Culture of Death: Euthanasia Is Creeping In

We reject the culture of death in all its forms.

In the fight against abortion, for example, there’s incredible momentum, with the SCOTUS decision over Roe V. Wade sending the regulation about this issue back to the states, and a real national mobilization among pro-life conservatives and moderates in all 50 members of the union.

The situation has evolved in such a profound way that entities like the Satanic Temple are suing states such as Indiana, Idaho and Texas in federal court over their abortion bans, ‘arguing they violate the religious rights of people in those states.’

While the Indiana AG spokesman reminded the media that ‘the U.S. Supreme Court decided abortion isn’t protected under the Constitution’, the Satanic Temple insist that ‘the ban violates the rights of people who took contraceptives and still became pregnant’, and denies their right to engage in the ‘Satanic Abortion Ritual.’

Yes, you read it right. Their right to engage in the ‘Satanic Abortion Ritual.’ The masks are off. (This is the kind of development that, if you predicted it and spoken about it out loud it would have you tossed off the family gatherings for being overly crazy.)

The evil spreads quickly.

But there is another grave danger, a nefarious, heinous manifestation of this culture of death, that is creeping unnoticed into some of our decadent western societies. It’s Euthanasia, that can be defined as ‘the practice of intentionally ending a person’s life to relieve pain and suffering’.

In Europe, as much as 15 countries adopt these practices with varying degrees of safeguards and specifications. And in out-of-control Canada (or, as I call it, Canadistan) no less than ten thousand people were terminated in 2021. And, as we see it, the victims of this practice are not limited to terminal people living with unbearable pain. The culture of death wants to kill the merely frail and defenseless.

Shanti De Corte didn’t have to die.

In May 7th, 2022, a young woman named Shanti De Corte died in Brussels. In  the press, she is described as ‘troubled’ and it is told how she ‘opted to be euthanized’, and that Belgian authorities authorized it ‘after two psychiatrists approved her request’.

A closer look will reveal a ton of really relevant ethical problems with all that. Stay with me.

The young woman had survived the Brussels airport terror attack by ISIS, and was said to ‘suffer from severe depression and PTSD’ following the incident – in which she was physically unharmed.

She had ‘constant panic attacks and bouts of dark depression’, and after attending a psychiatric hospital, she was ‘taking a range of anti-depressant medications’ but ‘was unable to shake the specter of depression’.

Shanti was up to 11 antidepressants a day. ELEVEN. The poor, suffering girl wrote in her social media: ‘With all the medications I take, I feel like a ghost that can’t feel anything anymore. Maybe there were other solutions than medications.’

YES. She was actually right. But NOT in the monstrous way that the Belgian state and medical community solved the puzzle.

[There’s an issue, too long for this article, about the very validity and efficacy of anti-depressants, and new studies affirm that there was never any real evidence that serotonin deficiency causes depression.]

In 2018, she tried to kill herself after being sexually assaulted, and in 2020 she made another unsuccessful attempt at her life.

That’s when she reached out to ‘an organization’ (suspiciously unnamed in the Daily Mail piece) that defends the right to ‘death in dignity’. It’s super sketchy that they wish to remain unnamed in the piece.

Shanti, who was obviously not in her right mind and was very heavily medicated, asked them to perform euthanasia for ‘unbearable psychiatric suffering’.

The request was given the green light earlier this year by two psychiatrists, according to Belgian state media.

And so it happened that in May 7th, 2022, Shanti De Corte died in Brussels. Young, healthy Shanti, in her early twenties, was killed by Belgian authorities, in a testimony to their medical incompetence and to their murderous state policies.

Not all common sense is lost in Belgium, since ‘Antwerp prosecutors began an investigation after receiving complaints from a neurologist at an academic clinical hospital in Brussels, who said the decision to euthanize Shanti was made prematurely.’

‘Paul Deltenre argued that there were still different modalities of care and treatment available to Shanti that were not tried.’

But that is the point of these policies – they become the go-to expedient to relieve healthcare costs and get rid of the ‘undesirables’.

Marginalized patients are likely ‘to be suicided’.

Doctor warns legal assisted suicide ‘more dangerous’ than feared.

While Canada implements the extreme new assisted suicide law (MAiD), and removed the few legal that it still had in place, not everyone is silent. Dr. Ramona Coelho, a family doctor in Ontario, is loudly speaking against it.

She warns that marginalized patients are the most likely to ‘be suicided’ — and some already are.

‘Many injuries and illnesses are accompanied by transient suicidality that ends with adaptation and support but on average, [it lasts for] two years,’ she said.

“Offering MAiD in a period of known suicidality would lead to premature deaths of those who would have recovered.”

Assisted suicide is recklessly being presented (pushed?) to patients already expressing suicidal ideation. ‘This ignores current suicide research that shows messaging promoting suicide may lead to more people choosing it,’ Coelho explains.

It’s not so much that people are choosing to undergo MAiD themselves, but vulnerable patients are being pressured into assisted suicide, and ‘even children are not safe’.

 Mental illness is no reason for dying.

Canada’s ‘expert’ panel recommends the mentally ill be candidates for euthanasia.

So Canadistan, with ‘the most permissive euthanasia and assisted-suicide legislation in the world’, and a multitude of ‘horror stories surrounding its implementation’, is not satisfied yet – they want to kill more and more.

Eric Utter in The American Thinker: ‘Federal expert panel has recommended mental illness be added to the list of maladies making one eligible for MAiD… apparently without any legislative changes. What could go wrong?’

‘To some degree, mental illness is in the eye of the beholder. It can be quite subjective and has historically been used as a tool to advance totalitarian political agendas.’


AND SO IT HAPPENED: ‘March 2023, Canada will become one of the few nations in the world allowing MAiD, for people whose sole underlying condition is depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD or any other mental affliction.’

‘[H]uman rights advocates say the country’s regulations lack necessary safeguards, devalue the lives of disabled people and are prompting doctors and health workers to suggest the procedure to those who might not otherwise consider it.’

Marie-Claude Landry, the head of Canada’s Human Rights Commission: ‘Euthanasia cannot be a default for Canada’s failure to fulfill its human rights obligations”.

Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia: Canada’s law is ‘probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.

Veterans are starting to be targeted, too.

You don’t think that it’s happening already? Check this one out: Canadian soldier suffering with PTSD offered euthanasia by Veterans Affairs

‘A Canadian armed forces veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and a traumatic brain injury was offered medical assistance in dying by an employee of Veterans Affairs Canada.’

The VAC admitted that ‘medical assistance in dying was discussed inappropriately’ with the veteran. The veteran expressed outrage at the suggestion.

The veteran sought support for PTSD but the employee brought up medical assistance in dying, or euthanasia, unprompted. The veteran was shocked by the suggestion. He had been making positive progress in his physical and mental rehabilitation and felt betrayed by the agency.

‘The exchange may not have been an isolated incident, leading to questions about how often the agency has offered or discussed MAiD with those suffering from PTSD.’


We reject the culture of death in all its forms.

We will fight these unacceptable practices wherever they show their ugly faces. We will extend the hand to those considered expendable: the sick, the frail, the troubled, the defenseless.

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  • I agree with you…Those suffering with depression or PTSD should be better protected from this so called “medical procedure” or whatever label they slap on it.
    In my eyes & I Believe IN God OUR Creator’s sight: IT IS MURDER!!
    These people ( evil) who perpetrate this need to know One Thing: One day you Will Stand Before God & give an account of your life & choices!!
    You Will Have NO EXCUSES THEN!!
    ALL Life IS Precious!!
    FROM JudieL

  • “Shanti De Corte didn’t have to die”
    No, she wanted to die. Really, truly, sincerely wanted to die. Not on a whim, not in a moment of despair. It was a clear resolve on her part. Two psychiatrists agreed that it was her true, rational wish.

    You’re saying it wasn’t her right to end her own life? Whose right is it then? Yours? The government’s?

    Assisted suicide, or euthanasia, simply acknowledges the fact that a person’s life is their own. Acknowledges the individual’s right to end their life at a time and manner of their own choosing. Twist it and sensationalize it all you like, it is still simply acknowledging a right we all obviously already have.

    Currently a country like the U.S. absurdly criminalizes suicide. What are they gonna do, toss your dead ass in prison?

    Legal assisted suicide means a person in the last stages of a terminal illness can turn that final light out painlessly and with dignity. Who would be against that? Who would deprive them of that right?

    The same people who would deprive women of the right to choose an abortion. The Bible thumpers, the god-botherers. The Evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church. Opposition to abortion rights and medical euthanasia is led by the church and is based on religious dogma.

    You’re not allowed to terminate your own life, no matter what the circumstances, because of the dogma that your soul belongs to God. Your ass belongs to God. Christian religious dogma holds that if you off yourself, you go screaming down to Hell to be tortured in a lake of fire forever. ‘Cuz it’s a sin. Because God loves you or something. Christian forgiveness.

    Religious dogma should not be the basis of our laws.

    The Catholic Church uses the sunny slogan Choose Life! for their campaign to deprive women of reproductive choice (contraception as well as abortion) and to criminalize euthanasia. The Church is cruel and regressive. Evangelicals are just plain nuts.

    “We reject the culture of death in all its forms”

    Who, I wonder, does Paul Serran mean by “we”?

    “Culture of Death”? Christian churches take as their icon, their emblem, their essence, the image of their man-god nailed to a cross being tortured to death. And yet they have the crust to complain about some secular “culture of death”. It’s fuckin’ hilarious!

    Which brings me to the Satanic Temple. “YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! THE SATANIC TEMPLE!” Paul Serran exclaims. Imagine such a thing. Satan worshippers!

    Actually, the Satanic Temple doesn’t believe in Satan as “deity, a being or a person”. They reject superstition and don’t believe in either God or the Devil. The Satan in Satanic Temple is a “metaphorical construct”, a literary trope, a “symbol of the eternal rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority” (their words)

    What do they do then, if not worship Satan? Well, they sell great mugs and tee shirts. (I have their Satanic Kitty coffee mug, it’s terrific!) The Satanic Temple also litigates for freedom of religion and freedom from religion. When Christian Fundies want Christian symbols installed on public property, they sue for the right to have their Satanic symbol put there as well, which the Non-Establishment clause of the Constitution demands. Which puts the judge in some redneck Bible Belt county on the hot seat of having to rule in favor of blatant religious discrimination.

    Thus, “The Satanic Temple is a religious organization dedicated to the promotion of individual rights” No wonder Paul Serran is appalled at their very existence…

    But returning to the specific case at hand, the TST lawsuit to preserve abortion rights. What is this “Satanic abortion ritual” that Paul Serran exploits for shock effect? I went to to find out about their rituals:

    “The Satanic Temple does not have any required rituals, but some members choose to participate in rituals that they find personally meaningful. There is no absolute “right” way to perform any of them. Typically, they are composed by members themselves, adhere to the TST tenets, and are tailored to meet their individual or local needs. Rituals never involve the promotion of suffering, do not involve animals, and are always consensual among all participants”

    So some TST members evidently have had or might wish to have a little private ceremony, to commemorate what can be a momentous and often emotionally charged medical procedure Horrifying, I know, right?

    Paul Serran’s attempt to demonize (! See what I did there?) the Satanic Temple falls flat once you learn what the TST actually is. Just as his attempt to malign the individual’s right to reproductive choice falls flat, and his attempt to falsely portray assisted suicide as some kind of evil government plot.

    I urge everyone to read up on the issue of assisted suicide, the pros and cons. And check out too. I just bought one of their tee shirts!

    • Well said AS! The whole article is just a turgid joke, and it’s great you’ve taken the time to comprehensively debunk its nonsense..

    • You applaud the satanic church but demonize the Christian church? It don’t take a brain scientist to see where your support lies. You are one sick individual. A perfect example of atheism destroying one’s rational thinking.

  • The brain isn’t fully developed until mid 20’s. The pre-frontal cortex is the last to fully develop – impulse control and logic- but doctors are signing off for them to die. Makes no sense.

    And for Canadians to pass a law allowing children to make this determination – without parental consent- is pure insanity.

  • This is crazy, bananas and yes sounds very much like the third reich aye. The whole world has gone nuts and people have lost their minds

  • If this takes hold as it has in Canada, watch the number of mental health diagnoses spike in the population or persons our government and big business target.

    Gone will be the bulls got criminal charges- now they’ll say you’re no-polar and “persuade” you to opt for euthanasia.

    Family courts are doing this to mothers as it is – be determination of mental illness and then taking their children, their reputations and their money.

    This is a new legal tactic to give ultimate power to others. Another weapon in the making – a dangerous one that will be used for the benefit of others in sinister ways.

  • It’s a slippery slope and one that allows “professionals” to decide if a life should end. Two psychiatrists should be sued for endorsing euthanasia for a young woman in her twenties.

    What guidelines are these psychiatrists using to make such a determination?

  • Imagine if she was sexually assaulted and forced to carry the baby of her rapist I would definitely be a reason for a woman to kill themselves and often is. Is it part of the culture of death when a woman will die if she continues to carry a biologically compromised fetus? Does that culture of death only extend to zygotes or do we care at all about the many women for whom childbirth is in deadly proposition and the carrying of the child full term could kill them?

  • In Switzerland you have a clinic where you can get euthanized. There is a booming business of euthanasia-tourism to that clinic by people from all over the world. They arrive in Switzerland with a one-way ticket……

    Jokes aside, it’s a serious subject. But I’m in favor of euthanasia in cases of extreme suffering. Needless to say, there should be safeguards.

    As for denigrating Canada (Canadistan): given a choice I would much, much, much prefer living there instead of the USA. Less MAGA conspiracy lunatics over there AND a robust democracy, as opposed to the USA that came very close to losing theirs and is still under threat.
    And Canada had a sane abortion policy, like every other developed country in the world……

    “Culture of death”: you have that in the USA with your mass shootings and gun ownership extravaganza, bound to end in disaster.

    But I’m grateful the USA liberated my country in 1945, together with the Canadians. And that they support Ukraine.

  • Canada Will Now Kill Minors Without Parental Permission
    A new Canadian law would allow minors to be euthanized without parents agreeing. Creighton School of Medicine professor Charles Camosy joined Tucker on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss a new Canadian law that would allow minors to be euthanized by state doctors without the consent of their parents.

    According to Dr. Camosy, if the child is depressed, has diabetes, and has no girlfriend, s/he can euthanize him/herself.

    Should doctors be allowed to kill people? That is the bigger question. It’s making them into Mengeles. In 2019, the corrupt media said it didn’t happen and wouldn’t. Yet, here we are again.

    If “mature” children are under 18 and/or are mentally ill, the law expands to allow them to be killed via the euphemistic term “assisted suicide.”

    Watch Out if you Visit Canada.
    Prime Minister Justin Turdeau is looking for an excuse to put you to sleep! Forever!

    • Please Shadow, don’t post these rediculous stories. As “proof” of your claims, you insert links of “news outlets” that reference Tucker Carlson. It puzzles me that a man who occasionally makes a good point on a subject at the same time loses himself in his belief of utter conspirational lunacy.

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