Is Kristin Snyder Still Alive, or Murdered, a Suicide or Suicided?

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder, who vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.
This is part 1 of our ongoing investigation into Kristin Snyder.
Kristin Keeffe responded to a question of one of her Reddit followers
You know how much I admire you, you know I even crush on you — but the only thing you’ve ever said that I doubt is when you concluded Snyder might still be alive. (But I also see you’re sincere)
If Snyder really disappeared immediately after accusing Keith of having sex with his students, it was an UNBELIEVABLE stroke of luck for Keith. So unbelievable, I literally don’t believe it.
This is not a popular opinion as many people post NXIVM who had no involvement or knowledge about Kris tried to insert themselves into Kris’s story. I did a very thorough investigation of her disappearance right after it happened. I have a lot of firsthand facts.

I was very thorough, and there were a LOT of abnormalities.

Snyder never accused Keith Raniere of anything. Anyone who believes that is delusional. She never met Keith, she had nothing to do with Keith, and the idea he impregnated her is nonsense on the level of QAnon conspiracies.

That is the truth.

Snyder never accused Keith Raniere of anything.
That would definitely change the narrative we’ve been led to believe. Do you know how that rumor got started, that she accused Keith during her last NXIVM session? How did you figure out it was false?...


Snyder never accused Keith of anything. She never met Keith, that whole idea is a total fantasy/fiction.

It’s the most insane thing.

My best friend brought Kristin Snyder into NXIVM. I knew every single person close to her. When she disappeared, I went through every single piece of information regarding her.

I went to Alaska. I did tape recorded interviews with every person she had contact with, I interfaced with the police, and all the eyewitnesses, and worked with a team of private investigators referred by her best friend to try and figure out what happened. I investigated her death personally for two years.

The whole “Keith and Kris story” evolved 15 years later from people who had no first-hand information, were not involved in NXIVM, and never knew Kris. Just a total scam for clickbait and hashtags in an attempt to sell false stories.

Thank you for answering this! Makes sense – I did wonder how he could have so much interaction with her when she lived in Alaska! This makes sense.


… That is SOOOO eye opening. We all know that Parlato and Tighe are pretty sketchy characters, and yet a lot of what we “think” we know about NXIVM came through them.


Frank Parlato saved my and my son’s life. Literally and faced HUGE retribution as a result.

John Tighe tried to destroy us.

Frank Parlato saved my and my son’s life.
That’s a HUGE endorsement. One of the amazing parts of this story is how everyone overcame their respective fears and distrusts of each other when it really mattered.

… When NXIVM became a big media story, suddenly two people came forward saying Kris was pregnant with Keith’s baby.

So insane. In the 15 years prior, that had never been alleged, and there was never a shred of evidence to back it up, and a HUGE amount of evidence to prove it was not ever remotely possible.

It’s amazing to me how people will lie to falsely insert themselves into a story once it trends.


If Kris never accused Keith, her disappearance becomes far more consistent with nxivm-induced suicide than murder.

By Frank Parlato

Officially, Kristin Snyder is a presumptive suicide. She went missing Feb. 6, 2003 – almost 20 years ago.

Her body was never found.

Millers Landing

MK10ART’s painting of Elaine Smiloff. Miller’s Landing is in the background.

Elaine Smiloff said she drove Kristin Snyder from her ESP intensive to her home in Anchorage on Feb. 6, 2003.

Elaine was the last person known to see Kristin alive.

A kayak was stolen from Miller’s Landing, and police found Kristin’s Toyota Tacoma pickup truck nearby.

Elaine Smiloff first called me on August 2017.

This was after I broke the DOS story and before the New York Times wrote its first story on NXIVM and DOS.

Elaine said she had to tell somebody a secret she had harbored for 15 years. Kristin claimed to be pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child.

Heidi Clifford corroborated Elaine’s story. Heidi said Kristin claimed she was pregnant. Nobody told that to the Snyder family. Nobody told police. Nobody put that in print.

Nobody reported that until I did in 2017.

Suddenly 15 years later, two people said it.

I asked Clifford why she withheld this from the police. She said she was afraid it would point suspicion at her.






She said she did not think it was true.

Kristin Snyder was in Albany in January 2002 – within a month of her disappearance.

So was Raniere. Did they meet?

Kristin Keeffe says they did not meet.

Susan Dones saw Snyder in Albany.

Elaine supposedly picked up Kristin Snyder at the Westmark Hotel and took her to her home on Glen Kerry Rd in Anchorage. 

Elaine pulled into the driveway with Kristin, she said, and let her out – to go into the house alone – and never be seen again. T

If Elaine’s story is true, she dropped off a clearly unstable woman – alone – at her home and left her there – alone.

Heidi claims Esther told her Elaine was going to stay with Kristin until Heidi got home.

Elaine didn’t stay, she says.

Elaine told me it haunted her for years – that Kristin, in her unstable condition, could not have driven from Anchorage to Seward on the night of February 6, 2003.

So why was she left alone?

 Keith Raniere, about the time Kristin Snyder disappearedIf Kristin was pregnant – or if Keith believed she was – would Keith have any qualms about making her disappear?

Lauren Salzman testified that just before Kristin disappeared, she, her mother, Keith, and others conspired to force-feed and secretly drop drugs in the food of a disruptive student – and held her captive.

Elaine Smiloff

Because Elaine was the last person to see Snyder alive, the police were interested in interviewing her – but they did not question her alone, according to Elaine.

Elaine said police interviewed her with Esther Chiappone Carlson. With Esther in the room, Elaine said she did not mention Snyder’s claim she was pregnant.

If it is true, Elaine, like Clifford, withheld that Kristin claimed to be pregnant with the leader of the group that arranged her care on the day she disappeared.

But what about the suicide note? It blames NXIVM.

Would Keith allow a suicide note that blamed his teachings?

Raniere said, “Kristin faked her own death to escape her drug-running past.”

There are many questions and more information. Kristin Keeffe has said she has evidence Snyder is still alive.

This possibly is corroborated by some information I received.

Clare Bronfman hired an investigative team to find Kristin Snyder in 2014. I met with them in 2018 and 2019.

One of them, Mathew Mallone, told me Raniere and Bronfman told them Snyder was alive and had Keith’s child.

Odd, Bronfman hired Mallone and his group to find two Kristins — Snyder and Keeffe – and both were said to have his child.

Matt Mallone said he was retained to find Kristin Snyder and told she was alive and had Keith’s child.

Mallone traced both Kristins to Florida. He quit Bronfman after they found Keeffe at my house.

That’s a story for another day.

Several years later, I went with Mallone to Bradenton, where they said they traced Snyder.

We did not find her. But shortly after, I received a phone number said to be Snyder’s. A living Kristin Snyder now in her 50s.

I called the number. No answer. I left a message. I said who I was, and that if it was Kristin – Raniere was in prison -she need not hide anymore.

I saved the number on my phone under Kristin Snyder.

The strange thing was I did not get any immediate return call. Then several months later, at 2 am, a phone call came. I was asleep.

But there it was, a missed call from Kristin Snyder. Did she have a second thought late at night? I called months ago. Unless the person saved my number, it would likely not be still on the phone.

Why would some stranger save my number?

And why did someone call at 2 am? I called in the morning. No answer. I left another message. But they never returned the call.

There are many more missing pieces to this puzzle, like a mysterious photograph in Arizona. And then there is the shed.

None of this may be anything other than a wild goose chase. The official story may be true.

Resurrection Bay

I told an old timer from Resurrection Bay, who knew the waters. I said I wanted to find Kristin Snyder.

He told me if she fell into those cold February waters, and nobody found the body right away:

“The dungeness crabs got her long ago. She would have disappeared without a trace.”

There was something spooky and weird about that image of those crabs that I was reluctant to dismiss.

But then there was the strange suicide theory, the pregnancy, and the mystery of how the truck left the hotel without Kristin, who was driven home by Elaine.

Then the truck winds up at Resurrection Bay. And Heidi Clifford told the state troopers to look for Kristin there within a few hours of her leaving with Elaine.

And over the years, people seemed to have spotted her.

Did she want to escape and lead a new life?

If I found her alive tomorrow, and she did not want to be known, what would I do?

What would you do?

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Frank Parlato


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  • Kristin has lost all credibility for me. Everything she writes now is to cover her ass.

    What about the drugs she gave another woman who also freaked out at a seminar when she refused to take her to the hospital? I’m sure she’ll deny that now, too because she spent over a decade in NXIVM but never committed a crime. Right.

    For all we know she may have been complicit in whatever befell Snyder. We just don’t know.

    Was she the one who was with Gina right before she allegedly shot herself? I can’t remember.

    • Sherizzy, you are completely mixed up. Lauren and Nancy gave drugs to an NXIVM attendee. Not Kristin.

      Get your facts straight. You’re a good person and I always say that “Sherizzy, vis ideas are always good. Tey always thinks for emself.” But your wrong about Kristin.

      • The thing is they all had dirty hands. The more so the closer they were to Keith. I guess that’s why it bothers me that Kristin is attacking other ex-Nxians. I wish she would just tell her story without attacking other people.

        I still do not believe her account on Synder. It seems too convenient. I have always believed that Keith made such a big deal out of his investigation because he was responsible and thought that would quell suspicions.

  • “I did a very thorough investigation of her disappearance right after it happened.”

    Why did NXIVM send a person from NY to investigate a disappearance of someone in Alaska? What was the motivation to spend all that time and resources? Kindheartedness? Or something else?

    “She never met Keith, she had nothing to do with Keith”

    How do you know? Were you at Keith’s or Kristin’s side the entire time she was in Albany?

    “I went to Alaska. I did tape recorded interviews with every person she had contact with, I interfaced with the police, and all the eyewitnesses, and worked with a team of private investigators referred by her best friend to try and figure out what happened. I investigated her death personally for two years.”

    I’m assuming Keith/Bronfmans paid for this? To an outside observer, it does seem suspect. Keith never even met her once but he’s spending all this money on an investigation? Why?

    • The way I have seen Frank abuse the woman “Zebra” here who is apparently Kristins sister told me everything there is to know about him. Frank is a greasy ass trauma pimp. I’m sure she’s attempted to comment but it gives Frank a boner to have power here, even and especially when it comes to other people’s grief and pain. Sick piece of shit.

      • Hey dummy!

        A few things:

        1. Frank is no drama-pimp!

        2. Frank is definitely greasy – cuz he’s a greaseball.

        3. Frank never ridiculed no Zebra. Frank is Sicilian. Sicilians love Zebras because like Sicilians they’re 1/2 black and 1/2 white.!

        I bid you good day! 🙃

          • Frank-

            You’re welcome my dear fellow. I will always defend you with a quick quip.
            I guess this mean I can come over and watch the Super Bowl.

            Thanks Buckaroo!

          • I don’t watch the Super Bowl, which I always considered an American Februalia.

            This year, I plan to be in the Everglades, where there is no TV. There is a serious python problem.

            I was planning on catching a few. You’re welcome to come with me. I need a good decoy to attract them.

            I do not want you to be worried. I never lost a decoy yet, except two times. And the second time was because I fell asleep. I have caffience pills with me this time.

          • — I need a good decoy to attract them.

            The only true story I know of, in which a human decoy was used, was Shackleton’s harrowing tale of survival.
            One of the smaller sized men in Shackleton’s party would imitate a penguin to attract Sea Lions. The man almost died twice.
            The use of the decoy worked so well it is one reason the men survived.

            BTW: Great book.

  • MUST DO: Karen Unterreiner on A Little Bit Culty podcast with Sarah and Nippy. Karen met keith while they were in college. There’s a ton of new content in this incredibly compelling and riveting interview.

    Karen talks about theories about how she may have been poisoned, and the suspicious occurrences about Frank Parlato’s investigation of the chemical analysis and possible cancer poisoning.

    She begins by talking how she met keith in the dorms at college, “He [keith] made the rounds..” and “and slowly drop that he was Eastern coast judo champ…” “very muscular, very very”. She dishes on Pam, Barbara, Toni, and how keith got his start. There’s a lot on how keith pulled off having so many girlfriends.

    As we saw in Vow 2, keith also made karen put his mother’s ashes in a tin can with a cheap sticker label on it, in her kitchen, on a shelf, next to a dead cat. She comments on this and what has happened to it.

    I think Karen still has some serious things to work through still, but she has completely disavowed keith and is coming to terms. Good for her.

    • That was great info from Karen. Clears up a lot. I hope they have her back on the pod. I could listen to Karen all day.

    • “I think Karen still has some serious things to work through still…”

      I love how anticultists all believe they are mental health experts. Their definition of “sanity” or “fully cured” is “fully denounced Keith” and “behaving like a loyal schnauzer” to everything in mainstream society.

      Do you have a ‘masters degree’ in psychology too, I9?


      • Alanzo-

        I quote the following to you:

        “The overwhelming majority of human beings have no clue that their thoughts, emotions and behaviors are entirely controlled by their culture.
        They don’t even know what their culture is.”
        (Allen Stansfield circa 1997)

        What culture do you come from and
        and how do you know your culture isn’t controlling you?

        Bet you won’t answer this one.

  • Frank
    Why don’t you add what we told you Heidi told us about cleaning out the truck and the fact that “Kris’ items were fair game for us to pack up & take home ?
    What about Heidi’s account of the Valentine’s Day card being the ONLY thing she had left because we stole everything ?
    What about the account of the fact that Heidi has ONLY called us once since Kris disappeared ?
    What about the 180 emails that Heidi sent out to people to ask for Money and the “wanting people to feel sorry for her ?”
    What about the “15 page Hand written journal we sent to you?
    This article is far from complete –
    What about giving the truck to mom, dad and me to drive the same day we arrived ? To clean it out & pack Kris’ belongings and bring them home ?
    What about the beige jacket in the back of the truck with blood on the sleeve that disappeared ?
    What.? This is NOT a complete article –

  • I would recommend not report if she was found live. Clare Bronfman and Nicky Clyne and many others are still completely under Raniere’s mind-control. Kristin S. would be in grave danger of LL lawsuits, harassment and much worse. Any of the current NXIVM loyalists are extremely dangerous and likely to make very impulsive decisions because of their unconditional devotion to Raniere.

    • “Any of the current NXIVM loyalists are extremely dangerous and likely to make very impulsive decisions because of their unconditional devotion to Raniere.”


      Are we still playing “spot the fed”?

      • The simplistic “good guys vs bad guys” narrative never goes away, ever. We’re supposed to fear women who make YouTube videos discussing the latest Avatar movie, as if they’re going to jump through the screen and kill us all with their magical brainwashing voodoo powers, despite not being the least bit threatening or aggressive . As of they’re going to threaten someone who’s already passed away, who none of them have ever met or mentioned.

        Maybe Sarah can interview one of the hundreds of women she gave EMs to over the years and ask if it made them suicidal. If yes, maybe she can find a way to twist it to make it look like one of her recruits who had nothing to do with it was responsible, and then sue them. She’s good at that.

  • This is a story which Frank and I differ on.

    I’ve already solved the case. 🙂

    The problem with Frank’s entire investigative team, in this case, is that they suffer from confirmation bias (they wanna believe that NXIVM and Keith had something to do with this woman’s disappearance because he’s such a bad man).

    Nobody can say with certainty that Elaine was the last person to see her alive, that is, except the most obvious person who likely has something to hide here.

    If I had been conducting this journalistic investigation with Frank —— when I visited Alaska to interview these witnesses, I would have asked one question to the most obvious suspect on camera:

    “Will you agree to take a polygraph test, on camera, to prove that you had nothing to do with your wife’s disappearance — and to prove that you weren’t jealous of Kristin’s claims that another man impregnated your wife?”

    Guess what? Kristin’s wife would have declined to take a polygraph for Frank.

    I promise you that.

    Why? Because a lying sack of shit has things to hide and ain’t gonna take a polygraph.

    By her own admission, she was MORE WORRIED about police ‘investigating her’ THAN ACTUALLY FINDING THE REAL KILLER OF HER SPOUSE (by withholding key information from the police about her wife’s alleged infidelity, for the express purpose of keeping the police from investigating her).

    Think about that carefully.

    Purposely withholding CRITICAL information is basically the SAME THING as lying, at least from a moral point of view.

    If you truly LOVE somebody and they go missing, the LAST thing you’d do is withhold key evidence from the police —- especially if you already know that you had NOTHING to do with the alleged crime and that it would be impossible to disprove your alibi.

    Another thing that’s fishy… At that stage, is was just a suicide investigation (with a suicide note) —- so WHY would her spouse be thinking about withholding evidence from the police OUT OF FEAR that she’d possibly be arrested for homicide? LOL.

    Does anybody else see the contradiction there?

    IMO, Frank has a problem here…

    If the ‘timeline’ and ‘alibi’ of Kristin’s wife are so ‘rock solid’ —- then she’d have NO REASON to suspect that she could be arrested for anything. Capiche?

    Yes, the spouse must always be ‘investigated’ and ‘cleared’ —- but that’s usually done very quickly, especially if the spouse has a rock solid alibi and truly had nothing to do with the alleged crime.

    So, again, there’s nothing to fear unless your alibi cannot be 100% corroborated.

    And, if her alibi cannot be 100% corroborated here —- then why would ANYBODY take her word for it that Elaine, and not Ms. Clifford, was the last person to see Kristin alive?

    Another thing…

    The fact that polygraph tests aren’t 100% accurate doesn’t matter.

    That was never my point.

    It’s not the polygraph results which would have proved anything —- it’s the LIAR’S REACTION to being asked to take a polygraph which would have told us everything we need to know.

    Another thing…

    Common sense tells me that NXIVM’s hiring of an investigative team to locate Kristin hiding (alive) tells us that they truly believed she was still alive the whole time and had faked her suicide —- and they wanted to catch her lying about her alleged suicide.

    There can be NO OTHER logical explanation for hiring such a team.

    Of course, Frank won’t accept this COMMON SENSE —– mostly because his own confirmation bias won’t let him suspect anybody else but Keith and NXIVM.

    Here are the results of my armchair investigation into this matter:

    There are 2 likely things that could have happened to Kristin (in my opinion):

    1) Kristin’s spouse was likely jealous of Kristin’s CLAIMS that she was carrying Keith’s child. Remember, Ms. Clifford was incapable of giving Kristin a child since she has no penis — and that must have ‘hurt’ and inspired ‘jealously’ when Kristin CLAIMED that another man had impregnated her. Most men would get enraged at the thought of another man sleeping with their spouse and impregnating them —- and it’s SEXIST to assume that Heidi Clifford had no such emotions (statistics show that homosexuals get even more jealous than heterosexuals). Thus, it’s quite possible that her spouse was somehow involved in Kristin’s disappearance. Oh, and statistically speaking, the spouse is often involved in cases like these, especially where jealousy and infidelity are an issue (it doesn’t matter that Kristin never likely had sex with Keith, it only matters that Kristin CLAIMED this to her spouse). Again, if Ms. Clifford truly had a rock solid alibi (like Frank claims) then she would NOT have withheld key evidence from the police, out of FEAR that she’d be arrested. That’s just common sense.

    2) Kristin was obviously mentally disturbed during the final few weeks of her life, and it’s possible that she simply did what her suicide note said she did, without help from anybody else.

    That’s it. Case solved. No more speculation is necessary.

    Have a good day. 🙂

  • Elaine the last to see Snyder? I thought Clifford said the last she’d seen her wife was when she headed out in the snow wearing purple slippers.

  • Lauren Salzman testified that just before Kristin disappeared, she, her mother, Keith, and others conspired to force-feed and secretly drop drugs in the food of a disruptive student – and held her captive.

    I don’t know Frank..didn’t you previously allude to the fact that that student was Vicente Fox’s daughter??

    Also, wouldn’t the prosecution ASK who that person was whilst they had Lauren on the stand?

    She belongs in jail..gheez.

    • Frank??

      And did she say they were successful @ holding her captive?

      Was Vicente Fox’s daughter attending classes at the same time as Kristen’s disappearance?

      You spin many different theories here that I have read!


          At one time, Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of former Mexican president Vicente Fox Quesada [200-2006] was listed as a student of ESP/NXIVM. She has not been mentioned in any press releases or articles about or by NXIVM recently.

          Didn’t find the exact article but I’m sure that’s what you said on the force fed drugs by Saltzman’s!!

  • “Lauren Salzman testified that just before Kristin disappeared, she, her mother, Keith, and others conspired to force-feed and secretly drop drugs in the food of a disruptive student – and held her captive.”?

      • In light of this, why did the government let Lauren off with only probation? While we’re at 20/20 hindsight, why did Nancy get off off with such a light sentence as well?

        Your honest perspective would be sorely appreciated. Thanks!

    • RE The Torture of Kristen Snyder:

      It’s one of the most over looked parts of the trial!

      I remember the log cabin debacle-it’s proof Nancy Salzman is pure evil.

      Lauren Salzman helped to keep two women psychologically imprisoned. This topic is something NutJob can’t defend.

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