Kevin Defends NXIVM Defendants, Bores Down on Hypocrisy Lawsuit

In response to his previous post on contradictions in liability alleged in Edmondson v Raniere, the NXIVM civil case, Kevin doubles down on defending the defendants. He argues that Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente owned and operated centers and were higher ranking than defendants such as Nicki Clyne, Brandon Porter, and Danielle Roberts. 

While the purpose of the lawsuit is to get money from Clare and Sara Bronfman for funding the vile Keith Raniere, it is clear that some plaintiffs accuse some defendants of doing the same behavior they themselves committed – and in fact were the “but for” cause of at least one of the defendants, Nicki Clyne, being in NXIVM in the first place.

By the way, more than 65 percent of the plaintiffs [45 out of 70 plaintiffs] were recruited into NXIVM by Vicente/Edmondson.

But since Edmondson and Vicente woke up, they are not liable.

None of the defendants other than Bronfmans have enough money to justify a lawsuit with 70 plaintiffs and a dozen attorneys. It is unfortunate that the lawsuit devolved into a shotgun complaint – which was tossed out once, and may be tossed again.

The better way would have been to sue the Bronfmans, Raniere, and possibly Nancy Salzman. Keep the claims focused and avoid the glaring contradiction of higher ranking NXIVM members suing lower ranking members, and consequently have gaping lack of specificity and insufficient pleadings.

Now before we hear from Kevin, who will criticize Vicente and Edmondson, I want to remind readers that without Edmondson and Vicente, along with Catherine Oxenberg, and their willingness to blow the whistle on Raniere first to me – and then later the New York Times and the FBI, Raniere might be branding and blackmailing women today.

Catherine & India Oxenberg

Keep in mind that India Oxenberg was like many others in Raniere’s grasp. Like Vicente, Edmondson, Clyne and many others, she believed in Raniere at one time, and when she believed, she followed and supported him. When she stopped believing, she stopped supporting him, and spoke out.

What amazes me is the timeline for lack of sympathy by those who left years ago, for those who left more recently, and for those who are still following, as if they do not see they are kindred spirits.

If Raniere fooled you and you did not have evil intentions, why is it that you believe anyone who left after you, or still remains under his thrall, has evil intentions?

The NXIVM lawsuit, however, is not about that. It is solely meant to make Bronfmans pay with their more than ample funds for their reckless support of Raniere. That reckless millions spent to destroy could be offset with a few thoughtful millions to help and heal.

If the lawsuit is not dismissed, how wise would it be for the Bronfmans to settle the case for a few million, without admitting culpability? It could be a PR move that would earn them more in the long run in good will and opportunities than they might imagine.

But for the plaintiffs to hold Raniere’s poorer victims – even if they still support the varmint – liable for deeds against higher ranking plaintiffs, while dropping the lawsuit against even higher ranking members like the Salzman, seems unjust, and may cost the plaintiffs the whole lawsuit.

And when you sniff the unpalatable odor of letting people who are much more culpable, like Nancy Salzman, who co-founded NXIVM, and Lauren Salzman, who had more DOS slaves and grand slaves than any DOS master – a whopping 28 slaves and grand slaves, including Edmondson’s three slaves – the motive becomes obvious. The Salzmans were dropped because they will provide favorable testimony against the sole targets of the lawsuit – the Bronfmans and they’ll sit on the witness stand as if they were victims.

Lauren Salzman [right] with her mother Nancy.
In this respect, it may be deduced that the only reason the minor defendants – Clyne, Porter, Roberts, and Kathy Russell, all who have no money – remain in the suit is probably because they have not agreed to testify against Bronfman or that they can somehow be tied into Bronfman, even if by the flimsiest thread.

Now let’s hear from Kevin.

By Kevin

Nicki Has a Right to Defend Herself

A number of people here and on other message boards are now starting to ask the questions and make the points I’ve been  making for a year and a half.

Not that I’m taking credit for that, but still…

Watching the actual stalker, Mr. BK ‘I’m too afraid to use a real name,’ wet himself in the comments section of his own thread, due to people pointing out the obvious: For example, Nicki has a right to file motions to defend herself, considering she’s being sued and all… has been fun to watch.

I never once endorsed or supported any criminal or harmful activity. I have never met Raniere, and have never met any of his remaining supporters. All I’ve done is point out that many people pointing fingers have no business doing so.

Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson at VWeek

If you have any counterpoints that justify why Vicente and Edmondson have any business being lead plaintiffs in a civil case in which they are suing people for things they themselves did, please share them with us.

If you have any explanation for why you have a problem with behaviors that went on in this group, but simultaneously believe that the people who displayed those behaviors should be given a pass, while lower ranking students remain defendants, please share with FR.

Vicente and Edmondson

If the allegations about NXIVM are true, Vicente and Edmondson should be defendants in this suit along with the Salzmans, and should have every penny they and their centers earned off the backs of unsuspecting customers clawed back down to the penny.

If a girl was locked in a room for two years, why were Lauren and Nancy removed from the suit?

Brandon Porter, a supporter of Raniere’s paid Rainbow Cultural Garden for babysitting.

Or is that Brandon Porter’s fault too, because he once knew this guy, who knew this guy, who knew this other guy, who once met her in passing?

India Profited from Undocumented Workers

India was a DOS slave master. She operated Delegates, a company in which teenage Mexican girls performed free labor.

India did that. Not Allison. Not Nicki. Not Danielle. Not Brandon Porter.

India Oxenberg owned and operated Delegates

People support a lawsuit in which forced labor is alleged.  Yet in response to a question about Mark and Sarah, who owned the company centers where alleged unpaid labor was performed, people’s response is “what unpaid work?”

Sarah and Mark bear no responsibility for Camilla?

But Danielle, Nicki, and Porter do? How so? Because Porter paid a company for Camila’s babysitting services?

How many others procured babysitting or childcare services from the same company?

There are multiple allegations in the lawsuit in which the lead plaintiffs participated in the behavior they accuse of others.

Nicki will establish this when she gets her day in court.

Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Nicki Clyne outside the Brooklyn Courthouse

The two lead plaintiffs caused much of the damage most others are suing over.

“Ms. Rood, why are you suing?”

Rood: “Well, Mark brought me in, so I’m suing a doctor and an actress that I’ve never met.”

Good luck with that.

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  • “Sep 26, 2012

    The cartels of Juarez, Mexico, are at war with a group of Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. We went there to document the conflict, meet Romney’s Mormon family, and find out more about how US policy is impacting the war on drugs … “

    • Notice how some of those projects serve a political purpose?

      They’re well-organized and continue for decades. The Buenos Aires “Yoga” cult in Argentina with offices in America carried on for thirty years. Abuse, blackmail, countless other crimes, Placido Domingo and … Chicago. Chicago always seems to be involved in some way.

      The worst of the worst in government ruin everything. It’s notable that the Gardner scam is big in Argentina’s family courts, too.

      In Argentina …

      … “The first meeting we went to, we were four people, I was the first child to be caught. Then it grew rapidly and we were more than a thousand people.” He added: “I went from having a beautiful family, I went to having nothing. They left us totally destroyed.” Salum was the first person to escape and denounce the ‘Escuela de Yoga’ or ‘Yoga School’ sect and filed his first official complaints between 1991 and 1992, but said these came to nothing. …

      … “Juan Percovich and his son Marcelo Guerra, in charge of the organization, captured politicians, celebrities, human rights people, which is proven in the previous case, exchanged sexual favours with people from the organization …”

  • “… northern Mexico controlled by the Sinaloa drug cartel …”

    Q: Was there anything surprising that you found out that you you didn’t expect to hear about?

    A: Well, I think the biggest surprise is in the middle of it you know this is a three-year – – nearly three-year research and writing project. And, I think the – – the biggest surprise to me was coming across the long-standing relationship between colonial LeBaron and Nexium, the – – uh – – sex cult from upstate New York. And it was – – you know – – the – – it had been very uh, this hadn’t been widely reported and only mentioned on one obscure kind of Nexium blog and then once by the Albany newspaper during the criminal trial of Keith Ranieri the leader of Nexium. And – – and the relationship between Nexium and Mexico. And, the relationship between the LeBarons – – the LeBaron men – – and the – – a large peace movement in Mexico, but a peace movement that is – – uh, founded on, uh fully arming its citizens.

  • Sarah didn’t have to suffer what the others had to endure:

    She didn’t have to live in Albany, serve Keith 24/7, didn’t have to have sex with him, she didn’t have to sacrifice having a husband, kids. On top of that, she had status, power, lots of money. And apparently she was a real bully to people working close to her.
    I guess that’s why I am so irritated with her acting as a martyr. And on top of that, she branded herself as a hero…. This is annoying and very unfair for all the others who lost everything to that cult… especially to her, who kept all their money. Sarah Edmonston is not a hero. She is a woman who sucked everything she could while in the cult. And now, she’s sucking to herself everything she can, out of the cult.

  • Hey “Kevin”, your data is faulty. Time to sign up for another EM.

    Save it for the judge.

    If you happen to run into Nicki, let her know that she’s not getting any younger and she should probably focus more energy on working out rather than writing internet posts.

    Also, ask her how her career in stand up comedy is going, will you?


    • I don’t have time for an EM. I had a DEI training this morning where I talked into a virtual reality headset and had to defend a fictional troop who spoke with an accent from a bigoted cartoon Kentuckian.

      Yesterday we had a security briefing in which the name and photos of the junior enlisted A1C connected to a documents leak were shown to the entire Wing, with the member being disparaged, despite not having had his day in court and not having accepted a plea deal at this time.

  • Watching Cults and Extreme Beliefs episode about NXIVM. Listening to Sarah’s shrill, whiny noice is more painful than a root canal.

  • I look at the Glazer lawsuit from a different perspective. I look at it from the point of view of plaintiff Tabby Chapman, who was abused, exploited, bullied, and cheated by defendant Allison Mack. Mack was her employer and required Chapman to take Nxivm courses as a condition of employment. You can read about the abuse she suffered in Chapman’s eloquent testimony before Judge Garaufis during Mack’s sentencing hearing. It’s archived on the Frank Report.

    I think Tabby Chapman is due compensation from the convicted felon Mack. Who I strongly suspect is far from penniless.

    I also believe Nicki Clyne should be held liable for some of the damage she inflicted. She was a first line slave master in DOS, a member of the inner circle of Raniere’s criminal organization, and was an unindicted co-conspirator in this RICO racket. She ducked criminal charges so I think she should face justice in the civil suit. It’s only right.

    Dr. Fright and Dr. Scar should be held liable too, for the damage they did.

    As for these people having no money, everybody has money. If Mack is no longer a millionaire she can pay the judgement bit by bit out of her future wages at Target or wherever she ends up working. Screw her.

    • My comments are not directed at Tabitha Chapman. I believe that she and a handful of the plaintiffs are entitled to some compensation and an apology for how they were treated.

      The problem is that the lawsuit is structured in a way where that can’t really happen. Mark and Sarah know this, and don’t care. It’s as much of an effort to protect themselves from the legitimate claimants as it is a grab for Sara and Claire’s Candyland money.

  • Who is Kevin?

    Is Kevin Nicki Clyne?

    Or is Kevin a relative of Allison Mack, other than Allison’s wife Nicki!?

    Or is Kevin another NXian?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Kevin is definitely not Nicki Clyne.

      He’s [redacted].

      My guess is the editor will redact my comment so he can deliver the big scoop.

      • Frank, will Kevins identity be revealed? With his approval I mean.

        My guesses of who it may be:

        Porter Potty
        Marc Elliot


    • Kevin is a figment of your imagination. He only exists in the ether. Kevin has traveled beyond space and time. A space where shadows are dreams, that dance on unsuspecting minds here readers on FR. 😉

      • I am not married. I let two great women (no relation to this issue) get away, and entirely my fault.

        And I am embarrassed and ashamed that any of this happened. No one should have gotten hurt.

    • Legal minds please explain what could happen? Would it mean his weezle would spend more years in prison. I expect murderers in Peru would have an awful time in Peruvian jails. Could this extradition be good news and result in that scumbag being made to live an even more miserable existence? Please tell me if he beats the US charges he wouldn’t just be sent back to the Netherlands and get off every crime he committed scot free. This guy deserves to pay for the murder he was convicted of (at he least) or else there is no justice

  • They will be lucky to get pocket lint from Porter Potty. He’s broke AF. Maybe they can reach a settlement if he offers some free or discounted insulation?

  • 65% of the plantiffs WERE recruited by Mark & Sarah & by God their still recruiting them right into the civil suit. F@#%ing Amazing .
    Delegates unpaid , undocumented
    Mike Drop!

    • Be careful dropping, “Mike”. He could get hurt.

      If India did in fact not pay undocumented workers, that’s wrong, and hopefully they will be made whole.

      But it’s also wrong if Brandon Porter did not pay Camilla who was an undocumented worker. Camilla has a right to seek out damages.

      Because, you see, they are not all one person. Camilla is her own individual person and she chose to pursue legal action through a civil case.

      Not paying her was illegal. Unjust. And Camilla has a right to move forward and rectify that.

      As do any workers that India allegefly ripped off. But they haven’t come forward. And these alleged workers haven’t made those accusations. Only “Kevin” has here

      At this point they are completely unverified and unproven allegations.

      And those unsubstantiated rumors from “Kevin” have no bearing on Camilla or anyone else suing civilly in an unrelated action.

      • Yes I understand it might be harder for teenage Mexican girls who don’t even live here & have been told to stand down not to persue India but maybe someday in her future Karma will come calling….

        • There’s no proof of that unsubstantiated claim that India hired undocumented teenagers.

          Prove the first part before you add to an unsubstantiated rumor that they were alleged to be told to “stand down and not pursue India.”

          You Vanguard dead-ender clowns are always talking about justice – in what world is somebody able to just make spurious allegations against a person with vagaries and nothing substantial to back it up and everyone’s supposed to accept that as gospel?

          Y’all don’t even believe a woman who stood in court and told horror stories of being victimized and abused as a teenager and beyond.

          You don’t belive photographic evidence of child sexual abuse exploitation and assault.

          Kevin says he doesn’t even know any of the people personally involved.

          But somehow Kevin has a direct line on undocumented teenagers that worked for India?

          What a load of b*******. Anyone who falls for that is a fool.

          • RE:
            You Vanguard dead ender clowns:

            Before you accuse me of being someone I am not perhaps you should check Frank Reports archives in relation to the employees of Delegates.
            I don’t know Camilla so I can’t speak to her testimony.
            But it is blatantly obvious the plantiffs are guilty of the acts they accuse others of.

        • You “don’t know Camilla so you cannot speak to Camilla’s testimony”

          It was a victim impact statement for one thing, but do you know the other people that you’re alleging didn’t get paid by India?

          If not; Why is it different?

          You feel very entitled to speak on their behalf. If you “don’t know” them either.

          DOS and Nxivm are two different things. Even the defendants in the civil case have stated that over and over again.

          So it’s not “blatantly obvious” that they civil case plaintiffs and the defendants are guilty of the same things. A really cut and dry example is the branding. And then there is the pornographic blackmail. The sexual coercion (called by DOS seduction assignments). Mark Vicente was involved in none of it.

          Sarah and Mark Vicente are not the only plaintiffs in the civil suit. Although sex slave apologists wpuld have you believe otherwise.

          There are multiple plaintiffs, with multiple points of complaint in various ways that they were damaged and seek to be made whole in the civil suit.

          The obsessive focus on two of the plaintiffs who are better known to the public more thoroughly is a complete distraction from what is really going on in the civil suit.

          • But India was ! And shes a plantiff, Delegates employed Rosa Laras children & friends, Quite sure Rosa ( the heiress) has told these children not to sue India as she can make them whole , pay them for their unpaid work in Delagates , cause you know shes not coming North of the border anymore ~

    • I agree, that percentage rate is a mic drop. The A mitigated gall of these whistle blowers/Nxivm nines minus some, like Parlato and Dones. Parlato is one of, if not the biggest victims of Keith but who’s counting?

  • Isn’t this post really just rehashing the “Edmondson Defense” (or whatever it was called)? Between the shotgun approach of the lawsuit and the simple fact, and it is fact, that the core plaintiffs engaged in near identical behavior that they are suing for, I really do not see how this lawsuit has a snowballs chance of winning.

    The Bronfmans will likely still settle but only after they exhaust their options to get the case tossed which sits at about 50/50 right now. After all, even a trial that ends in victory is just embarrassing for all involved (see Depp v Heard or Fox v Dominion). So on bright side, path for the plaintiffs is pretty good since most judges leans to their default take on most cases – let them run their course.

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