Source: Basit Igtet and Sara Bronfman Break Up

Anti American Muslim Basit Igter with his wealthy Jewish wife and sex-cult member Sara Bronfman. They seem to be on the run.

An inside source from Portugal tells Frank Report that Sara Bronfman has a new boyfriend and her husband is out….

The once heavenly romance and marriage – the nuptial bliss of Sara Bronfman and Basit Igtet – are by all appearances at an end.

Sara Bronfman

Sara, the daughter of the late Edgar Bronfman Sr, former chairman of Seagrams, Fortune-150, the one-time biggest wine and spirits company in the world, and for decades president of the World Jewish Congress, recoverer of Nazi assets stolen from Jewdom, and securer of the release of 200,000 Jews in the Soviet – the billionaire, and of Georgiana Webb-Havens, a tavern owner’s daughter.

Georgianna Webb and Edgar Bronfman, parents of Sara Bronfman.

Basit is a Libyan expatriate whose father was imprisoned, then died in prison, or, some say, executed by Ghadaffi.

The couple has two children.

Sara has money, inherited from her father; her net worth estimated to be around $600 million, with a succession of passive investments handled by her New York financial advisors, a sum which grew following her leave-taking of her former financial advisor, Keith Raniere, formerly of Clifton Park, New York, now of Tucson, Arizona.

An inside source from Portugal tells Frank Report that Sara, 45, has replaced Basit with a new “bronze Adonis.” A native of Portugal, the man spent numerous days and nights at Sara’s palace in Portugal, now her primary residence.

(She sold her mansion in Waterford, New York, and her luxury condo at Trump Towers in Manhattan, planning not to return to the USA.)

The addition of the lusty Luso to her retinue came as hard news for husband Basit. He could not evict the gent whose swarthiness, enhanced by beach sun, rivaled his own, with the former having the additional advantage of buffed-by-regular-workout chisels of abdominal rippling, which, one might say, caused a ripple effect on his lubricious wife.

Perhaps she recalled, after two children, and a decade of Basit, replete with vicissitudes of reputational fortune, the amours of the past when she experienced a succession of satisfying swarthy Latino lovers down Mexico way, both before, after and in between her delight with a certain American, short, it is true, square footed, with a case of strabismus, but whose athleticism, he was a judo master, and volleyball king, was surpassed only by his ethics, and the fact that he was officially declared at least in Australia to be the smartest man in the world, and later confirmed by a study the man, who alone was smart enough to do such a study, himself wrote and published that confirmed that his problem-solving rarity was one in 425 million (and, as to past amours, to set the record straight, lest one think infidelity is habit, the Hispanic contingent was decidedly, although shortly, perhaps minutes, after that petite but well proportioned man she married in a fever, and divorced in cold sweat, a surprisingly athletic man, as wiry and nimble on a horse as he was climbing in and out of her bed, had fully ridden away) and now after all this and a wearying decade of Basit comes young Adonis.

Basit fumed. He might be excused for it. A gigolo replaced him, a male, impecunious beauty, after her wealth alone. He knew. He would. The. gigolo was him a decade ago. Yet here he was, still her husband, denied and affronted, also impecunious.

In Libya, in Mexico, even Portugal, this would be an affair of honor. The sword unsheathed; the pistol drawn. But an affair of honor presumes a man has hearth, home, and honor a despoiler can despoil  

Basit could make no such claim to reclaim the boudoir where he and Sara shared morning coffee, a snuggle and more, and a daily read of the Frank Report. Sara’s trust owns title to both boudoir and the mansion encompassing and for that matter, title to everything else that can be described, by hopeful, helpful divorce attorneys seeking their share, as marital assets.

Neither can Basit return to his glorious Parisian condo in the shadows of the Eiffel from whence he used first to woo Sara a decade ago, when she was young and forlorn over the loss of her latest lover, the one [or maybe two or three] before Basit, the yellow-clad monk, aid to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, the lover lama, Venerable Lama Tenzin Dhonden, who left her panting in hot pursuit, ordered to return to monk-like behavior by His Holiness, himself, (and stop canoodling with her in the hot tub).

Sara Bronfman and lover Lama Tenzin.

When Basit married Sara, she instructed him to sell his Parisian condominium. He sold it, put the money in her trust, and began a nine-year stint as kept, coiffed, and of finest couture. Sara was about five months pregnant when they married.

As Basit said, weary of the timid hunter role, accepting the huntress, succumbing, as it were, to a seduction assignment, “prosperity glitters, adversity shrivels.”

Over the years, the couple tried their hand at entrepreneurial endeavor, from the Canadian-founded Libyan Chamber of Commerce to the announced plan of operating a worldwide chain of glorious luxury hotels, starting with one they leased in Provence in Southern France, surrounded by hillocks and fields of lavender. 

The couple described Basit as “an internationally renowned entrepreneur based in Zurich and renowned for its acquisitions of iconic hotels.”

The plan ended ignominiously, with the couple leaving the hotel owner sans several lease payments, firing hotel employees while failing to pay severance or, according to some, back wages, and packing in haste everything that could be construed as arguably theirs, relying on old common law that possession is 9/10th (or more) of the law, and the more recent but commoner, “if it ain’t nailed down, it’s ours!”

Ending their plan of niche hotels, with the one they leased and left in Southern France, another adage comes to mind: “They left and forgot nothing but to say goodbye to their creditors.”

Still in France, Sara tried her hand at education – one of her passions – other than men – by reviving Rainbow Cultural Garden, using child learning techniques devised by her mentor and former inamorata Keith Alan Raniere, a system where children are taught multiple languages by a phalanx of nannies of foreign birth, of indeterminate background and lower wages, alternating on different days to speak to the children in their native tongue, as Sara had done for her own children with her seven nannies. 

In 2018, Sara described herself as “a philanthropist and entrepreneur who has been involved for 15 years in education and the development of human potential.”

Sara wished to share her wondrous methods (which were, but unspoken, really the methods of her god in life, her hero, the only man she could tribute with the august appellation of ‘Vanguard’ {as did her sister, who but added the word “THE,’ in all capital letters} and though he stood but 5’2 inches tall, to Sara [and to her sister,} all other men, including Basit, was, compared, but a pygmy) and yes to share the indifferent results of the inordinate babbling of alternating nannies with the good, honest working parents of France.

Sara was met with an underwhelming, if not unwelcoming response, as critical carping Frenchwomen and their men spread gossip that the child education system that would “guide children as young as two years” was developed by a man known to lead a sex cult, who branded women, and faced charges of sex trafficking, child pornography, and exploitation of a child – all things they learned from a tabloid publication called the Frank Report.

Her school went bust, and the mayor that Sara had purchased to politically support and pave the right way, including a free city-owned building for the campus, for which the good mayor cut the ribbon, even she, her honor, headed for the hillocks and lavender fields before the angry townspeople laid her out in it, though she wisely kept Sara’s generous donation.


In 2017, under Vanguard’s direction, Sara funded Basit in an effort to overthrow the Libyan government. The plan was to culminate in what was to be an historic event – Basit’s appearance in Tripoli on September 25 at the Monument of the Martyrs. Raniere and Sara planned it to be a marvel in the course of Middle Eastern history, using social media to promote the glad tidings to Libya and the rest of the world.

A new messiah was coming (kept secret was that the real Messiah was not Basit, but the man behind the wife behind him, THE Vanguard).

Confidently expecting to be hailed the new president of Libya by downtrodden masses clamoring to be freed from oppressive Western Libyan corruption and tyranny, Basit expected tens of thousands would come to join him in Martyrs Square. They would march back and take the country, reinforced with the ousted, the misunderstood. and the Taliban, who would come in from the desert, reunite with the people under Basit and create a no longer divided Libya freed from the baneful influence of the West.

Basit, the hero, would appear in Tripoli, and the people would cheer, as Raniere assured Sara, who in turn instructed Basit to be sure to follow through, show up and wear his best couture.

His wife wisely absented herself.

September 25 arrived. Basit landed in Mitiga airport and led small crowds from Tajoura to Martyrs Square. He appeared heroically at the Monument of the Martyrs expecting the tens of thousands to suddenly appear. But no one else did except a motley throng ready to give an uppity Libyan expatriate with an absent Jewish wife a beating or worse, possibly helping mingle his blood with those of the martyrs who died ridding the land of Ghaddafi (and now a ridding of a Bronfman and a Raniere) and a couple hundred curiosity seekers who came to see what the noise was about.

Thankfully for Basit, the corrupt and tyrannical leaders of Libya, with their baneful Western influence, sent a deputation of police to protect him. Basit escaped the throng safely and returned home to his heiress wife for further instructions.

The Taliban, seeing the promised turnout evaporate, fled back to the desert to resume the nomad existence that American-hating terrorists adopt. But Basit’s top aide fared not nearly as well.

The man who organized all the Raniere-inspired coup, the liaison for the Taliban, and for Basit, working on the ground in Libya, had an unfortunate accident. Libyan media reported he died accidentally while cleaning his gun the day after Basit left, a common type of accidental death occurring to Libyans who run afoul of the Taliban, much like suicide is common for those who run afoul of the CIA in America.

Bashir Garira is said to have died after being shot outside his home in Suq Al-Juma while cleaning his gun.

Leaving America

In 2018, after the arrest of Vanguard, during the prosecution of him and the upcoming, expected arrest of her sister, Sara permanently fled the USA, where she lived for years not far from her golden master. After, as we amply reported, residing in France and building a mansion, the couple abandoned it and fled to Portugal, as word of her possible indictment for her role in NXIVM was rumored.

She has not returned to the US despite her sister, Clare’s arrest, prosecution, and subsequent incarceration. Even at Clare’s all-important bail hearing, Sara did not return.

The judge had said in a previous bail hearing for codefendant Allison Mack that a show of family support made the difference in his decision to grant bail.


Sara did not appear, claiming motherly duties prevented her from coming to court, despite that her seven nannies and a private jet had not made it impossible for her to travel anywhere else for any length of time.  But as she said she was a “mother” first, and of this tender word mother used to describe her, some of her critics said, “and how,” implying a secondary meaning for the word.

She assigned her husband Basit to appear in her stead and pledge his assets, of which he had few-to-none in his name, against his sister-in-law Clare’s flight from jurisdiction.

Clare [center] with her mother [left] leave court.

At the End of the Day

Though Basit’s services were legion to his mistress, fortunes change, and, as they say in Portugal, caiu na rede, é peixe,” or, if I may translate, if it fell into the net, it’s fish.” Basit had fallen into the net, but was cast back into the sea.

As of last report, he is still on his allowance, but his main duty to his libidinous heiress-wife has ceased; that service provided now by an eager, buffed and swarthy Lugesian, more than ten years her junior.

Portugal with its warm sun and hot-blooded, dark-haired, moist-eyed young men, who, like other young men in other lands, often find heiresses, even middle-aged ones, whom somebody else, one not knowing their net worth and inner value, in that order, might find more likely akin to somebody’s matronly aunt, more than usually irresistibly attractive.

As the young and buffed Adonis looked at her dimly in the darkness of late-night dimmed light boudoir with a toast of Vinho Espumante in crystal flute goblets (of brilliant cobalt blue), and caviar alone atop ice in a mother-of-pearl gold server, adoring the tinsel puff glamour of life he was never able to dream, imagine, much less encounter, with frankly no assurance that he, like Basit, might be here today, gone tomorrow, still chose today to dare, or, as they say in Portugal, “em não arrisca  não petisca.” — “those who don’t take a risk don’t have a snack.”

Passion grew, as did his petisca and, accordingly, so grew the young man’s allowance.

Viva Executive Success!


Look for an update later.

Finally, some may wonder why, after NXIVM is dead and buried, and Sara Bronfman is living in Portugal, not connected to Raniere, or her imprisoned sister, Clare, why I would continue to write about her. Stay tuned for the answer. 

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  • On Reddit:

    “… “Since it comes up as subtext so often, I wanted to share this NY Times article from November 1988. I think it may shed some light on aspects of Vicente’s story. In all, I am sharing this because I think his membership in Ramtha and NXIVM were informed by a kind of anomie from growing up in very strange circumstances.

    The Antonio Augusto da Silva Vicente and his wife Juliana mentioned below are Mark Vicente’s parents. I think it’s pretty clear from the article that both were spies working in Portugal working on behalf of South Africa, and that they were sent to target the U.S. (as the country was shifting its policy viz. South Africa). Juliana was apparently working as an agent with some form of diplomatic cover immunity, while Antonio appears to have been working as a “non-official” or “illegal” agent. …”

  • Is there anything in the news about Libyan presidential elections (besides the CIA visit there a few weeks ago)?

    On December 16, 2022, Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and Head of UNSMIL addressed The United Nations Security Council Meeting on Libya, December 16, 2022.

    He said, “Together we must resolve to help the Libyans to mark the year 2023 the year of the beginning of a new era through the rise of legitimate institutions through free and fair elections.”

    The Guardian published an article about Saif al-Islam Gaddafi on July 20, 2022.

    The reporter wrote, “… In May 2010, he received an email which appears to be from supermodel Naomi Campbell with the subject heading: “Ghislaine Maxwell. Friend of Naomi Campbell coming to Libya”. The email described Maxwell as a “great friend” who wanted to go to Libya “with her boat” for “pleasure” in September. The email asked Saif to make it possible, gave him Maxwell’s email, and signed off with “hugs hugs” and “Love and Light”. It appears Saif replied: “Hi Naomi, your friend is welcome in Libya. Please tell her to get in touch with Mohamed” – Saif’s right-hand man. It is unclear whether any further contact was made. Campbell’s spokesperson said: “Ms Campbell does not recognise the alleged email exchange. As the Guardian has refused to provide her with a copy of the alleged exchange or to provide any evidence as to its authenticity she is not in a position to comment … Saif was mixing with global power brokers too, at the World Economic Forum. Its founder Klaus Schwab personally invited Saif to attend the annual Davos meeting in January 2011, describing him in a letter as “an avid bridge-builder and a true advocate of dialogue”. When civil war broke out in Libya two weeks after Davos, Saif promised to “fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet”. The World Economic Forum broke off contact with him.

    “Intelligence”, The London School of Economics, The World Economic Forum, Canadian companies, the CIA and many others who wanted control of Saif know this today: NATO’s war against Russia is against Libya, too.

    By the way: Saif introduced the Isratine proposal “to permanently resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict through a secular, federalist, republican, binational one-state solution”. What a terrible thing peace in the Middle East would be for World Economic Forum “stakeholders” and the weapons industry. 😢

  • From The Times of Israel January 3, 2021 …

    “… I know Libya is not behind the bombing because I was the long-time handler for the principal US government witness Abdul Majid Giaka, a Libyan agent who never provided any evidence pointing to Libya or any indication of knowing anything about that nation’s involvement in the two years after the bombing. Yet years later, he testified against the convicted Libyan intelligence officer, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, at the Lockerbie bombing (Pan Am 103) trial conducted at The Hague in 2000.

    The US Government prevented my testimony and hid from evidence the cables I wrote that proved Giaka knew nothing. When my cables were finally released to the trial at the demand of the defense, the court dismissed Giaka along with the two CIA operations officers sent to the trial to testify to his credibility.

    Yet today, the charade continues. The FBI acknowledges they have not even interviewed Mr. Masud themselves and are entirely dependent on an 8-year-old statement by an unnamed Libyan police officer from a country in the midst of a devastating civil war. Moreover, Masud had no history or signature for making the type of bomb that brought down Pan Am 103 nor for concealing bombs in Toshiba radios. The PFLP-GC (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command) did.

    We just observed the 32nd anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am 103. It is time to drop the routine CIA procedure of embellishing intelligence reporting to fit a preconceived outcome rather than following the facts. The families of Pan Am flight 103 victims have suffered long enough and deserve to now be able to rest assured that the real perpetrators of this act of terrorism, Iranian actors, are brought to justice.

    I am asking that the case be reexamined due to the availability of evidence against Iran and irregularities in the US government presentation of evidence at the first trial. The son of the man convicted made a similar request. He recently appealed the conviction of his father to the High Court in Scotland. The panel of five judges is currently reviewing the appeal, which was presented in late November 2020.

    Now is the time for former Attorney General Barr, who signed the original warrants against Megrahi, and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who led the DOJ investigation, to answer some questions: If Libya is truly the culprit, why did the US not indict Libyan intelligence chief Sanussi, who has reportedly been sitting in a Libyan jail since that nation’s revolution in 2011, and would have been in charge of any such high profile operation at the time of the bombing? And why was credible evidence pointing toward Iran ignored, given Iran’s clear motive for the attack as retaliation for the downing of a civilian Iran Air Airbus and its proven capacity to carry out attacks similar to the bombing over Lockerbie?
    Just a brief time remains for the current US administration to take action. President Trump has reportedly reluctantly shelved the idea of striking Iran over its nuclear program. At the same time, he is no longer aligned with an attorney general invested in the falsehood that Libya committed the bombing. This president still has an opportunity to take action.

    I served for more than 40 years in the Middle East and saw numerous Americans killed by terrorist attacks, all orchestrated and supported by the mullahs in Iran. I urge President Trump to bring Iranian religious leadership to justice for the Pan Am 103 bombing now. The US and Israel should work together to strike key Iranian military facilities, IRGC training camps and all nuclear development sites, both open and secret, before Iran gathers enough strength to strike again, which they will.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Holt, a Professor of Political Science at a US university, Served more than 40 years in the US Intelligence Community, including 25 years as a CIA Operations Officer in the Middle East. He was the long-time handler for Abdul Majid Giaka, who was the key US government witness in the Lockerbie trial conducted at The Hague in 2000.

  • Globalists planning to own and control every nation know this: Once-poor Libya is one of richest nations in the world. says:

    From the fascinating (very long) history of foreign interference in Libya on TheBrokenElbow (.com) …

    “… By this time oil had been discovered in Libya. Not just any old oil but stuff that was so pure that it was said that it could be poured straight from the ground into a motor car’s engine. That meant it needed very little refining and was more than ordinarily profitable for oil companies. So Libya’s abundantly fertile coastal strip was replaced by oil as the motive for foreign interference and for the best part of a quarter century the post-war settlement prospered: the Idris family ran the place and cut deals with oil companies that enriched them both while the British, Americans and French supplied the Libyan elite with its needs and exercised huge cultural and political influence over the country. The Libyan masses though were left mostly untouched by this enormous natural bounty, as they had since the days of the Roman Empire. (Question: What did the Romans ever do for the Libyans? Answer: Nothing) By 1958, the United Nations calculated that Libya was the third poorest country in the world …

    … Gaddafi and his co-revolutionaries made expulsion of Western oil companies and their governments a major and early priority. By 1973, BP and other foreign companies had been nationalised and oil production was firmly in the hands of the Libyans. The Americans had been forced to close the airbase at Wheelus (in 1974 you could still climb into the cockpits of abandoned American jets lying scattered around the base), the French had been chased out of the south and the British had emptied their military bases and training grounds around Benghazi …”

    • Information from The BBC:

      “In 2015, SNC-Lavalin and two of its subsidiaries – SNC-Lavalin Construction and SNC-Lavalin International – were charged with corruption of a foreign public official and fraud.

      In a statement of facts filed in the Court of Quebec on Wednesday, the company admitted that over the course of a decade almost C$48m ($36m; £28m) was directed to Saadi Gaddafi, one of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s sons.

      In exchange for the payments, Mr Gaddafi used his influence to secure construction contracts for the benefit of SNC-Lavalin’s construction division, “altering the competitive bidding process and causing a loss or a risk of loss to the Libyan people”, according to a statement from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.”

      Information from Wikipedia:

      “On 19 February 2015, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC) laid charges against SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. and two of its subsidiaries: SNC-Lavalin International Inc. and SNC-Lavalin Construction Inc. Each firm was charged with one count of fraud under section 380 of the Criminal Code, and one count of corruption under Section 3(1)(b) of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act. The charges allege that between 2001 and 2011, SNC-Lavalin paid CA$48 million in bribes in Libya to officials in the government of Muammar Gaddafi. They also allege that at the same time, the company defrauded Libyan organizations of CA$130 million. On the same day, SNC-Lavalin announced that they were contesting the charges and planned to enter a non-guilty plea …”

      Information from The Globe and Mail:

      “An heiress to the Bronfman fortune and her Libyan fiancé have launched a trade initiative between Canada and Libya, saying they want to break the legacy of corrupt deals under Colonel Moammar Gadhafi.

      Sara Bronfman, 35, daughter of the billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., met a former civilian pilot named Basit Igtet, 41, over lunch during the height of the Libyan revolution last summer while he served as a diplomatic envoy for the Libyan rebels, helping them gain official recognition from foreign governments. Ms. Bronfman became passionately involved in the country’s troubles, even visiting the eastern city of Benghazi for what she calls “a few very intense days” in November.

      On Monday, they announced the creation of the Canada-Libya Chamber of Commerce, with Ms. Bronfman as president and Mr. Igtet as chairman. Their group doesn’t yet have a office in Canada or a functional website, but Ms. Bronfman says they have already decided to avoid dealing with SNC-Lavalin or other companies that are alleged to have had close ties with the Gadhafi family …

      … Besides working as president of the Libyan-Canadian chamber, Ms. Bronfman says she has also taken on duties as president of the U.S.-Libya Chamber of Commerce. “Being involved in global issues is something I’d always wanted to do, and I’d spent a good number of years training myself,” Ms. Bronfman said. “I was ready for this type of opportunity and meeting Basit presented that to me.” …

      The negative press over NXIVM has not impeded her foray into international affairs, she added.

      “I think it’s a very unfortunate controversy that’s been conjured up about NXIVM and it’s baseless,” she said. “If you look at any organization that’s doing anything in the world, nasty stuff gets written about them.”

      Ms. Bronfman said that she and Mr. Igtet intend to establish trade organizations in other countries as well to promote ethical business relationships with Libya. She says the country must be protected from firms that would “take advantage of the delicate situation” after the revolution.

      “In its incubation period right now, it’s sort of like a caterpillar that goes though a cocoon and becomes a butterfly,” she said.

      An assortment of groups has emerged in recent months to broker business deals between Canada and Libya …

      … Canada-Libya Trade Alliance

      This industry group represents major Canadian firms such as Bombardier and SNC-Lavalin. The group’s president, Ali Malek, expressed doubt that many Libyans would endorse Ms. Bronfman’s view about avoiding companies with links to the previous regime. Any discomfort about Canadian firms’ closeness to the family of former dictator Moammar Gadhafi would likely be overcome by the gratitude Libyans feel for Canada’s role in the NATO campaign, he said …”

  • trying to connect the dots, investments and partnerships that were broad, diverse and extensive ... says:

    Is James Alefantis a Rothschild?
    Was the Cafritz family of DC connected to Alefantis’ art gallery in some way?
    Pam Cafritz gave $$$ to NXIVM.
    Clare and Sara Bronfman gave $$$ to NXIVM.

    Was Keith Reniere’s father an ad executive for Seagrams?

    “He often conveyed his conviction that believing in a cause obligated one to support it financially,” the obituary reads. “For him, philanthropy required community investment and partnerships that were broad, diverse and extensive.”

    • Best question of the day. She is being sued civilly in the Glazer lawsuit. But she has so far skated for being the main funder of NXIVM, higher ranked than her sister.

    • —The McCains’ fortune ties to the Lansky-Bronfman syndicatez.

      Wow, you read this “intel” on
      David Duke’s website.

      How’s the Chattahoochee River running this time of year?

      • To know for sure, one could start with The U.S. Mission to United Nations Agencies in Rome website.

        “Ambassador Cindy Hensley McCain was sworn in by the Biden Administration to serve as the United States Permanent Representative to the UN Agencies in Rome on November 5, 2021 …

        McCain holds an undergraduate degree in Education and a Master’s in Special Education from the University of Southern California …”

        Will a Masters in Special Education help The U.S. Mission to United Nations Agencies in Rome serve “as a link between the U.S. Government and the Rome-based international organizations … the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP), and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)”?

        Was Ambassador McCain was “the Chairman of her family’s business, Hensley Beverage Company, which is one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in the nation” in the same way Sara Bronfman was “The President of The US-Libya Chamber of Commerce”?

        • Official Update from the United Nations of the Multinational Corporations …

          “… March 2, 2023 … WFP Executive Board welcomes appointment of Cindy McCain as new head of UN World Food Programme … McCain will succeed David Beasley as Executive Director, who will have served six years when his term ends on April 4.

          The increasing number of conflicts, climate shocks and economic turmoil have led to a sharp rise in the number of acutely food-insecure people struggling to get enough food to feed their families – up almost 200 million since before the coronavirus pandemic. WFP provided more than 158 million people with food, cash and vouchers in 2022, more than in any previous year, and received a record US$14 billion in funding …”


          $14 billion to feed the world.
          $100 billion to help international bankers try to destroy Russia, as they did in 1917.

          “… February 27, 2023

          WASHINGTON – With more than $100 billion in U.S. weaponry and financial aid flowing to Ukraine in less than a year – and more on the way to counter Russia’s invasion – concerns about arms falling into terrorists’ hands and dollars into corrupt officials’ pockets are mounting.

          The special inspector general who has overseen aid to Afghanistan since 2012, and some House Republicans, warn of the need for closer oversight of the military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The scale of the effort is massive. The $113 billion appropriated by Congress in 2022 approaches the $146 billion spent in 20 years for military and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, though the cost of sending U.S. troops there was far higher.

          “When you spend so much money so quickly, with so little oversight, you’re going to have fraud, waste and abuse,” John Sopko, the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, said in an interview. “Massive amounts.” …

      • The “queen of conspiracy investigations” must have thought: “Something’s very wrong somewhere.” says:

        One conspiracy investigator you might respect wasn’t a hillbilly near the Chattahoochee River.

        “… Mae Brussell’s ascension to the throne as the queen of conspiracy investigations began with a harsh dose of culture shock during her childhood. Raised in Beverly Hills affluence, she was unhurt by the Depression (her grandfather founded the posh I. Magnins), and her family’s house-guests ranged from Jack Warner and Louis B. Mayer to Thomas Mann. Her father used to go bike riding with Albert Einstein.

        “I grew up,” she recalls, “thinking this is the way life was.” Then, in her early teens, the family took a trip around the world, and her awareness of suffering expanded in the process. In Bombay, she saw people sleeping in the streets. They had no homes or possessions, let alone memberships in tennis clubs. In Shanghai, their boat hit a sampan and split it in half. Other people came out in boats to get the clothes off the victims’ bodies. Some lived and died on their sampans, never getting to shore. She was not used to seeing such overwhelming poverty. In Egypt, it was the same. In Tel Aviv, the hotel her family stayed at was bombed. They were the last Americans out of Spain in 1936 …”

  • “U.S.-Libya Chamber of Commerce (USLCC)
    In December 2011, Hock was appointed to the board of the U.S.-Libya Chamber of Commerce, a bi-lateral business promotion organization fully supported by the United States Chamber of Commerce. Hock was replaced by Sara Bronfman, following his indictment on charges of assault.”

  • liaison for the Taliban, and for Basit, working on the ground in Libya
    TO Death
    for those who run afoul of the taliban? Sounds like an oxy Moran to me…

  • 2018: foreign interference continued to play a negative role.

    “He said the UN’s efforts to make the political process in the country Libyan-owned have not translated into reality as foreign interference continued to play a negative role.”

  • “The ridiculous attempt at overthrowing the government“ wasn’t a ridiculous attempt. It also didn’t target just one government. It was “The Arab Spring” series of “Color Revolutions”.

    In a Politico article from November 27, 2013, Byron Tau and Andrea Drusch wrote “… Former Sen. Joe Lieberman will be working for Basit Igtet on a government relations contract … Lieberman’s firm Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman has signed a contract with Igtet that includes “government relations services, communication of information to the principal and as well as [communication of information about the principal to interested persons in the public sector,” according to public documents posted online this week. Such communication will include “meetings with members of Congress, executive branch officials and others.” Igtet rose to political prominence in 2010 with his efforts to foster a rebellion against then-Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. He eventually served as a special envoy to the Libyan National Transitional Council. Lieberman, his former chief of staff Clarine Nardi Riddle and Mark Heilbrun are listed on the contract for Kasowitz Benson. Lieberman — who left office in January — cannot personally lobby members of Congress until 2015.’ …”

    Tweets from Eric Garland @EricGarland:


    “Friedman is Ambassador to Israel currently – and Trump’s former BANKRUPTCY attorney. “


    “When Trump made his bankruptcy attorney Friedman ambassador to Israel, the MSM focused on “hard line” politics nonsense.”


    “Kasowitz, Benson, Torres, Friedman FARA for Basit Igtet in the link here:

    “Registration Statement
    Pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended

    … Informational materials will be disseminated among the following groups:

    Public officials
    Government agencies …

    … The retainer contract in Exhibit B spells out the funding for the activities for Basit Igtet …”

  • Sara takes care of Sara. She uses and discards everyone but is never alone. Sara’s going to live a happy life abroad. Not to worry about Sara.

    Looks like any lawsuit against Frank is out the window since she can’t return to the US!

    It’s all bullshit anyway. These sick sisters target people and use their millions to take them down.

  • Is Igtet a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a traitor to the people of Libya and the continent of Africa or is he a young naive tool of old billionaires and out dated “intelligence agencies”?

    According to the title of the Wikipedia page, “Libyan Crisis (2011–present)”, the crisis in Libya began in 2011 and still continues today. Has anyone apologized yet for creating that crisis?

    It looks like life in Libya was better for most Libyans before the invasion. Maybe the CIA, MI6 and NATO knew Igtet’s family’s history and groomed him to be their puppet. If that’s what happened, how long was he a puppet? Is he still?

    International powers-that-be can pay for anything. Once strings are attached and goals are reached, puppets can be thrown away. Was Raniere a puppet? Was Epstein? Was Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell and/or Maxwell? (however many Maxwells might have been puppets) Were C.B. and S.B. puppets? Why is one in jail while the other is free?

    Were the Gaddafis worse than the Bronfmans?

    Wikipedia: “… Gaddafi became the de facto leader of the country on 1 September 1969 after leading a group of young Libyan military officers against King Idris I in a nonviolent revolution and bloodless coup d’état … After coming to power, the RCC government took control of all petroleum companies operating in the country and initiated a process of directing funds toward providing education, health care and housing for all. Despite the reforms not being entirely effective, public education in the country became free and primary education compulsory for both sexes. Medical care became available to the public at no cost, but providing housing for all was a task that the government was not able to complete. Under Gaddafi, per capita income in the country rose to more than US$11,000, the fifth-highest in Africa. The increase in prosperity was accompanied by a controversial foreign policy … ”

    So, Sara and Basit were supposed to replace …

    A government prone to nonviolence and bloodless national affairs
    A government in control of its petroleum companies
    Funds directed toward providing education, health care and housing for all
    Free public education in the country
    Compulsory primary education for both sexes (there are two)
    Medical care available to the public at no cost
    Per capita income in the country of more than US$11,000, the fifth-highest in Africa
    Increased prosperity
    A controversial foreign policy (that’s what had to go)

    That “controversial foreign policy” had something to do with that sovereign nation’s oil, gold and banking system and a beautiful plan to empower the entire continent of Africa. (Do the globalists not think it’s time for that yet?)

    Did Basit Igtet sell his soul to globalists or was he always owned? Would he have sold Libya and was Libya sold anyway? If Igtet sold his soul, did that happen after Neurolinguistic Programming intensives or just a little light “EMing”?

  • 2022: December 1 … The Middle East Monitor (@MiddleEastMnt on Twitter) asked:
    “What has the EU done for Libya so far?“

    Mustafa Fetouri (@MFetouri on Twitter) answered:
    “The EU has failed Libya because it lacks a practical coherent policy after it helped destroy the country in 2011.”

    Since when do foreign nations develop policies to rule other nations?

    Where is national sovereignty and international law in all of this?

    Maybe the smart people of Libya know a few wealthy families (from various countries); NATO; the CIA; MI6; a few international bankers and probably a few at the World Economic Forum were breaking international law and trying to steal their country to install Basit Igtet and Sara Bronfman as President and Prefect of Libya.

    If those who steal nations to rule the world still want Basit Igtet to be President of Libya: He shouldn’t be president.

    If those who steal nations to rule the world don’t want Basit Igtet to be President of Libya: He should be president.

    • Those most involved had coherent policies for themselves, not the Libyan people.

      “… The starting pistol has been fired on bids by Britain and other western powers to secure a slice of the oil prize in Libya when France said it was “fair and logical” for its companies to benefit.

      Alain Juppé, the French foreign minister, planted his flag in the sand …”

  • Well written, very funny and enjoyable read!

    I don’t think you and Sara will ever be friends….unless at some point in time she grows tired of her muscular young Adonis and seeks a new thrill: perhaps a mature, wise and weatherbeaten man, once considered an enemy and responsible for the downfall of her sister, and draws her checkbook…….

    • Our chance at friendship is getting slimmer. After all, we still have a civil lawsuit – she is suing me for a million, and I am countersuing for 7 million. The lawsuit is 12 years old but still active. As for friendship, I’d like to think I am ultimately going to be her friend – once she sees the errors of her ways and changes. I keep the door open.

  • I don’t blame her selling up her USA life. The FBI are still investigating four other claims by women sexually assaulted by Raniere. There’s more charges to come. This thing isn’t over. I don’t known if Sara was as appalling as Claire, maybe they got something on her too. One things for certain, although I would like to experience it for myself, money doesn’t bring happiness. I’m skint, always was always will be. Had Bronfman not funded Ranieres debauchery, she might have been a helluva lot happier. Poor cow. I wouldn’t like to be her.

  • Loved the descriptions!

    Like the brave Sir Robin of Arthurian legend, she bravely ran away.

    My heart goes out to poor Basit getting traded in for a newer model, something most guys don’t get to experience. Adonis has caught a very eligible heiress, but how long will it be before he too gets traded in?

      • Not going to post up my intellectual challenge to you, even though it’s 100% relevant to the article, Ginzo?!

        You fucking coward! I can smell your fear!

        I knew that you didn’t have the balls to answer it! So go ahead and trash this comment too! I know you read them, you fucking pussy! Silence me all you you want! You’re too late! America is already waking up, and one little poser paper-American carpet-bagging guido like you can’t stop it no matter how much you try to suppress free thinking and free speech!

        The American Spirit will always be stronger than your cowardly nigger tyranny! And then it’s off to the rope for all the kikes and niggers like you!

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

        • Haha!

          Ginzo claims to catch rattlesnakes but can’t even handle an intellectual challenge about the biggest snakes in this planet!



  • The ridiculous attempt at overthrowing the government is the most hilarious things I’ve read lately. Only a plan by Keith would end with a man dead and Taliban as enemies.

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