Part 2: NXIVM Is Scientology Repackaged; 12 Point Mission Statement

L Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology. He had some pretty good ideas on getting to know his members very well.

This is Mockingbird [Jeffrey Jay’s] second in a series.

His first:

NXIVM Is Scientology Repackaged; Part 1

By Jeffrey Jay

Known also as ‘Mockingbird’

We can look at the Executive Success Program (ESP) at NXIVM and the twelve-point mission statement. It’s something that students in NXIVM recite at the beginning of each course.

They take many courses and recite this often, over and over, until it’s part of their personality; something they automatically defer to.

This has counterparts in Scientology.

Most obvious is Keeping Scientology Series One, known as KSW.

It is at the beginning of every major course in Scientology. In Scientology indoctrination, it is gone over routinely thousands of times, with every word looked up and every principle demonstrated by a member during their indoctrination over and over.

L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology founderAdditionally, the Code of Honor, Way To Happiness, the materials on the Student Hat course, The Introduction to Scientology Ethics book, the note at the beginning of most Scientology books regarding misunderstood words, and several other references have similarities to the Twelve-point Mission statement.

Twelve-point Mission Statement

By Keith Raniere

1. Success is an internal state of clear and honest knowledge of what I am, my value in the world, and my responsibility for the way I react to all things.
2. There are no ultimate victims; Therefore, I will not choose to be a victim.
3. I am committed to be successful. I understand each of us must raise ourselves – and thereby raise all others – as all others raise us. This is interdependence.
4. Success, in my own right is my earned success. True success can not be stolen, copied or received by happenstance. I will not masquerade as successful by these methods or by any other. I will earn my success.
5. Tribute is a form of payment and honor. It is to giving credit where credit is due. I will use the tribute to uphold others beyond my petty likes and dislikes. As a result, I will define my self and my true contribution to humankind.
6. Successful people do not steal and have no desire or need to steal. I will not steal anything. I will always earn what I need and desire. Copying without permission or tribute is not the highest form of flattery, it is theft. Theft is also taking or receiving something without fully earning it; it is always at the expense, no matter how small, of others.
7. Inner honesty and integrity are the highest human values and the foundation of human psychology. All other values arise from them. I will never trade my integrity or inner honesty for any other value. It is never worth it.
8. The methods and information I learn in ESP are for my use only. I will not speak of them or in any way give others knowledge of them outside ESP. Part of the condition of being accepted into ESP is to keep all its information confidential. If I violate this, I am breaking a promise and breaching my contract, but more importantly, I am compromising my inner honesty and integrity.
9. True success is never at the expense of others. As a successful individual, I will never envy another’s success. I will rejoice because I realize that the success of others raises me up just a little bit more because I am also part of the human team. The actualization of human potential by anyone is a tribute to all team humankind. If others are successful, I will protect their success against those who envy them. I pledge to purge myself from all habits that are based on parasite and envy-based habits, and replace them with habits of effort and interdependence.
10. I will unreservedly accept the success I have earned. I will accept no more and no less; this is accepting with integrity. I will give unreservedly to those who have earned it; this is giving with integrity. I will accept with integrity as easily as I give with integrity. To not accept what I am worth, or what I have earned, is to devalue myself and thereby all others.
11. People control the money, wealth and resources of the world. It is essential for the survival of humankind for these things to be controlled by successful, ethical people. I promise to ethically control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as possible within my success plan. I will always support the ethical control of these things.
12. A world of successful people will undoubtedly be a better world indeed; a world devoid of hunger, theft, dishonesty, envy and insecurity. People will no longer try to destroy each other, steal from each other, down each other or rejoice at another’s demise. Success, ethics and integrity are co-inspirational. I pledge to share and enroll people in ESP and its mission for myself, and to help make the world a better place to live.

We have lots of vague and grammatically awkward phrases here. It’s complicated and confusing if you don’t walk in knowing the new terms and redefinition of familiar terms.

In my opinion, it’s intentional.

I think someone at NXIVM involved in writing this, whether Keith Raniere or Nancy Salzman, or both, knew what they were doing when they created this core doctrine for NXIVM.

It is packed with loaded language and overly complex.

Raniere reportedly had familiarity with Scientology, and Salzman studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Scientology and NLP use language and confusion to execute coercive control covertly.

Ronald Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, knew he was trying to control people by making overly complex material and manipulating language.

Ron Hubbard on the Confusion Technique from a lecture May 20, 1952 “Decision.”

L. Ron Hubbard

Now, if it comes to a pass where it’s very important whether or not this person acts or inacts as you wish, in interpersonal relations one of the dirtier tricks is to hang the person up on a maybe and create a confusion. And then create the confusion to the degree that your decision actually is implanted hypnotically.
The way you do this is very simple. When the person advances an argument against your decision, you never confront his argument but confront the premise on which his argument is based. That is the rule. He says, “But my professor always said that water boiled at 212 degrees.”
You say, “Your professor of what?”
“My professor of physics.”
“What school? How did he know?”
Completely off track! You’re no longer arguing whether or not water boils at 212 degrees, but you’re arguing about professors. And he will become annoyed, but he won’t know what he is annoyed about. You can do this so adroitly and so artfully that you can actually produce a confusion of the depth of hypnosis.
The person simply goes down tone scale to a point where they’re not sure of their own name.
And at that point you say, “Now, you do agree to go out and draw the water out of the well, don’t you?”
“Yes-anything!” And he’ll go out and draw the water out of the well.

Also, from a Hubbard lecture, August 29, 1950, “Educational Dianetics.”

One error, however, must be remarked upon. The examination system employed is not much different from a certain hypnotic technique. One induces a state of confusion in the subject by raising his anxieties of what may happen if he does not pass. One then “teaches” at a mind which is anxious and confused. That mind does not then rationalize, it merely records and makes a pattern. If the pattern is sufficiently strong to be regurgitated verbatim on an examination paper, the student is then given a good grade and passed.


“In altitude teaching, somebody is a ‘great authority.’ He is probably teaching some subject that is far more complex than it should be.

He has become defensive down through the years, and this is a sort of protective coating that he puts up, along with the idea that the subject will always be a little better known by him than by anybody else and that there are things to know in this subject which he really wouldn’t let anybody else in on.

This is altitude instruction… It keeps people in a state of confusion, and when their minds are slightly confused they are in a hypnotic trance.

Anytime anybody gets enough altitude he can be called a hypnotic operator, and what he says will act as hypnotic suggestion.

Hypnotism is a difference in levels of altitude. There are ways to create and lower the altitude of the subject, but if the operator can heighten his own altitude with regard to the subject the same way, he doesn’t have to put the subject to sleep. What he says will still react as hypnotic suggestion.” (Hubbard, Research & Discovery, volume 4, p.324) 12 source Jon Atack

If a doctrine is not unintelligible, it has to be vague; and if neither unintelligible nor vague, it has to be unverifiable. ― Eric Hoffer, The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

Margaret Singer, in her book Cults In Our Midst, described cults and Scientology well:

First, a quote struck me instantly. It reminded me of an analysis of Scientology written by a class XII auditor (the highest level of training in Scientology). She said Hubbard’s writings could seem contradictory and paradoxical.

That is intentional.

The more complicated and filled with contradictions the new system is and the more difficult it is to learn, the more effective the conversion process will be. – , Margaret Singer
You affirm that you accept and understand the ideology by beginning to talk in the simple catchphrases particular to the group. This “communication” has no foundation since, in reality, you have little understanding of the system beyond the catchphrases –  Margaret Singer

We can see similarities in Scientology and NXIVM regarding intentionally using confusing terms.

Margaret Singer explained this well.

Loading the language. As members continue to formulate their ideas in the group’s jargon, this language serves the purpose of constricting members’ thinking and shutting down critical thinking abilities. At first, translating from their native tongue into “groupspeak” forces members to censor, edit, and slow down spontaneous bursts of criticism or oppositional ideas. – Margaret Singer

Her next quote refers to Scientology:

One international group, for example, has dictionaries for members to use. In one of these dictionaries, criticism is defined as “justification for having done an overt.” Then one looks up overt and the dictionary states: “overt act: an overt act is not just injuring someone or something; an overt act is an act of omission or commission which does the least good for the least number of dynamics or the most harm to the greatest number of dynamics.” Then the definition of dynamics says: There could be said to be eight urges in life….” And so, one can search from term to term trying to learn this new language. – Margaret Singer
“Peer pressure is very important to this process:
If you say it in front of others, you’ll do it.
Once you do it, you’ll think it.
Once you think it (in an environment you do not perceive to be coercive), you’ll believe that you thought it yourself. – Margaret Singer

This is key to Scientology.

Hubbard set it up so that new cult members practices in drills, including patter drills, then do many of the desired actions of a cult member. Hundreds of drills are practiced for hundreds or thousands of hours. Then the cult member feels Hubbard’s ideas are their own and defend them as irrefutable, deeply held personal convictions.

Having ideas in Scientology never examined or verified by members, they remain hazy.

This is compounded by the ideas being full of contradictions and an endless word salad of words defined by piles and piles of new terms. They function as the web of lies with the term ‘engram’ related to ‘the reactive mind,’ and both linked to ‘charge’ and ‘secondary’ and ‘incidents’ and ‘auditing,’ and the ‘tone scale’ and ‘tone levels,’ and on and on it goes.

Most Scientology terms link to hundreds or thousands of other terms to fully define them. As a result, it’s an entire language of unproven yet extreme claims.


I examined ads, books, and articles on NLP. I ended up calling NLP sort of a cult on training wheels.

It’s got qualities that most cults have, but is not as cohesive and developed as many cults.

One way in which it is lacking, among many, is that if you look at books and ads, many openly say you can use NLP techniques to get women to have sex with you when they are not interested, which is rape, or get someone to buy whatever you sell even if they don’t want it, which is coercive control.

Usually, cults either don’t admit they use these methods or have a gradual step-by-step conversion of members. You don’t get this information until you are well on your way in the indoctrination and have already committed to the cause.

Nancy Salzman

I think it’s unlikely Nancy Salzman NEVER heard the criticism of NLP, which is that by using covert hypnosis, it attempts to control people at a level below their conscious awareness. If you are changed without conscious awareness, you can’t give informed consent.

An honest hypnotist should say they don’t know what changes hypnosis will make to a person’s mind, personality, or behavior because they don’t.

In this regard, hypnosis is similar to quantum physics. If someone says they have fully figured out and solved quantum physics, they likely don’t understand it. If someone says they fully understand hypnosis and how it affects people, they don’t understand hypnosis. It has unpredictable and variable elements. It has harmful effects on some people and undesirable results on others.

I explored this aspect of hypnosis in several posts on Mockingbird’s Nest blog on Scientology.

Margaret Singer in Cults In Our Midst described how people in the East have known about hypnosis for centuries and understood some things that most in the West don’t know.

The practice is not effective on some people. It is only temporarily beneficial, if at all, on others.

It has limits. It doesn’t make major structures change. For example, it doesn’t regrow lost limbs or revive the dead, among many other limitations.

One hypnotic technique might work on a patient today, but not tomorrow. One technique might work on a patient, but not on another, with little to predict which will work and which won’t or for how long.

Furthermore, it may be as limited as a placebo regarding many issues, but not all. It is well known to produce unpleasant sensations and emotions, and even may be traumatic for some people without producing any benefits.

These limitations and the unpredictable nature of hypnosis are why many people reject it since a psychologist or psychiatrist may not wish to upset or harm a patient and have no benefit from treatment.

(Now, to be clear, I don’t believe the placebo effect entirely explains hypnosis, because I have seen reports of scientific research showing results in particular instances that a placebo is unlikely to produce, but that doesn’t remove the risks it brings)

Did Nancy Salzman or Keith Raniere tell people this in NXIVM?

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere

Stay tuned for part 3

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  • “many openly say you can use NLP techniques to get women to have sex with you when they are not interested, which is rape, or get someone to buy whatever you sell even if they don’t want it, which is coercive control”

    No, it’s not rape. By that definition 90% of us are rapists, whether it’s NLP or just talking shite (crossover there!). Once someone gives their consent. regardless of the reason, it’s not rape. Similarly, if someone’s dumb enough to buy something they don’t need, the fault’s on them. You can’t blame the advertizers. Consent is still consent whether it’s informed or otherwise. We spend our lives being manipulated and hopefully have the agency and common sense to navigate through all the crap.

  • How was NXIVM not a highly organized under-the-radar international “trauma-based mind control” project?

    “Neurolinguistic Programming”; Scientology-like self hypnosis training; Dr. Brandon Porter’s “human brain activity experiments” with NXIVM victims wearing “brain caps” to watch Raniere deliver “lectures”; “human fright studies” (see Jennifer Kobelt’s 2017 complaint re: about 100 victims); “Rainbow Cultural Garden” forcing multiple language submersion on young children in the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, the UK and Spain; Kristin Snyder disappeared after a NXIVM session in Alaska leaving a note: “I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off …”; DOS masters blackmailed slaves with collateral and made the victims respond with “READY!”, forcing them to be available to submit to any order 24/7; DOS masters and slaves were to eventually increase in numbers around the world in a multi-level marketing scheme; minimal caloric intake + minimal sleep etc.

    All of that plus: unlimited funding, unlimited lawyers and high-level links around the world… and, Brandon Porter received his training at The University of Iowa.

    Why did Brandon Porter go from Iowa to New York? When did Clare Bronfman meet Nancy Salzman?

    This is from TheGoldwater(dot)com:

    “… University of Iowa is also the home to a Biosafety Level-3 High Containment Laboratory. These facilities are used in US biodefense research. In the 1950’s the University of Iowa was involved in yet another inhumane human experiment. This time not involving newborn infants rather than children orphaned by war. Seventeen newborns were intramuscularly injected with radioactive iodine to study thyroidal uptake. Eight newborns were instead given oral radioiodine. The program was top secret at the time and funded by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Similar studies took place in Detroit, Omaha and Little Rock, Memphis and other cities.

    If you check through the declassified documents in the National Security Archive you’ll find University of Iowa and the Iowa State Hospital and Ionia referenced multiple times. They show up in the Artichoke documents which go back to the earliest stages of the CIA mind control program. It may also be relevant to mention that the Bronfman sisters (heir to the Seagrams fortune founded by a bootlegger who was right hand man to infamous Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky) were educated at McGill. McGill was home to MK-Ultra experimentation done by Dr. Ewen Cameron.

    As I sift through the names and organizations tangentially connected to NXIVM there’s a lot on the surface and even more that should turn up on future passes. MK-Ultra was formally disbanded in the 1970’s but shortly after it ended the CIA began a new project, Project Stargate which morphed into remote viewing and other projects. MK-Ultra had to end due to congressional pressure, but it is highly unlikely that these sorts of illicit experiments were ever truly ended. Jonestown’s People’s Temple and Scientology among other cults have been theorized to be “handled” by the CIA.”

    More recently in Iowa:

    “… The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) launched an investigation into the Glenwood Resource Center in Iowa in November 2019 following allegations that some vulnerable residents had been used for a series of tests, including ‘sexual arousal studies’ … In 2019, the DoJ’s spokesman, Matt Highland, told The Des Moines Register that the agency’s investigation related in part to allegations that sexual tests had been conducted on the facility’s vulnerable patients. He declined to reveal exactly what such experiments entailed, but added: “The DOJ investigation of Glenwood Resource Center related to human subject experiments is focused on ‘optimal hydration’ under the ‘Perfect Care Index,’ and ‘sexual arousal studies.’ While we are still gathering the facts, we will investigate and address every allegation.” …

  • 12th point is the closer. Sign more people up for ESP.
    How is Sara Edmunson NOT in jail? She is the worst one. Just because she blew the whistle, she gets a -get out of jail’ card? Mark Vicente should be locked up as well.

  • Hey Ginzo!

    I would like a word with you!

    Why do you keep censoring me and all of the other patriots like a cowardly dog?!

    You made a promise to me long ago that you would stop censoring me and then abruptly broke your word and have been hyper-censoring me and my fellow patriots ever since!

    You even censor to the point of unfairness! You let trolls say the most offensive bullshit to me and don’t censor them but when I reply, you censor me!

    This isn’t even fair censorship! This is just “fuck you! I don’t like you!” censorship! You have favoritism for those who insult me and call me a “cracker”, but when I reply back and call them a “nigger”, you censor me! So much for “racial equality”! You’re just another brick in the wall of that bullshit!

    You’re a hypocritical monster, Ginzo! You have no honor whatsoever!

    You’re just censoring me to be dick! That’s the only reason you’re doing it, you fraud!

  • OMG…WHERE IS ALANZO!? He missed this post? Is he banned?

    TBH, I am not sure Alanzo was around TO’s Underground Bunker when mockingbird flew in, but this post is in his wheelhouse. Heh

    Is this the Thunderground bunker? The Patty Duke “cousins” theme is playing in my ear. (Shows you how old I am) Both “proprietors” drink from the same well, or just maybe they are kissing cousins. Things that make you go hmmmm.

    I like mockingbird and feel sorry he landed here. I would bet he is sorry too. But gospel is as gospel does. Cheers MB!

    • I decided that The Frank Report was likely a good place to share this information as ex NXIVM members and NXIVM members read it.

      They, along with their family members and other cult watchers interested in NXIVM read this.

      I went through my own experience of reading The Underground Bunker and the Scientology Mythbusting series by Jon Atack in particular and realizing that Scientology is a harmful fraud and Ronald Hubbard was a pathological liar and human predator as well as fraud and conman.

      I found that for myself the experience of taking apart the extensive lies about the origins and effects of the techniques in Scientology was essential to my own recovery.

      I took off the awe associated with the sheer output by Hubbard as I could reframe his material as plagiarized from others rather than the creation of one alleged extraordinary genius.

      I also could see that his techniques weren’t transcendent miracles but methods used by others very often that had at first been enthusiastically embraced but upon close examination found each in their own turn to be flawed, unreliable, and often harmful.

      These techniques, such as the example of abreactive therapy Hubbard used in combination with covert hypnosis to forge Dianetics was found to produce little lasting benefit but made the subject suggestible and dependent on the therapist.

      I found many other examples of the same pattern in Scientology and Dianetics. Hubbard looked for anything that people would find believable and could make increase his authority and control over them while lowering the independence and critical thinking of his followers.

      So, finding these two unpleasant realities in explicit details was crucial to my throwing off the web of lies that acts as the prison of the mind and house of cards that is Scientology, if you can excuse my mixing of metaphors.

      Scientology is essentially an operation Hubbard threw together with stolen ideas and the intention to control the beliefs, emotions, and behavior of people as his mental slaves and I had to find out how to untangle myself from twenty five years in Scientology and extensive indoctrination and many years of thinking in and strengthening the beliefs in the doctrine and terms in Scientology.

      I felt that it’s quite likely that some ex members of NXIVM and members could also follow a similar route and benefit from seeing that Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman used similar plagiarized and repackaged ideas, including many found in Scientology, and that these ideas are not original or unique.

      I already have had the attention of the Office of Special Affairs since 2014, well actually earlier, and think that it’s worth it to help people escape the influence of Scientology.

      So, if I can help anyone here, it’s probably worth whatever attention it may bring.

      I have had to deal with some harassment and smear campaigns for criticism of Scientology, but it just goes with the territory.

      The fact that The Underground Bunker and Tony Ortega and Jon Atack and many others helped me to escape the trap of Scientology and to recover is essential to my decision to put out my own content.

      If ex members of cults have access to material that undoes the lies that bind them that’s a good thing to me, but if you don’t even know what to look to it’s hard.

      I look on what I do as like a librarian just pointing people to what might help them, if they have the need and are ready.

      If the people who need this come here, then this is likely where it’s best to put this material.

      • Thank you for sharing that information, Mockingbird! It’s a little easier to understand who’s doing what to this world when others tell us what they know. I hope many others will tell us what they’ve witnessed.

        Living for a few years near one of the Scientology headquarters, the only Scientologists I met were really nice people. I had no idea what Scientology was at the time and they never tried to convert me. I just remember wondering why they were all so super kind and considerate. That seems to be the case with most NXIVM members and Mormons, too. Some say all three have the same methods and sources.

        It’s almost as though a small group of some kind wanting to fully control the thoughts and actions of as many as possible int he world targets kind and considerate people. Are kind and considerate people generally most prone to the mind-control tactics? Any data on the demographics of the members? Any groups more susceptible than other groups? Are there more statues of Buddha than other religious symbols in media about NXIVM? If so, are Buddhists more susceptible than other groups to NXIVM tactics?

    • I am quite familiar with her work. I do not think any criticism of that type is warranted frankly.

      She did not commit any crimes or abuses that I am aware of and in fact helped thousands of people to recover from cults and educated thousands more while groups like Scientology spent millions to destroy her career, reputation, and life.

        • If you have an actual accusation just make it and please provide evidence. Otherwise, it’s worthless.

          I have more than a little experience with the mountains of criticisms that cult critics get and the vast majority is baseless lies.

          I can show you dozens of people who are accused of every crime imaginable as a tactic by Scientology or other cults to silence them and discredit very credible criticism of cults.

          • I prefer other people to do their research, just as I do my own research and don’t depend on others’ unsupported views. Her views on brainwashing have been rejected: I also consider it nonsense to focus on cults, as cults are protected under the 1st Amendment under the freedom of speech, religion, association, assembly, etc., so it is much more productive to focus on the actual illegal activities of cults.

    • Scott, it’s been a while, did you ever clean out your garage? I heard it was filled with useless shit that couldn’t sell. No really, did you come back here, with a heart for the truth or just to piss everyone off?

      • Yes, I cleaned out all of the whores from your family, there were quite a few. LOL Those worthless whores couldn’t sell themselves at all – too ugly. LOL I’ve always had a heart for the truth, it’s the rest of you idiots who don’t. LOL The truth pisses off idiots. LOL

        • Scott- you’re like a bowling ball, or dumb a whore – you’ve been fingered, rolled in the gutter and you still comeback for more – leave the Frank Report, move on, get lost or join Alanzo’s and Kevin’s [BlumpTruck.]

          You’re like pregnancy—after a one nightstand. Shitbird you’re not wanted!

        • Scott, I know it was not pleasant for this commenter to call you a “stinky kid,” especially when your hygiene has never been in question [and I know there are many good Amway soaps, deodorants, and shampoos], but could you please refrain from calling people “Stupid” or “Idiot?”

          We need civility. And please, people, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the commenters and the trolls? We got enough hostility here let alone to deal with cults and it’s not right. It’s not gonna change anything. We gotta quit. After all I can understand the upset with Scott returning. But it’s just not right to insult him by calling him stinky. Those people in Amway will never look at their downlines again. We can get along here. We just gotta. We’re all stuck here in Amway for awhile. Let’s try to work it out.

          • Comments like that don’t bother me at all and I find it quite pleasant to expose stupid idiots. You can start by not posting the stupid, idiotic comments, Frank. Including ones like you just made. It’s ALL your fault, YOU are in control of the comments. LOL

        • Whatever dude. LOL Ur a life long toolbag. You’re one of those idiots who always has an asinine opinion-
          but never actually helps anyone. You’re just bitch. It’s why you’ll never be successful. It’s why u move from shit hole town to shit hole town. Go suck it !

        • You are kidding? Her views were rejected? By whom?

          You accuse her of terrible crimes then when asked for evidence move the goalposts to “some people don’t agree with her”? That’s not a crime!

          The old OSA ” Margaret Singer is a terrible person! ” line is your go to?

          Tell you what, when you help thousands of people to escape cults and have Scientology attack you for decades I tend to support you. So, when you get there, let me know.

          • Look at her wiki page and educate yourself about her being rejected in the court system. I never said she committed crimes, so YOU are the one moving the goalposts. Also, it isn’t “some” people, it’s most people who are experts in mind control/cults/brainwashing. I recognize your background is Scientology, but you should consider not everyone has that frame of reference. But when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, right? I’ve already helped thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people or more not join and quit MLM scams and Amway sued me, and lost in spectacular fashion, so I’m way past what you have accomplished. Not that my ego is so out of control that I go around bragging about it. LOL

          • Singer as an academic and researcher was a big supporter of the theory of brainwashing. The idea of brainwashing has been thoroughly debunked by the scientific community.

            It was a Cold War concept that seemed a good idea at the time. Despite many well funded attempts though, it turned out that in fact it is not possible to brainwash people.

            Yet brainwashing lives on in the popular imagination. It’s so useful for explaining away inconvenient or troubling facts. Beginning with, why did American prisoners in North Korea denounce the US and espouse Communism? Or, why do smart people join cults?

  • Reading NXIVM’s words while disregarding how they implemented the words made a lot more sense than Scientology’s word salad and obviously under-handed teaching. The problem with NXIVM, besides the criminal activity, lies, etc., was that it was the usual utopian BS that cults are known for and tried to ignore the human condition, much like Libtards do with Communism.

    • Well, I generally don’t use the term libtards except satirically. Liberals in general do not support communism in my experience. I am definitely not a liberal.

      Communists support communism and I am not a communist personally.

      Jonathan Haidt has done excellent work at identifying the different political groups in the United States and showing their beliefs and values at The Hidden Tribes project.

      • Mockingbird-

        If refuse Scott Johnson’s offer of appearing on his radio show, he gets all pissy. Soon the ad-hominem attacks will start.

        • Oh, okay. Being a critic of a major cult or two gets you a free endless smear campaign, campaign to drive you to insanity or suicide, and free insults on social media for life, so I guess this goes with the territory.

          I guess anyone can get in line if they want.

          • Show some respect and spell his name correctly. And Anonymous is correct. Other than my crazy Aunt, you’re the pissiest little bitch I’ve ever seen.

          • Be sure to tell that to Anonymous as well, she spelled the name Aloonzo. LOL As if I care what someone named Nutjob thinks of me. LOL One thing that you are is a coward, you won’t even pick up a phone. LOL

          • Scott – I just called Biden and Trump to get them together to appear on your radio show.

            Those cowards didn’t even pick up the phone.

          • I will call them both tomorrow. And if they are not cowards, they will come on your radio show.

      • When Reagan used the term “liberal” in the 1980s, it was understood to be a pejorative. That is no longer the case, so the term Libtard is used for clarity. It’s not difficult to research that Libtards are simply Commies in liberal clothing. For example, JFK would be kicked out of today’s Dem party. There is far too much east coast/Ivy League involvement in the Hidden Tribes organization to believe that it is anything other than a Libtard front. I look forward to reading about their views regarding the Trump Russian Hoax.

        • Huh? Haidt is a conservative.

          You have an odd fixation on certain categories and won’t examine the claims of an expert on organizational psychology?

          Lots of groups actually survey people and we have nearly zero communists in power or even in the population in the United States.

          If you actually talk to communists they will tell you.

          The milquetoast neoliberal democrats in the US are certainly not communists.

          The book Listen Liberal! By Thomas Frank describes this as does the work of Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges.

          We have two corporate parties in the United States and hundreds of decisions they have made since 1980 illustrate this.

          Well, if you already know that your preferences are always true there’s not much to tell you.

        • Who said it was a hoax? My best guess is Putin’s still got the goods on the Orange Ape. Fat lot of good that’s going to do now though as the Ape seems to already have sealed his own fate with his big ugly gob and arrogant stupidity. Still, plenty more assholes in the queue.

          Anyone for urination therapy?

    • “It was the usual utopian BS that cults are known for and tried to ignore the human condition…”

      You mean like the Mormons in Utah? LOL

    • You’d know! LOL

      You got suckered by the worlds biggest MLM cult. You decry “libtards” all you want. At the end of day you only see one tard in the mirror, y-o-u. LOL

  • Some aspects of the mission statement, such as the emphasis on success and the notion that success is earned and can’t be received by happenstance, may potentially have created an unhealthy pressure for individuals to achieve success and may have lead to feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt if they feel they are not meeting these standards.

    The emphasis on controlling money, wealth, and resources in the mission statement may suggest a belief in scarcity, or the idea that there is a limited amount of these resources available and that individuals must compete for them. This belief can create a sense of competition and distrust among individuals and may lead to behaviors such as hoarding or exploiting resources rather than sharing and cooperating. This emphasis on competition and control may also suggest a belief in individualism rather than interdependence, or the idea that we are all connected and rely on each other to thrive.

    The mention of purging oneself of “parasite and envy-based habits” may also suggest a belief in competition and a desire to distance oneself from behaviors that are seen as negative or undesired. However, it is important to recognize that envy and other negative emotions are a natural part of the human experience and that it is healthy to acknowledge and process them in a healthy way rather than trying to completely eliminate them. It is also important to recognize that cooperation and interdependence can be more effective and fulfilling than competition in many situations.

    There are some potential red flags that may have indicated that Alan was not acting in an ethical or legal manner. For example, if Alan was engaging in racketeering or abuse of power, it is possible that he was using his influence and authority to manipulate or exploit others for his own gain. This could have included using his position of power to make unreasonable demands, exerting control over others, or engaging in illegal activities. Followers of Alan who were aware of these actions may have had concerns about his behavior and may have chosen to distance themselves or speak out against it. It is important for individuals to be aware of warning signs of unethical or illegal behavior and to take action if they are concerned about the actions of someone they are following or supporting.

    It can be challenging to express dissent or raise concerns in a group or organization, especially if there is a culture of not tolerating opposing viewpoints or criticism. It is important for individuals to feel comfortable voicing their concerns and for those in positions of authority or leadership to listen to and consider these concerns, even if they disagree with them. Dismissing or invalidating dissent or criticism can create an unhealthy environment where individuals feel unsupported or unable to speak up about issues that are important to them. It is important for groups and organizations to create a culture of open communication and respect for diverse viewpoints in order to foster a healthy and productive environment.

    It is important for individuals to feel heard and listened to, as this can help them feel valued and supported. When people feel that their thoughts, feelings, and experiences are not being taken into account, it can lead to feelings of frustration, resentment, and isolation. It can also be damaging to a person’s sense of self-worth and autonomy.

    Control is a complex issue, and it can be difficult to determine the appropriate level of control in any given situation. In some cases, control may be necessary for the safety or well-being of individuals, such as in the case of enforcing laws or rules that protect people’s rights. However, when control is exercised in an unhealthy or excessive manner, it can be damaging to individuals and relationships. It is important to recognize the balance between the need for structure and the importance of allowing individuals to make their own decisions and have control over their own lives.

    It is difficult to say what would help Alan understand the negative impact he has had on his community, as this would depend on many factors, including his personality, beliefs, and values. However, some potential approaches could include:

    Encouraging Alan to reflect on the consequences of his actions: Helping Alan to consider the impact of his actions on others and the potential long-term effects may help him to understand the negative impact he has had.

    Providing feedback from those who have been affected: Hearing directly from people who have been impacted by Alan’s actions may help him to understand the harm he has caused.

    Encouraging Alan to seek therapy or counseling: Working with a therapist or counselor who can help Alan to explore his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors may be beneficial in helping him to understand the negative impact of his actions and to develop more healthy and constructive ways of relating to others.

    It is important to recognize that understanding the negative impact of one’s actions is not always easy or straightforward, and it may take time and effort for Alan to fully understand and recognize the harm he has caused.

    Alan’s patents are public record. If Alan’s patents are considered supercilious, or lacking in substance or merit, it may suggest that he was not a genuine inventor or that he was exaggerating the value or importance of his ideas. This could be misleading to others who may have relied on his claims or invested time and resources based on his supposed expertise. It is important for individuals to be honest and accurate in their claims and to not exaggerate their abilities or accomplishments. This is particularly important when it comes to fields like invention, where the credibility and reliability of ideas and innovations is crucial.

    With regard to inventiveness, Alan believed that if he influenced an idea, business, sport, or activity, that he was owed tribute. If Alan believed that ideas or inventions created by his followers under his guidance belonged to him, this could have been a warning sign of unethical or inappropriate behavior. In general, it is important for individuals to respect the intellectual property rights of others and to not claim ownership of ideas or creations that do not belong to them. It is also important for individuals to give credit where credit is due and to acknowledge the contributions of others. If Alan was not recognizing the ownership and intellectual property rights of his followers and was instead claiming their ideas as his own, this could be a red flag for potential exploitation or abuse of power. It is important for individuals to be aware of these potential warning signs and to speak out if they are concerned about unethical or inappropriate behavior.

    Alan and both Salzmans sold the notion that Keith was a renunciate. There were aspects of this statement that were indeed true, and aspects that were blatant lies. It is not uncommon for individuals to justify or rationalize behaviors that may be unethical or inappropriate. In the case of Alan, it is possible that he believed that keeping certain information secret or withholding full disclosure was necessary for the well-being of his community or for some other perceived greater good. However, hiding important information or engaging in secretive or deceptive behavior can be harmful to others and can undermine trust and integrity. It is important for individuals to be honest and transparent in their interactions and to recognize the value of open communication and transparency in building healthy and productive relationships.

    It is also important for individuals to consider the impact of their actions on others and to act in a way that is consistent with their values and beliefs. If Alan was pretending to live a monastic lifestyle while secretly engaging in intimate relations with multiple partners, this could be a sign of a lack of integrity and a failure to align his actions with his stated values. It is not uncommon for people to experience cognitive dissonance, or the discomfort that arises when our actions do not align with our values, and it can be helpful to reflect on and address these discrepancies in order to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

    It can be very difficult and painful to realize that someone who we have looked up to or respected has not lived up to our expectations or has engaged in unethical or inappropriate behavior. It is natural to feel a sense of betrayal or disappointment when we discover that someone we have trusted has been deceptive or has not acted in a way that aligns with our values. It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and that it is possible for people to change and learn from their mistakes. It may be helpful to try to separate the person from their actions and to recognize that it is possible to still find value in their contributions or teachings, even if we are disappointed in their behavior. It is also important to recognize that it is okay to feel a range of emotions in response to this realization and to give yourself time and space to process these feelings.

    It is a mistake to both insist the women whom Alan was intimate were victims, and to insist they bear zero responsibility for the build up and subsequent crushing of the community of friends that was clumsily dismantled by Vicente and Edmondson. It is generally true that individuals who enable or support harmful or abusive behavior can contribute to the continuation of that behavior and may bear some level of responsibility for the harm that results.

    Enabling behavior can take many forms, such as ignoring or excusing harmful behavior, making excuses for the individual, or protecting them from the consequences of their actions. Enablers may also be motivated by a variety of factors, such as fear, loyalty, a desire to protect their own interests, or a belief that they are helping the individual in some way.

    It is important for individuals to recognize their own roles and responsibilities in relation to harmful or abusive behavior, and to take steps to address and correct any enabling behavior. This may involve setting boundaries, seeking support and guidance from others, and taking action to protect oneself and others from harm.

    The pattern Alan uses was to create “movements” to build value in the world, which quietly elevated his position of power. Any attempt to hold Alan accountable for his decisions which harmed others was labeled an ethical breach against Alan, and community members were encouraged to shun members who were once dear friends. Alan was not easily swayed by attempts to reason with him or to help him understand the harm that he was causing.

    In situations like this, it is important for individuals to prioritize their own safety and the safety of others. This may involve seeking help or support from authorities or other resources, or taking other steps to protect oneself and others from harm.

    It is also important to recognize that it is not always possible to change the behavior of others, and that we cannot control the actions of others. However, by focusing on our own actions and behaviors, and by working to create positive and supportive communities, we can create a safer and more supportive environment.

    It is never acceptable for individuals to be shunned or ostracized for seeking help or support, or for expressing concerns about harmful behavior. This type of treatment can be very harmful and can cause significant emotional distress.

    Alan is responsible for his actions. While it may be helpful to understand the context or factors that may have contributed to a person’s behavior, this does not excuse harmful or destructive actions, and it is important to hold individuals accountable for their actions. It is understandable that people may be curious about the reasons behind harmful or destructive behavior, and that they may want to understand the factors that may have contributed to such behavior. However, it is important to recognize that speculating about someone’s mental state or diagnosing them based on limited information can be unproductive and potentially harmful.

    Clyne’s and Bronfman’s support for Alan is gut-wrenching to many. Trying to understand their internal world that results in their decisions can be tempting. This behavior is ultimately wasteful. It is important to recognize that people are complex and that the reasons for their behavior and beliefs can be multifaceted and varied.

    It is not uncommon for individuals to have strong emotional connections to others, and to feel a sense of loyalty or commitment to them, even in the face of harmful or destructive behavior. This can be especially true in cases where the individual has a long history with the person in question, or where there are shared experiences or beliefs that have formed a strong bond.

    While it is not necessarily harmful to society for individuals to express their own beliefs and opinions, it is important to recognize that supporting harmful or destructive behavior can have negative consequences for both the individual engaging in the behavior and for those around them.

    It is important for individuals to feel safe and supported when seeking help or raising concerns about harmful behavior, and for communities to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all members. This means creating a culture of trust and respect, and ensuring that all individuals feel that their concerns are valued and taken seriously.

    At the core, trust is about believing in someone or something and having confidence in their reliability, truthfulness, and good intentions. Respect is about acknowledging and valuing the inherent worth and dignity of an individual or group.

    In order to build trust and respect in relationships and communities, it is important to be honest and transparent, to be reliable and dependable, and to act with integrity and good intentions. It is also important to listen to and acknowledge the perspectives and experiences of others, to be open to learning and growing, and to treat others with kindness, empathy, and fairness.

    By cultivating trust and respect in our relationships and communities, we can create a more positive and supportive environment for ourselves and others, and build stronger and more meaningful connections with those around us.

    It can be challenging to move on from difficult or painful experiences, and it is natural to want to find ways to process and make sense of what has happened. However, it is also important to recognize that it is not healthy or productive to dwell on the past or to become consumed by negative thoughts or emotions. For all ex-community members, here are suggestions for coping with difficult emotions and moving forward after experiencing a betrayal by or disappointment in Alan:

    Practice self-compassion: It is natural to feel hard on yourself when you are going through a difficult time. However, research has shown that self-compassion, or the practice of treating yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would offer to a good friend, can be helpful in managing difficult emotions.

    Seek out healthy and supportive relationships: Building and maintaining healthy relationships with others can provide a sense of connection and support, which can be particularly helpful during times of stress or challenge. Surrounding yourself with positive and caring people can help you to feel more supported and less isolated.

    Focus on personal growth: Experiencing a betrayal or disappointment can be an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection. It may be helpful to consider what you have learned from the experience and how you can use this learning to become a better person and to build a better future for yourself.

    Seek out new sources of inspiration and guidance: It may be helpful to explore new sources of inspiration and guidance, such as books, podcasts, or other resources that can help you to find new perspectives and to develop new skills and strategies for coping with difficult emotions.

  • To pundits who cast doubt on the NXIVM & Scientology look to a look up on Frank Report.

    Heidi Hutchinson explained how Raniere appropriated Scientology teachings.

    Aristotle your memory must be shot if you can’t remember the Scientology & NXIVM link.

    I guess being fighting for team Chloe left you with PTSD.

    • Looks like a little of everything in that chart — plus trauma based mind control.

      One commenter on the DailyMail UK article, “ NXIVM ‘sex cult’ doctor is charged with conducting ‘fright study’ …” might be right:

      “The New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct only stepped in when they were exposed as being negligent in their duties. This group is obviously involved in trauma based mind control.”

  • Mockingbird-

    Great read! Very informative!

    This is a great explanation of how the art of the cult/con works.

    Until this piece I hadn’t understood how the “word salad” is used to confuse and manipulate people. It’s an eye opener.

    I can’t think of another nuts&bolts explanation how benign word salad is used insidiously to manipulate people.

    I look forward to your next installment.
    Thank you!

  • Great info. I specifically remember thinking that everyone in the inner circle – including Nancy – didn’t grasp the full meaning of the catchphrases and buzzwords. I knew because I didn’t know wtf I was talking about half the time and they were clearly faking it, like me. Not unlike church,- where you can put on a good front and maybe learn how to pray out loud “well” by using the right buzzwords.

    Another thing going on during the time ESP/NXIVM was beginning was the word salady self help environment. Aura, minds-eye, authentic self, consciousness, “the self”, wellspring, centered, etc etc. There were so many authors who spoke this ambiguous language and Keith pretended to be a master of it. Most others pretended to speak it.

      • What up, Scoot? Invite me on your radio show and I’ll tell you all about it. Just know, I don’t do pods.

        • Good idea Nutjob. Do radio stick with that and bit the pods. What station is Scott on. Is it AM or FM ?

          • Hmmmmm,

            We haven’t heard from patriot god for a good long while. I’d figure he had things to say about the holidays.

            Frank, are you going censor happy with him again or has he just quit FR?

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            Why are you being such a coward, Ginzo?!

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          • Patriot God, you’ll forgive my not answering that question. I think we’d be better off all around if we’d put our cards on the table. You aren’t exactly the sort of a person you pretend to be, are you?

            The boorish manner. You know, blustering, bullying, and all that. If you actually were as white as you pretend to be, I’d think you were an albino.

          • Hey, Ginzo! Why aren’t you posting up my reply to you recent reply to me on here?!

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            Even if it scares you, you don’t have a right to withhold my freedom of speech!

          • “Scott – I just called Biden and Trump to get them together to appear on your radio show.”

            “Those cowards didn’t even pick up the phone.”

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          • “Hey, Ginzo! Why aren’t you posting up my reply to you recent reply to me on here?!

            Why are you such a pussy?! Are you too scared that other people will see you get logically destroyed and owned?!

            After you’re done crying like a bitch over it, you still owe a debt to the law of the land of this country, the U.S. Constitution!

            So try to get over your fears and post it so I can have my right to reply!

            Even if it scares you, you don’t have a right to withhold my freedom of speech!”

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          • To: Patriot God et al.

            Yeah I do tend to agree with you guys about Frank being an asshole.

            I don’t understand why you hate other races so much, but that doesn’t give anybody a license to steal your free speech.

            It’s very obvious that Frank knows that he lets other people get away with much more than he lets you get away with because he doesn’t like you. He’s not fair at all and lets people shit on you but blocks you from shitting on them back.

            Then he hides and doesn’t give a real account about how big an unfair dick he is being because he knows he is and doesn’t want argue about it.

            I don’t know if you guys are serious or not, but I find the post that are allowed on here to be hilarious!

            I don’t understand why Frank is such a douche bag to you guys when honestly I’ve seen much worse be said on FR and on other websites with chat forums.

            It’s just extremely petty of Frank.

            My suggestions are this,

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          • I love suggestion number #4.

            As for #1, I am neutral. One the one hand the idea might leave Patriot God regretting it for the rest of his born days. Yes, I would have to punk him out, but I would not to hurt him. I would just hog tie him then let him go.

            I like #3. I think the idea of suing for violating PG’s freedom of speech for my not posting his comments could be a landmark First Amendment case.

            As far as taking over the FR, why bother to illegally steak it- if PG makes me a reasonable offer, he can have it. Does $335 million seem like a fair price?

          • “As for #1, I am neutral. One the one hand the idea might leave Patriot God regretting it for the rest of his born days. Yes, I would have to punk him out, but I would not to hurt him. I would just hog tie him then let him go.”

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            “I like #3. I think the idea of suing for violating PG’s freedom of speech for my not posting his comments could be a landmark First Amendment case.”

            Actually it wouldn’t (at least not in the way you want it to be). Especially when your “reasons” for not posting PG’s posts you overlook in everybody else’s post’s and still other people’s shit that you bitch about from him and his party of people.

            The truth is, you just don’t like him or his group and seek to hyper-censor him every single chance that you get.

            So the “landmark” in the case would be how big of a hypocrite you are and how pathetic of a dumbass that you are to hide it all in plain sight.

            That would be the only “landmark” about it.

            “As far as taking over the FR, why bother to illegally steak it- if PG makes me a reasonable offer, he can have it. Does $335 million seem like a fair price?”

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            Well you got the hard part done — the bragging. If you are so sure of your big claims perhaps you would care to put a little wager on old decrepit me and young strong Patriot God? Let me know.

            You wrote “What a fucking rip off! Your website isn’t really worth… $335 million dollars.”

            OK make me a counter offer north of $300 million, and we have something to talk about.

          • 🛵,

            I remember when you referred to me as your “play thingy” using the special admin privileges Frank lent you. I bet you’re always around secretly giggling. The funny thing is you’re still a total loser. A fucking dimwit who after 8 years in Amway didn’t realize he was losing tens of thousands of dollars and years of his pitiful life. LOL

          • I don’t recall the “play thingy” comment, where is it? I never had special admin privileges from Frank. I’m not secretly giggling, I’m LOLing at idiots like you. Literally LOLing. LOL I’ve already addressed your thoroughly STUPID positions regarding Amway, any further discussion will be on my radio show, since you are racist against pods. LOL

          • The real losers are people like you, too cowardly to make a simple phone call, let alone go on the record on a radio show/podcast to expose your lack of using facts. Teddy Roosevelt had something to say about this, “It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

          • I only post under my given name. Why are you so angry on this thread? Do you really think the LOL is masking your high blood pressure?

          • People lose teeth talkin’ to Nutjob like that. If you want to hang around, you’ll be polite.

  • Great article, Jeffrey. It’s such important information.

    Do you think maybe some of the little cults like NXIVM, Scientology, The Manson Family and Children of God might have been smaller mind-control experiments in preparation for larger mind-control experiments involving the social engineering of entire populations? Sort of in the same way Jolyon West’s “social conversion experiments” in Oklahoma might have worked toward larger goals?

    Why wouldn’t “the invisible government” use simple Bernays-style social engineering to work to feed the hungry, house the homeless, protect the environment, discover free energy sources and secure world peace among sovereign nations?

    After almost a hundred years, the small groups of influencers still crave absolute power and top-down absolute control. Now that we have access to so much information about history, “the invisible government” looks more and more like a cult. To what degree have we all been victims of an “invisible government” that’s much bigger, more powerful and much more dangerous than NXIVM and Scientology?

    “Propaganda” by Edward L. Bernays, 1928 …

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

    We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society …

    … Propaganda will never die out. Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos.”

    Almost a hundred years later, in 2022: “Artificial intelligence and consumer manipulations: from consumer’s counter algorithms to firm’s self-regulation tools” by Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Frédéric Marty, Eva Thelisson & Thierry Warin

    “… Manipulation can take on an unprecedented scale with digital technology in so far as the manipulation no longer concerns biases generally present in the population but biases specific to each micro-segment of consumers or even to each consumer. The biases based on an architecture of choice can now be based on a dynamic architecture dependent on the decisions immediately taken by each Internet user. Much like Waze recalculates a route to invite you to join the recommended route after the motorist’s recommendation is ignored for the first time, the algorithm can re-invite the consumer to return to a preferable path with the seller …”

    When Americans are bombarded with unintelligible, vague, unverifiable, complicated contradictions and catch phrases, could that be preparation for programming?

    Today, we must think and say: “Men are women.” “Women are men.” “We can’t define what a woman is.”

    We didn’t start the wars we started. The only way to end the war is weapons, not peace talks. “Pro-life” is bad. “Pro-choice” is only allowed for some choices, not all. Never question science. It’s acceptable to re-engineer all life forms, forever.

    We must do as we are told, or else. We must think as we are told, or else. And, we’re all victims of a cult.

    • I have heard more than a couple “Scientology was a mind control experiment or psy op” ideas over the years and while I can’t say that it is absolutely impossible, since I am not omniscient, I can say that I reserve an agnostic stance until I see a lot more strong evidence.

      More than a couple ex Scientologists question key parts of Scientology history such as claims Hubbard ran drugs for the US government or was a CIA operative or the fact that he was able to purchase Saint Hill manor in England after having been broke a short time earlier.

      There is no end to the stories and speculation but without really strong evidence I remain skeptical and uncertain.

      Governments have already admitted to lots of efforts to control people from Chinese reeducation camps, which still exist today, to numerous programs by American, British, Canadian, Soviet, Russian and other governments to break, torture, control, and destroy the minds of men.

      I recommend the book, Brainwash: The Secret History of Mind Control by Dominic Streatfeild on the topic.

      As one example the book describes the “conveyor” system of torture used in Russia today (or quite recently). A subject is put into an uncomfortable position, for example nude and standing while blindfolded and with the legs spread a bit and arms held up. If the subject tries to relieve the stress they are electrocuted and “encouraged” to return to the stress position.

      Teams of people take turns monitoring the subject so the subject never gets a moment of relief or sleep. A few people are with the subject for a shift then they go to sleep and another team works a shift and so on with two or three teams in rotating shifts the subject quickly realizes this will never end. The subject also has the same constant noise so they can’t focus on changing stimuli to retain sanity.

      It was reported that only one person was not driven insane by this technique and he was considered sociopathic before the procedure started.

    • Regarding the government you don’t need far fetched conspiracy theories in my opinion.

      In the United States the wealthy and corporations use profoundly corrupt politicians to get what they want.

      “Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University)’s study found that the number of Americans for or against any idea has no impact on the likelihood that Congress will make it law.

      One thing that does have an influence? Money.

      While the opinions of the bottom 90% of income earners in America have a “statistically non-significant impact,” economic elites, business interests, and people who can afford lobbyists still carry major influence.”


      Numerous authors have documented the fact in my opinion.

      Sheldon Wolin described it as a managed democracy or inverted totalitarianism in his book Democracy Incorporated.

      Thomas Frank described it in his book Listen Liberal!

      Jane Mayer described it in Dark Money.

      And to be clear it’s not a partisan issue. Both parties are in the same position.

    • Charlie Manson used aspects of Scientology to lure in and control his Family. He learned much of it in prison, and at points in his life claimed to be a Scientologist. He was an inveterate liar, but it is certainly true that he had gained some knowledge of some of the basic concepts.

      • I was initially skeptical about this story because a lot of information on celebrities that is shared by the media is inaccurate regarding Scientology.

        I have seen far too many stories by network TV shows and magazines that have basic facts wrong regarding Scientology and members while in Scientology find one or two details that are wrong and dismiss stories routinely.

        When I came out I ended up reading the claim that Charlie Manson was exposed to Scientology by a fellow prisoner who audited him and that Charlie used some concepts from Scientology in his own cult.

        It has been reported that an E Meter was found in a search of a location that the Manson cult resided at.

        I was skeptical about these claims because I had seen so many incorrect ones regarding Scientology already.

        But these claims are supported to a degree in my opinion because we have several videos of Charlie Manson and I have seen a couple in which he uses Scientology terms in the completely correct way as a Scientologist would.

        This is very difficult to fake as Scientology has hundreds and hundreds of words that are in the definitions of each other and an outsider learning them fluently without actually using them, believing them and most of all thinking in them as concepts you find true, is almost impossible.

        This was what convinced me that regarding “Charlie Manson actually used Scientology” is a claim that is more likely true than false, from the evidence I have seen.

  • I don’t think Raniere made any particular study of Scientology. He just did a cut and paste job with various scams and schemes, anything from Buddhist claptrap to self-improvement seminars. He was primarily a con man.

    His roots were in multi level marketing, and his angle was that of the business motivational speaker. “Executive Success” says it all. I count 17 occurrences of the word “success” in his mission statement. “Success” = “money”.

    Nxivm was a get rich quick scam. That was what drew in the suckers. Including Sarah Edmondson. Particularly Sarah Edmondson. It’s patently obvious in the first chapter her book; she was looking for an angle, a way to make big money and become a big shot. She thought Nxivm was a way to elbow her way to the top. Blind ambition.

    It’s classic con-man stuff. Raniere knew the way to draw in the suckers is to promise them the road to riches. Then he fleeced them selling them his overpriced “tech”.

    Edmondson fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Suckers like that will believe any sort of bullshit if they think it’ll make ‘em rich in the end.

    That’s how MLM and Ponzi schemes work.

    Nxivm was full of aspiring actresses and “film producers”. All just about wetting their pants to hit the big time. All so blinded by ambition that they believed even Raniere’s clumsy bullshit.

    It’s greed dressed up as personal growth. They even believed the howler that this was “ethics”. Some of them continued to believe it was “ethics” and “building a better world” through the master-slave stuff and blackmail that was DOS. They believed it was “ethics” through Raniere’s lectures about raping babies.

    And no it wasn’t NLP and it wasn’t hypnosis (the former is pseudoscience and the latter is close to). Raniere wasn’t some Svengali mastermind. He’s just a con man.

    • You think ESP/NXIVM was a simple scam of one con man and the ESP?NXIVM victims were just greedy suckers?

      According to Sarah Edmondson, she respected Mark Vicente so allowed him to convince her to attend a few classes. She said she was extremely disappointed the entire first two days. She regretted being there and Vicente convinced her to stay. That doesn’t sound like she was a sucker or greedy. She hated it and wanted to leave.

      She also said about the third day, she started to see the value in the process. Why? Did the quality of the classes change after those two days or did something change her?

      Love bombing, peer pressure, group dynamics and mind manipulation are real influences with real results. Time and money spent to be there and everyone having a good time might have prompted Sarah to try to make it work.

      Keith wasn’t a con man working alone. Toni said he was a “Master of NLP”. Nancy Salzman was too. What did Dr. Brandon Porter do? Who directed his work and human experiments for nine years there? What other individuals were involved behind the scenes?

      What was the Bronfmans’ “Ethical Science Foundation” and what did Dr. Brandon Porter do there?

      According to the Newsweek article:
      “NXIVM Doctor Accused of Conducting Illegal Human Experiments in ‘Fright Study’
      May 5, 2018, BY MARIA PEREZ …

      The internist doctor from Albany, New York, got his New York medical license in 2009 from the University of Iowa, according to public records…”

      Did Brandon Porter get his New York medical license in 2009 from the University of Iowa? 🤔 Lots of human experiments going on in Iowa.

      What was “The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation”? Who funded it and who were the advisors and directors?

      And, the “Rainbow Cultural Gardens”? Who informed the curricula?

      How did one con man (who wasn’t a Svengali mastermind) fool thousands of people from countries all over the world for so long without major help from hidden hands?

      • Anonymous 6:10
        I never said Raniere worked alone. The Bronfmans financed him and Nancy Salzman worked up the phony “tech”

        As for Edmonton, she was piss her pants eager to make it big in film production. As was her at the time boyfriend (not Nippy), who was an aspiring “film producer”.

        Their first contact with Nxivm came about because the boyfriend won some kind of bogus prize for his indie film project. Turned out to claim the prize they had to pay for a cruise, the awards were to be presented at sea.

        They were so desperate and dumb they fell for this obvious scam. Turned out (surprise!) it was a Raniere scam.

        Read Edmondson’s book. It’s all in there.

        The big hook for Edmondson and boyfriend was that. MARK VICENTE would be there! He had just made a big name for himself with his dopey but $ucce$$ful “What The Bleep” movie. They were dying to network with this big shot! Here was their chance to make it into the Big Time!

        So they scraped together their Canadian pennies and ponied up for the cruise. Where they met Vicente. Who gave them the sales pitch and used the old oil about “to make money you got to spend money” and “do you want to follow your dreams or not” and sold them on their first vastly overpriced Nxivm course.

        Read the book. It’s all in there.

        Once Edmondson was 5 grand in the hole with Nxivm she reluctantly stuck with it. Because she was already 5 grand in the hole.

        Bad reason? Sure. She’s an idiot. Only an idiot would’ve fallen for the “important prize” bait in the first place. Or Vicente’s sleazy high pressure sales tactics.

        Nxivm was populated by idiots. And Raniere was clever at hooking idiots and then fleecing them. He had plenty of practice with Consumer’s Buyline.

        I’ll give Raniere that much credit, he’s clever. He’s a good conman. But he’s not some Svengali, nor is he a master criminal.

        He hooked people like Edmondson because she was blinded by greed. She had painted herself into a corner. She stuck with Nxivm despite (she now claims) suspecting it was a cult because she was desperate to make it big. Nxivm sold success and she was eager to buy.

        Read the book. Edmondson was desperate to climb the idiotic “stripe path”. She was jonesing for that next level polyester scarf. Why? Because she was hyper competitive and greedy.

        In her book she crows about being Nxivm’s top recruiter. Like she’s still proud of it despite everything.

        The reason she gives for going through with being branded was she knew any future promotions depended on it. She’d never get that damn next level scarf without it!

        That’s how blindly ambitious she was. How greedy for success. And how willing to believe Raniere’s bullshit, to look the other way with all the criminality and abuse. It’s why she joined the cult.

        It was the exact same story with Mack and boyfriend when they joined Nxivm. And Vicente. Big ambitions, always wanting more coupled with a lack of morals and little common sense.

        Raniere didn’t force or hypnotize or brainwash people into his cult. He just set the bait and the rats came scurrying to him.

        And if you want to learn why people join cults, have a good look at the sorts of people who join cults.

    • I have to disagree. I was in Scientology for twenty five years. I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours getting indoctrinated in Scientology.

      I have since spent a lot if time exploring the origins of Scientology and the materials Ronald Hubbard plagiarized.

      Further I have seen that many cult leaders use the same playbook and plagiarize anything that fits their desire to appear brilliant and covertly execute coercive control.

      If you read my posts here and at my own blog I have more than a little evidence for my claims and the alternative in my opinion lacks evidence.

      • Oh to be sure Raniere got some of his ideas and tactics from Scientology. There are lots of parallels. But there are plenty of differences too.

        And as you yourself point out, Scientology stole most of its stuff from other cults and movements. If it wasn’t Scientology’s in the first place, in what sense could Raniere have stolen it from them? None Scientology’s crap is original.

        Scientology isn’t a MLM scheme, Nxivm was. Scientology is a religion, Nxivm wasn’t. Those are some pretty big differences.

        I’m not arguing that there aren’t lots of parallels between Nxivm and Scientology. But all cults share similarities. They’re insular, they play mind games, they have their in-group jargon. And in my considered opinion, they’re all fucked up.

    • I agree completely. There’s no doubt that Raniere did steal some things from Scientology, not least the vicious litigiousness. I spent a lot of time with some people on the fringes of Scientology, and they truly did have their own language, in which the rest of society was “the wog world”. To be honest, I still find the concept of an engram useful and use the term in the right context.

      But the Nxivm word salads are all just about messing with people’s minds and planting MLM catch phrases in their heads. Little catch phrases like “exploration of meaning” are just a shadow of Scientology-talk. These pyramid schemes really and truly are evil, and that was the one score on which Raniere knew exactly what he was doing.

      The chart is a very dodgy in other respects. I know Raniere went to a Waldorf school, but I’m telling you flatly that everything he did went directly against Steiner’s central notion of never infringing on someone’s free will. So in Mockingbird’s chart you’ll see that Steiner started something called “Anthrosophy.” It’s actually Anthroposophy, meaning knowledge or wisdom of Man (anthropos). It’s a tricky word, but perfectly accurate. It does show that Mockingbird does not know much about Steiner.

    • Points taken, but it would be hard to argue that the DOSheep and associated deadender voices are motivated purely by profit or greed. Like it or not, they do seem to believe in a core set of values, however misguided those values and belief systems strike us. The fact remains that many of them, far from seeing any measurable success or material gains in their lives, seem to have hit the rocks financially and career-wise, before and since the scam was uncovered.

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