Suzanne Destroys Raniere, Followers, for Being the Biggest Assholes Ever for Daniela’s Two Years in a Room

Daniela - artist sketch. She stayed on her room for almost two years. Her bother Adrian and sister Camila brought her food.

Daniela is a Mexican woman who remained alone in her bedroom at her parent’s home in Half Moon, New York, for almost two years. She stayed in her unlocked room from 2010-2012.

She testified Keith Raniere declared she had an ethical breach because she kissed another man.

Ben Myers around the time Daniela kissed him.

Kissing a man was an ethical breach, because she was in Raniere’s harem. She said he told her she could not leave the room until she healed her breach.

What made it a crime?

Daniela was an illegal alien at the time. With the family’s help, Raniere withheld Daniela’s ID and other essential documents. The crime was document servitude and was a predicate act of Raniere’s racketeering.

She stayed in the room until she decided to leave and return to Mexico in February 2012.

Raniere’s supporters believe Daniela is to blame. They say Raniere did not want her to stay in the room for more than a weekend.

Raniere was the community leader to which all her family had a membership. He was 50, and she was 22. He had sex with Daniela, her elder sister Mariana and her younger sister Camila. All of them were in his harem, and none of them were permitted to touch another man, let alone kiss one.

Mariana was Daniela’s older sister.

The Raniere supporters say, “Well Daniela agreed to this relationship.”

Daniela did not tell her parents about Raniere’s sex with her and her sisters. All three sisters kept that from their parents. Daniela testified it would have done no good, since Raniere had made everyone believe she was a liar. Her sisters, Mariana and Camila, would have said lied about having sex with Raniere.

A young woman spent two years alone in a room. She wrote 1000s of letters to him. She was trying to find ways to appease him, combat him, or do anything, defiant or not, but wasting years of her life.

A good man would have said after a week. “This is not working. We must find another way to try to help her.”

If he wanted to help her, he would have told her parents, brother, and sisters, “She has to leave the room. This is not healthy for her.”

Instead, Raniere would win this “battle of wills,” as he described it to Suneel. He was going to teach her a lesson.

One day Daniela cut her hair without his permission. Lauren Salzman testified Raniere wanted more punishment. He allegedly said, “now she will have to stay in the room until her hair grows back to the length it was.”

That would take years.

They were enemies. He was her teacher. He said he loved her and told others he was doing this for her good. There was a young human female in that room, and her mental and physical health was declining. Yet, all he cared about was keeping her in that room until she “healed” her “ethical breach.”

Now 10 years later, Raniere is in a cell in USP Tucson.

As Daniela wrote letters to Raniere, he is writing affidavits to the court about his abuse.

Nicki, Suneel, Eduardo, Marc and Michele are good people. Danielle Roberts – a doctor. Or Brandon Porter, another doctor, are good people.  They will tell you how bad it is for Raniere in the SHU in prison.

They could tell you – two years in a room without sunlight, exercise, or human company. That’s bad for the health. But not for Daniela?

With that background, let us hear from Suzanne.

By Suzanne

The DOS die-hard slaves are trying to normalize Daniela’s confinement.

Foisting the blame on her parents, even though Keith is recorded touting both shunning in general and shunning Daniela specifically.

But let’s say reality doesn’t exist, and those recordings don’t exist. And it was Daniela’s parents…

How the fuck did anyone else ever go along with that?

If a stranger to me was a 24 year old girl confined in a room in my community, I would call authorities.

Why didn’t anyone ask for a wellness check?

Daniela stayed in a room for two years in her family’s townhome in Half Moon NY. 

A 24 year old woman is being kept from going to a doctor, a dentist, or mental health professional? For about 2 years?! No one in the community goes to authorities and reports Daniella missing?

No one does an exhaustive search to find out what happened to this young woman from another country who is now disappeared from their close-knit community?

These same cult dead-enders are always moaning and groaning about Keith being isolated.

Keith has access to lawyers. Keith had visitors all day everyday on the weekends. Keith is allowed phone calls. Keith was allowed email. And snail mail. Doctors have seen Keith.

Daniella had nothing. She didn’t even have a prison bed, she slept on the floor.

How could anyone know that a 24 year old woman was being kept in a room with a blacked out window in a neighboring condo and not get her help?

Absolutely despicable and just repulsive to try to normalize that kind of abuse by the Dossier Project slaves

These loyalists to Keith are so out of touch with reality that they believe other human beings will say, “Oh okay, it was her parents who decided to keep her in a room with no contact, no outlets whatsoever, no mental or physical doctors overseeing her, no contact with the outside world or ever leaving the room. Oh okay, then that’s fine.”

Are you fucking for real? Idiot cult followers.

It was validating to hear Nancy Salman state that all community members who wanted a close relationship to Vanguard were “jealous of one or more of the three sisters, Daniela, Camila and Mariana”.

Camila by MK10ART.

It supports the suspicion that a lot of the animosity toward Camilla and the callous dismissive attitude about the insane abuse heaped on Daniella comes from a place of competitiveness and envy.

Daniela is gorgeous. Frank described her as fashion model level beautiful. And Daniela is a genius. Keith wanted her around all the time.

Camilla, Nancy described as “everyone’s favorite.” Young, adorable, smart, and clearly Keith wanted to own her.

Mariana, who is routinely described as lazy, lived with Keith and ends up having the baby Keith promised to so many other women.

Keith Alan Raniere

All the other female cult followers (and some male) were doing literally anything and everything to get Keith’s approval, time and attention, and these sisters had it. And in a tragic irony, at least two of the sisters did not want it and were punished for wanting a different life

In Camilla’s texts with Keith about the lifetime slave vow commitment and other potential slaves, Camilla strongly says she wants “anyone other than Nickii” Clyne to be in their lives that much and forever.

Nicki Clyne

It’s clear Nicki Clyne has a personal problem with Camilla. Daniela too. Camilla probably felt that hot jealousy seething out of Nicki Clyne back then.

Keith pitted people against each other and used triangulation, and loved to have his followers competing for him.

The dead-enders have tried to cast a dated and misogynistic tale of “a woman scorned” narrative on some of the abuse victims of Keith Raniere.

Why can’t the same lens be turned on the dead-end women’s motivations now?

Who’s to say they are not just deeply, deeply vindictive and jealous of these beautiful and intelligent women who did not want Keith when the dead-ender slaves themselves wanted Keith so badly?

You know what’s ” greedy”?

Needing to fuck an entire family of sisters.

Not being able to wait until one of the sisters was the legal age of consent.

Insisting on close-up spread labia photos of every woman you know. And a child.

Wanting your initials seared into every woman’s pubis. Fraudulently.


Those are the acts of the greedy man Keith Alan Raniere.

That doesn’t even get into enumerating the millions and millions of dollars Keith squandered from the devoted woman who followed Vanguard, the dwarf king of Clifton Park.

That Keith directed Daniella’s family, Lauren and Karen, and surely others, to keep Daniella all alone in a room with nothing but a mat on the floor and a blacked out window to slowly lose her mind with no medical care is an indisputable fact.

In addition to the under oath testimony, there are emails where there are actual recordings of Keith instructing the shunning of Daniela and her prolonged isolation.

The room where Daniela stayed. For almost two years, she lived in this room. Her family brought her meals.

It doesn’t matter who was there at the time. It matters that that information has been out there for years, and Danielle Roberts continues to support Keith. When combined with lying to women about the brand and searing Keith’s initials into their flesh, Danielle Roberts is either a complete sadist or just supports one. Either way, that’s not someone who should be practicing medicine.

Danielle Roberts sees nothing wrong with Daniela being in a room alone for two years. She sees plenty wrong with Raniere being in a prison for two days….

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  • Any Mexican cartel members reading this, please feel free to get to Keith in his current prison. He must not be allowed to leave prison alive. Can’t trust the government. Who knows how much the two ugly Bronfman sisters can pay in bribes. Keith must not be allowed freedom. Ever. He should, at the very least, experience “The Room” he can never leave, as he did to Daniela. Who has sex with three young sisters. FFS Mexicans, put this outrage right.

    • This is a it extreme don’t you think ? Keith get out alive in 100 years. that’s his sentence and when he serves it neither you nor I should stand between him and freedom.

      Remember Keith is working on an invention to suspend the aging process.

      • Frank Keith has that special magical gesture. it’s like one hand clasping the other’s wrist? And that stops the cartel. It’s like a dreamcatcher for bad cartel intentions

      • Keith needs to work on a product that makes you taller and less hairy. I don’t know about tha ‘fuck toy’ he mentioned in those texts. But he looks like a dog toy that slipped down the side of a couch! On the other hand, he did ‘shag’ the two ugly pantomime Bronfman sisters. I sort of feel sorry for him having to do that. I’d have to be roofied to go near those gruesome twosome

  • Nothing says, ” Treat women as adults with agency” quite like keeping a young woman in her 20’s in a room for almost 2 years for kissing an age appropriate young man.

    Tell us again that Keith and the slave ring were all about fostering badass, independent women who did not need to be rescued, saved or helped by anyone else.

    Keith orchestrated Daniela being absolutely dependent.

    Daniella had no papers. Daniella had no income. Daniella had her food brought to her. Daniella was the opposite of an independent human.

    At Keith’s order, this was the state and quality of life that Keith wanted a young woman to suffer.

    If anyone is still too blind to realize what Keith’s true intentions were with DOS. Look no further than the imprisonment and isolation of Daniela.

    Keith never wanted women to achieve independence and freedom through total submission. Keith wanted to imprison and enslave. That was the end goal. Always. Total submission. And inability to do anything or make any decision as basic as what you would eat or when or how much without having to ask permission and being dependent on others.

  • The point about Daniela not seeing a dentist is extremely relevant and crucial.

    This is how Jim Del Negro passed away.

    In vanguard’s Infinite wisdom Keith advised Jim who followed the cult leader’s tragically awful advice not to seek proper medical or dental care.

    Jim del Negro died a completely avoidable death at a relatively young age.

    This same medieval style fate could have met the 24-year-old Daniella.

    Daniella had a problematic tooth and after much delay was finally allowed out of the room to see a dentist.

    Daniella suffered at least partial loss of the tooth.

    And anyone who’s ever had a toothache knows how much pain she must have been in constantly.

    But by the grace of God, Daniela did not die.

    But she could have.

    Like Jim.

    Daniela had also begun to squirrel away and hoard cleaning supplies because she was planning to kill herself.

    Depriving Daniella of mental, dental and medical Healthcare for 2 years was very serious.

    And no small thing.

  • KR is an absolute mouth breather. Anyone that thinks he’s some intellectual is an absolute retard in their own right. What he did to Daniela and family is absolutely reprehensible. He’s lucky he is still breathing the same air. Piece of shit.

    • My favorite part about this – his video where they claimed how great bc he was a judo champion in (second grade?) and how had a 4.0 GPA from RPI as a triple major – during the trial it came out his GPA was really a 2.26. Real genius.

      Also, he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for his huuuuge IQ test score… but just the Australian version. The test was a take home mail-in test – sounds pretty easy to fake

    • I actually have a high IQ. At university it was 159. It counts for nothing in the real world. Social skills, the ability to interact in the work arena or basic housekeeping, budgets etc. You need a different type of intelligence to be successful in that.

  • Correct me if I am incorrect. Did someone hold Danielle down and then Lauren force some tranquillisers into her mouth upon the instruction of Nancy? I am sure I read this a long time ago but was it during trial?

      • Thank you. I’m surprised this was considered no big deal. This is major, a women is mentally breaking down (due to some mind twisting from these cult teachings) and Nancy instructs someone to force feed them medication. It’s crazy and dangerous and criminal

  • Still amazed that Lauren was let off the hook. No jail time. She was really one of the most devious manipulating people working for KR. More shockingly is watching the Vow seeing how people (Sarah, Nippy and Mark) feel sorry for her. Like it all was Keith’s manipulation.

  • Moira Penza, the lead prosecutors, the US Attorneys, and the two lead plaintiffs in the civil suit, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente, disagree with all of the above. They either don’t think things happened this way, or if they do, they just don’t care.

    Which explains why Lauren received no prison time, and why both Salzmans were dropped from the civil suit.

    Oh wait, I know, let’s take what the higher ups in the organization allegedly did and shift the blame, responsibility and consequences for those things onto people who did not do those things, but who make for good scapegoats.

    Which is why you’re so “big mad” at things that went on in this organization, but have no issues with so many of the highest ranking people who either directly participated in illicit activity, or had knowledge that they went on.

    How much money did Vicente and Edmondson make in the organization?

    For how long were they aware of the allegations against Raniere?

    And for how long did they continue to stay in the organization after having been made aware of those allegations?

    I’ve been waiting for an answer to those questions for a long time. And no one will answer them, because the answers don’t coincide with what people want to believe.

    If you’re so upset at what happened to Daniella, why don’t you ask Vicente and Edmondson why they removed two of her primary abusers from the civil suit, likely without her approval.

    Why don’t you ask Moira Penza why Lauren received no jail time if what she participated in was so horrific?

    Because heaven forbid we hold the made for TV good guys to the same standards and level of scrutiny as a group of women who have the nerve to question the official story and stand up for themselves.

    • Look, “Kevin” ask and answer your own tedious questions you lazy f***

      This isn’t Google, it’s the Frank Report and we aren’t your DOS bitches.

      If you have a question for the beautiful and intelligent Moira Penza maybe you should show up with a film crew and an affidavit again hoping to get an answer LOL

      And cool it with the “we” stuff. Are you royalty? Speak for yourself.

    • Hi Kevin 🤡

      In comparison, who do you think is more bad ass ?

      MKP – successful lawyer, intelligent and good looking, married with a child


      NC – gotta live in blank cause theres really not much to add 😅

      Of course NC is the role model, success bad ass boss babe !! Master of slaves, the number one of the tribe !! Not everyone has the opportunity to suck the Vanguard’s dick right after another sister or to have intimacy in prison. It’s the ultimate glory, the goal written in the starts. She’s making mommy proud everyday whenever she preps her meal of the day -one apple and two boiled eggs only- and gets ready to fight for her boyfriend, the master of DST transmission, the savior of the world with his blue light and avatar baby.

      I am team NC and count on her to marry me so I can have Canadian citizenship. ❣️

  • How right you are, Suzanne!

    Raniere is scum and anyone defending him is scum. His “cause” is indefensible. This tends to get lost sight of far too much around here.

    The media attacked him? He’s the victim of hate? Of course he’s hated. The man is despicable. The branding. Having Daniela confined for two years. What a shitbag.

    And his shitbag followers went along with it. Well fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

    Salzman knew about this outrage. She went along with it. She enabled it.

    A whole bunch of these asshole cult members knew about it. Or should have known about it. To hell with all of them.

    As for Raniere himself, the king shitbag, small wonder he got sentenced to 120 years in prison. Look at what he did.

    Unjustly convicted, my ass. The FBI cheated my ass. Planted child porn so the jury would hate him? What a crock. The branding and what he did to Daniela made him the Devil incarnate.

    He was running a criminal racket. That’s why he got convicted of racketeering. He got convicted of sex trafficking and attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy because of the shit he pulled like imprisoning Daniela.

    Anyone who collaborated with this shitbag deserves to have their life ruined.

    No more excuses.

  • The ESP and Keith Rainere applogists will state that Daniela was an adult woman when shunned and isolated by her “family”. While simultaneously preaching society must stop infantalizing females

    How is an adult woman being punished thru being kept in an empty room for almost 2 years for kissing a male treating that woman as a grown-up?

    That’s some Taliban action in Clifton Park right there.

    You cannot preach that women should have agency and be treated as adults and yet also try to justify parents in your cult community treating an adult woman like she’s being put on some kind of super hardcore and abusive timeout/house arrest/being grounded/restriction like an out of control 12 year old with really misguided extremist parents.

    But (shrugs) vanguard knows best, right?

  • I lived in a cult in the 70’s. Some people only seem to remember the “good” things, and make excuses for the abuse. Your rage at Keith and his enablers is well-placed. Thank You

      • I’m not a fan of Vicente , in fact he makes my skin crawl. He got off easy for being so deeply embedded enabling Keith’s behavior. He cannot tell me that he didn’t have any inkling of what the dwarf was doing. He recorded everything.

  • Excellent analyses by both Frank and Suzanne. Daniella’s story is-in my opinion- the worst in this NXIVM saga. It’s worse then DOS and the branding. It is sickening. Lauren , Nancy, Karen Untereiner: how can you live with yourselves?. One-way ticket to the Supermax for Raniere.
    If he loses his appeal, which is very probable, I will open a bottle of Dom Perignon.That’s my Vow.

    • I’d feel frustrated even if he ended up at Colorado because it’d be a reminder he would be unstoppable even then, since he could direct the dead enders through his lawyers from behind those walls 😐

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