Raniere’s Treatment of Daniela Was Cruel; Rhiannon Worse, But Kevin Sees No Evil


By Suzanne

Is Kevin in the Cult?

Kevin’s posts are epically overwritten and overwrought. Much like the writing of Suneel or Nicki Clyne. Kevin is repetitive, whiny, and boring. His posts are eerily similar to theirs.

How does Kevin know what time and the tenor of letters and phone calls Kristen Kreuk’s family got after Smallville ended? Who wrote those letters?

Allegedly Kevin worked on the set of Smallville but didn’t know anybody personally. Except allegedly Alison Mack peripherally.

Smallville was long over when Nxivm blew up.

Yet Kevin claims to know about personal phone calls to Nxivm cult members and their families. Previously, Kevin claimed to know about a phone call from Sarah Edmonson to Nicki Clyne’s mom.

Kevin knows a lot of off-the-books information for someone not affiliated with anyone in this Nxivm cult.

Raniere Was Not Trying to Empower Daniela

The room where Daniela stayed for 22 months.

Nothing says, “Treat women as adults with agency,” like keeping a young woman in her 20s in a room for almost two years for kissing an age-appropriate young man.

Tell us again that Keith and the slave ring were about fostering badass, independent women who did not need anyone to rescue, save, or help them.

Keith orchestrated Daniela being dependent. Daniela had no papers, no income. She had her food brought to her.

Daniela was the opposite of an independent human.

At Keith’s order, this was the state and quality of life he wanted a young woman to suffer.

If anyone is still too blind to realize what Keith’s true intentions were with DOS, look no further than the imprisonment and isolation of Daniela.

Keith never wanted women to achieve independence and freedom through total submission. Keith wanted to imprison and enslave. That was the end goal. Always. Total submission. The inability to decide what you eat, when, or how much without asking permission is dependence on others.

Rhiannon Was Another Pre-DOS Example

Rhiannon at the time when Raniere raped her.

If you suppose Raniere just became extreme as part of DOS, consider the case of Rhiannon. She was 12 when Raniere was 30 in 1990.

That was 32 years ago.

But Rhiannon was willing to testify in the criminal case against Keith Raniere in 2019.

Rhiannon met with prosecutors. Keith Alan Raniere’s defense team blocked Rhiannon’s participation. Frank reported on the court filing, and anyone can look it up.

Rhiannon was willing to put herself on the stand, even though the statute of limitations had run out on the crimes Keith committed against her when she was a child.

She was willing to be subject to brutal cross-examination.  The prosecutors pre-interviewed her and found Rhiannon credible.

Yes, it would have been prejudicial to Raniere, but I wish Rhiannon had the chance to tell her horrible sexual abuse story under oath and on the stand. And finally, get a chance to look that child sexual predator Keith right in the eyes from a place of empowerment as an adult woman.

If Rhiannon was lying, it probably would have benefited the defense to have her called because that would have blown up in the prosecution’s face and helped discredit much of what they presented in the criminal case.

Rhiannon signed a police report in 1993. She said she had “sexual intercourse with Keith Raniere. “This occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lanes, Clifton Ny or his business located at Rome Plaza Clifton Park, NY.” 

Rhiannon had a very believable, consistent story that would have held up to great scrutiny, and there was corroborating evidence.

Rhiannon spoke to the police. The prosecution had paperwork from back then that would have been included in the trial.

Keith Raniere. He told one of his employees that he would tutor her 12 year old daughter, Rhiannon in Latin and algebra. 

Back in the 1990s. the authorities wanted Rhiannon to wear a wire and be in contact – close, dangerous contact – with her longtime sexual abuser. It’s ludicrous.

Every part of the system in that region failed Rhiannon. No wonder she still wanted to get her day in court and at least contribute to bringing Vanguard, the child predator, to justice.

What Keith did to that child is tragic, disgusting, and evil.

Listen to Rhiannon speak about her abuse.


But Kevin says it has not been proven Keith is evil.  Just like the remaining dead-enders in the cult.  

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  • If Keith didn’t teach his people anything he sure as crap thought them how to write word salads , Kevin ,Alanzo and a few of the Anonymous writers ya’ll are sure long winded we can all pick you Nxivm peeps out in the comments section by the word salad ya’ll write.Just keep thing short nobody really cares about Keith in jail we just like pulling your chains.

  • Question for Kevin Clyne : Since Vanguard will be confined for the next 100 years, do you still keep your bush growing ? My cousin is keeping hers as Keith likes but she has not become a bad ass boss babe yet. Do you think a group bj wld help her ? Asking for a friend.

  • To:
    Damon Brink
    Nicki Clyne,
    Danielle Roberts,
    and the rest,

    Care to address or refute the Rhiannon recording?

    Rhiannon is one subject none of you will ever touch.

    • False. Rhiannon and the two Gina’s (and the surviving sister of Gina Hutchinson) are credible, and should have been listened to over three decades ago.

      That failure is on NYS police and Government officials, not ordinary people who support Raniere and haven’t heard these stories.

      Time after time, I’ve said that if he’s everything they say he is, that the Government has no business celebrating the conviction, because they dropped the ball in the first place.

      • Kevin pedophiles do not change. Even with intense counseling and every single possible therapeutic and law enforcement support there is a very high reoffending rate. If you believe Keith was molesting girls back then and he had absolutely no oversight with a law enforcement agency or specific targeted therapy and monitoring which we know Keith did not. Then the chance of Keith continuing to sexually exploit children is 100%.. all of that gives extreme weight to Camilla’s first person consistent account of the sexual abuse she suffered from childhood at the hands of Keith. Additionally there is all the corroborating evidence. There are other Witnesses who confirmed Camilla’s story under oath on the stand. For you to concede to the reality of the older child rape charges that are out of the window of prosecution but be unwilling to except that Keith sexually exploited a child and created pornography of Camilla is very illogical irresponsible and tragically biased. It is virtually unheard of and almost impossible for a Active Child predator to rehabilitate themselves magically.

      • Failure of NYS to stop Raniere prior to when they did stop Raniere, is disappointing. I think everyone other than the dead-enders are in agreement on this. It doesn’t change the fact that Raniere is guilty as hell. It doesn’t change the fact that the dead-enders don’t care about what Raniere did to Rhiannon, the Ginas, Cami, and however many more there are.

        When you blame NYS police and Government officials for Keith’s actions, you are shifting the blame off Keith.

        Show me one ordinary person who supports Raniere who hasn’t heard these stories? The problem isn’t that they haven’t heard the stories. The problem is that they don’t care.

        When you continue to shift blame off Raniere, and when you continue to join the dead-enders in playing dumb about Raniere’s well documented past, you (Kevin) are supporting Raniere. You are also enabling the dead-enders.

        The dead-enders should be supported and defended (when warranted). So support them and defend them all you want. You cross the line when you call Raniere’s crimes “alleged” and when you qualify every horrific thing Raniere did with an “if it happened.”

        • EXCELLENT point about shifting blame, Nutjob. Who knows why Raniere got a pass from NY law enforcement about Rhiannon, but it’s hard to argue that the “allegations” were constructed out of thin air, by a 14-year old. Keith has always been a pig. Others have had pay for it – with their money, their careers, their pride, or their emotional/mental stability. Bravo, KAR!

      • So Kev, what ur saying is Keith’s a dirty pedo but it was fine for all those women to be branded on their pussies with his initials, and DOS was a great organization with him at its head? And Sarah was a total bitch for blowing the whistle on that corrupt piece of shit, and Nicki et al (those golden girls) are truly heroic for supporting him all this time?

    • I believe this as well, it’s mean spirited the same as she is and doesn’t want to learn that in fact she was not special to Raniere but female meat to be used as he did these young girls. Her self esteem is that low and she’s going to say anything mean she can to hang on to it. I feel bad for how broken she is but that’s no excuse for her to lash out at anyone like this. Deal with the consequences and seek help with a therapist, many are sexually abused and they do not need to lash out like this because they deal with the issues.

  • The posters here are over the top hysterical ninnies who can not tolerate any information that challenges their present beliefs.

    Kevin contacted me back-channel and described his life and relationship with Alison to me.

    It all checks out with exactly who he says he is, and it also explains why he would have “off-book information” (a great phrase) of the nature he has revealed here.

    That’s all I’m going to say about it.

    But you guys need to calm tf down and realize you don’t have all the information you think you do.

    I haven’t seen this much CERTAINTY in a crowd since attending one of Ron’s Birthday events in Scientology.

    Remember: A person can be 100% certain about something that is 100% wrong.

    Certainty is a neurological response, not the culmination of learning or experience.

    And almost none of you fuckers have any experience in NXIVM, DOS, or life inside a “cult” in general.

    But man! You sure are experts! And clairvoyant mind-readers, too!


    • Shut up Aloonzo. Being a unrestrained supporter of culters and these particular remaining NXIVM deadenders, why should anyone believe your word that some poster is who he claims to be?

    • “Kevin” also called Frank. My money is on it being another con.
      Kevin shifts like Vanguard. Can he con like Vanguard?

    • “The posters here are over the top hysterical ninnies who can not tolerate any information that challenges their present beliefs.
      … But you guys need to calm tf down and realize you don’t have all the information you think you do. …
      Remember: A person can be 100% certain about something that is 100% wrong.

      Certainty is a neurological response, not the culmination of learning or experience.

      And almost none of you fuckers have any experience in NXIVM, DOS, or life inside a “cult” in general.”

      And how is this any different from what dead Enders are doing by refusing to hear truthful things about Raniere backed up by credible people who have not been subject to manipulation and brainwashing? Brainwashing is simply learning wrong and refusing to see what is wrong with it since it makes “so much sense” only according to what someone else told you to think. You do not know anyone else’s experiences in life and no cults are different, just their noise is, the high control is exactly the same. It does not take a genius to see this. It also does not take one to see that taking your word on “Kevin” isn’t credible either, that’s not your battle to win. Kevin or Nicki, or whoever they want to be today needs to fight their own fight and learn that alone. It’s the real issue of why dead Enders cannot let go and why groups are not beneficial to changing society, it starts with each person on their own and not because someone else is smarter than them to “lead” them or because it’s cool, good teachers realize it is for the student to seek and not a gift they give, they’re simply a guide who isn’t all knowing and perfect.

      No one is perfect. Karma exists and no matter how you want to “spin the narrative” those who deserve what is coming to them will see judgement, and that does not mean people who tried to do good through their actions and when they learned the truth, did what they could to make amends. Karma will come for those who cannot see the truth and desperately cling to a fantasy for which they think they find purpose, it’s a false lead and will bring them down a path of ugliness and darkness. That’s the choice those people made and if they want to keep questioning why this is happening and they are being held accountable, think about the price you pay for “standing up” when you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons no matter what you tell yourself.

      You can tell yourself the reasons over and over but that doesn’t mean everyone cannot see exactly what you refuse to admit to yourself.

      You do not have to like anyone and they do not have to like you, but you do have respect human rights and the moment that was violated and you put yourself or Raniere above others is the moment you chose to back that kind of behavior, there are consequences for that. You have other choices, if you do not choose anything else than take that comes with it, that’s how Karma works. It’s why a man who just couldn’t help himself from having all the girls and women is sitting in jail today, because he could have made other choices and yet this is where the choices he made led him. No man or woman is above that and pretending like you can just go back to your life and not be held accountable for your actions too is not learning anything, it’s just another fantasy. Start to be honest with yourself and others, and not just what one group wants to believe to sleep at night and make their fantasy worth it.

      • Karma means “result of action.”


        If I eat McDonald’s for breakfast, I feel like shit by noon.

        Karma is not a universal system of justice with you as the judge.

        Here is a great talk by a Yale neuroscientist on the feeling of certainty as a neurological response, and not as the result of learning and experience.


        Every anticult forum, blog, message board or Facebook group I’ve ever seen turns into the same ignorant, cruel and self-righteous snake pit where no one ever learns anything, or evolves to a new understanding of the ‘cult’ they’ve targeted for destruction.

        Anticult fora are simply covers for sociopaths who get to stick hot pokers into others without being exposed for their sociopathy.

        I’ve often cited Torquemada as the Patron Saint of the Frank Report. What’s so funny, and so sad, is that its denizens will never see how true that is.

        I told Kevin that this place is designed, and intentionally managed, to torture a well-meaning person like him. It takes intelligence, courage, and almost super-human strength to put up with the ignorant cruelty here. In the end though, who are you convincing?

        A bunch of pinheaded, ethnocentric and culturally retarded sociopaths?

        David Miscavige is on the verge of being served in Neil Glazer’s Baxter v Miscavige civil suit. What I came here to help achieve is now under way.

        So here’s some advice for Kevin: Don’t forget to recognize when you have achieved your purpose.

        One should always move on, and never dwell too long, in a snake pit.


        • One big difference between FR and Torquemada: No torture chamber or execution apparatus here Alanzo, like the room in the cellar they were constructing in the final days of DOS. Not sure about the snake pit analogy either, quite a range of views including ironically your own, not to mention the Deadenders and the many faces of Nicki Clyne. Speaking personally I’ve learned loads, but when people like you have a closed mind it’s unlikely you’re going to learn that much.

        • Aloonzo-

          “What I came here to help achieve is now under way.”

          How’d you help, exactly? You’re more delusional than….

          ……Mark David Chapman.

        • A pit of vipers is actually the cult itself spreading doubt and misinformation to fuel their agendas and foster a sense that they better be trusted because only they are right. Religion has been using this trick for 1,000 of years.

          It’s also the person who will lie to cover issues for the “good of all” which, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. No one here ever said they were better or without judgement or wish to be the judge. We are all set to that standard of karma. It was you and all dead Enders who take an us vs them mentality and refuse to hear anything relevant. No words you spew or pretend righteousness is going to release you of the energy you will get back from putting negativity into the world, or enabling and condoning the actions of those who do. Do not preach things you cannot practice yourself.

    • Ya’ll turns out we can post whatever we want then vouch for each other.

      As the president of the country of Catalina Island where all citizens can fly and turn invisible there are phone calls, photographs and private information Elvis has told me from beyond the grave about the women Keith Raniere poisoned. Will be contacting a random Frank Report reader to confirm this truth to all the other blog readers.

      Y’all must accept it at face value.

      Thank you

      Hi, Alanzo/Kevin/Suneel/Nicki/Danielle

    • My neurological response to you Allen is I’m 100% certain you’re talking bollocks as usual. I’m 50% certain it could be down to that high yield weed you keep smoking.

      • Ha ha. RATB

        Allen really is out of line. Blasting commenters for reacting to the information they DO have and trying to imply those commenters are stupid and wrong for not reacting to the information Allen claims they do NOT have.

        A more rational and person might have phrased it as “hey I totally understand why you would have a certain impression but there are some facts that you do not know.”.

        A more honest person would maybe say ,”here are those facts. Perhaps now that you know more you will share my point of view.”

        But that whole “I know something you don’t know and that makes you stupid because you are commenting on the information you have instead of on the information that you don’t have” is such a loathsome manipulative move.

        While engaging in a debate or even a conversation to play the old “hey I know stuff that you don’t know but I’m not going to tell you what I know” card, it’s a laughable tactic and one that even children can see right through.

    • “Certainty is a neurological response, not the culmination of learning or experience.”

      LMFAO @ U!

      That’s some shitty-ass word salad.

      When you learn or experience something you encode it neurologically.

      All reactions to events or stimuli are themselves neurological responses. So of course “certainty” is a neurological response.

      Aloonzo, your head is so far up your ass you can suck your own cock in reverse.

      • I’m not usually into the mud-slinging attacks on other posters, but that last line, NiceGuy – gotta admit I laughed out loud at that turn of phrase.

      • “Nice Guy” –

        You didn’t watch the video, did you?

        I posted that video because it was one of the things I learned the most from after Scientology – how CERTAINTY is a red flag, and how the most learned and most intelligent people seem to be filled with doubt.

        You really should watch that vid, “Nice Guy”, because you are one colossally CERTAIN penday-hoe.


  • “Freedom is not Free.”

    Every bit of Freedom we have because of people willing to fight and die to secure that freedom.

    If you want freedom, you must be willing to fight and even kill for freedom.
    U.S.M.C Freedom is Not Free

  • Imagine if the police had properly investigated Rhiannon’s complaint, and Keith had been arrested and charged accordingly. The course of history would have been changed. His criminal record would have been available to those who looked. That would have damaged his credibility. Rhiannon is credible.

    I still wonder about those who still adore Keith in the face of information like this, which the Frank Report published years ago. A thirty-year old screwing a 12-year old with braces, in janitorial closets and elevators is disgusting, even if the girl seemed “adult-like,” to use Keith’s words.

    However, current society continues to slip into ignoring (or tacitly approving) early sexualization of children, pedophilia, and the mutilation of sexual organs in the under aged. So maybe today, It would be OK. Maybe Keith was ahead of his time, as many claim.

    • Anonymous
      November 27, 2022 at 9:38 am
      Imagine if the police had properly investigated Rhiannon’s complaint,

      Imagine if Rhiannon had fully cooperated with the police in a timely and complete manner.

      Freedom is not Free.
      It involves sacrifice.

      • In fairness to Rhiannon, she was about 14 at the time of the police involvement, and was in a juvenile home, and had just survived cancer – something that many Raniere victims have. I can understand her fear of wearing a wire and confronting him.

      • Once upon a time, the police would have investigated whether or not the young teen agreed to wear a wire. She was not an undercover agent, but a child barely into high school. You are putting a lot of weight onto the shoulders of a kid who was raped. What bold steps are you taking to preserve freedom?

  • Hello Suzanne,

    I did work on the set, and I did know people there personally, and in some cases, still do. I will not be giving out their names and personal information to prove to you that 20 years ago I did assistant work on a television show. It’s not meant to be a flex, because it’s not a flex. It was my first real job and it helped me build a life for myself.

    Kristin and Allison had stalkers and frequently received disturbing mail/messages. Most fan messages were positive, but roughly 5% weren’t, and some of those messages crossed a line.

    Based on the messages I read on this board, I believe some of those same people post here, including the person submitting the disturbing artwork.

    If you have an issue with Allison and Kristin because you believe what you see on fake, scripted tv documentaries, that’s your problem. If you have a problem with them because you didn’t like their fictional tv characters from 20 years ago, and continue to send them and their families and friends disturbing messages and artwork, cut it out. Get help.

    I never once defended any kind of violence or abuse that might have happened. If Keith Raniere hurt girls in the 80s, he should have been arrested and charged in the 80s, not in 2018 because one of his ex-supporters and employees had an issue with a brand and went to the media. Your issue is with the police and authorities, and with a media that emphasizes protection of some groups and not others, and not with me or my writing style.

    As far as the treatment of the young woman who lived in a room for two years, your issue is with a high ranking member of the organization who was never given prison time, and who has been removed from the civil suit. So I guess it wasn’t so bad after all, otherwise Sarah and Mark wouldn’t have removed her.

    Or maybe Sarah and Mark aren’t the nice people you think they are.

    • Kevin,

      You have little to no idea what I think. That’s pretty arrogant and presumptuous

      Please show where. “Sarah and Mark are nice people” was written?

      Kevin, you’ve repeated that same bad fan mail story now multiple times. It’s pretty much irrelevant to anything that’s being discussed here about a Criminal case.

      And is getting very old. Not even sure why you think it is worth bringing to a conversation about Keith and the cult?

      Unless you just want to show what a big hero you are and how you’re still fighting the good fight on behalf of women who don’t even really know you?

      This may be hard for you to accept because it is clearly so deeply important to you. But Smallville is not a show ever seen or have any interest in watching.

      The idea of contacting a celebrity or being on a board whatever that is discussing a TV show that was (guessing here) for children? Is unfathomable. But everybody’s got to fill their time some way. That’s nice for people that television and entertainment fill such a huge hole in their life.

      Branding someone with unwanted initials of your boyfriend is violent. Blackmailing women into unwanted sexual contact is violent. Bare ass paddling for punishment while Keith pervs out watching is violent. Child rape is violent.

      Good for you that you have a little bit of a boundary about hurting people. That’s pretty much the bare minimum expected from humans towards other humans. No violence. So hooray for you?

      Here’s a virtual cookie. Yum yum.

    • I feel Lauren has been removed because she SHOWED REMORSE and was highly victimized herself for 20 years. That is what brainwashing does. I think when you feel the need to show boat and pretend you’re so self righteous for not turning on an abuser, it’s because you have not shown any learned consequences for your own actions. I think Lauren was removed because she did, and has been working hard. Also you know, as you should from seeing lawyers drop clients who act in very irrational and unsafe manors legally have their lawyers drop them for bad behavior, it was not Mark and Sarah really who made that call.

      It was a team of lawyers.

  • My first thought looking at Kevin’s post, was that it looked an awful like Raniere himself with his love for lists. But then again, he may have created little images of him who act and perform just like him, for him.

      • Dude it has been so long since you’ve had sex you’ve forgotten who ties up whom.

        Leave Pea alone. She could be your sex slave if you play your cards right. And you’d save time and money. She’s already branded.

    • I believe I read on the FR a post by Frank that he met Karen Untereiner and asked her if she knew Keith had a sexual relation with 12 year! old Rhiannon. Karen said she didn’t, but confirmed Rhiannon was walking their dog and was tutored by Keith (the tutoring obviously part of Keith’s grooming proces).

      To say there is no proof that Keith never even met Rhiannon is untrue.

      So, Pea, ask Untereiner. You know her don’t you?

    • Jeez, Pea Onyu back from the dead, or is it the “undead” lol.

      So can we take it that now “Kevin” has been outed, can we expect to see a lot more of Pea??

      • Anonymous
        November 27, 2022 at 8:27 am
        Jeez, Pea Onyu back from the dead, or is it the “undead” lol.

        So can we take it that now “Kevin” has been outed, can we expect to see a lot more of Pea??

        I always had the lurking suspicion that Kevin is Pea Onyu and Nicki Clyne.

        Tell me I’m wrong, Nicki!

  • Spot on Suzanne – at last someone who agrees with me about “Kevin”!

    I think it’s very telling that “Kevin” uses the word “show” instead of documentary (or ‘doc’ for short) when replying to Anonymous on the main comment page (see https://frankreport.com/2022/09/30/kevins-latest-claim-he-is-not-nicki-or-danielle-does-not-hate-sarah/), and not just by the use of the word, but even more by the almost identical sentiments expressed. Their main gripe is that Edmondson is shown in a positive light, whereas Nicki clearly (and deservedly in the opinion of most) is not.

    “Kevin” asserts:

    “You can’t tell the difference between someone being portrayed as a hero [Edmondson] and someone being portrayed as a villain [Clyne and Hatchette] on a television show where the hero has creative control?”

    Excerpt from Clyne interview with LP:


    Nicki: …you can be a victim [Sarah Edmondson] and get your own show, and get sympathy, and get taken care of, and everyone accepts you…Or you can be me and be hated, and be constantly attacked and criticized, and not be able to get work, and have people think horrible things about you that aren’t true…

    Later in the interview:

    LP: In the Starz documentary, that’s how they…
    Nicki: It’s not a documentary. That’s not true.
    LP: OK, the series…
    Nicki: The show.
    LP: The show, that’s how they…
    Nicki: The show that they produced.

    • I feel that same mean spiritedness in it as well. Consequences come with actions, whether you like them or think they are fair or not. I feel Nicki and Kevin need to learn this, as well as many other commenters here. Well said Rock.

    • Believing that the people who got something meaningful from the community should be treated respectfully is not the same as endorsing Raniere or anything that he’s been convicted of.

      They have been judged and punished more for their associations than for anything they did in the organization. The people judging and suing them had substantially more involvement than they did.

      And these are shows. I call them television commercials, but “show” is easier to write.

      • But Kevin you do not treat people respectfully. It’s “do as I say not as I do”.


        You repeatedly said you wanted to defecate in Sarah’s mug. You said horrible things about Sarah’s ability to parent her young children. You justify that Kevin because you feel negative emotions strongly about Sarah. There might be people on this blog who have strong feelings against the people you champion. If you’re going to resort to that kind of behavior Kevin and set such an awful example no one’s going to heed your chiding advice

      • No, Nicki, ‘doc’ is easier to write – only 3 letters instead of 4. Can you please explain why you believe anyone got anything ‘meaningful’ from either NXIVM or DOS? Just one example would be great.

        Of course they’ve been judged for their associations, primarily because they’ve made them so public. People will always judge others who are publicly associated with bad shit, though many of them were not punished as you well know, not in the legal sense anyway. Not yet.

    • Sorry Rock. Anyone can call a TV show a “show” as Kevin does, because that’s what it is. Nicki is resists calling it a documentary, which implies it is factual, as opposed to just a TV show.

      • Come on, Nicki – pull the other one. Think it’s a tad more than coincidental: one thing to use the word ‘show’ inappropriately, quite another to mirror the exact same sentiments. And how did “Kevin” know about Sarah’s call to your mom? LMFAO!

    • Or… you can be Camilla raped as a child and exploited in pornography as a minor.

      It’s laughable in a incredulous, disgusted, macabre way that Nicki counts herself as the wounded party to pity.

      Really? Nicki is the persecuted one? Not Rhiannon the 12 year old Keith repeatedly raped?

  • I don’t believe “Kevin” is at all who he says he is and is just another insider trying to normalize abuse and sexual assault in the name of Keith. So sad. If he’s really some guy who work on a lame show awhile ago, a show that was CANCELLED, why would he care about any of this? Seems fishy and also untrue that he would know any of this. So un-credible and desperate.

    • ” a lame show awhile ago, a show that was CANCELLED”
      You blew your point when you write that Smallville was lame (ok) but saying it was canceled (as if running only ten years was a failure) and IN ALL CAPS.
      Smallville ran longer that Sopranos or Game Of Thrones.

    • I never tried to excuse violence or abusive behavior. Not once. I believe that people in this case have been judged based more on their level of support for Keith than for things they did or their level of involvement in any wrongdoing.

      If Keith hurt people, that’s on him. There are a lot of people pointing fingers at his supporters who were more involved in the running of the organization than the supporters who are being dumped on, but aren’t complicit in any crimes.

      • Maybe people are judging them for supporting a pedophile. That doesn’t seem wrong of those who do not respect the choice of women to support a child sexual exploiter and pornography

  • Of course Kevin is in the cult.

    Interesting that while he claims to know little about Raniere or his trial, Kevin can cite Frank Report articles from FIVE YEARS AGO. But pretends to know nothing of Daniella’s ordeal or Camila’s or Rhiannon.

    He would like to pretend that Raniere’s crimes are just “alleged” and haven’t been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    It’s textbook cult behavior. After the cult implodes, the faithful remnant merely ignore inconvenient fact and press on in their beliefs, using pretzel logic and blind to reality.

    • Aristotle, it’s called a search bar. Type in a name or subject, and stuff pops up from years ago. Check it out.

      I do know about the women you mentioned. You must be super pissed that Mark and Sarah removed Daniela’s primary abuser from the civil suit. And super pissed at the New York State police, school districts, and District Attorneys that never pressed charges going back to the 80s.

      Or are your “loyalists” somehow responsible for those things too, even though they would have been under 10-years-old at the time?

      If Moira Penza’s team planted evidence to convict a man who is guilty in what was seen as a slam dunk case, it means those same people did it before, and to people who might be innocent. And they might do it again.

      • “I do know about the women you mentioned. You must be super pissed that Mark and Sarah removed Daniela’s primary abuser from the civil suit. And super pissed at the New York State police, school districts, and District Attorneys that never pressed charges going back to the 80s.”

        Here’s a crazy idea. Why not be pissed at Keith?

        And don’t lie about who Daniela’s primary abuser was. You can make your point without that lie.

        • Nutjob wrote:

          “Here’s a crazy idea. Why not be pissed at Keith?”

          I’m surprised that you missed the point of Kevin bringing up another one of AT’s logical inconsistencies. It must have gone straight over your head.

          I’m becoming concerned about you, Nutjob.

          I’ve watched a lot of smart, well meaning people become more and more angry and radicalized while hanging out in anticult fora. That anger and self-righteousness gets ingrained into your neural pathways, those stress hormones become soaked into your neurology. It’s operant conditioning. Before you know it, you’ll be as dumb and irrational and knee-jerky as everyone else here.

          Don’t let that happen to you, Nutjob.

          Remember: Tribalism makes you stupid.


          • I’m surprised you aren’t getting my point. Kevin deflects blame away from Raniere everytime Keith’s history is brought up. Why?

            It is not NY State’s fault that Keith liked statutorily raping young girls.

            If Kevin is becoming such an expert on NXIVM (I’m not saying he isn’t), why doesn’t he respond to Sausage saying that Kevin “pretends to know nothing of Daniella’s ordeal or Camila’s or Rhiannon”?

            Rather that deflecting, why doesn’t Kevin study up on Raniere. It may take all of 30 minutes. Hell, take 2 minutes to listen to Rhiannon.

            It’s one thing for shit not to be fair in the trial. It’s a completely different thing how Danielle and others have been treated. And, it’s a completely other non-related topic to not realize who Keith is as a person. Either Kevin already knows but doesn’t care who Keith is, or Kevin doesn’t want to know who Keith is.

          • Let me try another way.

            It shouldn’t be “us” vs “you”. Every topic should stand on its own. Easy for me to say. Harder to enforce. The “you” people are nice to Kevin & Alanzo. It’s natural to gravitate towards people being nice to you. FR trends “us”. Easy to get sucked in.

            I’m channeling my inner Raniere and borrowing material rom Alanzo in this post.

          • Alonzo you sound very much like the thing you describe. More so than anyone you project your imaginings on.

      • Kevin how did you get a job working on Smallville at like 14 years old as you claimed? No one seems to remember a Kevin who worked on the show who was that young. It doesn’t really match up with any Kevin’s listed as having held the position you claim that you did back then either. Granted you keep changing the timeline and the story but even allowing for your changing age by a couple years. It doesn’t match anyone

        • Another cowardly anonymous poster who most commenters here will believe because you are pretending to poke holes in Kevin’s timeline through your own pretended insider knowledge of the TV Show.

          Why not apply the same standards you are holding Kevin to and tell us your name, your history with the show, and why you pretend to know what you know?

          Or do we all have different standards for Kevin here on the Frank Report?


          • It doesn’t take Insider knowledge to find out who worked on a TV show.

            It’s very easy to do

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