Raniere Claims DOJ Suppressing Critical Evidence; Seeks Judge’s Order to Compel

According to the latest motion filed by his attorney, Joseph Tully, the Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to hand over four pieces of evidence to Keith Raniere’s defense team.

Raniere claims the evidence will prove his original trial was flawed due to the admission of falsified evidence.

The evidence includes camera card reports, hard drive file listings, and the examiner’s notes related to two critical pieces of digital evidence, a hard drive, and a camera card.

Raniere’s defense team alleges the government intentionally withheld this critical evidence during and before the trial and continues suppressing them despite requests.

Raniere retained experts, including four former FBI employees, who analyzed the available evidence and attested that they found definitive evidence of manipulation and falsification, with the most logical explanation being government involvement, the defense argues.

Specifically, Raniere claims the FBI manipulated and planted digital images on the camera card and hard drive to make it appear that he photographed 22 nude pictures of Camila when she was 15 years old and then retained them on a Western Digital hard drive.

Tully wants the additional evidence for an anticipated evidentiary hearing on the alleged FBI tampering in Raniere’s case and the possibility of a new trial – under his Rule 33 Motion.

All seven retained experts agree that each instance of alteration and manipulation supported the government’s trial narrative.  

Stacy Elderidge, former FBI Seven Forensic Examiner and one of the seven experts

By reviewing the critical evidence, Raniere’s experts can determine whether the hard drive and camera card manipulation occurred before or after the government imaged it.

The four items sought relate to the racketeering conspiracy charges. According to the government, the predicate acts of possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation were “at the heart” of their racketeering conspiracy.

Tully wrote in his motion, “the government’s refusal to disclose these items forces Mr. Raniere to bring this supplemental motion now, requesting an order for the disclosure of these four pieces of exculpatory evidence forthwith.”

Joseph Tully wants an evidentiary hearing to present his evidence of tampering.

The list:  

1 Camera Card Report of April 11, 2019

A forensic copy of the camera card [CF] dated April 11, 2019, and the corresponding FTK log file.

2 Camera Card reports of June 11, 2019

A forensic copy of the CF card dated June 11, 2019, and the corresponding FTK log file.

With the camera card and the two FTK reports, Raniere’s experts can examine the content and metadata of the 37 new files that appeared on the June 11, 2019, FTK report, which were not on the April 11, 2019, FTK report of the same camera card.

This could possibly determine how and when some manipulation was done, including what tools were used. 

According to Tully, if the government had disclosed the evidence before the trial, the defense could have shown the camera card as incompetent evidence and excluded it from the trial.

The government’s failure to provide the forensic copies of the camera card, which were analyzed by two FBI forensic examiners on separate occasions, once during the trial, prevented them from discovering evidence manipulation and presenting proof during the trial.

A photo of a Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.

3 Hard Drive File Listing

The CSV file listing for the image of the Western Digital hard drive taken on September 19, 2018.

By reviewing the hard drive’s file index list, Raniere’s experts may determine whether the manipulation on the hard drive occurred before or after the government imaged it.

Western Digital hard drive – the same model that the FBI seized from Keith Raniere’s library.

4 CART Examination Notes and FTK Log Files

CART [Comuter Analysis Response Team] Examiner SFE Stephen Flatley presumably took examination notes when he inspected the camera card for the Canon camera.

These notes, and the corresponding FTK log files, are needed to determine whether the 37 new files were added after SFE Flatley analyzed the camera card or existed beforehand. 

Most Heinous Racketeering Acts

The jury in Raniere’s trial found that the government proved all 11 racketeering acts, including acts two, three, and four – possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child.

These three acts were the most severe against Raniere and the only ones that involved a minor.

Raniere’s defense further argues that adding acts two, three, and four, in a second superseding indictment just before the trial impacted every aspect of the trial. After the child porn and sexual abuse racketeering acts were added, all of Raniere’s co-defendants requested severances and accepted plea bargains.

Tully thinks the FBI should want to turn the evidence over to the defense.

He writes in his motion, “The FBI… should have a clear interest in understanding how, when, and why evidence in its custody was tampered with and by which agents – not only to vindicate Mr. Raniere’s civil rights but to protect itself from future incidences of illegal misconduct and attendant appeals…

“There is no reason at all for the government here to continue to withhold from Mr. Raniere these four evidentiary items which were used to convict him of the most heinous allegations against him, where, not only does he persists in his absolute innocence, but such innocence is bolstered by reputable forensic experts who have affirmed that further testing of the four requested evidentiary items could, given the circumstances of the crimes and the evidence marshaled against Mr. Raniere at trial, establish to a certainty that he actually is factually innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted… 

“Further, Mr. Raniere was deprived of the ability to adequately confront his accusers – the government’s FBI witnesses – about their relation to the evidence manipulation. He was also deprived of the ability to present experts to show that the only two pieces of digital evidence used to prove the most heinous of the allegations against him, the camera card and the hard drive, were not only incompetent but also manufactured through government malfeasance… 

“Such heinous violations of fundamental Constitutional rights would upend the entirety of Mr. Raniere’s case and necessitate a new trial, if not an outright dismissal of all charges.

“Further, the government’s case at a retrial would be severely hampered by the disqualification of the twenty-two alleged contraband photos, the camera card where the twenty-two photos were alleged to have originated, and the Western Digital hard disc drive where they were alleged to have been stored. This is not to mention the difficulty of proffering testimony from FBI agents who either refuse to testify by invoking their Fifth Amendment rights or who bear convictions for involvement in a criminal conspiracy to tamper with the specific evidence at issue in this case.”

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  • Maybe Keith could bring himself into court and charge himself with being an Ineffective Accused.
    He could compel the judge to compel himself to take the stand.
    He could compel himself not to give evidence.
    And the dopey dance squad could be compelled not to give evidence for or against him ever again.

    Why is Bronfmans still funding this wankers lawyers?

  • For all of you upset by Raniere’s human trafficking, Joe Biden is a bigger slave trafficker than Keith Raniere by far.
    And many of you voted for Joe Biden’s slave trafficking of children.
    Sen. Hawley Grills Mayorkas on Biden Border Crisis, Spike in Trafficking & Abuse of Migrant Children

    • Get some help, you ignorant fool.
      Remember the Trump administration putting migrant children in cages? And Melania visiting the detention center wearing a coat with the words on the back “I don’t care, do you?”. Scum of the earth they are……

      Since your main source of information is Fox, Infowars and Breitbart, you probably are not aware that Fox settled the civil lawsuit with Dominion for 787,5 million dollars. For spewing lies about the 2020 election being stolen. Lying has consequences……,

    • Shadow-

      Marjorie Taylor Greene is an idiot, you should alert the Frank Report Readers to the poor job she does!

      “Where does Georgia rank in murders?
      Georgia reported 892 murders in the last year, which is the fourth-highest in the US. Georgia ranks fifth in the nation for most robberies and aggravated assaults. Violent crime represents 18% of all crime in Georgia, which is higher than the national average of 17%.Mar 13, 2023”

  • “In 1939, while sailing off Baja California, he heard rumors of secret submarine fueling stations. When he returned home, he reported to Army intelligence that Japanese “fishermen” were making hydrographic surveys of the coast.

    After later sailing trips, he submitted reports of Nazi activities in Mexico. Before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he joined a Mexican circus owned by his friends, the Escalante Brothers. And while touring Mexico as the “flyer” in a six-man trapeze act, Albert gathered even more intelligence.

    “Between shows, I’d be able to wander around and pick up information,” he said in a 1947 interview. “I had the perfect disguise, of course. It was a very profitable trip. Despite the Rover Boy overtones, I got solid satisfaction whenever I sent a tip in.”

    “Over the years, Albert explored remote parts of the world. In the 1930s, he spent time on a deserted island in Nova Scotia as well as in the Mexican wilderness. In the 1950s, he visited the Congo to discuss malnutrition with Dr. Albert Schweitzer. He stayed with Schweitzer for several months and later wrote about the experience.”

    “He was also director of the U.S. Commission on Refugees, national conservation chairman for the Boy Scouts of America and chairman of the Eddie Albert World Trees Foundation. In addition, he was a trustee of the National Recreation and Parks Assn. and a consumer advisory board member of the U.S. Department of Energy.”

  • That’a boy Suneel! Keep hiring experts who will say what you pay them to say.

    The FBI is corrupt, but the former experts(losers) who worked for them are honest?

    • ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️👏👏👏👏Simple, to the point, perfect comment. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • What will happen if The Vanguard was to ESP and NXIVM as Charles Manson was to The Family?

  • Hmm. What sticks out to me is this:

    Further, Mr. Raniere was deprived of the ability to adequately confront his accusers – the government’s FBI witnesses – about their relation to the evidence manipulation.

    I don’t know much about the law but wasn’t that the purpose of having a trial? Could his defense not have addressed this at that time?

    • Yes Keith could have put on a defense. And that includes even calling other Witnesses in addition to those that the government called. But the defense did not exercise that right

  • Though I don’t fully trust that tampering couldn’t have happened, how likely is he to get another trial or to go free, Frank?

  • Suneel, you missed the audition to the Dancing Queens on Bravo! Instead you wiped some ass and stuck up another one!

  • So wait, I thought this crackerjack defense team already had evidence proving “with scientific certainty” that the FBI tampered? Now they want (no, “demand”) to go on a fishing expedition through FBI files to see if they maybe can find something, anything, to prove their claim?

    What a dumb move. Tully is in effect admitting that they never had new evidence to back a Rule 33 motion in the first place.

    Raniere and Tully make a great team. Together they’re digging the hole Raniere is in deeper and deeper.

    • Exactly, Tully just showed his entire hand he doesn’t have ANY NEW EVIDENCE
      But he’s a Super Lawyer

      • Who was that again about Tully being a super lawyer? I kind of read over that. Bullshit I tend to skip unless it’s entertaining enough to read.

  • Tully is right. The govt has this down to a science. They don’t want to know about the FBI tampering. They know Raniere will be in prison for the rest of his life even if his sentence is reduced by half.

    They’re covering for the FBI. And no, the FBI has no interest in learning about the conduct of fellow agents.

    Does anyone know the history of holding FBI agents accountable?

  • By the time Clair gets out of prison she’s going to be dead broke, High priced lawyers and so called forensic experts are not cheap, ca ching ca ching let the cash register ring, instead of horse face she’s becoming a cash cow.

  • New York State News
    Hunter Biden’s mother was from Upstate New York
    18 Pedophile Suspects Arrested for Trafficking 6-Year-Old For 7 YEARS in Finger Lakes – Same Region As Hunter Biden Tattoo
    The internet is abuzz with speculation after the arrest of 18 child sex trafficking suspects in New York’s Finger Lakes region – the same area Joe Biden’s son Hunter was revealed to have tattooed on his back.

    On Monday, officials in Yates County announced after a months-long investigation the arrests of the 18 suspects, 9 male and 9 female, in Horseheads, New York, who had sexually exploited a minor for seven years since the age of six.

  • Alleged Chinese Agents Arrested for ‘Operating a Police Station in the Middle of New York City’
    The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), along with law enforcement officials from other federal agencies and the state of New York, announced the arrest of two individuals accused of establishing and operating an illegal Chinese regime police station in New York City.

    Dozens of others, mostly Chinese nationals currently believed to be in China, are also facing charges of engaging in “transnational repression” against anti-communist dissidents based in the United States, stemming from accusations that the charged established an online army of fake social media accounts to harass and threaten the dissidents.

    The arrests are the first in America since the revelation in September by the NGO Safeguard Defenders that China has established dozens of illegal police stations around the world in America, Canada, Japan, Brazil, and Spain, among other locations. The police stations were reportedly used to intimidate and silence dissidents or threaten Chinese nationals considered to dissent from Communist Party orthodoxy to return to China and face the brutal repressive apparatus there.


    Joe Biden gives the Communist Chinese classified documents in return for all the free fried rice he can eat.

    • Hello Shadow, just a quickie.

      Thought you might be interested to know, since you’re fond of telling us all that we can’t trust the government, that I have it on a reliable news network that Fox ‘News’ have just admitted they’re complete liars in their coverage of vote rigging in the 2020 election. They’ve also shelled out more than 3/4 of a billion bucks too to compensate a company (Dominion) manufacturing the voting machines. That’s real news, but I’m telling you here because I suspect Fox isn’t going to report it, so Fox viewers are unlikely to hear about it.

      I put ‘News’ in brackets because, as Nicki might say, it’s really more of a show than a news channel:


      Enjoy – it’s real news, unlike that Breitbart crap!

  • I’m not sure how relevant this is to the article’s themes but I thought I’d try my best anyway 🙄

    Looking at Tully’s alluring portrait, makes me want to know for how long pubic hairs transplant has been in vogue in America 😍

    If so, can one have it from other animals?

  • News Flash EDNY finds secret Communist Chinese police station in Manhattan.
    2 Chinese nationals charged with operating a secret police station in NYC
    The station, which was in an office building in Chinatown, was set up to “monitor and intimidate” critics of the Chinese government, the Justice Department said.
    Two Chinese nationals were arrested Monday on charges of operating an illegal police station in New York City to “monitor and intimidate” critics of the Chinese government, the Justice Department said.

    Lu Jianwang, 61, of the Bronx, and Chen Jinping, 59, of Manhattan, are accused of setting up the first overseas police station in the U.S. on behalf of the Fuzhou branch of China’s Ministry of Public Security.

    The secret police station, which was in an office building in Chinatown, was closed in the fall of 2022 after those operating it became aware of the FBI investigation, federal prosecutors said.

    FBI agents raided the station last October and also seized cellphones belonging to Lu and Chen. The agents found evidence that communications between the two men and with a Ministry of Public Security official had been deleted, federal prosecutors said.

  • Male pattern baldness + light perm on remaining hairs = my favorite Tully look.

    Tully has 1 true talent making any suit look cheap.

  • Seriously, one reason I stick around is to see a retrial. Why? because of The Lost Women of Nxivm and the young Cami and Daniella. I love watching sex offenders squirm.

  • I wonder if Dossier girls donate to Vanturd’s legal defense fund? Or financed fully by Horseface? Can’t be cheap paying all these forensic experts and high prices lawyers like The Dersh.

    Different topic, but I predict Michele next to leave Dossier. She found her new French soy-boy, so looks like she may be moving on from Vanturd? I think Danielle is the one pressuring everyone to stay the course with Dossier. Leah, Sahajo, etc just see bored with it. Danielle is still in full Vanturd-mode. Danielle might be the sole, true Dead-Ender. Well, for the girls. On the guys side, we still have quite a few.

  • “Specifically, Raniere claims the FBI manipulated and planted digital images on the camera card and hard drive to make it appear that he photographed 22 nude pictures of Camila when she was 15 years old and then retained them on a Western Digital hard drive.”


    When a person lives off of lies his entire life, who is ever going to believe him even on the rare occasion when he tells the truth?

    Even childhood stories depict this fact, e.g., the boy who cried wolf.

    A sage once said, “if someone lives for exposing the faults of others, God will expose his faults and ruin him.”

    “Oink, oink!” said the the “Ofish-hole” while he held the little bottles over his head.

  • So Tully says the FBI should hand over the requested information:
    “to protect itself from future incidences of illegal misconduct”.

    But, as of now, no “illegal misconduct” has been proven. Tully is presenting his allegations as facts in his motions. He should know better.

    Also, even if all of his requests were met, it would just be a stepping stone for yet more requests.

    There was a trial. He was found guilty. He lost his appeal to the second court of appeals.The Supreme Court denied his appeal.
    It’s over. It’s done. This can’t go on for as long as Clare is willing to fund it.

  • Assuming those files were in fact manipulated, where did the FBI get those 22 photos of Camila? Could it have been from another one of Raniere’s storage devices?

    • They only talk about the pics of Cami, but there were other naked pictures of women that Keith was with on with there as well. Where did they get ALL of them if they weren’t Keith’s?? Were his old gfs sending the FBI naked pics to frame him with on a whim.

        • It is if she was underage. But how did the government have those OTHER women’s nudie pics too if they weren’t Keith’s??? He didn’t make any arguments against those either. How many other women were on that drive again Frank? I can see maybe arguing they were planted if it was just Cami’s, but the other women make it an true stash.

          • Let’s not forget that the photographs we’re almost all posed the same kept together and these kind of sexually graphic photographs were used for blackmail in this racketeering operation and High control group Keith ran. And then there is sexual abuse of a child material. All this actually exploit of photographs were together and that makes it all criminally relevant for investigation

    • “where did the FBI get those 22 photos of Camila?”

      Where, indeed? Perhaps Chakravorty and the FR suppose the FBI has a time machine, travelled back and took those nude pictures of Camila to plant.

      The whole cockeyed tale makes no sense whatsoever.

      • Or a thirty some Camilla posed for the FBI and they photoshopped the scar out and photoshopped some twenty ish years off her face then planted them on Vanturd’s hard drive all while making a very sloppy job of it leaving them exposed to idiotic conspiracy theories and the joke is the deadender’s claim the DA knew all of this and was in on it. Perhaps Moira took the photos, being a woman Camilla might have been swayed by this suggestion. Actually Moira came up with the whole plan! I really think that the prison should give Keith access to The Frank Report so he can read how the world are laughing at him. Oh and of course Elliot’s recent roasting!

  • Without discovery can help with an appeal but only if the Rule 33 motion goes anywhere. An appeal of this nature has to be from the perspective of could this information potentially have changed the outcome of the trial. Because of the nature of the charges, making that argument is exceptionally difficult. The prosecutors thought of these angles in advance. If he had been charged with being a pedo this would be a completely different ball game and odds would have effectively flipped to his favor.

    Now did the pedo story likely make the jury hate Raniere? Sure. But can it be proven that the hate resulted in a guilty verdict on all unrelated charges? Nope. Unless can get the jury themselves to admit such which seems unlikely. 12 Angry Men is a classic in part because it shows the stubborn refusal people have to admit bias or being wrong. Or just look at all of current politics.

    Got nothing to lose by trying but these new attempts have about as much chance as all his other appeals.

    • Guy seems to be on a bit of a losing streak. How my heart bleeds for him, what a terrible miscarriage of justice! LOL

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