Clare Bronfman Gets Nine Months Shaved Off Prison Sentence

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons [BOP], Clare Bronfman’s release from prison will come nine months early.

The former NXIVM leader is now scheduled to leave prison in 31 months – on September 2, 2025.

It is unclear why Bronfman benefited from a more than 10 percent decrease in her sentence – but some or all of it may be due to BOP recalculations of earned time credits as part of the First Step Act.

The BOP initially set her release date for June 14, 2026. 

On September 30, 2020, Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Bronfman to 81 months in federal custody. Her sentence was 54 months above the high end of the applicable Sentencing Guidelines range of 21-27 months. 

Bronfman has served 28 months of her sentence. Adding 31 months means the Seagram’s heiress, who funded NXIVM, will spend 59 months in prison. 

Bronfman spent most of her first 20 months at the Philadelphia Detention Center, a high-security facility.

The Philadelphia Detention Center

Last spring, the BOP transferred Bronfman to FCI Danbury, a low-security facility.

In November, the BOP settled a lawsuit with Bronfman by agreeing to remove her Public Safety Factor [PSF] designation from her file.
The PSF designation was based on a presentencing report by the US Department of Probation, which tied her to NXIVM founder Keith Raniere’s crimes of conviction for sex trafficking and racketeering predicate acts of possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. Bronfman was not implicated in those crimes.

Her lawyers argued it was unfair to make her prison assignment based on crimes for which she was not a participant.
Her crimes of conviction – harboring an illegal alien and identity theft – are non-violent.

In December, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rejected Bronfman’s appeal of her sentence. Bronfman, 43, claimed her triple guidelines sentence was procedurally unreasonable.

The November settlement with the BOP paved the way for Bronfman’s transfer to the FCI satellite prison camp at FCI Danbury and a recalculation of her release date based on the implementation of the First Step Act.

The First Step Act allows eligible federal prisoners to earn 10 to 15 days of time credits for every 30 days of successful participation in a specific list of programs and productive activities.

The earned credits lead to an earlier move to a halfway house, home confinement, or probation.

Bronfman has been the beneficiary of this recalculation, prompted by the removal of her PSF designation and the BOP’s 2023 stepped-up implementation of the First Step Act.

It is unclear how she earned more than nine months from the First Step Act, or if there are other reasons for the reduction.

Mack Remains the Same

Allison Mack has not earned any time credits as of press time.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Allison Mack to 36 months in federal prison for her conviction of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

Mack reported to the low-security FCI Dublin on September 13, 2021. Initially, the BOP gave her a release date of March 27, 2024 – 30 months and two weeks in prison. 

Her release date is two days later — March 29, 2024.

At one point, Allison took educational programs for credit. Last year, the BOP took three and one-half months off, amending her release date to December 15, 2023. 

She has lost the credits. The BOP currently lists her release date as March 29, 2024.

Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman also saw a gain and loss of time.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced her to 42 months. Her original release date was February 12, 2025. Last year, the BOP modified her release date to December 4, 2024.

Within the last few weeks, the BOP recalculated her sentence, bringing her release date back to February 12, 2025.

She has 25 months to go in FCI Hazelton. However, because she is 68, she may qualify for compassionate release, or by attending approved courses, she may advance her freedom to an earlier date.


Finally, Keith Raniere, 62, has not seen any change in his release date. Raniere can leave prison on June 27, 2120. Should he survive, he would be 159.

He remains in the SHU at USP Tucson. Raniere entered the SHU on July 26. For almost seven months, Raniere has been locked in a small cell 23-24 hours per day. At last word, Raniere remains lodged with William Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly, 54.

The BOP has Fly set for release on September 8, 2025.

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  • “At one point, Allison took educational programs for credit. Last year, the BOP took three and one-half months off, amending her release date to December 15, 2023.
    She has lost the credits. The BOP currently lists her release date as March 29, 2024.”

    Allison Mack probably tried to take over the educational classes and run them as if she were the teacher. Shadow State


    Please pass this on the NXVIUM survivors. I hope that they all have got their branding removed. Agencies like this help victims of trafficking. I hope that NXVIUM survivors will help prevent other people from being trafficked ( particularly children) by advocacy.

  • I hope Clare Brofman has had time to wake up and realize what Keith Raniere & Nancy Salzman did to her.

    Raniere’s faithful are waiting for the day she steps out of prison to continue to pick her pockets clean.

    None of them care about Clare. If she said sorry guys, I’m done giving you money, they’d all turn their backs on her. We all know this to be true except for Clare.

    Maybe now she does. Perhaps in those moments alone, while reflecting on her time with Raniere and Salman, she has slowly seen the light.

    We can only hope.

  • Great news since it will take her at least that long to adequately wash her hair. Hygiene isn’t exactly Clare’s thing.

  • 7 months in the shu—
    Cruel, inhumane treatment. Where are his attorneys? Or are they powerless as well? This is sickening.

    • I wonder if KR gave a shit about the women’s lives he tried to ruin? I wonder if he had any empathy after he raped them? Considering this behavior went on for decades, I would say he did not. I hope he spends another 7 months in the SHU that piece of shit. If you feel sorry for him, maybe you should also care about the other 2 mil people stuffed into prisons in this country because I’m sure many don’t belong there…but KR sure does.

    • Kieth’s getting the only pussy in the pen. Miss Toni is a hermaphrodite. Don’t feel bad for him. Feel bad for everyone who’s not getting pussy—like you.

  • Is there documentation to justify why time was taken off Clare’s sentence? Is there documentation of this review process that takes time off for some but not for others? Wondering how these determinations are made.

  • Why is no one outraged that two human beings are sitting in the Shu indefinitely, and without cause?

    Americas brutality to its own people is unconscionable. Any one of us could he next.

  • Monterrey woman,

    Clare caused far more harm and suffering than she has already and will ever endure in prison. Twenty months is far less time than the time than her harm and suffering has already caused and will forever cause. She’s in jail temporarily. Her victims have been and will be imprisoned in their minds and in their life experiences because of her actions. Clare and her associates are the most dangerous kind of people because they act like they’re not: Passive aggressive, no conscience and endless resources.


    Had “Clare wanted to do good with her money just like her father had done” and had been “still convinced she had done a lot of good things”, she and her sister and their associates wouldn’t have funded “an evil person, a child molestor, a fraud, a bonafide bad guy”. Clare, her sister and their associates are smart enough to know what kind of person Keith was and is and they know exactly what he did.

    Clare had the power to do something good, and still could. That’s probably not her ambition and it probably never was. True humanitarians don’t deceive people and she’s not “a monumentally stupid woman with more money then brains”.

    Cruel, entitled sociopaths with endless financial resources and political connections aren’t dumb or altruistic. They’re “extraordinary dangerous”, as Pilgrim wrote. People in political circles controlling the world with ill-gotten and endless financial resources didn’t save the world. They ruined it. Look around.


    Clare wasn’t brainwashed. She doesn’t have an extremely low IQ. She does have vast wealth. Clare and Nancy knew about Keith’s MLM history. They knew about the slogan, “Just get two people”. They probably also knew about the story of rice on a chessboard and exponential numbers. They’re smart enough to o have known about Keith’s history and his sociopathic tendencies — just as those who enabled Charles Manson probably knew about Manson’s history and sociopathic tendencies. Were they Keith’s handlers? Some try to conquer as many people as possible along with as many of the world’s resources as possible “by any means necessary”.

    Mission statement #12: “A world of successful people will undoubtedly be a better world indeed; a world devoid of hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity. People will no longer try to destroy each other, steal from each other, down each other or rejoice at another’s demise. Success, ethics and integrity are co-inspirational. I pledge to share and enroll people in ESP and its mission for myself, and to help make the world a better place to live.”

    How did the mysterious “C.B.”, “S.B.” and their associates, plan to “help make the world a better place to live”?

    See Mission statement #11 for the answer:

    “People control the money, wealth and resources of the world. It is essential for the survival of humankind for these things to be controlled by successful, ethical people. I promise to ethically control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as possible within my success plan. I will always support the ethical control of these things.”

    If you seriously wonder about answers to questions such as … What is a “woman”? When does life begin? What is ethical? What is success? … some of the smartest and wealthiest people in the world want you to keep wondering until they control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as they can — and some of them want most of us dead.

    After as many as possible forget how to define “woman”, next on their list is probably: “Make them forget how to define ‘success’ ‘better’ and ‘ethical’.

    After all, what the bleep do we know?

  • Speaking of shaving, I remember, while incarcerated, we got a one blade razor. They were only given out in the evening amongst 80 to 100 girls with only 10 shower heads. And Speaking of heads, wow there was that too. Who ever watched us on the cameras got an 👀 full.

  • Clare wanted to do good with her money just like her father had done, she said. Even at her sentencing she was still convinced she had done a lot of good things. The truth is that Clare did the exact opposit with her money: she funded an evil person, a child molestor, a fraud, a bonafide bad guy. She spent 100 million on this guy who gambled away most of it on commodities trade. It’s incredible. Think what 100 million could have done for just causes. She had the power to do something good, that was her ambition. And she ends up giving it away to Keith, the polar opposit to a just cause. And she -still!- thinks of herself as a true humanitarian,

    Keith struck gold when he reeled in this monumentally stupid woman with more money then brains.

  • Clare has suffered a lot. 20 months in a terrible place she hurt and she is not used to this. Philadelphia is bad. She is not dangerous. It was a crime to put her in max security. This should give her two for one time and let her out immediately.
    Stop the cruelty

    • This is how the Feds operate. No compassion.
      Two for one is reasonable, but it’s a pipe dream with the BOP.
      The prison staff has a vested interest that prisoners serve every single day, and then some. They need human inventory to get their paychecks and pensions.

    • Why would Clare Bronfman attempt faith of returning to prison by violating her terms of probation

      She is not allowed to be in contact with anyone who is in NXIVM. This means one of their programs, I.e., ESP, ETHOS, JNESS, SOP, Level 2 Vanguard weeks, etc.

      If Clare is caught doing this back to prison she goes. Is she going to risks this after what must be good behavior?

  • “At one point, Allison apparently took educational programs for credit.”

    Gender Studies classes should not count as education. Shadow State 1958
    Gender Studies are Woke non-sense.

  • I am not a lawyer or legal expert by any stretch.

    I have seen some videos by a person who claims to have done time in federal prison and he has made a YouTube channel devoted to explaining what federal prison is like in the US and how to do your time and get the least time possible for yourself.

    If I recall correctly he has explained that camps and low security facilities are far preferable to high and medium.

    If I recall correctly he described the difference as startling and that in his experience most people in low and camps have so many privileges and such better living conditions in the low and camps that they are very disinclined to do things like fight and rape and stab inmates and guards because they know this will cost them their privileges and far better living conditions.

    He mentioned that in the high and medium people fight and even kill each other right in front of you while they didn’t in the camps or low.

    He mentioned, for example, that in the low if everyone didn’t like someone they would shun the person and shun you if you hang out with them, while in a high the same person I believe would be at least beaten and told to “roll up” meaning request a transfer for his security and once you “roll up” you are known as a person who does that and everywhere you go you get told to do it, creating no end to problems for yourself.

    Clare Bronfman is using her tremendous wealth to get every possible advantage in the system.

    Her time is not going to be nearly as hard as it would be if she was not wealthy.

    If this is truly just is something that I will let everyone decide for themselves. I wish we didn’t have multiple standards of justice in this country as it’s obvious there is one for the poor and definitely a different one for the wealthy.

    Here’s a link to the channel I mentioned. It n his videos he answers many questions we laymen have about these issues.

      • Hey Frank,

        Are you going to follow my blueprint to peace with Patriot God that I laid out for you a long time ago that actually is guaranteed success or not?

        When are we going to have the field trip?

        • hahaha I remember that post Nice Guy. Time flies. it also means I’ve been on this mother fucking website for far too long 😩 BTW won’t Mrs. Nice Guy get jealous of your philandering ways out there in the suite at the Super 8? (Isn’t Super 8 a little low-rent for Nantucket Island?)

          • ….It’s Buzzards Bay not Nantucket. It’s a 2 bed love shack with a view of the bay.

            …Clare has “motel-ish” looks. Hence Motel 8.

            The wife is okay with me having sex with Clare—cuz bestiality don’t count. Clare loves neighing when you pull her mane.

          • I thought you would, in the fashion of Shaw’s Pygmalion, show Clare how to dress, act and speak like a non-cult member. And make her forget about Raniere.

        • Frank-

          “Shaw’s Pygmalion”

          Before I can do a
          Katherine Hepburn Pygmalion,
          I have to a do a George Orwell “Animal Farm” and teach are beloved horse to walk and talk like a human.

  • Now we know why she sought to have that designation removed. Makes perfect sense now.

    Clair is extraordinarily dangerous. She will seek and destroy Raniere’s victims upon her release. She is more commited to his causes than ever before. She wants revenge and will stop at nothin to get it. I think Dani, Cami and Jessica should all get restraining orders against her.

    Clare is so dumb she couldn’t even finish high school. She was brainwashed by Raniere/Salzman combine her extremely low IQ, with the brainwashing and factor in her vast wealth: she is an unstoppable force of evil for Raniere. She is a sick, twisted, vile piece of garbage. Every breath she exhales pollutes our world with evil. She is disgusting and enabled sexual abuse against a minor. Fuck you, Clare you sicko.

  • My guess is that Grand Prairie (the BOP calculations/designations hub) finally got around to processing her settlement with the DOJ. Sex offenders are not eligible for sentence reductions under the First Step Act. Now that Clare isn’t tagged as a sex offender, she gets the benefit of additional GCT (Good Conduct Time) that came as part of the First Step Act.

    Remember, the BOP can always shave away GCT for “shots” (disciplinary violations). If Clare can keep her nose clean, she’ll get out on schedule.

    Also, the last six months of the sentence are usually spent in the Residential Reentry Center (RRC) or “halfway house.” Compared to prison, the halfway house is a breeze. Clare may very well be placed in an RRC by March or April 2025, depending on where her listed address is in the BOP records and bed availability.

    Most RRCs are BOP-contracted facilities, so they are out to make money. I would not be surprised if Clare goes on home confinement from the RRC almost immediately. All the RRC would want is for her to “pay for her bed” by getting a job and giving the RRC @50% of her weekly take-home. She has enough money that her lawyers could create a not-for-profit for her to work out of so she could peel off the moolah to the RRC and live at home with an ankle monitor until US Probation starts for her in September 2025.

    • If your a minimum or low risk this is your sentence calculation she will most likely get:

      80 month sentence
      – 12 months Good Time Credits
      – 12 months FSA Credits (15% of total sentence)
      – 12 months RDAP reduction if she takes drug abuse program
      – 6 Monts RRC/RRM placement (home confinment/halway house)
      = 40 months incarcerated

    • Do C. B. and S.B. get special treatment in all court documents because they are special and peasants aren’t? Can they fund a major sex slave operation and not be held as responsible for all the harm done with the funds they provided for that operation? It all seems so suspect in so many ways. Two-tiered justice isn’t justice, right, fair or good.

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