Allison Mack is Well and Truly Fucked & Dumbest Fool Ever

By Aristotle’s Sausage

Kevin’s pretense of knowing nothing about Raniere or his teachings is as hilarious as it is convenient. Read the trial testimony, Kevin.

This “I know nothing, I see nothing” ruse is straight out of the dead-ender playbook, which puts the lie to his claim that he’s not a Nxian.

“Maybe Keith did some bad things, I don’t know anything about that” is the line the Nxivm loyalists adopt. It’s hilarious that they think they’re fooling anyone!

Misdirection and change the subject. That’s the rhetorical ploy they learned from Raniere’s Knife of Aristotle. Don’t talk about what Keith (maybe) did, let’s talk instead about what Edmondson and Penza did! Then they present a pile of made-up shit they think counterbalances the actual evidence that got Raniere convicted on all counts by an independent jury.

See, that’s the thing: “the government” didn’t convict Raniere. A jury of twelve citizens did. After a six week’s long trial in open court. Where Raniere was defended by a very expensive, highly experienced legal team.

It’s not allegations anymore. It’s proven fact.

Nicki Clyne stands in front of the Theodore Roosevelt federal courthouse in Brooklyn NY. This courthouse contained within it the courtroom of a certain Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, who presided over a trial from May to June 2019, wherein 12 jurors heard evidence concerning her master, the greatly lamented incarated Keith Alan Raniere. After hearing six weeks of evidence, it took the jury about 60 seconds to convict Raniere on all counts. Later in that same courtroom, in that same courthouse, Judge Garaufis sentenced defendant Raniere to a 120-year sentence.  Ms. Clyne has vowed to fight for her master’s freedom, even if it takes a century.

Raniere’s in prison because of the mountain of evidence against him. The testimony of his multiple victims as well as copious records carelessly left lying around by him and this criminal racket.

“All mine 😈 !”

Sweet dear innocent Allison Mack and her felonious lover recorded themselves conspiring over the details of the branding ceremony: “naked… held with their legs spread… like a sacrifice.”

How stupid can you get? That was evidence at the trial. Tell me again “Kevin” why Mack doesn’t deserve to be in prison. Tell me what a nice person she is.

MK10 ART — Allison Mack loved to consult on everything with her glorious guru and master, and lover too, Mr. Keith Alan Raniere.

Tell me again how this sex cult, this criminal organization, was just a bunch of people with “different ideas”.

Blackmail, fraud, trafficking, systematic lying. All proven.

We all know that branding is good for a business or a personality. But when you brand women on their groins with the initials of your master, without telling them and in fact lying to them about the meaning of the brand, it can land your ass in prison.

One might almost call it rather stupid.


Allison Mack outside court when she realized her Vanguard may not be able to save her. Brilliant as he is, he might have blundered and grandly took her right along with him. 

Mack admitted her guilt and avoided certain conviction on the main charge of sex trafficking (mandatory 15 year minimum sentence). That was a gift from the US Government. That was a gift from Moira Penza, the Prosecutor “Kevin” would pillory.

Because make no mistake, Allison Mack was at the heart of the sex trafficking operation. She recruited, lured, and lied to the women she ensnared into DOS. She knew every aspect of the operation and what its true goal was. And she was being paid for the work directly by Raniere. That was proven in court by their March 3, 2016 e-mail exchange (which these two idiots predictably preserved).

Mack in her guilty plea tried to slither around taking responsibility for what she did by claiming she was “mislead”.

Mislead? MISLEAD!??

“You have a beautiful cunt”, she told Michele Hatchette, one of her & his slaves, snapping a pic and sending it to him. She thought this was female empowerment?

L-r Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts – of DOS. Every one of these gentle ladies, with the exception of Mack, continues to be excited about their experience with DOS. 

Lying, blackmailing, entrapping women into sexual servitude for her Master, that was female empowerment?

Mack is a chronic liar. She has no moral sense. She was, and possibly still is, a loyal and enthusiastic member of an international criminal cult.

Allison Mack against a backdrop of FCI Dublin, where she is incarcerated. Her release date is early 2024.  

Mack is in prison where she belongs. It’s only due to the good graces of the U.S. Government and the mercy of Moira Penza that the little bitch isn’t serving 20 years for sex trafficking like she deserves.

Mack ran DOS and Raniere’s sex trafficking operation. She was phenomenally lucky that the prosecutors generously dropped that charge (a slam dunk conviction) in exchange for her guilty plea on far lesser charges. The silly airhead nearly didn’t take advantage of the offer. What a fool.

A fool she was, and a fool she remains.

Mack’s minor celebrity status is probably responsible for some of the notoriety surrounding this case.

It was just priceless, that cute sweet Chloe from TV Land was deep into a sex cult, branding women on the pussy with the asshole cult leader’s initials!

I mean c’mon, you can’t make this shit up! And it was far more interesting than any episode of that dumb Smallville show.

And it turned out Allison Mack was a nasty piece of work. A liar and a blackmailer who enjoyed tormenting her victims. Insulting them, forcing them to run ridiculous drills, take cold showers, be at her beck and call 24/7. A real sadist, she is.

And “Kevin” keeps defending her! What a simp.

Mack was getting paid to pimp out women she recruited. Pimp them out to disgusting fat slob Raniere. Who she was fucking. When he’d have her.

Though Keith Alan Raniere demanded his women be thin as a rail, he sometimes carried a little blubber around the middle – perhaps to offset the emaciation of his ladies.

And Mack wasn’t doing this against her will. She was enthusiastic about the work. She got creative about it. She loved being Raniere’s slave. Groveling to him.

“I love you Master (kiss-kiss)” is how she responded to the asshole’s emails.

Pathetic and disgusting. But this wasn’t just some weird kink she was into. No, she was deep into criminal conspiracy. The faithful lieutenant of sex-trafficker, racketeer, and fraudster Raniere. She was the one in the trenches doing the work he was too lazy to do himself. She recruited. She ensnared. She blackmailed. She invented the degrading “assignments” intended to break the spirits of these attractive young women. And she did it in the name of female empowerment!

All this came out at trial. Not accusation, not allegation. It’s absolute undeniable fact.

Mack should serve 20 years for sex trafficking. It’s only by the good graces of Moira Penza and the prosecution team that she isn’t.

Moira Kim Penza did not have a high opinion of Keith Raniere, but she went easy on Allison Mack.

Yet “Kevin” and his fellow dead enders BLAME Penza. That shows how back-asswards they’ve got everything.

Still, despite the light sentence Mack is done for. The disgraced former actress will never work again. Oh, she can get a job at Wal-Mart. Live in some shitty apartment or rented trailer. But she will be forever deeply in debt. Anything she inherits when her rich parents depart this mortal will go to her creditors.

Good. Why should this nasty ex-convict have a nice life? She has incurred a debt she can never pay off.

So no acting gigs for her, not even doing voiceover. No invites to Smallville cons. Her name is mud.

There was a time when I thought Mack could pull off the sorrowful victim act. Blame Raniere for it all.

She the poor woman. But #MeToo is a spent force. Amber Heard saw to that.

Mack is well and truly fucked. Good!


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  • Allison should be in jail! Well she is! Do we know whether she has truly repented?- No we don’t.
    I do not defend her actions as she carried them out but really Aristotles Saucisson—- she was a very weak vulnerable actress who followed the master right over the cliff. She allowed that to happen but Im not sure i would say she was in her right mind living on 800cals a day and sleep deprived. is there a reason why other members of this cult were victims of a cult and she wasn’t?? Nope. She had less of a moral compass maybe. KR was very very good at reading people, their weaknesses and flaws so that he could fill those holes( oh parden me for that) with what he wanted. Allison in some ways is weaker than most. Do not misinterprate me. I dont like her particularly, but I do hope her escape is a real escape and not just faked. It could go either way frankly. I just don’t see the point of the name calling.. All a bit OTT!

  • A Frank discussion on the most recent episode of The Vow would be beneficial. Many viewers were extremely Disturbed and traumatized by seeing the torture brought upon Daniela. And the systematic destruction of what was once a loving close family . And what is with all those filthy condos in Albany? Watching Keith do handstands and jump over people and have it recorded was like watching a really dorky and needy child with severe emotional problems. Keith is so childish not childlike that can be considered a compliment child is and juvenile and disgusting. Just absolutely foul in all ways. This is probably another reason why Keith prayed on such Young children. Unless an adult woman was starved and sleep deprived how they could have ever stood kids smell the state of his home his ridiculous antics is impossible to comprehend. How could all of these people have lived in such dirty filthy cluttered homes? That episode could give people HPV just from watching.

    • It is said: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Upon seeing how filthy Keith was, anyone who was firmly rooted in any traditional religious tradition would’ve been been immediately disgusted by his behavior and uncleanliness and left right away. That gives you an idea of the kind of people who stayed, let alone those who were intimate with him. They must have been under a stupid “spell”, or were coerced via blackmail, or they were just as filthy as him.

    • Money doesn’t buy class. Nancy’s family is all rich…but act and dress like white trash. Money doesn’t buy honesty, respect, or humbleness. Her brother in law used to wear an unwashed hockey Starter jacket from the 80s all the way untill about 2018. And have you seen Nancy’s sister? Nancy got the better end of the stick if you can believe it. And Mark Elliot had his Tourettes correct when he called Clare rich and Nancy a bitch.

  • The Rise & Fall of Allison Mack & The Cult of NXIVM

    Coffee and Cults

    Welcome to a new video, today we are talking about the rise and fall of Allison Mack. Mack went from the star of a Disney Channel movie, to the lead on one of the first superhero shows on The WB, & later The CW, to second in command of a cult, NXIVM. Mack was second only to Keith Raniere, together they ran a pyramid scheme and then, a s*x cult. We are going over everything that happened on Mack’s rise, her path at NXIVM, what happened after everything fell apart and how she became inmate no 90838-053. Thank you for watching!


  • empath venture

    India Oxenberg, NXIVM Cult Survivor – Psychedelics for Cult Deprogramming & Healing Sexual Trauma

    India Oxenberg is a survivor of the NXIVM cult. While her 7 years in NXIVM have been covered extensively in multiple documentaries, articles and books, this is the first interview in which she details the role that psychedelics played in her post-NXIVM healing journey.

    ‍India is the author of “Still Learning”, a memoir documenting her seven-year experience with and escape from the toxic cult, NXIVM. She is the executive producer of “SEDUCED: INSIDE THE NXIVM CULT”, a Starz documentary. By sharing her story, she hopes to raise awareness about the insidious nature of coercion and hopes to offer other survivors a platform to share their stores.

    ‍India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg was instrumental in taking down NXIVM. She is the founder of The Catherine Oxenberg Foundation, a foundation dedicated to helping individuals and families recover from the devastating effects of unresolved trauma. Their mission is to shift the paradigm of trauma from one of stigma and disability to one of growth, opportunity and a gateway to wisdom and empowerment.

    ‍Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM was found guilty of sex trafficking, racketeering, wire fraud and a litany of other charges in 2019. He is currently serving a 120 year prison sentence.

  • The Democrat Party is colluding with a Ponzi Scheme and the nation of Ukraine in a giant fraud scheme.

    The Biggest SCANDAL Of Our Lifetime Is About To Get MUCH Worse!!!

      • By far.

        Sam Bankman has lost more than 32 billion dollars.
        And just six months ago Sam Bankman visited the Biden White House.
        Beleaguered Crypto Billionaire Was Hobnobbing at White House Just Six Months Ago
        Sam Bankman-Fried is under investigation for mishandling customer deposits as his company implodes

        Bankman’s parents are law professors at Stanford University.
        Senator Kristen Gillibrand of NXIVM fame is now talking about regulating cryptocurrency.
        FTX showed signs of ‘Ponzi-scheme like behavior,’ says Sen. Lummis (R-WY)

        • To Shadowstate: The senators and politicians as well as the pundits as well as the journalists have overlooked the fact that the crypto market was inflated by the big market players using pump and dump tactics to rip off everyone else and especially the small investors. The big players knew that prices would take a massive plunge simply because they planned it and knew it beforehand. But because they knew it, they could just pocket the profits beforehand and leave everyone else standing there at a loss and left behind. The big guys laugh at the stupidity of the others they ripped off.

  • Binghampton University
    November 15, 2022

    Harpur College alumna Moira Penza ’05 gave an insider’s view as the lead prosecutor behind the notorious NXIVM “sex cult” case Nov. 1 during the fifth annual Bonzani Memorial Law Lecture. The cult, founded by Keith Raniere, inspired the hit HBO documentary series The Vow.

    During her lecture, Penza focused on how she pieced together the intricate puzzle behind the case, and her investment in the safety and protection of vulnerable people against sexual violence.

    An English and history major, she credited Binghamton University with helping lay the foundation for her later career. She was ambitious from the start, serving as a Judicial Review board member and earning her stripes as a member of the speech and debate team on campus.

    “Binghamton prepared me to succeed when measured against the best of the best and to do so with courage, kindness, integrity and a commitment to service,” Penza said.

    As a trial attorney, Penza’s primary goal is to form a narrative that is simple enough for the jury to understand and compelling enough to help them decide, she said. In her talk, she detailed her methodology behind sorting through the evidence against Raniere, who was sentenced to 120 years in prison. At one point, investigators discovered 12 terabytes of electronic information, the equivalent of 12 library floors worth of data, she said.

    “I wasn’t making a documentary. My job was first and foremost proving the crimes that we had charged Raniere with,” Penza said. “What you have to do when you are putting together a trial is really engage in some editing.”

    Penza’s approach from the beginning of this case was to treat it as sensitively as possible, she explained. The goal was to ensure that all evidence would be preserved for the trial, and Penza wanted to make sure of one thing in particular: Raniere would be put away for life. When publications began reporting on NXIVM, Raniere fled to Mexico; Penza knew they had to act fast, she said.

    “When you’re investigating a federal crime as a prosecutor, you typically want to keep your investigation covert for as long as possible, presuming no one is in immediate physical danger,” Penza said. “By then, we had enough evidence to charge some crimes, so we couldn’t wait any longer.”
    This insight into criminal defense law was given with specific pieces of evidence that led to Raniere’s conviction and sentencing to 120 years in prison on charges that included racketeering and sex trafficking.

    Accused of having his victims branded with his initials, Raniere’s own words were used against him during the trial, Penza pointed out. During the trial, Penza played a recording of Raniere on a phone call with actress and confidant Allison Mack, in which he detailed the exact ritual behind the brandings. Before hearing this clip, a victim had described Raniere’s actions with the exact same details in court.

    “By the time we got to trial, he couldn’t maintain that lie anymore because we had so much evidence from his emails and recordings where his involvement was incontrovertible,” Penza said.

    Penza talked about her experience not only to inspire and educate aspiring lawyers but also to foster a better comprehension of the complexities of cults and criminal organizations like NXIVM. She encouraged attendees to keep an eye out for the signs of indoctrination and lead with compassion when helping others.

    “No one really joins a cult; people think they’re joining something that will help themselves or others,” Penza said. “When something doesn’t feel right to you, trust your instincts on that and make sure you are looking out for places where there is an intolerance for other ideas. That is where abuses happen.”

    Posted in: Harpur

  • Stylecaster

    How The ‘Spirit’ of NXIVM ‘Lives On’ After Its Founder Keith Raniere’s Sex Trafficking Conviction

    by SOPHIE HANSON NOV 14, 2022 AT 5:45 PM EST

    After Keith Raniere’s sex trafficking conviction in 2019, many fans of HBO Max’s series The Vow will be wondering if NXIVM is still active in 2022. The self-improvement organization, founded in the ‘90s, was revealed to be a pyramid scheme that preyed on vulnerable women, via an NXIVM “female empowerment” subgroup known as DOS.

    The name of this “sorority”, as it was dubbed by Raniere, is an abbreviation for a bastardized Latin phrase “Dominus Obsequious Sororium” or “master over slave women”. Through this secret sorority, female members were coerced and blackmailed into a slave-master relationship, eventually being branded with Raniere’s initials. Despite Raniere’s conviction and damning evidence presented by the prosecutors as well as those that testified, there are still former NXIVM members out there that still believe in DOS. Here’s how they’re keeping the “spirit” of the group alive in a post-Raniere era.

    Is NXIVM still active in 2022?
    Is NXIVM still active in 2022? No, while Raniere awaited sentencing, the US federal government seized a Delaware company that owned the rights to NXIVM’s ideologies, often referred to as “tech”. Prosecutors argued this “tech”, developed by NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman who was a former practitioner of a pseudoscientific therapy called neurolinguistic programming, enabled the company to manipulate and mentally condition its members.

    This manipulation culminated in sexual coercion, blackmail and Raniere’s initials seared into DOS members’ flesh as a symbol of their “lifetime vow of obedience,” per The Vow: Part II. “I resent the fact that in the background of everything I did was damage control about Keith’s sex life,” says Nancy Salzman in The Vow: Part II. “I used my authority to edify Keith Raniere and he took the credibility that I gave him and he abused many people. And I don’t know how to live with that and that’s my cross to bear.”

    Raniere was sentenced to 120 years behind bars in October 2020. He was convicted of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. At the sentencing hearing, the court heard victim impact statements from 15 individuals, including “Camila,” the victim who was sexually exploited by Raniere when she was 15 years old.

    Despite this, some former members of DOS believe there has been a “mischaracterization” of the secret group’s activities. The Dossier Project, which is made up of former NXIVM members including Battlestar Galactica actor Nicki Clyne and others interviewed in HBO’s The Vow, defines DOS as “Master, Allegiance, Sisterhood,” rather than a translation that suggests subservience. They’re also committed to carrying on the “spirit” of the group. “DOS no longer exists, but the spirit of compassionate, strong women working together lives on!” the group has written in the Frequently Asked Questions of the website.

    “Without our voices, DOS will go down in history as a ‘sex cult.’ Although we didn’t intend for DOS to ever be a matter of public record, we have been put in the difficult position to either keep our promise of confidentiality or set the record straight,” they explain. “The salacious narrative surrounding DOS has contributed to criminal indictments, family estrangements, lost or damaged businesses and work, the destruction of friendships, and harm to many personal reputations. Since, so far, no one has been willing to ask the hard questions about the allegations, we are here to ask and answer them. The time to be silent is over. It’s time to speak up.”

    The group acknowledged the allegations against Raniere but stands by NXIVM’s 12-Point Mission Statement, written by the group’s founder, the second of which includes a philosophy where “there are no ultimate victims; therefore, I will choose not to be a victim”. This aligns with Raniere’s defense at trial, which argued that the women in DOS weren’t coerced but in fact, gave consent to be branded and dominated over.

    “We acknowledge that extremely negative accounts about DOS have saturated the media narrative, and this is precisely why we are speaking out. We respect and honor everyone’s right to speak their mind, and it is not our intent to diminish or invalidate anyone else’s experience. We simply wish to have our stories documented as well,” authors at The Dossier Project wrote. “We are privileged to live in a time and place where women are allowed to speak and we actively stand up for this fundamental human right. We also believe that women should take responsibility for their words and actions, and we endeavor to do just that with the Dossier Project.”

    This, however, indicates how deeply the group had been indoctrinated into Raniere’s philosophy, according to experts. “They’re what we call true believers,” said Janja Lalich, a sociologist and cult expert who has worked with Nxivm defectors, per the New York Times. “It shows the depth of their indoctrination and the extent to which they have internalized his rhetoric.”

    Clyne was married to fellow DOS member Allison Mack from 2017 to 2020. Mack was a senior member of the clandestine group, recruiting women and she even claimed responsibility for the branding ceremony. “Do you think the person who is being branded should be completely nude and sort of held to the table like a sort of, almost, like a sacrifice?” Raniere asked Mack in a recorded conversation, according to the New York Times. “The person should ask to be branded,” Raniere told Mack in another recording. “She should say, ‘Please brand me. It would be an honor’—or something like that—‘an honor I want to wear for the rest of my life.’”

    For her role in NXIVM, Mack was sentenced to three years behind bars, issued a $20,000 fine and 1,000 hours of community service. She began her three-year sentence on September 13, 2021, after pleading guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges.

    If you want a first-person’s account of the inner workings of NXIVM, you should check out Sarah Edmondson’s book Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM, the Cult That Bound My Life. As seen in the HBO Max documentary series The Vow, Edmondson spent over a decade dedicated to Keith Raniere’s vision—having enrolled more than 2,000 members over the course of 12 years. Her compelling memoir tracks were joining the organization, her indoctrination into the secret sisterhood DOS and her harrowing fight to get out to expose Raniere’s abuse.

  • The photo in the green puffer jacket is not Mack though the caption says it is her. Wanted to point out so haters do point to that as some misguide proof of falsehoods.

  • To Nicki Clyne:

    Are you still an Influencer?

    Are you still in touch with Ross Ulbricht?, aka Dread Pirate Roberts?

  • Moira cut Allison the break of a lifetime. I hope she appreciates it and keeps Moira in her prayers every day. She saved this woman.

    • Penza is a true feminist. She gave all the girls light sentences and didnt even prosecute some at all…and hit Keith rather hard…..

  • I love ❤️ her and I was not jacking off in the bushes when I went to her house like that asshole Nice Guy said. I went to propose marriage.

    Nice Guy was in the bushes and when the cops came he tried to blame it on me. But you ask him why his pants were down to his ankles and when he fell in the bushes what part of his body was badly bruised by a thorn.

    • Reminds me of the other time cops found niceguy with his pants around his ankles. Niceguy claimed he was just helping the sheep to get over the fence.

      • Not to rag on Nice Guy because he really is a nice guy but do you recall a time when a certain Amway distributor with a considerable downline and Nice Guy got into a dispute over a woman, the demand for a certain product for water fowl and how Nice Guy misinterpreted the word “down” in down line as it applied or was misapplied in relation to the aforementioned woman?

  • Nicki Clyne is using Influencers to recruit new members for NXIVM. just like Cryptocurrency cult FTX.
    NXIVM Sex Cult is Actively Recruiting Through Influencers like Clementine Morrigan and Seerut K. Chawla

    NXIVM cult leader Nicki Clyne has publicly endorsed Clementine Morrigan, an influencer from Montreal, and Seerut K. Chawla, a licensed psychotherapist in London who is a member of Heterodox Academy — a group of 5,000+ professors, administrators, K-12 educators, staff & students who believe “diverse viewpoints and open inquiry are critical to research and learning.” Heterodox Academy is influencing anti-cancel culture discourse across social media.

    According to Vox, Heterodox Academy advances conversative viewpoints on college campuses by playing into or presenting the argument that their views are suppressed by left-wing bias or political correctness. Heterodox Academy is being speculated as a re-branding of Campus Reform — a website funded by the right-wing Leadership Institute, which is funded by the Koch family.

    Seerut regularly pushes the work of Clementine Morrigan, Jay Manicom-Marquis (LeSoleil), Dr. Christine Marie Katas, and many other public figures and influencers who are connected to the NXIVM Cult.

    The Anti-Cancel Culture Cult has been priming survivors of abuse to accept defanged versions of our movements by targeting people through topics like consent, prison abolition, complex trauma, identity politics, critical race theory, Black history, and Black feminist theory.

    Nicki Clyne is involved with a NXIVM-connected activist group that has gone by the names “The Forgotten Ones” and “We Are As You.” The group, which formed in July 2020, professes to have a goal of achieving prison reform in connections with Black Lives Matter, but in reality their sole interest appears to be bringing attention to what they believe is the wrongful imprisonment of NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere. Raniere is currently sentenced to 120 years in jail for child pornography, sex trafficking, and conspiracy. He is also being investigated in the deaths of four of his previous partners. Nicki Clyne is reportedly still heavily involved with NXIVM and may even be running it in Raniere’s absence. You can see her defending Keith in this video that was released on June 3, 2021.

    Clementine Morrigan has taken Montreal and the cancel culture discourse by storm on Instagram with their refusal to participate in what they call “The Nexus.” The Nexus is what Clementine and her partner Jay Manicon-Marquies (LeSoleil) calls the phenomenon of survivors asking for accountability from our abusers — or “cancel culture.” Last year, during one of the largest global uprisings after the police murder of George Floyd, Clementine released a zine titled “Fuck the Police Means We Don’t Act Like Cops to Each Other” — comparing a culture created by Black activists fighting against the prison industrial complex to the very system that oppresses them on a global scale. This sentiment reeks of anti-Blackness.

    Publicly facing, Dr. Christine Marie claims to have helped many women escape cult-like religions such as the FLDS. According to Dr. Christine Marie, her specialties include: Media, PR, Online Content, Branding, Transmedia Storytelling, Media Psychology, Positive Psychology, Trauma, Human Trafficking, and Women’s Issues. Her business website states that she works on Personal Branding or Image Repair — and even focuses on “Cancel Culture & Call-Outs.” It is stated on Prabook that Dr. Christine’s political party is Republican.
    Dr. Christine Marie was hired to write marketing materials for Keith Raniere’s National Health Network and later for Executive Success Programs, which would ultimately become NXIVM.

  • As much as I hate this bitch for what she did to my friend…I believe in forgiveness and hope she move in the right direction after prison

  • This recent election showed the impact of Generation Z, probably the dumbest generation in US history.
    Biden could dangle student loan forgiveness in from of these numbnuts and Generation Z bought Biden’s lies hook, line and sinker.
    News flash!
    There will be no student loan forgiveness.
    Joe Biden bought your votes for empty promises.

    Generation Z believes that a man, flying through the air in his leotards, can reverse time and rescue the chronically stupid Allison Mack.
    They saw it on TV.

  • Allison Mack and her felonious lover recorded themselves conspiring over the details of the branding ceremony: “naked… held with their legs spread… like a sacrifice.” and “You have a beautiful cunt”, she told Michele Hatchette,

    I’ve only recently learned about Raniere and NXIVM. These quotes are sickening– Was it Allison Mack that stated the details of branding ceremony? Or did Raniere say it to Allison? Horrifying either way- just want clarification. Thanks.

    • It’s in the Vow 2, and other places. keith and Allison were on a walk (like he likes to do) and Allison recorded the conversation (keith wanted his conversations recorded). keith tells her how the branding ceremony should go using the quote you provided, and Allison affirms it to him. Allison then carries out the branding basically exactly the way keith described it to her.

  • Even though nxivm put Allison in prison, Allison will still go back to the Michelle and Lauren sisters when she gets out. Mark my words.

    • I don’t think so. She served her time alone. She’ll go back to her family and roots and separate herself from the dead enders.

  • Allison has a bunch of deadenders who still believe in NXIVM and Nancy Salzman. They will take care of Allison. They have a plan for her. Sadly, Allison will do what Lauren and Michelle have done…and that is just continue doing coaching. Same business plan. Same MLM. Same cult. Same coaching and manipulation of “clients”…just different mascot (no longer Keith Raniere). It’s just going to be a repackaged scam. Same scam. Different leader. Same extortion of money from others.

  • *sorry for the english, it’s not my first language.

    The author of this piece is an idiot, a troll whose sole purpose on this site is to hate and humiliate Allison Mack. Frank you’re a hypocrite, you claim Nick and the others are good people, when they still support Raniere, but your logic doesn’t apply to Allison, who’s in jail paying for her crimes, I mean, what more do you want, when have you been so blinded by hatred that you have lost your impartiality. Where are the hateful daily articles like this, against Nancy, Lauren, Raniere e Nick.
    I hope Allison rebuilds her life in anonymity, away from all these obsessed stalkers.
    Ultimately, there were no saints in this cult, go back to journalism.

  • I agree she was one of my worss neighbors she always had parties i even said to her i havs to get up for work she just walk away didnt care so im no fan of hers

  • “… ‘Maybe Keith did some bad things, I don’t know anything about that’ is the line the Nxivm loyalists adopt. …”

    • “NXIVM loyalists” could be Raniere loyalists or Salzman loyalists. Some are probably neurolinguistic programming loyalists and/or Richard Bandler loyalists.

      Are any “NXIVM loyalists” actually Sirius loyalists, Osiris loyalists and/or Gurdjieff loyalists (by the way, are workers at the Google Developer Studio victims of neurolinguistic programming, too)?

      How many “NXIVM loyalists” feel comfortable speaking publicly about their most deeply held beliefs?

      Many NXIVM customers might know about a neurolinguistic programming expert named Richard Bandler. Bandler invited the late Robert Anton Wilson to speak at one of his seminars in 2000. Wilson was an agnostic author, futurist and psychologist who thought of himself as “agnostic mystic” who attempted “to break down conditioned associations, to look at the world in a new way, with many models recognized as models or maps, and no one model elevated to the truth” and “try to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God alone but agnosticism about everything”. Did Raniere and Salzman and those running NXIVM try to do that, too?

      Some of Wilson’s theories:
      The Roman Catholic Church is a counterfeit church.
      Christianity was a hoax.
      Drugs are good. Politics are bad.
      Don’t bother getting involved in politics because there’s no hope for self-government in such a corrupt world.

      During Bandler’s seminar, Wilson told his audience: On July 23, 1973, he woke up from a dream or he might have been on drugs when an alien being appeared in front of him and told him to study about Sirius.

      Wilson wrote about the experience in his book Cosmic Trigger. On page 184 he wrote, “Let us review some of our evidence. I became obsessed with the number 23 and the eye-in-the-triangle design years before I found any link between them and Sirius. After July 23, 1973,1 definitely experienced impressions which I thought were communications from Sirius, keyed off by a Crowley ritual. Kenneth Grant, one of Crowley’s closest associates in the Ordo Templi Orientis, repeatedly links Crowley with Sirius and seems to be hinting that the “Holy Guardian Angel” contacted by Crowleyan mind-expansion techniques is a denizen of Sirius. J.G. Bennett, one of the closest of Gurdjieffs associates, also tells us of coded references to Sirius in Gurdjieffs writings. Sufi historian Idries Shah traces the name of the Illuminati back to a verse in the Koran which mentions a shining star, and Crowley’s alternative name for the Illuminati was the Order of the Silver Star (Argentum Astrum).”

      Speaking about Al Gore “our pot head candidate” Wilson told the audience, “I have it on good authority that he once studied neurolinguistic programming. I don’t know who he studied with it or where or when but a guy from the Army Intelligence told me that and I tended to believe him. Gore studied neurolinguistic programming so he may know something about using words to manipulate and persuade.”

      What’s Al Gore’s religion and what group might be offended if we ask?

      • Regular Inquiry: Why would Lord Amberley consent to his wife's affair with their children's tutor? 🤔 says:

        If a few of the world’s wealthiest people ever want to destroy the world’s religions to eventually take control of every sovereign nation in the world, they’ll create an international organization like “NXIVM” to make the group do what NXIVM did.

        Politicians, executives and celebrities mixing with less important people for the purposes of “neurolinguistic programming”, hypnosis, questioning morals, twisting standards, questioning everything and submitting to blackmail … learning the philosophy of atheist eugenicists who … (um, advocate population control?)

        Anyway … “NXIVM” had it all!

        “The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis United States District Judge
        United States District Court
        Eastern District of New York
        225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklyn, NY 11201

        November 14, 2018

        Re: United States v. Keith Raniere, et al., Crim. No. 18-204 (NGG)

        Dear Judge Garaufis:

        Consistent with this Court’s prior written decision filed on June 20, 2018 (Exhibit 1, Dkt. No. 46, Memorandum and Order 6/20/18) and the transcript of proceedings of June 12, 2018 (Ex. 2), the defendant Keith Raniere renews his motion for release pending trial by providing this Court with more information about his background with Nxivm and addressing this Court’s concerns with the previous bail package.

        1. The Teachings of Keith Raniere and Nxivm

        The work Keith Raniere and others, many of whom are his co-defendants, have done is a source of great pride. Executive Success Programs (“ESP”) was founded in 1998 by Mr. Raniere and Nancy Salzman, the predecessor to Nxivm which was founded in 2003. The company is a for-profit business entity that sells professional success training programs. The programs Nxivm offers include, among others, ethics, logical analysis and problem-solving skills based on a patent-pending system called Rational Inquiry.

        Rational Inquiry is a complex, essential concept to the Nxivm teachings. However, in the simplest terms, it is the Socratic Method of pointed questioning. As any law student knows, a law professor may call upon him or her during a lesson and ask well-placed questions to determine what the student believes about a certain topic and where, if anywhere, that belief comes from.

        What the law professor does in a law school classroom, Nxivm does elsewhere regarding how we view ourselves, form relationships and make decisions for ourselves and others.

        Just as Socrates challenged the young people of Athens to question sacrosanct beliefs of (1) the time, and indeed was executed for his disruption of a closed-minded system of government, Nxivm challenges participants to question, rather than blindly accept, the fundamental content of their lives.

        Why, for example, are we practicing the religion we are? Do we really believe its precepts or is it just easier to not disappoint our parents? Do we have the relationships with our parents or our children that we really want? If not, why not? What can we do to have better relationships with the people we love?

        Nxivm challenges people to ask these questions and challenge one’s own limiting beliefs that prevent attaining one’s goals. The fundamental premise is that people are not made happy or fulfilled by material items. We are not happier because of a car or a house. Rather, we are happier when we have thought through the true content of our lives and have made a plan to improve ourselves and our relationships by thinking deeply about them, rather than taking them for granted. Nxivm provides its students with effective tools to achieve success and greater happiness.

        Two hundred years ago these may have been some of the questions taken up by traditional religion or by students of philosophy. However, as mankind has generally become untethered from (2) religion in favor of a version of spiritual and intellectual freedom, many people find value and content in developing a system of thought and belief through which to address these eternal questions. An overriding theme of Nxivm is that we strive to be part of something larger than we are. That something is humanity. We participate in the progress or lack of progress of humanity in each of our choices.

        Another important premise of Nxivm is that each of us harbor emotional associations with different events or triggers. Some of these experiences are positive; others are decidedly negative. If we can free ourselves of the negative ones—the ones that restrain our decision-making — we can be more free and happier …

        … Nxivm is interesting to certain people because it challenges their existing belief systems, and even what it means to believe something. The valuable intellectual property of Rational Inquiry includes the technology, methods, procedures, discoveries, understandings, course-work, coaching materials and other aspects of a highly developed body of knowledge memorialized, in part, in written materials that Nxivm has developed over many years and which it is continuing to refine.

        Intelligent, successful executives, politicians, actors and actresses agree to pay Nxivm for its training services, and decide to continue such training, precisely because of the company’s well- developed methods and the confidential and proprietary information it has developed. …


        Marc Agnifilo

        (1) Bertrand Russell, A History of Western Philosophy, Unwin Brothers Ltd. at p.105 (1946).

        (2) The European existential philosophers saw this problem coming. Soren Kierkegaard, a devout Christian, heralded religion and the “knight of faith” as the bulwark against meaninglessness and internal suffering; the French existentialist Jean Paul Sartre studied the condition of man, alone in the absence of an involved God; Frederich Nietzsche famously said “god is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves?” Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, The Gay Science at p. 125 (1974) …“

  • You make some good points, not much I disagree with. I do think though that Mack was probably genuine in her remorse. There is little doubt she was just as brainwashed as the others in the First Line, but being at the top of that tree eventually crushed her psychologically – she was never a strong person, and was completely overpowered by Raniere. In the end the sentence she got was about right, and I agree with Erasend that there’s every chance she’ll change tack when she gets out and might even do something useful with her life. We’ll see.

  • Mack will be just fine once she is out of jail in a year or so. She is still an active white woman who apparently still has a few million dollars in the coffers. Being a member of the 1% is all the advantages.

    Might even be able to do a book, rehabilitation tour and start acting and doing the convention circuit if she so chooses. She has the perfect scapegoat in Raniere and any PR company would have a field day helping buff her image. I suspect she rather just fade into obscurity for a while. Which she can do if she moves away from famous people places like New York and LA.

    The lawsuit will likely be settled by the Bronfmans at some point as an actual trial will be disastrous for everyone as they all have NXIVM dirt they would rather not have aired and that will be that.

    Unlike Clyne, all indications are she wants to build a post NXIVM life and move on. I see little that will impede that. I suspect she will go the India route of some rehabilitation of image while works on finding a rich dude to marry to guarantee financial security so creating some post NXIVM career becomes a non-issue. Not saying she will not work, just that she will be able to do whatever she feels like. Don’t you wish you had that level of freedom? She will be just fine.

    All the DOS woman could be in similar positions. They are still young, still attractive, most are very educated. The Beauty Advantage plus education opens way more many doors than NXIVM past closes. The only thing holding them back is themselves.

    • Agreed Erasend. Its been said we all end up living like and looking like our decisions from the moment we are in a position to start making them.

      Alison has faced the reality of a bad choice and accepted it, her decision to do that already shows she is on a different path to the remaining culters.

      Her experience in prison will give her the ‘authenticity’ acting folk are always seeking (to be REAL, to be convincingly REAL) so maybe she’ll feel more grounded, more able to help humanity with some actual genuine experience of how hard life can be, without all the benefits that have been her birthright.

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