4 Months/4 Days: Allison Mack to Be Released From Prison on August 2

By Marie White

Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and Allison Mack all have new “Release Dates” that are earlier than their prior ones.

Keith Raniere is apparently too busy suing people to knock off any of his prison time.

Keith Raniere: 57005-177 – USP Tucson
– June 27, 2120

Clare Bronfman: 91010-053 – Danbury FCI
Now June 29, 2025
– August 18, 2025

Nancy Salzman: 25533-052 – Hazelton FCI
– August 31, 2024
October 25, 2024
February 12, 2025

Allison Mack: 90838-053 – Dublin FCI
– August 2, 2023
– October 11, 2023
– March 29, 2024

For Allison, this means four months and four days to freedom. She will still have to serve

Allison Mack before becoming a slave to Vangaurd

Judge Nicholas Garaufis sentenced Mack to three years in custody, 1000 hours of community service, a $20,000 fine and three years of probation.

The terms of her probation forbid her to associate with any NXIVM associates.

Before her sentencing, Mack had been on home confinement at her parents’ house in California from April 2018 to June 2021 – more than three years.

It remains to be seen whether she will seek the spotlight or stay private for a time.

Milenio publishes a story about Actress Who Left Raniere

Mexican actress Verónica Jaspeado broadcast an interview about what happened to her with NXIVM and Keith Raniere.

She said NXIVM subjected members to physical and psychological punishment, where the women, to demonstrate their love for the cult leader, Keith Raniere, had to be branded with the initials of their Vanguard.

Jaspeado participated in DOS for about a month. She did not get branded.

Jaspeado also participated in the HBO documentary The Vow, Season #2.  Amid tears and anger, the actress said she was the personal victim of Raniere and that his ability to indoctrinate people is powerful.

Jaspeado said she never thought she would become a victim of a cult. However, she said people like Raniere know how to win you over.

She said, “The thought ‘it will never happen to me’ is the first step with which it could happen to you. We are not vaccinated against this. It is important to open your eyes; there are many bad people.”

Jaspeado also spoke at Raniere’s sentencing, but did not reveal her name at the time. She was referred to as Jane Doe.

Dude gets Sentence 25 times longer than Raniere

Keith is lucky his trial wasn’t in Pennsylvania…

WAYNESBURG, PA — A Greene County judge sentenced 44-year-old Matthew Perry of Greensboro, PA to 3,000 years in prison after he was convicted of more than 13,000 felony counts of sex crimes against children.

Mathew Perry [above]

The charges include 2,190 counts of rape of a child under 13 and 2,190 counts of incest of a minor. Perry will not be eligible for parole until the year 3523.

District Attorney David Russo stated he is “proud to announce Matthew Perry would have to live for 3,000 years in order to pay his debt to society.”

The case, initially filed by Russo’s predecessor, originally charged Perry with only one count of rape of a child and other offenses. After reviewing the case, Russo decided to charge one count of rape of a child for each day the child was raped, as the child was raped at least once a day for six years.

Before this sentencing, Perry was already serving a 40-to-80-year prison sentence for a previous conviction involving another preteen girl. The charges included child rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, aggravated indecent assault, and corruption of a minor.

With time off for good behavior, Perry will not have to serve the full 3,000 years. Pennsylvania has a program known as the Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive (RRRI), which can reduce an individual’s sentence by up to 25%.  In Perry’s case, that could be 750 years.


Here is one of my paintings:

Michele Hatchette is an excellent but misguided person. She is making a huge mistake staying on the Keith Raniere train. With Nicki gone, she will take the brunt of the scrutiny in the future for supporting a man who, indeed, was a human atrocity but knew how to disguise it.

I hope she does not ruin her future and becomes famous as his supporter. You cannot separate DOS from Raniere. After all, Michele has his initials on her crotch – because of DOS. Dossier Project and Raniere are inextricably intertwined.


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  • I wish Alison all the luck and love in the world. I hope this next phase of her life will be easier to navigate. What an extraordinary life experience.

  • New Book
    “1001 Ways to Pay for College by Allison Pimp Mack”
    #1 Become a Ho

    #2 Become a Pimp

    1001 Ways to Pay for College: Strategies to Maximize Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants Eighth Edition

    • Off-topic, but certainly important for those interested in politics:
      Joe “Exotic” Maldonado, who launched a 2024 presidential campaign from prison, wishes former President Trump would have “his arraignment in an orange jumpsuit and shackles” after his indictment Thursday.

    • Re ‘Strategies to Maximize Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants Eighth Edition’

      There are certainly more worthy and poorer people who should get such support. Allison Mack is not one of them, in my opinion, who should be supported. Mack is not broke and her parents are multimillionaires.

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  • Fifty bucks says that Mack comes out of prison far richer, and with a trove of fanboys waiting and expecting to have been her one and only these recent past years.

  • Clare Bronfman will turn 44 on April 9, 2023. Is her transfer to Philadelphia FDC prison her early birthday present? Is it better for Clare Bronfman to communicate with her lawyers there? Does Philadelphia FDC have heated visiting rooms for attorney visits and is it not as drafty there as Danbury FCI?

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons

    Register Number: 91010-053
    Age: 43
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Philadelphia FDC
    Release Date: 06/29/2025

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  • Clare Bronfman has been moved back to FDC Philadelphia

    I’ve had a funny feeling that something was going on since Suneel Chakravorty dropped off social media a few months back

    These guys just couldn’t stop their games with Raniere

  • Wow, Allison Mack’s time was cut down drastically–do we know how she’s gotten such a reduction in her prison time? I hope she takes this as the gift it is and truly turns her life around and especially away from Rainere and NXIVM.

  • Keith “Macho Men” Raniere can claim that he feels like a woman and that he is trapped in a man’s body so that he can be transferred to Allison Mack prison.

  • After getting out of prison, I wish Allion the best in her new life. She paid her debit to socity and now she gets her “Fresh Start”.

    I don’t know why people are concerning themselves with Allison and Nicki’s so called marriage. It was a sham

    Allison and Nicki’s marriage was to keep Nicki in the US to be with Keith, not so they could be married as a loving couple. They didn’t live together as wife & wife. They were never “in love” as married couples are.

    They both belonged to Raniere. Their committement was to Raniere. Wake up and smell the roses people. How Nicki never got deported is still the 100 million dollar question people still are asking.

    Did Nicki fight to be with her “wife” while Allison was on home arrest?
    No, she stayed in NY, danced for her boyfriend before the MDC, joined in with the loyalist, and fought for Raniere.

    Not once has Nicki even mentioned fighting for the rights of Allison in any of her social media posts.

    Allison stated dating a man, not a boychild, before entering prison.
    I don’t believe Allison or Nicki are “lesbians either,” nor does Nicki as a partner, have anything to offer Allison.

    Nicki is broke without a job, has no career, and has been working for Clare Bronfman. We know that the gravy train has ended.

    Nicki has a lot of healing to do. She just left an abusive relationship of 18 years.
    Nicki was abused but also abused many people in the name of Raniere. That will require her to do deep introspection work to become a physically and emotionally healthy, responsible adult once again.

    The last thing she should concern herself with is a relationship with someone else. That will distract her from developing a relationship she needs to build with herself. She lost that when she turned herself over the Raniere. You don’t just get that back when you leave an abusive asshole. You earn that back by working to regain your self-worth and making amends to the people you harmed.

      • Yes, ShadowState I agree, but imagine what divine bookends those hearty cankles would make. Quite the conversation piece in one’s parlor room. Mmmh.

    • She’s not anyone’s trophy. I’ll be rooting for her safety, health and happiness. And I can only pray that people leave her alone and let her rebuild her life.

  • Random question. Did KR sleep with all 3 Salzman girls? Nancy, Lauren and Michelle? And did he ever have a 3 some with any combination? Final question, if Sarah E says that her and Lauren were so close, how did she have no clue what was really going on?

  • Nancy will be a rare case of someone who will likely smell better coming out of prison than when she went in. I’m sure those pesky weekly mandatory showers are getting to her.

  • Instead of honoring creeps like Allison Pimp Mack you should focus on an actress of Allison Mack’s generation who lives in Nashville and helped school children escape from the transsexual gun woman Audrey Hale as Hale was going on a shooting spree.
    Melissa Joan Hart was on Nickelodeon’s “Clarissa Explains It All” and the sitcom “Sabrina the Teenaged Witch.”
    Hart is a few years older than Allison Pimp Mack.
    Melissa Joan Hart helped Nashville kindergartners escape school shooting | Banfield

    • Indeed Shadow. Don’t you think it’s about time the country moved to introduce gun control measures, especially regarding the sale of semi-automatic weapons – the type that kill kids in schools? Strange then that republicans seem to be so against such sensible controls:

  • What’s the over/under Perry is a Democrat loyalist?

    Justice will not be served until the Bronfman’s are held accountable in Civil Court. Sue them for every God damned penny they have. They have done nothing but malicious and evil deeds with their inherited fortune. They are demonic.

    • Civil Court? 🤣 as punishment “their demonic” 😂 quick! Get the holy water! That’ll teach daddy’s little she devil’s. Have a civil court take money they never earned. Lmfao!

    • Pilgrim
      March 29, 2023 at 12:04 pm
      What’s the over/under Perry is a Democrat loyalist?

      Mathew Perry has both American and Canadian citizenship.
      Being a true Canadian is about as bad as being a Democrat!
      Blame Canada – South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (3/9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD

      • I agree and I can’t get enough of Shadowstate continuously referring to her as Allison Pimp Mack–very strange to be that fixated on her DOS role.

        • Lena
          March 30, 2023 at 8:37 am
          I agree and I can’t get enough of Shadowstate continuously referring to her as Allison Pimp Mack–very strange to be that fixated on her DOS role.

          To quote the radio talk show host Jessie Kelly:
          “I am not you mommy using sugar coated words to make you feel good.
          I am your daddy using blunt words to describe reality.”
          The women in DOS called her “Pimp Mack”.
          It was not a term of endearment.

      • “Ted Cruz couldn’t rip the stuffing out of a teddy”
        Cruz did pretty well with DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

        Congresswoman AOC — All Out Crazy from the Bronx claimed that on January 6th 2021 Senator Cruz was pounding on her office door trying to “rape” her.
        I believe the NYC Congresswoman has an active fantasy life.

  • “Clare Bronfman: 91010-053 – Danbury FCI
    Now June 29, 2025”

    Get ready, Suneel! Remember, front to back!!

  • “The terms of her probation forbid her to associate with any NXIVM associates.”

    Since NXIVM as such no longer officially exists that means that Mack at some point in the future might be able to hook up again with Nicki Clyne and Mack’s old friends.

    • Not if Allison’s mom disallows it. There will be a conservatorship hanging over her if she does anything untoward.

      • A conservatorship.
        How many 40 year olds are restricted by a conservatorship?
        The hungry lawyers of California would thank both Allison and her mother for that meal ticket!

    • Another plausible motive for Nicki renouncing Vantard. If she is no longer affiliated with NXIVM, DOS, ESP or any of the other short-bus organizations, she can possibly now associate with dopes like Allison, KAR, Lauren, Asswiper Suneel and start organizing NXIVM again under something different. She’s dumb, but she ain’t stupid.

      • The terms of her plea deal forbid her from being in contact with any NXIVM/ESP member, past or present, for a period of three years after her release.

        Someone leaving the group wouldn’t allow Allison to communicate with that person.

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