Clare Bronfman Could Be Forced to ‘Start Over’ in Battle With BOP for Prison Camp Placement

Clare Bronfman

The BOP may send Clare Bronfman back to “Start.”

On July 5, 2022, Clare Bronfman filed a petition seeking the federal court to order the BOP to drop the sex offender label from her Public Safety Factor [PSF] on her file.

The label, her attorneys alleged, prevented her from placement in a prison camp.

On November 9, 2022, the BOP agreed to settle the lawsuit with a stipulation of dismissal.

The BOP and Bronfman agreed: “that, as of November 9, 2022, petitioner’s Bureau of Prisons classification does not include a “sex offender” public safety factor.”

The Court approved the dismissal on November 21, 2022.

Clare’s attorneys, Ronald Sullivan of DC, Duncan Levin of Brooklyn, and Michael L. Chambers Jr, of C.T., brokered the settlement with BOP.

Within days after the lawsuit was dismissed, and the BOP dropped the “sex offender” label, FCI Danbury scrubbed Bronfman’s contacts, denying her phone calls and visits from more than two dozen friends, relatives and an attorney.

The BOP canceled her weekly legal call, and when lawyers came to FCI Danbury, where Bronfman is housed in a low security prison,  officials did not provide a heated room for their meeting.

Her lawyers allege the prison is retaliating adding that officials gave Bronfman conflicting information about her status. Though the sex offender label was gone, the BOP did not transfer Bronfman to a prison camp.

On January 20, Bronfman’s lawyers filed a motion to reopen her lawsuit, writing:

“Though BOP did remove the sex offender label from her file, Ms. Bronfman continues to be treated as though she has been convicted of a sex offender.” 

Clare Bronfman, 43, was sentenced to 81 months in federal prison, with a release date of August 18, 2025 – two years and six months from today.

Bronfman remains at low-security FCI Danbury, and has not been moved to the minimum security camp as her attorneys expected.

Her attorneys asked the court:

  1. for an issuance of a writ of habeas corpus directing [BOP] to remove any references to sex offenses from [Bronfman’s] record;
  2. to cease any requirement that she participate in the Female Integrated Treatment (FIT) program;
  3. to restore Petitioner’s telephone and email privileges;
  4. to provide Petitioner and her attorneys with a space suitable for legal visits to allow Petitioner to both meet with and speak with her attorneys on the telephone;
  5. to grant her time credit for early release… pursuant to the CARES/First Step Act.

BOP Fights Back

The BOP, objecting to Bronfman’s motion to reopen, argues that Bronfman blew it. The stipulation of dismissal ended the case.

The BOP dropped the sex offender label on Bronfman’s file. Nobody promised anything else, such as the BOP had to transfer to a prison camp or not cut off contact with her friends.

The BOP lawyers wrote, “As a procedural matter, the Court administratively dismissed the above-captioned matter
after Petitioner stipulated that the condition of confinement she challenged … BOP’s application of a ‘sex offender’ Public Safety Factor (PSF)… was resolved because BOP had removed the PSF.’

Ronald Sullivan represents Clare Bronfman. Did he fail to button down the Stipulation of Dismissal, or did the BOP play foul with his client?

The BOP also argued that Bronfman cannot even start a new lawsuit immediately.

The BOP argues that before she can sue on a “new litany of complaints regarding the conditions of her confinement,” she must “exhaust” her administrative remedies.

The BOP cited the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) which states that “[n]o action shall be brought… until such administrative remedies as are available are exhausted.”

The BOP argued Bronfman “failed to exhaust these new grievances through the BOP’s administrative remedy process.”

Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere. 

This may send Bronfman back to a more than year-long process. She went through the four step administrative process when she began her lawsuit in 2021.

The BOP’s four-step Administrative Remedy Program involves

(1) an attempt at informal resolution;

(2) a written remedy request to the warden;

(3) an appeal to the regional director; and

(4) an appeal to the BOP general counsel’s office.

The judge will have to decide whether the BOP met its obligation by the letter of the law by dropping the sex offender designation, or violated the spirit of the law by dropping the words ‘sex offender’ then retaliating and treating her as if nothing changed at all.

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  • Camp?!?! Wtf… NO! She is a sex offender whether she wants the title or not. Sounds like a woman who is still in some serious denial. Poor baby just can’t imagine why she should be treated so unfairly🥲 I hope she rots in there. There is NO excuse for her role in destroying so many lives!! She’s a freak!

  • Clare Bronfman has been getting some credits as her release date is sooner than when she first went in.

    Her lawyers have it wrong. Saying if she takes the FITS program she is admitting to sex offender crimes is bad advice from them.
    Many prisoners take that program that aren’t sex offenders.

    What are her lawyers afaird Bronfman might discover about herself if she takes that program?

    Being cut off from NXIVM loyalists is what the Judge ordered for all the defendants. It’s taken the BOP time to realize this order, who those people are and put it I to place.

    Of course Raniere and Bronfman lawyers make more money by filing law suits about this being a problem.

    For both Raniere and Bronfman is most likely is a problem not being in touch with their NXIVM Loyalists.

    Raniere cannot control his people if he can’t keep a leash on them.

    Bronfman whole world is the people in NXIVM. That would only give her, her mother and Sara Bronfman as family to connect with.

    Bronfman US family has cut her off for what she has done to her father and the family name.

    What Bronfman has left would be friends she has made while in prison.

        • Do I know details about their private communications? No. Therefore I can’t exclude them. If I can’t do that, I also can’t exclude any subjects they would cover, should they exist.

  • On the bright side, this will help her pass the time which is good since it’s hard to find good hobbies in prison.

    • A wise tranny once said:
      “Mess with the bull get the horns, don’t twist the lions tail and for God sakes, whatever you do, don’t fuck with the horse faced woman.”

    • Sullivan is in this for the money only. If he wanted to help his client Bronfman he would be approaching this from a different direction.

      He’s not out to really help Clare Bronfman. He wants her money

  • Gotta love our legal system- acting as if the elimination of the word and designation of sex offender has no legal significance or impact whatsoever.

    Let’s just eliminate that as a designation for everyone since it has no relevance to sentencing or placement.

    • Shadow,
      I admire how you stand fast in the face of constant assault by brainwashed absentminded cretins. It is such a sad world we live in, but it’s humbling to see there are people with a conscience out there.

      • I have seen no evidence that shadow state has ever had an original thought in his or her life, if you wanna talk about brainwashed.

  • So Bronfman, like Raniere, doesn’t like the conditions of her imprisonment. Too damn bad. Maybe they should have thought about this before committing a bunch of felonies.

    Funny, I don’t remember either of them ever so much as mentioning prison reform or the justice system until after they were incarcerated. All Raniere was concerned about was coercing some hot cutie to send him humiliating naked pictures of herself. And Bronfman with screwing over innocent people using the same law courts she now expects to save her.

    What a couple of assholes.

  • I’m glad BOP pushing back on Horseface and her lawyers. I am not a fan of BOP but Horseface is just deplorable.

    Who are her 26 “friends, family…”? I mean, Squeaky & The Deadenders make up about 8, but who are the other money grubbing vampires trying get their claws on the dirty Bronfman money? We all know that’s why Squeaky & The Deadenders are still supporting Keith. They know it’s their Hail Mary pass to getting into Horseface graces to get her $$$. No on in their right mind would spend time wither her because shes fucking demonic.

    – Pilgrim

  • Clare has more than 2 dozen friends?

    Like, friends? Or “friends”?

    Are they being paid?

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