Kevin Calls Bullshit on DOJ Making Volunteering ‘Forced Labor’ – First It’s ‘Sexist’

By Kevin

Frank, your argument that the existence of collateral makes the article reviews and memorial service transcription a form of forced labor can be applied to any company, school, government agency, or religious organization that makes it’s employees, students, or worshipers volunteer on their own time, for no money, in exchange for staying in the good graces of the higher ups and under threat of punishment if they do not participate.

Nicole appears at Pam Cafritz’s Memorial Service after a night of forced labor, transcribing a video for use at the service.

Do you think those company employees and students in their cheesy neon team t-shirts, do you think they’re really volunteering on a Saturday morning to pick up trash on the side of the road? You don’t think they’re participating because they know that it will hurt their performance review or result in a reprisal of some sort of they stay home?

Almost every company, business and school does this. In the real world, our employment, and the threat of termination, is collateral.

And these things are used to get people to do things off-the-books for no compensation all the time, and no one would care, because we’re not all attractive blonde women with Hollywood and royal pedigrees.

People who have followed this case believe Raniere was convicted for rape, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Are you telling me that if we read the court transcripts, we’re not going to find any of that, and instead find example after example of someone reviewing an article on Google or transcribing a late friend’s memorial service in an air conditioned office?

Allison Mack with Erika Durance, whom Mack did not induce to do any forced labor. 

And Allison is in prison for this? Or is it for asking Nicole to go on a walk with Keith? Something that resulted in a sex act, but which Allison had no prior knowledge of?

Or is it that Allison trafficked India to Keith in exchange for payment for Allison’s work in The Source, even though the e-mail everyone references, as evidence shows, Allison politely asked for payment for her work, and promised to work with Clare Bronfman to streamline the process going forward? The e-mail where sex and other DOS women aren’t mentioned once?

India was Allison Mack’s slave.

Dr. Danielle Roberts branded India, while Mack told her the brand symbolized the four elements. But, by gad, later, she discovered – thanks to the Frank Report – that the symbol was more than the mere four elements. It was the glorious Keith Raniere’s initials. Surprise!

My team at work contributed our weekends for two months in the summer on community service projects for five straight years, for 12 hours a day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the New Mexico heat. All in the name of a community service competition that our Squadron had to win to make our managers happy.

So for myself, that’s 36 hours per weekend (on top of our regular work week), for eight weekends. So that’s 288 hours of work for each summer. Multiplied by five years, that’s 1,440 hours of unpaid, physically demanding work in the outdoors, in borderline 100 degree heat. Multiplied by the number of people in our group, approximately 10, that’s 14,400 hours of unpaid, physically demanding work, off the clock.

Moira Kim Penza is listed in the phone book under attorneys in NYC

Frank, do you have Moira’s number? Do you have Neil Glazer’s number? Do I have a case? Do my teammates have a case? What’s that, you say? We don’t? Oh, that’s right, we aren’t the right kinds of people, so the legal protections afforded to these upper class women won’t be afforded to us. Because we pick and choose who we protect, not based on who needs protection, but on the nature of what’s happening, but on who people are, what they look like, and how much social capital they have.

Would it change things if I told Moira and Neil that four of the team members were attractive women in their 20s and 30s, almost identical to Nicole and India? Except that they didn’t come from money, which might lower their value by a hair.

I can say that my intuition of never allowing my female subordinates to help with volunteer projects has been right on the money. No woman under my supervision will ever volunteer for a Squadron event under my watch. The 16-year-old male intern, yes, but I don’t have to worry about a US attorney making a sex trafficking case out of me asking him to clean the shredder or take out the trash.

This photo above marks the end of Kevin’s remarks. The photo says “The End.”

Going forward, begin my comments.  Just in case anybody is confused: FR comments start here, and Kevin’s comments are done. If you want to read Kevin’s comments go above the photo that says “The End.” 

By Frank

Keith Raniere is the brilliant man who devised an all-female sorority. It had one man – he – at the head. He held it together by keeping collateral on all the members except him.

FBI Special Agent Michael Lever described collateral in an arrest warrant for Keith Raniere.

Lever wrote:

Collateral consisted of material or information the prospective slave would not want to be revealed because it would ruin her or someone close to her.
Collateral included
  1. sexually explicit photographs
  2. videos made to look candid in which prospective slaves told damning stories (true or untrue) about themselves, close friends and/or family members;
  3. letters making damaging accusations (true or untrue) against friends and family members.

The blackmail element of collateral is what sunk the Wise One.

Keith Raniere, the world’s wisest man. 

Kevin has a point. The threat of losing a job and your income is also collateral used to force so-called volunteerism.

The forced labor Nicole had to endure is light. It is not the kind of labor legislators intended to be “forced labor.” The DOJ stretched this out of proportion and made new law.

The better charge should have been blackmail or extortion, not forced labor. But that may have been a state charge. That would have excluded the DOJ from prosecuting labor coerced by collateral.

Being forced to transcribe five hours of a video or reading reports – even written by Profundis Dementus – is not worth two decades in prison.

That does not mean Raniere is innocent. On the contrary, he had his poison pills – collateral- in mind to harm and abuse.

But the law should be evenly applied, not for the sake of the Rascal, but to protect against future misapplication of the law against others using this as a precedent.




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  • Executive Success Programs didn’t follow NY Department of Labor Standards, or Unemployment, Disability, etc rules and regulations. How is Nancy not held accountable for these basic business problems? Sexual harassment in the workplace? Intimidation? Working and not getting paid hourly with taxes taken out? IRS problem? HELLO!!! Any other company would have been shut down much earlier and the executives all arrested. Obviously, the real problem is that the District Attorney, local law enforcement, and politicians up there were all in on this one. And I’ve heard rumors of connections to Andrew Cuomo, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Landmark Forums, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins….

  • “Almost every company, business and school does this.”

    No they don’t.

    “My team at work contributed our weekends for two months in the summer on community service projects for five straight years, for 12 hours a day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the New Mexico heat… that’s 36 hours… eight weekends… 288 hours of work for each summer… five years, that’s 1,440 hours of unpaid, physically demanding work… 100 degree heat”

    What’s the point of this extended pity party? To show us you’re a spineless idiot for agreeing to this? Endless whining and playing for sympathy is such a bad look. If you find playing the victim intolerable when women do it, why do you do it yourself?

    “In the real world,”

    After reading the above obviously fictional victim statement, I’m disinclined to credit you with anything regarding the real world.

    But moving on to more interesting things, I want to thank Frank for including that picture from Smallville of doughy, pasty, crooked-nose squint-eyed Allison Mack standing beside tall, athletic Erica Durance. It’s like a Renaissance allegory of Vice and Virtue. Mack even has what might be a prescient prison pallor look about her in that shot. It’s like the universe saying, “I always knew that kid would end up in prison.”

  • As soon as they take damning information and hold it to use to force compliance, you’re their slave, which is forced labor.

  • DOS wasn’t a job.

    It was a master slave ring. Slavery is illegal. So is blackmail.

    Slavery and blackmail don’t pertain to a career choice.

    Neither do seduction assignments.

    Or being branded with a child pornographer’s initials near your vagina.

    Porn on demand and fully naked group employee photos weren’t required on your job because otherwise the job would release blackmail that would ruin your life, right?

    Did the CEO get photos up close of your vagina Kevin? And did you have to make sure your face was in each photo so that you could be identified easily? Did your boss get sent group naked photos where you and all the employees were ordered to smile and then text back “all mine” devil emoji?

    Kevin did your job have a drop box where monthly blackmail was due regularly just like rent?

    Did your job also have plans to set up a basement sex dungeon in a condo?

    Did the employees you directly reported to order lots and lots of sex toys to use on you? Including a cage to put you into naked and a puppy collar and butt plug for you to wear when ordered?

  • It sounds like you’re a sexist if you don’t believe a 16 year old boy could be sexually harassed or taking advantage of by an adult in a position of power.

    If you didn’t have it in your heart to do community service and you now regret it then you shouldn’t have done it.

    True volunteer work and giving to the community is given freely. It’s super ick to now brag about it and also use it as some sort of lame argument to free a child pornographer.

    Did the company you worked for hold sexually explicit photos of you? Recordings of you masturbating? Do they threaten to release them if you did not comply with the volunteer work?

    More importantly did the company hold financial records of yours such as the deed to your house? Did the company you work for control your immigration papers? Did they have access to your passport? Was the company able to mess with your immigration status? And could they withhold these documents from you? Did they tell very clearly that if you did not do what they asked you to then they would penalize you through blackmail?

    And most importantly did the company hold highly compromising blackmail on the people you loved the most? Was your family in danger of having false accusations that they had molested other family members released publicly and to law enforcement if you did not perform volunteer work? Were there false criminal charges you had confessed to and were being blackmailed with? What about members of your family?

    Did you have to ask to be paid for work instead of just getting a paycheck from your company? And when you did ask to be paid did the head of your company respond to you in an email that you would be paid when you delivered a naked friend who had been branded with their initials near the vagina to the CEO? Did your job tell you that your friend must be then photographed in the most explicit sexual pose possible? In response to your email about getting paid?

    Why would Frank have to give you anyone’s phone number? Are you unable to look up a phone number that is easily accessible yourself?

  • Today…

    Kevin will have a cup of coffee, shit in the empty mug, put on their Sarah Edmonson costume, grab the Nippy doll and go trick or treating.

    Same as everyday.

    Except for the trick or treating.

  • Stop misapplying known terms with specific meanings. Collateral is something that can be seized and converted into something equivalent to the value of a loan, e.g., a house that is bought using a loan is the collateral for the loan, because if the buyer via the loan cannot pay it back, the loaning party can seize the house and sell it to someone else to get the value of the loan back.

    This term (which encapsulates its meaning) is not applicable to volunteer work, your employer, or to the idiotic DOS.

  • The goal of Scientology is to “clear the planet”. Clear the planet for whom?

    What’s the goal of NXIVM? Is it also to “clear the planet”?

    Who benefits from free NXIVM labor and a cleared planet when the NXIVM slaves and Scientologists aren’t allowed to think for themselves? 😕

    And, what are non-NXIVM people called? 🤔

    “The goal of Scientology is to clear the planet. You can be reported for fraternizing with “wogs” [non-Church members].”

  • Pssst…Notkenicki: “it’s employees” – this is possessive so no need for an apostrophe; apostrophe is only used when it’s short for ‘it is’. It’s OK, I know the mistake was deliberate to throw us off the scent, but we know it’s you!!!

    PS I won’t comment on the rest of your BS argument because we’ve heard it all before and the BS has already been pointed out to you.

  • Kevin, I’m sorry they threatened to release your nudes; the deed to your house that you signed over to your boss; and that report where you accused, in writing, family members of child abuse.

    • You are right anonymous, those are very serious accusations. Nude photos, blackmail, coercion. All serious stuff.

      So why all the focus on a late 20s actress reviewing an article on Google when there are more serious matters to address?

    • Once, I skipped out of doing my company’s volunteer day,, and they released my nudes on the company website. At first, I was embarrassed. But the girls from accounts receivable glossed me tripod, and started asking me to go clubbing with them. Didn’t go as well when it happened to my poor buddy, Richard. Everyone started calling him Nipple Dick.

      • I think it is wrong to require employees to provide nudes for collateral. But it does keep employees in line.

          • Late to the table I know…as usual. but I just offered ‘Marj’, my principle, a high def image of my vag as a way of ensuring my continuing outstanding practice.

            Just incase I get slack, you know? cos as a female this ‘slackness’ is inevitable.

            I just don’t understand why she hasn’t got back to me? should I send more?
            Perhaps someone in the Department of Education would be interested in these efforts to increase my accountability?

            …O no worries, just heard from ‘Marj’ that I have a beautiful C U Next Tuesday…and the police are here!

            So all good, benefits definitely outweighed the negatives!

  • I call bullshit on Kevin.
    The nature of labor has changed.

    My great grandparents worked on the farm raising crops.
    My grandparents worked in factories and steel mills.
    My parents worked in classrooms and scientific laboratories.
    And as for my generation my brother worked as a lobbyist for an industry group, even working on Capitol Hill.

    But all honest labor deserves fair compensation.
    Get real, Kevin.

    America First!
    Americans First!
    Slavery is wrong and immoral!

    • You live in the US or Canada. Take away the slave labor that makes up 99.9% of the goods and services your family uses, and you’d get a taste of what inflation really looks like.

  • PM.

    AMERICAN NEWS Oct 30, 2022
    Elon Musk tells Hillary Clinton that Paul Pelosi may have been involved with a male prostitute, citing local article
    “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” Musk replied to Clinton, linking to the Santa Monica Observer article.

    In response to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blaming the Republican Party for the alleged home invasion and attack on Paul Pelosi, new Twitter owner Elon Musk fired back with a local news article that took a different angle – the Speaker of the House’s husband was actually in a confrontation with a gay male prostitute.

    42-year-old David DePape was arrested after police, responding to a wellness check Friday morning, discovered him and Pelosi in their underwear, struggling over a hammer on the floor of his San Francisco, California home.

    Police dispatch records reveal “[Pelosi] stated there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.”

    DePape was discovered to live in Berkeley, about 20 minutes away from San Francisco. According to neighbors and other people familiar with him, he’s a “hippie” and a “nudist activist.” However, reporters were instructed to not mention this.

    After the Los Angeles Times reported that DePape spread Q-Anon conspiracy theories, the former secretary of state wrote on Twitter: ​​”The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.”

    “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” Musk replied, linking to an article from the Santa Monica Observer. Since tweeting it, the site has crashed from the increased traffic, but online archives show what was published.

    “The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning,” the title reads, written by Stan Greene.

    “As SF’s gay bars closed at 2 am, two gay men met in a bar and went home together. Happens every night in the City by the Bay. Except one of these two men, was married to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” Greene wrote. “I might disappear for telling you the truth. If I do, you’ll all know why. But here’s what really happened early Friday morning in San Francisco.”

    According to Greene, there has been a rumor circulating “for years” in the LGBT-centric city of San Franciso that Mr. Pelosi is gay. David Depape is said to be a “Castro Nudist,” referring to the gay prostitute scene in California’s Castro Valley.

    One of Greene’s sources said “Castro Nudists are a group of really radical gay male prostitutes that parade around naked with c*ck rings. First of all, the police did not come in response to an alarm. They come in response to a ‘wellness check.’ So someone called them to check on Pelosi.”

    • Musk deleted his tweet. But I won’t believe this story till T-Rump posts it on Truth Social, or Lara Logan rants about it on the My Pillow podcast.

    • “”There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” Musk replied, linking to an article from the Santa Monica Observer.”

      The Observer is notorious for publishing false news. In 2016, for example, it claimed that Hillary Clinton had died and that a body double had been sent to debate Donald Trump. Months later it reported, incorrectly, that Trump had appointed Kanye West to a high-level position in the Interior Department.

      Anon 12:10, you’ve been played for a sucker.

    • When it serves its own political interests, even The Washington Post offers free articles to reach more people. But otherwise, this newspaper has its own political agenda, for which you usually have to pay.

      The Washington Post

      Elon Musk, right-wing figures push misinformation about Pelosi attack
      Twitter’s new owner sowed doubt about law enforcement’s account as suggestions of a ‘false flag’ flooded social media sites

      By Isaac Stanley-Becker
      Updated October 30, 2022 at 2:40 p.m. EDT|Published October 30, 2022 at 2:03 p.m. EDT

      Gift Article
      Elon Musk and a wide range of right-wing personalities cobbled together misreporting, innuendo and outright falsehoods to amplify misinformation about last week’s violent assault on Paul Pelosi to their millions of online followers.

      A forum devoted to former White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon’s right-wing radio show alerted its 78,000 subscribers to “very strange new details on Paul Pelosi attack.” Roger Stone, a longtime political consigliere to former president Donald Trump, took to the fast-growing messaging app Telegram to call the assault on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband an “alleged attack,” telling his followers that a “stench” surrounded mainstream reporting about the Friday break-in that left Pelosi, 82, hospitalized with a skull fracture and other serious injuries.

      The skepticism didn’t stay in right-wing echo chambers but seeped also into the feeds of popular online personalities, including Musk, Twitter’s new owner.

      [ … ]

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