Former Trump US Attorney Demands Action on Alleged FBI Cheating

Bud Cummins has been a United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Arkansas for five years. President Donald Trump appointed him. He is currently a lawyer in private practice.

Cummins graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. His expertise includes white-collar criminal defense, political and election law, internal investigations, regulatory compliance, and complex commercial litigation.

He served as Chief Legal Counsel to Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He formed his law firm in 2015. Before that, he served as Senior Advisor and General Counsel with the Circumference Group.

They specialize in public investment in the information technology, telecommunications, and business-to-business services industries.

In a recent press conference, Cummins appeared with Raniere/Bronfman attorneys Alan Dershowitz, Joseph Tully, and Ronald Sullivan, and forensic experts Rick Kiper and Stacy Eldridge.

It seems likely that the Bronfman/Raniere team retained Cummins to lend his credibility to the effort to prompt an investigation into the allegations of FBI tampering.

Though a former US Attorney, he does not have a high opinion of the DOJ or FBI. He says their reputation is in tatters.

Cummins is also a Trump appointee, and it is evident that Trump and the FBI are not on good terms.

That Bronfman likely paid him should be considered when evaluating his comments. However, he is in private law practice. As a lawyer, he depends on clients who rely on his credibility.

Here is what he had to say about the alleged FBI tampering in the case of Keith Raniere.

By Bud Cummins

I’m the former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. In the face of this alarming evidence, there’s really no excuse for the court or the prosecutor to hide behind procedural delays in waiting to get to the bottom of this.

They should take immediate action, and if they can’t, or they won’t. United States Attorney General should appoint an independent prosecutor.

If an independent investigation determines this tampering occurred, there must be accountability. People have to be criminally prosecuted. This is very serious.

I can’t remember seeing so many qualified experts come down so solidly on the side of wrongdoing as as we’ve seen here.

A number of forensic experts with particularly impressive resumes have examined the evidence in this case, at least the evidence that’s been made available to them, and based on those examinations, however, they have come to some very firm conclusions that wrongdoing has occurred here.

These highly qualified experts are quite sure that evidence tampering has occurred in this case.

As a former United States Attorney, as former member of the Department of Justice, I would say this is more than enough to deem this matter of high priority throughout the department.

The government authorities must quickly ferret out the truth in this case. In recent years, I think we all know there’s been a variety of revelations in cases unrelated to this one that have left DOJ’s reputation and the FBI reputation in tatters.

And I think it’s an understatement to say that their credibility is in question.

Even so, it would be a historic finding if it were determined that someone tampered with the evidence in this particular case.

I believe the United States Attorney and the FBI should immediately get to the bottom of this. The opinions of these experts are too credible and too serious to simply marginalize the allegations as frivolous.

The government should not circle the wagons. They should not hide behind procedure. They should want to know the truth more than anyone. If a fair and thorough investigation of these facts is not initiated immediately, a neutral authority should step in. We must know what really happened here.

I would add to that, when you work at the Department of Justice, and you have that immense power at your disposal, your job is not to celebrate convictions and you don’t mourn acquittal.

Your job is to put evidence fairly in front of the court and seek justice.

I can just tell you, if this had happened when I was US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, you wouldn’t have to wait for a judge to set a hearing.

There’d be an investigation going on right now. Because the FBI and the United States Attorney’s office and the Department of Justice can’t tolerate inaction if something like what is alleged happened here. Because their credibility is so important.

And like I said before, it’s already in pretty bad shape.

I’ve been frustrated since I left the Department of Justice because so many times I’ve said to people, you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. People are probably doing their jobs, but we just aren’t seeing it. But at the end of the day, that’s not always the case.

There’s been disappointment after disappointment that goes all the way to the leadership at Department of Justice and FBI.

And this situation is only going to make it worse.

Somebody needs to stand up right now and say we need to get to the bottom of this right now. And if we find that there’s malfeasance and the people that are best situated to figure this out are the FBI and the Department of Justice. So they should get to the bottom of it. And they should come forward and offer the evidence.

As Professor Alan Dershowitz and Professor Ronald Sullivan said, they should join with the defense if they find that this is true, and see the appropriate remedy immediately.

I guarantee you there are criminal statutes that would be implicated and criminal prosecution [of government actors] would be available.

18 USC 1512 tampering with a witness victim or format. Somewhere in that statute or a statute close to that is probably the legal criminal remedy for conduct like this.


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  • “jpz449038
    8 October, 2022

    Dershowitz has seemingly been aroused from his slumbers to opine on FBI corruption. Will miracles never cease?

    I have heard much from Dershowitz about the federal government’s incarceration of those arrested on the Capitol grounds on Jan.6th, thrown into solitary confinement 20 months ago, denied family contact, bail, an arraignment, a lawyer of their choice, a grand jury hearing, a trial where they could face their accusers all for the crime of TRESPASSING.

    I don’t expect Dershowitz to represent these detainees pro bono, but I would expect him to protest the government’s violation of the constitutional rights of these people. The ACLU doesn’t want to get involved. WHY?”

  • Reminder: The Vow Season 2 starts Monday, Oct 17 on HBO.

    Episode 1: Tests of Loyalty

    Prosecutor Moira Penza and defense attorney Marc Agnifilo prepare for trial after the arrests; Nicki Clyne and Michele Hatchette offer a different perspective into NXIVM; Nancy Salzman, under house arrest, sits down for an interview.

  • So because the FBI has a rotten reputation (which it has), anything it is involved in should be reviewed? What about Russiagate (a lot more evidence), the Clinton server, etc, etc.

  • Is Raniere still in the special housing unit? How many days has he been there? Does he want to and will he break a new record or just set a new personal best? When does Miss Fly file a complaint against Raniere? And will Raniere’s Special Housing Unit stay be extended if Miss Fly files a complaint against Raniere while this complaint is under investigation?

  • Having learned you can go shopping and find at least one of pretty much of anything, including professionals who believe in surprising nonsense, I looked and indeed found an Acting U.S. Attorney General who was promoting supposed proof of existence of Bigfoot among other things, possibly just for financial gain though whether he was actually a true believer as well is not clear:

    Acting AG Matt Whitaker under fire for alleged Bigfoot, toilet, time travel scams

    • Welcome back AnonyMaker, I always enjoy your posts.

      This information was a great find!


      I wonder with this Bronfman funded shopping spree, how many people Raniere’s minions approached in search of support for the cause? What was the ratio of lawyers and former this and that’s and demi-celebrities who accepted the cash to those who laughed in their faces?

      The minions potentially had millions to spend and they’ve had over two years to engineer this PR effort. It was in an April 2020 jailhouse call that Raniere instructed Chakravorty to get Dershowitz on his side as a “pundit” to publicize his cause, to attack the judge and prosecution, go on the offensive, and create some kind of independent seeming movement to get him out of jail.

      Two years and potentially millions of dollars. And all they managed to assemble to their cause was this sorry looking half dozen has-beens.

      And the kicker is that this PR putsch has been an utter failure!

    • Whitaker helped to develop a toilet for ““well-endowed men” go to the bathroom without their genitalia making contact with the porcelain or water.

      I’m just about 7 inches and I’ve got that problem. I say leave them alone!!

  • ‘The Vow, Part Two’ Is a Riveting NXIVM Legal Saga, and an Improvement on Season 1: TV Review

    ‘The Vow, Part Two’ Review: NXIVM and Keith Raniere Get Put Under an Inadequate Microscope
    It ends up being more of a play-by-play that gets dragged out and once again withholds information until the very end. None of this is the fault of the former members who bravely came forward. If anything, they deserved far better than how they were used for this docuseries. The only good thing that can be said of The Vow, Part Two is that it is a perfect demonstration of how precisely not to cover an important story like this.

  • Not impressed. Mostly it’s just anti FBI rhetoric without any substantial proof of any kind of tampering in Keith’s specific case. There are a lot of what ifs. And it seems mainly politically motivated because it is popular right now to be highly critical of the FBI. It is enjoyable watching people twist themselves politically into defending a child rapist a sexual exploiter of minors and pornographer of children. Just to score some easy points by bashing the FBI. It’s not a good look.

    • ” It is enjoyable watching people twist themselves politically into defending a child rapist a sexual exploiter of minors and pornographer of children.”

      Because all defendants deserve to have evidence planted on them so we can then call them child rapists, sexual exploiters of minors, and pornographers of children when they try to defend themselves against having evidence planted on them.

      What a crazy argument.

      It does not matter what the defendent did or did not do, nor does it matter who they are – all evidence tampering by the government must be seriously investigated and prosecuted.

      Stop linking Keith Raniere to this alleged criminal activity by the FBI. They are not connected.


      • Ain’t nobody planted evidence on the narcissistic megalomaniac except his own giant ego and its need to keep the “trophies” of his conquests.

        That a proven, unabashed liar who was convicted on all charges in three hours of jury deliberations claims the FBI planted evidence on him is utterly laughable.

      • No, nobody deserves to have evidence planted on them, least of all John Tighe. It may or may not have been done BY the government, but it certainly looks like it was done WITH the connivance of the law authorities since his computers was in their custody.
        Raniere, who seems so fond of ‘responsibility’, karma, reincarnation, paying for your deeds, etc, might be well advised to reflect or do a EM on this …
        On another note, how did KR manage to contact CB and ask her to fund this latest caper? Surely the initial fund set aside must have been spent by now?

      • —What a crazy argument.

        You should know you nutty shitbag.

        Don’t forget to look both ways when you cross the street. You forgot to last time.

    • What is driving it is simple – “but the FBI went after my orange god and we must have our revenge!” Conservatives have shown several times now that they will happily support pedophiles (Roy Moore, Matt Gaetz) if it will help their orange god.

      The thinking here is if they can start laying down the groundwork of planted evidence, it will magically somehow make the case that their orange god didn’t take classified files (despite him admitting it several times now) but that they were planted by the FBI. Its just a matter of time before they go “look at the NXIVM case” while trying to avoid mentioning that the evidence is around pedophilia. Its bizarre logic but then conservatives so logic and reality don’t play well together.

  • Good lord the Bronfmans are just spending the money. The costs of all these experts and lawyers probably for this month alone is $1 million with quarter of that going to Dersh for his little press conference. The case is in the appeal process, doesn’t matter what they say, the Federal judges, as an advantage of their position, do not give a f$@&.

    The FBI isn’t going to make public any investigation. This kind of public attack on evidence is what you do when trying to get information to potential jury members, not to a couple of judges this far into the process. It’s also an attack that is supposed to occur during the trial, something all these lawyers know and probably are waving away to make those extra Bronfman bucks.

    • While Claire is in prison, she has a huge amount of trust fund coming in and none of her other old hobbies that she’s free to spend it on.

        • Today, my favorite movie is The Human Comedy. It is sentimental. The score is lovely, and the screenplay shows the wisdom of kindliness.

          The Maltese Falcon, for me, is one of the great comedy films. There are no funnier scenes than Sydney Greenstreet, Bogart, Peter Lorre, etc. The line, “if you lose a son, it is always possible to get another, but there is only one Maltese Falcon,” is one of my favorite comedic lines.

          The scene at the end where Bogie tells Mary Astor she is taking the fall is a great comedy moment.

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