NXIVM Lawsuit: Brandon Porter Alleges Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Told ‘Tremendous Lies’ About Camila, Willingly Trying to ‘Destroy Me’ to ‘Pillage the Bronfman Fortune’

Brandon Porter, acting pro se, a defendant in Edmondson v. Raniere is opposing 70 former NXIVM plaintiffs’ move for leave to amend their complaint. He wants the lawsuit tossed out against him.

Porter was a yellow sash [unpaid NXIVM coach] and spent 18 years in NXIVM.

He was also a licensed physician in New York who lost his medical license in 2019, for conducting unauthorized human experimentation for NXIVM and its associated groups, including the so-called “Human Fright Experiment,” a Tourette’s study, and an OCD study.

On April 3, 2023, attorneys for the plaintiffs filed their proposed Third Amended Complaint [TAC] before US District Judge Eric Komitee, along with a motion for leave to amend their complaint.

The TAC was in response to Judge Komitee telling the plaintiffs in February that he would dismiss their Second Amended Complaint [SAC] because it was rife with shotgun and group pleadings, where all plaintiffs accuse all defendants for everything, which is impermissible under the federal rules of civil procedure.

Porter argued in his recently filed opposition papers that “the court may deny leave to amend when there is undue delay… bad faith; or the complaint continues to be futile.”

He alleges all three.

More than three years have passed since the first of four complaints was filed in Edmondson v Raniere on January 28, 2020.

A stay was issued on June 25, 2020 to await the conclusion of the USA v Raniere criminal prosecution, which ended in effect with the sentencing of defendants Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell, and former defendants, since dropped from the civil lawsuit, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman.

The First Amended Complaint [FAC] was entered on August 13, 2021. The Second Amended Complaint [SAC] was largely the same as the FAC, with the exception of dropping several plaintiffs and naming most of them in substitution of Jane Doe with corresponding numbers. The SAC was entered on February 25, 2022.

Still a Shotgun

Porter claims the TAC is still “shotgun pleading and group pleading,” alleging that it provides no information for how Porter was involved in RICO charges, other than including him by naming “all defendants.”

Past Allegations

In the FAC and SAC, plaintiffs accused Porter of RICO, sex trafficking, forced labor, human trafficking, and peonage charges.

In his filing, Porter wrote about the harm this has done as he tries to get a new license to practice medicine in Iowa.

Porter wrote, “These malicious, yet vague, allegations… contributed to his inability to obtain a license to practice medicine in his resident state after the State of New York revoked his medical license. There is a requirement to share current and past legal litigations when applying for licensure to practice medicine in a state. It is unlikely that any state will allow Defendant Porter a license to practice medicine while these RICO complaints stand…

“Frivolous complaints like this are damaging to defendants. Courts in this [Second] Circuit have sanctioned attorneys for actions like this in order to deter people from making frivolous RICO charges that obviously do not meet bare minimum pleading requirements.

“Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs’ counsel placed themselves in a difficult position by making the overzealous RICO claims in the first complaint, FAC, and SAC. It appears that they decided to deal with this by trying to tie Porter into the RICO conspiracy in the TAC, as opposed to dropping indefensible claims.”


In the TAC, the plaintiffs added a new labor trafficking complaint against Porter.  His alleged victim is Camila.

The TAC alleges

Defendant Porter is liable for labor trafficking Camila because he knowingly benefited financially or by receiving things of value, including payment, enhanced status, power, and prestige, and free babysitting services from participation in the Venture, which he knew or should have known labor trafficked Camila.
He knew or should have known that members of the Inner Circle and Defendant Raniere were forcing Plaintiff Camila to perform menial tasks, commercial sex acts, administrative work, and babysitting because Camila provided babysitting services to his family.
He was in regular contact with Camila, Raniere, and members of the Inner Circle and performed unauthorized experiments on Camila.

Porter is miffed at allegations of abusing Camila.

Porter writes, “The TAC doesn’t address how I should have known that Camila was being human trafficked and forced to labor. It provides no dates for when this activity supposedly happened.

“The claim that I knew the insides and outsides of Camila’s life because she babysat my children is irrational. In the TAC, Plaintiffs plead conclusory allegations masquerading as facts. They plead no new facts to connect me with labor trafficking or conspiracy to labor trafficking.”

Camila worked for Rainbow Cultural Garden, a company owned by Loreta Garza and Keith Raniere. Rainbow assigned Camila to work with Porter’s children.

Porter allegedly paid Rainbow for Camila’s services. If she was unpaid, it was Rainbow, not Porter, who failed to pay Camila.

Porter wrote, “There was no way for me to know if Camila was or was not being paid [by Rainbow] for her services. There was no way for me to know that she was allegedly threatened with deportation. Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs’ counsel should know this, because Camila should know this.”

Porter, growing increasingly incensed, indirectly accused the plaintiffs’ counsel of what amounts to malpractice.

Porter wrote, “I highly doubt that Camila supports the assertion that I participated in her being sex trafficked and forced to labor. It appears to me that Plaintiffs’ attorneys added another frivolous RICO charge in order to appear to have had reason for their
first frivolous RICO charges against me.”

Camila by MK10ART.

Porter wrote about the relationship Camila had with his family.

He wrote, “Camila did take care of our children. Indeed, she was a second mother to two of our three children…. [S]he was present for the birth of one of my children and one of my children is named after Camila. She was a wonderful role model to my children. They continue to hold her dear to their hearts.

“In addition to Camila being a central figure in my family’s life, Camila is the daughter to wealthy parents. It was never my impression that she was in any danger. I was never aware of her attempt to take her life. She was private about her life. For these reasons, it was a great surprise to see the claims against me related to Camila.

“It is possible that Camila made these egregiously false claims, but I find that possibility to be highly unlikely because it would require tremendous lies on her part and she would be disavowing her cherished position in our family.

“Instead, I suspect that Plaintiffs’ counsel made these claims without Camila’s approval. Of course, I might be wrong. I twice emailed Plaintiff’s counsel, Neil Glazer and Zahra Dean, and asked if Camila approved of the claims and I received no replies.

“Camila’s dedication to my children’s joyful experience of life made is so that it was important to me that she have a joyful life, too.

“The level of this claim’s absurdity is only matched by its level of malice. Honestly, it would be easier for me to accept the betrayal these claims represent if they are directly from Camila. It would provide closure to our relationship. However, if these atrocious claims against me were made hoping that these claims will justify the previous group and shotgun pleadings of the RICO charges, I’m in awe of the destruction they are willing to do to me and my family in
their attempts to pillage the Bronfman fortune.

“From this perspective, it seems that in their zealous quest for fortune, even debasement of loving relationships looks like gold.”

Plaintiffs’ Counsel’s Bad Faith

Porter also criticized Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson, Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, India Oxenberg and others.

He wrote, “it seems that a small core of Plaintiffs colluded together to harm their friends so that they could achieve fame and fortune by making HBO and STARZ specials and then use this venue to try to take their wealthy former friends’ [Clare and Sara Bronfman] money.”

India Oxenberg starred and produced a docuseries called Seduced, on STARZ.

Tourette’s and Statute of Limitiation

The FAC and SAC claimed Gross Negligence and Recklessness against Porter for his work with alleged Tourette’s and OCD sufferers Margo Leviton, Isabella Constantino, and Caryssa Cottrell.

In the FAC, the plaintiffs wrote:

Dates can be posited from a citation from the New York Office of Professional Misconduct (“NY OPMC”) Board findings for Defendant Porter’s hearings. The board concluded that Porter performed Human Research projects between 2010 – August 2017.

Porter earlier motion to dismiss noted that the FAC and SAC allegations did not include dates for his alleged negligent and reckless actions with the Tourette’s women, and that the statute of limitations likely barred the claim.

New York law establishes a 30-month statute of limitations period for medical based claims. N.Y.C.P.L.R § 214-a.

The Plaintiffs’ initial complaint was filed on 1/28/2020, barring all claims prior to July 28, 2017.

The TAC still includes the Gross Negligence and Recklessness claim against Porter for the Tourette’s women. But this time it failed to mention when the dates he stopped working on the human experiments.

Proter wrote in opposition, “Despite being alerted that the statute of limitations was likely past, Plaintiffs and Plaintiff’s counsel did not
provide dates of the alleged violation(s).”

Porter suggests worse – bad faith. He writes that the plaintiffs’ attorneys knew the Tourette’s women’s claims were time barred, and tried to hide it by no longer including the information from Porter’s termination as a licensed physician, which shows he stopped work on unauthorized human experiments as of August 2017 just days after the statute of limitations bar of July 28, 2017.

Unless he committed the acts alleged in the TAC against the Tourette’s woman from July 29 to August 30, 2017, when it is conceded that he completed his studies, they may be time barred.

My Tourette’s, which features the Tourette’s alleged victims, was reportedly produced in 2017.


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  • The #1 person who pillaged the Bronfman fortune was Keith. And Vanguard continues to do so from prison.

    Some dead-enders are still living off of Clare.

    And it’s a bit of a hypocritical statement, because Brandon himself benefited from Clare’s wealth.

    Using Bronfman money to subsidize unauthorized and unregulated medical experiments and vanity projects among other things.

    Guess it’s only objectionable to Brandon Porter when when other former cult members benefit from Clare financially. Even if it’s money that they’re owed for unpaid work.

    • If he used her in an experiment/experiments, the experiment(s) probably had something to do with social isolation.

    • “May 6, 2023 at 8:35 am
      Camila’s sister, Daniella, was the woman confined to the room.“

  • Couldn’t Glazer have simply sued Clare and only Clare for funding the entire clusterfuck?
    By including the Brandons and Nickis it draws attention to the lawsuit warts and doesn’t offer financial upside. Even including Sara seems to cause more problems than potential benefits.

  • I got lost in the weeds on this.could someone dumb it down. Or am I just not interested in the legal details.
    Who has recently been revealed and are they guilty of human trafficking, pedophilia And if Epstein got so tight with these high profile billionaires, how? Blackmail or rewards of girls for association?

  • Ex-Doctor Porter:

    Years ago, when I was an undergrad at the University of Illinois, I took an introductory course in Psychology.
    My teachers emphasized that in the future the subjects of Psychology experiments would need to give “Informed consent”
    Without such consent the experiments could not take place.
    No experiments like Stanley Milgram conducted at Yale could take place.
    Experiments designed to shock and alarm unwilling test subjects.

    Ex-Doctor Porter:
    How the University of Iowa failed to impress on you the need to be open and honest with your test subjects escapes me.
    Why did you chuck away your ethics as a Doctor to follow an obvious and dangerous charlatan like Keith Raniere?

  • Shortly after, Porter demonstrated to the court that they all could drastically cut their energy bills by installing aluminum siding, which TODAY ONLY, he could get at Special Financing!

  • So Porer is throwing Rainbow Cultural Gardens under the bus? If his statement is true, then I guess he would be somewhat off the hook. But just super surprised he ha turning on Vanturd. They will all turn on Vanturd eventually.

    I still cannot believe Roberts and Porter threw away careers as physicians for this scam company NXIVM.

  • 🤯 me discovering the sexually abused child babysat the extremely bald Porter. Extremely bald Porter should go straight to jail for facilitating her abuse, imo.
    Mr Parlato, is anyone who was involved with Nxivm always and forever at risk for future charges due to the RICO?

    • I suppose technically they are. The feds can sustain a RICO charge back to 1776 if they can show connected predicate acts occurring within certain time permieters. But I doubt that there will be more charges.

      • Is Porter Potty still backing Vanturd? Is he still a Dead-Ender or has he snapped out of Raniere’s trance yet?

        • Che due coglioni figlio di puttana. The income tax was not ratified until the 20th century. Vaffanculo!

          • LMAO!


            My mother in-law use to say that one to me joking around, when she was alive. Wonderful women.

          • General Federal Tax Statute of Limitations is 3 -Years.
            In general, the Internal Revenue Service has three years to enforce a tax action.
            The tax law is quite extensive to go into all the details and exceptions. It depends on the individual case.

            26 U.S. Code § 6501 – Limitations on Assessment and Collection

            IRC 6501(e)(1) & International Tax Statute of Limitations

            In accordance with the introduction of FATCA and IRC 6038D, there was an addition to section 6501 which expanded the time for the IRS from three years to six years in situations in which a person has income generated from certain FATCA-related assets — and the total income exceeds $5000.

    • Porter was never brought into the criminal case because the DOJ couldn’t make the leap with Porter.
      I can’t believe the civil attorney think the can either

  • Uh oh the defendants got some legal advice and using it. Staying pro se gives them a whole lot more latitude in the arguments they are making at this stage and they are taking full advantage. Its just good tactics, whether you like it or not. Also think these accusations of shotgun pleading has genuine legs and if successful could seriously undermine the real goal – putting NXIVM on trial as proxy to get Bronfmans for their deep pockets.

    The defendants were chosen to get in evidence and stories that would help with that attack and if lose them, the avenues of attack become more difficult since the constant question from the Bronfman’s defense will be “What does this have to do with the accusations against the Bronfmans’?” and some (possibly significantly damaging) vectors will get shut down as a result.

  • If someone in the community bought food that India’s catering company/errand business was selling, or purchased home cleaning services from that business (Delegates), and India failed to pay her mostly undocumented immigrant, underage girl workers for the work they performed (which is absolutely the case), did the customer who bought those goods and services engage in forced labor conspiracy?

    And if they did, why are they not defendants in this lawsuit as well? And wouldn’t that make India culpable, since it she was running it?

    And if you pay for food or services from a company, and that company fails to pay it’s employees in accordance with federal and state laws (which happens all the time, it’s called wage theft), does that make you a participant in forced labor?

    Have any crazy guesses as to where most of your food and clothing are grown and made, and whether those people are compensated fairly for their work?

    Or do the rules that we are selectively applying to a handful of defendants in this case not apply to the plaintiffs, or to anyone else in society?

    If everyone was being held to the same standards based on past behaviors, the two lead plaintiffs and India would be defendants in this lawsuit. They filed as quickly as possible not just as an extortion attempt, but to keep the other plaintiffs who have legitimate grievances from filing their own lawsuit against the two most prominent center owners and recruiters in the company, and the Salzmans, who are not a part of this suit despite being linked to every single accusation in this shotgun suit.

    When are Sarah and Mark going to pay the members who performed unpaid work for them in their Vancouver and Los Angeles centers? When is India going to pay her female immigrant slave workforce for the labor they performed in Delegates?

    Why are these people off limits for criticism? Why are people who played much smaller roles in the company still being punished five years later for their association with this group when their accusers who played much bigger roles are hailed as heroes, or left alone?

    • “Or do the rules that we are selectively applying to a handful of defendants in this case not apply to the plaintiffs, or to anyone else in society?”

      Unfortunately, yes. This is the way the world works.

  • “The board concluded that Porter performed Human Research projects between 2010 – August 2017 …

    The Plaintiffs’ initial complaint was filed on 1/28/2020, barring all claims prior to July 28, 2017…”

  • Wow.

    Did not know Camilla was that allegedly integral to Brandon’s family.

    It makes it so much more egregious that Brandon is out there calling her a liar for years

    Ex doctor Porter is scum.

    The Porter family named a child after Camilla?

    And then Camila bravely comes forward and talks about the child sexual abuse materials and how Keith groomed her starting at 13 and raped her as a 15-year-old, and Brandon joins the other dead-enders in these ridiculous allegations that it’s all something the FBI fabricated?

    In spite of Camilla’s poignant words in her victim Impact statement?

    What a disaster of a human being.

    Why did Brandon’s family even need all this babysitting? Weren’t the parents just like kicking around Albany doing nothing but taking classes and doing unauthorized medical experimentation on uninformed Guinea pigs? Why couldn’t they watch their own children?

    • I know for a Fact, that Brandon and others absolutely paid for the babysitting, so forced labor is B.S.
      @ least on Brandon!
      Brandon held down a job at a hospital in addition to whatever duties/ volunteering he had with NXIVM!
      He never calls her liar, he said she kept her private life private.
      Her beef doesn’t involve him.
      Its that simple.

        • What does it clarify?

          Just as easily, another anonymous commenter can say that they know for a fact Brandon Porter and “the others” did not pay Camilla.

          That’s why there is a court case.

          And the judge won’t just read an anonymous comment on a blog and be like, ‘ case closed!”!

        • Can you read?
          What does being bald have to do with it? ..should we decide left handed people, bald people, tall people are all guilty now?
          Display the common sense God gave you, please.

      • Brandon Porter has absolutely participated in supporting those who attack the sexual abuse victims of Keith.

        This little current post notwithstanding.

        In other times, tweets, posts in the past, Brandon has been awful.

        Porter has gone after Keith’s victims Including Camilla. That is a fact.

        Additionally, the disgraced doctor was part of the, “let’s expose the Jane Does” cabal

        Another fact? Brandon Porter had a day in court over it.

        He’s a shit person.

        • People have a right to know who & what they’re being accused of otherwise they can’t defend themselves or know what it is they did wrong.

          • You’re an idiot. The defendants know exactly who and what they are being accused of. There’s no reason the general public needs to know the full identities of sexual abuse and trafficking victims. Especially if the abuse happened when they were children.

          • You’re an idiot 🙄 too!

            The defendants were not privy to the Jane Does, just because Frank publishes their names here has no bearing on their prior knowledge and I guess compartmentalization of Raniere’s activities are not in your vocabulary.

          • At 5:39 p.m.

            that makes absolutely no sense.

            How are the dead-enders threatening to divulge names if they don’t know the names?

            The dead-enders were called to court for threatening Jane Does. Brandon Porter was one of the dead-enders who had to appear.

            That’s fact. Documented court data

            How do they “know” people are lying if the dead-enders don’t “know” who those people are?

            Including ex doctor Porter

          • And those that couldn’t defend themselves now have the law on their side and want there money from their forced labor! He knows damn well what he did wrong! The victims shouldn’t have to keep repeating what Brandon and Keith did to them. Pay up you freak!

      • If Brandon Porter paid Camilla (and it’s confusing how you would know that for a fact if you were not a member of the Porter household.) There would be receipts.

        That’s easy enough to produce..

        If Brandon Porter has not shown proof of these payments, that’s because they do not exist.

        There should be tax records too.

        Oh wait. Most of these jackasses didn’t pay taxes. And Camilla was here undocumented.

        So it was just another case of a white professional taking advantage of an undocumented worker for labor and childcare.

        • Camilla s family was wealthy &
          chose to be where they were.
          He paid the entity Rainbow Garden, who employed Camila. We don’t all start out being doctors, we pursue an education, I’m sure there were times or jobs Brandon had that were not elite when he was starting out!
          So pointing at white professional taking advantage of someone who was still young and starting out her journey ( while with her family) just doesn’t cut it

          • You know it doesn’t cut it? Saying that someone who was a minor when her adult members of the family brought her to a country undocumented chose to be there illegally.

            Also doesn’t matter if someone’s family is wealthy you still don’t get to exploit undocumented workers for labor. It’s against the law.

            Once again, if Camilla was paid there would be records and there would be tax filings.

            Brandon Porter simply has to show proof of paying her in court.

            And if Brandon Porter had proof he would show it before court.

            It’s a reasonable assumption then, that Brandon Porter’s family do not have any proof of ever paying Camilla.

          • @2:32
            What don’t you understand?
            How is she exploited undocumented worker when Rainbow Garden is paying her $15.00 an hour?

            Maybe she should sue her father then, eh?
            He’s the one who chose that illegal status for his daughter.

            However, I do agree Loreta Garza should have to produce tax records ( or Raniere) for the salaried employees…unless of course, the FBI seized them and didn’t return them yet.

          • If he paid the entity Rainbow wouldn’t Sarah Bronfman held accountable for the crimes against the woman?

        • @May6 8PM
          Yes they knew some of the names like the obvious ones, Sarah,India, Nicole however there were over 70 complaintiffs, they couldn’t possibly know what their being accused of or did to someone without having their actual names!
          I also imagine it must seem unfair when their names are publicly drawn through the mud & some of those 70 complaintiffs did the same or worst then they did.

          • If that were true they would welcome their day in court to set the record straight. They can bring to light all of these alleged, “worst (sic) things they did”

          • The dead-enders Nicki Clyne (at the time) Brandon Porter, and Danielle Roberts were called to court (in person) snd admonished to not harass the plaintiffs and participate in threatening to release the Jane Does full names.

            That happened. There is a court record. And a record of all of the court orders surrounding it.

            While in court (if there was any truth or validity to your statements) that day, those defendants could have made the salient points. To a judge.

            That is not what the record shows.

            And those three agreed to no longer contact or bully.victims and publicly threaten to release their names

            Some of their fellow dead-enders have toiled as proxies doing the same devil’s work.

            Certainly, if Michele Hatchette knew plaintiffs’ names (as she frequently claimed) then presumably, so did her close cult colleagues in the court case?

            Logically, if one threatens to release names…. then one knows the names.

            * subsequently many more plaintiffs did release their own names. And there are few left as “Does” in the court case.


            Of the “over 70” (referenced @11: 15 am) please, how many have dropped out of the case or voluntarily released their own identify? How many left not fully identified?


        • FP @ 6:24

          You put up names like you were playing ping pong! Yes, they were first names but what did that matter when you identified their sister or brother by first & last name.?

    • Brandon was a doctor with a babysitter. His babysitter was involved in a large, international project that does human experiments. He was one of the guys who did the experiments. He knew his babysitter was kept in one room as a prisoner for two years. Was his babysitter part of one of his experiments?

      Was he “first doing no harm” as a doctor or was she just another human experiment test subject?

      Where are the records and data from Mr. Porter’s human experiments?
      Which mainstream journalists FOIAed his records and all his data?

      Does “Lieutenant Commander Data” know where the records and the data are?


        • Oh.

          If Mr. Porter was so close to Camila, wouldn’t he know her sister was held as a prisoner in one room for two years?

          • Well her sister wasn’t his babysitter or present for the birth of his child so perhaps they never even met? Do you know everything about your employees sisters and brothers?
            Are they all your friends on a personal level?

          • Anonymous at 136 p.m.

            You’re moving the ball. Camilla wasn’t just an employee. Brandon is presenting Camilla as a very close almost member of his own family, whom they named a child after.

            Most people don’t have an employee present for the birth of their child either.

            Of course one would know about the other members of her family if you’re that close to them

            Also, earlier it was stated that Camilla was not Brandon’s employee. Camilla was alleged to be only an employee of Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

          • @ 2:35 Anon:
            Its like talking to a brick wall
            Yes! Obviously he considered her a friend as well , that usually develops when someone spends time with your children.
            I disagree that means he was friends with her sister. HE worked, was busy, spent time with kids when off.. and for God Sakes YES , she was Not his direct employee but indirectly through Rainbow Garden.
            The ball isn’t moved, its your mind

        • Did Dr. Porter know Camilla’s sister was held in a room for two years when it was happening?

          How could he not know that?

        • “Do you know everything about your EMPLOYEES sisters and brothers”

          @ 6:05 pm

          You wrote that sentence. Don’t miscommunicate and then berate others who took you at your word.

          That’s irrational.

          Write what you mean clearly the first time. Adjusting it retrospectively every time a person responds is bullshit.

          You’re like talking to a dickwall

          Now fuck off pedophile appologist

          • Like I said , ” Brickwall”
            Your not interested in anyone’s prerogative but your own narrow opinion.
            I wrote it , I said what I said. I explained further when not understood but brickwalls don’t have ears. I attempted to answer your questions truthfully, obviously your questions aren’t really questions at all they’re false attempts at Your Pre determined narrative.
            In the future just post your statements , dont bother with questions phoney baloney , its juvenile!

      • 8:02
        Correct, her father didn’t employ her., he just knowingly brought her ‘Undocumented’ into the U. S. DUMBA**, even though she had a full scholarship to a prestigious college overseas..

        • I didn’t ever ask you any questions.

          You’re confused. Understandably, it’s hard when your degenetate cult implodes and you have to think critically and not follow blindly a pedophile leader.

          Camilla’s parents sucked.

          Brandon Porter is the one being sued.

          Camilla was going to college overseas at 13?

          Odd. But still better than Albany to be used and sexually exploited.

          But has nothing to do with this civil action.

          You seem angry. Have a Snickers.


          • Frank repeatedly said she had a full scholarship overseas, not me ,perhaps she was so intelligent, she took advanced classes for credit ? Many smart students double down on courses early on, ask Frank?
            I think I’ll make it a 3 Musketeers!!

          • Frustration and anger should not be compensated with food intake. There are already too many overweight people. You have probably seen too many commercials to come up with such a statement. Unfortunately, advertising also manipulates people without them noticing it.

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