Martial Arts Halls of Fame Cheap, Plentiful and Bogus

There are many titles for accomplishments in sports, but none is so prestigious in the hearts of fans as induction into the hall of fame.

And what makes enshrinement into the hall of fame so exalted is the rarefied company one keeps when inducted.

Quora writer J D Lamb explains:

Some 8,337 men played in major league baseball, yet only 312 players have been inducted into Cooperstown. That means only 1.2% of all who ever played can say they are in the Hall of Fame.

Lamb explains the selection process:

Four hundred forty baseball journalists (all credible) vote for the ten players they believe should be inducted each year. To be inducted, a player needs 75% of the vote. If a name on the ballot receives less than 5%, they are permanently removed.

Some eligibility guidelines are: the player is put on the ballot five years after retiring and can only be on for 15 years before they are taken off.

Induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame is also challenging.

The Football Hall of Fame has a 49-person Selection Committee consisting of one media representative from each pro football city — two from New York and two from Los Angeles. In addition, 17 at-large Selectors are active members of the media or involved in writing about professional football.

The Selection Committee meets annually to elect new members of the Hall of Fame. There is no set number of new enshrinees, but the Committee’s rules stipulate that between four and eight new members will be selected each year. Every candidate is thoroughly reviewed and must receive approval from at least 80% of the full Committee to be elected. A player or coach must have been retired for at least five years.

The Basketball Hall of Fame has four screening committees that review nominations. The players who pass the screening committees are examined next by the Honors Committee, made up of past Hall of Fame enshrines, media, and basketball executives. Players must be retired for at least five years. Successful candidates must receive at least 18 votes from the Honors Committee.

So if a man works hard and plays in his field at an elite level, he may one day make it to the hall of fame in his sport after he retires and sometimes after he dies.

So imagine my delight when I ran into that told of a man, Master Alan Goldberg, who “has 36 years in the [martial] arts and has been inducted in 26 Halls of Fame.”

Twenty-six? How many distinguished sports writers from major cities and how many selection committees Master Goldberg must have dazzled over the years to get entry into 26 halls of fame is hard to imagine.

The website says Goldberg, who calls himself “The Godfather of Martial Arts World,” is “both Jason Lau (73-80) and Mot Yat’s (3 years in late 80s) eldest disciple & is publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine. Holds Moy Yat Family Plaque #1.”

Master Alan Godberg

While I could not immediately find the list of 26 halls of fame for this exalted master, I looked into martial arts halls of fame online.

One of them, United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, expresses its mission “is to recognize those martial artists that have made a profound difference.” 

About 100 people achieve this profound distinction every year. Last year, among the 100, we found the “marital artist of the year,” Roberto Agostini.

We learn that “Roberto Agostini holds a Black Belt in Karate, and joined the Alliance Jiu-Jitsu School of Key Biscayne in 2020 after receiving his Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. His instructor, Rodrigo Antunes, commends his commitment to the school, his passion to the Arts, and his outstanding ability to teach young students with great clarity, allowing them to grow and mature as experienced martial artists.”

It is unclear what accomplishments this young man achieved to become a Hall of Famer in just two years.

But his accomplishments may never live up to Professor Silverio Guerra, Ph.D., M.A., who founded the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Alvin, Texas.

He not only inducts hall of famers but if it takes one to know one, he is indeed knowledgeable. His website says he “has been inducted into 21 national and international Halls of Fame.”

Many halls of fame award martial artists with significant titles, such as 

  1. Master
  2. Sensei
  3. Sr. Grandmaster
  4. Grandmaster
  5. Hanshi
  6. Shichidan
  7. Associate Master
  8. Sifu
  9. Tuhon
  10. Kyoshi Sensei
  11. Shihan
  12. Renshi
  13. Sifu
  14. Sahyun Nim
  15. Si-Sung
  16. Shichi

While the halls of famers have Asian titles, most are westerners.

The martial artists inducted are not tested for skill or required to win competitions.

Some Hall of Fames require a recommendation, and in a land of unsubstantiated accomplishment and black belts given or traded among friends – there is no standard measurement of skill.

A hall of fame inductee never has to break a brick or defeat another black belt to prove his qualification.

They are all on the honor system.

Many halls of fame members have Japanese, Korean, or Chinese titles but are westerners. Many call themselves professors or doctors, though it is unclear if their degree came from a university or was by self-designation.

  1. Sensei Gary W. Baugh Jr.
  2. Hanshi Dan Cliff Belschner
  3. Shichidan Michael Gregston
  4. Sifu Joshua Horne
  5. Professor Kenneth R. Kellogg
  6. Senior Professor Shawn Knight
  7. Kyoshi Sensei Garry L. McKee
  8. Master Dr. Davood Roostaei
  9. Sifu Hector Santana Jr.
  10. Si-Sung Angel A. Velazquez
  11. Sr Master of the Arts Lee Wedlake 

Most halls of fame have no permanent building or museum to enshrine inductees with their records and likenesses.

The halls of fame consist of a website and an annual event – usually a dinner and speeches – where awardees who paid to attend collect a trophy.

People who teach martial arts know it is hard to make money.
Students come and go. Lots of them are children. Parents pay perhaps $75 a month. The kid loses interest.

A teacher with 100 students might gross $7,500 a month. From that sum, he pays rent, utilities, insurance, advertising, etc. After expenses, he might make the same kind of living that an Uber driver makes.

But if you sell trophies, certificates, and plaques to supplement your income, with the allure that the payer will brag he is a member of the marital artists hall of fame, you can make a good living.

Because it is a business, you cannot afford to refuse people who want to buy trophies or get inducted.

Inductees of martial arts halls of fame are not famous athletes or competitors. No one will know if they have talent of not.

They are obscure, ordinary people who want a trophy for their living room wall or desk.

There are plenty of halls of fame to choose from, and if you decide to be a hall of fame martial artist, study [not martial arts but the different websites] and price compare. Not all trophies are the same.

Here are a few halls of fame.































If you are worried that you do not know a karate chop from the karate kid, don’t worry. The people who give membership into halls of fame rarely know who they give awards.

 The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame wisely advises on their webpage dedicated to publishing its complete list of members, a list that starts with Ridgely Abele and ends with Chaka Zulu, that they might misspell your name, something perhaps likely since the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame misspells the word misspelled:

 “Please Note: Because of our vast list of inductees, it is not uncommon to misspell or unknowingly leave a name out, and for this we sincerely apologize. If you are a past inductee and your name is not listed below or name is mispelled, please contact this office with name and year of induction and correction will be made promptly.”

 Sometimes you have to be creative with titles.

Kyosah David Campo runs the Hall of Fame – Wisdom Way Martial Arts.. Campo has an impressive list of Halls of Fame inductions and list of awards, including the “Greatness Award,” the creatively named “Pinnacle Award of Success,” and “Esteemed Modern Warrior,” not to mention the “Lifetime Dedication to the Martial Arts Spirit Award,” which was creative, since he had already won the “Lifetime Dedication to the Martial Arts Award.”


Alan Goldberg runs the biggest of all martial arts halls of fame. Yes, the same Master Alan Goldberg who we mentioned above, who was inducted into 26 halls of fame.

He runs Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Though there is no regularly published Action Magazine, Goldberg turned his hall of fame into a money maker – giving out as many as 300 trophies each year for $249 each [$74,000].

But Goldberg puts on a three-day show with seminars and guests where people can network.

Another 700 awardees and their friends come to the dinner and get the hall of fame award at $100 each [$70,000].

But you do not have to come in person to get your hall of fame trophy or plaque. They can be mailed to your home or office.


Master Goldberg’s event culminates with a dinner with hundreds of awards. One attendee told me he was about 75th on the list to get an award.

The first few people who got the awards were watched attentively by the audience, comprised of mainly those who paid for hall of fame trophies.

After about half a dozen got awards, the audience became bored with the repetitiveness and began to ignore the awards and talk among themselves until it was their turn.

Still, Goldberg’s trophies are better in appearance than other halls of fame, but the induction standards are the same, which is to say there is no standard.

You pay the money; you get a trophy and induction into the hall of fame.

Goldberg claims he has a vetting process, but no one fails to get an award unless they don’t pay.



You can find people who show off their awards on social media.


Master Alan Goldberg has been inducted into 26 halls of fame and has inducted about 5,000 into his hall of fame.

He may qualify for the Hall of Fame Hall of Fame.


Alan Goldberg shows off his martial arts skill 

A Goldberg Hall of Famer told me a dentist and his family, none of whom ever took a martial arts class, bought trophies and a certificate from Goldbnerg.

The family impressed their friends by displaying their trophies in their home.

Imagine the joy Master Alan Goldberg gave to a 12-year-old kid who never took a martial arts class, showing the kids in school, including the girls, that he was in the Hall of Fame.

Master Goldberg and his colleagues took the work out of what otherwise would be a challenging and grueling discipline.

You go straight to the top and join the elite. You don’t have to be retired for five years. You don’t even have to start.



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  • It’s a shame when you see that the pot calls the kettle black. Pauline Seremetis and Donna Cancila Keating want to be the so-called whistleblowers about Alan, but they are for the racist women with Hispanics. At the Actions Martial Arts Mega Weekend dinner last year I saw this in action. I saw how they treated a woman who is known to many people and I saw how they threw her napkin and turned their backs on her. She also saw when they said they don’t like to sit with Hispanics. I know how she is this girl who turned her back on her. she doesn’t want to talk about this topic since she is known and usually keeps silent. These two ladies would like people to think that they are honorable and loyal, as well as other characteristics of bushido. They are fake and they are the exact opposite of how they want people to perceive them. Don’t waste your time with fake people, especially these two ladies. On another hand I find it very interesting how Pauline can go from an orange belt straight to 4th degree black belt within 1 year and not only be considered a legitimate black belt. While she talks about honor, loyalty and that she wants to be a leader of our future black belts

  • There are many different halls of fame. Some better than others. The larger they are the more corrupt they may be. Many famous martial artists have a bad side, but they are not all bad. Lumping all halls of fame and those associated with them as bad is just not the right thing to do. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. So many people want to get an award and pay nothing for it. To rent a hall, pay for awards, coordinate a dinner and have an event with prestige to present an award costs money. Martial artists do not have sponsors like other sports. In fact unless it is the NFL, NBA or another multi million dollar association, there are no other halls of fame. Also, if you are gonna suggest there is not corrupt practices in the Oscar’s and the like you would be sadly mistaken. So what is left, martial artists doing for themselves. Without charging a fee, giving an award would be impossible! I suggest this, Instead of putting down all halls of fame as fake. Use this energy and show us how it should be done! It is easy to point out the faults of others when not making an effort yourself. I agree that Alan Goldberg or whatever his name is, isn’t a great person but to say all hall of fame are fake and that is the dark side of the martial arts. Martial arts represents balance. The symbol of the Yin and Yang represents opposing forces existing in harmony. There are many martial artists deserving recognition. They may not be movie stars or a world champion, they may have just influenced and made a difference in someone’s life. This is worth celebrating. What is wrong with recognizing that? I don’t agree with giving rank away or recognizing illegitimate achievements. I do agree with recognizing excellence. If a hall of fame does this then I agree with it. So in conclusion, all hall of fame are not bad but CROOKS always are!

  • It is pretty creepy listening to everyone talk about how PKA World Champion Don Wilson appears on a Podcast called Viking Samurai where he alleges he personally witnessed the aftermath of a sexual assault committed by Alan Goldberg. That he stood by after Goldberg assaulted the wife of Frank Dux (who the movie Bloodsport is based on.). That resulted in “they”(Goldbergs entourage that includes some of biggest names in martial arts, like Don Wilson) being asked and apparently agreed to help Goldberg go on a media campaign to ruin the reputation and livelihood, of Frank Dux. The reason being spite. No because of the reasons being claimed. Frank Dux wife Don alleges further made the critical mistake of having embarrassed Goldberg in public over it. Don Wilson confirms what most of us watching have been thinking —that Goldberg is that absolutely scummy type of sexual predator that is pathologically vindictive. It’s no secret Goldberg announced he made a vow to ruin Frank Dux but none of us really knew why. Not when Goldberg had for several years boasted he was good friends with Frank Dux. That Dux was the real deal! When Don Wilson revealed why the change of heart my jaw dropped. The defamation, speculation and gossips being made against Frank Dux as anyone with common sense realizes, it intimidates victims and witnesses and is a form of extortion. Creates an atmosphere of fear where you can’t say no to this self proclaimed Godfather of Martial Arts in the mafia sense. Otherwise, you risk your reputation or business being ruined in the martial art industry by him and all the people associated with him. Like Don Wilson. This proves people who saw Frank Dux fight stay silent or others, like Vic Moore, oddly, withdraw their prior statements and turn on Dux to save their ass. That and (after reading this article) get a few seminars, a rank promotion and plastic trophy for it, as well. While others have denied this a police report and incident report names Goldberg as an assailant against Frank Dux wife and BTW – she’s not alone.

  • This is just disgusting. Things like these seem to only plague the martial arts community rather than enable it. I personally have been invited to this and other events like this for the last three years and every year they seem to find more ways to make it even less credible. As said in the article above, they do not request proof of and or certifications proving somones title and or rank. And they do not require proof that one even knows or has studied the martial arts at all. All that is needed to obtain greatness within these trashy events is a wallet and or check book to provide Alan with enough money to make from one year to the next so that his con can continue to take place and his bills continue to get paid. These are simply embarrassing.


    • This so called Hall of Famer Master Alan Goldberg asulted Frank Dux’s wife should be kicking out of the Hall of Fame for life. I know and love Frank’s wife. Such a big man Alan Goldberg you pick on this petite elegant woman and then call yourself a gentleman, you are a bully plan and simple. Then turn the tables on the Dux’s? A true Master is the appitatomy of a gentleman. You sir are no gentleman. You do not deserve to be involved in any form of Marshall Arts ever again.

    • Bodhi speaks the truth. You likely fear being outed for your inappropriate activities with Goldberg or another like him. Goldberg is anything but an honest and reputable man. Hope he received the justice he deserves.

  • I want to say Alan Goldberg and Robert Goldman’s Action Martial Arts Hall of Honor weekend is a great party! A bucket list must attend for every hedonistic SOB. Don’t make the mistake and bring your significant partner! That is like bringing sand to the beach! This is where you find the booze and cocaine flowing, underage prostitution, participate in a bisexual penthouse orgy that rival Roman Emperor Caligula! Be a live action role player! Be a Grandmaster without stepping foot on a matt. For $40k you can now for a limited time offer be proclaimed a member of Catholic Church nobility. No conversion requirements needed! You are a Buddhist Priest! No problem! Seriously, Steve Hayes did it! For REAL! It’s what martial arts in Goldberg circle is really all about!

  • If not for legit martial artists supporting the makers of frauds, like Alan Goldberg and his silent partner in crime, Dr. Bob Goldman, innocent people would not be put at risk or harmed in this unregulated industry.

  • I sense that, in the past few years, attitudes have improved and the world’s view of corruption appears to have taken an unexpected turn for the better. There is a greater wish to do something to stop it. It begins in martial arts by boycotting martial art school owners and shaming black belts that attend any event connected to fraud. Like, Alan Goldberg and his bogus nonexistent ActionMartial Arts Magazine…

  • The historic battle between good and evil is celebrated in numerous operas and theatrical shows. Irrespective of race, culture and history; irrespective of religious values and philosophical beliefs, the collision between the hard-working consumer and con men has been a permanent feature of human life, constantly repeated over time. The outcome has varied. Societies have not always learned from their own sufferings. There exists certain irony in this case.

    It is the hypocrisy of Alan Goldberg and his co-conspirators who claim to champion the truth while engaged in trade libel of their competitors or anyone they dislike. Just by reading the comments you realize this is a reality.,

    Goldberg and his gang of wanna-be’s fail to meet the same standard of proof they require from others.

    Goldbergs Action Hall of Honor event is where liars and cheats come to join the ganging up on victims of consumer frauds to silence them and/or business competitors. They show no remorse over their fabricating false allegations and evidence. Show no respect for even the dead. Made apparent by the defamation of them. Done in order to steal away students from the inheritors of a martial art system.

    Dana Stamos who operates numerous martial art websites is the chief hit man for Goldberg. She manufactures false stories.

    For instance, Stamos published a story that Frank Dux Bloodsport story was stolen away from Jerry Bell by Frank Dux. That Jerry Bell really won the Kumite depicted in the 1988 film. Stamos published this bogus injurious story in spite of the fact on its face it was fraudulent. Jerry Bell claimed he won his Bloodsport story Kumite event in 1987. The Frank Dux Bloodsport story was confirmed and reported in Nov 1980 issue of Black Belt magazine. The film finished post production in 1986. One year before Bell allegedly competed. Stamos was made aware of the inconsistencies but publish the false story anyways.

    Likewise, Dana Stamos willfully makes numerous false injurious claims about published authors Bodhi Sanders.; Alan Woodman; etc. all who are “coincidentally” in disfavor with Godfather Goldberg and/or members of his wanna be mafia gang?

    Clearly, historians will look back and see how this seemingly criminal enterprise plays out.., what is clearly a story of good vs evil!

  • There exist many real-life cases ever since the story of Adam and Eve where individual gain by theft was modest (an apple), while the damage to others was colossal (namely, the whole of humanity was driven out of Eden). This is now true for martial arts. The good people are being driven out of business by the theft of honor and corruption of standards and practices. Made possible by the patronage of imposters and real martial artists looking the other way to the hucksters putting on bogus martial art events.

    The biggest hucksters being Alan Goldberg and Dr. Robert Goldman who operate the nonexistent Action Martial Art magazine. Not print copies can be found.

  • Everyone knows that “Baron Alan Goldberg “ is the Harvey Weinstein of the martial arts community .

  • Alan Goldberg just needs to admit that he is just trying to make up for the times he wanted to imitate Bruce Lee and his Wing Chun system before he developed Jeet Kune Do. Notice that everyone he brings to his invites are either retiring or someone that him and his friends benefit from being seen around to try to bolster their image and reputation in the martial arts world. All of the Hall of Fames that Alan Goldberg is listed in are the same people that attend his Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame so its basically them scratching each other’s backs to look cool and be accepted in a community where everything is based on your achievements and actions not who is sucking up to who. Nothing will ever change with Alan Goldberg because he doesn’t want to put in the hard work to be the person he dreams about but will inside watch movies and recreate the things the people he idolizes does like a LARPER. He must have a big man crush on GM Dux because he thinks of Dux every minute of each day .

  • Alan Goldberg doesn’t like to admit that he engages in the same behavior he accuses his detractors and rivals of engaging in himself. He openly admits to defaming and attacking people who do not blindly support or his delusions of grandeur along with Wing Chun greatness when there is barely any information in the public realm of Alan Goldberg’s Wing Chun lineage.

    While yet Alan Goldberg himself attacks people who he accuses of not having a solid lineage regarding their martial arts training. He isn’t free and clear from it himself. If you question and press Alan Goldberg for his Wing Chun lineage he will have a mental breakdown and explode because he can’t prove his Wing Chun lineage publicly and hopes his Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame will give him the legitimacy he needs for himself. Alan Goldberg is nothing but a leech and leeches off of the fame and notoriety of the people who attends his events he is nothing more than an overhyped party event planner just looking for acceptance among the martial arts community.
    Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors is the new fight club for the AARP….

  • I looked into this clown’s background and found that Alan Goldberg has claimed to be a knight of the “Order of St. George” and a “Baron of Sealand,” which are both titles that do not have any recognized authority or legitimacy in the United States. Goldberg seems to love giving himself bogus titles. Next he will be calling himself “The Supreme Grandmaster Godfather of Martial Arts”.

    Goldberg’s Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors would be more accurately called…”The Godfather’s Martial Arts Mafia Line My Pockets with Money Awards”.

    Oh, and don’t forget to buy yourself a fake hall of fame ring, a fake championship belt, and fake gold medal, and a cheesy tee shirt in addition to your fake hall of fame award while you are there! Yeah, this clown sells all of that to his martial arts suckers too. After all…Goldberg will need the money to pay for his legal bills once Frank’s investigation finds out the whole truth about him!!!!

  • I know of several credible women who have told me that Alan Goldberg sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them at martial arts event. Goldberg may not be concerned about selling fake awards, but he better be very concerned about this! If Alan Goldberg is found guilty of sexual assault, he may face serious legal consequences such as imprisonment, fines, or probation.

    In addition to legal consequences, if he is a member of any martial arts organizations or associations, he may face disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion. This could also impact his ability to operate his own martial arts school or continue to teach. Like all “Godfathers” Goldberg will finally get what’s coming to him!

  • Some people may think that this is no big deal, but it is. It is bad for several reasons:

    It undermines the integrity and credibility of martial arts hall of fame awards: Martial arts hall of fame awards are supposed to recognize and honor exceptional martial artists who have made significant contributions to the art. When someone like Sifu Alan Goldberg sells fake awards, it undermines the legitimacy of the entire process and tarnishes the reputation of the award.

    It deceives and defrauds people: Those who pay for these fake awards are often under the impression that they are receiving a legitimate honor, when in fact they are being scammed. This can lead to disappointment, disillusionment, and financial loss.

    It diminishes the value of real martial arts hall of fame awards: Those who have genuinely earned martial arts hall of fame awards may feel that their achievements are being devalued by the existence of fake awards. This can reduce the prestige of legitimate awards and make it more difficult for deserving martial artists to receive the recognition they deserve.

    Selling fake martial arts hall of fame awards is unethical and damaging to the martial arts community as a whole. Alan Goldberg is a cancerous mole on the martial arts community’s ass!

  • Not all Hall of Fames are alike. But events like Action Martial Arts magazine event is a “Hall of Shame”- promotes the opposite of what martial arts is supposed to be about. It’s so clear by how it’s stable of flunkies like Don Wilson trash talks the competition to them like he does Jean Claude Van Damme. You won’t find real martial artists trash talking or for that matter even entertaining the idea of listening to it! Only weekend wonder warriors or those who rationalize their guilt away by convincing themselves they have to go for the networking attend. But that is no excuse as it exposes their level commitment-they are quasi martial artists. Only when it serves their interest do they follow the rule of modesty. They do not have the kind of level of discipline and ethics that won’t allow them to associate with a collective of narcissists. Time to boycott the people who go to these events. Un- enroll out of any school that had an instruction that encourages this sort of pick and purchase your own award behavior.

  • In reading all the latest comments it’s pretty clear there exists in martial arts a hall of honors trade show mafia. It’s controlled by its self proclaimed “Godfather” Alan Goldberg. Truth is the real elephant in the room is his apparent business partner Dr. Bob Goldman. Both aren’t martial artists. But somehow managed to pull this fraud off (and most likely some bogus investment deals) by having built for themselves a small army of grateful like minded posers. Made visible with these posers praising the two and that insulates these fraudsters from suspicion. And later, after they fleeced their mark, they escape controversy. Their brown nosing posers and co-conspiracy partners drown out any negative comments. Strength in numbers! The fact Goldberg and Goldman show a brazen lack of genuine martial art knowledge, skill and overtly embrace drugs and debauchery establishes right away they are imposters. The absolute worst in martial arts however I would argue are famous martial arts fight promoters and celebs who openly support them. They are by far the whores of the industry. Why there exist a lack of confidence in the public. This is made apparent by how sport MMA has overtaken traditional Asian Martial Arts. Made laughable on YouTube. Just look at them. Goldberg seemingly is so awkward he can’t convince me he could win a slap fight with a wooden dummy!

  • In the martial arts world, many practitioners strive for recognition and validation of their skills and accomplishments. One way to achieve this recognition is through being inducted into a martial arts hall of fame. However, in recent years, there has been a growing problem of fake martial arts hall of fame awards being sold to unsuspecting martial artists. Alan Goldberg is one of those who is selling fake martial arts hall of fame awards.

    These fake awards are often sold by organizations that have no real legitimacy in the martial arts community. They create fake certificates, plaques, and even host fake ceremonies to give the impression of legitimacy. They often charge high fees for these awards, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

    The problem with these fake awards is that they undermine the credibility of legitimate martial arts hall of fame organizations. These organizations have a rigorous vetting process and only induct those who have made significant contributions to the martial arts community. They often require nominations, references, and a review of the nominee’s credentials before accepting them into their hall of fame.

    However, with the proliferation of fake awards, it becomes difficult for individuals to distinguish between legitimate and fake organizations. This can lead to a situation where martial artists who have not made significant contributions to the community are inducted into fake halls of fame, and those who have made significant contributions are overlooked.

    These fake awards can also harm the reputation of legitimate martial artists who may unknowingly be associated with fake organizations. For example, if a martial artist has a fake award from a fake organization on their resume, it may call into question the validity of their other achievements.

    To combat the selling of fake martial arts hall of fame awards, it is essential for the martial arts community to be vigilant and to do their research. They should only pursue recognition from reputable organizations that have a history of legitimacy and whose inductees have a record of significant contributions to the martial arts community.

    It is crucial for legitimate martial arts hall of fame organizations to educate the community about the dangers of fake awards and to publicly denounce organizations that engage in such practices. They should also provide resources to help martial artists identify and avoid fake awards.

    The selling of fake martial arts hall of fame awards is a growing problem that undermines the legitimacy of the martial arts community. It is essential for both martial artists and legitimate hall of fame organizations to be vigilant and take action to combat this problem. Only by working together can we ensure that recognition is given only to those who truly deserve it and that the integrity of the martial arts community is maintained.

    People like Alan Goldberg need to be exposed and stopped. What they are doing is an insult to the martial arts community. Thank you for exposing this fraud, Frank!

  • As a martial arts instructor, I am appalled at what I have seen from Alan Goldberg! Goldberg has a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity and respect within the community. Unfortunately, there have been several instances where he has maliciously made defamatory statements about other martial artists.

    Defamation is a serious issue that can have lasting consequences for the individual who is the target of the attack. It can damage their reputation, cause them to lose business opportunities, and even result in legal action.

    One of the most egregious examples of Goldberg’s defamatory behavior occurred in 2019 when he posted a video on social media in which he made false and malicious statements about a well-respected martial artist. In the video Goldberg accused the individual of being a fraud and a liar, without any evidence to back up his claims. The individual in question responded with a video of his own, in which he refuted Goldberg’s allegations and provided evidence of his qualifications and accomplishments within the martial arts community. Goldberg refused to retract his statements or apologize for the harm he had caused.

    This incident is not an isolated one. There have been other instances in which Goldberg has publicly attacked other martial artists often for personal or petty reasons. Such behavior is not only unprofessional but it also goes against the fundamental principles of martial arts which emphasize mutual respect and humility.

    Goldberg’s behavior reflects poorly on the entire martial arts community. When a prominent figure engages in defamatory behavior, it creates a toxic environment that can discourage individuals from participating in martial arts or seeking out instruction from qualified instructors.

    It is crucial for individuals like Goldberg to be held accountable for their actions. Those who engage in defamation should be made aware of the harm they are causing and encouraged to take responsibility for their words. This can involve a public apology, retraction of false statements, and a commitment to behaving in a more respectful and professional manner in the future.

    Alan Goldberg’s defamatory behavior towards other martial artists is unacceptable and has no place in the martial arts community!

  • Sifu Alan Goldberg is a well-known figure in the martial arts community and claims to have trained for over 50 years. However, in recent years, allegations have been made against him regarding his honesty and treatment of other martial artists.

    One of the most significant allegations against Goldberg is that he has defamed other martial artists in the community. This includes making negative comments about them publicly, spreading rumors about their skills and achievements, using other martial artists to defame martial artists he personally does not like, and outright defamation.

    These allegations have led to some members of the martial arts community calling for a boycott of Goldberg’s events and publications. Personally I will never go to another one of Goldberg’s events!

    Another serious allegation made against Goldberg is that he has been dishonest in his business dealings with others. Some individuals have accused him of making false promises or not following through on agreements made with them. This has led to legal disputes in some cases, further damaging Goldberg’s reputation. And I know for a fact that some of those allegations are true!

    These allegations have raised concerns about the integrity of Goldberg and the martial arts community and the importance of upholding the values of respect and honesty. Martial arts are built on principles such as discipline, honor, and respect, and individuals who violate these principles can damage the reputation of the entire community, as it appears that Goldberg has done.

    As martial artists, it is essential that we hold ourselves to high standards of conduct and behavior, both inside and outside the dojo. We must strive to maintain the integrity and respect of the martial arts community by treating others with respect and honesty.

    When allegations of dishonesty or defamation arise, they must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated to ensure that justice is served! If the allegations against Goldberg are proven to be true, then it is our duty as members of the martial arts community to hold him accountable for his actions and ensure that he is held to the same standards as everyone else. The allegations made against Sifu Alan Goldberg regarding his honesty and treatment of other martial artists are concerning and must be taken seriously. If the allegations against Goldberg are proven to be true, then we must take appropriate action to ensure that justice is served and the reputation of the martial arts community is protected.

    • Over the years he has been accused of defaming other martial artists through his magazine and public statements. In 2015 a controversy arose when Sifu Goldberg made public statements about Grandmaster John Pellegrini, the founder of Combat Hapkido. Sifu Goldberg criticized Grandmaster Pellegrini’s martial arts style and teaching methods and accused him of not being a true Grandmaster. These statements caused a backlash within the martial arts community, with many martial artists coming to Grandmaster Pellegrini’s defense.

      This appears to be a pattern with Alan Goldberg. He seems to think he is the sole judge of everyone elses martial arts legitimacy. He has made false claims about many martial artists over the years. Maybe his karma is finally coming around to bite him in the ass.

      • I’ve been reading and following all the comments in regards to this article. When I saw that a post was written about my Grandmaster Pellegrini, I had to chime in. As a high ranking student of Grandmaster Pellegrini, I have full knowledge of Grandmaster Pellegrini’s history as a Martial Artist. After speaking with him personally, I can say that these accusations are false. In retrospect, Grandmaster Pellegrini has been to Grandmaster Alan Goldberg’s Hall of Honors event for the past 22 years and supports his event whole heartedly. Your accusations regarding his events and the relationship between both Grandmaster Pellegrini & Grandmaster Alan Goldberg are false accusations. In fact, they are as close as brothers and family in the Martial Arts world. Please do your research before you make false accusation about the Grandmasters. Just by reading your comments, I know that you did not do your research and probably being paid to make these false accusations.

    • You are not the only one who knows that for a fact, Jake. I also have seen Goldberg defaming other martial artists. It seems he verbally attacks any martial artists who has the guts to tell the truth about the way he works and how he personally tries to destroy any martial artist who dares to speak the truth about his lack of standards and his libelous, slanderous, and defaming ways! BOYCOTT ALAN GOLDBERG AND HIS BOGUS HALL OF HONORS!!!!

  • There have been numerous allegations over the years that Sifu Alan Goldberg has defamed and slandered legitimate martial artists. The allegations stem from disputes between Goldberg and other martial artists over issues such as martial arts credentials, training methods, and the legitimacy of martial arts competitions.

    Some of the specific allegations against Goldberg include:

    Making false and derogatory statements about the martial arts skills and credentials of other martial artists, particularly those who have challenged his own claims of expertise.

    Accusing other martial artists of being frauds or fakes, without providing evidence to support his claims.

    Using his influence and connections within the martial arts community to discredit or silence his critics, often through threats of legal action or public humiliation.

    Engaging in unethical practices related to martial arts competitions, such as rigging the outcome of matches or unfairly favoring his own students or associates.

    Using other martial artists which he has some influence over to spread rumors against martial artists that he wants to discredit or defame.

    There is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that he has engaged in unethical behavior and has been involved in disputes with other martial artists for many years.

    Considering all of this and the proven fact that he sells fake martial arts hall of fame awards, I truly believe that Alan Goldberg is not a honorable or trustworthy man!

    • I can attest to the fact that Goldberg does ALL of this and much more! He is as dirty as they come!!!!! I am glad someone is finally outing his dirty martial arts politics!

  • I was not aware of who Alan Goldberg was so I decided to do some research. Boy this guy is a total fraud! I found that Alan Goldberg is a controversial figure in the world of martial arts, with many allegations of fraud and deception surrounding his name. Over the years, numerous people have come forward with stories of their negative experiences with Goldberg, and there is a wealth of evidence to suggest that he is not the martial arts expert that he claims to be.

    Goldberg rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s as a martial arts instructor and promoter. He was known for organizing large-scale martial arts events. He also claimed to be a ninth-degree black belt in a martial art called “Japanese Goju,” and he marketed himself as a guru of sorts, dispensing wisdom on everything from self-defense to spiritual enlightenment.

    However, as time went on, Goldberg’s reputation began to suffer. Many people who had trained with him or attended his events started to question his credentials and his methods. Some claimed that his martial arts techniques were ineffective, while others accused him of running scams like selling rank and fake hall of fame awards and engaging in unethical behavior with prostitutes, sexual assaults, and defamation schemes.

    One of the most damning pieces of evidence against Goldberg came in the form of a lawsuit filed by a former business partner, Michael DePasquale Jr. In the lawsuit, DePasquale accused Goldberg of lying about his martial arts credentials, stealing money from him, and engaging in a variety of other unethical practices. The lawsuit eventually settled out of court, but it added to the growing chorus of voices calling out Goldberg as a fraud.

    In addition to the lawsuit, there have been numerous other allegations of misconduct against Goldberg over the years. Some have accused him of promoting martial arts styles that he knows very little about, while others have claimed that he uses his influence and connections to intimidate and silence his critics by using unethical and possibly illegal means. The question of whether or not Alan Goldberg is a martial arts fraud appears pretty obviously to be true. There is certainly evidence to suggest that he has engaged in some unethical practices over the years.

    All of this is more than enough for me to never attend his martial arts event, no matter what he calls it!

    • Yeah, I had Alan Goldberg personally defame Michael DePasquale, Jr. to me. Goldberg is the kind of guy who doesn’t want any other martial artists to get attention, unless they are plugging his hall of fame scam.

  • I purchased these awards to utilize as a marketing tool because everyone else is doing it and I must participate to stay competitive in my business.
    If I don’t go I am afraid I will be treated like other GM ‘s who fall out of favor with this group and have my reputation soiled by them . This is a vicious cycle that makes me feel I have NO OPTIONS. NO WAY to opt out.
    Now Goldberg is calling everyone and pressuring me and others to write a favorable review.
    “ It sucks. It is a money grab”

  • Does anyone know if it’s possible to sue a promoter of these Hall of Fame’s that tricked my friend into believing his Krav Maga instructor was truly legit ? His instructor got a bull shit title that said he was the best Krav Maga instructor in his town .
    Now that he has seen the menu of titles that are sold, he is crushed and feels totally betrayed by somebody he respected and looked up too .

  • Action Martial Arts magazine DOES NOT exist . There is no printed articles that I can find . It’s just one big scam .

    Can you believe these types of events produce thousands of awardees each year ? Imagine 12,000 Baseball or Football Hall of fame awards handed out in one year? That’s what is going on in Martial Arts World!

    People who really pay the price for the award are consumers who are tricked into thinking they are being instructed by a leading professional in a given field of expertise. When many have no training outside of videos someone put up. Who also maybe faking it!

    It’s time for the DOJ to do it’s job and protect the welfare of the public.
    How many children and families have been put at risk and damaged by the facilitation of fraud?

  • Not to mention: certain martial arts “celebs” are paid thousands to show up as a draw to sell those tickets AND the relatively unknowns making up their own halls of fame just so they can be in one and start the media push in hopes of getting more…all for exposure & fame. Sad. The business of halls of fame in the martial arts world is an embarrassment.

    • Yeah, there is a guy in Los Gatos who is famous for buying his way into the martial arts. His dad left him millions of dollars, so he pays well-known martial artists to come to his strip mall dojo and then takes photos with all of them to use as marketing tools. He even had one of his friends give him promote him to a 6th degree black belt at one of his fake All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame events and then went around to each celebrity there asking them to all sign his fake certificate in order to make it look legit. PATHETIC!

      Those celebrities with honor refused to sign it, but then they were black balled from his future events which is probably a good thing since his events are a total sham only held to make himself look legitimate. I know that Frank Dux was one who refused to sign his certificate and then he began to slander and libel Frank. That is the way these people work. If you refuse to go along with their pathetic scams they turn against you and slander, libel and defame you. Just ask Frank Dux about what Andrew Fanelli, the guy that run the All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame did to him!

  • I have not heard of removing inductees from the HOF honor rolls yet, but what a nice sales tactic for these assclown hall of fame parasites. Get you in, take your money, throw you out to great embarrassment; then force the poor sop to re-apply for a new HOF status… Great info and thanks!

  • Unfortunately, these street corner masters, and grand masters have been festering the true martial arts world like maggots forever! They will continue due to the complete lack of any central martial arts organization which will always be unlikely due to the very nature of the structure of martial arts. As true martial arts all we must do is continue to teach the best martial arts in both mind and body and when possible, exposing these maggots whenever they rise up from under their rocks. It also is important to expose those who sell the bogus grand master/master certificates for profit. Recently I had to deal with a very popular martial artist who was selling a grand master certificate for $1500 to a local idiot. The local idiot made a big deal of being a Grand Master and sent me a copy of his new Grand Master diploma. I jumped all over him and lauded him as the idiot he is! The one who awarded this bogus GM certificate closed down his black belt promotions site after he was exposed… Makes me sick and if you knew who I was referring to you would be pissed off too. A very sad situation.

  • Here is another point that I have not seen anyone mention. These fake halls of fame will remove their “inductees” as fast as they induct them, if they dare to not tow the line or if they dare to speak the truth about the frauds who run them.

    I have personally seen both Alan Goldberg, who this article is about, and another hack, Andrew Fanelli, who runs a total JOKE of a hall of fame called, The All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame, remove inductees AFTER they have bought and paid for their induction, simply because they get pissed off at them.

    Are these real halls of fame? Of course not! They are martial artists who are BUYING a product. So if inductees are BUYING their product, shouldn’t these hacks have to REFUND their money when they decide to remove them from their fake halls of fame?

    If you buy something from someone and they take their product back, you get a refund. But these scam artists simply use their fake halls of fame as leverage to keep people in line with the threat of kicking them out of their fake hall of fame. Isn’t that the same thing as stealing their money?

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame or The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame do not un-induct their members, because if you get inducted into a REAL hall of fame, you are in the hall of fame, period. But their frauds know that their halls of fame are a joke, so they have no hesitation in using them to manipulate or black mail their members.

    I have seen Andrew Fanelli, the owner of the bullshit All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame do this even to his best friends. And while we are on The All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame… How is it that an All Pro Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame rarely puts any Tae Kwon Do practitioners into his hall of Fame, but has many others who have never practiced Tae Kwon Do in their lives inducted into it? That alone tells you what a sham it is. These people are all smoke and mirrors!

  • “Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors is The Chuck E Cheese for adults “ –
    Mascots performing in costumes, cheap food with friends and you can win plastic prizes if you spend enough to win.

    • And don’t forget over the hill D-List actresses dressed up like hookers, posing for photos with awe inspired suckers just itching to spend their money of fake awards!!

  • What a scathing, point by point destruction of Allan Goldberg.

    Whomever wrote this piece is meticulous and spares no feelings on Sifu Goldberg’s behalf as they systematically dismantle any credibility behind several dozen hall of fame inductions.

    True, a lot of those inductions are purely ceremonial, much like honorary degrees tossed around like Pez candy, but unlike most folks with those degrees Allan’s been using his like it’s evidence he’s the greatest martial arts master of all time.

    The truth is there’s not much evidence he’s even any good or that he could apply whatever he does know to save his life or win a fight.

    Maybe Allan shouldn’t have spent so much time and effort over the decades attacking a master like Frank Dux, and focus more on his own dubious claims. It seems like Frank has a verbal ninja assassin working on his behalf at the Frank Report and they just landed a “flawless victory”.

  • This month makes my 63rd year in the MAs. Over that time there have been many who have wondered why there isn’t an organization that controls/oversees and regulates things. Those of us who’ve been around a while can tell you it’s due to too many fiefdoms and big ego narcissists. Seems everyone who talks about leadership in these areas, only wants to be the one running it. That’s why the martial arts community will never have a single organization that would be able to bring about true legitimacy. Sadly, there are a lot of folks out there who have dedicated themselves to training and study in order to become a better martial artist. Most of them are never known outside of a small group or area. They are also the ones who really deserve some realistic recognition. That recognition shouldn’t come with a price tag.

    • Well said, Michael! If you are paying for it, it is not an award or an honor; you just bought yourself a cheap trophy and an expensive piece of paper, period.

  • We have a few of these guys in our area. They are second degree black belts claiming to be Masters and Grandmasters and World Hall of Famers it’s kind of a running joke for us. The sad part is the uneducated public that signs up to learn from them in their Recreation programs or schools don’t know better and are completely scammed by them. You cannot teach Integrity if you do not have it.

    • Exactly right, Brad! The whole thing is a scam. While there are some martial artists who get scammed because they are not aware that this is a scam, the real victims of this are the unsuspecting students who believe that they are being taught by a true, martial arts hall of famer, when they are merely being taught by some hack.

  • Regarding Hitler and the holocaust,
    Scott Johnson said, “the biggest tragedy of the holocaust was all those cloths weren’t donated to GoodWill.”

    Scott’s a sick fuck!

  • The truth is that these people do not truly love the martial arts; they USE the martial arts to line their pockets with as much money as possible. I personally know Alan Goldberg. I know his character, or more accurately, his lack of character. He used to call me pretty much every other day, and he likes to talk and brag on himself.

    When I judge a man, I look at his character, his honor, and his integrity, and from what I know, Alan Goldberg has no honor or integrity. I mean, what would you say about a man who brags about having an affair and cheating on his wife with a 24 year old girl or with various hookers? What would you say about a man who calls his supporters “useful idiots” or “pawns”? What would you say about a man who says one thing one day, and something completely opposite the next day? What would you say about a man who cons unsuspecting martial artists into BUYING their own “awards”?

    I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t call that a man of honor, character, or integrity! And those are just some of the tamer things that I know about this hack. I will not get into everything I know about Alan Goldberg, but I have a feeling that Frank Parlato already knows much of what I know and will be exploring the dirty world of Alan Goldberg and his lackeys; at least I hope so. People like Goldberg, Stamos, and the rest of them are a black spot on the world of martial arts.

    Mr. Parlato, I sincerely hope you don’t give up on your investigation of this hack and those who work with him behind the scenes (and there are quite a few people helping this guy)! You are doing the whole martial arts world a big favor by exposing this guy. And his selling worthless hall of fame awards is just the tip of the iceberg. KEEP DIGGING!!

  • As a martial artist in the studies of Shuri Te / Ryu, Juijitsu, Hung Gar, American Kenpo, and Shorinjiryu Kempo I spent nearly my entire life in the studies of perfection of self, of bringing the spirit, mind, and body together as one, and in discipline; and as a combat veteran whom served in the US Navy, I am saddened to hear of such mockery and scam presented in fake awards. Martial arts is not about over glorification in such awards, it is about being humble, it is about self-defense, and some cases real life combat. I am happy one took the courage to expose these scam awards. Oss.

  • I have always viewed these H.O.F’s as trade shows. The awards are more or less a thanks for coming out gift. In many cases it’s the only time you get together with martial artists from around the world to network. You can never validate a martial artist skill and or experience by awards or paperwork / certificates. In today’s open media sources it’s easy to search for proof of experience / skill or history by way of videos, pictures, seminars. The best way is on the mat.

  • Hi,
    You hit the nail on the head, this Hall of Fame is a pandemic that plagues the MA world .
    And worst part is a lot of legit Masters participate in these events foray be commercial or Networking reasons , as you can check the guest list of the one you have written about.
    These legit Masters do not need any facilitations or recognition for they have already scaled the summits but unknowingly they are becoming accomplice in crime.
    As one takes up MA we understand that MA starts and ends with respect, respect for everything constitutes Martial arts, Honour ,Integrity , Honesty and Character to begin with and then comes the combat skills.
    My question to all these people who become a part of such scams is very simple
    ” How do you manage to look into your eyes after demolishing the four pillars MA stands on namely Honour ,Integrity , Honesty and Character.

    • Well said, Mudit! Honor, integrity, honesty, and character – all are things that Alan Goldberg and Dana Stamos have absolutely no knowledge of!

  • Thank you for having the courage to expose this sham. I’ve trained in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Akido, and Karate for 65 of my 77 years. Currently I hold the rank of 5th Dan in Wado Ki Style Karate. Any self respecting Martial Artist would never want to sully their name with this fakery.

  • My Korean Master Instructor used this phrase. “Empty wagon, make big rattle”. If you’re in the Martial Arts for fame or notoriety, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

  • 1st where did you get my photo? 2nd this was 7 years ago my Hanshi put me in for this ”award.” it sent a red flag when I found out about the cost’ 3rd I have never been to any of these events’.’ yes, it is True money can buy you anything. ‘ I have nothing to do with any MA halls of Honor or halls of fame.’ and nothing to do with these people . all I ever wanted to do is train and teach. left the MA due to all the fighting among MA and the politics. sadly’

        • Contact me I know of many who would welcome you into our circle of iron, this is what Frank Dux Fellowship is all about! We have gatherings and events where we make it about the students not ourselves. PM me on Facebook

    • I will personally vouch for Marci Faustini. She is a great and dedicated martial artist, which I have nothing but respect for, unlike the other people who have been mentioned in this article and in some comments. Marci is the real deal and her name should not be connected to this article.

      Marci was in the same situation as so many other martial artists. When a Hanshi or high ranking instructor nominates you for one of these, you are kind of between a rock and a hard place. If you turn it down, are you feel as if you are being disrespectful to your instructor, and if you accept it, you have spend all kinds of money for an award that you know is not on the up and up. It is a catch 22 and scam artists like Goldberg know that; it is what those of his ilk bank on.

  • These “hall of fames” in martial arts are now just a joke. It’s an inflation! just like with the DAN graduations. And the audience will only be fooled.
    Arnold Rieser
    Taekwon-Do since 1970

  • I guess I must have blown it folks… In 2005 I was sent a copy of action magazine with the sign-up sheet for my induction into his Hall of Fame as the tournament of the year for my St. Louis Budweiser National Karate Classic that ran from 1981 and ended in 2005. But the package got misplaced and in 2010 I found it… So I never was able to be honored for $249.00 and attend this gala event! But I keep the magazine and order form as a reminder that I never met this guy, nor did he ever visit my event which reached international status by 1996. Such a touching memory now that we are having a roundtable discussion of these much vaunted HOF events. So we are considering a new name for all the Hall of Fame inductees? It is right in front of us … We can call them all “MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!” Hell, they can even dress up like their favorite super hero!

  • Excellent reporting, the charlatanism and degradation of the martial arts MUST be exposed, this has been a blight upon the Martial Way for too long!

  • The amount of self absorbed grand poobahs in martial arts is ludicrous. Just dying to BUY an award to stick on their I love me walls to compensate for their lack of either true knowledge or technique or both. 40 years into this and I’ve never seen such a lack of function over ornamentation. On top of buying themselves these ” hall of fame ” awards you got a bunch of douche bags doing the fat master waddle and promoting each other to 10th Dan.

  • If you need to purchase your own rank OR highly exorbitant title to stroke your own ego, you are more bullshit than poetry, and not who you pretend to me. The whole concept of buying your own trophy is a marketing scheme to defraud. The people that run these events hire alleged super stars to walk around so the trophy buyers can also say they rub shoulders with the elite of the elite. Sadly, I wish I thought of this manner to scam money from others. It is a grand scheme to go deep into the make believe people and make them selves some body…Big ranks…Big titles for people who are nothing and want to be legends in their own behind….How come boxers dont have rank ?…They go out and knock 10 guys out and then get ranked. How come baseball doesnt have ranks ?…You go out and hit 50 homeruns in a season and then you have rank….Rank and titles should be based on tenure, performance record and what you give back to your sport….other than that, you may be a phony…

  • Sounds like the person accusing you of fraud Frank (which this crowd does with everyone who is a perceived threat) is same person accusing me of claiming I won the Medal of Honor and can dodge bullets.., not unexpected as ignorant and ludicrous as they appear to be

  • This is hugely embarrassing. However I do like the clever titles- that would be a fun game to generate bullshit titles for those with no talent but a desire to shine with a golden trophy.

    • I just got one hall of fame invitation in the mail that wanted $250 to be inducted and they had over 250 categories such as “Chiropractic Martial Artist of the Year.” LMAO

  • It is kinda hard to believe anything Frank Parlato is talking about since he pleaded guilty for fraud and money laundering charges

    • That’s entirely false. Check your facts. After an 11 year investigation and indictment with 18 counts involving false charges involving millions I plead guilty to a single count of failure to file one form an IRS 8300 form involving $19,000 in 2010. It was regulatory violation and not a statutory. There was no victim and no tax loss. I reported the $19k on my 2010 tax returns.

      I am not giving out phony trophies

      • Don’t let the BS artists stop you …. I appreciate you shinning light on this disgusting game of fake titles … it degrades us all … thank you and pleaser keep up the good work

    • Oh the haters… grasping… grasping to find what a decade under indictment could not find, for it does not exist.
      Let go of the hate… it’s a wasted emotion.

  • I feel the article is Spot On regarding 99% of the Halls of Fame mentioned. However, there are a couple on the list that you can’t beg, barter, or pay your way into. Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame is one.

  • RE The Truth:

    Sa a se yon moso H-I-T pa
    Franky P!

    Franky P. se nan mitan yon tizzy 20 ane.

    Depi lontan….

    …..Apre yon nwit tipik nan fèt ak debalaj ak Ben Szemkus, epi li te pran yon move kokayin, Frank te jwenn tèt li ap gade yon enfomasyon byen ta nan mitan lannwit, pou la.
    Karate Hall of Fame.
    Frank te voye yon aplikasyon Karate Hall of Fame (yon chèk pou $19.99) bay yon Mesye Alan Goldberg.
    Malerezman, aplikasyon Franky a te rejte (chèk li a rebondi.)

    Franky, menm jan ak yon jèn Hitler dezenchante ak yon gwo resantiman paske yon lekòl atis te rejte l, te sèmante revanj!

    Nòt bò:
    Etranj tou de lekòl atizay la ak Karate Hall of Fame te dirije pa jwif. Mesye Gold’berg se yon jwif.

    • more chatgpt .

      On another note, Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel Larusso how to stand on one leg and kick another guy in the face. I think he got in the hall of fame for that.

      • Chatgpt translated:

        This is a H-I-T piece by
        Frankie P!
        Franky P. is in the middle of a tizzy 20 years.

        A long, long time ago…..

        ….in a galaxy faraway….

        …..After a typical night of partying and debauchery with Ben Szemkus, and snorting bad cocaine, Franky found himself watching a late night infomercial for
        The Karate Hall of Fame.
        Frank sent in a Karate Hall of Fame “application” (a check for $19.99) to a Mr. Alan Goldberg.
        Unfortunately, Franky’s “application” was rejected (cuz the check bounced.)

        Franky, much like a disenchanted young Hitler with a deep resentment for being rejected by an art school, has sworn revenge at cost! Hence this article and a thousand like them under various pen names.

        Side note:
        Strangely both the German art school and the Karate Hall of Fame were run by Jews.
        This fact possible explains why Frank’s favorite insult is “go suck on a tailpipe”.

  • Hey Frank! Great article! I knew Alan Goldberg, Dana Stamos and Gary Amen – all people mentioned in these comments. I have a lot of information about each of them that they do not want to come to light. I know for a fact how crooked these people are. Please keep digging!!!! You will find much more than Goldberg selling plastic trophies to people whose egos are bigger than their brains. I have a feeling you already know this. I hope you expose these crooks like you did the NXIVM cult!!!!!!!!!

  • What exactly is the correct measure of anyone being considered for a Hall of Fame Award? Perhaps over 50+ years of teaching, training, producing an incredible group of blackbelts? Perhaps having an excellent competition record in forms and fighting in one’s younger days? And perhaps all of this sums up the word of mouth that this martial artist is a real deal, the humble master. This would make sense but then what would be the correct Hall of Fame to induct such a fine master into? This article is an excellent analysis of the “hall of fame” business of “hall of fames! Great job Frank!
    And while we are discussing this, I might add there is a lucrative business in bogus certification of people into all manner of high ranks including the rank of Grand Master! Then they go to the social media; bullshit pandering to a crowd that has little idea of what it entails to be a Grand Master or any high rank actually earned in martial arts. Worse than that these phony GMs BS new students into their world of inferior training thus polluting the credible martial arts world. It is interesting that real Masters of karate from any art seem to share a special comradeship with others who have earned their laurels the honest hard way. We see a clear difference between a real Grand Master and that worthless ilk I refer to as “Street corner masters!”
    I salute all of the real Grand Masters in closing… OSS!

  • Hi everyone, it’s been brought to my attention that my name is in a photo in this article. I am not sure why I’m even referenced here. I have no idea why I’m even being associated with this period I did attend Alan Goldberg’s event in 2010. I’m not sure what else would be relevant or relative to me relating to this article. Wishing everyone a great day. Mr. Mike. PS I don’t follow this gentleman nor know who he is. As for the feud between Frank Dux and Alan Goldberg, That’s also not on my radar. I don’t have anything to do with that or care about any of that. OSU

    • First off there is no feud between Goldberg and myself. You don’t see me out defaming his name to make myself relevant or to financially benefit as he historically does with me. We were cordial until I didn’t “seek his permission” to host WOFP Frank Dux Fellowship Awards which is a Charity dinner he mistook for a competing HOF martial Art event. He went berserk telling anyone who dare go to FDF event was on his hit list. See Gary Lee was hosting a Martial art event and complained about that and the Godfather stepped in flexing his alleged Mafia connections. I canceled the fund raising event at the request of the Charity beneficiary Heroes Hearts as they just couldn’t pull their end up with an unexpected turnover in staffing. Instead, since this is a global organization and event we moved it to Mexico City. We acknowledged the humanitarian contributions of 15 awardees and raised enough donations for 400 underprivileged kids to enroll in Martial Art schools throughout the city. That’s what martial arts is supposed to be about- being in service to others not yourself.

  • This whole story….

    …..Sounds to me like sour grapes….

    Frank can’t even get a nomination for the Karate Hall of fame let alone get inducted into it. Boohoo!

    The website links don’t work because the websites are fakes of the real ones. Somethings smells and it’s not Shadow’s underwear!

    • What certificates or trophies did you ever buy? You wimp. You better watch your mouth or I’ll send Nice Guy to steal your wife. Not that Nice Guy is attractive. He’s ugly as sin, but that will humiliate you further when your wife leaves you for him, and everyone will laugh at you.

      BTW I’ll have you know that I am a Bishop [$10], obtained a Doctor of Divinity [$20], and got my certificate of sainthood [$5] from the Universal Life Church under Biship Hemsley.

      • You can be anything if you pay for it. Pay me enough $ and I will certify you as a deity or a prophet or another son of God. If you want to be the legitimate son of God, you have to pay more $. I just wanted to point that out!

      • Addendum. The title Vanguard is unfortunately already taken. A certain K. R. has paid me enough $ that another title Vanguard is no longer available for purchase. It is sold out!

        • You raise a good point. How much did you pay for your certificate of Vanguardship ?

          Is the title Legatus available ?

          • The title Legatus is currently unavailable due to insufficient demand, because it has not been in demand for about 1800 years, especially since the end of the Roman Empire. And since that time, the last time I sold such a title. To reissue and revive the title is difficult and time consuming, because this document is made only on parchment and associated seal. The seal has been lost and the scribe who made the last document of this type has since passed away. If I can find a skilled scribe who can produce the desired document and I can overcome the supply difficulties due to disrupted supply chains for parchment, I will consider reissuing the title Legatus. There seems to have been some demand again.

          • I have a lady friend currently incarcerated who would be interested if the price is right and you can guarantee not to issue it to more than a couple hundred others.

  • There are people who are paid to promote this bogus buy “your honors’ title and award scam.

    They also sell bogus Rank Certificates [i.e. blue brown, black belts etc.] in Martial Arts systems.

    A one Dana Stamos with one Gary Amen sold bogus rank certificates with my name on them – without my permission or knowledge.

    I made a demand to remove my name and evidently forged signatures from their martial arts rank certificates. Rather than oblige, MS Stams plagiarized the distinguished writer Allen Woodman’s articles using them on her websites to pretend she was a martial art authority and unbiased journalist.

    Ms Stamos and her associates like Master Godfather Two Score plus four Halls of Fame Inductee Alan Goldberg & Company are not entirely unlike people who sell bogus university degrees.

    They pay celebrities to legitimize their business – which is selling certificates and trophies.

    Ms. Stamos mischaracterizes shedding light on these bogus trophy events as an attack on the good people in the martial arts world.

    Ms. Stamos might want to turn her skills to shielding Master Godfather Goldberg from G-Titti [Goldberg Truth In Trophies Initiative] which is gaining momentum as a way to stop the fake trophy business from suckering in the unwary.

    It’s about time a light is shone on such dark behavior and driving out of the martial arts wprld its seedy godfather and his female minion to make way for legitimate martial artists.

    Well done Frank Report!

    Protecting the public from being scammed? That’s what Ms. Stamos calls an attack? I call that an admission of guilt. How about you?

    • That is all true Frank. You are just scratching the surface. Dana Stamos is not a martial artist. Her so-called “instructor” simply gave her a honorary black belt that she could not earn on her own. Those who know her have said that it was in return for “favors”.

      Now she goes to these bogus hall of fame events like she is some kind of black belt master. She poses with her fake black belt and posts those photos everywhere. She is just another fraud.

      The truth is she is nothing more than an attention whore and Alan Goldberg’s hitman.

      You mentioned she claims this is an attack on the good people in martial arts. WRONG! It is exposing the BAD PEOPLE in the martial arts!!!!!!!!!

      You mentioned Gary Amen – he is exactly the same. When Goldberg wants to defame somebody’s character – he calls Dana Stamos and Gary Amen and tells them to spread his lies.

      Like good little minions they start calling everybody they know in the martial arts world and throwing mud on the victim’s good name to please their Godfather.

      All this selling of ranks and fake hall of fame trophies is just scratching the surface. Keep looking and you will find many cases of deliberate defamation and character assassination and sexual assaults and harassments and drugs and racketeering.

    • Mr.Dux, 👍🏼🇺🇸💪🏼 100%
      I have 20 years under my belt and I would NEVER! Expect any of those things for a lot of reasons…buying them means nothing!! Owning such “titles” is not impressive 👎🏼

  • Mr Frank I am trying to figure out which hall of fame I should become inducted from.

    My question is this. I’m being bullied at school and if I could show the bullies I’m in the martial arts hall of fame certificate they will get scared and stop picking on me.
    But which one should I get.

  • Great article! I have seen these hall of fame scams over and over again. I know one lady who sent in an application for her dog to be inducted into Alan Goldberg’s Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors, and guess what – HER DOG WAS PUT INTO HIS HALL OF FAME! It does not get much more bogus that that!!

    And THIS is just the tip of the iceberg where Goldberg is concerned. Do some more digging and you will find out that he does much shadier things than SELLING hall of fame awards! Keep digging Frank!

  • I’ve been to one of these awards ceremonies, but it was actually very chaotic. Seems everybody was Kung Fu Fighting. But I have to say, those kids were fast as lightning. In fact, it was a little bit frightening.

  • Alan Goldberg’s event is a hall of honors, not a hall of fame. He can honor anyone he wants and if someone wants the honor they can take it. Everyone loves attending his events. Martial artists like to gather together. Stop attacking the martial arts community. We are tired of it.

    • I’ve observed that ‘glass house’ martial arts communities attack each other.

      For instance, ‘Master’ Alan Goldberg, an enshrine of some 26 halls of fame, attacks Frank Dux about his so-called “preposterous” claims without considering how preposterous ‘Godfather’ Goldberg’s own claims are.

      Sunlight on Goldberg is fair. Let’s explore everyone’s claims. Let’s see what this martial arts awards events community is about. We can call it “The Goldberg Truth in Trophies Initiative.” [G-TITI].

      Don’t be surprised once word gets out that anyone can buy a ‘hall of honors’ trophy regardless of credentials the sale of trophies may take a big dip in sales. Attendance may go down, but Goldberg will have the pleasure of calling Dux or me a schmuck. It will be worth it.

      • It is worth noting that Dana Stamos is known to be associated with Alan Goldberg and plays a role in Goldberg’s organization. Stamos has been involved in disputes and legal proceedings related to her role with Goldberg, including allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, slanders, libel, and defamation. Stamos was sued for defamation and lost, costing her over $31,000 in the law suit. It is very possible that Stamos has been involved in spreading rumors or engaging in other unethical behavior on behalf of Goldberg or his organization. It appears that what you have uncovered about Alan Goldberg goes much deeper than selling worthless MA hall of fame awards, Frank!

    • Frank is not attacking the martial arts community. He is exposing martial arts conmen and women like you Dana Stamos!

      You may think you are loved by the martial arts community but you are not. Everyone knows what you do behind the scenes and how you use your website to assault peoples character.

      You are part of the problem in the martial arts community and you are not even a real martial artist and you know it. Tell the truth and stop your lies.

      People like you and Goldberg are now being exposed for what you are and you are in panic mode! Your buddies are getting sued for defamation in Florida. When that case is finished I expect you and Goldberg will be sued for defamation and fraud too. No wonder you are so panicked.

    • Goldberg is not honoring ANYONE; he is selling awards to suckers. Martial artists can gather together without some scam artist charging them for a cheap chicken dinner and cheap junk award.

      This reporter is not attacking the martial arts community; he is attacking those who are ruining the martial arts community. But you wouldn’t know about that, Dana, as you ARE NOT A MARTIAL ARTIST, just a glorified groupie.

      Mr. Palarto, I hope you look into Dana Stamos’ background and activities too. I am sure you will find it VERY enlightening.

    • The martial arts community reacts with anger and disappointment when they discover that someone has misrepresented their training. This is precisely what happened when Dana Stamos was exposed for faking her black belt and defaming other martial artists. A honorary black belt is NOT a black belt, Dana. STOP misrpresenting yourself as a real black belt!

      Black belts are highly respected in the martial arts world, and they represent years of dedication and hard work. To claim a black belt when one has not earned it is a grave offense, and it undermines the achievements of those who have worked tirelessly to earn their rank. But Stamos’s deceit did not end there. She also made false accusations against other martial artists, claiming that they fakes, frauds, ect. These allegations caused significant damage to the reputations of the individuals targeted and created mistrust within the martial arts community.

      The actions of Dana Stamos highlight the importance of integrity in the martial arts world. Her deceit and false accusations have resulted in the loss of respect and trust within the community.

      The martial arts community knows her false claims were debunked, and her fake black belt was exposed. Her reputation was severely damaged. Other martial artists who had been targeted by Stamos’s false accusations came forward to defend their names, and the community rallied behind them.

      You should be ashamed of yourself, Dana Stamos! You have not only lied about your own training and black belt but you also lied about many others legit martial artists. What the hell is your problem? Then you come on this thread and act like you are the defend or even a part of the martial arts community? WHAT A JOKE!!

  • “… Eichel exposed the nature of the mail-order credentialing of organizations in the United States by obtaining board certification from the “American Psychotherapy Association” for his pet cat, Zoe.

    The Washington Post reported in 2002: “Zoe has been issued credentials by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and is a Professional Member of the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.”

    Eichel commented to BBC News regarding the motivation for this endeavor, “I felt I’d test my hypothesis and I did that by getting my cat certified by a number of the most prominent lay hypnosis organisations in the United States. It was a frighteningly simple process.” The certifications were obtained for his cat, under the full name, “Dr. Zoe D. Katze …”

    • I suppose Zoe the cat is as qualified as anyone to practice hypnosis, given that hypnosis is a parlor trick like Ouiji boards and about as effective therapeutically as any placebo.

  • What do you need to do to get in the Frank Report Commenter Hall of Fame?

    Cuz Ice-nine has wasted six years of his life on this mother fucking website trying to get in, and still hasn’t got his certificate yet.

    So where would you hold your awards dinner Frank? If I get in I wanna sit with Nutjob, Niceguy, and Pea Onyu. I’m worried about Niceguy running up the bar tab though, so we’ll have to do separate checks.

    • Be careful of Nice Guy, just ask Scott Johnson.

      But yes, indubitably, Ice Nine, you are in the hall of fame. The awards ceremony is coming, with nice shiny trophies, made of real metallic gold colored coating.

      • The gold metallic paint will definitely come from a spray can of the Gold Metallic color variant. It certainly contains a lot of real gold. This is certainly the same varnish as for the Golden Raspberry.

          • Due to our exclusive clientele and due to our limited production capacities, we only deliver to selected customers. Unfortunately, our production capacities are currently exhausted and reserved for our preferred customers. Therefore, we cannot accept any new orders until further notice.

  • That was definitely different from all the other articles. One time, when I was younger and naive, I thought I was dating a doctor. Frank had to tell me I was being fooled by a con artist. I didn’t know people could order certificates for just about anything. The guy turned out to be a violent felon.
    Thanks for saving me Frank

    • Anna, that was worse than the guys pretending to be a girl named Nancy from Ghana nipping money from Ronnie.

      Did I tell you Ronnie is sick?


          • This is a perfect example of what these people do Frank…when they get exposed, they always seem to lash out at Frank Dux, Stephen Hatfield, Bohdi Sanders or some other martial artist who has had the balls to stand up to them. This person is obvious making reference to Master Bohdi Sanders because he had the balls to stand up against them and hit back. We need more martial artists like Master Bohdi and a lot less like Alan Goldberg and his fake bought buddies!!!!

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