US Supreme Court Denies Raniere’s Writ of Certiorari

Supreme Court Of The United States
Supreme Court Of The United States

One more loss for the Vanguard.

The US Supreme Court in an order dated April 17, 2023, denied Keith Raniere’s Writ of Certiorari.

The highest court in the land will not hear arguments on Judge Nicholas Garaufis’ interruption of Lauren Salzman’s cross-examination at Raniere’s trial.

Raniere’s fate is now almost exclusively in District Court Judge Garaufis’ hands.

Pending decisions:

There are two Rule 33 motions (one focusing on the FBI tampering), and another – a hodgepodge of allegations, including DOJ witness intimidation, plus the FBI tampering.

A recusal motion (alleging Garaufis has shown undue prejudice), which Garaufis will decide if he wants to bow out of deciding the Rule 33 motions, based on Raniere’s allegations of bias.

The restitution appeal. Raniere wants the 21 victims to return the $3.4 million they got to the government. He says he is innocent that the mostly women group of victims don’t deserve a dime.

Raniere did not pay the restitution, it came from the $6 million Clare Bronfman paid the government as part of her plea deal.

Raniere also has pending litigation with the BOP in Arizona, where Raniere’s lawyers are suing Attorney General Merrick Garland, the USP Tucson’s warden, and others, for his alleged mistreatment there.

So far, he has not fared well in Arizona. In motion after motion, the District Court Judge has denied Raniere, often because his attorney did not follow technical procedures.

Right now Raniere is pinning all hope on his Rule 33 and has filed a recent motion adding new forensic investigators reports.

The US Supreme Court’s denial of Raniere comes as no surprise. The Court hears about 1 percent of cases brought before the court.

Meanwhile, the battery of attorneys billing by the hour were overheard to exclaim, “Viva Executive Success!”

More on this later.



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  • His fate is sealed. Quite apt that Garaufis will hold the last nail to drive into his well deserved coffin, before they kick it forever down into a bottomless pit.

  • “… Meanwhile, the battery of attorneys billing by the hour were overheard to exclaim, ‘Viva Executive Success!’ …”

  • The AZ district court judge denied based on technicalities-

    These attorneys have a man’s life in their hands and are billing for every word in their motions- and repeatedly they give the judge an easy out to dismiss.

    I don’t sympathize with Raniere, but the legal racket has undermined all hope of Justice.

  • “Raniere did not pay the restitution, it came from the $6 million Clare Bronfman paid the government as part of her plea deal.”
    So who gave Raniere the authority to sue for restitution? Unless, he deems Clare’s money to be his money.
    More likely, it’s another example of a narcissist using lawsuits, however frivolous, to try and intimidate opponents and regain some semblance of control and save face.

  • It’s been all over but the shouting for a long time.

    People that have been misguidedly banging the Vanguard is innocent legal drum for the last 5 years and dancing for a pedophile incarcerated at MDC and such, could have actually graduated from law school by now.

    Instead of just wasting their life making sad recordings from a padded room to post on the interwebs for no one to watch

  • The Court reserves the right to revisit this decision in exchange for a week on Wakaya Island, all expenses paid.
    – Thomas, J.

  • Still tapping the evil well of Bronfman money.

    I really think Garaufis was not right to stop that twat, Lauren from her testimony. Her fake, crocodile tears would not have guilt-tripped a competent judge.

  • Common legal strategy when you know your client is guilty – throw everything at the wall in hopes that something will stick.

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