Crazy Circus: Family Court Custody Evaluator Ruined Daughter’s Life

Family Court is a court without a jury to protect the people from the abuses of government. It is a classic example of why the Founding Fathers insisted on insisting on trial by jury in the US Constitution for all trials, criminal and civil. The jury’s historic duty is to protect the people from government abuses.

See: The Power of the Jury Is Little Known; Meant to Be as Important as Voting

It’s a daily occurrence for me to hear from mothers and fathers who lost their children through the racketeering operation known as Family Court. Here is one such story, like a million others in jury-less Family Court.

By This is Worth Fighting For

My friend’s daughter was sexually and physically abused by her father during her whole childhood.

The daughter told many therapists what happened. A custody evaluator (hired by the father) said her mother was coaching her.

The custody evaluator is a paid operative of the Family Court racketeering enterprise.  The custody evaluator’s paid opinion trumps the mother, daughter, all common sense and reason. If a jury could have heard the matter, listened to the mother and the custody evaluator, and judged between them – 12 mothers and fathers, daughters, and sons on a jury, instead of one paid judge, the result may have been different. The Family Court judges are invested in the system and always follow the recommendations of the Custody Evaluators.    

The mother lost custody overnight.

The father sexually abused his daughter for years. Despite her disclosures, she was forced to go to her father’s house. Dropped off. Sexually and physically tortured.

But the custody evaluator decided the mother alienated the child.

When the child ran home to be with her mother, the police would arrest her and take her to juvenile hall. She preferred juvenile hall over her father’s sexual abuse.

So broken by the failed system, she trusted no one in authority.

Soon after, she became addicted to painkillers. Next came heroine, then prostitution. Then came many stints in jail.

She tried to get back on track repeatedly, but kept stumbling back into the same loop of pain. Now at 40 years old, she says she can’t believe she lived as long as she did. I witnessed her howl with emotional pain.’

I am friendly with both of them, the mother and the daughter. They both are deeply affected by how the family court failed to protect the then-child victim from extreme sexual and physical abuse by the father.

The mother acquired health problems. Her daughter has been coping with rage, depression, and confusion for years. She is in and out of therapy, drug, and sex addiction. Then she gets better. Then she gets worse. It’s almost cyclical.

But year after year, she gets a little better.

She has a loyal group of friends and is, in a way, happy. But she was so molested by her father that she is tormented by the memories of sexual abuse. She felt so powerless, because no one in authority would ever help her.

When her mom remarried and had more children with a decent man, the abused daughter was so hurt she didn’t fit in. It caused a lot of damage to the family. She was like a living tornado. Her siblings were younger and couldn’t understand her emotional arrest.

Everyone in their family has been devastated. That is how much power the family court has over humanity.

The abusive father eventually went to prison for tax evasion. That was something the government really did care about.

But they do not want to hear about child sexual abuse.

I suggested they write a book about what it was like as mother and daughter and give two perspectives. But, while the idea intrigued them, it brought back painful memories. They couldn’t take it and wanted to move on.

After knowing them both for over a decade, I can say that avoiding the pain has not protected either of them from it. The pain still seems as fresh as it did when I was first introduced to this harrowing story.

It hurts so much to describe their story, I can’t imagine the pain they’d feel writing about it.

I will say that even though my friends are broken, they are trying their hardest to get through it. They are warriors in their own right.

The father was sexually abused as a child. His grandmother was also. It does pass on.

I think we have to find ways to treat these symptoms through education in schools, churches, and communities. Not just hand it over to the powers that be.

We need to create independent empowerment. Because by the time we find out that our children have been abused, we can get so overwhelmed by despair that we sign over our lives to absolute strangers in family court.

We feel we don’t have any power, so we let them step in.

We gladly surrender to their BS circus without knowing what we are doing. The lawyers are liars. They feed off the anxiety, and the more problems they cause, the more money they make.

Lawyers are not philanthropists. They are not humanitarians. They passed the BAR and have a license to use our families to practice what they learned. They have a certain amount of immunity.

Once our cases are over, they continue. So their agenda is different from ours. They serve the court. And family law is different from other courts. They don’t always follow the law.

It’s a crazy circus.

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  • “… The so-called reunification camp that Ty and Brynlee have been ordered to attend with their father, Turning Points for Families, is run by Linda Gottlieb, a New York-based social worker who markets her program as a “therapeutic vacation.”

    Gottlieb’s services include taking the children to an undisclosed location for a four-day “sequestration period.” During treatment, the children meet with the “unjustifiably rejected” parent. Afterward, they remain in the alienated parent’s custody for 90 days and are prohibited from having contact with the other parent or related family members.

    In an interview with ProPublica, Gottlieb said she is dismayed at how social media is being used to attack her program and others like it.

    “We can’t have what happened in Utah happen again,” said Gottlieb, who said she will be requesting that courts that refer minors to her program issue orders prohibiting parents and children who resist from speaking publicly about their cases …”

    • 🎪 Definitely a Crazy Circus ... also probably blatantly corrupt, nepotistic, perverted, deceitful and extremely destructive. says:

      Who’s forcing those children to submit to Linda J. Gottlieb?!

      Linda J. Gottlieb is the blind leading the blind or the worst kind of corrupt.

      “5/14/2021 2:17:08 PM (ET) …

      As part of the Defendant’s Match online profile he listed himself as ”divorced.” When the two Parties first spoke, the Plaintiff stated distinctly to the Defendant that he must be divorced.

      Out of her love for the Defendant, and recognizing that the suicide attempt had been made more than ten years prior, and, as a therapist herself, knowing that people do improve with proper treatment, the Plaintiff decided not to cancel the wedding.

      He declared to the Plaintiff, ‘I would be better off dead so that you can use the life insurance money to pay off the house.’ To protect her husband and prevent another suicide attempt …

      The Plaintiff soon discovered that the Defendant had unlawfully locked her out of the martial residence, thereby making her homeless at the age of 72, and denying her access to her home office where she was operating her practice, thus preventing her from her source of income.

      Although having paid a moving company $600, Plaintiff discovered that NONE of her belongings were in the marital residence—not a single stitch of clothing, business files or books, and none of her valuable art, paintings, Inuit statutes, etc. …”—2020/Linda_J._Gottlieb_v._David_E_Eberle/

  • We must demand change. One person can change lives. We need to create another organization that opposes the circus. We can create a great movement. We need fearless, organized and sensible leadership. We need dedicated, selfless volunteers. Reach out to assembly makers. Reach out to city council. Reach out and Be the squeaky wheel. Don’t give up.

    Don’t let family court hold one more family hostage. Create zoom meetings. Create meetings in cafes, libraries, churches in parks, on a bus. Get organized. Be alert. Do not live in shame. Connect with other parents. Reach out and spread the word to law makers, to churches, go to elementary schools, universities across America, involve administration, the students and professors. Go to the library, literally go in front of your local court house. Make fliers.

    Include a story about a lost child in the system, but give hope. Become the hero you are waiting for. Start grassroots meetings..just spread the word. Become active. Be community leaders. Push the message. None of us should ignore this. We don’t raise our children to go out into the world to start families that become married to the state.

    We must serve our children and communities with pride. Don’t take one minute of life for granted. We must uplift, support and encourage each other. Literally go door for door in your neighborhood to build awareness. We can not be paralyzed. We can save lives. If together, we can save one child’s life, then what we went through was not in vain.

  • I have two friends who married the police and ended up completely abused by the system when they tried to ask for help

    • Can you imagine the stress of being a cop today?
      Police departments are overwhelmed with PTSD because this country’s going to hell in a hand basket.

      All kinds of families are hit hard everywhere right now — especially stressed families. Family courts fail in most every kind of case, not just cases involving LEOs. The “family court” cabals make money any way they can, that’s what they’re there for — unlike cops who literally risk their lives every day to save our lives.

      • The police risk their lives. They get PTSD, then they are forced back on the field, beaten down and broken. The police need much more mental health care. They absolutely end up being a part of the problem when their PTSD is untreated. Police commit domestic violence, acts of child abuse, commit acts of crime and are not held to the same standards civilians are. That doesn’t mean that we don’t need good police. There are some amazing police out there. But any good officer will tell you that covering up for other police is their culture.


        Police officer, Ysabel Villegas was a victim of abuse from her lover, a fellow police officer at LAPD.

        When she tried to get help from her colleagues and her command, no one would help her. She had to get help. Luckily the civil rights attorney, Lisa Bloom took her case and sued her abuser and LAPD.

        Villegas was forced to leave her decades plus career.

        Imagine if Lisa Bloom didht take her case. Imagine if Ysabel Villegas was only a civilian.

        There are countless stories I myself know of personally where victims go to the police about a domestic violence situations and they were refused any help.

        Where there is domestic violence in families, children suffer.

  • Imagine being one of those judges. Man I’ve seen some serious shite in there. It’s absolutely disgusting 🤮

  • I know 2 sisters who were both sexually abused by their father throughout their childhood.

    He was a well known entertainer. He actually worked with children on a tv show for children.

    Before I knew of the abuse, they both introduced me to their father.

    He appeared charming and jovial.

    A month later they confided in me by asking me for guidance.

    My two friends were having a disagreement over their child raising boundaries. One of the sisters didn’t want him around her child because she was afraid their father would harm her child, the way he had abused her as a girl.

    When she described the abuse I felt deep sadness and compassion for her. I felt protective and outraged. I felt betrayed by my own naïveté.

    I agreed that it was not acceptable to have a child exposed to even the possibility of abuse.

    Her sister said that she was making a big deal over nothing. According to her, she felt like it was retaliatory, rather than “loving. “ She bragged about how loving and forgiving she was.

    Apparently one of the sisters had deep animosity towards her father for the sexual abuse and the other one only loved him. She said she accepted he was like that and said that when they were children, her sister would “drag out the abuse “ by resisting it. ( as if it was her fault) she bragged to me explaining that she , on the other hand, embraced it. She said that she gave him what she wanted quickly so it would be over with. I saw how broken she was by survival skills she created as a child and it scared me.

    As a result of their different survival skills, they were both at odds against each other.

    I then found out that they thought their father might have abused others on the show.

    I was overwhelmed. I told them they should respect each other’s differences and that they should absolutely not leave any child with a pedophile. I said that it was very dangerous.

    They both looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

    The one sister who had anger towards their father snapped out of her daze and agreed with me thanking me for helping her wake up. The other sister became very angry with me. She scolded me. Then she called her sister out for siding with someone outside the family . She yelled that I couldn’t possibly understand.

    She stormed off and I didn’t hear from her again. Her sister ran after her, apologizing for her outburst.

    She did tell me later that she would not ever let her child around her father, but when I asked her how her sister was, she quickly changed her tone of voice. Then there was silence and she had to go.

    And that was the end.

    I wanted to call someone for help. But I knew of so many cases where the authorities only make matters worse, I didn’t know what to do.

    It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get involved, I just didn’t have any skills to help.

    In all my life, no one ever discussed with me how to deal with something like that and child sexual abuse is extremely common.

    Why didn’t I know? Why aren’t we educated differently?

    Why don’t schools teach us how to handle real life problems? Why isn’t there more prevention?

    We have to talk about this stuff. Even if it’s uncomfortable for others. That’s the only way we are going to find solutions.

  • Reading this made me think of a story I personally know of.

    I read the full deposition of a corrupt evaluator who mishandled a child’s sexual abuse in family court.

    Under oath, in court, the evaluator could not explain why he did not include his own ( subpoenaed) notes from his evaluation of the then young girl who was sexually abused by her father.

    I read the whole transcript of the deposition during that hearing . I read the evaluators forgotten notes that described explicit details of sexual abuse, where the sexual abuse occurred and what times. She explained the physical discomfort, pain and confusion she experienced. She described what she wore, what he wore, the surroundings in such detail, I remember feeling like throwing up when I read it. Imagine how devastating it was for the mother to realize this happened.

    Again, the evaluator had no explanation for why he didn’t include his notes into his report to the courts. He simply said “ I do not recall”.

    The only defense was concluded independently by the judge after the deposition. He said said that since the girl explained many different times ( with very thoughtful, matter of fact , understandable details ) it, according to the judge was “inconsistent.” Well, it didn’t happen one time, the sexual abuse was going on for a long time. So of course it was “inconsistent”

    It cost the mother her life savings to depose that ( very well known ) evaluator..
    And then appeal.

    The evaluators notes were never accepted by the judge as discovery, they were never even entered into the court record. And there was absolutely no reason for it. The evaluator and the judge literally just changed the subject.

    The mothers own lawyer would not object. I repeat: her own lawyer never objected.

    The mother fired him. She was then called a “difficult client.” She couldn’t find another lawyer who would take her case. She then represented herself.

    The abused girls father placed her in a psychiatric institution. ( she fell apart when she had no more contact with her mother ) The father claimed that all the stress the mother put on them made his daughter have mental health problems. And of course he paid a lot of money to get her in that mental health institution. In fact, it was out of pocket paid. No insurance.

    Eventually the girl turned 18. The father then became her legal conservator.

    The mother tried to ask her daughter to fight with her for her freedom from her father. At that point, the girl gave up.

    Then the mother appealed again. But that time she made the tragic mistake of telling the courts she was outraged that her daughter made that choice. She explained in detail all the years her daughter pled with her to save her from his abuse. Of course, the courts decided to make these statements a part of the record. In fact, her statements can be easily googled just by typing in her name. All of that is part of the legal record.

    Of course the people who the father associated with were not going to let one of their own be dominated by “the little woman”. If it could happen to him, it could happen to them and that was not an option.

    And eventually , because the mother reacted against her daughter s choice to shut out all the pain, she lost all contact, just like they wanted.
    And the daughter does have significant mental health issues which forces her to remain under control.

    Of course, a parent is only going to be human. Feelings will come and go. But a word of advice is to never condemn a child for surviving the best they can. Children’s brains can’t understand the complexity of these horrific situations. They dissociate and literally block out the past in order to live.

    In short, they just want it to all go away.

    Which I believe is understandable.

    Parents, think long term. Be unconditional love at all costs for our children.

    When people comfort each other by by saying “ don’t worry, one day the those children will hate their (parent ) That is not a consolation. Hatred hurts. It is not real power.

    One of the most powerful actions a person can do sometimes is to excercise restraint. Our goal is freedom from fear and hatred.

    That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight for the truth even if it stirs things up, even til our last breath we must fight for freedom and truth …but the moment we succumb to hatred, then “ they” win.

    If we have a glass of clean water and someone adds a spoonful of dirt, we can spend all our time trying to analyze it and try to spoon it back out. But when we do that, we also spoon out the water. ( our life and energy)

    What if, instead, we can just pour in so much new, fresh “water” that it overflows the cup until the dirt flows out?

    As hard as these absolutely inhumane experiences are, we must not let it harden us so much that we loose our flexibility.

    You can always tell if someone has been through hell, they are either burnt, or they absolutely shine.


    This gentleman has a powerful story. We have this power to change our lives. The more we understand this, the more we can impact each other. Our lives are intrinsically connected. We are a part of life. It isn’t just happening to us, we are “happening to life” as well.

    Remember that the fight for change isn’t over when we fall, it’s only over when we quit.

    • Wow. Smart guy and a great speaker. That must have taken so much faith and courage to just keep going.

      Our nation’s care system for children and families was built broken. The wrong people governed us into despair and now: almost to World War III

      We need more good people in government ASAP.


    I read this book shortly before I met these amazing women. This book is written well and gives a lot of hope.
    It takes great strength to reveal these secrets. Takes strength to read it. I hope this encourages more people to share their stories.

    People do actually care about each other. We need each other. There is hope.

  • Apparently the FBI isn’t the only organization that has leaks of improprieties. As I understand it, the Frank Reports are being read across the country. May this gain even more attention to bring these people to Justice.

    • Whistleblowers from inside the family court industry would help.

  • The money hungry Custody Evaluators, GALs and Family Court Judges appear to be locked into a cabal of evil and vile human beings who care nothing about children. Let’s not forget the Co-Parenting Counselors – they are deeply involved as well. Your Reports on Nusbaum, Adelman, Caverly, Moukawsher and their ilk bring to light the corruption of Connecticut Family Court system. Geoff Herzog and Chris Ambrose should both be in prison or if not prison, a mental institution. One role playing a teenage girl trying to get raped by someone role playing the father raping her and one attracted to latin boys with short haircuts. Anyone who uses and accepts Parental Alienation against innocent parents are as vile as anyone in the Connecticut Family Court system. I follow your reports and have, shall we say, deep insight into the inner workings of this cabal. That is all I can say at this point. There may be whistle blowers ready to reveal more. I assure you that you are over the target.

    • Witnesses, whistleblowers, victims, legislators and journalists have an opportunity to work together to investigate and reform family courts around the world. What could be the first steps in a coordinated effort to make that happen?

      A podcast could host whistleblowers on the inside and victims of family courts. Identities can be hidden and voices can be changed. A website in each affected country (USA, UK, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, Argentina, Canada …) could coordinate efforts in each state and province, linking victims of the same cabals to start support groups and class actions.

      The longer blatant corruption and fraud upon the court is allowed in child custody cases, the longer everyone affected will suffer. While millions of childhoods and families around the world are destroyed, good family court judges, good attorneys and good vendors are pushed aside, subservient to the most corrupt at the top who step on others to get to where they are.

      Somehow, good FBI agents in Connecticut had their hands tied ten years ago. They had actionable evidence of crimes committed and did nothing with it. The family court racketeering, extortion and fraud upon the court continued. Jennifer Dulos and many others lost their lives since then. The same small family courts cabal, minus a few and plus a few more, are somehow still allowed to continue to destroy lives.

      Articles, podcasts, class action lawsuits, petitions, citizen investigations, new legislation introduced and public hearings … all have potential. Our challenge is to stay focused in what now looks like The Apocalypse.

    • This did not happen in CT.
      It did happen in America on our planet though.
      This stuff happens all across the world. It is not only CT. It’s about an institution that has no boundaries. This institution feeds off of desperation and money. When people come together seeing their similarities, rather than their differences, that’s when they gain their power. Power in numbers.
      This is happening all over the world. I could write down dozens of stories from all corners of the world. I’m so happy we are all uncovering this together. What a relief.

      • Is the Woman’s Coalition still focused on the theory that the only problem with family courts is “patriarchy”?

        I seem to remember at some point, they focused exclusively on gender, almost forcefully excluding all discussion of non-gendered greed, corruption, criminals, racketeering, extortion etc.

        Does TWC still divide the family court victims in that way or are good fathers supported in their efforts, now?

        • Why not have one women’s rights coalition? Men have many more and the ones they do have are funded by men’s salaries. Remember that women still aren’t paid equally. It is a patriarchal society. Sorry if that’s not PC enough for you but it’s a reality.

          • It’s not that there shouldn’t be “one women’s rights coalition”. Woman’s rights coalitions aren’t new. American women who couldn’t vote until 1920 and Swiss women who couldn’t vote until 1990 had male relatives who suffered because of that repression of women some would call “patriarchy“ and some call ignorance, greed, sociopathy, cultural differences and/or something else.

            In family courts — and most everywhere else — people often don’t do honorable things. Knowing what we know about the lack of oversight and accountability in family courts, why not just call it that?

            Why not focus on the larger, more significant causes? Patriarchy is a symptom like ignorance, greed, sociopathy, some cultural differences and the habit of committing crimes are symptoms.

            Is “patriarchy“ always the problem when female judges and lawyers network to destroy children and families?

            Why narrow the focus to “patriarchy“ when gender differences don’t cause or explain greed, corruption, racketeering and extortion?

            Family court victims are men, women, boys, girls, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, guardians, relatives and friends of all kinds. Telling the public “patriarchy” is the main problem in family courts misleads the public, except wherever “patriarchy” is actually the main cause of most of the problems.

            How often is patriarchy the problem in American family courts? What does the data show?

        • There used to be an Underground Railroad helping protective mothers run with their children.

          Many out there somewhere probably still help parents running from “family courts”, but it’s so much easier to get caught now because of instant facial and license plate recognition etc.

          By the way, “According to the United States Department of Justice, an estimated 203,900 children were abducted by family members in 1999, the most recent year for which estimates exist.”

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