Kevin’s Views on Ethan Klein Interview, Raniere’s Hasty Verdict, and Stop Shunning Dead-Enders

Kevin once again graces these pages with his contrary to the popular view on those who continue to follow Keith Raniere, though not so much Raniere himself.

Here are his latest views on various topics that touch on events recently reported in this publication.

By Kevin

Ethan Klein’s Interview With Marc Elliot

Marc Elliot and his friends don’t have high social clout, which is a bigger crime in the eyes of the public than the crimes his friend, Keith Raniere, is in prison for.

Ethan Klein interviewed Marc Elliot on YouTube before a large audience. Ethan disclosed he has Tourettes.

Ethan Klein had to prove to the cool kids that he was one of them, and what better way to show them that than by throwing an unpopular person, like Marc Elliot, down a flight of stairs? Extra points that the person heaved from the top floor of the stairwell had a disability.

Jock McStuffins and Miss Bikini Lake might invite Ethan to their next party!

Ethan is on the way up!

Except that no amount of towing the company line or pushing the popular point of view will get a disabled person like Ethan in those circles. You see, Ethan, the popular kids hate you for having a disability as much as they hate Marc Elliot and his friends for not abandoning their friends or principles.

So even if Ethan disagreed with Marc, there was a way for him to express that constructively without trying to make an example of someone who didn’t do that to him for the benefit of listeners/viewers who, absolutely, would do that to him.

Raniere Hasty Jury Verdict

In a flourish of writer’s embellishment, Frank Parlato, using multiples of threes, wrote “after a six week trial, a jury of 12 deliberated for 30 minutes, and found Raniere guilty.” This provoked the ire of Aristotle’s Sausage and others, who through this was a wholesale attack on the jury that convicted Raniere.

If you take away the television shows, the sensational media coverage, the hysteria, the moral panic, the hearsay and speculation that was presented as evidence, and had a trial somewhere in the middle of nowhere with 12 jurors who had never heard of these people, I don’t think a jury returns a verdict in 30 minutes.

A jury that decided on a verdict on a complex RICO case in under 30 minutes, faster than it takes for a pizza to be delivered to my house.

I don’t think so.

On Shunning the Dead-Enders Because They Support NXIVM

Should ordinary practicing Catholics be discriminated against in employment and education for freely associating with a group that protected and enabled child molesters for decades?

Nicole’s Little Work Was Not Forced Labor

Anyone who thinks transcribing a video for a late friend’s memorial service is “forced labor” has lost it.

Keith Raniere with his longtime partner Pam Cafritz. She died in 2016.

Pam Cafrtiz of the NXIVMr community, died from cancer, and Nicole volunteered to transcribe some video. Just like others in the community, Nicole volunteered her time to help with the service.

Nicole got a restitution award of $412,779.18.

Are those other people who spent five hours transcribing a video for Cafrtiz’s memorial service also entitled to a $400K payday?

Media Decides Who Counts in NXIVM Debacle

A woman, Nicole, who volunteered to transcribe a video for a memorial service matters.

A couple of women who had slaves in DOS, Sarah Edmondson and India Oxenberg, and now claim to be victims, who are suing women who were not their masters in DOS, they matter too.

A woman who decades earlier, Kristin Snyder, drowned herself, does not matter.

The two Ginas, Hutchinson and Melita, do not matter. The other girls who allege they were molested in the 80s/early 90s do not matter.

And that’s not on Raniere’s supporters, who had nothing to do with these things, if they are true.

That’s on the police, teachers, and every person who was in a position to do something, and chose not to.

Marc Got Relief From Tourettes Through NXIVM

NXIVM did something to help Marc Elliot to treat him and rehabilitate him in a way where his tics are all but gone, where nothing like the incident has happened since.

I’m curious to know what they did, and if it can be used to help others.

Now that the US Govt owns the NXIVM patents and Intellectual Property, I’m sure we’ll see the treatment shared with all sufferers shortly. Our Government cares about us very much.

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  • Keith Raniere said something about how he could make a baby look sexy.. Can’t remember the actual words but it was enough to make me despise him

    • Keith Raniere stated proudly, “I could make a very rapable baby”.

      Keith also said emphatically that many young children enjoy sexual abuse and incest.

      Also Keith claimed that in some (never specified) country mother’s gave their baby sons blow jobs to “soothe them”. *

      “Some women only orgasm while being raped” is another Vanguard drop of “scientific” knowledge.

      * interestingly the mother’s in this fictional country don’t give a shit about soothing female babies? Or maybe in this fantasy of Keith’s only male children exist?

    • Keith said that he could make a baby “very rape able.” There was no negative reaction from the group. Despicable on all counts.

      • EXACTLY!!!!! Why didn’t they make a scene? Vomit? Walk out? Throw off one of those pathetic stashes?!?
        If anyone said that in my face I’d get so angry and disgusted I d confront him and that group!!
        When are the members ever going to be held accountable for going along with this sleazy menagerie??!?

      • How can people be so stupid? There was no reaction? It reminds me of the “ Buddhist” cult, SGI. Victims of domestic violence would reveal the horrors they survived at home and the cult sheep would tell the woman if she left the abuse, shed just be with another abuser. The women would just smile on. The only support they’d give victims was that they’d chant for them the fancy words “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” . Oh, and they guilt trip members into giving all their money. That’s it. No one ever stepped in to help her and the abuser destroyed her life completely.

        Cults make me squirm.


      WHY WOULD ANYONE BE A PART OF THIS? I’m sorry but it is too much. To me, what KR SAYS about babies being “ rapable” is so sinister. Anyone who followed this piece of trash is absolutely insane.

      His views on sexually abusing children is worse than branding the women who stood by such a heartless monster.

      It “ brands” MY own heart that WOMEN WILLINGLY STAYED by such a morally depraved sicko. Children??!?? Jesus Christ what a sick lot of people.

      I mean, eventually they understood that allowing some lame to brand their pubic area? Why didnt they run when he was boasting about how he could make a BABY RAPE-able!??!?

      And these were supposed to be the upper echelon? Educated, wealthy people?

      Lilly-livered lames.

  • This “popular kids” rhetoric is garbage.

    Nxivm was arguably one of the elitist organizations EVER.

    You had to be wealthy to afford classes. Or become a slave to the organization.

    Elliot himself was just bragging about how many billionaires took Nxivm classes.

    They were extremely cognizant of status in this cult.

    Looks were the most important thing. Especially for women.

    If you weren’t extremely thin, wealthy and or politically connected/a minor celebrity etc. Then you just didn’t matter in ESP.

    Medical issues and disease were considered people’s own fault and they were ostracized for being sick.

    It’s a laughable stance Kevin attempts on behalf of the cult.

    • I think Dead-enders has been in play long enough and is currently the Official title. Although they are bitter and scorned.

  • Didn’t Nicole get 400k for being blackmailed, sexually assaulted and branded? If you are being blackmailed, wouldn’t any work be considered forced?

    Amazing how Kevin and the rest of these idiots like to take things out of context and forget all the other shit that happened.

    Let’s just all agree that a rapist and pedophile is in jail and we should all be thankful for it regardless of how many Kevin’s want to whine about it.

  • Lack of “social clout” is not considered a worse “crime” than creating and posessing child sexual assault materials.

    What a fucking lame attempted spin and stretch. So not funny.

    “Kevin’s” grand opening statement of supposed fact is just a bullshit false start to a rambling, incoherent and dishonest take on the dead-enders and Keith.

    When Kevin’s idiotic cult friends had their ridiculous affidavit delivered to Moira Penza in her office (oh wait. They chickened out and emailed it from out front hee hee) in addition to signing their names on the pathetic document, the dead-enders each also put down the number of their social media followers.

    That was a really hard sentence to construct without laughing too hard to write.

    So…They definitely think that they have social clout. LOL

    The. Dead-enders. Wrote. The. Number. Of. Social. Media. Followers. They. Each. Have. Next. To. Their. Signature. On. The. Affidavit.

    Hahaha. They really did! Hahahaha

    • All I can say to that is: Deadenders, 99.99% of the garbage readers you might have following you are already convinced of the crap narrative you present. The 0.01% are already convinced you’re talking BS and are just interested to what extent. However high the numbers, you aint exactly moving people.

  • “Now that the US Govt owns the NXIVM patents and Intellectual Property, I’m sure we’ll see the treatment shared with all sufferers shortly. Our Government cares about us very much.” Did NXIVM patent their ‘cure’ for Tourette’s? Isn’t the treatment ‘talk therapy’ or something? Since Marc Elliot cares about the Tourette’s community so much, why doesn’t he just go and cure people with this un-patented talk therapy technology? Who is he afraid will sue him?

  • “Marc Elliot and his friends don’t have high social clout, which is a bigger crime in the eyes of the public than the crimes his friend, Keith Raniere, is in prison for.”

    Not sure what planet you’re on there, Kevin. Where I’m from, not having high social clout is to be commended.

    Not sure Ethan threw Marc down the stairs; it was more a case of Marc leaping down them headfirst from a massive height. And Marc did claim that he had overcome “his disability”, that’s assuming he actually had one in the first place.

    And I’m really sorry to disabuse you, Kev, but I’ve never met a single person in my life who would hate someone because of their disability. The total opposite – people like Ethan who bear their disability with resilience and fortitude are widely respected for their forbearance.

    And, Kevin, there’s a Grand Canyon of difference between ‘abandoning your friends or principles’ and honestly admitting when they’ve fucked up and maybe their principles sometimes led to people getting hurt. Unfortunately, remorse did not seem to feature in Marc’s lexicon, or perhaps even his brain. Do you sometimes feel it? I really think Marc made an example of himself, and Ethan just allowed him to.

    BTW Nicole, just like many in DOS, was terrorized; she was also raped. 500 articles to review and write about? FFS, that’s more work than your average undergrad does in three years! Get real. And I’ve seen India interviewed many times – that girl’s straight up; you can always tell.

    How can you possibly say Kristin Snyder and the 2 Ginas “do not matter”? Don’t you think that’s completely disrespectful to their families, friends and the people who knew them??

    And finally, Kev, there were no patents ever granted to Raniere. Wanna know why? Cos the guy was a total fraud and a chancer whose only skill was to brainwash people and fuck them. He was about as real as Marc’s tourettes.

  • Sarah and India should both be getting sued. They had slaves and recruited for Raniere. India ONLY left after she knew the ship was going down. She cooperated to save her own ass.

    • Interesting then how Trowell disagrees with where our government is heading. The very fbi representative who said “Tampering accusations were Frivalious ” is extremely concerned about our civil rights!

      • That actual gives the Trowell determination of “frivolous” even more weight.

        No matter how the dead-enders will try and spin this news to fit their free Keith Raniere stance.

    • Marc Elliot himself admits in a recording with Keith that he did fake tics for paid speaking engagements.

      Doe that mean the Tourette’s is all a fabrication? Maybe.

      But it does certainly point to Marc Elliott as a self-admitted liar who had no trouble actively, intentionally deceiving schools full of children and a trusting employer about his medical condition.

      What kind of a human does that?

      Why not just tell the school that you’re still very excited to give the talk and that your condition has been improving because of some treatment you’re undergoing?

      Or even better yet. explain to the students that Tourette’s does often correct itself in the vast majority of sufferers as they age. Because that is the TRUTH, Marc. No need to lie.

      Bottom line, the communication possibilities were endless, yet Marc Elliott’s default choice was to lie and deceive the people who were paying him and listening to his “story”.

      You have to remember that these are people from the ESP cult who pride themselves on being more ethical than anyone else.
      And what did the most ethical man in the world Keith Raniere when Mark Elliott admitted lying about his Tourette’s in this way? Nothing. Just sat there.

      The dead-enders constantly accuse everyone from the FBI to the prosecutors to the victims of Keith Raniere of lying.

      But time and time again it is the dead-enders who lie.

      Whether the dead-enders are caught out live in those lies or caught on past tape admitting it, like Marc Elliott, the dead-enders really have no higher moral ground to stand on.

      It’s truly laughable.

    • “By any means necessary” ... fright studies, blackmail and the branding of slaves are totally okay, too. 🤡 says:

      “However noble its goals may have been, even in these early years, the Bolsheviks showed that they were perfectly willing to sacrifice human lives on the altar of their ideology. For example, one of the ways that the Bolsheviks raised money in the 1900s was through robbery. This robbery often harmed the very people the Bolsheviks claimed to be protecting. In June 1907, in the Georgian city of Tiflis, a group of Bolsheviks ambushed a shipment of cash in the town’s Erivansky Square with firearms and explosives. In the ensuing violence, around 40 people were killed, many of them civilians. The robbery caused mass outrage against the Bolsheviks and many of the Bolsheviks leaders involved in the robbery, most notably Lenin and Stalin, later attempted to cover up their associations with the event. In the grand scheme of history, 40 deaths would be a mere drop in the ocean of what the Bolshevik would go on to do, but it was a chilling forewarning of what was to come.“

  • Nah. Marc is lying.

    He’s not under oath.

    If Marc Elliot cannot believe Camilla in spite of mountains of corroborating evidence and witnesses in the trial like her sister Daniella and medical experts who treated Camilla and took the stand – then I cannot believe Marc Elliott’s claims of having Tourette’s.

    Marc Elliot is lying. He never took the stand. Marc is not under oath.

    Those are the dead-ender rules.

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