Toni Fly Lands in Terre Haute; Bronfman Lawyer Jumps to Trump; Supreme Court Schedules April in Raniere; Gage Engages in Group Chat with NXIVM Sex Cultists

Mug shot of Toni Fly

By Marie White

William Anthony “Toni” Fly has landed in USP Terre Haute, Indiana, after his stint as Vanguard’s bunkmate. In addition, Maurice Adonis Withers, the sex trafficker who punched Raniere last summer, also ended up at USP Terre Haute.

According to Wikipedia, Terre Haute was “one of the first federal prisons to emphasize rehabilitation by providing psychological and psychiatric treatment, referring to prisoners by names as opposed to numbers, and allowing prisoners to talk during meals instead of eating in silence.”

However, the prison has been the target of civil rights lawsuits due to the inhumane treatment of prisoners in its secretive Communications Management Unit (CMU), which houses mainly suspected terrorists. For this reason, this unit has earned the nickname “Guantanamo North.”

Terre Haute is also home to the “Special Confinement Unit,” the federal death row for men, currently housing 44 men waiting for governmental execution.

Since 1963, all 16 men executed by the federal government have taken their last breath at Terre Haute.

Fly, 54, on the other hand, will breathe a sigh of relief come September 8, 2025, when he is due to be released.

Until then, it is unclear whether Fly will continue to be placed in segregation like he was at USP Tucson, or if he can roam the yard with the rest of general population.

Fly is “intersex,” which the BOP defines as: “a person whose sexual or reproductive anatomy or chromosomal pattern does not seem to fit typical physiological definitions of male or female.”

BOP’s policies for assigning inmates who are intersex or transgender to either a male or female prison are that the BOP has sole discretion based on penological considerations.

The BOP recognized Fly as a man since Terre Haute is an exclusively male facility.

MK10 ART’s painting of Toni Fly and Keith Raniere

Necheles Jumps to Help Trump

Clare Bronfman with Susan Necheles

Susan Necheles, Manhattan attorney who once walked through the revolving door of Bronfman attorneys, is now representing Donald Trump in what she calls a “political prosecution.”

The complaint is said to be based on $130,000 of alleged hush money received by adult film star Stormy Daniels, after she allegedly had an affair with Trump.

Supreme Court Filing Scheduled For Consideration

Raniere’s attorneys, Mark Baker and Marc Agnifilo filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court last month.

The issue is Judge Nicholas Garaufis’s cutting off the cross-examination of the government’s sole cooperating witness, Lauren Salzman, when she was about to unravel her plea agreement.

According to its website, the Supreme Court will distribute Raniere’s petition for conference on April 14, 2023.

The government previously waived its right to file a response unless the Supreme Court took an interest and requested it to do so.

The Supreme Court hears only one percent of petitions. About 80 of some 8,000 petitions are heard.

If there is interest by the Supreme Court Justices, the Court will request the government respond to Raniere’s petition.

Four-out-of of nine justices must show interest in hearing a case for it to move forward.

If, in April, there is insufficient interest by the justices, the long road to appeal will be all but over for Raniere.

If the Court invites the government to respond, that may be a significant game changer for the former Vanguard of NXIVM.

The Court then may agree to hear the issue after October when the Court is back in session after its summer recess.

Until the Supreme Court makes its determination, which can come as soon as April by the Court’s inaction, Raniere’s Rule 33 motion alleging the FBI tampered with evidence in his trial is on hold in Judge Garaufis’ Court.

Actor Engages in Group Chats with Ex-NXIVM Members

Lukas Gage
Actor Lukas Gage on Jimmy Kimmel

Actor Lukas Gage claimed on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he is a fan of HBO’s “The Vow.”

He said he started a group chat with fellow “White Lotus” actor Molly Shannon and former members of NXIVM. He didn’t name names,

Lukas Gage: Um yeah, so we really shared a bond of that show, and I started a group chat with some of the former members of NXIVM, some of the former members of 90 Day Fiance and Molly Shannon is in those group chats
Jimmy Kimmel: Hold on a second, yeah, how do you start a  text chain with members of a sex cult, like how do you even get in touch with them in the first place?

Lukas Gage: I said I’m doing a lot of research on this show called White Lotus. I have to get into character, there’s a lot of crazy situations that I’m in the show. No,no, I just, I just, I just bamboozled them again. I just say I’m a huge fan, and I really just think it’s so brave that they made the show and-

Jimmy Kimmel: And but then you gave them your telephone number?
Lukas Gage: Yeah, we have my phone number. We’re on texting chain, we talk all the time. They love you season four; they’re they’re my only fans.
The likelihood of current members of NXIVM engaged in a group chat with Gage is unlikely. He might mean some former members. But more likely he was joking. Though it is true:  NXIVM sex cult members have a great sense of humor.
Apropos of that, here is my latest painting of Keith Alan Raniere, the Vanguard in the SHU.

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  • A recent news report indicates that attorney Michel Cohen paid hush money to Stormy Daniels on his own volition without consulting Trump, the Trump Organization or the Trump campaign.

    Supposedly Cohen has admitted to lying to the grand jury in previous testimony claiming that Trump ordered the payment.

    If it turns out that Cohen’s grand jury testimony is a tissue of lies Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, working for George Soros, will have a very weak case against Trump.

    From Britain’s Daily Mail

    EXCLUSIVE: Is this the smoking gun? Letter from Michael Cohen claiming Donald Trump did NOT reimburse him for hush money paid to Stormy Daniels appears to fly in the face of the star witness’s grand jury testimony
    Bombshell document, exclusively obtained by, could cripple prosecutors’ pursuit of criminal charges against Trump
    Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is the star witness in the case over which Trump reportedly faces imminent arrest for campaign finance violations
    But in a February 2018 letter Cohen’s attorney wrote that ‘Mr. Cohen used his own personal funds’ and that ‘neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign reimbursed Mr. Cohen’

    Michael Cohen claimed he was not reimbursed by Donald Trump or his organization for hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels in a 2018 letter to federal authorities, contradicting his recent grand jury testimony,

    The bombshell document, exclusively obtained by, could throw a wrench in the works of prosecutors pursuing criminal charges against Trump over the payments.

    Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and the star witness in the case over which Trump reportedly faces imminent arrest, claims that Trump got him to pay $130,000 to Daniels to keep her quiet about her alleged affair with the real estate mogul, just days before the 2016 presidential election.

    The letter appears to be in direct conflict with Cohen’s sworn testimony to Congress given a year later. Cohen said under oath that Trump ‘asked me to pay off an adult film star with whom he had an affair,’ and that ‘Mr. Trump directed me to use my own personal funds from a Home Equity Line of Credit to avoid any money being traced back to him that could negatively impact his campaign’
    McDermott, Will and Emery is a huge Chicago based law firm.

    • Haha! Yes, Cohen paid 130.000 to a pornstar he didn’t knew on his own volition for no reason at all. Charity perhaps?

      He probably lied at Trumps behalf at the time. He has come around since then. His podcast isn’t named “mea culpa” for nothing.

      The fact of the matter is that Trump put his little mushroom pecker in a pornstar while his pregnant wife was at home. He actually cheated on his mistress (Karen mc Dougal) as well, at the same time. She was payed of by the National Enquirer via Trumps entourage.

      Now, adultery is not a crime, but financial fraud is.

    • This is not new information, it hit the news back in 2018 or 2019. Proof of financial transactions is easily obtained by bank records, wire records, etc. Any such evidence would “trump” undocumented claims in a letter. We should be unimpressed with this purported scoop by Britain’s Daily Mail and with ShadowState1958 for linking to it.

      • Daily Mail is a trash rag, they need to clean the shit off Reniere’s walls with the daily mail and I nominate Shadowstate to do the cleaning

    • ShadowState-

      Blah, blah, blah!

      What happened to the election fraud?!?

      What happened January 6th?

      What happened to Alex Jones?

      What happened to your common sense?

  • Fly is “intersex,” which the BOP defines as: “a person whose sexual or reproductive anatomy or chromosomal pattern does not seem to fit typical physiological definitions of male or female.”
    A simple birth certificate should do.

  • If Toni Fly was smart, he would contact the Dead-enders when he gets out and tell them Keith wants to have a “recommitment ceremony” again and want them all to give Toni a group blowjob in Keith’s absense. Right? I mean, it’s worth a shot. Worst they can do is call it bullshit.

    Horseface’s legal team are hacks. They fucked up her defense and landed her fugly ass in prison for seven years.

    Gage sounds like he is trolling the Dead-enders. They are really into power and prestige, so makes sense they would hitch on to anyone who is famous and try to ride his coattails.

  • Oh so two prisoners in Tucson, that we know of, have been transferred to Terre Haute. I thought this was exclusive punishment for the very special Keith. His arguments, accusations or shall we call them what they are manipulations, lies or let me be generous, paranoid delusions, get torn apart and are worth nothing more than shit on a prison wall. The concerning thing is that there are people still being duped who take him seriously.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised in BOP nixed the transfer. They hate the bad press, and a Raniere move to the CMU would have been a month’s worth of additional coverage, much of it falling at the feet of Director Colette Peters herself. Plus, they know the lawyers and judges that they are dealing with in Tucson. Terre Haute might be a wild card. The Vanguard could find a talented attorney or a receptive judge.

        • Oh come on. I don’t know how nicely I have to ask but where did this transfer rumour originate from? Reniere? A prison insider? Have they played you or did the prison really nix the transfer? Sounds a bit better for you that they nixed it right?

          • Usually, you stay in the SHU is you are going to be “shipped.” KR was told he was going to be shipped, and they were looing to put him in a CMU. He may still be getting shipped, maybe to a CMU, maybe not. Or the BOP may have changed its mind entirely.

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