10 Reasons Why CT Family Court Is Most Vile

What’s wrong with Family Court in CT?


CT family court is a “brawl for hire.” A racketeering operation. A system of legalized plunder.  Craft, not conscience, is the golden rule.

Falsehood, not truth, is a golden means to get money.


State statute §46b-56(b) requires the ‘active & consistent’ involvement of both parents in the lives of children incidental to no-fault divorce.

Judges ignore the law.

Judges sever parent-child bonds. This increases billings and prolongs fighting, since the deprived parent often continues to fight to be with their children until they spent their last dollar and are homeless.


CT grants blanket immunity to court-appointed, private-pay court actors. This frees sinister actors from the standard of care and duty otherwise required in their profession.


Family court judges rely on the opinions of privately paid psychologists.

Their private pay opinions include character assassination, lack of professional protocol, and no standard of care.

This increases billings and prolongs the fight.

Custody Evaluator Jessica Biren-Caverly can find out if there is parental alienation. She only needs to know who’s paying. 


The court actors promote conflict, prolong litigation, and maximize billable hours.

Often the most successful ways is to generate recommendations for mother-child separation and dissolve parent-child bonds.

GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz smiles at every recommendation of parental alienation she makes. Why? Because she has fine teeth.


There is no database by which people can scrutinize decisions in family court. No index is available. No master list of family court files is available on the E-file system.

Court personnel direct citizens to visit each courthouse to manually review case listings.

If you want to prove or disprove this, it is easy. Just go to each courthouse in CT and manually look at every case. Once you determine which ones are family court cases, just study the dockets for each one.


Family court judges order family court litigants to use a private company, Our Family Wizard, to communicate.

This allows court actors to monitor their speech. This profits the court actors.


The Regional Family Trial Docket is “a special docket, which handles contested custody and visitation matters, referred to it from any Judicial District in the state.”

CT created it in 1990 to relieve the caseload on regional districts. One judge manages the docket.

The goal is to handle contested cases involving children quickly and without interruption. The presiding family judge is supposed to refer cases to the Regional Docket when they meet the criteria:

  1. Child-focused issue
  2. Ready for trial
  3. Family relations case study completed
  4. Not more than nine months old
  5. The court appointed a GAL for the children.

In reality:

  1. There is no rule for referrals other than judicial discretion.
  2. Cases are not resolved ‘quickly and without interruption’
  3. Litigation is prolonged
  4. It has become a form of judge shopping
  5. Usually, judges refer only families with money


Opposing attorneys appear to collaborate to prolong litigation and seek a particular decision. The collaboration seems to focus on what brings the most billings, not children’s welfare.


It is a racketeering operation. It is not based on race, creed, gender or age.

Greed and a lack of checks and balances is the common denominator.

CT operates without understanding Acton’s “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Judges have absolute power.

They delegate that power to the Guardian Ad Litem.

The GAL is usually an attorney who also practices family law and is part of the racketeering enterprise.

The GAL has absolute power in a given case, but is dependent on referrals from other family lawyers in her enterprise.

Family lawyers have absolute power, since they will not recommend GALS to their clients who don’t support maximizing billings.

The GAL assigns her absolute power to Custody Evaluators, who then decide who gets custody of the children in the case.

The Custody Evaluator depends on the GAL and other family attorneys for referrals.

She must take her cues from the GAL. None of this conspiracy is discussed aloud.

The checks and balances favor the family attorneys and therapists working to ensure high billings.

Parents have no checks and balances.

Wise parents with more money than their spouse can game the system by paying the top dollar to the court actors, and taking it out of the other spouse’s share of the marital support.

Some excellent actors:

Judge Donna Heller

Joette Katz

Jocelyn Hurwitz

Sue Cousineau

Nancy Aldrich
Judge Jane Grossman

Jessic Biren-Caverly

Candace Fay

Mary Piscitelli Brigham.

Janis Laliberte

Maria McKeon

Judge Elizabeth Stewart

Lisa Knopf

Jill Plancher


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  • As Dianne Hart and I used to say:

    No Government or Entity should be so powerful as to disrespect, ignore the laws, overpower and violate the rights of the people.
    Joan and Dianne

    And our Nonprofit Slogan is:
    Divorce War is not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things

  • The problem in family court screams out from all states, not just Connecticut. Why not cover other stories too? This is a horrible situation, but it’s certainly not the most vile.
    Judges and courts put abused children back with perpetrators who end up murdering their children.
    Unbelievable that Chris Ambrose and company did this to these children, but there are scores of other children suffering all across America, crying out for help.

    • Hi Anonymous at 10:18,

      The same problem definitely “screams out” in so many states and so many nations, too. Maybe when more people see Frank Report has been investigating and reporting about family courts, more people will comment and contribute articles?

      You’re right. Family courts are mostly the throughout America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Argentina and everywhere evil quacks like Gardner and Underwager spread their poison a few decades ago. How did that happen?

      One judge in Argentina noticed the “Parental Alienation Syndrome” scam in clusters of cases there. She saw the same pattern we see in America: 1. The children disclosed parental sexual abuse. 2. Lawyers and for-profit vendors advocated for the perpetrators. 3. Judges punished the protective parents and placed the sexually abused children with the perpetrators. The judge in Argentina described the corruption there as “sinister”.

      Maybe Frank Report focused on Connecticut because some of the worst cases happened in Connecticut and the state seems to be a hub of some kind? Also, judges and legislators who noticed the toxic family court system in Connecticut are gaslit, slandered and destroyed. Lawyers who speak up are shunned. One lawyer who spoke about the corruption was disbarred at the beginning of the year.

      Connecticut is also one of the first states where a few lawyers and vendors started passing cases to and from each other using state offices and state/federal resources. They were making thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in the cases they passed to and from each other within their small network. Judicial immunity and authority let them do whatever they wanted to do. Since the same has happened elsewhere to varying degrees, comments and articles showing the same patterns in other states and nations will definitely help expose the bigger picture.

      AFCC corporation documents might be one roadmap to use. They show where much of the trouble started and where it went from there. California, Minnesota, Connecticut and Colorado were some of the hubs for the initial networking. Then, that networking was racketeering whenever it was illegal and crossed state lines.

      Writers, parents, former court employees and officials who witnessed the hell, anyone and everyone who wants to investigate and write about what’s happening in family courts can help with comments and articles. Current whistleblowers from inside family court systems can probably help the most. For the rest of us, the list of topics is endless:

      … the history of for-profit motives in family courts
      how politics affect family courts
      great family courts (to set examples)
      horrible family courts (to shine a bright light on all that needs to be exposed)
      juries and judges in family courts
      religious family courts and cases
      non-religious family courts and cases
      oversight and accountability in family courts
      cameras in family courts and eye witness accounts
      for-profit vendors in family courts
      non-profit vendors in family courts
      data on the most adversarial, most destructive and most profitable family courts in the world …

  • There is a Big problem when people are supposed to be given a list of GaLs. Non give.. Happens consistently.. It’s often one attorney driving the bus. Insisting on GAL and surtin GALs. There are also the same attorneys insisting on the surtin psychologist. There is a list of gals found on Google search. Location doesn’t appear to be an issue they are moving several around to different courts. No one is ever given a resume. After all choosing a guardian is a major discission. Large than most others. How large you don’t realize until it’s too late. It’s should be a giant red flag when the other parties lawyer is pushing them on the case. It should be a giant red flag when the other parties lawyer and gal are pushing a surtin psychologist. Where are the list of court psychologist to choose from? There is a pattern and it’s showing up in several cases. Both men and women deserve to go into courts on a level playing field. This is what the justice system is supposed to look like isn’t it?

    • Thank you so much for your comment. You know exactly what’s happening.

      Are you a whistle blower working in family courts?

      Every parent in family courts SHOULD be handed a list of rights — and a list of GALs as soon as GALs are discussed. AND every GAL on those lists should be highly-qualified, decent and honest volunteers — not working for profit. Children and families aren’t rocket science. There’s no need to pay for $400 an hour for anything.

      Family court judges should direct court clerks to provide whatever lists are to be provided. Judges should be fined every time they don’t provide those lists.

      When family court employees and vendors don’t follow rules or laws, how many parents going through such a difficult time have the strength/finances etc. to catch every violation? Not many can —and most don’t.

      Court watchers sometimes help when judges don’t mind court watchers in their courtrooms. Every courthouse should have a roaming court watcher Monday through Friday randomly attending family court proceedings and taking notes.

      Ombudsmen can help with specific violations — in good and decent Ombudsman’s offices.
      Filing grievances doesn’t help when grievance committee members cover for friends.

      Media attention from good news outlets sometimes helps, but it depends on how guilty/defensive/offensive the offenders are. Many are literally sociopaths and according to the DSM, many sociopaths enjoy filing lawsuits.

      Good local representatives sometimes help.
      Support from family and friends is the only way to survive in the worst cases — and they’re usually harmed in the process, too. What’s happening in so many family courts is an absolute nightmare and prayer always helps those who pray.

    • Polly has been connecting many dots for many years. Is there solid research yet documenting how: NXIVM trauma/research … family court trauma/research … social engineering experiments and public policy are connected?

      (In The second half of this video, Polly very briefly shows information about a Bruce M. Perry who worked to restructure hospital systems. It seems Bruce D. Perry is a different guy who’s been everywhere, but maybe not there.)

      Otherwise, lots of information in this video that good public policy makers should see:


  • The legislature requires parents to get a choice of 15 GALs. Parents are never told this by attorneys. Instead they get their high cost pals to take on the role and take your children and life savings.

    Judge Ficeto of Waterbury told families that there are not even 15 GALs on the list who will accept the state rate!

    So they can’t offer 15- but the judges won’t let other agencies in to fill these roles. Because they benefit from the high price per hour charged by the gals. Why else would a judge allow gals to sit through days of trial and get paid for it? It’s not required by law- in fact, there are guidelines against it. It’s to drain every last penny.

    • Never given any choices. Was interduced to the gal in the hallway of the court house. She happened to be hanging around. Recommend to sign agreement after a face to face meeting. Never meet the judge who signed the appointment. She has never was involved in any hearings.

  • Wealthy parents divorcing must pay to use “Our Family Wizard” to communicate when entering family court. It’s a way for the gals, attorneys, and custody evaluators to bill more hours.

    There’s a yearly fee of over $100 and the money goes to the AFCC!!!

    Another part of the racketeering enterprise.

    Divorcing parents with low income use a free communication program- a simple text program called “Appclose”.

    It’s far less complicated and it’s free as it should be. Why then, are certain families like mine, never given any alternative?

    Its all about the money.

  • GALs need to be eliminated. They hold no degree in anything having to do with children. They are just another attorney to add to the mix.

    Casa volunteers perform the role as GAL in child neglect/abuse cases. These people are in it for the children- no financial incentive and a background field relating to children.

    There are plenty of casa volunteers. The state wants the gals because it’s a money making racket.

    Isolating children from their parent is child abuse!!!

    This is what attorneys and judges are doing- they are violating ct law – and inducing trauma. Mothers who raised their children can suddenly only see them an hour a week on a zoom call???

    No-contact orders???

    This is insanity and we’ve be desensitized to it- or most look for a reason to justify it because the reality of vast criminal conduct by our family courts is too scary to consider.

    It’s all true. This will be looked upon as one of the most torturous betrayals of our government. It’s been going on for 20 years- launched by Richard Gardner. Times up.

  • In the “Memorandum of Decision After Bench Trial” (Docket Number FST CV 19 5021964) in the case of Geoff Herzog v Nicola Cunha, dated August 24, 2021, Honorable Charles T. Lee explained “absolute immunity in litigation privilege”.

    Hon. Lee wrote, “Plaintiff (Herzog) expends much effort in attempting to show the falsity of the defendant’s assertions relating to his conduct. However, the truth or falsity of those allegations is irrelevant if the absolute privilege pertains to those communications. Thus, the issue to be determined is whether they were made in connection with judicial proceedings.”

    To repeat:

    “the truth or falsity of those allegations is irrelevant if the absolute privilege pertains to those communications.”
    “the issue to be determined is whether they were made in connection with judicial proceedings.”

    Mr. Adelman and Mr. Moukawsher worked together to disbar Attorney Cunha for advocating for protective mothers in Connecticut who protect children from early sexualization — or, they disbarred her for speaking about the bias she perceived against the protective mother in the Ambrose case.

    Bias against protective mothers in family courts is an epidemic.
    Disbarring attorneys for advocating for protective mothers is a new low and a slippery slope.

    Attorney Cunha’s comments were clearly about the judicial proceedings.

    What state law limited Attorney Cunha’s absolute immunity in litigation?
    What law removed her freedom of speech?

    How many honest attorneys, judges and court employees notice a bias against protective parents and their lawyers in family courts?

    How many have the courage to speak up about it?

    • Condoning sexual abuse of children and perversion of fathers.

      Herzog poses online as a young girl to be picked up by men. Ambrose poses as a barber hitting on young Latino boys – suggesting sexy haircuts.

      These men need help. Giving these abusive fathers total dominance to control and isolate their children while defaming innocent good mothers, makes the fathers worse and destroys the lives of children and mothers.

      It’s all about the money. The fathers have total control of the funds. The stay at home mom – the primary parents are left with no way to combat the injustices. Financial abuse and coercive control is confined by the judges bc they want all the money to go to the cabal of court actors-

      It’s been proven repeatedly. The AG knows it. It’s too disturbing for most to fathom.

      Thank you to family and friends who have reached out in horror of learning the truth. We need to all face this reality to end it.

      • The worst family courts are the new “Weimar Republics”. Since new mandatory terminology is pushed on us every week or so, new family court terminology should help.

        For starters, simply replace “family court” with “Weimar Republic”.

        Weimar Republic lawyers.
        Weimar Republic child custody cases.
        Weimar Republic guardians ad litem.

        Whenever family court judges act like mayors in the most degenerate Weimar Republic towns, “Your Weimar” is more authentic than “Your Honor”. When judges push for obvious degeneracy, let the judges be who they want to be. Let them be true to themselves.

        “Weimar” does sound a little like “Honor”. Let the worst judges be as evil as they were born to be.

        Remember: Equity. Diversity. Equal opportunity.

        It’s time.

    • Cunha was a disgrace to the profession! How many times did she demand that fathers or mothers had no access to their kids because she was so extreme! Her mental illness will be felt by families for years to come. She always felt she was above the law and it’s so fitting to watch her be brought down by it.

  • Who’s looking out for the interests of the children? This is supposed to be the GAL’s priority, but in every case I read about, the GAL seems to be looking out for himself or herself only. The GAL seems far more interested in prolonging cases and increasing billings, rather than protecting the rights and preferences of the children. How is this allowed to continue in case after case, week after week? Why are the GALs seemingly running rampant over the family court system in CT? Where is DCF? Where are the police? Where are local and state government officials? Why isn’t this national news??? Who’s looking out for the interests of the children?

  • Sue Cousineau is a beast. A lying, money stealing, child abusing scoundrel who is protected by the judicial authorities.

    She’s the fox guarding the henhouse; perfectly situated to shut down the truth and keep the racketeering running smoothly.

    She isolates children and teens from their mother, violating state laws daily. But it’s the formula of ct family court.

    It’s going to come to an end. The slander and defamation to mothers done by gals like cousineau, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and Janis laliberte is used to deliver sole custody to the father.

    They are rarely if ever under oath and evidence is never required.

    Our kids are suffering serious psychological harm. They’re then medicated, and told they’re liars.

    Now they’re being watched by the public and a select group of legislators. Their day is coming.

    • You mean the GAL who was caught billing nine different parents for the same hour of “work?” Which member of the attorney-packed Judiciary committee had any issue with….You mean the same GAL who was selected by the Legislature to head a task force looking into… GAL corruption? You can’t make this stuff up if you tried…

  • I went to ct family court and I got justice. My wife was alienating my children and the court put an end to it. I got custody and at first the kids were depressed but with therapy and modern scientific psychiatric prescriptions – especially Prozac – they are on their way to recovery from their alienation.

    Their school work is approaching the grade level they had before.

    In time they will realize I did what was best for them.

    • Why Prozac?

      “It is used for the treatment of major depressive disorder, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), bulimia nervosa, panic disorder, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It is also approved for treatment of major depressive disorder in adolescents and children 8 years of age and over. It has also been used to treat premature ejaculation.”


    • It’s amazing that the people on here only care about the mother. Lots of fathers have lost access to their kids but these moms groups don’t give a shit.

  • Our Family Wizard is a money making racket run by the AFCC.

    And you have to pay over $100 year after year. They prolong litigation, use it as a weapon, give more billing hours to “read our family wizard” and then all of your correspondence is inaccessible if you don’t renew your membership.

    Profit making “tool” recommended by attorneys to make communication between parties more problematic and increase their billable hours.

    Our Family Wizard — no wizardry here… only theft.

      • Generally agree, now let’s apply the First Amendment to “child support”. The SCOTUS made clear in Citizen’s United that money is speech. So when “family” courts force the payment of “child support” where none is necessary to meet the basic needs of a child, that is compelled speech and a violation of the First Amendment.

    • OFW is only a problem for parents who have something to hide. For many parents, it’s the best $100 they ever spent in ‘the system’ and the best way to protect themselves from abusive alienating parents. It’s not perfect, but also not evil.

  • It’s not just mothers will get screwed it’s how they swindle the case to extract the most amount of funds if the mother has to go down so be it if the father has to go down so be it as long as they can get the money
    I was screwed royally with access to my children they used my children as pawns for more financial gain and cleaned me out
    They are a cesspool of scum
    May they rot in hell.

    • The treatment of our children is unconscionable. These lawyers are our neighbors, and friends. They are monsters before us. In Fairfield and New Haven counties these attorneys are often in the spotlight, while they are sociopaths- who steal children, subject them to psychological and emotional torture, and steal every last dime.

      They are protected by the judges. This scam is known and has been exposed and ignored by our legislature snd AG Tong.

      • another? this happens everyday in CT it is the norm. only reason cases become high conflict is because there is HIGH FUNDS available BY EXTORTION OF COURSE, SPRINKLE IN SOME FALSE ALLEGATIONS, COUPLE OF FALSE REPORTING & ARRESTS TO POLICE, FALSE CLAIMS/ALLEGATIONS OF ABUSE AKA silver bullet PRACTICE OF DIVORCE, GOLDMINE for the attorneys, GAL, therapists, shoe maker, the naked emperor in the black robe and who ever else you may think of.

  • Anyone know a lawyer who wants to file a class action with 100 women with proof the CT family court system has discriminated against mothers since 2002?

    • This was tried by a group of fathers in New Jersey. It can’t just be mothers (or fathers). When we go down this path, we’re playing the Divorce Industry’s game. After watching this for over 20+ years, the best approach (and which has not been tried) is for 20 women and 20 men to join together to file a federal lawsuit citing violation of fundamental and federally recognized parental rights.

  • #11

    Violations of The Nuremberg Code

    Although AFCC is a “non-profit” organization, for-profit Connecticut AFCC Inc. members took millions of dollars from Connecticut children and families — while experimenting on those children and families.

    How did it happen?

    Most people think highly-trained decent professionals (some are and some aren’t) handle family court cases with exact sciences (some do and some don’t).

    Family law’s stated goal of “equity” isn’t an exact science. The definition of “equity” in any given case is anyone’s guess and unfortunately, a few employees and vendors in Connecticut’s family courts are insane.

    Here’s what happened. If you don’t believe it, research it:
    Alfred Kinsey conducted experiments on children in collaboration with the Nazis in Germany. The Alfred Kinsey Institute then gained consultative status at The United Nations and proceeded to shape “gender studies” and sexual behavior policies in America’s public school systems and family courts.

    How did that affect children and families in Connecticut?

    Here’s how: AFCC, Inc. members can remove children from families in Connecticut. What’s the data on how many?

    DCF can then conduct experiments on those “wards of the state”. Where’s the data on those “wards of the state”?

    For those wondering “What data?” …

    How many children did CT AFCC, Inc. judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators take from families since 1984?
    How many children did CT AFCC, Inc. judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators place in foster care since 1984?
    What data supports AFCC’s mission statements and history regarding research and training since 1984?
    What kind of research have AFCC judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators conducted since 1984?

    Which state and federal regulators provided oversight for state and federal projects?

    In 1984, who offered Connecticut’s children and families as test subjects for federally funded research?

    “… The mediation samples were drawn from the client population of three courts which offer in-house mediation services. These courts are the Los Angeles Superior Court, Hennepin County Court in Minneapolis and the Connecticut Superior Court. Although all three programs are unique in many respects, they also have many characteristics in common. For example, at all three sites, mediators tend to have an educational background in social work or another helping profession. All three programs are mature and have been in operation for at least five years …”


    Of all the places that could have been chosen for experiments, who chose Los Angeles, Minnesota and Connecticut and why?

    Los Angeles is where AFCC was organized. See Marv Bryer’s research.
    Ralph Underwager’s network was in Minnesota. See The “Mr. Bubbles case”.
    And someone chose Connecticut because of what, exactly?
    What was it about Connecticut?

    One experiment in Connecticut studied “The effects of divorce mediation and adjudication procedures on children”. According to the authors of that report: “many of the individuals who belong to the AFCC are not mediators but are judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators” (p. 11)

    Why did the Department of Justice allow judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators to organize and control a state chapter of “AFCC” without registering their businesses?

    Why did the DOJ allow CT AFCC, Inc. members to work across state lines in networks across the nation without registering the corporation that was formed in 1984 … until 2013?

    How did the Connecticut DOJ conduct a “public corruption” investigation in 2014-2015 and not find out about any of that? How did The Connecticut Law Tribune not know what was happening? Did Hartford Courant reporters miss it or ignore it? How many DOJ employees, state and federal legislators have known about the experiments?

    Louis Jolyon West in Los Angeles worked with Ralph Underwager in Minnesota.

    Who connected those two dots to Connecticut? Did West and Underwager shape the criminally dysfunctional family court systems in Connecticut? A few years ago, Jennifer Dulos disappeared in Connecticut. Who provided oversight for the judges, therapists, attorneys, researchers and court administrators in that case?

    Why were Connecticut family courts designed to serve for-profit lawyers and vendors? Why were family courts designed to be mandatory and purposely adversarial — even the most dangerous cases? Why have no state or federal agencies offered oversight? Why has there been no accountability for the harm done?

    Joette Katz was named Commissioner of The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) 2011-2018.

    Was Ms. Katz chosen to fix a DCF left in ruins or was she chosen to be a fixer extraordinaire?

    Data would tell us either way. Where’s the data? For example:

    How many studies were conducted on children in DCF care before, during and after 2011-2018?
    How many pharmaceutical trials were done on DCF “wards of the state” before, during and after 2011-2018?
    Who gave companies and sole proprietors the state and federal contracts before, during and after 2011-2018?

    Who granted permission for experiments/studies done? Who were the regulators?
    Where were the oversight committees and what do records in The Ombudsman’s office show?

    Beginning in 1983, in which ways did Connecticut AFCC members, Joette Katz, Philip Rubin and others collaborate?

    Why would they collaborate? Here’s an example:

    In a DCF case, one state evaluator used The Ink Blot test (a billable but discredited test). The evaluator invented his own system of diagnostics with his own invented diagnostic term. He spoke about his inventions while testifying. On record. Did anyone notice?

    Where was the peer review? Which state regulators tracked his experiment?
    Which office stores the records of collaboration and oversight in that case?
    Who collected and analyzed the data and in how many ways was that data used?

    How many Connecticut children and parents consented to be subjects of experimentation?
    How many didn’t consent?

    From 2011-2018, the DCF Commissioner was Joette Katz. Ms. Katz is married to Philip Rubin.


    “… Philip E. Rubin (born May 22, 1949) is an American cognitive scientist, technologist, and science administrator known for raising the visibility of behavioral and cognitive science, neuroscience, and ethical issues related to science, technology, and medicine, at a national level. … He was also the co-chair of the inter-agency National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Committee on Science (COS) Human Subjects Research Subcommittee (HSRS) under the auspices of the President’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and was also formerly the co-chair of the HSRS Behavioral Research Working Group.”

    He was President of the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS)
    He was Principal Assistant Director for Science, Office of Science and Technology Policy

    He is known for: “ … Cognitive science; Computational modelling; Dynamical Systems; Embodied cognition
    Ethics of technology; Human subjects and the Common Rule; Linguistics; Public policy …”

    He’s worked with the “…Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Science Foundation …”

    Did Philip Rubin help Louis Jolson West, Ralph Underwager, Richard Gardner and AFCC develop and establish the harmful rules and practices seen in Connecticut family courts today?

    Note: In the above mentioned DCF case, the federally funded state evaluator/inventor of his own system of diagnostics is a man and yet, his pronouns aren’t always he/him. Was that new science developed in Connecticut? If there’s no data available to track such exciting developments, who knows?

    And, if the data is available, who’s allowed to know?

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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