YouTube Host Ethan Klein Accuses Guest Marc Elliot of Faking Tourette’s, 750,000 Views in Two Days

One of FR commenters wrote, “it’s only fair to your readers that you do a piece on Marc Elliott’s recent podcast appearance. The defense of Keith was obliterated. The Tourettes fakery exposed.”

Ice Nine wrote:

Epic ambush of Marc Elliot. Just savage.

@H3Podcast Host Ethan Klein just destroys Marc Elliot, his lies, and even goes on to accuse Marc of FAKING his Tourette’s. Why would Klein be inclined to do this? Because he says that has Tourette’s himself, so yeah, he does know what he’s talking about.

Marc Elliot did not do his homework on the podcast, thought Klein was on his side, went on the show thinking he had an ally, and then proceeds to get absolutely ripped to shreds on a YouTube podcast with over 2.8 million subscribers.

Marc tries his best to use some sort of shifter, deflection tactics. But nope. Klein was ready for that too.

Confronting a NXIVM Cult Member – H3TV #66 on @H3Podcast (begins at 55:00 minute mark, beatdown starts around 1:33.00)

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get cooked like that in my life” – Ethan Klein

FWIW I kinda feel bad for Marc. He is a victim and can’t see it, I hope he wakes up one day soon. Bro, there are photos, and audio of keith planning it. “the door is open, walk out!”

After receiving these and other comments,. FR looked into it and it is true that Marc Elliot appeared on a YouTube show, the H3 Podcast. The podcast has 2.87 million YouTube subscribers. The Elliot video is online, and in two days, his appearance has 755,000 views and more than 4,300 comments.

The episode is entitled Confronting a NXIVM cult member.. It is three hours plus in duration, and Marc appears about 56 minutes into the show.

The host, Ethan Klein, told the audience that Elliot emailed him and asked to go on the show to discuss FBI tampering. The email read in part, “I think Keith Rainiere is a modern day genius, and he’s been unfairly slated as as a villain.”

Host Ethan Klein of the H3 Podcast

Marc gave arguments that Raniere-retained experts said the FBI tampered with the digital evidence of child porn.

Here is some of the dialogue, with some occasional slight editing for clarity:

Marc: So the thing is that 55 days before trial, all of a sudden, the FBI found child pornography, and when I say child pornography, they found 22 photos of a nude woman on an external hard drive that wasn’t on his computer. It wasn’t on a camera. It was on a random external hard drive in a residence that many people frequent. It wasn’t even Keith’s home, so of course the moment they found that it completely changed the whole dynamic of the case. Where now you have minors involved right? And not only they could have planted…

Ethan: The FBI has a track record of doing stuff like that. I mean they are just monsters, the FBI. I don’t trust them at all. And I think they probably planted it. But my concern at least just from the optics point of view because again I’m on your guy’s side, Camille was a 15 year old who… wrote a victim statement impact statement that said that he … actually raped her when she was 15.…  She said she met him when he was 13 and then when she was 15 he was 45 and he slept with her…why was she lying like that?

Marc:… I want to make something very clear. I don’t support sexual assault against women in any way… The child pornography was all of a sudden found 55 days before trial, and then all the other co-defendants pled guilty. Not only was he charged with possession of child pornography he then was also charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, which is probably one of the most egregious charges somebody can get… charged against them, which ultimately is a death sentence for many people…. They… had this hard drive and this… alleged camera for over a year, that’s the context

Ethan: which happened right before trial?

Marc: … Cami … did give a victim impact statement, but what is important for people to realize is that a victim impact statement is after the trial is over, after the verdict. So it’s a statement… not given under oath…

Ethan: You think she’s lying essentially… or at least there’d be no consequence to her lying right?

Marc:… I’m not here to debate whether [she’s lying]… I’m just saying… if we want to live in a society that has due process and we care about justice, it’s important to question…  If somebody gives a victim impact statement and says I was raped and this happened, I’m not saying that’s not true, but you can’t say that that’s ultimately true due process… [We] have seven digital forensic experts and…  four of those seven FBI–

Ethan:… I just wanted to mention, and I don’t know if this is an issue for you guys, but there was 15 other victim impact statements from all different individuals, so that’s like dang how do we get over that?

Marc:… My intent wasn’t to try to defend or combat all these different allegations but… what people don’t realize, the way that the narrative was out there is that 17 000 people from around the world took these courses… One in 400 of participants in the classes that Keith had created were billionaires. We had people from Stanford, Harvard. Entrepreneurs. These were very thoughtful rational people taking courses.

Ethan:… Scientology is the same way, and they get vilified too. They have tons of famous people, tons of rich people, and it’s unfair that Scientology is vilified don’t you think?

Marc: I haven’t taken Scientology… I don’t agree with character assassination or speaking badly about a group just because they’re different or you don’t like them… If you actually look at the… Nxivm trial there’s actually, out of 17 000 people… only three people… that were even claiming they were victims of a crime.

Ethan: So only three out of 17,000 people claimed that they were molested by Keith, well no they weren’t even claiming that they were molested…

Marc:… There’s not a single charge of Keith assaulting or raping or hurting anyone…

Ethan: They’re only saying he coerced them. But that’s not really a crime is it?

Marc:… If you even want to say that everything that happened in the trial is true… this is a man who’s now convicted and sentenced to 120 years without any violence weapons drugs…

Ethan: I’m with you 100 percent, because coercion’s not even a crime. Like you can, it’s not illegal to manipulate people. This just means you’re smarter.

Marc: So again, some of the modifications took place while in the possession of the FBI, that is concerning…

Ethan: So what is the goal here to get a retrial for Keith?

Marc:… [if crimes] were committed against someone who is being tried in a trial to convict them, that person should ultimately be let free.

Ethan: Let him free… free Keith. Well, what’s interesting is that first of all, the FBI is a criminal organization just from the start. I mean, it’s insane the things that they’ve done to people, like tampering evidence in the case of Keith, but I think that because they did that, we should probably just expunge the extortion, the identity theft, the forced labor, the conspiracy to commit identity theft, exploiting of a child, forced labor, wire fraud, and so we should we should expunge all those?

Marc: It took me a second to get your humor, because there’s also a little delay. I was like ‘is he making a joke?’

Ethan:… I know, sorry. … What do we do about those other [crimes]? Because like we got to convince everyone that Keith is like a cool dude…

Marc:… We don’t need to convince anyone of how cool he is. Someone can think that Keith Rainiere [is] the devil. That’s ultimately irrelevant, and a distraction to the reality of did this person receive due process? If we want to… have a justice system that treats everyone exactly the same. Whether you think someone is the devil or you think someone is Mr. Rogers, they should be treated exactly the same under the law….

They spoke about sex trafficking and forced labor.

Marc: If you actually look at the evidence of what happened in this trial, you have a 29-year-old female who is an actress living in Manhattan who is a part of the Nxivm Community. She was taking classes. She was in a relationship with Keith. She also had a history of being more kinky. Together they had come up with an experience… This 29 year old received oral sex from another woman, and no money was exchanged. She took a bus from Brooklyn to Albany, and they convicted Keith of sex trafficking.

Ethan: Just because she was kinky

Marc: Well that’s one way to look at it, right? The same woman, the 29 year-old actress, she’s also the victim of the alleged forced labor. This is a woman who had to transcribe five hours of video for a memorial, and she read 50 articles that Keith had written, and she gave feedback on them and actually loved reading them. He was convicted of forced labor.

Ethan: Because she wasn’t paid for her work?

Marc: That’s what they were claiming…

Ethan: This one sounds really bad, and hopefully because you have such an intimate understanding and you have a great way of explaining it, so how do we do the sexual exploitation of a child? Because that one sounds so bad. So how do we break that one down?

Marc: That one is also related to the child pornography. As I said, so they found 22 photos of a naked woman—.

Ethan: Someone, somebody had pictures of them naked when they were kids. But it wasn’t Keith…

Marc: The way that they deemed their child pornography was based off of the file dates… and then said when the photos were taken is when this person—….

Ethan: They probably didn’t even look like kids… You should get a hold of those photos. They probably look like…

Marc: I have not seen the photos… Those are …  contraband photos… but what we’re talking about is not on someone’s computer, not on their camera, not on a camera card [but] in a random external hard drive. There’s 22 photos of a naked woman who they deemed ‘this is underage’ because of the file dates… the sexual exploitation of a minor is because supposedly they [the prosecution] were able to link through a media card and from a camera. And that media card to a scientific certainty, by seven digital forensic experts, four former FBI, was modified while in the possession of the FBI. Because they [the prosecution] were able to link that media card to a camera that’s allegedly Keith owned that’s how he was charged with sexual exploitation.

Ethan: That’s so ridiculous that like that’s all they need… I’m dead serious. Like what the [ __ ] like it’s scary, the world we live in, where a file card, and that’s all it takes. It’s crazy, it’s scary, as a man, I’m scared of that.

Marc: Everyone should be scared of this…. The reason we’re trying to reach out to people is because the narrative is so strong and the prejudice against Keith and Nxivm is so intense… it stops people from having a rational, open conversation…

Ethan: Camilla’s the one who he apparently had photos of that was the 15 year old girl, who did an impact statement…said that he took her virginity when she was 15, which is outrageous. I mean… the thing is… if she was willing, what’s the problem?… if she liked it and Keith is awesome.

Marc:… I’m feeling your humor a little bit more… I don’t support sexual assault rape in any way. I’m not here… to be a referee about what he said or she said or what happened behind closed doors. What I do know is that I don’t believe that somebody giving a victim impact statement that isn’t under oath which is basically no different from somebody going on Twitter and saying I was raped by this person right, with absolutely no due process right?…

Ethan: He doesn’t even know them. So it’s like the same as a random tweet like they’ve never even met.

Marc: They do know… each other…

Ethan:… Daniella… said they confined her… to a room for nearly two years in an attempt to force Daniella to work for him and then Daniela was told that if she left the room, she would be sent to Mexico without any identifying documents, so that’s probably… [like] someone on Twitter just making shit up.

Marc:… if you just look at the facts, this is a young girl who’s… in a room in her family’s home. She was in a room and the door wasn’t locked…

Ethan: Because she could have left the whole time?… It’s basically her fault for not leaving the room… But I want to ask you about your experience with Tourette Syndrome. I’m super super fascinated by this…. The bad side, that’s what’s famous now. But Nxivm actually has been helping people in these incredible ways. For example, you had debilitating Tourette’s Syndrome right? And then I think you joined Nxivm and Keith was able to help you overcome it totally, like cured, your Tourettes is 100 percent gone?

Marc:… I no longer have Tourette Syndrome… and it was through the courses that Keith created.… I went through the classes just like everybody else, but as I went through them and started to build more self-awareness about myself [I] beat my Tourette’s completely mind over body.

Ethan:  Wow and so what is it that you tell yourself like ah ‘just stop ticking’? Like ‘come on, don’t be a [ __ ] or whatever’” … ‘I’m over this shit sucks. Tourettes is … annoying and I’m just over it’?

Marc: [I’ve] talked about Tourette’s…like there’s an itch and there’s a scratch … and the Tourette’s is that uncomfortable feeling, and then the ticking is me scratching that itch, and most treatments and the way that we look at Tourette’s is… you take medication. It numbs the itch so that stops you from wanting to scratch it…

Marc discussed the documentary “My Tourette’s”  on YouTube.

Ethan asked if Marc still had the urge to tic.

Marc: I found out that that my itch was way more emotional and psychological than it was physiological and as a result of working internal issues –I had anger stuff, beliefs about all sorts of stuff – as a result of that my itch went down. So right now do I still have an itch? Yeah, it’s not at zero. But it’s probably four out of a hundred…

Ethan played a 14 year old video of Marc at 17. It was a news story that reported that because of his tics, he uttered the word ‘nigger’ on a bus and he was thrown off. HIs family complained that the bus company treated him unfairly because he had a disability.

Ethan: I have a theory for you.

Marc: I’m ready

Ethan: Okay cool I think you actually fake having Tourrettes. Yeah. I don’t think, I think you actually don’t have it.

Marc: … What did you think I had?

Ethan: … Maybe you just called someone the n-word on the bus, and then you’re like ‘oh no I have Tourette’s.’ Because what’s interesting to me, and I know that’s funny, but what’s interesting to me is that you’ve made like a whole career being a motivational speaker, about how you cured your Tourette’s and stuff and that’s kind of become like a big part of your identity. But what’s interesting is, as somebody with Tourette’s, I actually have Tourette’s, I know it’s not curable. So I just find that claim to be absolutely a pseudo-scientific crazy claim that has no backing in science… I think you’re actually in my opinion, as someone with Tourette’s, I think you’re actually, in my opinion, I think your scamming people.

Marc: … Did you say that you have Tourette’s?

Ethan: I do have Tourette’s.

Marc: You know when I… was watching one of your videos, I thought I saw you ticking, and so it did cross my mind. I said ‘I wonder if he has Tourette’s?’

Ethan: Yeah I do

Marc: Why would you… think someone would fake it? That’s a pretty messed up thing for someone to fake.

Ethan: But you’ve made a good living from faking it, doing motivational stuff, and spreading books and stuff like that, and it’s just as far as I know, and that’s just a theory right because I don’t know. I mean, I just have Tourette’s myself, but obviously I don’t know anything about you, so it’s just a theory but… on your website it says you overcame it, mind over body, and that’s just not possible

Marc:… f you remember what I just said two minutes ago is that we’ve never claimed it’s a cure right

Ethan:…  You said you’re 100 like over Tourette’s right you did say that.

Marc: I said that I don’t think of it as I  have Tourette’s anymore….

Marc veered back to FBI tampering.

Marc: Keith currently, he’s been sitting in the SHU for over 200 days, so they’re basically torturing a U.S citizen, while the same time he has filed in the Eastern District of New York with four former FBI agents showing that the FBI tampered with digital evidence and they’re now escalating the torture and they might ship him to what’s known as a CMU…

Ethan veered back to Tourettes:

Ethan: I read an excerpt… from your website……  “do you want to beat your Tourette’s? I want to help you, but currently the government has threatened to put me in jail for being public about how I completely overcame my Tourette’s with Nxivm.” So when you say “completely overcame,” I just assumed that meant like that you have a cure for it… Can you cure like Bipolar or something? Can you cure like schizophrenia, because that would be really good for a lot of people?

Marc:…  Because of how big the case is… I’m reaching out to people that have influence. I believe that even though you might hate those people [like Keith]… there’s something that we can agree upon [FBI tampering is wrong]…

Ethan: [showing photos of the brand] We can all agree on photos. Here’s photos of his initials being branded into women who accused him of running a clandestine sex cult. Here is his initials branded into their skin. Here’s an up close for you. It says his initials. Keith Rainie is branded into the skin.

Marc: That’s not what I’m here to talk to you about…

Ethan: No, I’m serious…  Why did he do this?… I’m curious. I want to ask you. The thing is, if you’re gonna… say things, they need to be fair. They’re just kinky, little kinky.

Marc: But Keith Ranieri didn’t brand anyone.

Ethan: Oh right. He’s not even in the room who coerced people, yeah, so coercion. I think coercion is a crime. Sex trafficking usually happens through coercion, not by locking people to a radiator, so that I think is where we kind of disconnect there. And actually, what’s crazy [is] 12 people [on a jury] agreed…  Then the appeals court also upheld these seven horrific charges against him, so that’s like a lot.

Marc:… I believe most of things are not true… That doesn’t mean there isn’t kernels of truth. I wanted to talk to you about something that I think is greater than Keith Raniere. The fact that we have evidence that shows that the FBI committed crimes…

Ethan: I agree with you that the FBI is shitty and they do that kind of stuff… let’s just assume for the sake of this conversation that they did do that, then you still have to explain all these other charges like even if … he didn’t have child pornography on a hard drive… and let’s just say he didn’t do it. It was a conspiracy…  they changed the metadata. There’s still racketeering, forced labor, wire fraud, sex trafficking, extortion. Do you know what I mean?

Marc:… I talked to you about some of the facts that it sounds like you were agreeing with.  I didn’t realize that you were just trying to play me. The things that I said, I stand by. I don’t need to change anything, even though now I know that I guess you were trying to have sort of a gotcha moment but like I said with the photos with… the sex trafficking, which is a single sex act with no money exchanged, these are things that… if somebody wants to have a conversation right?

Ethan: But you got to understand that no money exchanged and him not doing it himself is kind of the quintessential of a cultish kind of racketeering like manipulative coercive act. Like he’s not the first person right? Like Charles Manson for example… Is Charles Manson guilty of murder? He never did anything…. Charles Manson people say was a member of a cult. His disciples went under his order or coercion to go and murder this family right? And so his lawyer said ‘well he didn’t do anything. He wasn’t even there,’ And so the question is, do you think Charles Manson is guilty… for being involved in their murders even though he wasn’t there? He never held a knife in his hand… no money was exchanged…. He’s probably innocent too, right?

Marc: I don’t know, But what I do believe, what I absolutely will stand by, is that I do think no matter how hated a person is, we should be absolutely open to questioning narratives…. I’m not on here to try to get you to like Keith Raniere…

Ethan: We can both agree that Crispy Donuts taste great, but that doesn’t really have anything… to do with wire fraud and racketeering…

Marc: If you allow…  government officials to commit crimes to convict even a hated person, what you ultimately are saying is that you believe that prejudice and hate are more important than justice.

Ethan showed a photo of Marc and Keith.

Ethan: Here’s you and Keith. He has really nice skin.

Marc:… I’m trying to have a serious conversation…

Ethan: I was just struck by his really nice skin…

Marc: I’m trying to have a conversation with you about something that affects… millions of people in the justice system and are affected by our justice system… This isn’t about Keith. It is about Keith because this is the specific case and the specific evidence that we have. Do you mind if I take a moment and read some of the quotes from the FBI agents.

Ethan: No I don’t want to do that…. I don’t even blame you, because honestly in a sense you’re kind of the victim… You’re part of this organization that clearly has some powerful hold over you, and I’m really sorry that you got, somehow, you’re involved in this, and I just like Keith is gone. He can’t hurt you anymore. You know what I mean? Like you’re free bro.

Marc:… I’m an adult that makes decisions

Ethan: just like that girl in the room. You’re free man, just walk through the door.

Marc:… I reached out to you. I’m trying to talk about things that there’s a lot of prejudice against talking about. You have a case that has international attention. It has a lot of hate and a lot of people, and now we have…

Ethan: it’s okay listen. I want, I really do wish the best for you. And I’m sorry that you’re dealing with all this stuff. It seems like you’re going through a lot, and I just you know I’m sorry man. I just, I don’t know if there’s anything you know they might do. [Do] they have photos of you? Like they must have, because that was their thing, right? Keith had like blackmail.

Marc: There’s no photos…. For anyone who’s listening that wants to find out more, they can go to and they can look at the evidence with respect to the FBI…

Ethan got the video from the website.

Marc asked him to play the two minute video.

Ethan agreed. After the first few experts spoke, they overdubbed a person singing repeatedly what sounded like “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” to make it hard to hear the experts. Ethan then asked Marc to make a statement. When Marc did, they showed comical movies in the left hand corner of the screen.

They also showed a photo of Keith and Marc with Charles Manson photoshopped in. 

Ethan joked that Marc unsuccessfully tried to exit the Zoom call, though it did not appear he was trying to exit. Shortly after, Marc thanked Ethan for having him on the show, and said goodbye politely, and left.

Afterward, Ethan and his cohosts spoke about Marc for a while, discussing how Ethan humiliated him. Then they went on to other topics.



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        • You seem to have an obsession with anal endeavors. Have you considered coming out of the closet?

          • HA!!!!! 😅😂🤣😭

            Speak for yourself, Ginzo!

            Seeing the fact that that is all that you took from that and primarily focused upon when there was a lot more said and that wasn’t even close to the main focal point of the entire post, dipshit!

  • When called out and confronted that u probably faked your tourettes then at that moment of time is the perfect opportunity to defend yourself and actually debate. Instead Marc just stayed quiet and did not answer anything. What a loser..

  • Marc Elliot, ” I no longer have Tourette’s” and then completely backpeddles.

    In this just one interview there were so many contradictory statements by Marc Elliot. He plays fast and loose with a constantly moving target about the facts and reality of Tourette’s.

    Marc Elliot also lied about the insane number of billionaires suposedly taking ESP classes.

    When you publicly tell easily disprovable statements that are lies about the organization that you’re there to represent everything else you say is going to be called into question. And it should be. Because you’ve lost all credibility

  • Marc proves that you don’t have to be stupid to join a cult, but being stupid will keep you in it.

    Don’t know who’s in charge of punishments for ethical breaches, but this one is going to be epic. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when vanguard finds out about Marc’s smack down.

  • I didn’t realise Marc had a wife. But apparently he has had two? One a scam and one he is still married to. I thought Keith made all of his inner circle remain single, or is that just the women?

  • I don’t think Mark got humiliated at all. That’s like saying if some child called you a name, the child humiliated you. Hardly. He may have tried to insult you, but I don’t think humiliated at all.

    Plus, It’s not like the host said anything that Marc has not heard 1 million times before.

  • In my mind I see mark throwing a child like tantrum. He has such beautiful chicklets for teeth. Chomp chomp. My sons not racist (we are) it’s tourettes.

  • Marc Elliot called the sexual assault victims, “kinky” first.

    That’s important. Very.

    Ethan was highlighting Marc Elliot’s bullshit victim shaming and blaming.

    Marc also referred to Camilla as an “underage woman”.

    A child? You mean a child, Marc?

    There’s no such thing as an underage woman.

    There is a child. On tge eyes of the law a minor. Or a woman. In the eyes of the law.

    Pretty much everyone listening was on to the manipulation of facts that Marc tried to pull off, unsuccessfully

    That’s some real pedophile appologist bullshit on display.

    It was interesting how the pelvic brand visibly disgusted Marc Elliot. Especially because his wife wears Raniere’s initials on her skin.

    Marc’s current wife. Not Marc’s prior immigration fraud wife.

    • Every time Elliot kept saying things like, “photos of woman”, “photos of naked women” … most who know what happened probably thought … wait a second. That was a 15-year-old child.

      That kind of Nxivm re-phrasing, re-wording, re-programming is what lulls people into traps set everywhere today.

      Women aren’t women. Children are simply little adults, sometimes, not always. Speak freely with limits. Freedom of religion only certain ways. Freedom of the press to a certain extent.

      Nxivm neurolinguistic programming and self-hypnotism (Scientology-style) was just a small sample of the larger War Against Words seen just about everywhere today: “schools”, “science”, “medicine”, “news” ..

    • The words Marc uses is an attempt to rephrase things in people’s mind

      Underage woman

      Takes the edge off of Raniere’s crimes

        • There, there Scott. I’m not so ugly. Your wife lets me raw-dog no lube necessary, bet your jealous she has a WAP 4 me….

          And you look like a blond Dilbert. Who plays video games in their 50s, you F’king tool?!?

          • I recall Nice Guy telling me one of most candid and generous stories about himself.

            He had been visiting a certain Anway distributor and his wife for several days and he told me when he left he said to the man ‘your lubricious wife truly excels at coitus ”
            And he confided to me. “She really wasn’t any good. I just wanted to make him feel proud of her. ”

            That’s why they call him Nice Guy I guess

  • “Trapped, bullied ambushed”.

    That’s what happened to the black passengers on the bus being called, ” nigger” by Marc Elliot. Unable to exit quickly or safely.

    Marc Elliot was not the injured party

    Only the delusional entitled dead- end cult fucks could identify Marc Elliot as the perpetual victim.

    And what about the poor bus driver?

    Dude’s job isn’t hard enough? Now Marc Elliott and his family are going call a press confrence and threaten to sue?

    Because Marc is ENTITLED to spew racism at innocent citizens using public transportation? Wtf?

    It’s insane. So mixed up.

    • And this group did something to help this man, to treat him and rehabilitate him in a way where his tics are all but gone, where nothing like the incident has happened since.

      I’m curious to know what they did, and if it can be used to help others.

      Now that the US Govt owns the patents and IP, I’m sure we’ll see the treatment shared with all sufferers shortly. Our Govt cares about us very much.

      • Marc Elliot cured his alleged Tourette’s by probably never having it in the first place.

        Most likely Marc had other issues. Marc himself describes “anger issues” and behavioral and emotional problems.

        The level of Tourette’s where a person is calling out,”nigger” on a bus is VERY severe.

        It doesn’t resolve because the patient “really wants it” to disappear.

        That is misinformation. It’s also very damaging to people who are suffering from the condition and puts the onus of recovery on their desire to be better. “They have to want it enough”.

        That’s not how neurological conditions work.

        No wonder Isabella was so emotionally tortured by ESP. And their experiments on her.

      • Kev, there were no patents ever granted to Raniere. Wanna know why? Cos the guy was a total fraud and a chancer whose only skill was to brainwash people and fuck them. He was about as real as Marc’s tourettes.

  • Dear Editor at Large,

    Are Kieth Raniere and Mrs. Toni Fly still roommates?

    Please reply!

    Thank you!

    Whenever, I think of Keith and Toni, of the tv Bosom Buddies.

    I dedicate this clip to Kieth, Toni, and all you Queens:

    I never really liked the show, but the premise did make me laugh.

    • of all the two-person SHU joints in all the United States penitentiaries in the southwest Toni Fly had to be assigned to Raniere’s and he won’t leave.

        [MY SHU.]”

        -Kieth Bogart

        If nothing else your a B&W movie aficionado. The oldies still resonate because they’re not derivative. They’re pure.

  • Ethan was great! This was a master class in exposing a fraud.

    The YouTube video has to be seen to be believed! All Ethan did was give Marc rope and Marc hanged himself. Let him make one absurd statement after another, then dropped the axe.

    A mere transcript doesn’t do it justice. It has to be seen. Marc’s frozen shit-eating smile as he realizes he’s been caught in his own web of lies. The con man got conned. It’s beautiful!

    And it goes on. And on. Caught, Marc tries to bullshit his way out of the trap he walked into. It doesn’t work. Insisting on these absurdities only highlights how absurd his claims are.

    He doesn’t know when to quit. Of course not: that’s the essence of a dead-ender.

    It has to be seen to appreciate the beauty, the poetry of the Nxivm lies exposed. It’s almost savage in its beauty. Inadvertently Marc Elliott has done more to discredit the Nxivm scam than anyone other than Raniere himself!

    To Marc’s foolish claim that Raniere never branded anyone, Ethan merely points out that, well, that’s the essence of racketeering, isn’t it? The mob boss doesn’t dirty his hands with the hit, he orders it done. Bingo.

    Thing is, Ethan isn’t aggressive. He’s not shouty and argumentative. He’s laid back and lets Marc do the talking. Marc lays the land mines then steps on them one after another.

    And Ethan came prepared. After letting Marc go on and on about the “planted” child porn pictures and the seven experts and “scientific certainty” blah blah, Ethan shows the pictures of the KR brandings on women’s pelvises. One picture after another flashes onscreen. What about those? What kind of person does that? Didn’t that have something to do with Raniere getting convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering?

    Elliott is gobsmacked. He doesn’t know what to say. He gapes like a fish on a hook. Then he furiously backpedals.

    Yeah, what ABOUT the branding? What excuse do the dead-enders have for that? They’d rather talk about “random backups” and the camera card and photo metadata. They’d rather change the subject, in other words.

    But Ethan doesn’t want the subject changed. He has let Marc go on and on at length about seven experts and metadata and scientific certainty blah. Marc is just repeating himself so enough of that, let’s move on. Ethan reads off the seven felonies Raniere was actually convicted of. It’s not just those pesky pictures, allegedly planted. What about all those other crimes, Marc?

    Marc, of course, got nothin’.

    Ethan, in his casual, laid-back but oddly unsettling manner, points out the simple fact that Raniere was convicted by unanimous verdict by a jury. That he subsequently lost on appeal. Awkward facts that the dead-enders don’t like to talk about. They only want to talk about their imaginary scenario where there’s no justice in America and “the government” convicted Raniere. And the media. And “hate”.

    But Marc wanted to be on this podcast. He emailed them and asked to be interviewed. The host asked him a question. What’s he gonna say?

    He hangs himself with his own rope. He steps on his own landmines. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

  • “The same woman, the 29 year-old actress, she’s also the victim of the alleged forced labor. This is a woman who had to transcribe five hours of video for a memorial, and she read 50 articles that Keith had written, and she gave feedback on them and actually loved reading them. He was convicted of forced labor.”
    She HAD to? Sounds like she had no choice. Forced labour.

    • Can you imagine reading even one “article” (published where? When?) Keith wrote?

      But FIFTY word salads?


      That poor blackmailed slave woman

    • Anyone who thinks transcribing a video for a late friend’s memorial service is “forced labor” has lost it.

      A woman in their community died from cancer, and she volunteered to transcribe some video. Just like others in the community volunteered their time to help with the same service.

      Are those people also entitled to a $400K payday?

      • Forced labor is forced labor. Reading 50 articles (LOL at that term) by anyone is work. But written by Keith? That sounds like torture.

        Why do you think you know better than anyone else how everything went down?

        You keep claiming to be an impartial outsider connected only in a very flimsy way to Allison.

        Gonna instead believe the under oath testimony over you then. To quote your fellow dead -enders – if it’s not under oath – it cannot be believed. LOL

      • “Kevin,” your boy Keith lost in front of a jury of his peers.

        His appeal has been denied. It is just a matter of administrative housekeeping before the Rule 33 motion is denied.

        Walk out of the room.

        Or don’t.

        I enjoy watching you twist in the wind.

      • Nicole, just like many in DOS, was terrorized; she was also raped. 50 articles to review and write about? FFS, that’s more work than your average undergrad does in three years! Get real.

  • Is Marc still living in AZ? He packed up and moved out there to be with Raniere. It’s pathetic. But he’s a conman himself. Likely to take over as they reinvent nxivm. Clare will be out in a relatively short period of time. She’ll still have money. That’s what they’re waiting for.

  • Elliott is so transparent! Love how Ethan says he has Tourette’s and then Marc replies that he noticed some ticking – like he’s the professional that he’s not.

    All the Raniere loyalists are self-serving, money hungry, attention seeking phonies.

  • Marc is a total fraud. Glad someone finally called him out on his cure for Tourette’s. It’s cruel to do for so many people suffering with Tourette’s.

    I met Marc Elliott. I believed him and asked when he would be releasing or sharing his cure for Tourette’s. It’s an extremely difficult condition to endure- physically, socially and emotionally.

    It he suffered from it, nothing would prevent him from sharing his treatment.

    Instead of sharing anything he blamed the medical profession for silencing him. And he went on tour as a motivational speaker without sharing the cure or treatment.

    He’s a total fraud and a huge disappointment for exploiting the world of Tourette’s and knowingly giving false hope.

  • Ways Frank can fix his problem of hoouurrss of lag time before comments post:

    1. Toss Richard a bone and empower him.
    2. Dig up Joe and Clav and give them their keys back.
    3. Fuck it. Interacting in the comment section isn’t important.
    4. What problem? No matter what he does, our pathetic azzes will keep dropping comments.
    5. Permanently ban the detergent loving, Bourbon Street infatuated, Mingles brown nosing, little bitch from posting.

      • The one who caused the problem. The one who thinks it’s funny he’s the reason we need permanent babysitters. The one who told Heather Anne that she should hurry up and die from her cancer.

        • “The one who caused the problem. The one who thinks it’s funny he’s the reason we need permanent babysitters. The one who told Heather Anne that she should hurry up and die from her cancer.“

          ☝🏻 Don’t forget to blame that worthless goddamn Ring Ding-munching’, fat fuck, cancerous kike Alniggeranzo, Nutjob!

          His soft sobbing estrogenic whispers into Ginzo’s ear to take away our freedom of speech even more so that Frank can be more successful with others and gain more social opportunities and prestige is also what played a huge role into this!

          He was also OBSESSED with me and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about me until Ginzo practically shut me off FR despite him permitting me to say whatever I wanted before and then going back and breaking his word and taking it away, like a goddamn Indian giver!

          Because ginzos and kikes have at least one thing in common and that’s greed! They have no problem with selling the soul of our holy, priceless, sacrosanct, and precious U.S. Constitution that was paid for in the blood of our honorable, valiant, and holy martyrs of white soldiers to Satan himself if they get money and/or social approval from it even if they burn in Hell forever for it!

          And Lord knows ol’ man Ginzo LOVES to be submissive and get fucked on his decrepit knees by a Jew like a good doggy! 🙄

          ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

          ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

        • “Who’s Ginzo?”


          You also didn’t post up my comment about this article, even though it was completely “relevant”, even though you constantly make up me being “irrelevant to the post” as an excuse to take away my freedom of speech!

          So post up my main comment, you dick!

        • “Thanks for answering me. Now are you saying you meant me?”

          🤦🏻‍♂️ Oh Ginzo! Poor, stupid, genetically inferior Ginzo!

          There has to come a time when you realize that you’re a nigger and niggers are too dumb to speak! That’s why you say this kind of stupid shit and ask questions that only a nigger would ask!

          Your question has already been answered!

          Look for another white man to help you seek answers that are obvious to our intellectually superior race!

          I’ve got to go save the world from other worthless niggers like you!

          ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

          ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

  • “…In 1984, when a woman objected to 24-year-old Raniere having sex with her underage sister, the woman said Raniere explained her sister’s soul was much older than her biological age. The girl was 15 or 16 at the time. But according to the man who came to view himself as an enlightened being, she was a Buddhist goddess meant to be with him …”

  • Nicki, the ugly black chick, Tourette’s kid and Suneel are awesome! Nothing can faze them. Just blindly defending a rapist and pedo in the name of due process. A term they all learned a couple years ago haha.

    Their lord and savior will kill himself in prison the second his final appeal is shot down and the world will be a better place.

  • Marc Elliot and his friends don’t have very high social clout at the moment, which is a bigger crime in the eyes of the public than what his friend is in prison for.

    Ethan had to prove to the cool kids that he’s one of them, and what better way to show them than by throwing an unpopular person down a flight of stairs. Extra points that the person heaved from the top floor of the stairwell had a disability.

    Jock McStuffins and Miss Bikini Lake might even invite Ethan to their next party! Ethan is on the way up!

    Except that no amount of towing the company line or pushing the popular point of view will get a disabled person like Ethan in those circles. You see, Ethan, the popular kids hate you for having a disability just as much as they hate Marc Elliot and his friends for not abandoning their friends or principles.

    So even if he disagreed with Marc, there was a way for him to express that constructively, without trying to make an example out of someone who didn’t do that to him, for the benefit of listeners/viewers who absolutely would do that to him.

    • “Kevin”, just walk out the door. You can figure out a way to make a living without the Bronfman’s bankrolling you.

      No one outside your bubble of leftovers thinks anything you write is even slightly sane.

      We laugh at your whining.

    • “Marc Elliot and his friends don’t have high social clout, which is a bigger crime in the eyes of the public than the crimes his friend, Keith Raniere, is in prison for.”

      Not sure what planet you’re on there, Kevin. Where I’m from, not having high social clout is to be commended.

      Not sure Ethan threw Marc down the stairs; it was more a case of Marc leaping down them headfirst from a massive height. And Marc did claim that he had overcome “his disability”, that’s assuming he actually had one in the first place.

      And I’m really sorry to disabuse you, Kev, but I’ve never met a single person in my life who would hate someone because of their disability. The total opposite – people like Ethan who bear their disability with resilience and fortitude are widely respected for their forbearance.

      Finally, Kevin, there’s a gulf of difference between ‘abandoning your friends or principles’ and honestly admitting when you’ve fucked up and maybe your principles sometimes led to people getting hurt. Unfortunately, remorse did not seem to feature in Marc’s lexicon, or perhaps even his brain. Do you sometimes feel it? I really think Marc made an example of himself, and Ethan just allowed him to.

  • The Dossier Project
    20 Feb
    Replying to
    thank you for exposing how people’s prejudice and hate blinds them and makes them unwilling to listen to facts!

    The FBI commited a crime and that should scare the &£/@ out of every hater out there.

    Too bad the host didn’t do any research beforehand and wasn’t listening.

    • Actually I thought for once the interviewer was very well researched. The deadenders love it when they hear the interviewer say “I don’t know very much about the case” because then they can rant and omit as much as they want with no challenges or interruptions.
      Finally someone asks them about Cami and the other laundry list of crimes they mean to “expunge” based on one piece in a mountain of evidence.
      The way he described the situation with Nicole was despicable. “She was a 29YO actress who was known to be kinky…” Once again they are victim blaming.
      That’s why they make those stupid YouTube videos, because they don’t want to be confronted with the mountain, they only want to spout their narrative unchecked.
      Marc Elliot thinks everyone hates him, but I thought the interviewer showed how sorry we feel for them. Open the door, it’s unlocked.

      • “Marc Elliot thinks everyone hates him, but I thought the interviewer showed how sorry we feel for them.”
        Yeah, second that. Nicki thinks everyone hates her too, but that’s also complete BS. Most people are far more empathic than she thinks. We all fuck up, it’s really just about owning it.

  • Suneel on Marc’s twitter, you really have to read a lot of negative comments to find the deadender’s (Linda Chung, Sahajo)

    Suneel Chakravorty
    21 Feb
    Replying to
    So glad you were able to share this information about clear evidence of malfeasance by bad actors in government. Important for all Americans to know, regardless of what they may think of Keith Raniere or NXIVM!

    The Power of Attorney speaks

  • Thank you so much for sharing, Ice Nine. I believe the appropriate reaction is rolling on the floor laughing my fucking arse off, or ROFLMFAO for short.

    I would strongly suggest that Kevin watch this for his/her edification. After that encounter, your friend, Marc, has my utmost sympathy, though I’m not at all sure he will ever recover.

  • This was very interesting. The silence when the presenter said he had tourettes, Mark didn’t know how to respond. How embarrassing. Another thing for the deadender’s to file under embarrassing. That said Mark will be fine because Eduardo will take more time out of his fathering duties, as will Suneel take time out of paralegal and power of attorney duties and Nikki will take time out of being a keyboard warrior on twitter to carry on the delusion that it all went well and Keith will be freed. I didn’t think this deadener shit saga could get any more entertaining 🍿🍿🍿

  • There’s a past recording of Marc Elliott admitting to exaggerating his tics to get speaking engagements you should put that link on here too.

    Grifters gonna gift.

    All the schools that paid that phony to speak should demand a refund.

  • Marc lied so much. Did you catch the # of billionaires he claimed were taking Nxivm classes? It’s like a number a little kid would make up.

    Marc repeatedly tried to cast a 15 year old sexual assault victim who was used in child sexual assault materials as a “kinky woman”.

    People are being too kind to Marc. He had no trouble trying to bully and coerce Isabella when she tried to flee Nxivm and their unmonitored experimentation on her.

    The best was Ethan pointing out that the dead-ender “no money exchanged hands” mantra/claims are irrelevant to how most sexual and human trafficking operations work.

    And that stupid “expert” video. It says NOTHING. It proves NOTHING. It’s all, “IF if IF if if if”.

    This was a long overdue brush with reality for Marc Elliot.

    Hope he sues again. Unsuccessfully

  • Again we see it time after time after time. Doesn’t matter of it’s Nicki/Kevin, any of the Dossier girls, Eduardo, Suneel….they all say EXACTLY the SAME thing in the SAME way. And they just won’t / can’t deviate from the script or discuss anything outside of that script.

    My takeaway from that interview was one line:

    Ethan: just like that girl in the room. You’re free man, just walk through the door.

    Summed up the whole NXIVM shit-show. Daniele couldn’t walk out that door cos she had no money, ID, friends, family support, place to go. She was trapped…completely. And all those deadenders are just as psychologically trapped: without their warped belief system, they don’t have any place to go!

    Outside of their pre-programmed script, they have nothing to say. Great at regurgitation, but just can’t ad lib.

    Question for Kevin/Nicki: fancy doing an interview with Ethan? Think it might be a tad more challenging than Scott Adams?

  • A brilliant interview by Ethan revealing the gaps in Mark’s thinking and also a seductive, deadly trap set by Ethan that Mark naively walked right into. Strangely, I feel sad for Mark for both parts: 1) that he does not see the whole negative situation with Raniere; and 2) that he allowed himself to be ridiculed, where he was left with little credibility. The assertion that the FBI lied & manipulated data got lost in Mark being publicly humiliated.

  • “You’re free, man. Just walk through the door.” — Ethan Klein ❤️

    • Agreed, He also said 4% out of 100 of feeling the urge to tick, never said cured, but thats a 96% improvement Most would gladly accept.

        • ‘Ticking’ aint necessarily tourettes, and that was Ethan’s point: there aint no cure for it, and whatever Marc’s problem was, it wasn’t that.
          Marc ‘handled it with class’ in that he didn’t have a meltdown or lose his cool, but if he’d done either of those things I’d have had more hope for him. Like all those Deadender automatons, he just wasn’t able to deviate from the script, no matter how increasingly ridiculous it sounded.

          • Touche.
            To counter and to play off your point, Marc was in a double bind.

            Based off his handling of the situation. I’d bet he gained more people to his “side” than he lost.

    • It’s not an ambush when you emailed (as Marc Elliot did) begging to be on the show and did ZERO (which Marc Elliot admitted) research on the host or podcast.

      Defending Keith is literally Marc Elliott’s job now.

      Marc moved to Arizona be near his imprisoned sex offender Vanguard.

      And Marc is being bankrolled to defend Keith Raniere, the least Marc Elliot could do is proper research.

      Calling this scheduled nterview an ambush is absolutely ridiculous.

      Ethan did not seek Marc Elliot out as a guest, and yet, Ethan still prepared for the interview. Marc DID ask to be a guest. And did not prepare. At all.

      Those are the undisputed ( by all the voluntarily participating parties) facts.

      The coddling of the dead-enders on this blog is outrageous.

      • Want to know another undisputed fact? Ethan will say that he ambushed Marc and then Ethan will laugh about it. Marc not preparing, was Ethan’s justification for the ambush. I don’t really care if we call it an ambush or not.. I thought it was kinda funny. But I also can be honest and say that Marc handled himself okay.

        It seems like you have such strong feelings about Marc’s past and Marc’s beliefs that you get over-the-top defensive about the slightest things that may be interpreted as being supportive of the deadenders. It’s sad and pathetic that the deadenders still believe in a conman. I’ll pile on them when they deserve it, but I don’t see the need to pile on just for the sake of it.

        • I do have strong feelings about a man defending another man who groomed a 13 year old girl and then raped her when she was 15 and the child sexual predator was 45.

          I do have strong feelings about men who try to victim shame and bully children who were used in child sexual abuse material.

          I do. Ya got me.

          • And then Idiot’s support for Andrew Tate, a man who’s done more damage to male morality and human values than Raniere managed in his past 10 life cycles.

    • Nutjob, you perfectly illustrate how you can take the boy out of the cult, but you can’t take the cult out of the boy.

      Just walk out the room in your own mind, man.

      You really need to just admit you made a massive mistake by joining and wasting money on Keith’s bullshit and get on with you life.

    • Marc was ambushed……No more than the women who were blackmailed and raped by Kieth.
      “but ‘they’ handled it with class.”

      Keep defending the wrong people NutJob.

      You are a good person. I sincerely mean it, goddamn, you defend the wrong people.

      “John Wayne Gacy wasn’t so bad. He buried all his victims ‘together’ in the basement so they wouldn’t get lonely.”

      All heart and no brains…….Sigh.

      • You saying I’m wrong in my bland comments about Marc, or you saying my comments aren’t “FR commenter PC enough” for you?

  • This podcast host sounds like an asshole. He actually had me feeling sympathy for Marc Eliot. I especially don’t understand the accusations of Tourette’s fakery. So Marc faked having Tourette’s as a teenager when he was tic’ing the “n-word” on a city bus?

    • There is a recording of Marc Elliot stating that he used to exaggerate his tics in order to get speaking engagements.

      Marc’s entire life is built around his Tourette’s narrative. He uses it for employment. Attention.

    • Yeah, cos he’s probably a racist pig. As Ethan said, he made loads of cash out of that one: the only guy ever to have been cured of tourettes…seriously?!?

  • “17,000 people from around the world took these courses… One in 400 of participants in the classes that Keith had created were billionaires. We had people from Stanford, Harvard. Entrepreneurs. These were very thoughtful rational people taking courses.“

    • “Jennifer Kobelt — Sarah Edmondson’s former assistant in NXIVM — tells her story of joining NXIVM at a moment of crisis in her life and being involved in the group’s so-called ‘fright study’ …

      … Kobelt said she was in shock, with tears and snot dripping down her face, when Porter asked her once again: “What’s going on for you?”

      He then suggested Kobelt should have an exploration of meaning, or EM, to find out why she had such extreme reactions to some of the clips, she said.

      In the world of NXIVM, an EM is a process where a disciple digs deep into their psyche, with the help of a coach, to get at the root of an emotional reaction in an attempt to resolve the underlying issue.

      At that moment, it sounded like a ridiculous idea to Kobelt.

      She said she remembered thinking: “I don’t know if this is something I want to resolve. I don’t know if I ever want to be OK with gang rape. Or, you know, murder by machete.”

      But another voice came into her head, she said, once again reminding her of the NXIVM lessons she’d spent years learning.

      Like that she has faulty programming and limiting thoughts that have been building up since childhood and hold her back.

      And that she should accept feedback.

      “Jenn, you’re fighting. Stop fighting. Just take the feedback,” Kobelt said she told herself. “If you’re fighting it, it’s probably true.”

      She went back to the house where she was staying, had a shower and then texted her NXIVM coach: “Hey, I really need an exploration of meaning …”

      • It’s a truly disgusting snuff movie, possibly one of the worst imaginable. Its only saving grace is it doesn’t involve children. I’m not surprised at all that Porter ended up in the lawsuit based on this alone. Conducting such experiments was a clear breach of his ethical code as a medical practitioner, so he certainly deserved to have his medical license revoked.

  • “Ethan: We can both agree that Crispy Donuts taste great, but that doesn’t really have anything… to do with wire fraud and racketeering…“

    It could, though. Think of the possibilities. Doughnuts … popcorn … free for every prison guard in every prison! A little Neurolinguistic Programming in commercials and on every product package would convince customers to buy, buy, buy. They won’t know what hit them. Subliminal advertising did well in the 1970s and those ads were sexy. Sex and NLP works. We already know that. Subliminal advertising in the 70s was eventually said to be illegal, but was it? Who’s to say? And who follows old laws, anymore? Anything goes, now. The FBI is out and crime is in. It’s not a crime to fool dumb people just because you’re smarter than they are.

    When someone writes the jingle, it could repeat a little line like “.. 🎶 The whole FBI is bad and crimes aren’t crimes. 🎶 …” in the refrain. The beat already sounds like gangsta rap and a few well-connected friends in the big-time music business could produce an entire album. Grandmaster Vanguard can tell us how to make the donut, popcorn and anti-FBI ads go international. Let’s wait for his instructions because he knows best. 🍿

  • Now THAT’S how you roast a fool!

    Nothing’s funnier than a fanatic when you give him enough rope to hang himself.

    And there’s no better counter argument than mockery to stupid evidence-free assertions.

    Unserious claims should never be taken seriously. Mockery, derision and satire are entirely appropriate responses to damn foolishness.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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