catches on.

Mindy Rush Chipman, interim executive director of the ACLU of Nebraska, who joined protesters at the Nebraska Capitol on Friday, said the new law is “an unprecedented attack on our human and civil rights here in Nebraska.”

Mindy Rush Chipman knows children know best.

In a statement after the vote, she said the organization was “exploring our options to address the harm of this extreme legislation.”

“This is not over, not by a long shot,” she said.

Sen. Megan Hunt, who has a 12-year-old birth female, who she calls her “transgender son,” alternately castigated and pleaded with the bill’s supporters to relent, sometimes crying openly for the right to sterilize and mutilate other people’s children.

Senator Megan Hunt with her “transgender son.”

She said, “We are working to fight for rights that we have already won.”

Protesters gathered outside the legislature at the Capitol rotunda, trying to drown out lawmakers with chants, shouts and foot stomping. The chamber’s glass doors were locked. Extra state troopers patrolled the area. When shouts erupted in the gallery during debate, Lt. Gov. Joe Kelly — who presides over the legislature — called a recess and directed security to clear the gallery.

“It’s not what democracy looks like. It’s what corruption looks like,” Sen. Cavanaugh said, accusing the bill’s supporters of being “bought by the governor.”

Sen. Cavanaugh supports the pro-choice movement for children, staunchly supporting their right to sterilization and breast and penis amputation as soon as they realize their child-bodies are not suitable for the rest of their lives.

On Friday, Cavanaugh shouted as she chanted along with protesters outside in the rotunda, “Trans people belong here! We need trans people! We love trans people!”

“This does not end today for any of us,” Cavanaugh said Friday. “This is just the beginning.”

“Nebraska is watching. The country is watching today, and a lot of people are in pain,” she said. Later, she said she looked forward to seeing supporters of the bill voted out of office.

“The people will remember today.”

And there will be children who will not alter their bodies in Nebraska who will remember this day also. Some will be thankful that some wise conservatives protected them from the greed and lunacy of the times.

{This story is based on a pro-choice for children article by MSN: Nebraska passes 12-week abortion, gender-affirming care for minors ban (

How it Works for a Girl Who Wants to Be a Boy

The physician cuts a lump of flesh from the child’s leg, arm or abdomen, leaving a permanent scar. Then they fashion it to look like a penis. The physician removes the child’s female genitals, and sometimes transports it to the base of the artificial penis, extends the urethea through the penile device, constructs a scrotum, sometimes from the labia [a scrotectomy], constructs the head of the artificial penis, and in some cases implants a silicone, stainless steel, and interlocking plastic joints that can move like a Gumby doll for flaccid or erect imitation penis as the wearer desires.

There are also inflatable artificial penises that also give the appearance of an erection.  Gently squeeze the hidden pump inside the artificial scrotum, and it pumps a saline solution stored there through cylinders in the artificial penis to create an appearance of an erection.

To end the erection, gently bend the artificial penis down for six to 12 seconds, and the saline solution heads back into the artificial scrotum.

There is no doubt among wise Democratic lawmakers that children can decide to have this surgery even before these children can decide to vote for Democrats over reprehensible Republicans who would deny others’ children and even their own the right to choose  such an operation that will be, as they say in the industry, “gender affirming.”

The Face of Wisdom and Profit Merged

Dr. Daniel Freet, one of the top artificial penis surgeons, opposes laws that will slash his income. Children are the lifeblood of his burgeoning industry.

Dr. Kathy Rumer, Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic (R) and Dr. Borko Stojanovic (L) sometimes perform multiple artificial penis implants in a single day. These hard-working physicians do not want to be financially penalized by lawmakers who think they know better than children about the right to choose amputation and sterilization, the lifeblood of their industry.

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  • This is transphobic and I would love to discuss this in private with you Frank. I believe you have the capacity to grow

  • This is going to be used in family courts across the country. The parent who is pro-surgery and all the medical procedures and therapy that comes with it will get full custody, and all the money. The parent against it will be vilified by the court, isolated from their children and will be banished from their lives.

    It has little to do with the well being of any child. Profit driven.

  • Just to make clear. When I wrote cut off all dicks at 2 years old I didn’t mean trans children I mean all male children. Make it law. Toxic masculinity is the problem. Eveything would be fine if there were no more men. We have surgery to do it.

  • It’s not amputation asshole. I embraced my womanhood and removed a growth that didn’t belong there. I couldn’t be who I really am with that thing between my legs. Now I am who I was meant to be. I love being a woman and plan to be a mother soon. Stop writing lies.

    I was 17 when I got bottom surgery. I never regret it. I’m looking to meet a nice man who loves me for the true woman I am. I will be 20. If I didn’t get gender affirming treatment when I was 13 id look like a hairy man with a big Adam’s apple instead of the gorgeous femine woman I am today. Not that I don’t like men with hair on their chest I do. Just don’t want to be one. It’s not me.

    So you think I should have waited for 21 to get treatment? It’s hard enough to find a man when they find out I am trans. With a hairy chest and awful thing between my legs I would never be able to find a straight man. What Nebraska, Texas, Florida is doing to kids is evil.


      Corinna Cohn, who transitioned at 19. Evil is letting young people, with brains that are not yet fully developed, make decisions to amputate healthy body parts to solve an issue that starts in the mind without first fully exploring the mental health issues that are making them uncomfortable. Surgeries and hormones that interrupt and destroy healthy, functional body parts are drastic body modifications that leave an individual as a permanent medical patient. What happened to “do no harm”? Or at least do as little harm as possible to achieve a satisfactory medical outcome?

      And yes – one can go online and, within minutes, find the “correct” answers to walk into Planned Parenthood and get a prescription for “sex changing” hormones. Planned Parenthood is handing them out like candy. Opioids are a useful drug when used in a medically responsible manner. The same is true of hormones (and surgeries) – but the current process is not being handled in a medically responsible manner. And just like we woke up to the abuse of opioids that has occurred, we are going to wake up to a wave of young people who made medical decisions that destroyed healthy bodily systems when less drastic measures could have helped them.

      I hope you find what you are looking for in life and will never have to live with regrets. I believe there are many out there who have pursued the same medical course and who will eventually regret their decisions and the lasting harm they have done to their own bodies.

  • Frank-

    More media outlets should show what actually happens. The public needs to see.

    Even if the media only showed drawings I believe the vast majority of Democrats would agree.

    The woke progressives are out of control.

    • I was shocked myself when I saw the procedures, and realized this is not changing gender, this is amputation, and prosthetics for profit without informed consent. It parallels, but is worse than what the tobacco industry did to kids handing them lung cancer 30 years in advance.

  • There is no reason why children need to go through gender reassignment before adulthood.

    The law makes sense.

    • There, there, Yana(Bangkok)

      Just post your name and address!
      ShadowState will com-over and transition you for free.

  • I can see boys wanting to be women cause otherwise they’ll grow up to be men. But never should a woman want to be a vile man. Make it a one way street. Cut off their dicks at two years old like Herod did.

  • How many of Joe Biden’s FBI agents will get off on mutilating children’s genitals?

  • My brother was recently invited to the Iowa Governor’s mansion to celebrate Governor Kim Reynolds’ second inaugural to her second full term.

    The Free Republican State of Iowa has banned the gender mutilation of children in the name of changing children’s genders.

    Iowa’s governor signs law banning gender-affirming care for minors
    Iowa’s Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law Wednesday a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, joining a growing cadre of red states looking to restrict access to the treatments for trans youth in America.

    SF 538 bans health care professionals from giving medical treatment “for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of, or affirm the minor’s perception of, the minor’s gender or sex, if that appearance or perception is inconsistent with the minor’s sex [at birth].” The legislation went to effect immediately after the governor’s signing.

    Health professionals found to violate the law will be subject to discipline from the appropriate licensing board and can face lawsuits.

    The bill’s sponsor, Republican state Rep. Steven Holt, said during floor debate earlier this month that the bill was intended to stop treatment that he considered too “experimental” to be allowed.

    “I believe that the medical efficacy of these treatments is not proven,” Holt said.

    Major medical associations agree that gender-affirming care is clinically appropriate for children and adults with gender dysphoria, a psychological distress that may result when a person’s gender identity and sex assigned at birth do not align, according to the American Psychiatric Association.

    Though the care is highly individualized, some children may decide to use reversible puberty suppression therapy. This part of the process may also include hormone therapy that can lead to gender-affirming physical change. Surgical interventions, however, are not typically done on children and many health care providers do not offer them to minors.

    Democrats in Iowa’s state House accused supporters of the ban of hypocrisy for not giving parents a choice of whether to allow gender-affirming care for their own children.

    “I was under the impression that this session was going to be all about parents rights,” said Democratic state Rep. Jennifer Konfrst. “So I guess the way I’m going to read this bill is that parents know best until the government does.”’
    On Wednesday, Reynolds also signed Iowa’s version of what opponents have called “bathroom bills,” prohibiting transgender people from using school restrooms that do not correspond to their sex assigned at birth. Any Iowa citizen who believes a school is in violation could file a complaint with the attorney general.

    Iowa’s gender-affirming care ban puts it in line with Tennessee, which this month enacted a ban on all forms of gender-affirming care for minors. Mississippi, Utah and South Dakota passed their own bans earlier this year. Alabama, Arizona and Arkansas also enacted bans on gender-affirming care in recent years, though the laws in Alabama and Arkansas have been temporarily blocked by federal courts.

    Other potential bans are likely on their way, with Missouri’s Republican attorney general announcing Monday he would seek to implement an emergency regulation restricting gender-affirming care. Kentucky’s Republican-led legislature passed its ban earlier this month while boasting a majority that could overturn the likely veto of its Democratic governor. That bill would also allow educators to refuse to refer to transgender students by their preferred pronouns and would not allow schools to discuss sexual orientation or gender identity with students of any age. And a bill that would ban certain types of gender-affirming care for minors is headed for Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk after passing the state Senate this week.'s%20Republican%20Gov.,for%20trans%20youth%20in%20America.

    Allow children to reach adulthood and let these children as adults reach their own decisions about their health.
    Joe Biden and the Democrats are child abusers.

    My brother warns that children who have their genders altered without consent will have a field day suing school districts, school administrators, counselors, doctors and other medical personnel.

    Stop child abuse Now!

  • Seems like a Responsible approach to me to wait until children are older for such a life changing surgery.

    There are true hermaphrodites who I think should have a right to the surgery at the Proper Age, when they can be certain which way they lean but they are RARE.

    Also seems like this is true BODY Mutilation unlike tats and piercings and body scarification of the ancients., js.

    Notable :16 years old for sex in a US state.

    • Perhaps doctors or midwives that deliver children could note explicitly when a child is born with both sex organs , for a possible waiver in extreme cases for the child’sental health with pictures, I suppose.

  • According to Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, “This place is morally bankrupt. You are playing political games with the lives of children and parents.” I completely agree with that, but I disagree with which side is the morally bankrupt one playing political games. Those who supposedly care for “trans” people (if such people exist in reality, which is questionable) are just creating child soldiers to fight for their agenda, and couldn’t care less about what mental and physical damage they are causing to the young people they manipulate. So “trans” supporters see no contradiction or hypocrisy in banning drinking until someone is 18 or 21, but approve of permanently removing naturally working body parts at whatever age someone convinces them to identify as “transgender”? Drugs are bad, unless they chemically change someone’s natural bodily processes into that of the opposite sex they were born as? So-called “trans supporters” are just like cigarette advertisers who couldn’t care less about pushing countless young people into long term damage and death, as long as they got their money. This is a modern Pied Piper story, where children are tricked and used to fulfill someone’s desires, but in this case it’s far more tragic.

  • Gender is a social construct determined under patriarchy while sex is a biological fact, created at the time of a person’s conception, before a heart or a brain, a person’s biological sex happens.

  • This has nothing to do with pro-choice. Stop promoting that control of women. This gender business is revolting. Coercing children and vulnerable young adults with this delusional science fiction should be criminalized.

  • Sick and vile living creatures who need to go under surgical procedures. Frontal lobotomies first.

  • The Nebraska Democrats truly are the Party of Pedophiles. They are obsessed with penises, testicles and breasts of children. If that’s not pedophilia, I don’t know what is. Have the police looked at Cavanaugh? She sounds like a pedo. If children are brought to other states for the surgery by adults, will they be charged with child sex trafficking?

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