Roberts Defends Her Role in Branding Women

The brand on Sarah Edmondson; published in the New York Times.

In Danielle Roberts’ Declaration in Opposition to Granting the Plaintiffs Leave to Amend their Complaint in Edmondson et al v. Raniere et al, she gets into a point-by-point debate with the plaintiffs’ proposed Third Amended Complaint, as it refers to her role in DOS.

Defendant Roberts’ actions evincing her knowledge of the conspiracy and agreement with co-conspirators to facilitate it, include branding DOS victims’ pubic regions without their informed consent [and] continuing to promote DOS well-after the details of DOS related crimes came to light.

…The who, what, when, where and how are all missing. This fails to raise the connection beyond mere speculation, and doesn’t cure deficiencies.

DOS was a sex trafficking pipeline operated and furthered by Raniere, members of the Inner Circle… and Defendant Roberts to provide Raniere with sexual prey and “slaves” who would perform uncompensated labor.”

Certainly this statement alone is not indicative of any action or knowledge of these horrific allegations above speculation… providing no basis of “knowledge and support” beyond their mere assertion of such.

“[Roberts] branded women without obtaining their informed consent. This was a severe deviation from the standard of care…”

“Roberts admitted that she never obtained such [informed medical] consent.”

These facts are irrelevant. Medical informed consent is not needed between two adult parties to have consent to the activity, and shows no foundation for knowledge of anything bad occurring between consenting parties at that time, much less sex trafficking or human trafficking.

It is also highly controversial that branding is a medical procedure at all. Certainly at the time of the branding this connection was not established, and medical informed consent was not necessary to infer or obtain verbal consent between parties.

The OPMC [that ruled to revoke Roberts medical license] also held that ‘informed consent must be voluntary and not in connection with coercion under the threat of disclosure of personal and potentially damaging or destructive collateral’ and characterized Roberts conduct as ‘medically reckless.’”

This is irrelevant and prejudicial to me. The OPMC opinion of my medical skill has nothing to do with my knowledge of criminal intent. The choice of women (including myself) to give collateral also does not insinuate criminal intent or my knowledge of any.

Furthermore, Roberts intentionally concealed a known fact and never informed the women she branded that the brand was KAR to represent Raniere’s initials or that it would measure two inches by two inches.

This is categorically false. “Intentionally concealing” is an embellishment of the quoted text from my testimony in my medical hearing and is prejudicial to me. I never said I intentionally concealed anything. Not informing (because it wasn’t my role to, but rather their masters’ role) and intentionally concealing are two very different things.

Each woman also had a stencil applied with the exact size before the branding took place at all.

Again this is  irrelevant (shows no tie to me knowing about any criminal intent) and is prejudicial to me.

Outright lies; bad faith

As a member of DOS, Roberts knew that DOS members were not told that they would be branded when they were recruited into DOS.

This fact is verifiably false.

As [Lauren Salzman] testified [in criminal trial of Raniere] the brand was an explicit part of the enrollment process into DOS.

Salzman testified: Members knew… about it and consented, knew it was not a tattoo. I went through this exact process and assumed they did too.”

“they [members] were not told that the brand was Raniere’s initials…”

This assumes not disclosing information is intentionally concealing and tied to bad intent. There are many other reasons information may not transpire between two parties. In this context, it also insinuates, the only option to receive a brand with someone’s initials is for the purpose of ownership in a commercial sex act. Certainly, people choose to have the initials of their loved ones branded on them for many other reasons besides this,
and there are no laws indicating being branded with someone’s initials means you are their property.

This makes no meaningful connection that I knew and supported furthering an act to sell my friends into sexual slavery at the time of the brandings.

that all DOS members had provided collateral and therefore could not consent to the branding.

Before receiving my brand, I had consented to giving collateral and to receiving a brand. I assumed all other women who choose to join did as well, and that women had the agency to make their own decisions.

At that time there was no media narrative or legal processes spun to tell (or reward) me (or them) for anything different. Again, there is no meaningful connection as to the “knowledge or furthering” of a sex trafficking ring or forced labor camp.

Roberts admitted to the OPMC that she purchased the electrocautery device, that she knew that the brand was KAR to represent Raniere’s initials, and that Raniere was the grandmaster to the First Line Masters who were his slaves. 

This, also shows no knowledge of any sex trafficking or forced labor scheme. As an aside, I can guarantee Sarah Edmondson also knew Keith was involved before she chose to give any collateral at all as a green [sash] in the organization (with much more insight than I would have had as a [zero] 0 Stripe Coach [yellow sash]).

The term “slave” was metaphoric in this organization to encourage inner reflection of the ways we enslave ourselves to things in the world. The was a growth program aimed at helping each other gain internal freedom. “Slave” was not literal. Even if it was, it was disclosed at invitation and acceptance consensual.

[Roberts] knew or should have known that DOS First Line Masters and Defendant Raniere were engaged in sex trafficking because she was a member of DOS specially deputized by Keith Raniere to brand DOS members with his initials—a mark of their sexual servitude and Defendant Raniere’s predation” (PTAC).

They claim “specially deputized” but show no conversation, texts, or anything substantial that show I had any knowledge at the time of anything sinister or even sexual in nature. On the contrary, I had been told at the time, the brand served as “a reminder for women of their commitment to themselves and their sisters for when things get hard and they want to bail on themselves.”

I was told of its symbology of the elements and chakras, and of its tribute “to the founding members KR and AM, to honor them a century from now when the organization has helped grow thousands of women.”

Certainly, “sexual servitude to a predator” can’t be the only meaning a symbol containing anothers’ initials can hold? Seems I was misinformed as well….

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  • I think I like Daniele in a bathing suit as much as I like Kristin Kreuk. Not to make Sultan angry.

    • Sultan of Simp is proof that simping for women gets you nowhere, while the VanTard is proof that lying, cheating, and manipulatively coercing them will get you loads of pussy.

      How long was the simp pursuing Kreuk and what did that bring him? Not just a year or two but well over a decade and it brought him absolutely nothing. Sultan of Simp seemed like a smart guy but he was really dumb when it came to Kreuk.

      • Neither Sultan’s simping or VanTard’s lying got their dicks into Kreuk. Mark Hildreth is the one who held the secret key that unlocked all three of Kreuk’s orifices.

  • Branding women with a man’s initials, on their nethers, in this bizarre naked ritual, as slaves, is a thing that might have tested the sadistic inventiveness of the Marquis de Sade. And yet Dr. Scar feigns surprise that she’s being sued by some of the women she branded!

    “Sarah Edmondson did bad things too!” is her excuse.

    Yeah that makes sense. Sure. Uh-huh.

    • Keith also wanted those bizarre naked branding sessions with legs slightly spread in a most vulnerable position to quote Vanguard used as blackmail. Nobody ever mentions that when they try to compare the branding to getting a tattoo. I don’t know anyone who’s gotten a tattoo naked, while repeating a freaky slave vow ritualistically and had a hidden slave master who planned to use that as blackmail against them. Not even the fraternities they try to unsuccessfully compare to their slave ring.

      • Exactly. The more comments I read that try to excuse the women who did the deeds, the more ridiculous the defense gets. I guess to me, I would think about (Dr.) Roberts this way. Would I really want my doctor to be the one who unquestioningly burned a couple of people’s initials into other unknowing women’s groin areas. This being done in the name of empowerment, and having them ask for this honor with you not disclosing the full truth. I wouldn’t want that person as my doctor. What else could she be able to lie about through omission?

  • The teachings of Nxivm intensives/DOS distilled

    part 1

    It doesn’t matter what you have done in your life whether it was morally ambiguous (at best) or even criminal

    Pick another person from the cult (preferably Lauren Salzman) and compares your behavior, choices, actions and sins to her constantly.

    Never take personal responsibility.

    Demonize Sarah Edmondson.

    Same with Mark Vicente.

    Defectors are the choosen targets to detract and deflect from yourself.

    Everything is someone else’s fault and there is always a person who is a worse human being from Nxivm

    Breath in. You are better than them. You are more ethical. Stronger.

    Breath out.

    Please take a spread labia open vagina photo showing face and brand. Send it to collateral dropbox

  • Danielle.
    You branded a black woman in the 21st century.
    You are a piece of crap.
    Thank God you aren’t allowed to practice medicine ever again.
    Just because you managed to pass a few examinations doesn’t make you smart.
    You need a little introspection. You did a bad thing. Own up to it. That might be a good start

  • Danielle, why don’t you reflect on one simple question : ‘what if Raniere didn’t have my best interests at heart? What if he was just using me for his own nefarious purposes?’ Listen to your own thoughts and voice for this question, it will guide you to your answers….

  • Someone should tell Neil the ambulance chaser that he should at least make an effort to spell Nicki Clyne’s name right if he’s going to sue for billions.

    Hey Sarah? Are you reading the comments? We all know you’re full of shit. Fuck off.

    • The last three sentences of fake Kevin’s comment really seem like something a person who wasn’t personally involved in the lawsuit and was just a stranger to everybody involved with the cult and the lawsuit would say… lol

  • Of course Edmondson is passed off at Roberts. She totally mutilated her groin! If her brand was as beautiful as the others, she might have let her slide like Lauren.

  • This cult was full of hypocrites, starting at the top.

    On the outside, it put on a front via its superficial claims that it was a “Rolls Royce” of an ethical organization. But underneath its hood, it was just a “Pinto” with a morally degenerate core sputtering along until it crashed and burned.

    The Vanguard was only at the front of the line to be exposed as the charlatan he was, and I am so — taking a page out of their own “playbook” — joyful that Fate exposed these clowns for who they really were for the world to see.

    Don’t think many of those who were in his inner circle are much less morally degenerate than the Bozo at the top, just because they were legally punished less. No individual can do what he did alone.

  • Danielle, what did you think you were permanently branding into women who were tied down naked by other girls doing a ceremony? Medical procedure? Really? I mean even a tattoo artist doesn’t do that. The reason is that you were the cult branding person. You can be that stupid. It was a naked ritual with girls tied down by othe girls all getting the same logo near their vaginas. Come on now.

  • Danielle haiku:

    Tight butt cheeks she has
    I want to bang her so bad
    She’s in love with Keith 😻

    • When Pilgrim is reincarnated……

      ……He wants to comeback as a Danielle’s yoga mat or…..

      ……her car seat.

        • Why don’t you guys that are so vulgar and immature find a nice sex stream or stack to post on? They have millions of them out there? You are obviously intelligent and interested in current affairs. I feel like ya’ll are the few little, pimply guys who can’t find a girlfriend in class and all you have to offer is references to things and acts you only dream about. I don’t mean to be mean, but your remarks are so imbecile.

          • Robata63
            On that we can agree
            Almost points out why one would NEVER want to be involved with a man again 🙄 or married for that matter

  • Danielle should never have lost her license. Just awful how Sarah E took all her anger and energy out on Danielle even though Lauren was the more despicable one. Lauren lied, manipulated, and coerced Sarah for years. And convinced Sarah into joining DOS and getting the brand.
    What did Sarah do to Lauren? She wrote a get out of jail free letter to the judge. Making sure Lauren did not have to spend any time in prison. Meanwhile, Sarah wrote to the medical board to make sure Danielle lost her license. And pure sweet Lauren, who had 29(!) slaves is laughing all the way to her dog grooming business. Absolutely insane.

    • Exactly and remember all that undocumented cash in the attic. Lauren is sliding through shit smelling like roses.

      • Mostly stashed at Nancy’s sisters house at one point, and muled away by Nancy’s brother in law is word on the street.

    • NXIVM unlocked and realized Lauren’s hidden skills and talents, including application of Frontline, ear-plucking, toenail clipping, etc. She traded in her sash for a dog-grooming smock. She went from child sex-grooming to canine hygiene-grooming.

  • They claim “specially deputized” but show no conversation, texts, or anything substantial that show I had any knowledge at the time of anything sinister or even sexual in nature. On the contrary, I had been told at the time, the brand served as “a reminder for women of their commitment to themselves and their sisters for when things get hard and they want to bail on themselves.”

    • Right?
      Enough attorney Conflict of Interest,
      (knows many of his clients could be re implicated) to give the poor guy a heart attack
      And NO I’m not wishing it on him

  • I was told of its symbology of the elements and chakras, and of its tribute “to the founding members KR and AM, to honor them a century from now when the organization has helped grow thousands of women.”

    Certainly, “sexual servitude to a predator” can’t be the only meaning a symbol containing anothers’ initials can hold? Seems I was misinformed as well….

  • I’m sorry, but her claims ring as bullshit. Yes, maybe she wasn’t aware of sex trafficking, etc. But just having the knowledge that the initials were involved is shady. She says something about the Chakras. But still the initials and not making aware absolutely that the members knew implicitly about them. You can research Chakras online. If you were trying to do no harm, why didn’t she research to make sure absolutely she wasn’t doing anything wrong. And stating that Sarah knew about KRs involvement. She must have heard the false statement he made at V week about how he was so NOT a part of the sorority. Why didn’t she come forward to the others then? She’s still just a dead ender. IMHO

    • I disagree, I can envision that as a collective group with a shared desire to be inspirational within their community and to search for meaningful ways to promote Non Violence & peace in an increasingly violent world, that using the initials of the founders of a such a movement would Not Necessarily mean ownership but instead a reminder of the original concept and its creators of such a movement, weather that was the Real Intention of its creators could most definitely be misconstrued , that is the original creators BAD., of in fact, true

      • Uh…

        Keith Raniere (text) ” All.mine” devil emoji

        You can “disagree” all you want but the very top of the slave chain, vanguard himself, the guy who created the entire enterprise says…

        it was ownership.

        You know the guy who’s initials were actually burned near the vaginas?

        Ima believe him

        • That may be however …
          she wasn’t at the very top of the slave chain & had none herself ( though with Lauren’s sky high #s, wouldn’t be surprised if she was at the Top of the chain) & he didn’t create the entire enterprise ALONE , he had Nancy Saltzmans Help with that. In fact, he seemed somewhat like her figurehead and yet She’s dropped and her little doggie too!
          Opps* daughter **

          • The women at the top of the slave group (the eight whom Keith called founding members) knew it was Keith’s initials there is a recording where it is explicitly clear that they are both Keith’s initials and those eight women plan on hiding that fact from the other women.

            There’s no chance it was ever a group about empowering women. It was a group of sex slaves for one man who got eight women to lie to their friends knowingly, who in turn lied to their friends unknowingly.

            It wouldn’t have even been on the radar of any women beyond the front line eight, that a man’s initials (including Keith’s)would be represented in the brand because the slaves below the frontline were told it was a woman’s only organization and no men were involved.

            There was no hope of more ethical world being built from that deceit. There were no higher principles in a place. They were not acting with integrity.

        • 8:03 PM
          BTW, That text was sent to the ‘Infamous ( shirk all 25 yrs responsibility) Lauren Salzman”, Not Danielle.

    • You assume she heard those claims at V week, chances are she was teaching yoga and he was bobbing Camila.far from her view or earshot.

    • She’s on a Dead-Ender bender, please don’t offend her. Just be tender, support you can lend her. Danielle is a Dead-Ender to the very ender…

      • Unless you are Danielle Roberts you really have no idea what she was aware of or not in an absolute way. You only would know what she told you and considering they’re all liars that means nothing.

  • In related News:
    Joseph Mengele defends his role in Nazi genetics experiments.
    This story needs a musical treat
    Springtime For Hitler The Producers

    • Salzman testified: Members knew… about it and consented, knew it was not a tattoo. I went through this exact process and assumed they did too.”

        • Nah
          Willful Blindness was Clare’s
          Suing again & again
          Here are willing participants as far as you know & have been told.

      • Ah, the great ASSume where it hands someone a get out pass, justifies their questionable and criminal behaviour. It shouldn’t be in a doctor’s personality to assume. What a joke this middle aged woman is. Everything is always someone else’s fault and she’s the victim. Bad Ass Bitch eh?

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