Government Sues Mortgage Lender for Mentioning Crime in Chicago on Radio Show

Shadow State has been commenting on news items he thinks are important. His comments often don’t relate remotely to the stories he comments on. FR decided to take his last few comments and turn them into a post.

By Shadow State

The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB ) has taken a small mortgage company to court because of a radio show and podcast.

The defendants argue that this is a First Amendment issue and an authority violation of CFPB’s enforcement of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

Townstone Financial, and its owner Barry Sturner, of Greater Chicago, said some things the CFPB alleged in a lawsuit that “would” discourage black loan-seekers from applying for a mortgage.

On his weekly radio and podcast, the Townstone Financial Show, Sturner mentioned rising crime in the city.

The CFPB didn’t allege Townstone’s customers were mistreated or discriminated against.

But Sturner spoke of a specific area – how rampant crime was rising on Chicago’s South Side, adding the word “hoodlums,” and praising police for preventing the city from becoming “a real war zone.”

The CFPB asserted that Sturner’s statement would discourage applicants for the company’s services based on their race. The neighborhoods in question are mostly black.

The Pacific Legal Foundation represents Townstone in the lawsuit. Pacific Legal filed a brief arguing that CFPB should not carry out its regulatory function by censoring speech. In their brief they wrote, if CFPB prevails in the lawsuit, “anyone employed by or associated with a consumer finance firm who makes a random comment on social media could be subject to punishment by the agency.”

In February, Judge Franklin Valderrama of the Northern District of Illinois threw out the lawsuit, distinguishing between actually discriminating against applicants, and “discouraging” them from applying for a mortgage versus speaking about rising crime in certain neighborhoods.

The CFPB appealed his decision in April.


You won’t get this kind of news from CNN.

What it is like to get all your news from CNN, the Communist News Network!:

Tucker Carlson

For those cheering the departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Carlson started on CNN and went to MSNBC before going to Fox.

Carlson can go to NewsMax, Blaze TV with Glenn Beck or The First TV with Bill O’Reilly.

My brother attended the University of Maryland when he was in the audience for CNN’s Crossfire, and Tucker Carlson substituted for Pat Buchanan 25  years ago.

Tucker Carlson ain’t going away! With fiber optic cable, there is room for hundreds of channels.

Tucker Carlson Is The New Alex Jones! Watch: InfoWars:

Tucker Carlson: The View From England! THE REAL REASON:

Here is proof that AOC is behind the firing of Tucker Carlson.

AOC DEMANDS Biden Administration ARREST Tucker Carlson For ‘Inciting Violence’.  Savannah Hernandez says AOC is a crazy communist criminal trying to destroy America’s freedoms.

Tucker Carlson’s Last Speech before his firing!
Tucker Carlson’s Chilling Last Public Speech Before Leaving Fox News | ‘This Is Evil!’ | Room ERUPT

Not My Kind of Town

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Video Shows weekend of ‘Reckless, Disruptive’ Gatherings Downtown.

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We began with government censoring free speech and we will end with it.

AOC Calls For U.S. Government To Censor Fox News For ‘Incitement of Violence’ It is only OK when Communists call for Violence.



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  • Only two out of three off-topic stories about Chicago? Shadow is losing her touch. This website had a policy that was never enforced to not post off-topic comments, and that’s one of many reasons it sucks.

  • MotherTucker Carlson said on his last show: I’ll be back on Monday! That was his last lie. Good riddance. Maybe he can get a job at RT. Fucking traitor.

    “You won’t hear this on CNN”. It’s not exactly headline news is it now? And CNN has a choice what to air and what not. But they could provide more balanced info to the viewers. I grant you that.
    But so can Fox! They didn’t even mention the 787,5 million dollar settlement in the Dominion civil suit!
    Fox is off the scale spewing lies and misinformation. Misleading people like you. For profit. It’s their business model: feeding people with the things they want to hear, even if untrue. Or should I say, especially if untrue.

  • “AOC DEMANDS Biden Administration ARREST Tucker Carlson For ‘Inciting Violence’. Savannah Hernandez says AOC is a crazy communist criminal trying to destroy America’s freedoms.”

    Fucker Carlson is a complete hypocrite. He knew the Big Lie was one big lie, but he still went ahead and told big lies anyway to stir up the hatred and violence that threaten democracy itself. And for what? So he’d see his ratings go up? It’s unfortunate that a guy who saw through Donald Trump still went and licked his ass in public, all for his own self promotion, for his insatiable greed.

    And then there are the people who are dumb enough to buy into his bullshit, not to mention pretty much all of Fox News. Ask yourself this: are they any better than Raniere’s acolytes? I don’t think so. I think they’re worse, and far more dangerous.

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