CT Family Court Judge Has Mother Arrested for Texting Kids From Hospital After Heart Attack; She Relapses

Judge Gerard Adelman not only removes mothers from children, causing terrible trauma, but police arrest mothers for trying to communicate with their own children based on his orders. In this case Judge Adelman might potentially cause the death of mother from a relapse of her heart attack.

Judge Neeta Vatti, who signed the arrest warrant, could be responsible for a death if this Mom dies from her heart condition:

A Mom named Margaret Sullivan had a restraining order needlessly put against her by Judge Gerard Adelman.

She’s had her children taken away, and her appeal is pending.

A month ago, she suffered a heart attack and, from the hospital, texted her ex-husband, told him of her condition, and asked to see her children.

He refused.

She was released to her home, and yesterday, five police officers showed up and arrested her for violating the restraining order from the time she texted her ex-husband from her hospital bed.

As they arrested Sullivan, she asked if she could take her heart medication. The police refused to let her take her heart medication before arresting her (it was an arrest based on a judge’s warrant) and consequently she had severe chest pain and was rushed to Hartford Hospital.

She is in hospital chained to the bed and charged with a felony, and will be held on a $20,000 bond.

The situation is pure terror.

She was a School Teacher and Mom until Family Court. She now cannot teach due to false allegations, and her ex and the Courts are out to destroy, if not, kill her.

Please spread the word. This is pure evil, and poor Margaret is alone. No chance of her making bond. The police won’t even show her the judge’s warrant.

She is at Hartford Hospital.

This is the kind of story, like so many other stories that come out of insidious Family Courtrooms, that should be front page news with national and international uproar.


-submitted by Grace

Judge Adelman with one of his favorite GALs — Jocelyn Hurwitz.

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  • Put Minie Gonzalez back on the judiciary committee. Miniie is not an attorney. She has been focused on society. She has had to take on the burden of constituents because people’s own representative don’t return emails or calls. She has become unpopular among her peers for taking on the cause. Why?

  • The problem with the last two articles in the frank report. Women will continue to jump on the band wagon to stand up for another mother. A father for another man. Margaret had a heart attack during arrest. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t mean she didn’t violate a restraining order multiple times. Dubric’s wife hauled ass to Florida. Doesn’t mean she was not abused. There are abusive men among those falsely accused. Liars amoung the woman. I’ve meet both trying to navigate the court system. I would love to see the text with dates. Some of these women are liars and abusers and people are jumping on a band wagon they shouldn’t be. Same for the fathers.

    • Umm, not sure how to break this to you, but this is why we have due process where judges aren’t supposed to be mafia dons and cops aren’t supposed to act like low IQ power-tripping monkeys. Do you really not understand that you have to look at the people carrying out the *process* to understand what is going on?

      • Umm, not sure how you missed all the corruption – as far as “due process” – it looks like the “process” is all about maximising fees for the lawyers and GALs.

          • Sorry I missed your point. So many people have been indoctrinated into believing these courts provide justice and the judges and GALs are honest. I’m glad you’re not one of those operating on blind faith that the system works when in truth it’s been corrupted.

  • “346.10 03/28/2023 C ORDER This motion, document or order was filed 9 days ago.

  • “… Margaret Sullivan – Hale

    May 18, 2022

    Desperate Mother Begging the Public to Strengthen Arguments Against Judges with Facts and Laws

    I do not want to silence anyone, because I do believe in free speech. I do want to offer my opinion on some types of free speech, because there are consequences to all types of free speech.

    [An offer of my credibility: I taught AP English Language and AP English Literature for over 25 years in Connecticut – I am also very much a victim of improper court rulings that have now kept me away from my children for 930 some days: https://reflections.magicae.org.]

    … Last Thursday, evidence was presented against me regarding a restraining order and three out of four of them were copies of my social media posts, including one in which I linked the FrankReport/Adleman. No one was able to explain how the language in my posts was threatening in anyway; however, when I followed up the next day with a Motion for Contempt/Perjury, Adleman wouldn’t even hear it.

    In fact in court on Thursday, Adleman stated that he did not see that I was a physical threat.

    On Friday, though, Adleman made a statement that I had accused the applicant of sexual abuse – that NEVER happened.

    I do believe (and I could be wrong), but I believe that because he had evidence (which included his photo) that he sort of mixed me up with Karen’s story …”


    • “ On Friday, though, Adleman made a statement that I had accused the applicant of sexual abuse – that NEVER happened.”

      He said sexual abuse OR other allegations.

    • Take some responsibility Margaret. And you can’t keep your story straight– do you blame the judge or not blame the judge? You look nothing like Karen, and she doesn’t require drug and alcohol testing. I think Adelman if real clear on who you are and who she is and he hates you both.

      • In the “family courts”, he mostly “hates” anyone threatening his control over children and families.

  • “… @Margcs1810

    Jun 5, 2022
    I wish Keith Roeder (CT) had training in this, or actually read all of my medical reports – he just read my intakes and took my children away based solely on the MMPI …”

  • Just when I think they can stoop no lower, I read another horrifying tale of abuse, and torture and now possible death of mothers simply wanting to love and protect their kids. How do these people sleep at night?! It’s disgusting what the courts are doing to these poor kids. As they grow to adulthood they will be scarred, and traumatized in ways I can’t imagine. Everyone even remotely involved in these abuses should be thrown in the SHU with KR and left to rot.

  • Dear judges,. As we know a restraining order is given to either gender. Please consider people as humans. I don’t think she was considering calling an attorney in a moment of life or death. We know you see these posts. Please give a slap on the wrist or warning if you can. Even drop if possible. . The woman’s life is been severely affected already. Please don’t be cruel.
    Sincerely the general public.

    • You can’t appeal to human compassion in monsters. That’s why traitors and tyrants are dealt with differently in the constitution.

    • It wasn’t a moment of life or death. She was home from the hospital when she made the text (see newest post on this subject). If she truly did have a heart attack, perhaps she can argue she wasn’t thinking clearly when she violated the no-contact order. Maybe the judge will consider that a mitigating factor. However, she still should not have done that. How would you like it if you had a daughter with an abusive exhusband, so much so, she needed to get a restraining order against him. Would you think it was all hunky dory if he texted her and made demands with the excuse that he “just got home from the hospital”?

  • Originally Margaret was told she’d remain in cuffs and go directly to jail upon release from the hospital- that her felony charge would require $20,000 bond.

    They officers REFUSED to provide Margaret with the arrest warrant!

    By days end, their position changed.

    They would fingerprint her, and she would appear in court the morning following release.

    At that time the judge would make the determination of jail and bond.

    The trickery snd evil of CT police- the arm of Ct family court.

    They criminalize parents- hunt them down, violate their rights, intimidate the fuck out if them, and check out at quitting time.

    Sick system. No Justice. Just puppets of the court.

  • F Troop arrested Margaret Sullivan with the assistance of the local police.

    Five officers showed up at her door. She was handcuffed to the hospital bed until 5pm.

    With no promise of overtime, the state troopers suddenly decided Margaret’s fingerprints could be taken at the hospital.

    They uncuffed her, took fingerprints, and exited the hospital—

    Suddenly, at quitting time, this mother was no longer a threat.

      • “… Her ex-husband had custody of the kids since 2019. … On March 1, she texted her ex-husband while in the hospital having a heart attack and awaiting surgery and just wanted to speak to her children to hear their voices for fear she may not make it. She filed a contempt against him 2 weeks later for interfering with her visitation of the children. Then, and only then, he had her arrested as a felon for breaking her restraining order for texting him from the hospital. She was arrested on April 4 at 9:30 am and put in handcuffs and told she could not take her heart medication before leaving to be booked. She had another heart attack and is now in the hospital undergoing another procedure. She was handcuffed to bed. She will need to appear on Thursday, April 6 in Middletown for arraignment …”


        “Falsely accused mom trying to get her kids back and make sure that what happened to me NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE – EVER AGAIN Joined February 2022

        … @Margcs1810

        If you are in CT, let me know. I have already contacted the attorney general to seek permission to do this. Especially if the judges do not follow the law …”

        • Ha the AG is in on this! I can’t believe people still think law applies in Connecticut Family Court! Seriously! No one cares- they police themselves

          • Um, clearly the law does still apply. She was arrested for violating a no-contact restraining order—which she violated nine times over the past 2 months.

  • Another example of State Gestapo executing a private agenda. There is no mens rea, meaning mind of a criminal, in the act of wanting to see children on event of heart surgery, that is the human condition. The thugs of the state police are thugs, not trained law enforcement officers. Judge Neeta M. Vatti, a anti-human left wing monster of non-American origin, issued the warrant, being a clueless moron in criminal matters, another fine example of idiocy cloaked in black. The entire fiasco will be traced back to a dirty GAL named Vicki Lanier. Case detail https://civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov/CaseDetail/PublicCaseDetail.aspx?DocketNo=MMXFA186021801S. Case is being handled by MOUKAWSHER … duh, can’t see what is going on here?? Daddy monster is Randall Hale of Haddam. Guess who has a compensation problem in need of using children as weapons against their mother; Adelman is loving this, fulfilling his purpose on earth given to him by Satan himself!!!

  • Disobeying a judge’s order will land you in jail.

    These crazy Connecticut bitches you love to white knight for, Frank, they just don’t ever learn.

    Any update on your Jew-hating, former-attorney friend and completely reliable source of the truth?

  • Um, she could’ve contacted Dad’s lawyer from hospital to respect the court order. It’s not that hard.

    • Really?
      She had just had a heart attack and was facing immediate surgery.

      She wanted to see her children and the father has the power to make that happen. This is an issue of humanity.

      And you suggest- when potentially on her deathbed, that she engage in legal acrobats to then try to reach her husband on the attorneys time schedule. Really?

      Step out of the sinister vortex of family court and think as a human being – with reasonable compassion.

      Had she died, do you think this father would even tell his children their mother reached out to see them?

      That they were the only thing that mattered to her?

  • Please I cover the hell the Connecticut Family court has exacted on mothers and children. Pedos and abusers paradise. No one advocates for women and children while they are destroyed

    • its a parent thing…it has nothing to do with gender but all with how they can extract as much money as possible…steer the ship someone has to be destroyed… they couldnt care if its mom or dad.. and f*ck the kids

      • Not true, we have documentation showing true bias against women, agreed to and signed by all 9 state agencies. So please stop trying to convince us mothers that experience this bias that we aren’t correct. Because it’s in black and white and signed by all directors.

        • Right, the same state agencies that have now pivoted to DV as the new parlance to couch their grant steering scam… You make it too easy for them to get away with leveraging women’s suffering to conceal their crimes. Think. It’s not a gender discrimination problem.

          • There is little funding for DV victims.
            DV funding is gender neutral. The problem has been the lack of focus on Cases. You don’t have to go to court and claim you were physically abused or sexually. When ever a woman goes to court and states any issue she is suddenly an alienator. This accusation is rearly directed at fathers There is no focus on the conflicts going on. The children are targeted and reunification therapy is ordered. I can understand frustration of being relentlessly accused of doing something you didn’t do. Man or women . The constant stress of defending yourself creates maladaptive responses in various degrees. People wind up in a constant state of fight or flight. Relentlessly defending yourself. The legal system escalating the matter. These psychologist are feeding into it. They create more fear and conflict. Where is the court ordered reunification for Margaret and her children? Where is the reunification therapy for Karen and her children? The laws and funding are not focused on parents. It’s focused on the fathers. Reunification therapy doesn’t work. It’s brain washing. Maybe laws need to be gender neutral. Motherhood needs to be valued. Stop ordering reunification instead of conventional treatment. Family dysfunction has been turned into a gender war. Exploited and created a profit driven system. The system is in desperate need of a complete over haul.

  • They offer involve rookie cops in this scam- most moms have had restraining order falsely accused of something they cannot fight because no one listens or advocated for abused women. Fatherhood money also goes to DV so what better way to get more by using it two fold? I often tell moms until they are arrested they haven’t experienced CT family court- and when they are- loss of children is around the corner. Abusers continue to abuse and abusers make money from abusing.

  • Disgraceful. Not only Adelman’s behavior as judge, but equally the failure of major news outlets to pick up and report on this story.

    • I’m sorry to hear this. So many parents are being stolen and abused in family court.

      Crimes against children and CT media refuses to report.

      Keep posting here as the courts are following the reports.

      They are livid FR is exposing their criminal, inhumane conduct and now judges are attempting to deny first amendment rights- saying exposing court corruption is not in the children’s best interest.

  • Which case and which court? A few cases with Margaret Sullivan are on the CT State Jud website, but none list Adelman as judge? Mr. Gould is on a Meridan case — is that the case?

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