Kevin Defends Three NXIVM Victims: Allison, Nicki and Marc

Sarah Edmondson with Mark Vicente

 Kevin has come to the fore to explain why Marc Elliot lost his lawsuit against Lions Gate. The fix was in, he says. See Judge Dismisses Elliot Lawsuit Against Lions Gate.

Kevin feels Sarah, Mark, India, and other heroes in the NXIVM saga are more villainous than Allison, Nicki, Marc, etc.

By Kevin


Hard lesson for Marc Elliot.

There’s no reason for Marc Elliot to be upset since the judge predetermined her ruling before she read the case file.

Elliot is a “bad guy” in the story, even though he’s not a bad person and never did anything bad. 

The government did not accuse him of any wrongdoing. Just a man with a disability who claims NXIVM’s methods helped him.

Shiver me timbers; I am trembling with fear!

And, India, the person who made him look bad in Seduced, is a “good guy” in the story, even though she was a co-conspirator in the original indictment for allegedly giving seduction assignments to her DOS slaves, something Marc never did to anyone.

Yet, the producers of Seduced never used actual footage of India at JNESS or SOP meetings or any of the things she did while in the organization, even though she’s the film’s subject.

The insane backwardness of it is that Keith Raniere’s detractors are more like him. They have more in common with him. The detractors use Raniere and Salzman’s tactics to smear people who had a lower rank than them, some of whom they recruited into NXIVM because they don’t share the same perspective or didn’t have the same experiences. 

This injustice escapes most people.

Maybe we’re the ones who need to wake up and take a good, hard look at who’s using ESP/NLP tactics to hurt and smear people and who have been victimized and harmed by those tactics.

The truth doesn’t match the narratives of TV shows, movies, or news articles.

Who’s been profiting and benefiting, despite having had rank and authority?

Sarah, Mark, India.

Sarah Edmondson Mark Vicente on couch

Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente fought to expose NXIVM. But Kevin is not a fan.

And who’s been fighting for their livelihoods, despite their being paying NXIVM customers with little to no rank? Marc, Nicki, and Allison.

Will the “nothing I did was bad because I woke up” line work in a civil case where the people pointing fingers won’t have the backing of the US Government?

Where the defendants can tell their stories without a corrupt prosecutor, Moira Penza, threatening to shackle and imprison them for going against the narrative?

Moira Kim Penza was the lead prosecutor in USA v Raniere.

Penza wasn’t ruthless with the senior management team – not with Mark or Sarah.

She was ruthless with vulnerable, scared rank-and-file members who she tormented and threatened for hours in a one-sided interrogation.

She associated with, befriended, and appeared on Sarah Edmondson’s podcast, a woman she should have prosecuted if the allegations were true.

And by the way, if Penza cheated to win a slam dunk case, she’s likely cheated before to put people away who weren’t scum.

Damon Brink

My Man Damon

Damon is on “team bad guy.” For the average consumer of mass media, he’s like that mean wrestler, Earthquake, who attacked the heroic Hulk Hogan from behind and sat on him.

Quake was a nice person in real life, and Hogan was a jerk. But that was something young kids couldn’t understand in 1990.

Regarding the people in this case, the supposed good guys are not nice.

It’s something grown adults can’t understand in 2022.

Give one example of Damon Brink, or any other former member, endorsing or excusing crimes against children. You can’t, because he never did.

But make the same insinuation about people in the organization who had much higher rank than he had, and people lose their shit pretty quickly.

If you’re holding Damon Brink to this standard, and suggesting he isn’t fit to be around children, then hold others to that same standard, including people who play the role of detractors, but who played much bigger roles in the organization.

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  • There’s no proof whatsoever that Sarah Edmondson has ever done anything to any children in any way that harmed them. Yet Kevin had no problem accusing Sarah of being a worrisome caregiver for her own lovely children. Kevin is the biggest hypocrite. Exactly what he said about Damon Brink would apply to Sarah Edmonson. No one ever has accused Sarah Edmondson of harming her own children except for Kevin. Kevin who has never ever met Sarah allegedly. How disgraceful Kevin is and such a complete hypocrite. Kevin goes on a Blog and publicly tells the world that they should be worried about Sarah edmonson’s own children in her care. Then Kevin goes on the same blog and tells people they should not be implying such a thing about Damon Brink. Unbelievable! No one should take Kevin seriously. By Kevin’s own parameters Kevin is a complete a******. Frank who does know Sarah has defended her multiple times. Frank said that Sarah is an exemplary mother. Kevin has never apologized for the egregious and damaging comments made about Sarah Edmondson and her children. Yet Kevin’s going to get defensive when someone makes a similar comment about Damon Brink and children. Absolute hypocrite of the highest order! Kevin has no standing on any kind of moral High Ground. Kevin is the most despicable kind of person.

  • Dear NXIVM attendees,

    If you haven’t seen it yet, The War of the Worlds episode called “Video Messiah” (season 2 episode 16) is probably worth an hour of your time. It’s a late-1980s sci-fi TV show that could trigger bad memories and difficult emotions, but it’s a good reminder of how the best worst minds can trick even the best best minds.

    “NXIVM” fooled so many great minds. Everyone fooled is in good company.

    For those who’ve already seen “Video Messiah”, if we compare NXIVM to what happened in the show, Keith and/or Nancy would be Dr. Van Order. And, if a small group that created “NXIVM” wanted to eventually form an international army of mindless killers: six recruiting six who recruit six more grows exponentially. (Anyone reading this thinking crazy scientists would never create mindless killers might want to read Tom O’Neill’s book, CHAOS or listen to the audiobook.)

    Of course there are no alien Morthrens in real life, but Haley Pasternak is in the news lately. He’s from Canada, which makes him an alien for this creative exploration. Mr. Pasternak worked with the army in Canada, or they worked on him. Someone taught him how drugs are used to alter perceptions and change behaviors very much the same way scientists did in America in the 1970s in America.

    Did Mr. Pasternak work for or with anyone connected to NXIVM in any way? If so, compare Mr. Pasternak with the Morthren aliens in The War of the Worlds and the real plot in real life looks like it’s thickened.

    Information from TV Guide:

    “Video Messiah Mon, Apr 16, 1990 60 mins

    A video guru (Roy Thinnes) is cloned by the aliens and told to create subliminal messages that will cause violent behavior in humans … The Morthren clone Dr. Van Order … a popular self-help guru. He uses disciple Hardy Galt’s advertising agency, Hardy Galt Industries, to disseminate TV ads with subliminal images designed to stimulate violence …”

    From War of the Worlds Fandom:

    The aliens infiltrate an advertising agency, planning to brainwash humans via subliminal messages in TV commercials.

    The Morthren clone Dr. Van Order, who is a popular self-help guru. He uses disciple Hardy Galt’s advertising agency, Hardy Galt Industries, to disseminate TV ads with subliminal images designed to stimulate violence. Harrison and Suzanne learn the Morthren are spying on Hardy Galt Industries. When Kincaid reports that Mindy, a girlfriend employee of Hardy Galt Industries, is at a weekend Van Order motivational seminar, Harrison suspects mind control. They go to rescue her. At the seminar, Mindy is about to be murdered when Kincaid rescues her. Van Order commands Mindy to kill Kincaid. Instead, she kills Van Order and accepts a partnership at Hardy Galt Industries, stopping the ads.“

    From Trench Coat Soft:

    “… guiding the future of humanity … It’s your world … Take responsibility … No one is to blame but yourself … You can’t hurt others by loving yourself … This episode really needs a scene — probably right at the end of the episode — where someone who can speak from a position of moral authority says something like, “Van Order may have been an evil alien clone trying to manipulate you into becoming a monster, but the things he taught you, about taking responsibility for your actions and taking control of your own destiny, are still valuable messages.“

    Mr. Dershowitz is apparently scheduled at some point to speak from a position of moral authority in the NXIVM case.

    Will he use his authority to spin what NXIVM did?
    Will his focus on The FBI redirect mainstream news and tax dollars toward such minor evidence in such a minor event?

    After about three years of news coverage: NXIVM was a big deal involving big people from a few different big countries. News coverage about NXIVM focused on the sex and the branding of skin, and vanished. News about Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell sort of did the same thing.

    Did mainstream news tell us about the honeypots? Hundreds of hidden cameras? World leaders and famous scientists caught in blackmail traps? International espionage? The statue of Pan in the hidden staircase of the mansion in Manhattan? No, nope, nah, nyet and nunca.

    In the next few weeks, Mr. Dershowitz might be tasked with focusing American, Mexican and Canadian attention on whoever is said to have put a date on a photo.

    In this adolescent spy-world of adults running our world into the ground, how many dates on photos were planned and planted in recent history? How much planted evidence has been set to wreck how many prosecutors’ cases?

    Maybe the wrong date on a NXIVM photo was put there a few years ago. Maybe the wrong date is there today to eventually move the public’s attention away from news about sinister NXIVM organizers and sick hidden political goals.

    What is the latest news about Mr. Dershowitz’s proceedings against the FBI? Most news showing up in internet searches is about Mr. Dershowitz and Ms. Giuffre dismissing their lawsuits. Moving forward with a script as many do in black and white, a made-for-TV lawsuit against the FBI could take millions of tax dollars and millions of media minutes away from every good thought and every good action that could otherwise make this world a better place.

    We’ve all been slightly manipulated and very manipulated in many ways. We’ve all been slightly, moderately and very brainwashed at different times in our lives (cough, cough 😷 ).

    Everyone’s experience on earth so far hasn’t been everything it could have been. Insane warmongering adults have been in charge too long. If sane adults had been in charge all along, we would have world peace by now. Everyone would have a home by now. No one would be starving today. That beautiful world could have been possible.

    Climate change, the war in Europe, lethal bioweapons and a guy with a German accent who plans to connect his mind to yours is happening today because of deception. It’s been deception practiced in a war of the worlds kind of way.

    On Monday, Mr. Dershowitz could cut to the chase in the movie and tell us everything he knows about this sci-fi gangster horror film. He could also make our beautiful world crash and burn in real time. Mainstream news could convince most to pop popcorn, sit in the audience and watch it happen.

    Some of those caught in NXIVM’s trap all those many years ago are some of the best people in the world. They’re not the kind of people who sit back and watch the world crash or burn. Some of those good people are writing their own sequels in this story and they’re going to help save our world. All the best to all of them.

      Wednesday, September 8, 2021
      NXIVM President Nancy Salzman Sentenced to 42 Months’ Imprisonment for Racketeering Conspiracy

      … The defendant also conspired to obstruct justice by altering videotapes that were to be produced in discovery in a federal lawsuit in New Jersey. In 2003, Nxivm and affiliated entities filed a copyright infringement suit against a former Nxivm student, her parents and a cult deprogrammer. In 2008, attorneys representing the former student filed counterclaims against Nxivm alleging that the defendant had misrepresented the nature and effectiveness of Nxivm’s programs. During the course of the pending litigation, the defendant and others agreed to alter the videotapes to remove segments that they believed would have supported the former student’s claims and to make it look as if the videos were unedited. These altered videotapes were then produced in discovery by Nxivm’s attorneys with the false claim that they were provided in ‘unedited fashion.’ …”

  • Nicki Fromme…cough, I mean, Clyne writes on Twitter:

    “It used to be that age offered a relatively accurate marker of maturity due to life’s natural rites of passage. Since modern living no longer required rites of passage, age is meaningless.”

    Really? Is that why a 40 year old women with no family, children, or independent career of her own enslaved herself in a “sorority” led by her shared boyfriend? Because she is so mature?

    • Amen Anonymous at 2:21 p.m.

      Tthat same arrested adolescent Squeaky Clyne said she borrowed from her mother’s retirement savings to get an attorney.

      Talk about immature. Get yourself out of your own mess. So horrible to do that to your mother. And the exact opposite of being grown up.

      “Mommy my friends and I lied and took photos of our friends peepees for our shared boyfriend. I signed papers and used Clare’s money to buy a condo to build a sex dungeon in. We’ve been blackmailing people. Can you pay for my attorney, please Mommy?”

  • Moira Penza is a cheating, lying POS. She threatens and bullies constantly- scare tactics to gain leverage. Power hungry and unethical.

    • You have absolutely no proof of any of those accusations about Moira. Not one iota. If you want to talk about power hungry that would be Vanguard. And any woman who wants to be a master over another woman is definitely power hungry. If you have proof of any of the accusations you made about Moira Penza file a complaint. Otherwise it’s just you posting Anonymous b*******

  • One of those Elliot brother vanguard true believers is married to a DOS slave. A dead-ender DOS slave. How gross is that?

  • Kevin-
    I agree with some of what you say. However, I disagree with two things.

    1. Penza is a prosecutor. Her job was to prosecute Kieth Raniere and NXIVM. Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman initially had the opportunity to cut a deal and help the government prosecute Raniere. They both initially chose to screw around with the DOJ.

    2. Damon Brink was willing to let his wife die of cancer based on “sage” advice from Raniere and Salzman. He’s a scum.

    Kevin I agree with your take on Vicente and Elliot.

    BUT Sarah Edmondson did the right thing and played the key role destroying Kieth and NXIVM.
    (She is a hottie.)

    You should contact Damon and ask him if he has court ordered supervised visitation with his child.
    Then ask him why. Why?
    I’d love to hear the answer.

    Is it a rumor or is it the truth?

    Hey Damon contact Frank and let him know what the truth is—you piece of shit.

  • Oh “Kevin”, you sound so pissed ☹. And your guy didn’t fare so well in the midterms either.☹☹. It’s called karma

  • “Kevin” has neighbors complaining. The stench of the decomposing real body parts Kevin used to assemble their life-size Nippy doll has become overwhelming.

    Recently, Kevin forgot that they were in their full Sarah Edmondson costume and wig when answering the front door.

    Everyone living nearby are very concerned and fed up with the unbearable smells emanating from both Kevin and their abode.

  • Broken record. Please write the term ‘rank and file’ one more time.

    Also, give an example of evidence that Penza did anything other than prosecute a case that ended up being a blowout. She ‘likely cheated’ isn’t verifiable.

    Please stop repeating the lower rank argument. It’s not relevant whatsoever. Stop blaming whistleblowers for what ended up happening in court.

  • Nobody gives a shit what Kevin says or thinks, so here’s something far more interesting.

    “All this happened, more or less” – Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

    November 11, 2022 is the would-be centennial for the late Kurt Vonnegut today (Ice-nine’s favorite author, obvi). The Guardian celebrated Vonnegut’s works in remembrance while highlighting one of his best novels, Cat’s Cradle. If you don’t know why Cat’s Cradle is important to Ice-nine, then you don’t know anything about Ice-nine (personally or symbolically).

    And while it’s true there would be no Ice-nine without Cat’s Cradle, Ice-nine actually prefers Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse-Five ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . It’s been rumored that Frank Parlato may even be a fan of Cat’s Cradle.

    So it goes.

    • I saw Vonnegut at Queen Elizabeth Hall in the mid- eighties, I went with an uncle – a total Vonnegut and P.K.Dick fan. Hard to choose a fav, but Cat’s Cradle was my first read and it blew my young mind. Things were never the same.

      He drew a flat line, with one or two tiny peaks and troughs, across a board to show how boring real life actually is and then he drew a second line to illustrate the progression of fictional drama – it looked like a mountain range.

      He was mesmerising. He had beautiful and very precisely expressive hands. Long live Kurt Vonnegut.
      Nice one, Ice Nine

    • Slaughter House 5 was a million times better than Catch 22…

      …..Simply because it was 1/2 as long.

      I ain’t kidding.

  • It’s the arrogance of the loyalists that get me. They think the rest of us are incapable of seeing the “injustice” that they see. They think that we cannot figure out what is “good” and what is “bad” for ourselves; maybe this is because they have been told what and how to think for so long by Keith Raniere.

    • Interesting point. They are equally incapable of seeing their own stupidity and gullibility, the eternal mystery of the human psyche…brainwashing.

    • “loyalists”?

      How many explanations are there for “loyalty”?

      Maybe “loyalists” haven’t changed positions because some were brainwashed. Maybe others were deceived. Who wants to admit they were deceived?

      Maybe they feel dumb and don’t want to admit the dumb things they did. Maybe others are frightened, threatened or feel threatened and terrified to say anything disparaging about superiors at “NXIVM”.

      Maybe other “loyalists” are ashamed and embarrassed to admit they were wrong.

      Insulting “loyalist” victims of NXIVM probably increases their defenses. In defense, they probably tell themselves: they’re not brainwashed, deceived, dumb, afraid or ashamed — and the scariest most powerful people in the world won’t hurt them if they just go along to get along.

  • Kevin – Keith compartmentalized everything. The truth of what Keith was doing has been a slow drip to every single person except Keith.

    The faucet has dripped almost dry. Some are still defending Keith and some are sick to their stomachs that they were a part of NXIVM. It is this simple.

    Those still defending poor innocent Vanguard should not be shocked at backlash. I’m shocked not everyone has woken up to see Keith for who he is.

    • I don’t know anything about Keith except what’s been reported. One one hand, it’s upsetting and disgusting; on the other hand, our Government doesn’t have the best record of being honest.

      Take him out of it, and you have a group of supporters who have some opinions that people disagree with but who are being treated like criminals. Who have been treated like commodities to be chewed out on entertainment shows that don’t show that they are people just like us.

      Anyone has a right to disagree with a Marc Elliot or a Damon Brink or the DOS women. But to strip them of their humanity, to stigmatize them, marginalize and outcast them, personally and professionally, says more about us than it does about them.

    • Nutella Job-

      “Slow drip to every single person.”

      Sounds like he made some mean coffee.

      Did he slow drip or percolate you?

      Were you a cold brew, hard press, instant(Sanka), Keurig, standard, or a “vacuum coffee?”

    • Nutz-

      The other day you made a reference to me miss quoting the NY Times.

      If I remember correctly – I was fucking with you monkeys.

      How’s the moderator like privilege? Does it make you feel superior? LOL

  • People who join cults are such losers, they don’t even realize they’ve lost. Or why.

    They just keep butting their heads into the wall, insisting they’re right, it’s the whole world that’s wrong!

    It’s like The Simpson’s principle Skinner, “Could it be that I’m out of touch? No! It’s the children!”

    Except the Nxians don’t even have that cartoon character’s moment of self reflection. They just keep bangin’ their heads.

    Good! It’s hilarious to watch!

    They lose another lawsuit, and rage impotently at yet another judge. Predictably blaming it on this ever-growing conspiracy they dreamed up.

    Losers. Does “Kevin” seem like a happy person to you? Elliot? Clyne? All they do is whine, complain, and fling nasty baseless ridiculous accusations.

    I guess that’s the “self-improvement” they got from Nxivm. They learned to be embittered losers. And it only cost them their life savings and their careers.

    Mack forfeited her acting career. That’s the price she paid for being stupid. Same goes for Clyne. And the two Nxivm doctors. And of course Raniere, the captain of this ship of fools, paid the heaviest price of all.

    Good. I call that justice. Payback’s a bitch, losers!

    As for someone like Vicente, well, shit floats as they say.

    Overall, the Nxivm tale is a tale of justice triumphant. It’s a comic story, not a tragedy. Marc Elliot’s lawsuit going down in flames is a perfect sequel to this comedy and will be followed by Raniere’s absurd appeal likewise. I eagerly await the dead-enders laughable rage when that comes down!

    • Aristotle’s Turd wrote:

      “People who join cults are such losers, they don’t even realize they’ve lost. Or why.

      They just keep butting their heads into the wall, insisting they’re right, it’s the whole world that’s wrong!

      I haven’t been around for a while, but the ethnocentric idiocy of Aristotle’s Turd pulled me back in.

      This guy is so ignorant of the many different ways human cultural beliefs disagree with each other on Earth that he thinks things like “honor killings” in Saudi culture vs abortions in the US vs polygamy in Afghanistan all comprise a moral foundation where he can pronounce that all (undefined) ‘cult members’ believe “it’s the whole world that’s wrong”.

      This guy is just dumb.

      There. Thank you. See ya around.


      • Baloonzo!

        You actually made a
        philosophical comment I agree with.

        Wonders never cease!

        Speaking of “wonder”, I’m wondering if all those yoga classes paid off.

        Whatcha say big guy, can you now self-service your “custard-launcher?”

    • Aristotle, are people who join cults losers, or are they people looking for a community who maybe had trouble finding one in a traditional family or school setting?

      There’s no “payback” that should happen for most of these people. The supporters have unpopular opinions, but aren’t criminals, and shouldn’t be treated as if they are.

      The people who support Keith believe he is innocent. They’re not defending crimes against children, because they don’t think those things happened. If they did, that is on Keith, not on the people who supported this community and had no involvement in those crimes.

      Collective punishment is a bad idea that leads to places you don’t want to go. Should you lose your job or license for supporting the wrong party or attending the wrong house of worship? We’re headed there, and how we treat these people is an indication of that.

      For the sake of argument, let’s say Keith did everything he’s ever been accused of. Would you agree that it would be disturbing if it turned out that the tampering allegations are true? That the US Government had to tamper with evidence to win a slam dunk case where they held all the cards?

      What does that mean for all of the cases where it’s not so black and white? It means they’re doing this to everyone, including people who you might believe are innocent.

      • If you sit in a room with your revered leader and he is telling you all that moms give b******* to their infant children in unspecified and unverified countries. And that many children enjoy being sexually molested. And that women frequently are only able to orgasm for the first time while being raped. You are definitely part of the problem as a devoted paying follower.

        If you are part of a community that supports and endorses these ideas you are a menace to society. And an enabler of the abusive pedophile vanguard.

        if you lie to your friends about your boyfriend’s involvement in an all women’s sorority and conspire to brand your shared boyfriend’s initials on their pussies decietfully you are an a****** .

        If you are getting your friends to pose for graphic pornographic images and then sending them to your cult leader boyfriend and he is responding all mine? Devil emoji when they are supposed to be strictly images for only women and completely kept safe and hidden from anyone else’s view then you are a part of the criminal organization .

        If you are encouraging those who have entrusted you to care for them mind body and soul to starve themselves just to meet the physical ideal of your pedophile boyfriend you are evil.

        Blackmailing people is illegal – it is criminal activity and the people that you constantly defend participated actively in blackmailing people.

        If you are getting people to perform free labor and to quote the DOS slave handbook “at their highest ability” through coercion and blackmail you are part of a criminal conspiracy.

        If you are participating in Immigration fraud you are part of a criminal conspiracy. If you are in the planning meetings with all of the 8 Frontline slaves and their hidden shared boyfriend who is Master of a slave ring that is doing sexual trafficking, pimping, forced labor, immigration fraud, identity theft and all the rest x you are part of a racketeering criminal organization.

        There is no “for the sake of argument” if Keith did the things he’s accused of, the time for arguments was any criminal court and that time has passed . Keith is convicted of those things a jury of his peers found him guilty after seeing an abundance of evidence. A preponderance of evidence . A trial happened. That’s not up for relitigation at this point.

        Keith was found guilty. Keith is guilty.

        Are you aware of the fact that most of the dead-enders did not even sit through the entire trial?

        They didn’t even see and hear all of the evidence that the jury saw and heard.

        So the dead-enders are not actually in a position to render as comprehensive of a judgment as the seated jury.

        Neither are you.

        But keep spending your wheels. Keith is never getting out of prison.

    • “People who join cults are such losers, they don’t even realize they’ve lost. Or why.”

      People who battle over Alison Mack vs Erica Durance are even bigger losers. 🤣

  • How do you so intimately know every single thing Damon has ever said or done in his many years on Earth? Do you know him personally?

    If not how could you possibly make such a claim? Damon seems pretty okay with Keith sexually abusing Camilla from the age of 15. Grooming her at 13 and sexually exploiting her as minor child. Damon seems all right with his good friend Keith creating child pornography.

    why do you always bring up rank? Are you talking about those stupid colored sashes in ESP? That’s not a real thing. LOL. There was no rank.

    There was who Keith was sleeping with and who gave Keith massive amounts of money and arbitrarily giving out little colored pieces of cloth. That’s hilarious that you think it’s a real thing. It would be adorable if it wasn’t a criminal organization.

    Allison voluntarily gave up her career to live as a slave in Albany. Squeaky Clyne also had chosen slave life in suburban New York. Nicki’s livelihood was being paid about minimum wage to work for Claire Bronfman. They did that to their own lives and are solely responsible.

    But if they have such a compelling story to tell in the Civil Trial then they should be welcoming their day in court. Instead of constantly trying to get out of it.

    • I’ve never met Damon, Marc, or any of the others. Allison is the only person involved I know, other than Kristin.

      People who post here constantly make the claim that ex NXIVM/ESP members shouldn’t be around kids, even if they’ve never harmed kids. But this claim only applies to people who haven’t denounced the organization or have mixed feelings; no claims are made about the detractors, even if those detractors were in much longer and played much bigger roles. And unlike most of the people who are hated on here, actually made money from it.

      It’s a double standard. Switch Damon’s name with that of a defector, and it’s “how dare you suggest so and so shouldn’t be around kids.” But he’s fair game?

    • “Why do u always bring up rank, are u talking about those stupid sashes?, that’s Not a real thing”

      Then why is Sarah Edmonston wearing a Striped Purple Sash (which Frank denotes as the highest rank just before Nancy Saltzman) in that picture with Emiliano & Barbara Jeske if Rank wasn’t a thing??

    • Never so much as took a single class. I am confused by Keith’s teachings, and believe it’s possible that he may have harmed Allison, and others, but I also don’t trust my Government or the NYT to tell the truth about those things. If Allison is sick and in poor health, she needs to be in a hospital or with her family, not in a prison with a reputation for abuse.

      I identify more with the people you refer to as “dead enders.” They don’t deserve the punishment or scorn or outcasting that they’ve received. My support of these people is not an endorsement of Keith or an organization I know nothing about.

  • ‘The insane backwardness of it is that Keith Raniere’s detractors are more like him.’

    If you believe this, Kevin, you’ll believe anything. Apart from the truth.

    That is clearly beyond you because you have chosen to avoid it – publicly – and that’s one big decision with life long effects.

    • One group is using the media and legal system to defame, slander and bankrupt their enemies. The other group is asking to be heard and to move on with their lives.

      Just think about it. Not asking you to agree with me or share any of my positions.

  • The fact that on the first sentence Kevin states the”judge predetermined her ruling” makes the rest of his diatribe a waste of time reading. I didn’t bother.

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