Data 4 Anti-Cult Tribal Ninnies: Dossier Women’s ‘Coherence; Govt’s Ethical Breach, Against Raniere

MK10ART's newest portrait of Keith Raniere

We thought Kevin stood alone to fight an army of anti-NXIVM anti-cultists. But a former NXIVM member has come forward. He is a man known to FR. We can assure readers that he is no longer a member and is not interested in disclosing his name.

He chose the pen name Lt. Commander Data.

FR selected an image of him we hope is apropos of his personal. LCDR Data finds the foolish emotions of the anti-cultist tribal ninnies a constant irritant. He finds their arguments most illogical.

The illustrations are by MK10ART

By LCDR Data

The first subject is the safety and legal defense of Keith Alan Raniere, serving an 120 year prison sentence for, among other things, racketeering with predicate acts of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of a minor.

His supporters are concerned that Mr. Raniere may be moved from the United States Penitentiary at Tuscon to an undisclosed maximum security federal prison, which could put his life in danger due to his crimes of conviction and hamper his ability to interact with lawyers.

His supporters allege the evidence used to prove the racketeering predicate child sex acts was fabricated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the investigative agency of the United States Department of Justice.

They further allege that the Federal Bureau of Prisons, also an agency of the US Department of Justice, is using its corporal power over Mr. Raniere to limit his ability to challenge his conviction in the United States District Court.


The alleged misconduct is two fold: The Department of Justice’s improper handling of Mr. Raniere’s case, and the Department of Justice’s improper efforts to prevent him from attacking his conviction by retaliating against him while in their custody.

There is a psychological component, as Mr. Raniere’s supporters’ concern for his safety and their belief in his innocence factor into their expressions of frustration and outrage at the alleged misconduct of the Department of Justice.

Numerous allegations made by Raniere supporters against the Department of Justice lack evidence to support their claims.

Ethics and dilemmas include the alleged government misconduct and the potential for injustice if the Departmenrt of Justice prevents Mr. Raniere from mounting a legal attack on his conviction.

The issue raises an inherent ethical dilemma of government agencies abusing and colluding to abuse power to cover up misconduct.

Nicki Clyne v Karim Amer


Karim Amer had his own ideas on how to make the Vow.

The second subject is Nicole Clyne’s allegations that Karim Amer, the executive producer of the HBO Docuseries “The Vow,” stole or, under pretenses, took possession of her video footage of Mr. Raniere’s arrest.

He used it in the Vow without Ms. Clyne’s consent and without paying her.

The conflict is whether Mr. Amer had the legal or ethical right to use it without Ms. Clyne’s consent.

The psychological aspects at play may include Ms. Clyne’s feelings of betrayal and frustration with Mr. Amer’s actions and any attempt by Mr. Amer to manipulate or deceive Ms. Clyne to obtain the footage initially.

More information is needed to determine whether Mr. Amer used the footage legally.

We do not know the specific circumstances under which Mr. Amer obtained the video, or whether Ms. Clyne and Mr. Amer had a written or oral agreement or legal understanding.

From an ethical standpoint, it would be inappropriate for Mr. Amer to use Ms. Clyne’s video without her consent or proper compensation, as this would violate her rights as the copyright owner.

It would be unethical for Mr. Amer to deceive or manipulate Ms. Clyne to obtain the video.

DOS Makes Coherent Argument

The women who co-created the “secret” sorority DOS stated at its founding that its purpose was to challenge social conventions and build strong character through specialized practices guided by Keith Raniere.

This group stated it aimed to empower women. They founded it on the basis that each member made a vow.

Leah Mottishaw supports DOS and its empowerment

Several DOS members maintain their sorority has been distorted and misrepresented in media and society, which has cast the DOS women as hapless victims or “brainwashed” followers.

They maintain that the binary narrative of “victim/perpetrator” is uninformed and offensive to the women who chose to participate in DOS.

Michele Hatchette is enthusiastic about what DOS did for her.

Women of the Dossier Project states that, despite facing adversity, including false accusations and governmental threats, women remain committed to honoring and championing women’s agency, as exemplified in DOS.

They maintain they resisted the temptation to claim victimhood, even when offered with the promise of reward, because they value integrity and truth more than material reward or security.

Clare Bronfman and Nicki Clyne

The Dossier Project’s arguments appear coherent and present a clear argument that “collateral” in DOS has been misrepresented, starting with the Frank Report, followed by mainstream media and former members as “blackmail,” when it was a consensual agreement between adults.

The Dossier women illustrate the purpose of collateral, which is to hold someone accountable for their actions in a way intended to benefit their well-being and safety.

Allison Mack was a founder of DOS, she had cause to regret it later.

The Dossier women address the fact that local authorities did not find prosecutable crimes. A private investigation of retained former law enforcement officers conducted an investigation and concluded that DOS operated within the laws of the United States and the State of New York.

There are a few points in the Dossier women’s arguments where the coherence is somewhat disrupted, such as their discussion of a media campaign against DOS and the involvement (or lack thereof) of law enforcement, which may be confusing to those trying to determine the truth without more context.

Overall, the Dossier women present a clear argument and generally maintain coherence.


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  • ‘The women who co-created the “secret” sorority DOS stated at its founding that its purpose was to challenge social conventions and build strong character through specialized practices guided by Keith Raniere…. ‘

    what? ALL the women?? I think not. The majority of the women had no idea that Keith was involved and in fact were told he wasn’t. Not all the women knew fully what they were consenting to, therefore it wasn’t full consent. The dossiers( I like to call them Dossers) are selfishly speaking for themselves about themselves having never questionned why so many other DPS members felt they had been misled/ abused/ hoodwinked. The blinkers are still on.
    I totally accept it when Michelle or Nicki say it was consensual for them. I accept their view. I do not accept them speaking for others in a kind of blanket statement the way they do.

  • Hey you guys!!!

    Anybody here ever been part of a group like the one Dr. Shedler describes below?

    1/ One of most important things I’ve learned: Severe personality problems find *camouflage.* No one thinks “I’m a sadist” or “I’m a malignant narcissist.” They find a belief system/social group that validates their most hateful, destructive impulses & construes them as virtues.

    2/ The most toxic and hateful people in the world are 100% convinced they fight for what is true and right.

    3/ They find a way to give free rein to their cruelty, to attack, to treat others cruelly and viciously. *And they find allies to cheer them on* who also believe they are on the side of all that is true and good.

    4/ For colleagues looking for more theoretical explanation, the psychological processes are splitting, projection & projective identification. Splitting means not recognizing one’s own capacity for hate, cruelty, and destructiveness. The person is blind to the bad in themselves.

    5/ Instead, they project the badness onto some designated other. And this other person, via the defense of projection, is now seen as the repository of all that is bad and evil and necessary to destroy. That’s the projection. The person now feels fully justified in unleashing

    6/ their viciousness and hate on the other person, who is now seen (via projection) as someone monstrous who must be destroyed. If the person who is projected on responds to the provocation with anger, this is now seen as further confirmation of how hateful and destructive

    7/ they are (this is what is called is “projective identification.”) The end result is that the person can deny their own sadism, cruelty, and hate—while simultaneously acting it out without restraint. And feel themselves to be 100% on the side of truth and right as they do it.

    Twitter: @JonathanShedler



    • Congrats Aloonzer!!!!

      You possess all 7 categories. And yes I under the categories apply to cults. You, however, are in a cult of one, the Anti-Anti-Cultists Church.

      Your cultist beliefs and practices have ended up leaving you broke, alone, and in medical need of having your head removed from your ample ass.

      It’s a pernicious cult and I’m afraid not even Frank Parlato can help.

    • Well, you’re the former cult member, who still spends a lot of time insisting others adopt your specific cult ideology –

      So, you tell us? There are two of us in my kitchen atm reading your comment, both regulars here. Mr. Shedler seems accurate enough.

  • Two things:

    1. LCDR Data’s essay has no data, no tangible information, to back up his Op Ed. He’s sharing his skewed perspective of NXIVM and the DOJ. LCDR is most likely SUNEEL. Hey Suneel your uglier than a dog turd.!

    2. The Dossier Project is composed of eight women who are more delusional than Alonzo or Kanye.

    One member of the project is a Harvard law school graduate who believes the DOS oath falls under “promissory estoppel.”

    • Nice Guy you were right about Scott. You were the only one who understood. I thought it was mental illness. I’ll never forget your description of him:

      “Scott Johnson, awkward, out of place everywhere, embarrassed and encumbered by his lack of couth, sick at heart, but determined to fit in somewhere. His clothes don’t fit. The pants are a little too large. The coat, which doesn’t match, is also a little too large and loose. He is a dumb young fellow, but he has ideas. A philosophy that Amway can make you rich. His philosophy is simple and beautiful. Become an Amway distributor in his downline and buy the Amway tools and become rich.”

      The world is sorrowful. The world needs laughter. Scott is funny. The world needs Scott. Scott will make the world laugh. You’ve been laughing at him ever since.

      • Frank-

        We are all bodies in space, traveling around Scott Johnson’s orbit. Anything that has mass also has gravity including shit. Gravity is infinite. They say laughter is the best medicine. If both things are true, Scott Johnson shall provide an eternity of laughter from which we can’t escape.

        The giant piece of shit Scott Johnson can make the whole world laugh endlessly and circuitously.

        • Nice Guy, people often attribute Scott’s personality to cruelty, when it simply results from stupidity. He is a humorless man with an IQ of about 85. He is a man who spent half his life selling Amway,and failing and the other half trying to justify the time lost by attacking Amway and failing.

          He should move on. And his mental condition definitely requires him to stay offline.

          • Scott’s entire world of multiple business entities and revenue streams is intrinsically tied to the internet.

            How could he leave it?

            Hopefully, his wife who actually has a real job will pull the plug. Then Scott Johnson will return to the Lord.

  • Anyone who supports Raniere is probably a child molesting predator too. Who in their right mind would support him after listening to the statements of the Mexican sisters and the WhatsApp messages? I think the likes of Eduardo, Suneel Mark and others are tittilated by the antics of Keith. They hang rounds these dos rejects because they think there might be a blow job in it for them too. Only supporters of child abuse would support child abusers. I hope none of them have daughters. Suneel, Mark, Eduardo et al have probably given Keith some collateral of their own.

    Times up Keith. Let your slaves free. Release them from their vow and let them learn to navigate the world using their on senses, and not your nonsense.

  • Keith Raniere is a sociopath and a danger. But our government manufactured evidence and withheld information until the last minute to gain this extreme conviction.

    The fact that the prison continues to punish and brutalize him should raise concerns in all of us. If they do it to Raniere they can do it to anyone. They don’t need a reason.

  • I’m confused by this statement:

    “ The women who co-created the “secret” sorority DOS stated at its founding that its purpose was to challenge social conventions and build strong character through specialized practices guided by Keith Raniere.”

    I thought any participation by Keith Raniere was not made known to anyone beyond the first line slaves.

    This makes it appear the Keith would have some oversight/provide guidance in the process.

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