Bangkok Compares Predators and Their Sentences — Teachers, Priests, and Raniere

Utah teacher Brianne Altice had sex with four underage male students. She went to prison for four years.

By Bangkok

Frank’s article From Camila to Toni Fly; Raniere Took the Fall was decent.

But, I must point out a logical deficiency in Frank’s attempt to sway people into believing that Raniere is public enemy #1 and deserves his 120-year prison sentence.

Frank has pointed out all the ‘economic’ and ‘mental’ advantages Raniere had over Cami during their relationship.

Therefore, Frank is arguing that those ‘advantages’ gave Raniere such total control over Cami so that he’s essentially a predatory monster who deserves 120 years in prison, regardless of her age.

But is Frank overlooking something?

The problem with Frank’s reporting is that he conveniently ignores that thousands of public school teachers sexually abuse their students every year — yet ALL of these teachers possess a greater ‘mental’ advantage and ‘trust’ advantage over their much younger pupils.

Yet these teachers get very few years in prison relative to Raniere’s 120-year sentence.

Not one of these teachers got 120 years.

Raniere is not public enemy #1, and Frank should stop pushing that narrative.

Guess what?

Most of these perverted teachers get only a few years in prison when they get caught, even though some of them have had sex with kids much younger than 15.

They sure as fuck don’t get 120 years in prison.

Stephanie Ragusa, 28 had sex with two students, aged 14 and 16.  She got 10 years in prison, not 120.

How does Erasend respond to that?

How does Ice-Nine respond to that?

With silence, probably. lol.

In fact, even CBS News acknowledged that public school teachers are far greater sexual predators (to kids) than Catholic priests —- by a factor of 100.

Quote from article: “Hofstra University researcher Charol Shakeshaft looked into the problem… “Think the Catholic Church has a problem?” she said. “The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

What about this USA Today article:

Teachers who abuse students still find jobs inside classrooms. Yet, if priests were allowed to work in the church after sexually abusing somebody, the liberal media would go nuts and demand answers. LOL.

Priests Compared to Teachers…


What about this Newsweek article:

Catholic priests don’t commit sexual abuse more than other males, according to statistics. But teachers, as a profession, commit more sexual abuse than other professions, BY FAR.

That’s just common knowledge.

What does our newest liberal idiot, Rock Around The Block, have to say about this topic?

Methinks not a lot. LOL.

The liberal HYENAS are always carping about how the Catholic church is the greatest enemy towards children, and how conservative ideology somehow causes this.

When, in reality, the public school teachers’ unions have a FAR GREATER number of sexual predators in their ranks — which the media never questions them about.

Many of these unions attempt to protect their teachers when such allegations are first made —- and only agree to their termination/firing once the evidence is so overwhelming that they have no choice but to cut them loose.

Does that sound like a ‘good’ or ‘moral’ organization to you? LOL.

In fact, most liberal politicians support all public teachers’ unions — despite the fact that these teachers commit far more acts of child sexual abuse than Catholic priests.

My point is that these liberals don’t really care about the wellbeing of kids, they only care about scoring political points by criticizing the Catholic church for ideological reasons.

If these liberals TRULY cared about the well-being of kids more than anything else, they’d be demanding that we find a way to end the perverted and predatory behavior of public school teachers (with the same passion that they use to speak about the Catholic church).

Let’s get back to my original point that Frank attempted to refute.

I repeat it again… Keith does not deserve 120 years in prison UNLESS every public school teacher who sexually abuses their own students (some much younger than 15 years old) receives the same amount of prison time.

Anybody wanna dispute that?

No? Is that crickets I hear?

Yep. That’s what I thought. 🙂

Finally, Frank’s anger (regarding Raniere’s ‘control’ over Cami) is misplaced —- since it was HER OWN FAMILY who betrayed her and gave Raniere his power. It’s a deranged family.

Have a good day. 🙂

PS — I’m not Catholic, nor do I even believe in God. I think all religions are fairytales (including the Catholic religion). My frequent comments about Jesus being my Savior are meant as satire.

Jesus feeds thousands of his followers with a few loaves and fish.  

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Jesus walks on water.

I also don’t give two shits about how many abortions are done each year. (In fact, I think more abortions should be done, since too many kids are born into abject poverty). Abort them all, I say. 🙂

But, the Supreme Court did make the correct legal decision (since, whether we like it or not, the Constitution doesn’t address abortion either way).

Unlike the liberal robots on this site, I can approach each issue on its merits, rather than agree with any political party’s ‘agenda’ from top to bottom.

I’m an independent thinker, unlike 95% of FR readers. 🙂

Bangkok’s admirable piece is concluded.

Frank Report would only like to add that in our search of teachers accused of sexual abuse, there seems to be as many women abusers as men.

Should They Have the Same Sentences?

What if They Are Good Looking?

Many teachers accused of sexual abuse are not male, but female.

Here are a few of them…

Lisa Glide, 35. Age of student: 17. Sentenced to 5 years probation. Her victim said the “case was blown far out of proportion and reason. I was the initiator… not Lisa Glide. I was clearly not a young child, and Lisa Glide was not a sexual predator.”

Utah teacher Brianne Altice had sex with four underage male students. At least one of the students’ grades increased.  She went to prison for four years. 

Stephanie Peterson, 27, a teacher arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old student. Peterson got three years and five years’ sex offender probation – and not 120 years.

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  • It seems like the bottom line here is that you’re all a bunch of filthy old men who are furious that you can’t legally screw a 15 year old, and you’re mad that if you get caught with a 15-year-old prostitute, you’ll get in more trouble than if you were with an 18-year-old prostitute. Get a grip.

    • For my part, I’ve made my position clear to anyone of even mediocre intelligence: follow the age of consent laws of your home jurisdiction, and if you are traveling, follow the older age of consent of the two – your home jurisdiction or the place where you are traveling.

      The age of consent is the will of the people of the jurisdiction. It should be followed scrupulously out of respect for the community. Women, as well as men, should follow it, though I have heard some say otherwise.

      Because the ramifications for a person under the age of consent having sexual contact with someone older can be severe and long-lasting, offenders’ punishment should be serious.

  • “I repeat it again… Keith does not deserve 120 years in prison UNLESS every public school teacher who sexually abuses their own students (some much younger than 15 years old) receives the same amount of prison time.”

    Um, isn’t Keith in jail for a slew of RICO charges etc? Are you really this stupid?

  • I think if the woman is an attractive teacher she should not be punished if the boy liked it. As long as he is post pubescent.

  • [This comment has been edited for accuracy and brevity by the editor of FR]

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    • Keep doing this shit, Ginzo!

      I will never stop until you post what I actually said and what the real truth is, you lying guido!

  • You are only talking about one offense here. If that’s all he had done was one count of sexual abuse to a minor, you’d have a point. He had many other offenses in his case. He harmed more than one person, and took advantage of many individuals over many years. Much money was taken, labor was forced. I would most likely agree with you if it were that cut and dried.

  • Bangkok, if you don’t think that keith deserves a 120 year sentence, don’t worry, he won’t serve all of it.

    As for those teachers, some of them are fucking hot. The thing that sucks about them having sex with students is that one of them wasn’t me. All of my high school teachers were older than dirt. I must have went to the wrong high school.

    btw Frank – that photo you are using now for Ice-nine sucks. I like the old one better with the dude that had his face covered in ice.

  • Boring Bancok. Keith was sentenced years ago. Why are we still talking about his 120 year sentence? Get over it, find something new to talk about. Deadender’s waste their lives but so are people rehashing the news from years ago. YAWN.

  • Course the point Bangkok’s missing is that the scandal in the RCC was not that some of its priests were indulging in ungodly practices, but that their bevavior was being covered up by senior management throughout the Church for decades.

    Not only that, it was being exported to other places so it could spread and carry on unabated. This made it harder for law enforcement to clamp down on as once they began to investigate, the subject of that investigation was moved beyond its reach.

    And this covering up behavior went right to the top. Hence the number of victims rose exponentially as the priests involved were not stopped, and just carried on abusing for years and years and years.

    Their power and position of respect in communities made it unlikely anyone would believe the victims. The word of a child was given far less weight than that of an adult, and the holy word of a priest was preeminent amongst a devout Catholic community.

    It’s this misplaced devotion and respect in a community that makes an abuser a much more dangerous proposition, just as it did in the case of Raniere. And to echo what Aristotle has repeatedly said, his lengthy sentence had fuck all do with it. That would be an ecumenical matter.

  • In order of stupidity (1 being the most stupid), is this list accurate?
    1. Clare Bronfman
    2. Sara Bronfman
    3. Squeaky (Nicky Clyne)
    4. Allison Mack
    5. India Oxenberg
    6. Sarah Edmunson
    7. Danielle Roberts
    8. Michelle Hatchet
    9. The rest of the Nxivm hardliners (former and current)

      • I don’t remember how to spell these dumb fucks names. The point is how stupid they are. And the other commenter is right: India is the most stupid. She edges out Clare.

  • Bangkok Raniere and crew were blackmailing women into having sex with him.

    The only “deficit” is the dog turd between your ears which you use as a brain.

  • The info in this article is pretty accurate. But I don’t think anyone is placing Raniere as public enemy #1. The ethos around him is just fascinating, which is why so many talk about it..

    I assume we all know the most DANGEROUS place for children in America is in public schools. The Democrat Party is systemically grooming kids for sexual abuse and exploitation in grade school. They are now teaching about “pleasure based sex” with five year olds. We need private charter schools and homeschooling to 100% supplant public schools. It makes sense why so many teachers are sleeping with students: the curricular is grooming children for sex. Biden is a pedo-sympathizer himself and should be impeached and removed.

    About Dani and family. The parents are disgusting for siding with Raniere over their own children.

  • KR was not sentenced to 120 years for statutory rape so I don’t understand the point of this article or the any of the other ones connecting KR’s sentence to statutory rape.

    • Me, either. Vanguard had many other charges which he was found guilty of all. Not just the one charge. Also look how long he was doing this. The cases are all different.

  • “Willi Münzenberg: A Major World Historic Figure No One Remembers Who Dramatically Shaped The World

    by Charles Burris

    … Münzenberg, Koch states, ‘developed what may well be the leading moral illusion of the twentieth century: the notion that in the modern age the principal arena of the moral life, the true realm of good and evil, is political.’ …”

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