A Trans Prisoner in Scotland Identifies as a Baby – Demanding Diapers, Baby Food and Being Held by Prison Guards

By Dick LaFontaine

A known murderer has stated his wish to be identified as a baby in jail, by wearing diapers and eating baby food.

Just a month before his scheduled release from a Scottish prison, Daniel Eastwood murdered his cellmate by shoelace strangulation and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison in 2004.

Daniel ‘Sophie’ Eastwood is currently in the process of transitioning to be an infant. 

In 2018, fourteen years later, Daniel identified as female and insisted on being referred to as “Sophie Eastwood.” The prison staff considered and complied with Daniel’s request.

Eastwood was transferred to a woman’s prison.

Now the 36-year-old Eastwood says he is a baby and wants to be treated like one. He also demanded that the prison staff puree his food and give him diapers.

Eastwood instructed the Polmont jail warden that he wants to identify himself as a baby, wear diapers, and must have his food prepared as porridge.

Eastwood has also demanded that corrections officers hold his hand when escorting her out of her cell.

Prison officials are treating Eastwood’s demands seriously, and considering what protocols should be established in dealing with the prisoner.

Eastwood has already been provided with a doll.

A source said: “This prisoner has been difficult and manipulative over the years, which is why he is still behind bars after 17 years. He decided to do a male-to-female ‘trans’, which is becoming more common in prisons these days. But this is obviously something else entirely, and the Scottish Prison Service has no protocol for dealing with prisoners who decide to be babies.”

The source added: “Eastwood is a complex and intelligent person, but he is quite demanding on the prison’s resources and enjoys being the center of attention. It’s hard to tell if he really feels a natural inclination to be treated like a baby or if it’s just kind of attention-seeking.”

Modern prisons are attuned to human rights and the legal implications, so due attention is being paid to it.

But Dr. Edwin Maxwell told Frank Report that may not be enough.

Every person has “the right to self identity,” Dr. Maxwell explained.

“Believe the person,” Dr. Maxwell said. “If Sophie sees herself as an infant, this is not something we have the right to dispute. We must support her and show our compassion and understanding. To do otherwise is to deny all of us our humanity.

“This goes beyond gender. It goes beyond race. It goes beyond age. A future humanity will invent a science capable of allowing people to change their gender, age, race, even species. Imagine a world where we each can be what we truly are. For now, let us pay homage to Sophie and other brave pioneers in the newly forged world of true human rights.”

These accolades come handy for Eastwood.

For it has been a tough road.

In 2004, when just a teenager, Daniel was jailed for reckless driving. A month before he was scheduled to be released, he strangled his cellmate with his shoelaces. The judge gave him a life sentence.

In 2018, Daniel figured out that his troubles occurred because he was actually a woman in a male body, and that the authorities were “sexist oppressors.”

He identified as a woman and was transferred to a women’s prison.

He told the Daily Record:

In January 2020, I met all the standard criteria to pass to less secure ­conditions, except being biologically female.
The prison service wanted me to have a psychological assessment as I hadn’t had one since starting to live as female.
After that, I was told by a manager that I would have passed the assessment had I still been living as a man.
I felt this was sexist and transphobic. The SPS was implying that as a man I didn’t ­represent a risk to the public but as a woman I did. I don’t think there’s any evidence to support that.

Dr. Maxwell told Frank Report, “It seems easy enough to accommodate this child’s needs. Making food into puree is not a hard thing. Providing diapers is not costly. Holding his hand, even giving the baby a hug, would do nothing to diminish prison security, and might help guards bond with this child. Prisons do not have to be hard and sterile. Who knows, maybe one of the guards might consider adopting Sophie when she is released.”

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Dick LaFontaine

Dick LaFontaine chases gripping, thorny, and precarious stories around the world as a correspondent for the Frank Report.


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  • I think Keith identified as a pedophile, Nancy as a manipulator, Lauren as a domanatrix, Michelle as a scoundrel, and Ben as a thief and voyeur. Oh wait…..

  • If his name is John Fetterman the Democrats would run this baby for the US Senate and demand that you vote for him.

  • “ A future humanity will invent a science capable of allowing people to change their gender, age, race, even species”

    Yeah. Right. I’ve got this feeling I’m an elephant trapped in a human body. Let’s start the transition doc. Or I’m 85 years old and want to rewind to my twenties. And have a pussy for a change in this next rotation.

    Let’s use our imagination: half horse half man would be fun.

    Some of us have already transformed into another species. The orange ape is one example……the Q-lizards another….

  • Who cares what some criminal kook in Scotland says? Btw, as of yet, no country has allowed someone to change the year of birth on a birth certificate just bc they “feel like a younger person.” I know at least one man in, I believe, Germany took it to court and lost. He was in his 50s but felt 25, he said. He is still free to wear inappropriately trendy clothes all he wants tho.

  • Be careful if you decide to give this “baby” a hug. If he can kill with shoelaces, he can take away your weapons, strangle you bare handed or stick a shiv (fashioned from baby doll parts) in your kidney or carotid. Hold his hand off you want to give him a chance to do a wristlock or hammer lock on you. I really hope this is a sarcastic, joke type story.

  • I care about some weirdo in an obscure prison in Scotland about as much as I care about the price of vegetables in Latvia.

    To the far-right though, this sort of story is Earth-shaking. It’s hell-in-a-handbasket stuff. Because of the libtards or something.

    Some Scottish hooligan “succeeds” in getting the prison staff to call him Nancy or whatever and it’s the end of the world.

    Yeah, this Eastwood guy “won”. He’s getting testosterone blocking drugs that shrivel his muscles and his nuts. He may “win” again by having his food puréed (yuck) and having to wear a diaper.

    He’s some loser in prison where he belongs. More importantly, he’s in Scotland and we are not.

    But oh my god, have you seen the price of a kilo of onions in Riga?! I blame Trump…

    • Agree. This kind of crass BS gives the far right the ammunition it needs to lump anyone with identity / sex gender issues into a basket labeled ‘freaks’. Grist to their mill. Just like the Nazis did in the 30’s to Jews and other minority groups – select an extreme example to taint a whole social group.

  • Another waste of oxygen on the planet. Why did you refer to him as “she?” He’s a “he.” Responsible journalism people

  • Have to say I wasn’t gripped at all by this fatuous nonsense. FR seems to be plumbing the depths of trash tabloidism in its crass anti-wokist agenda.

  • LOL have to give the guy credit for abusing the system in creative ways. Also doesn’t mean the system has to allow him to abuse it. Don’t really care what doctors say, its jail. There shouldn’t be exceptions to all the rules just because someone is creative about it. He get his way in one way (transferred to woman’s prison), doesn’t mean he should get it on others. Especially when those others quite literally but the guards in direct dangers (having to hold his hand means their hand is tied up if something happens, holding him so they are vulnerable to attack from him, etc.). They shouldn’t be considering protocols, they should just be denying the request. Prisons are full of truly mentally ill people and they do not get a fraction of the treatment they should. This isn’t one of those cases.

  • “Young people in Washington state can’t legally buy cigarettes or vaping products until they’re 21 years old – but teens as young as 13 can now pursue gender reassignment medical procedures now that a Democrat-backed law has taken effect.”

    The country is destroying the family unit. Let parents raise their children and make decisions until they’re 18- Governmental power and control is out of hand.

    • Looks around at the over 50% divorce rate, abused kids, people in foster care, 2/3 of prisons filled with people that have not yet been put on trial, people arrested for minor offenses and forced in jail for years because profitable, good chunk of the country food insecure, …yeah a few kids getting gender reassignment surgically (which btw is like 5 cases in the entire country) is the least of the problems facing “destroying the family unit”. Most of which have solutions but which party blocks those efforts while funneling money for corporate welfare? Yeah exactly.

      Maybe get less distracted by the tiny miniscule issues and focus on things like 10 million children going hungry. But nah, lets focus on the half dozen cases. Or maybe get upset over just the 1 (see swimmer abusing the system) or the idiot in this article. So easy to trick and fool. Its like taking candy from babies.

    • It’s not just destroying the family unit, it’s grinding up anyone with any vulnerabilities, such as autism (70% of trans identifying girls are autistic) and being gay or lesbian (they’re literally sterilizing gays, lots of detransitioners are noting that they were just gay and were unknowingly trying to “trans the gay away”, similarly many parents would rather have a trans child than a gay child….) Other vulnerabilities that make kids susceptible include other mental health conditions (like depression) and body dysmorphia (anorexics are getting sucked into thinking they’re trans instead) as well as trauma (rape can cause you to disassociate from your body, this is being confused with “being in the wrong body.”)

      I think however, that this is destined to fail. They’ve already put a halt to it in Finland, Sweden and the UK. It’s only a matter of time before the lawsuits pile up from the people who’s bodies were mutilated for what is in reality just a software (mental) problem.

      • I’ve experienced some of what you write above. When I was in my early 20’s I went through a period where I identified with being a woman (felt closer to women than men, felt able to express my feelings with women easier than with men). I described myself as “a woman living in a man’s body”.

        The reality was I was going through a difficult and vulnerable period in my life. I had just graduated college, had not secured meaningful employment and I was living in the living room of a friend’s apartment. In summary, I lacked healthy self esteem and self confidence and I was drifting.

        Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in a professional graduate program and stated taking steps toward a meaningful career. My self confidence improved and my sense of myself as a man who could operate in the world began to take place. The thoughts of myself as “a woman living in a man’s body” totally disappeared.

        I cannot speak for others experience but my mental health was tied to my sense of myself as a competent man. I’m glad I was able to progress and see the truth and I have empathy for those going through similar difficulties.

        • Yeah, I think every case is different. There are definitely people who can transition for the wrong reason(s) and live to regret it, but equaly I think there are people who genuinely believe they’re in the wrong body from a very early age. It’s a complex area that does need careful regulation.

    • Yeah, take power away from young people to make their own choices great idea. Because ‘adults’ know so much better don’t they? Thats why the world isn’t so fucked up right?

    • The thing is, the crap the right whips their base into a frenzy about doesn’t even happen or is an isolated case. Now they’re saying they need to protect their children from transgender surgeries — like there are 10 year olds out there getting gender reassignment surgery or fake tits. when in reality, it a kid goes to a physician pursuing one of these procedures they begin with counseling / mental health care, then social changes (pronouns) to changing outward appearance (clothing, hairstyle, etc), speech, and only then do they start hormone blockers (which are completely reversible).

      Physicians aren’t just handing out these procedures willy nilly.

      trans people (same with gay people) personally I think it’s a little weird but think they deserve to be treated with humanity and equal rights. before the right was going nuts saying the Dems were “grooming”/ brainwashing children to become trans, they were flipping out about trans using bathrooms.

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