Washington State Bill Allows Shelters to Hide Children From Parents Who Oppose Gender Change

Sen Marko Liias leads the fight to help children run away from home and change their gender.

All Democrats voted YES. All Republicans voted NO.

The Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5599, which allows children to leave home and go to a licensed shelter if parents do not consent to their child’s gender transition desires.

Under current law, licensed shelters must notify parents if a child comes into their care, unless a compelling reason applies. This legislation allows licensed shelters to consider a child’s decision to change genders as a compelling reason.

The shelter can contact the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), instead of the parents, so long as the child wants to change gender and the parents oppose it.  

Some parents believe their children are not competent to change genders before they reach maturity.

Democrat Washington State Senator Marko Liias said, “This legislation ensures that our trans youth have safe options and access to secure, stable shelter when they may not be welcome at home.”  

Washington law presumes children are not legally competent to consent to sex until they are 16. They can vote when they are 18. They can smoke or drink alcohol when they reach 21.

They can change their gender at 13 without parental consent.

“This bill is an important step in ensuring young people across the state have a roof over their heads during an already challenging period in their life,” said Liias. “While we hope that every child has a supportive family that will provide them with acceptance and the care they need, it’s crucial that we provide housing options to those in crisis.”

Danni Askini, Executive Director of Gender Justice League, said, applauds: “This bill is such an important step towards protecting our at-risk youth in Washington. It takes immense courage and bravery for trans youth to come out to their family and ask for support. All young people in Washington State should have the right to be safe, true to themselves, and to live free of violence. This bill helps us ensure the safety and opportunity of some of the most vulnerable young people we work with.”

Social transition is the care offered to prepubertal children. Pubertal suppression and gender-affirming hormone therapy, which permanently sterilizes children, are available at age 13. 

Double mastectomies are available to 16-year-olds. Genital surgeries can start around age 17, including womb and testicle removal.

Washington health insurers must cover “gender-affirming” care, including surgical treatments for children without parental consent. The law mandates insurers deal directly with the patient without requiring the policyholder’s authorization, then send the parent the bill.

Affirmative legal interventions allow a child to change their name and gender on legal documents.  Much like the tobacco industry, services must be offered before a child matures, since he or she might outgrow it and decide not to smoke or change their gender. 

These outreach to children measures improve access to care and increase economic stability for doctors, hospitals, clinics, and counselors that provide gender transition services.

Senate Bill 5599

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  • The Democrat Party is beyond mentally ill!!!! They are sick, twisted and void of any common sense. They are disgusting!

  • I’m all for protecting true trans individuals (and there used to be few) from violence. But why transitioning young teens is suddenly at the top of our national agenda, I’ll never know – unless it’s about separating children from the nuclear family and reducing reproduction across the board. Separately, ripping out / off human organs and giving hormone therapies in the absence of a valid medical reason is child abuse and irreversible mutilation.

  • All you adults think you know so much. Can’t you remember being a kid. I know what is best for ME!!

    I am a girl. Not a boy. There are boys in my high school who have great personalities but we can’t date because I have a penis.

    My parents divorced and they don’t understand me. They don’t care about me but won’t let me get a surgery. They are ruining my life. I’m almost 15 and already I have some hair growing in my face.

    Only I know how my life is being destroyed.

    • You have my sympathy Jane. What so many commenters don’t understand is if you leave it too late, it’s too late. There are many teenagers who have more mental and emotional maturity than half the adult commenters here. People, including teenagers, should have rights over their own bodies and gender identity.

      • Then they should have all their rights as an adult? If these children are so mature as you say, then let them work like an adult, drink, vote, heck, total full on anarchy!

        A child’s brain is not fully developed Not only that, they do not have the life experience to make such drastic decisions.

    • I remember being a kid thinking I knew what was right and luckily my parents reined me in with tough love. A good parent doesn’t just let their children do whatever they want. They respect their children s feelings and choices and differences of course, but they have to help their children learn and practice dissertation and patience

    • Jane, you are going through so much. Go within. Youll find more beauty and grace there than in a knife. You are going to be alright🙏
      Practice the serenity prayer.

    • This is exactly the case.

      They’ll protect them and then traffic them.

      Or, it’ll be used in family court to ensure money streams.

      The parent who refuses to allow the transition (regardless of child’s age) will not have the kids “best interest” in mind.

      They’ll give dole physical and legal custody to the parent who complied with sex change and signs on to a decade more of court appointed therapists to help everyone with the transition.

      The parent opposing transition will then be required to engage in court appointed therapy? A medical regimen, and supervised visitation, where that parent will have to admit they are a horrible person and are to blame for all the wrongs in the world

      Coercive abuse and control by the sociopaths of family court— all under the pretense of best interest bullshit.

      Oh… and a new gal will need to be paid $400/hr until the child is 18 or 21 years of age.

      Who knew you enter family court and the gal becomes a permanent paid member of your family- to guard your children and conceal abuse.

  • My nephew is extremely bright and self-aware. At a young age he could not wait to come home and put on his dress. When out in public he often carried a dress with him.

    He loved make up, dancing and getting dressed up. He was thoughtful and mature. He told me God had made a mistake— that he was supposed to be a girl.

    It pained me to see him in such distress and I thought he likely was trans.

    He’s now 23 and outgrew whatever he has experienced at the time. He has been happy with his male gender for at least a decade.

    I did validate his feelings at the time, and everyone was supportive and empathetic. However, it’s simply too young to make life changing, permanent decisions.

    And the democrats are pushing this agenda- it’s all over social media which is another element influencing the thought process of kids.

  • Sage law. A true story of a transgender child who was exploited by the system rather than placed back at home

  • I want to be married one day to a nice man and I was assigned a male body. What do you want me to do be GAY!!!!

    • “Anna,”

      The issue is not if you are a homosexual or not, the concern is that the government can steal children from their families and leave them in potentially dangerous foster care systems. Parents have concerns that surgery and experimental drugs given to their children might be premature. We want to protect our children.

      There is evidence that the school systems are working with the DCFS to abduct these confused children by lying.

      It’s not just about gender “ Anna”.
      No normal parent wants their little girl to get a boob job prematurely or get their son a penis enlargement either!

      This is about sexual mutilation and objectification.

      We want our children to be able to emotionally and psychologically develop until they make such drastic changes on their bodies.

      We are not talking about reconstructive surgery to fix a deformation, we are talking about surgeries that literally mutilate our children s genitalia and give them drugs that stunt their growth, grow breasts, facial hair and can dramatically increase anxiety, depression and aggression.

      Childhood is a time for experimentation. A time to explore different ideals and expectations.
      It is normal that parents would try to encourage their children to be patient until they are old enough to mentally assess how potentially grave and permanent a transition can be.

      Many times children have to endure several different corrective surgeries and oftentimes once a child further develops they then regret their hasty decisions and then wish to go back to their original gender!

      No one is saying that an adult should not be allowed to cut their penis off or surgically attach a penis on their bodies. We are not saying someone should or should not be gay. We are simply saying that CHILDREN should not be treated like adults and then removed from their parents who want to slow down their children s decision.

      There are far too many complications that can occur from these procedures. We all just want our children to be safe.

      I’m sorry but I’m not going to give my 11 year old the keys to my car just because he is depressed he can’t drive yet! I’m not going to hand over a bottle of whiskey to my 13 year old just because she says she “ feels “ old enough to handle it! And no lawmaker should have the right to take away my children just because I want to protect them from potentially dangerous situations.

    • Not at all. How old are you? Do you think you can at least wait until you’re 16 or 18 (if you’re not at that age yet).

      The transition is permanent and would hate to see a decision prematurely- not trying to deny you anything nor would anyone want you to suffer needlessly.

  • Everybody here is so selfish. Who’s protecting the trans kids? We have a write to decide its our bodies.

    Help us be heard.

  • Washington has serious problems in children and family law systems. This is only going to add more problems. Washington is one of the most corrupt states in USA. It’s all about $$ politics and power.

  • What you people don’t understand is that if I don’t get cross hormone therapy now I’m going to look like a man when I grow up. I’m old enough to know I got the wrong body for me. This is about me.

    Im 14 and my stupid parents don’t understand. My parents keep calling me Roy. No one understands.

    Please help me.

    • Linda,
      With all due respect, calling your parents, your “ stupid parents” SAYS IT ALL.
      No respect for your parents could mean you don’t have self respect.
      Cutting off your penis and augmenting plastic bags on your chest? Im not convinced that will satiate the void within. It seems like a band aid- a temporary, superficial solution. That’s why adults want to guide children, because they want children to succeed, not because they want to harm them. If, at a reasonable age you still need to cut your parts off to find inner contentment, then make that decision as an adult, for your self.

      • I don’t think you should judge her position based on a statement of frustration with her parents. She knows how she feels but I agree it’s best to wait at least until 16.

        • I get it . You wanna be the cool parent . A friend. Not an Actual parent . You are the type of person who would let their kid get a boob job and butt implants because they identified with being a woman more than being a child.

          Couldn’t just make them wait until they are 18.

    • Linda, if you are real, have you looked into Jazz Jennings fate? The “I am Jazz” first ever televised child transitioner? He is a complete mess. He’s obese, he is extremely depressed. He admits he has no sex drive. How did transition help him? He had the most supportive family, and every privilege on the planet, even getting into Harvard. Is this not proof it doesn’t work?

      Have you researched at all what gonadotropin hormones do to a body? Puberty isn’t just the sexual organs and sexual characteristics, it is the brains signaling for your to become a full adult in every way possible, including your bone growth, brain function, metabolism and circadian (both things also highly dependent on hormones.)

      You will never be a woman. The sooner you understand this, the happier you will be. Because no amount of castration drugs will change that. They will only permanently trap your mind and body in a pre-pubescent state, making you a chemically castrated half-man. Yes, it is not “reversable”! Those years that you don’t have a normal healthy puberty, you will not get those back.

      That’s why there were tens of thousands of lawsuits against Lupron by girls who had precocious puberty. They complained of getting osteoporosis in their 20s and worse.

      That’s why there is no FDA approval for these drugs on children.

      You are being lied to by an extremely evil agenda.

      There’s no changing the body you were born in. Every single cell of your body is coded XY. But why do you hate this XY? You can be a feminine XY. Why punish your body? What did it do to you? If there was no society around you, no expectations, no social media, just you and some cabin on the woods with a beautiful lake, mountains and a sky full of stars would you hate your body still? I bet there is in fact a deeper pain that you need to process. You don’t hate your body. You hate some trauma or expectation (shame) that is not yours to carry.

    • When I was 13 I was 100% sure I was going to be a famous singer. I was determined to be that since I was 5 actually. I remember when my singing teacher recommended that I not give up on my studies, just in case I didht reach stardom as I pledged I would be.
      I’m glad my teacher taught me to use my voice, I’m also relieved that she taught me common sense as well.

  • I bet that creep is smuggling babies in his rumpus!!!! He looks like a quintessential intellectual Cho mo mo fo!

  • This is absolutely abhorrent. What does a 13 year old know about life ?
    It’s such a confusing time. The hormones turn emotions upside down. Peer pressure is extreme. Kids this age are known to go through radical STAGES. Kids are compulsive and rebellious at this age. 13 is exactly the worst age to make this decision… a choice that will radically change their lives forever more.
    This is scandalous..it should be fought with full might.
    It’s twisted, perverse, reckless and dark.

    • So first the government is going to push impressionable children into getting sex changes through school, entertainment and medical arenas. They ll make a killing at it through certain transactions and cut backs . Then they’ll tax everyone up the wazoo. Then they’ll take your authority away from you by stealing your children from you if you don’t agree with their agenda.

      You know what is next ? Soon adults are going to go even further ..
      Grown men who “ identify” themselves as a woman, soon will “ identify “ themselves as a child!

      This will mean they can have “ play dates “ with our children!

      It’s all pedophile psycho bs.

      I have zero tolerance for this. Let kids be kids. Let them have their innocence!!!

  • Sigh.

    Trans is the cause de jour.

    Extremists on both ends of the political spectrum are the ones really driving unnecessary and hysterical hypet focus on such a tiny, tiny fraction of the population.

    This bill specifically is talking about children who are in shelters (so that’s an even smaller fraction of the population and then the percentage of those children who are in shelters because they have issues with their parents about being trans is going to be even smaller).

    Like most bills it was probably well intentioned. Trans youth are at much greater risk for violence. They are frequently kicked out of their homes and often resort to exploitative sex work in order to survive. If you care about children at all (regardless of the trans aspect) you wouldn’t want them vulnerable on the street and subject to being sexually abusef by perverted adults.

    And again, they’re statistically much more likely to end up murdered.

    Should children be kept from their parents as a blanket rule? Probably not. Said the government be highly involved in people’s family relationships? Again, probably not . Would have to do a deeper dive into the nuances of the bill.

    The obsessive focus on certain aspects of the trans population is counterproductive to true discussion and understanding of the issue overall and clearly driven by a political agenda (again notice both sides of political landscape were included).

    The amount of time and energy certain politicians are putting into the trans population seems really disproportionate. And mainly driven by an agenda for personal advancement politically and ginning up their constituents

      • The sigh comes from society’s inability to have level-headed discussions about emerging topics, not about the topic itself

        • Too heady for me.
          Kids should not be surgically scarred for life by dumb ass adults who profit from their undeveloped vulnerability.

    • I tend to agree on the small fraction
      I wonder, does the state foot the bill as well? Aren’t these surgeries super expensive and multi faceted?

      • Exactly. These kids are so entitled, brainwashed, bored and shallow. Spending so much money on such frivolous matters, (frivolous because children at that age are subject to trendy whims and make extreme and bold statements just to figure out their own individuality ) is obnoxious when so many children go without food, books and regular health care. We are encouraging a generation of lopsided privilege.
        If we are concerned about transgender children being targeted for rape and exploitation- include all children, because all children are vulnerable and that’s the freakin point ! Children are way too vulnerable to make such radical and permanent decisions about their bodies. Just let it rest. If the children still want to go through the change after therapy and education and become of age ( 18) then so be it! But it’s completely unacceptable for adults to co-sign this permanent, violent physical change on children who have not even finished growing yet!

    • I totally agree. Why all this focus and attention on such a small percentage of the population (0,001%?). And then this focus on children. I just don’t understand this.
      There are people that are “born in the wrong body”. That’s a fact. They should be taken seriously and get some help, even sex change if need be. But why everybody all of a sudden is talking about this, no. 1 on the agenda, is beyond me.
      Don’t we have more important things to address?

      • Everybody is talking about it because there has been an explosion of children, teens, and young adults now claiming they are trans. And the process from declaring oneself trans to medicalization has become a mere signoff. Vulnerable populations of kids especially those on the spectrum are getting caught up in the online onslaught of influencers – and it proceeds just like a cult convincing children/teens/young adults whose brains are not fully matured to isolate themselves from loving families. Families who don’t immediately jump to affirmation, who want to proceed through exploratory counseling first, who want to discuss whether the long term effects of opposite sex hormone usage are worth the “gains”, who want to make sure their young people actually understand the permanent medical consequences of the major body modification process of genital surgery – all those families are being termed transphobic and TERF and being shouted down and drowned out by this deluge of delusion.

        Walk into a Planned Parenthood; pass their checklist (with the correct answers you found on the internet); waive any counseling beyond that initial determination; and they hand you cross-sex prescriptions that within a couple years of use will make you sterile and increase your risk of so many other medical issues – stroke and cardiovascular disease and dementia and osteoporosis… This idiocy is a ticking medical time bomb.

      • It’s disconcerting that children can be taken away from their parents because they don’t agree with surgery that can potentially cause serious ramifications.

      • The state is pushing a perverse agenda on families in USA. They are trying to separate children from their families, they are trying to make money off vulnerable children, they are promoting physical mutilation on children s genitalia and experimenting on them with drugs. It is all a sickening social experiment that is shocking and of course is stunning the public. What’s next ?

      • Well said Steven. With you on every point. This whole thing is designed to induce hysteria as a distraction to real social problems. There’s no doubt that many trans kids face hatred and misunderstanding by their parents and peers. It’s a complex area that needs proper discussion.

    • kids aren’t kept away from their parents for SEXUALLY or PHYSICALLY ABUSING them, but the courts will keep kids away because they won’t let them mutilate their bodies.
      Moral of the story?
      The only way a child can get away from their abuser is to do the snip.
      Drastic measures

    • How about going to therapy first ? Exploring why the human wants to change their physical body to fix their internal dilemma!
      Western culture is too obsessed with the material world, how about learning ACCEPTANCE and self love first l? 13 years old is much too young to make such a powerful decision. There is a lot of proof that the hormones negatively effect these children.

    • It’s not about the trans population, it’s about the wicked agenda to separate children from their parents.

    • “Trans youth are at much greater risk for violence. ”

      I don’t disagree with this statement because I have seen the data. However your conclusions are, I think, In error.

      I have read from the Tavistock review that this is rather a bit of a chicken and egg scenario regarding whether trauma comes first, then trans or vice versa, which is why they have shut it down (due to a blindly affirmative model being a huge problem). You know the Tavistock clinic right?

      It’s also why Sweden, Belgium, France and a few other European nations (Denmark if I remember?) have also shut down the “affirmative only” model for children as well, despite them originally pioneering it.

      I recommend the book “Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children.”

      For example, one of the facts I learned was that the rate of these trans kids parents that already have sexual offences on their records is 10 times the national average. Is it the kid being trans that is retroactively causing the parents to be sexual predators? I don’t think so. The rate of autism among the “gender dysphoric” is also unbelievably higher than the national average. It’s not the trans that is causing this violence, it’s other vulnerabilities that are co-morbid with the trans identity, such as childhood ACEs, mental illness, neurodivergence like autism, a dead parent, an incarcerated parent, etc.

      Thus this law is a huge mistake, since it’s already the case that Europe is scaling back their own pioneering affirmative models. This law takes the most vulnerable children and makes them even more vulnerable, affirming them in their disordered thinking, isolating them further from their loved ones, and pushing them along to medicalization that is neither FDA approved nor has any global consensus on it’s long term benefits or effectiveness.

  • Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈

    are pushing through HB2002A. The bill expands abortion access to minors of any age & allows them to have one without parental knowledge.

    A lawmaker asks an attorney for the legislative office: “So a 10-year-old could make that decision on their own?”
    Lawyer: “Yes.”

  • Washington State Senator Marko Liias needs a sex change operation.
    Off with his genitals!
    Broadcast it live on the local PBS TV station.

  • “With respect to the enforcement of criminal law, any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. Enforcement may not be linked to the sex/gender of participants or age of consent to marriage. Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual, in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.

    Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.”


  • Since children can change their gender at 13 without parental consent, they can also be transhuman without parental consent.

    • I think Children should then be able to run for SENATE!!!
      They can pass bills to have as much cotton Candy and tiktok as they want too! It’s absolutely absurd!! Children!! These are children!! It’s going to destroy their reproductive systems, and maybe that’s exactly what they want !! Pop control! Elite want to control the population and control that bond between mother and child !! They are no longer even calling mothers “mother” ! Now it’s human with a uterus!
      Total insanity.

    • They are going to push us being robots very very very soon. Think this senator is dangerous, wait til you see who is running for senate next year
      AI is going to take over and we aren’t ready for it

    • Exactly, why can’t children just identify as adults too? Why is everyone so ageist ? They can’t possibly force toddlers to suppress their identification as fully grown adults can they? It’s making kids depressed that the parents make ALL the decisions in life. The only way to deal with this is just give them kids your credit cards and let them run the show. .Forget about ever saying no, just let children identify with whatever they want, when they want.

  • The Party of Pedophiles strikes again! Not all Democrats are pedophiles, but all pedophiles are Democrats.

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