Kevin Rebuts 20 Years of Anti-NXIVM Idiocy to Farthest Degree! Stop You Fools…

Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere are bored with your attacks on Kevin...,

Kevin has chosen to answer critics. The question is not who Kevin is – but how is he articulating the position of those who will not renounce Keith Raniere?

Some Photoshop fake pictures of Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk appear in this article to help illustrate a point, and not for prurient reasons. Thomas Sekera, Sultan of Six and people under 18 are asked not to read further.

By Kevin

The Smallville Connection

I worked on the set of Smallville. I knew people there, and I remain in contact with some of them. I will not reveal their names and personal information to prove that 20 years ago I worked as an assistant on a television show. It’s not meant to be a flex, because it’s not a flex. It was my first real job, and it helped me build a life for myself.

This is an online fake photograph of Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, which a reader submitted for our evaluation.

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack had stalkers and frequently received disturbing mail/messages. Most fan messages were positive, but roughly 5% weren’t, and some of those messages crossed a line.

Based on the messages I read on this board, I believe some of those same people post here, including the person submitting the disturbing artwork.

More fake photographs. This time of Erica Durance, Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk. The heads are photoshopped onto the bodies of others.

If you have an issue with Allison and Kristin because you believe what you see on fake, scripted TV documentaries, such as HBO’s The Vow, that’s your problem.

The Vow, Kevin asserts, is more fake than the photos above.

If you have a problem with Allison or Kristin because you didn’t like their fictional TV characters from 20 years ago, and continue to send them and their families and friends disturbing messages and artwork, cut it out. Get help.

Do Not Condone Violence

As for what happened in NXIVM or DOS, I never once defended any kind of violence or abuse that might have happened.

If Keith Raniere hurt girls in the 80s, he should have been arrested and charged in the 80s, not in 2018 because his ex-supporter and employee, Sarah Edmondson, had an issue with a brand and went to the media.

Sarah Edmondson got branded, and then all hell broke loose – when she found out what the brand meant.

The brand was the initials of Keith Raniere, something not disclosed to her.

Your issue is with the police and authorities, and with a media that emphasizes the protection of some groups, but not others.

Your issue is not with me or my writing style.

Daniela Is Lauren’s Baby

Kevin does not like the fact that Lauren Salzman has been dropped as a defendant in the civil lawsuit. She was the official NXIVM keeper of Daniela.

As far as the treatment of Daniela, the young woman who lived in a room for two years, your issue is Lauren Salzman, a high ranking member of NXIVM who was never given prison time, and who has been removed from the civil suit.

Daniela stayed in this unlocked room for almost two years. 

So I guess Daniela staying in the room wasn’t so bad after all, otherwise Sarah and Mark wouldn’t have removed Lauren from the civil suit.

Or maybe Sarah and Mark aren’t the nice people you think they are.

I never tried to excuse abusive behavior.

I believe certain people in this case have been judged more on their support for Keith Raniere than for things they did, or their involvement in wrongdoing.

If Keith hurt people, that’s on him.

There are people pointing fingers – like Sarah and Mark – who were more involved in running NXIVM than the supporters being dumped on, like Danielle Roberts – but aren’t complicit in any crimes.

Some of you ought to be super pissed that Mark and Sarah removed Daniela’s primary abuser, Lauren Salzman, from the civil suit.

Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente may have been high up in NXIVM, but they were also whistleblowers who helped stop Keith Raniere from continuing his schemes. 

And you should be super pissed at the New York State police, school districts, and District Attorneys that never pressed charges back in the 80s.

Or are your “loyalists” somehow responsible for that too, even though they would have been under 10-years-old at the time?



Keith Raniere was 30 when he started raping Rhiannon at age 12 in 1990.  Nicki Clyne was only seven years old at the time.

Keith Raniere at age 30, when he was raping Rhiannon. Kevin is not defending Raniere’s raping. But he does not think Raniere’s supporters should be blamed.

Slam Dunk Case?

Moira Kim Penza led the prosecution of Keith Alan Raniere. Keith lost.

If Moira Penza’s team planted evidence to convict a man who is guilty in what was seen as a slam dunk case, it means those same people did it before, and to people who might be innocent. And they might do it again.

Believing that the people who got something meaningful from the NXIVM community should be treated respectfully is not the same as endorsing Raniere or anything that he’s been convicted of.

The supporters have been judged and punished more for their associations than for anything they did in the organization. The people judging and suing them, like Sarah and Mark, had substantially more involvement than Nicki, Marc, Michele, Eduardo, Suneel, Danielle, Brandon etc. did.

And these documentaries, like Seduced and the Vow, are “shows.” I would call them television commercials, but “show” is easier to write.

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  • Do you believe “Kevin” is Nicki Clyne?

    Or is he/she someone who is connected to Allison Mack or Kristin Kreuk?

    Do you think he/she was in NXIVM?

  • WILD WILD LIFE: Residents in Woburn, north-west of Boston in the USA. claim to have been subjected to a barrage of attacks and intimidation by a group of Five wild turkeys led by a male bird nicknamed ‘Kevin’
    “They don’t let you out of your house,” said Meaghan Tolson, who lives in Woburn and has named the turkeys, so presumably got this querstion right. “They peck at cars, they stop traffic. They go after kids on bikes. If you’re walking or jogging, or anything like that, they come for you.”

    Kevin? Our Kevin?

  • RE Gratuitous Lesbo Kristen Kruek Photos:

    Sultan of Six is so perturbed by the pornographic photos of his virgin, boyish, and 1/2 Asian fairy Princess Kristen; he has issued an ancient Islamic curse on the rascal and Luciferian,
    Frank Parlato.

    “May the fleas of a thousand camels take up residence in Frank’s underwear.”
    -Sultan of Six

  • Has it occurred to you. Kevin that you are the one who is. “Super pissed”?

    Most commenters on this blog are emotionally detached from the Nxivm saga and are looking at the data objectively

    Those blog commenters are not, “super pissed” at anyone involved in the Nxivm criminal trial or the cult of Keith Raniere.

    That Kevin keeps trying to shut down imaginary anger he perceives where there’s really not a lot of emotion involved and simultaneously gin up the Frank report readers to have an extreme emotional reaction negatively towards other people and in another direction regarding the cult is…very strange.

    It’s especially bizarre and disingenuous the case of Kevin stance on Moira Pensa

    In this post Kevin is clear to say. “IF” Moira Penza cheated. Kevin presents Moira Penza as a woman accused by the dead-enders but Mira Penza has in no way proven to be anything other than an exemplary lawyer doing the job they were paid to do the accusations are that simply accusations.

    But in other posts Kevin oozes animosity towards the attorney. Lambasting Moira for everything from what she does in her free time (such as appearing on a podcast). Her personal opinions on unrelated issues are subject to venomous judgment. And isn’t the right to have an opinion even if it isn’t a popular one part of what the Keith loyalist are fighting for? That is more hypocrisy from Kevin and the cult cabal .

    The acid thrown at Moira Penza is often really frivolous and silly criticisms, but then Kevin makes very seriou and sweeping accusations. With no.proof of wrongdoing by Moira.

    Yet again this is hypocrisy. Kevin’s complaint about so many of the cult diehards is that they are being unfairly accused or being held accountable for someone else’s criminal or distractive actions. Isn’t that what Kevin is trying to do to Moira Penza?

    IF the FBI cheated (unproven) how is that Moira’s sin? That unproven accusation has nothing to do with Moira.

    Kevin goes on to list (objectional to Kevin) clients of Moira Penza. More hypocrisy. If Kevin perceives these large corporations as being sinners or criminals, Moira Penza is not responsible for their actions.

    Just like Kevin argues Danielle and Allison are not responsible for the actions of Keith Raniere.

    Everyone has a right to legal representation in the US justice system. Someone is going to represent these entities legally. It is so immature to attack the person who takes on a case for another as their job in the legal system.

    Hypocrisy. All of the insincere newly minted justice reform fighters who support vanguard SAY they want everyone to be treated equally in the court of law. Keith and the dead-enders love to spout that the even most hated deserves to be treated as fairly as the most beloved. In a court of law.

    Make justice blind. Right?

    That means all of the potentially problematic companies Kevin listed are entitled to legal representation and someone doing the best possible job for them.

    To try to ignite outrage towards Moira Penza based on her clients is the height of hypocrisy from Kevin. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding, respect or belief for consistency in fairness within the justice system. And is also a really stupid clumsy attempt at misdirection.

    The desperation to smear Moira at any cost really highlights that there’s no actual path to appeal for Keith. Because when you cannot make a good legal argument the absolute go to is to attack the process and the attorneys on the other side.

  • “Kevin has chosen to answer critics. The question is not who Kevin is – but how is he articulating the position of those who will not renounce Keith Raniere?”

    Loyalty tests are a common practice among anticultists.

    Torquemada loved using them, too.


    • I think you’ll find ‘Loyalty Tests’ are the sine qua non of CULTS, Alonzo, ie: the basic premise, the cornerstone, the foundation, the raison d’etre, the whole point, etc.

      As a non-member of cults I get to choose who I give loyalty to and that is a standard entitlement of intellectual independence.

      Do be a bit careful in your defence of the indefensible.

      • “NFW” –

        I just showed you a loyalty test of an anticult.

        And your unthinking attention went straight to a loyalty test of a cult – totally blinding you.

        If, as an anticultist, you really choose who you give your loyalty to, then denounce your anticult and embrace a cult.

        You’ll see, soon enough, that loyalty tests are fundamental to human tribalism, whether cult or anticult.


        • Alonzo your reply may have pleased you but it still makes no sense to a person neither in a cult nor belonging to an ‘Anti-cult’.

          I am not coerced into commenting here, if that’s what counts to you as anti cult ‘belonging’,
          some of us don’t ever ‘get’ to experience fully what it means to be a member of something exclusively, because our life [fixed] circs. place us in an altogether liminal category. so we remain somewhat detached and enjoy the privilege of seeing [at least] two sides of any situation, because that’s just how it is for us.

          Don’t forget there are polarities, for sure, but also a million degrees between.

  • Remember when “Kevin” repeatedly fantasized about shitting in Sarah Edmonson’s HBO mug?

    Is that why “Kevin” contacted Alonzo? A shared fixation on feces?

    Or is it because Alonso answered questions for Kevin on this blog and came to his defense every time another commenters tried to interact with Kevin? Someone thought Alonzo was Kevin’s dad for goodness sakes

    The guy loves to bring up all manner of feces. Various species droppings. Just any opportunity to talk shit or talk about shit.

    There is the same hypocrisy. Same calling people names while demanding that they agree with your point of view. And an endless call to show the people they agree with a level of respect that they themselves rarely not show for anyone else. A similar mistaken belief that they are funny. They really have a lot in common. Simmering rage… both Total Busy Bodies who are obsessed with Sarah.

    Both used to start evey comment with, “Hi (fill in another commenters moniker)” Only Suneel did that reguarly as well.

    Maybe all cult loving, fecal matter preoccupied, Sarah Edmonson stalkers just create same kind of really long winded comments on blogs?

    Kevin also showed up right when Alonso and the dead-ender Suneel disappeared..

    It’s still nice that Alonzo finally has a friend whether they turn out to be imaginary or not

  • Mark the Tourette’s guy. How could he ever cut ties with his ‘master’? As far as he is concerned Jesus Keith performed a miracle on him. It was your own work, concentration and hard personal endeavour that helped you. It was you yourself mark. You were the miracle.

  • Question for Kevin, why didn’t the defense call any witnesses? That would have been the time to blame others and make your brilliant points to the jury. Seem like you should be taking issue with the defense attorney. Were you and others willing to take the stand?

  • It would be unusual but not unheard of to ‘sex traffic an adult man’. Kevin doesn’t have the mental ‘bandwidth’ to fully comprehend or understand just how devastating that would be, or feel, if it happened to him personally.

    When I was 17 I took a job in Italy. The woman I went to work for took my British passport away from me. This was 1981. I accepted her reason that I was under 18, and not an Italian citizen and she had a responsibility to me. The weekly pay changed after one month to monthly. Three months later she simply stopped paying me. I was stuck in a remote mountain house, thirty miles from the nearest town. One night there was a massive lightening strike. It felt like a bomb went off. We were in absolute darkness, not even moonlight.

    That night was the first night she made a move on me. I was totally out of my depth. I hadn’t started college or university yet, which I would do afterwards. I got smarter later. But back then I relied on the ‘kindness of strangers’. I was lucky it was a woman who went for me, a woman I can fight off, I did then. The day after her ‘move’ I found my passport jammed under the springs of her bed. I had seen it when we were fighting and I’d rolled on the ground. Within an hour I was jog/running to the town. A motorist stopped and offered me a lift.

    I ended up in a huge lorry park. And miraculously a lorry driver from my home town in England who knew my mum recognised me. He took me home. She had the audacity to phone my mum and ask for me to return. She said I owed her money. Total bollocks. I lost two stones because she didn’t like buying groceries. I lived on pasta and butter. My mother was almost convinced by her story because I’d not told her what actually went on. She made my mum believe at any time an international arrest warrant would appear.

    I ended up going to Malta for six months. I googled her last year. She is doing really well. On her third husband and a kabillionaire.

  • “Lived in a room”

    That is a very disingenuous way of explaining what happened to Daniela.

    She didn’t have papers she was in a foreign country illegally. She had no money. No connections outside this very insular community at all. Perhaps Kevin you are just far too entitled and privileged to understand how vulnerable a person in those circumstances can be.

    And Daniela was in the room at the direction of a man who had complete power and control in the community. This man was also her sexual partner and both of hers sisters were enmeshed with him as well. Two of these relationships were completely secret to pretty much everyone else. Certainly Danielle’s family was kept in the dark.

    Daniela begged and pleaded to be released from the room and this abusive senseless obligation to fulfill an ever moving target in order to be accepted back into outside life

    First it was an alleged ethical breach. For kissing another man. Even though that information was kept from all of the integral parties to Daniella’s confinement. Then it was an asinine book report. Next it was coming up with this heal the breach plan and the right apology. Then it was because she cut her hair.

    There is extensive documentation that Daniella was suffering a critical mental crisis. Daniella was denied Medical and for a very long time Dental Care. Calling it living in a room is f****** ridiculous and a lie

  • You’re right – Raniere should have been arrested for raping underage girls back in the 1980s. And it is sad that those young women were unable to achieve the support they needed to have him arrested for his illegal and abusive acts – just like many women are still unable to obtain the support they need to pursue charges in situations of sexual criminality. While improvements have been made, we continue to struggle with social mores and civil structures that add insult to injury when someone has been criminally violated. Too bad Raniere didn’t get what he deserved back then – a lot of people (women especially) might have escaped his abusiveness if he had been arrested back then.

    Raniere wasn’t arrested and convicted over a brand. Edmondson’s exposure of her brand and the circumstances surrounding her branding may have helped wake up some authorities to what Raniere was doing, but in the end, he was appropriately arrested and convicted of racketeering, sex trafficking, and possession of child pornography. Again, it’s a shame he wasn’t convicted of all the criminal acts for which he was responsible. I hope all his victims can feel some closure over his conviction even if that conviction does not cover the specific circumstances of his acts against them.

    When you are the master of everything and telling minions to do criminal acts – like illegally detain a person – you’re the top criminal. Daniela’s imprisonment – that’s on Raniere. Lauren’s not saying “fuck no” to Raniere’s commands to keep Daniela confined – that’s on Lauren.

    You’re also right that I have no issue with you or your writing style, Kevin. “You” and “I” are just words on a screen here. I have reported my truths about and experiences with Raniere as honestly and openly as I can here. Those who know me personally would recognize what I write and the truth of my words. Everyone else has to form their own opinion of my words on the screen here. Same for you. I don’t know you personally, so I have no issue with you. My opinion of your words on the screen… “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  • Kevin, Allison Mack will not have sex with you. This will not cause her to have sex with you. She is not even seeing any of this. Quit trying to win over a woman who clearly doesn’t know you exist.

    • Erasend wrote:

      “Kevin, Allison Mack will not have sex with you. This will not cause her to have sex with you. She is not even seeing any of this. Quit trying to win over a woman who clearly doesn’t know you exist.”

      More brilliant reasoning from one of the finest legal minds on the Frank Report.


  • Nicki Clyne worked on the set of “Smallville” as a waitress in an episode called Nicodemus. That “Kevin” truthfully claims that he worked on its set doesn’t deny that he is not Nicki.

    • Explains why she is so butt hurt over people calling out the flaws and mediocrity of the show in general, it was not that big of a success and neither was her small role on any other shows. She was not the main character at all. It will be forgotten in time, like all things and still remains to be minimally liked and c list at best. Any other actors involved who have done well, they have work hard on continued projects with on going work, not because something was canceled after many years of only being just OK, and unliked/I watched by many. It’s literally just comic themed teen drama, been done before and will be done again. DOCUMENTARIES like Seduced and The Vow at least offer a gem of truth and social consciousness through being honest about the experiences of those involved, the hard work they put into it, the reasons FOR THEM, and what it ultimately cost them. Those are real things, some reimagining of someone else’s work, doesn’t even touch that. Jealousy is very ugly on her when you see her responses to having to call things a “show” but she wants credibility for 2 bit parts that floundered? So telling and empty.

      • We get it. You only watch documentaries and other educational stuff, but you are able to “unlike” entertainment shows that you “unwatched.” We all wish we were you, honestly, we do.

      • I don’t think Nicki cares about the show. After all, she only played a tiny part for some seconds on one episode. I’m saying if Kevin is Nicki, she’s just using it as her credibility card without revealing that it’s actually her. Typical cult deadender stuff. In other words, she can’t say I know Allison and Kristin because I was in a cult with both of them because she’s already pretending to be someone else. So she uses the fact that she’s been on “Smallville” as a “truthful” way of knowing them without actually telling the whole truth.

  • But how does any of that make you privy to a private conversation between Sarah Edmondson and Nicki Clyne’s mom?

    Kevin, you said you didn’t know anybody in Nxivm except for Allison very tangentially from work many years ago. You’ve emphatically stated that you’ve never met Sarah. And that you didn’t know any of the other people.

  • Ok. So I’m guessing that even if it turns out Keith is a bad guy, you’ll still believe in your points.

    You sure have researched, discussed, and presented lots of info regarding the points in this article. Many of us have been listening, sometimes nodding along, and in general giving you rope. At some stage, will you give a few seconds and actually research Raniere himself? Not hard. Pull up some articles. Rhiannon recordings shouldn’t need to be spoon fed into your ears. You ain’t no rookie no mo.

    • Exactly, Pyriel.

      Daniella seems to understand how badly abused Lauren was and wrote for leniency at her sentencing. It seems more logical that it would be up to Daniella to decide about Lauren.

      Not weighing in on a personal opinion here about Lauren. Which is exactly the point. If Lauren was one of Daniella’s Primary abusers in that situation it does seem that that would be most up to Daniella to decide. Definitely not left to Kevin to decide lol

  • Kev, I have one question for you just one, How do you justify the women?

    I’m not talking about the branding or the DOS, although you do have to consider those women and the babies they were forced to abort as well. I’m talking about the women who lived with Keith, Pam, Barb, Kristen, and the rest of them how do you justify them?

    he got away with murder 120 years compared to where he could be, he could be sitting on death row for all those women who had the unfortunate luck of meeting a monster who used them up and discarded them as if they were rubbish, yet you defend him as if he has clean hands, even if it started in the ’80s the monsters reign of terror continued well into 2019 when he was finally stopped Kevin you seem to have a lot of questions for all of us and it appears you have knowledge of Nxivm I can guarantee you one thing your knowledge is limited to exactly what Keith Raniere wanted you to know .Kevin I don’t know if you were DOS nor do I care but What about all those women?

  • Interesting. Not the post, it is babble. Kevin might be running out of room, which means he could be facing the very ugly truth soon.

  • Hilarious Nicki. As I’ve said before, you’re nothing if not persistent, like the clockwork mouse with atomic batteries, and you make about as much sense.

    “If you have an issue with Allison and Kristin because you believe what you see on fake, scripted TV documentaries such as HBO’s The Vow, that’s your problem”

    Stop right there “Kevin”! Don’t you mean ‘shows’? LMAO

    “As for what happened in NXIVM or DOS, I never once defended any kind of violence or abuse that might have happened.”

    No, you just said it never happened.

    “…Daniela, the young woman who lived in a room for two years”

    No, Nicki, she was imprisoned in a room for 2 years, and you lot just ignored her. By the way, Lauren Salzman provided invaluable testimony for the prosecution, and that’s why you have such a gripe with her and she’s not being sued.

    “I believe certain people in this case have been judged more on their support for Keith Raniere than for things they did, or their involvement in wrongdoing.”

    Support for Keith Raniere is wrongdoing of the worst kind in itself. The Devil can’t make much mischief without his demons to help him. What Raniere did back in the 80’s was nothing compared to what he went on to do. He was charged for his dodgy dealings at CBI and given a warning; needless to say he didn’t heed it.

    • — The Devil can’t make much mischief without his demons to help him.

      Exactly. There’s a reason that the Bible uses the allegory of the snake for him, or that he’s labeled with appellations like the “sneaking whisperer” because he mixes and manipulates the truth with falsehood in other traditions, and it has the negative connotation in past and still contemporary phrases like “he’s a snake”. It’s not that the animal is evil per se as its nature was created by God. But it is evil if a human degrades himself and behaves like a snake, e.g., slippery, slimy, sneaky, or whatever, because it is antithetical to the dignity of human nature.

    • As Penza says: “”Raniere operated the way all crime bosses do — with loyal and motivated lieutenants. No one cannot [sic] create that much damage on his own. Were some also his victims themselves? Yes. But that’s true of many who commit crimes.”

  • I don’t know why deep fakes aren’t illegal. Likely, only because a bunch of rich perverts control those in positions of power. They are becoming more and more real, have really nothing to do with free speech, and they often abuse someone’s likeness without permission (the vast majority female) in porn to both consciously and subconsciously sully them for acts they never participated in.

  • According to Nicki’s own words, she helped create DOS but is that even credible?
    Can’t be innocent and help create it in the same breathe. And why the hatred for Mark and Sarah? They were honest about their experiences, why can’t you accept their truths but you want people to see yours? Respect is a 2 way street.

    • DOS was not a democracy Keith said it himself. The entire front line of slaves was there and nobody disagreed with that statement. All of the recordings and emails are taking direction from Keith. It probably makes some of the women feel a little bit better to fool themselves that this was all an idea that they helped create but it’s not their initials branded on anyone’s vagina. It’s Keith’s only. The structure and organization ultimately benefited Keith. The part of that statement that is true is that devoted slave women to Keith such as Nicki did help create DOS in the sense that without all of them tricking their friends into it giving blackmail(and then more and more) ordering seduction assignments and graphic pornography.that the mini masters knew was going to Keith Etc then the organization wouldn’t have worked none of these women that they recruited would have directly taken those kind of orders or put that kind of trust in Keith nor would they have wanted to do so. The front line slaves were no different than the most trusted hookers in a pimps stable. They use those women to recruit other girls. Often younger girls. Those females would not respond directly to some man approaching them and saying hey go have sex with people and give me most of the money. So The Pimps send these women out to meet vulnerable girls and to befriend them and bring them into The Pimps orbit. So yes in that sense the front line was integral. But ultimately they had nothing to do with the creation because the very nature of the slavery was to benefit Keith. And he created it for that purpose

About the Author

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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