Bangkok: Raniere’s Rape of 15 Year Old Not a Crime in Most European Countries – But Raniere Gets 120 Years

Bangkok’s opinions are his own. FR’s policy is that people should strictly adhere to the age of consent laws in their nation or state, even when traveling.  In most US states, the age of consent is 16.

Here is a handy chart to keep you out of trouble.

United States Age of Consent Chart

Alabama 16
Alaska 16
Arizona 18
Arkansas 16
California 18
Colorado 17
Connecticut 16
D.C. 16
Delaware 18
Florida 18
Georgia 16
Hawaii 16
Idaho 18
Illinois 17
Indiana 16
Iowa 16
Kansas 16
Kentucky 16
Louisiana 17
Maine 16
Maryland 16
Massachusetts 16
Michigan 16
Minnesota 16
Mississippi 16
Missouri 17
Montana 16
Nebraska 17
Nevada 16
New Hampshire 16
New Jersey 16
New Mexico 17
New York 17
North Carolina 16
North Dakota 18
Ohio 16
Oklahoma 16
Oregon 18
Pennsylvania 16
Rhode Island 16
South Carolina 16
South Dakota 16
Tennessee 18
Texas 17
Utah 18
Vermont 16
Virginia 18
Washington 16
West Virginia 16
Wisconsin 18
Wyoming 18

By Bangkok

Our prison system is far out of sync with the rest of the civilized world. And Keith Raniere’s punishment is a case in point.

In many European countries, the age of consent is 14 or 15 years old (a few are 16 years old, but most are either 14 or 15 years old).

That means Keith’s indictment related to Cami (a 15 year old) would not even be a crime if he lived in most European countries.

And when European citizens violate those laws with a fully-consenting person who’s only one year younger than the age of consent, their justice system takes a more moderate approach when dispensing prison time (they don’t just “throw the book” at people and take away most of their lives, as we do here in America).

Ghislaine Maxwell received 20 years for a crime that probably wouldn’t even be a crime in many European nations.

Yet, we’ve taken away much of her life because it happened in America. Because we couldn’t punish Jeffrey Epstein due to his suicide, we had to unleash our fanatical anger on the next most convenient person.

I’m not saying Ghislaine is not guilty. She deserves punishment, but her current punishment is nothing but left-wing madness run amok.

Many FR members are part of this problem, including such extremely political FANATICS like Ice-Nine, Aristotle’s Sausage, Erasend, Joseph O’Hara and Ruth Graham.

Fanatics like Ice-Nine want to return to the days of burning witches.


Erasend would prosecute his own grandmother for jaywalking.

This distinguished know it all, Aristotle’s Sausage, would brand all cult members, but not on their groins with his initials, but on their foreheads, with a big letter ‘S’ for stupid – so everyone would know how dumb they are. 

The FR members who say Keith deserves life in prison are also the same people who have no problem with Roman Polanski engaging in fornication with a 13 year old girl after plying her with drugs and alcohol.

Roman Polansky raped this 13 year old girl in 1978. He then fled to France to escape a term of imprisonment.

Keith Raniere with his followers…

Keith did not give drugs or alcohol to anybody to make them consent more easily, unlike Roman Polanski.

Yet nobody is screaming for Polanski to get 120 years in prison.

Heck, most left-wing Hollywood bigwigs threw a hissy-fit when prosecutors wanted Polanksi to get just 3-4 years in prison. LOL.

Polansky with his wife Emamnuele.  The woke Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences gave Polansky an Oscar in 2003 for The Pianist. 

I also agree that right-wingers have made punishments too severe for most drug possession offenses, and that all aspects of American prison policy are in need of overhaul.

Have a good day.

Raniere was apprehended in Mexico, and brought to the USA where he ended up with 120 year sentence.

People have been punished with longer sentences for drugs than for rape and murder.


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  • Bangkok. It was a crime. She was underage. Your whole post is just gas. What’s the point you are trying to make. He broke several laws. He is a complete and utter criminal on so many levels. Morally corrupt and this led to him breaking the law. Left unchecked or released he would just continue in the same vein. 120 years! Perfect.

  • Bannnncock
    A lot of people were “ screaming “ that Europeansky~polansky was punished for his incredulous crimes against a child. He”s a combination between a greedy vulture and a cowardky mouse. He set an example that the elite can get away with greasy and evil crimes. The only difference is that he wasn’t up against Frank Parlato.


    my bff seduced a man ten years her senior .He was such a dumb dumb he allowed it to happen. I was hurt by his actions and probably hers as well (because I thought it was sleazy to entrap him)

    I confronted him and told him off. We were young. I thought that being there for my friend, and swearing to secrecy ( not telling the police) was proving my loyalty to her. Seriously not okay, but the point is we were children who were very confused.

    After that happened, I was scolded by my bff for challenging the man.

    I didht want her to push me back and then she’d have no one else to confide in.

    I took a step back from the situation and started to analyze my friends behavior and something was absolutely off. I got her confidence again and yeah. ..she was being molested by her pops. No joke. Turned out he’d been messing with her since as far back as she could remember. She was really mixed up. Broke my heart. I know it’s strange, but I figured just being her ear was something that she really needed. I went to college soon after. I wish I had done something more. We were both straight good students and were considered mature. But obviously not, because I only knew to keep my word to her and tell no one . So, I spent all my life looking at warning signs in people. Sad to say that most of the people who I’ve encountered in life who were sexually abused, later on had further issues regarding sex, power and control in one way or another. Point ? Point is that this bs adult / child sex junk is just that- absolute junk.

    Most people who are abused end up having a lot of challenges throughout their lives. So maybe it’s time to rethink archaic systems that were created long ago. I don’t care if fancy places in the world think it’s chic for adults to bed with children. I don’t care if rednecks from nowhere think grown-ups can justify sleeping with kids because it’s their custom. Denial is a disturbing mental disease that should be treated immediately. Having a creepy pedophile like this Nxvium adult thrown in the slammer is satisfying. It’s symbolic. It is a wake up call that there are limits to what these narcissistic people can get away with. These adults are sexual deviants and should be stopped. The kids need help. People might say «  oooooh well, kids today are not how they were when we were kids »

    Ah yeah. No s—- Sherlock. We can thank social media for that and the pedophiles in power who usually let this stuff go.

    When nxvium leader went to prison it was a huge success for society.

  • Simple solution. If you know the legal age of consent is 18, respect it. Then you won’t need to go to jail for rape. Voila!

    Enough with this infantilization of adult men, as if they can’t keep it in their pants to keep themselves out of jail.

  • The top graphic of countries’ various consent ages looks like a Risk™️ board game. Looks like Shadowstate is going to conquer Hungry.

  • This is an interesting piece and of course raises some important but contentious issues.

    Good points

    * age specifications for consent can be arbitrary

    * there is little doubt that the US prison system at both state and federal level is in urgent need of reform

    * convictions and imprisonment of people who are close in age to the victim, where the relationship is not deemed exploitative, may not serve either the interests of those involved or society at large; the law can be a blunt instrument at times

    Not so good points

    * Raniere’s sentence was not just based on Cami’s exploitation by a much older man with nefarious motives; such aggravating factors would in all probability have placed him at the higher end of the sentencing spectrum even in European courts

    * I’m not convinced Maxwell would have fared that much better in European courts either. She was after all trafficking very young girls on an industrial scale to a much older exploitative man, some as young as 14, over a protracted period. The corruption of so many innocents never goes down that well with the media or the public at large

    * The length of Keith Raniere’s sentence is perhaps also reflective of the considerable danger he poses to the public, and the very large number of lives he effectively ruined through indoctrination and exploitation. That said, I would not oppose his release on humanitarian grounds when he’s close to death at an advanced age


    You take a reasonable position: our laws are out sync with the rest of the civilized world with respect to punishment for sexual activity “under age”. However, you turn it into an unreasonable position blaming one particular group, the left.

    This issue has little to do with Left or Right, we are all Americans, we have together created these laws, we have the power to change these laws. Blaming one particular group is useless and counter-productive.

    The important point is to review these laws and the harsh punishments associated with them. Raniere was a hated figure but making him a scapegoat for having sex with a 15 year old serves no one. Punishments need to fit the crime. A 120 prison sentence was a harsh, punitive act, not a just act. For citizens to respect the laws, laws need to be fair and in accordance with societal norms.

        • Got a feeling that whoever is against KRs sentence is not all that upset about child exploitation. That’s too bad. Hope things radically change.

      • Umm..

        How about this:
        Keith Raniere was appropriately sentenced for crimes against children . The rest of the world should needs to update their own laws to protect children from such sickening, vile, destructive crimes against children?

        Children should not be treated like criminals for naïvely experimenting with each other, but NO adult (European, American, Asian, African or Latin ) should be allowed to rob and destroy children’s innocence and trust.

        All adults should be punished for crimes against the most important thing in this world, OUR children.

        Children could be mandated to take martial arts self defense in order to prevent them from being attacked and if the children don’t understand what is happening to them is a violation, they still should be protected.

        Just because someone is blind, it doesn’t give a robber the right to steal from someone who can’t see.

        We need to raise the standards of expectations in society. Adult child molesters should be charged for stealing ( innocence) from children ( who are «  blinded «  by naïveté and underdeveloped brains.

        Adult child molesters all deserve 120 days in prison.

        The day that happens society will grow into a healthier world.

        • Not 120 days. It’s years. But we get the point. Child sexual predators should all be held accountable for their crimes. It’s just as bad as attempt of murder at the minimum. Because they are trying to murder children s innocence. If they rape a child, life sentence absolutely. Hands down, across the board.

    • The problem with the post is
      Bangkok is missing the correct information, to begin with.
      Raniere wasn’t charged or sentenced for rape to begin with.
      Those charges were passed on to the NDNY, where the crime happened.
      Raniere was found guilty of 7 major RICO charges and 11 predicate acts.
      Each carried an amount of time Raniere could be sentenced to prison for.
      I was there at his sentencing.
      The Judge went through each one, talked about the amount of time possible low and high, and either added or took off time depending on the trial.
      When it was all added up, the time was 120 years.
      Based on Bangkok’s option, if Raniere wanted sex with younger girls, he should have considered going to another country. Where’s the fun in that for him? His nest was in Albany

  • Doesn’t make sense. How does a comparison of global legal age sex requirements impact Raniere’s case?
    Kids are at it very young these days, I know, I’m in education.

    Older men with much younger mental states often view this as an invitation to chirps 14 year olds – most of whom, although very excited at discovering sex with their peers, find this really f*cking gross, the very idea provokes gales of laughter!

  • Collateral used to coerce is his biggest crime. To suggest that women consented and wanted to be a “slave” of DOS is bullshit.

    The “contract” itself cannot be extreme into in good faith when they purposefully concealed that Keith was a leader- thereby undermining the concept as an organization for women only.

  • Weak argument Bangkok.

    See, in Canada:

    A 14 or 15 year old can consent to sexual activity as long as the partner is less than five years older and there is no relationship of trust, authority or dependency or any other exploitation of the young person.

    Also in Canada:

    Regardless of age, consent can never be obtained through threats or coercion and cannot be given if the perpetrator abuses a position of trust, power or authority.

    I highly doubt theses rules are much different south of the border and that it’s entirely part of why Keith received such a long sentence.

    Really don’t understand why you’re attempting to make arguments for sexual predators?

  • America is the worst. Our laws are totally fucked up and enforced haphazardly. The government is corrupt. Fair trials are non existent.

    Plea deals are “legal fiction” confined by the court. Lawyers are permitted and therefore encouraged to lie. It’s a shitshow – one that the fallacy of truth, Justice and the American way hides.

  • Keith is a psychopath and manipulator but all of his worker bees have gotten off lightly.

    How is it Raniere’s fault that these women got branded?

    They didn’t even know Keith was the mastermind behind it.

    He deserves time but not 120 years. His time in the Shu for 8 months should give credit for five years.

    Every year in the Shu should equate to five years of jail time.

  • The mistreatment of Camilla was most disturbing. Her suicide attempt was horrifically handled.

    But is this Keith’s fault or her parents fault – who remained loyal to Keith.

    The sister stayed in her room for months at a time and had people being her food. Is this Keith’s fault too?

  • Danielle Roberts has brought “”Stexy” a “new” program available for purchase (zoom classes) on her Instagram.

  • The lack of consistency in the US is problematic. Kids (under 16) are having sex all the time but no crime committed unless charges are pressed.

    In high school freshman date seniors and have sex – yet it becomes a crime if charges are pressed.

    Kids can change gender without ever experiencing their sexuality. It’s insane.

    • Richard, in Canada, no.

      Individuals under 18 years old cannot consent to sex where:
      There is an activity of exploitation (i.e. pornography, sex work/prostitution).

        • I think that with any case you have to take the precise circumstances into account, and that would include for example the person’s situation and motivation, as well as the legal context

        • Sure, some may argue that but the word exploitation still has a broader meaning than you’re suggesting …

          2. The action of making use of and benefiting from resources.

  • From the Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs:


    The oldest written laws designating rape as a crime were promulgated in the code of Hammurabi about the beginning of the 17th Century B.C.

    Hebrew laws, set forth in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) provided criminal penalties for rape.

    The earliest English common law included written promulgations of kings, starting with Ethelbert of Kent who ruled in 597 A.D. His laws and those of other kings did not often specifically state an act as a crime or civil offense but indicated the penalty or compensation for an act.

    In later English common law, rape was defined as the unlawful carnal knowledge of a female over 10 years of age by a man not her husband through force or against her will.

    This definition has generally been followed with some minor variations, except that the age of consent has been raised to a more realistic level.

    Rape embodies force, lack of consent, and sexual intercourse; i.e., penetration of the male organ into the female vulva or labia; the male organ does not have to reach the female vagina to constitute rape.

    Emission is not an element of rape and if it should occur prior to and without penetration a woman has not been raped.

    It is rape if a woman is asleep, has fainted, or is otherwise unconscious and a man has intercourse with her, even though actual force is absent.

    Intercourse is rape by fraud under some statutes if a woman is given a substance without her knowledge that unduly excites her sexual desires or prevents or lessens her resistance.

    • if a grown A$$ adult makes a move on us, we kick em in the nuts 💪🏾💪🏿💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻💪and call them off 😤😱🤢🤮At 15, our whole school makes fun of old perverts. 🤮🤮 Kids that date older than 17 r just «  different « . It’s so gross 🤮 kids might be experimenting with their sexuality but there is a line between grown ups and kids. Sorry 2 break it 2 u u old pedo freaks 🫠u r never gonna be young again 🫣🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫stealing OUR mojo is never gonna trick us into thinkin yer kool. U r ALL mothballs. Straight up

      • Moths are all drawn to light. Kids are the light. Perverts are the nasty buggers. Why are people missing the point? The leader of this particular sex cult has to be an example to the public at large to show the consequences of taking advantage of people who are vulnerable. The rest of the pedophiles should all equally have similar consequences. NXVIUM probably had contacts to scores of power influences that haven’t ever been brought to light. If the GOV can get away with allowing their pedos off the hook, they will. Too much was at risk with this case and too many people were not going to let up on finding justice. The problem is not that the known leader of this cult was finally sentenced for heinous crimes against humanity, the real issue is that others who also commit crimes against the weak are not. Why are people ok with kids having sex with adults just because some perv-y law makers agreed to it anywhere on the planet ? No 14 year old kid should be with anyone who can abuse their incredibly vulnerable, underdeveloped psyches or bodies. Ewww. Just ewww. Gag me.

  • Was Sarah Edmonson’s maiden name Bernhardt 🤔 The famously known tragedy actress?

    Sarah almost left the theater completely after appearing in her first role in her next school, the Comedie-Francaise. Apparently, her performance was so awkward that her mother called it “ridiculous.” It would only be for the relentless encouragement of Morny and other benefactors that she would remain on stage and develop her talent. This, combined with her growing reputation as a radical would lead her to worldwide fame.

    She was famous for sometimes sleeping in a coffin

    Sarah was a true artist, complete with unique quirks. One of the most famous was her preference for spending time in a coffin. To explain, she wrote in her biography: Quote:

    “Why a coffin? The world has always wanted to know. I will now reveal the secret. When I became an actress, I was so ambitious, I saw myself as the best and most famous of my time, in France at least. Of course it turned out that I became the biggest star on the firmament, in the whole world, and for all times, I have been told. I did not ask for so much, but I am grateful. I decided early on to nurture a reputation for eccentricity. Although Edward Jarrett knew a thing or two about. PUBLICITY STUNTS
    there was still much he could learn from me. Ergo the coffin.”
    End quote!

    Part of the publicity stunt included being photographed in her coffin. It indeed did the trick,

    • James Dean also had his picture taken in a coffin months before he died in his Porsche in California. It is like a bad omen and a sacrilege to do something like that as a living person. And what good did it do him, he ended up there faster than I’m sure he would have liked. All just showmanship and all just people without sense and reason.

      • Thats sad , she lived till 78 but more to the point her Publicity Stunt ( and his) only had consequences to them , Not to hurt others and ruin others reputations.

  • Speechless…
    It’s clear Bangkok’s blown a fuse for not being allowed to replace Toni Fly. This massive slap in the face has been creating a massive pent up frustration…

  • One more thing…

    I agree that if Keith took photos of a 15 year old, even with her consent, then he should be punished —- since the age of consent is higher in NY.

    But, a prison sentence of 5 years would have been sufficient (not 120 years).

    As for the ‘collateral’ charges, not a single FR member HONESTLY believes that these women wanted to leave Keith but only remained due to their collateral.

    Not once did Keith threaten to release collateral if they didn’t comply.

    While I agree that holding collateral is a bad thing, I also know that none of these women seemed to really base their ‘consent’ decisions on such collateral —- which is the WHOLE BALLGAME from a legal point of view.

    Read their emails.

    Truth is, the collateral issue only became their ‘defense’ AFTER the organization collapsed and these women needed a reason to justify why they remained in such a (now) hated group.

    “Please believe me, it was the ‘collateral’ that made me stay in DOS and get branded. Honest. I had no choice.”

    Well, I don’t quite believe that.

    Truth is, these women were looking for a sisterhood to belong to —- and they found that in DOS. These women wanted to be accepted into DOS to boost their self-worth.

    That’s all it was.

    PS — Yes, I’ve argued differently in the past. But, this is my position today so kindly EAT SHIT if you have a problem with my shifting opinions. I’m humble enough to shift my opinions when the facts demand it. Have a good day. 🙂

  • Hmmm. i think there’s a new leader in the clubhouse for what Bangcock does when he disappears from FR for months on end. Is he counting his change, buying a Eurail pass, and jumping from green14 to green14?

  • Just wanted to add…

    I’m not saying that all FR members (listed above) are totally okay with Polanski’s behavior, as I’m sure that several of those LIBERAL HYENAS will come forward to express ‘outrage’ at Polanski’s behavior (in a half-hearted attempted to prove me wrong).

    Perhaps a few of them even expressed some type of disapproval (of Polanski’s behavior) years ago.

    Big fucken deal.

    Here’s my main point… They sure as fuck didn’t display the same PUBLIC OUTRAGE which they have towards Keith.

    *There’s a difference between their level of anger displayed towards Keith’s crimes (for taking a photo of a 15 year old) relative to their level of anger displayed towards Polanski’s crimes (having sex with a 13 year old after plying her with Quaaludes and alcohol).

    None of these LIBERAL HYENAS took it upon themselves to publicly SCREAM about Polanski’s behavior on their own volition, before today, while demanding that he be imprisoned for decades — with the SAME PASSION they reserve for condemning Keith’s behavior.

    Where are the PUBLIC SCREAMS for justice for Polanski?

    Where are the PUBLIC SCREAMS for Polanski to get many years in prison?

    Those screams don’t exist.

    They’re just half-hearted whispers.

    Most murderers in Europe go to prison for less than 20-30 years.

    Yet Keith is in prison for 120 years?

    It’s nothing but liberal emotions run amok.

    Have a good day. 🙂

  • Nice try. Raniere was neither charged with nor convicted of statutory rape.

    And the age of consent in the United States is 16, according to Federal statute.

    No, Raniere is not serving 120 years for having sex with a 15 year old. His punishment for that icky transgression is nothing more than a guilty conscience (ha-ha yeah I know).

    Raniere was charged with and convicted on seven counts: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy; sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy; forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. 

    Those are the facts of the matter. Assuming anyone around here is the least bit interested in truth and facts (ha-ha yeah I know).

  • Only an idiot would think a lower age of consent is more “civilized” than a higher one.

    Regardless, when did Raniere get convicted for statutory rape? He was convicted of child porn possession and many other charges that garnered him 120 years. Nevertheless, most of the lowered ages of consent in Europe are for teenagers having sex with other teenagers or those not much older than them them. Morally balanced individuals think it’s creepy when a 43 year old man exploits what’s practically a father/child and/or teacher/student power dynamic to groom a 13 year old to have sex with them.

    Also, the last time I checked, there are plenty of people who think what Polanski did is morally repugnant. That’s also why he faces charges if he is ever to set foot back in the US.

    • He wasn’t convicted of child porn possession. That wasn’t even one of the seven criminal charges in his indictment.

      The child porn charge was just one of the predicate acts behind his racketeering indictment. Other predicate acts included extortion, identity theft, visa fraud, document servitude, etc., etc. The jury determined that the prosecution proved, I think, eleven of these. Only two are needed for a racketeering conviction.

      It’s important to keep this stuff in perspective. The Cami pictures and the underage issue are of little importance in Raniere’s criminal conviction and sentencing.

      It’s a non-issue. A red herring. The dead-enders have tried to blow it out of proportion and the Frank Report is helping them. Now we’ve got the discussion turned around to “does Keith deserve 120 years for these alleged underage pics of Camila?”


      • But it WAS a predicate act that was proved and convinced the jury. Therefore, he was effectively convicted of child porn possession.

        The deadenders want to make it ALL ABOUT child porn possession because they claim that it was tampered with and it was what got all of those who supported Raniere but were going to be tried to take plea deals.

        It’s not a non-issue, but it doesn’t define the case like the deadenders claim, because Cami’s pics were irrelevant to the sextortion and trafficking. Raniere is a groomer, a statutory rapist and a child pornographer. He’s morally despicable. That’s why people get thrown in jail, because the law’s underlying basis has always been about morality even if laws aren’t always written considering moral issues.

    • I do not think the mere fact of Bangkok discussing the comparative age of consent, and the punishment meted out in various lands means he is a pedo.

      • Which brings just “Having the Conversation” as a justification for punishing people.
        I think that’s an interesting part of all this ~ like just because people partook in the conversations in class doesn’t mean their culpable or were aware of behind closed doors.

    • FYI:

      My nephew, Bangkok, is into Milfs and Gilfs. He claims women without dentures give the best [redacted].

  • Frank you idiot! You will post just about any nonsense you can get your grubby hands on. You gotta have some journalistic integrity!? Actually…never mind…you clearly do not.

    • It’s clickbait. Clickbait works. Over 20 responses so far and counting.

      Keep in mind that this is an entertainment site. It certainly keeps me entertained!


        If it’s legal or not to have sex with a minor isn’t really the point. We are not legislators enforcing laws, we are discussing if it’s right to help put an end to abuse.
        In Europe it’s considered legal to have sex with a sibling. Whaaaatever. Maybe Snoopy and Charlie Brown stamp these laws-seems like it…and maybe mickie mouse? Here’s what’s real~kids get messed up when predators take advantage of their fragility, curiosity and neediness for connection. Being a kid or a teenager is hard hard times. Puberty, leaving childhood, hormones, depression, not knowing what’s really going on in your family or in the world at large, scary look for comfort and yes, love, guidance. These precious young souls deserve to safe-they need honorable adults who won’t take advantage of their tender age development. I am firmly committed to fighting hard to grant our youth the opportunity to beal, learn to. Create healthy boundaries, let’s get this party Please watch youtube

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