Eduardo’s ‘Lies About NXIVM’ #1: Raniere Branded Women Like Cattle With Hot Iron

That Keith Raniere branded women like cows with a hot iron is a lie, claims Eduardo Asúnsolo. But is Make Justice Blind the one really lying?


NXIVM stalwart Eduardo Asunsolo has produced an exciting series of short videos for Make Justice Blind [MJB], an advocacy group of five Keith Raniere supporters founded in 2020.

The MJB website says it is “dedicated to exposing bad behavior within the criminal justice system and transforming the culture from one of ‘winning’ to truth and justice.”

As the group’s first and only project, the five leaders of MJB are dedicated to exposing the bad behavior that led to Raniere’s conviction. 

Now lest readers jump to a hasty conclusion, the group is not dedicated to exposing Raniere’s bad behavior, of which they see none, but the bad behavior of the DOJ, the judge, and the FBI that took Raniere’s freedom away.

Part of the group’s effort and the subject of Asunsolo’s video series, is to debunk what he calls “Lies About NXIVM People Think Are True.”

This FR series examines Eduardo’s series. 

Is Eduardo telling the truth?

Are the so-called lies Eduardo says people believe about NXIVM lies? Are Raniere and his creation, NXIVM, misunderstood, something, as Eduardo considers, that is ethical and good?

Or is there a middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, one that lies between the pit of society’s fears and the summit of Raniere’s knowledge? 

Beyond is another dimension – the dimension of Keith Raniere. Is it a dimension of word salad, a dimension of willful blindness, a dimension of bullshit and brainwashing? Or are you moving into a subtle land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas, where the world’s smartest man can lead you into something higher than you ever thought possible? Or have you just crossed over into the Dead-Enders Zone?

Let us approach the subject starting with lies about NXIVM number one:

Lie #1 – Keith branded women like cows with a hot iron

Transcript of the video:

Eduardo Asúnsolo
Eduardo Asúnsolo
Lies about NXIVM that people think are true.
Lie #1: Keith branded women like cows with a hot iron.
Truth: Female members of a sorority branded each other with a cauterizing pen, a very common practice in male fraternities. Keith was never near any of the branding ceremonies.

FR Analysis

Eduardo speaks the truth about Raniere’s slaves not being branded with a hot iron like cattle. There is a big difference between how Raniere branded humans, and we brand cattle.

I know a little about it. When I was younger, I worked on ranches in Texas and Wyoming.

We never used collateral. 

There were other differences. The cattle branding iron is heated in the fire until red hot. Then, when the iron cools to ash gray [about 950 degrees F], the brand is applied to the animal’s hide.

On cattle branding day, in early spring, we’d go to the corral, rope, throw them down, one by one, and brand them with the hot iron on the left hip, then bob off their tails.

The cattle brand is three to five inches in length, depending on the rancher’s brand. Raniere’s human brand was about two inches. But cows are bigger than people, so it makes sense. 

Raniere’s sorority used a much hotter cautery pen. The pen heats up to about 2000 degrees F and creates an instant third-degree burn.

The cautery pen takes much longer than the hot iron, so there is more pain over a longer time. The pen draws the design of Raniere’s initials. The Raniere brand is instantly visible, and the skin will heal with a hairless scar in the shape of the brand that never goes away unless you get scar removal surgery.  

It took the woman using the cautery pen about 20 minutes to brand one of Raniere’s slaves with his initials near her left hip.

The cattle brand is also instantly visible, and the skin will heal with a hairless scar in the shape of the brand that never goes away.

Although briefly painful, a hot iron brand does not cause any complications for the dogies. We did it fast. There wasn’t any drawing. The iron stamp was already cast. It takes about five seconds.

With horses we used a long handled smaller iron with ho— because no one wants a big ugly brand on their horse. Horse brands are about the same size as Raniere’s human brands. 

But, unlike Raniere did with humans, we’d brand horses fast, because you don’t want that iron to bounce back and hit you if the horse jumps.

It is not accurate, as Eduardo says, that the sorority women branded each other. Danielle Roberts was the only sorority member who branded DOS slaves. She lost her medical license because of it.  

Danielle drew each of seven strokes to form KR initials, and it took about 20 minutes. Afterward, the brand was dark red. Four naked slaves would hold the slave down so she wouldn’t wriggle and ruin the design. A fifth slave would film the branding, and the slave would say, “Master, please brand me. It would be an honor.”

When we’d brand dogies, and I can assure you none of them ever asked for it, the way I was taught was to hold the iron on until the brand is golden brown, like shoe leather, and no longer. Don’t over-brand or it burns through the hide.

If it’s a horse, just barely touch the hide with a very hot iron. I got to be able to do it before the horse even knew it. A touch with nice wrist action makes a nice brand. 

Of course, Danielle made some nice brands too.

Keep in mind, that with any kind of branding, whether human or bovine, if you leave it too long or apply too much pressure, it will burn deep and make a scar instead of a brand.

Also, use a smaller iron when branding calves. Don’t worry about it being too small. The brand grows with the animal. With Raniere’s slaves, the brand did not grow, because he kept them on diets. We went the opposite way. We wanted the dogies to get fatter. 

Like Raniere, most cattle ranchers used initials. And like Raniere, we did not tell the dogies what the brand stood for.  The ranchers, however, designed their marks plain and easy to read, so we’d know it was one of ours. Raniere made his brand obscurer so a slave could not tell it was his initials until perhaps after her seduction assignment. 

Like with cattle, Raniere branded his humans on the left below the hip.

Keith’s Not There

Eduardo is right, “Keith was never near any of the branding ceremonies.”

Raniere did not want the most slave women to know he was the secret head of DOS. After all, it was sold as an all female empowerment group. It would not do to tell the new recruits it was headed by a man. It is always good to start off with a lie.

Keithc did a lot of lying to keep his role a secret and so naturally he kept away from the branding ceremonies. 

Guys Do It, So Why Not Raniere’s Slaves?

Eduardo also says branding is “a very common practice in male fraternities.”

Branding is a practice with some male, mostly African-American fraternities. No national fraternity officially condones the practice of branding.

So the record is clear. Keith Raniere invented the world’s first multilevel blackmail and branding schemeHe cleverly devised the idea of collateral which served as a form of blackmail to keep his slaves in line. 

We used ropes, dogs, and electric prodders to keep our cattle in line.

Still, whether a cautery pen or a hot iron, whether cow, horse, or human, a brand is proof of ownership, and Raniere marked his women even if he was not present on branding day.



Man leans over the backside of a calf with a branding tool, making a T shaped brand on the calf's back.


So should we believe Eduardo when he talks about truth and lies?

How does Eduardo explain that Keith told the world he was not connected to DOS.

His statement is found on the website.

Letter from the Co-Founder

Dear Members;
I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group. I firmly support one’s right to freedom of expression, so what the sorority or any other social group chooses to do is not our business so long as there is no abuse…. Furthermore, the sorority is proud of what they created and want to share their story. I am confident they will be addressing you very soon…
Moving forward, we will communicate better. We will inform better.
Sincerely, Keith Raniere

Eduardo’s series “Lies About NXIVM People Think Are True.” is off to a good start.

Lie #1: Raniere said, “I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group.”

But Raniere was the founder of DOS, the inventor of the collateral and the branding. He even designed the brand.

Why the double standard. Why should anyone care about what Eduardo calls “lies,” about DOS branding, when he won’t admit Raniere lied himself?




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  • No one says that KR did the branding personally. No one says that the branding method used was the same one used with cattle. The material allegations are that women were branded with KR’s initials at his command. Refute that.

  • Sarah Edmondson’s Podcast sponsor Better Help is in deep water with the FTC!

    You’d think she’d do her due- diligence after the NXIVM scam.

    Better Help provides live internet therapists for a fee.

    In breaking FTC rules the company also broke HIPPA laws.
    So disgusting!

    Get your act together Sarah Edmondson!

      • CultObsessed-

        The story BROKE on MARCH 3, Sarah Edmondson still has them as a sponsor. It’s been 52 DAYS!

        That’s is exactly “HOW” she is responsible.

        It’s indefensible and apprehensible!

        • I would imagine by having , promoting Better Help, she is recommending thier PROFESSIONAL services thereby subjecting already compromised people ( in her view) to further abuse, no? She really needs to vet her bosses, sponsors better.

          • Hi Scott-

            *No shit!

            How’s your video stream? Yah, ur’a
            cool kid—I mean a f’ing 56 year old loser. LOL

            *Sarah Edmondson could still edit out the sponsor and return the money. There’d be no lawsuit.

        • Cult Obsessed:
          SHE hasn’t disavowed (54 days) them, thats her own self imposed litmus test.
          Its an argument she uses to sue others in civil court.
          Frankly, I think it goes to the heart of holding others responsible for what the NXIVM Corporation did. The Board of Directors should be held responsible.

        • That I didn’t know. But their business practices aren’t the fault of anyone on their payroll. I mean you don’t blame sports teams for the global warming even though they are all funded by companies who damage environment.
          Some of y’all will take any opportunity to vilify Sarah and Nippy. They are not telling people babies are rapable and a daughter can please her father and it’s no big deal. Don’t let some of y’all Keith defenders!

          • Thats THE point, neither did anyone else BUT Nancy ( president of company & dropped from civil suit)
            and Raniere himself!! tell people that stuff.

    • The penalty Better Help is apparently agreeing
      to sounds like a bargain. Are they ensuring proper credentials & licensing for their “counselling” services? Are they avoiding state licensing (by jurisdiction jumping) to insulate themselves from malpractice claims? Isn’t the penalty a small % of their ill-gotten revenue?

        • Anonymous 10:12

          God for bid a company screwing over a bunch of people with mental problems…..And breaking HIPPA laws.

          Business is about making money not lying to people to do it. The lying part is called a “scam”.

          • —Oh I get it your saying the government is a scam.

            No Scott…..LOL

            Can you ever properly “troll”?
            The non-sequitur trolling is as retarded as your kids. LOL

    • OMG
      Taking advantage of consent!
      False advertising
      Share with Facebook & two others,
      MADE Millions
      Birds of a feather…

  • All this while you await Deputy Dog AI Robots coming to NY., Cyber Authority, says Russell Brand, on there way to NY.
    No jobs for policeman but programed justice on the way!
    Still think your government has your best interest at heart!
    Florida women can’t have their tubes tied till they’re 45 years old now!!
    Fight Back!

  • “… Theranos’ other board members included other former Cabinet members such as the late George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, William Perry and former Wells Fargo Bank CEO Richard Kovacevich. The list of billionaire investors that once valued the privately held company at $9 billion — with half of the stock owned by Holmes — included media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Walmart’s Walton family and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison …”

  • “… Former NXIVM member Eduardo Asúnsolo says he “flew to Albany” to investigate D.O.S. after hearing about the pelvic branding only to become a supporter: “I found a sorority … things that were not only not criminal but maybe even good,” says Asúnsolo, adding that his life “has been amazingly bettered” by the teachings of Raniere and Salzman. …”

    “… Former NXIVM member Karen Unterreiner says she and other higher-up members used a spreadsheet to keep track of “who’s in, who’s out, and who we don’t know” in the organization — information she says they would then report back to Raniere. …“

    “… Salzman tells the camera she feels “sad” for Daniela, a former NXIVM member from Mexico who has alleged that as a teenager she was groomed into a sexual relationship with Raniere and that she was later coerced into staying in an empty room with blacked-out windows for over two years as punishment for kissing another man, all while she was undocumented and could not retaliate. …” ⬅️ Maybe another Dr. Porter-style experiment?

  • Recently Frank Report commenters argued that Communist Chicago is safe!
    Those must be some powerful chemicals they are taking.
    Here is a report telling the truth about how dangerous Chicago is.
    Go to Chicago at your own risk!
    Chicago Chaos: Teen Rampage Exposes City’s Failures?!

  • 🚨Tucker’s New Epstein Death BOMBSHELL | Feds CAUGHT Burning Evidence | ‘It’s Been Deleted!’

    • No worries
      Robo cop in dog form will be introduced according to the mayor even though in 2021 they were paused for being Too Aggressive!
      Only $74k each.

  • If Eduardo and Elliot and other dead Enders would agree to lay naked held down like a sacrifice and be cauterized right near their penis by Dr Danielle with Keith’s initials and release the recordings of themselves being disfigured, there’s a chance people would pay attention. It would still never compare to what the blackmailed women went through especially because they were unaware of Keith’s involvement or that he would be looking at their nude recordings and that they would be wearing Keith’s initials burned into their skin. But still if the dead Enders want to get people’s attention and show how it all is really no big deal then they should put themselves out there and get branded with Keith’s initials in their pubic region publicly. Preferably live

    • Some of the women in the Dossier project were never branded. They discussed it one of those videos they put up. They were like, I really would have loved to do it and didn’t think the symbolism was a big deal. I’m like, well you know you could still get it done. Nothing is stopping you from having KR on your crotch, schedule an appointment. If it was no big deal, why did no one jump to do it after the fact???

      • Good point cult obsessed no one is stopping them from getting a retroactive brand. Likewise Danielle Roberts is no branding artist because she has not continued to work her so-called branding Artistry post slavery ring being disbanded

        • Exactly! She wasn’t branding as her side hobby, she was doing it for Keith and the “sorority.”
          Now that her license is no longer in danger, she can whip out that cauterizing pen for those ladies anytime. Come get your symbol for the elements!

    • Good point. They love talking about how wonderful NXIVM was but won’t get a brand. I think the absolute most painful thing was having the sleep with VanTurd. Fuck NXIVM and fuck the Dead-enders.

    • Not only should they take the brand, they should also post a picture of their face and genitals to their social accounts. Prove to us that this kind of collateral is no big deal.

  • Regeneración

    Supuestos seguidores del líder de la secta NXIVM lo apoyan afuera de prisión

    Un grupo de simpatizantes, aparentan ser un grupo que defiende los derechos de los reos, pero en realidad son seguidores de Keith Raniere, líder la secta NXIVM

    Regeneración, 13 de julio de 2020. Noche tras noche, afuera del Centro de Detención Metropolitano de Brooklyn, en donde el líder de la organización NXIVM está recluido, un nutrido grupo de simpatizantes a las 8 de l noche, a bailar, realizar piruetas y, sobre todo, a comunicarse con Raniere a través de lámparas de mano.

    Este grupo se esconde detrás de ser un grupo que defiende los derechos de los reos, pero en realidad son seguidores del falso gurú Keith Raniere. Y todos los días, tratan de levantarle el ánimo: bailan para él.

    Personas implicadas asisten a los performances
    [ … ]

    Asunsolo Ramírez se molestó al ver un reportero y lo señaló “de aliarse con el gobierno para encerrar a Raniere” quien, desde su percepción, es inocente.

    Dijo que más adelante la verdad saldrá a la luz y dijo que cuentan con las pruebas “para desemascarar la mentira”.

    (Translation: Asunsolo Ramírez was upset when he saw a reporter and pointed him out “of allying with the government to lock up Raniere” who, in his perception, is innocent.

    He said that later on the truth will come out and said that they have the evidence “to unmask the lie”.)
    [ …]

  • A quick reminder:

    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 950 Filed 10/09/20 Page 14 of 144 PageID #:

    Exhibit, 5 US v. Raniere, 18-Cr-204 (NGG)

    Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis
    United States District Judge
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    Re: United States v. Keith Raniere, 18 Cr. 204 (NGG)

    Dear Judge Garaufis:
    My name is Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez. I was born and raised in Mexico. I studied Marketing
    at one of the best Colleges in Mexico on a soccer scholarship. I came to New York 12 years
    ago to study theater and to work as an actor. I am now a professional interpreter, I have
    translated for immigration court and for the political asylum offices numerous times. I own a
    family translation business, and work as a commercial voice over artist recording radio and
    tv commercials. I am married, I have a 17-month-old boy, and a baby girl on the way.
    I met Keith Raniere 10 years ago through ESP. Throughout the last decade we’ve played
    hundreds and hundreds of games of volleyball together, he’s been my teacher, my business
    partner, and my friend. I’ve taken numerous educational trainings that he has designed and
    imparted: Jness, SOP, ESP, Ultima, Ethicist, etc. This education has been by far the most
    valuable investment of my life; it has helped my personal and professional life in many great
    ways. I am confident to say that I wouldn’t be an entrepreneur, and a loving father and
    husband, if it wasn’t for my interactions with him and with his work. The different things that
    thousands of people have achieved thanks to his tools are remarkable, some of them
    historically remarkable. I personally knew and in some cases worked with a group of people
    with Tourettes syndrome, and I watched them work their tics away with the talk therapy
    himself and Nancy designed. I was amazed at how Keith never wanted to call this project a
    cure or even science yet, he was always thoughtful and humble about the results he
    In 2017, a group of my closest friends invited me to what sounded very much like a
    defamation campaign against Keith. The justification was that they had found information
    about a secret sorority, and that it was so disgusting to them, that it was worth it to make the
    group look like a sex trafficking ring to the media. They literally said they were going to make
    this look like India’s mom was going to save her daughter. When I informed Keith about what
    was coming after him, he never entertained the idea of stopping this group of people with
    harsh legal tools, which was what I suggested; instead his only focus became to try and have
    a dialogue with this group, to try to prevent them from doing something that would be
    harmful to everyone, especially the group itself. I had heard him speak about non-
    violent resistance before, but to see him let himself go to jail instead of engaging in violence,
    was one of the most wonderful things to watch. I believe he did the same at trial through his
    defense; as you can see in the transcripts, they did not use dishonor even once. I think the
    injustice committed to him and his co-defendants will affect American history for the good. I

    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 950 Filed 10/09/20 Page 15 of 144 PageID #:

    Exhibit, 5 US v. Raniere, 18-Cr-204 (NGG)

    tried to participate in this case and to counter the many lies I saw the witnesses tell. It’s hard
    to watch people lie on the stand when you knew they were going to do it. The reason I did
    not end up being a witness was because everyone around me told me I would be in legal
    trouble if I did. Some of my friends were personally threatened by the prosecutors. Still, my
    hope is that people can see that sometimes people are convicted on prejudice rather than
    evidence. This is not news to myself or to any other minority, for this has been done to us for
    a century.
    Keith is in my experience a true humanitarian, a man who conducts himself with a balance
    between complete kindness and a strict code of honor. He maintains this balance in every
    area of his life, no matter the time of the day or how hard his circumstances become. I
    developed a lot of respect for him through the years of interacting with his work and with
    him as a friend, but this respect increased even more when I saw him deal with the deaths of
    life long friends of his, he mourned deeply while still leading strongly. In ten years of
    spending many hours with him, he never spoke a dishonorable word about anyone, including
    adversaries who I saw attacking his name and his life. Even today, all the way from his cell, he
    has been able to help my family with a very difficult situation. I’m always amazed at the fact
    that he drops anything to help another person, even when his circumstances are far worse
    than most people’s.
    Because I grew up in the north of Mexico, I’ve been witness to the most cruel violence. It is
    a day to day thing for many Mexicans. I will forever be grateful to Keith Raniere for
    producing a peace movement in my country, a movement that created hope for millions of
    Mexicans. When one experiences the community projects that he has designed, one can
    see how humans can be great. V week for example, is the most marvelous display of
    human excellence, art, community and education. I can understand why people like the
    Dalai Lama and Elan Musk have expressed interest in his work.
    For this and many other reasons, I keep the deepest honor and respect for Keith Raniere. And
    I ask you to give him the most humane sentence you can find within your possibilities. I don’t
    ask you to see him as a good man, for that wouldn’t be right, I think that if I had the
    information you have in front of you and nothing else, I would probably think exactly as you
    do. I only ask you to treat him with the humanity this world needs.

    Kind Regards,
    Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez

    • “In 2017, a group of my closest friends invited me to what sounded very much like a
      defamation campaign against Keith. ”

      I wonder who these people were.

      “They literally said they were going to make this look like India’s mom was going to save her daughter.”

      IDK, it’s hard to believe Catherine was just play-acting when she literally ran the risk of her daughter getting arrested.

    • So he does have daughter. Wtf not turn your energy to your family? There’s no way in hell I would raise my daughter with Eduardo. He’s liable to get sexual satisfaction from her and be just fine with it per Nancy.

      • “… At the core of Scott’s vision was “an energy theory of value”. Since the basic measure common to the production of all goods and services was energy, he reasoned “that the sole scientific foundation for the monetary system was also energy”, and that by using an energy metric instead of a monetary metric (energy certificates or ‘energy accounting’) a more efficient design of society could be made. Technocracy Inc. officials wore a uniform, consisting of a “well-tailored double-breasted suit, gray shirt, and blue necktie, with a monad insignia on the lapel”, and its members saluted Scott in public. ..

        Following Scott’s radio address (Hotel Pierre Address), the condemnation of both him and technocracy in general reached a peak. The press and businesspeople reacted with ridicule and almost unanimous hostility. The American Engineering Council charged the technocrats with “unprofessional activity, questionable data, and drawing unwarranted conclusions”.

        The technocrats made a believable case for a kind of technological utopia, but their asking price was too high. The idea of political democracy still represented a stronger ideal than technological elitism. In the end, critics believed that the socially desirable goals that technology made possible could be achieved without the sacrifice of existing institutions and values and without incurring the apocalypse that technocracy predicted.

        The faction-ridden Continental Committee on Technocracy collapsed in October 1936. However, Technocracy Incorporated continued.

        On the 8 October 1940 the arrests have been made by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The charges were for being a member of an illegal organisation Technocracy Incorporated. One of the arrested was Joshua Norman Haldeman, an amateur archaeologist, a former Regina chiropractor and former director of Technocracy Incorporated, the grandfather of Elon Musk. …”

        • “Grimes was born Claire Elise Boucher and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 17, 1988. She is of French Canadian (including Québécois), Italian, and German-Ukrainian descent. She was raised Catholic, and attended Catholic school. Her mother, Sandy Garossino, is a former Crown prosecutor and arts advocate; her father, Maurice Boucher, a former banker, works “in the business side of biotech” …

          • … In early 2019, she was accused of glorifying fascism while promoting her new single ‘We Appreciate Power,’ inspired by North Korea’s all-female military band Moranbong. She had said, I thought people understood that I ultimately probably believe in an AI dictatorship.” …

          • “… Renaissance’s research and development efforts are focused on developing novel proprietary technology for the production and oral delivery of RNA bioactive molecules, targeting environmentally safe agricultural crop protection as well as human and animal health solutions. Using this yeast “plug-and-play” deployment platform, Renaissance plans to create a broad range of products across multiple industries which have a low production cost and are exceptionally specific; replacing current alternatives which have significant drawbacks such as high-cost, low efficacy, and off-target effects …”


    • Oh God, how I wish Keith let these smitten kittens on the stand to defend him. It would have been great comedy to hear them all say how much they love playing volleyball with him amongst the other ridiculous garbage. Make no mistake, this was Keith’s decision for them not to testify not that the defenders where threatened not to testify. Lunacy!

      • I know right? The preacher, at the end of the trial asked does anyone here object to Raniere going to prison? Say it now or forever hold your peace.

    • “…Throughout the last decade we’ve played hundreds and hundreds of games of volleyball together…”

      LMFAO. I’m sure the judge thought that was very persuasive.

  • Miami Herald
    Update: Film fraudster sentenced for new scam involving Miami yacht firm and Nxivm cult movie

    By Ben Wieder updated December 17, 2021 9:37 PM

    [ … ]

    The payments for the Nxivm film came from an account associated with an “Eduardo Ramirez.” A former member of Nxivm named Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez heads an organization called Make Justice Blind, which argues that the charges against Raniere and the cult were unfounded. After publication, Ramirez sent the following statement to the Herald:

    “I gathered a group of investors to expose corruption and injustice in the NXIVM case including how federal agents may have planted evidence. Dave Williams was someone we tapped because of his filmmaking experience to bring this message out to a wider audience, his research was immensely helpful. I suspect the government’s attempt to imprison him after he completed his probation may have more to do with suppressing the release of his film than the probation infractions.”

    [ … ]

    • “… I gathered a group of investors to expose corruption and injustice in the NXIVM case including how federal agents may have planted evidence.”

      Ya know, if anyone could have manipulated data on that Canon camera with WiFi, someone other than federal agents could have done the tampering.

  • Eduardo Asunsolo Ramirez was born in Torreón, México, on February 12, 1982, the son of Rosa Maria Ramirez and Juan Manuel Asúnsolo.

    • If NXIVM planned and/or is planning to replace the United States and Mexico, that’s treason 1- 4 times.

  • Yeah, Keith was no where near the branding ceremony; except in its concept, design, and execution. He was not physically there, but the recordings were made so he could feel like he was. The women of the sorority branded each other not Keith, but only did it at his behest and for his pleasure. Lies indeed.

    • Off screen news reporter as drone footage shows night-time Chicago cityscape: “There’s rioting breaking out through the city. Fire is continuing to burn everywhere. Troops are shooting people. My God, I… I don’t know why! There’s a woman dying in front of me, and no one’s helping her! There are conflicting reports about who or what started the chaos. Will someone tell me what’s happening? This is madness! What is this world coming to?“

      Quinn (an alien trapped in a human host since the invasion of ’53, mysteriously immune to bacteria, and ready to play both of the major warring factions against each other for international bankers): “Some might ask, ‘Are the videos in Vanguard’s video library or Dr. Porter’s human test subject records?’ You silly mortals. Little do they know. Those videos are in my library!!! Mwuaa ha ha HA.!!!”

      • True Ben. Keith enjoyed seeing people in pain for sure. But Keith also is recorded saying that the branding ceremony recordings will also be used as blackmail.

    • Very astute points. It actually would have been more upfront and transparent if Keith had just been present for every branding. But that was impossible because they were lying to all their friends about Keith’s involvement. It’s hard to pretend you’re a woman only Empowerment Group if you have the male leader present to watch his initials being branded on all of the nude women near their vaginas while they are held down on the table like a sacrifice in a most vulnerable position. To quote Keith. The smartest most ethical man in the world

      • It wasn’t a sorority or a sex cult.
        It was: several social engineering experiments in another political operation

        • “… Mark Vicente was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1965. With a father in show business and a mother in the Diplomatic Service, he rarely stayed in one place for very long. As a child he traveled the world and lived in such diverse places as Portugal, Brazil, Canada, and the US. When it came to his life’s passion, he took his cue from his Grandfather who owned an advertising agency …“

          • “Grimes was born Claire Elise Boucher and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 17, 1988. She is of French Canadian (including Québécois), Italian, and German-Ukrainian descent. She was raised Catholic, and attended Catholic school. Her mother, Sandy Garossino, is a former Crown prosecutor and arts advocate; her father, Maurice Boucher, a former banker, works “in the business side of biotech”. In 2006, Grimes graduated from Lord Byng Secondary School and relocated from Vancouver to Montreal to attend McGill University focusing on neuroscience and Russian language, but left the university in early 2011 before finishing her degree.”

  • Eduardo posting this recording which was clearly not meant for him and implying that he has many others seems very threatening in light of the blackmailing that went on and the so-called collateral still being unaccounted for and still not returned. The attorney for these women should alert the court to Eduardo’s action and look into his intentions

  • Eduardo best be care, he might find himself getting a lawsuit for defamation against him

    If Clare Bronfman is paying his wage, she could be brought into the lawsuit.

    Why does Eduardo continue harassment of these women?

    Raniere has already been found guilty.

    Eduardo should be a more responsible husband and father.

    Maybe Eduardo more like Raniere and doesn’t think of how he is putting his family at risk of being sued.

  • To Pea Onyu
    I miss those videos of Nicki Clyne and her friends dancing in Brooklyn!
    You should return to your dancing routines.
    Here is a song to get you back in the spirit!
    Boney M. – Rasputin (Remix) 💥💃🎆 shuffle dance mix

  • Let’s not be too hard on Eduardo for being a pathological liar.
    Recent revelations reveal that Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken fabricated a letter in 2020 claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation.
    Hunter Biden’s laptop is real a reveals a pattern of criminality engaged in by Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden.
    Blinken lied but he pressured 51 American intelligence officials to go along with his lie and sign a patently false letterabout Hunter Biden’s laptop.
    Should we expect a higher standard of behavior from NXIVM’s Eduardo?

    State Dept. stays silent on Blinken arranging ‘spies who lie’ letter

        • Wow Shadow responds to a critic!

          Hey Shadow it was over 200 years ago.

          What’s your point dummy?

          Hamilton founded the company 12 owners ago.

          You can always count on Shadow for irrelevant information from

          “Light takes eight minutes to reach the earth from the sun. John Wayne Gacy was swell.”

  • I wonder if Eduardo would stay loyal if he knew that Keith’s nickname for him was RETARDO (KR had nicknames for everyone btw). Or maybe he has to be cut from Clare’s payroll (5k a month) to figure it out. I hope he does!

    • Very interesting information. Eduardo acts like he’s some kind of altruistic soul but he’s getting paid to defend a pedophile from a padded room? What a vile human being

  • Delightful! Sometimes mockery makes the best counter argument.

    Question: is there any direct evidence that Raniere designed the brand himself? I suspect it was Mack who designed it. First, it looks to me like both their initials and I can’t imagine Raniere sharing credit in that manner. The AM appears even more clearly than the KR, which requires turning the design sideways and reversed.

    There’s direct audio evidence of Raniere giving Mack instructions on how to carry out the branding rite, which indicates he put her in charge of the thing.

    Mack took credit for coming up with the idea of branding herself in that New York Magazine interview. She thought a tattoo “meaningless,” insufficiently badass.

    I think Mack wanted these women branded with her and her lover Raniere’s initials, intertwined. It granted her a kind of exclusivity in this sick cult.

    • I was told by someone who was there that Raniere sketched the initial brand with his initials and some of the first line were not too pleased. More on that later.

      • Frank, there’s also the recording that was featured in seduced. Keith makes it clear that it is to quote him not a democracy. And says things about being responsible for the brand design. And orders his naked Frontline to Scurry about and get him something to write with. Is that the meeting you’re referring to? One recent Defector is heard at that meeting loudly an enthusiastically supporting the brand design.

        • KR definitely had a role in it – most likely gave them a brief that he wanted his initials in it, but in a subtle way, so it was disguised as plausibly the 4 elements. Nicki and Allison were probably equally involved in the design, with possible input from other First Liners. Lauren said in her testimony it was only KR’s initials that were meant to be there, but I’m sure the AM was not just coincidental. You can be sure they were really proud of it, but that’s what comes when you’re a deluded navel gazer.

          • There is no probably in any of this there is a recording of all the front line slaves discussing the design of The Branding and conspiring as a group to keep the reality that it was of Keith’s initials from the other women. Keith is heard clearly telling his Frontline slaves that it is not a democracy. There really is no question whatsoever if Keith designed the brand he even clarifies that his middle name is represented

          • Yes RATB, I think it was a whole deceptive sigil in the manner of crowley and co.
            I think he intended for the brand to be read as AM overtly, his KR covertly- and if he promised to share the glory with AM – the sigil also shows a clear quincunx as its called in astrology, (the inverted V with the bar on top) that denotes an ‘inconjunct’ – an old logic professor at college used the symbol to represent a ‘nand’ gate : ’not-and’ in Boolean logic….so she thinks she’s included, but is actually eliminated… sort of sixth form obscurantism I think is very K. Raniere…

  • This creep is not worth the electricity my screen uses to read this. But yes, its fascinating to see how far can a blind man go believing his own lies and those of his “principal” . No doubt some men were born to be kettle and just follow a herd,

  • Eduardo, don’t wait until your children are teenagers to finally come out. Be honest to your wife, children and family. I know coming out as gay is verboten in Mexico but you’re in the US now. Be yourself. Keith and Nancy may not have solved your “problem” but that’s because you cannot deny reality. Stop hiding behind some abstract notion of injustice. Your closeted status is the true injustice here.

    • New to this rabbit hole-

      Are you familiar with the Eduardo and Emiliano Salinas car ride? (The story is on the Frank Report Server.)


      Many heterosexual men experience the best day of their life driving in a car with another man…..Eduardo is not gay!

      I’m kidding! F’cker is on fire!

    • Actually it is not verboten to come out as gay in Mexico. In fact gay marriage is legal there. So really no excuse.

  • I heard some that some the branding videos are on line somewhere? I searched and could not find any? Also, I heard a lot of the women of NXIVM nude pics were on line too. Can’t find that either. Anyone have a link or website for this info? This is for research purposes only.

    • If Eduardo is still enmeshed, he should take a few temps back to see how bizarre it was and still is.
      Would it be easier to free himself if Keith would’ve worn a Speedo and eyeliner?

      Comparing NXIVM to Buddhafield:
      Volleyball > ballet
      Vanguard Week > ballet recitals
      Narcissism > Narcissism
      Crazytown > Crazytown
      Followers > Followers

      If Eduardo can see it, it’s about deceit in politics.

  • ‘Many believe Allison Mack had been brainwashed.
    Many believe she had been totally brainwashed by Raniere’s thinking.
    “I don’t think she was thinking she was actually trafficking girls,” a former roommate told THR. “It doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve punishment, but I think she had drunk enough Kool-Aid to really believe that these girls were going to save the world with [Raniere’s] super-sperm.”

    • Most cults / MKUltra projects starting around the same time ESP started were using various methods to control once-free people. Sleep and food deprivation were tools for coercion. Neurolinguistic programming was another tool for coercion. “Coercive control” takes many forms.

      Celebrities and political figures attract followers. The entertainment industry, political parties and cults all need followers. Scientology and NXIVM used celebrities and political figures to take the small-scale1950s-60s-70s-80s experiments to the next level. (pun intended)

      Anyone thinking, “I would never be so dumb to be in a cult. I would never fall for anything like that.” might have already fallen for that. Remember random “chain letters”? See Milgram’s “Small World Experiment”.

      How many of us are test subjects are on “social media” today?

      “Milgram suspected before the experiment that the obedience exhibited by Nazis reflected a distinct German character, and planned to use the American participants as a control group before using German participants, expected to behave closer to the Nazis. However, the unexpected results stopped him from conducting the same experiment on German participants.”

      • Now, we must write only certain words, instead of others. We must say a man is a woman. All who resist are Suppressives.

        “It is necessary to happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists of professing to believe what he does not believe.” Thomas Paine

  • “Mr. Raniere once called during the beatings to tell the women to make sure that they snapped their wrists in a particular way to inflict maximum pain.”

  • “Nicole recounted an experience she had shortly after joining NXIVM where she was led blindfolded into a house in upstate New York by Raniere and asked to remove her clothes and lie down on a table. Her wrists and ankles were bound. Raniere allegedly circled the table asking her questions about her sexual history while an unidentified third person performed oral sex on her. “I was so confused. It was terrifying,” she said on the witness stand.”

  • #14 “Nicole said she was asked to provide “collateral” to show that she was committed. This collateral included a solo sex tape and a letter in which she lied about being sexually abused by her father.”

  • The NYT also reports that at one NXIVM group called “Society of Protectors,” women were made to wear fake cow udders over their breasts while men insulted them.

  • Truth, “Keith said to me multiple times that it was OK for little girls to pleasure their fathers sexually,” another former member confessed. “He thought that was fine.”

  • E-dumbo and the rest of the deadender clowns are like their leader who think they can continue to try to make people into fools by insulting their intelligence with their willful selective omission of data post facto after loads of evidence and proof of intent and act have already been provided.

    Wake up and move on with your lives. Raniere is a narcissistic, arrogant clown who thought he was slick. He thought his manipulative and secretive machinations could isolate him with plausible deniability, but he was caught red-handed by people smarter than him. This is exactly what mafia leaders attempt to do and why RICO was created. Isn’t it ironic that Raniere has the stereotypical Italian background in his blood? (Not to be selective because other cultures too have their mafia-like organizations, e.g., Russian or Mexican drug cartels.) These layers he tried to create between himself and others were to serve that purpose, but he was too egotistical to hide the chain links of evidence for it. He was full of bad intent and was exposed for the fraud that he is in front of the entire world.

  • # 12 “He would say that his technology was acting up and that he had these types of problems,” Salzman testified. “That it was something special about him. That it was his energy. His impact on the world.”

  • # 11 “Lauren Salzman said, they came to accept claims about his ability to control the weather or to disable electronics. It was rumoured, she said, that Raniere could stroll through a rain shower without getting wet.”

  • 9. “The world was going to end in a period of 10 to 15 years,” she was taught. “We were against the clock.”

  • 8. “The now-33-year-old Mexican woman, identified only as Daniela, claimed she was brainwashed into believing Nxivm was going to save the world.”

  • 7.”Often when you counsel people who are children of what you might call abuse, some little children are perfectly happy with it until they find out what happens later in life,” Salzman says, on camera. “They didn’t know anything about it was bad, later they grow up and they found out that it was actually something that was bad, in that case is it more society that’s abusing them?”
    Eduardo I’m doing all the hard work for you. You made me search out the lies about Nxivm. 🖕

  • I’ll start listening to Eduardo after his wife’s branding ceremony and his daughter is fucked in a broom closet by a narcissistic cult leader.

  • Similarities:
    1. COWS and DOS women did not know what their brand stood for.

    2. Supine restraint of COWS and DOS women used to secure the brand.

    3. The owners/masters of COWS and DOS women delegate the task of branding to others.

    4. COWS and DOS women unknowingly have their lives taken by their owners/master.

  • He’s correct! It was “like” cattle it is only “similar”. Duh

  • Eduardo- via live demonstration you should receive both a cattle brand and a DOS brand.

    Then you can explain the vast difference between the two.

  • This reads…odd. AI?

    There’s no reason to amplify “Make Justice Blind.”

    This is the same old rhetoric from them. Newer stories, yes. This tired tripe? Nah

  • Those who spoke against Raniere in court Tuesday included his first sex slave, identified only as “Camila,” who finally broke her silence to tell the judge that the cult leader took her virginity at age 15.

  • Danielle stated on Dossier YouTube, she would NOT have joined DOS if she believed Vanturd was NOT involved. How scary is that? She was pleased that she was bring lied to from the beginning, as long as she knew Vanturd was the secret leader. Fast forward a few years and she is doing flips outside his jail cell window. She truly is a depraved, disturbed human. I really hope she does not get her license to practice medicine back. She is just batshit crazy over Vanturd. What the FUCK did this guy do to flip rational, smart doctors into Manson-girlesque freaks? But, crazy are hot and wild in bed.

    Danielle, HMU on Frank Report. I am starting up a new secret sorority with branding, dildos, whips, chains, butt plugs, BDSM, strap ons, strap offs, group blowjobs, etc. Come join. There’s a group of “badass bitches” ready for some brands.

    ~ Pilgrim

  • What jumps out immediately is how cruel it was to hurt both the humans AND the animals
    It’s all sadistic

  • Well written. I enjoyed the personal account and experiences of cattle branding. Very informative.

    I would like to add that although Keith was not physically present when the women were branded, he did get the videos of these brandings.

    Also, he was in direct contact with Lauren Salzman (via whatsapp or similar social media app) as he was informed in real-time about the branding proceeding (“😈 all mine”: he sent to Lauren as from Sarah Edmondson testimony who shortly held Lauren’s smartphone during the session where she and other women were branded).

    Last but not least: I can’t recall anybody saying Keith personally branded women like cattle.

    So, for Eduardo to start with this statement is a lie in itself……

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